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22.5.18 1605
The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE trade
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Interesting names involved.
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The only promising thing I'm seeing is that the rest of the bWo is now on the same show as JBL. The rest of the trades make no sense whatsoever.

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That's ... just odd. I'd like to care more about this, but it doesn't look like WWE does. Can you see any of these people getting a push as a result of switching shows?

Plus, they broke up two tag teams (La Resistance, which admittedly was on the rocks anyway, and the Bashams) for no apparent reason at all.

On the bright side, Stevie is finally away from Chris Masters.

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I maybe the only one, but does anyone else see a Tajiri/Kenzo tag team?

What Chavo, Jindrak, and Danny Basham are gonna do is beyond me, and it wouldn't make much sense to reunite Dupree and Conway, but if they were gonna retool La Resistance, why not put Rene & Sylvain back together, and let Conway go singles.

I think for a lot of these guys, getting traded is bad business, since a lot of the tradees last year ended up getting cut (Palumbo, A-Train come to mind).

Hopefully they'll make more sense of it come Raw Monday.

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Lap cheong

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Chavo Guerrero is the oddest trade. What's he gonna' do on RAW? He was a staple of the cruiserweight divison. I see him being nothing more than an after-thought on RAW.

I guess Rene Dupree could team back with La Resistance, as his singles push didn't pan out. However, Rob Conway should be the one with the singles-push, yet Sylvan Grenier was the one traded to SmackDown.

I don't understand breaking up the Bashams at all.

William Regal could benefit from the trade as he has a lot to offer and was in limbo on RAW.

I'll hope that Simon Dean & Steven Richards benefit from this. Of course, I've been hoping for a Richards push since 1999, so...

I'm sure they could try doing something with Kenzo Suzuki again, but I doubt it'll pan out this time either.

Mark Jindrak & Candice are just random.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what's in store with these trades. However, aside from William Regal, I don't see much good coming out of it. Of course, I could easily be proven wrong.

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I love the Simon Dean bio: "Former RAW Sponsor." And damn, was Stevie Hardcore champion TWENTY-ONE times? I know the 24-7 rule made for a lot of changes, but...
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Jindrak to RAW: Eh, who cares. Maybe they'll something with him, maybe they won't.

Dupree to RAW, Grenier to SD: Why would they not put these two back together. Makes absolutely zero sense to me. Hopefully Dupree and Conway get into a feud and Conway finally breaks away from the French sympathizer gimmick. Dupree's new look (as shown in the graphic on the WWE page) is much better. The guy still has potential, despite having not improved much during his stint on SD.

Danny Basham to RAW: I hear he was great in OVW, interested to see what happens here.

Kenzo & Hiroko to RAW: Never saw much of Kenzo as I didn't get UPN for most of his SD run. Interested to see him at least. I hope he doesn't just get put with Tajiri because they are both Japanese, but that's probably what will happen.

Chavo to RAW: This is cool. He'll be an IC contender at best, a Heat jobber at worst, and will probably be in a makeshift tag team. Chavo and Tajiri would be nice. Question is, does Chavo come in as a face or heel?

Regal to SD: I think this means we will be seeing Eugene show up on SD when he's ready to come back. Other than that, Regal hasn't really done anything of note (Tag belts are not particularly notable). Regal joining up with JBL would be cool.

Candice to SD: Can't wrestle, RAW has enough eye candy with the Diva Search underway. Makes sense to me.

Simon Dean to SD: Same deal as with Jindrak. Not very exciting.

Stevie to SD: Will probably continue to be one of the best jobbers the WWE has.

All in all, RAW seems to have gotten the better end of these trades. Regal is the only useful guy SD got, as Grenier is not very good, and Dean and Stevie will most likely continue to job on the B show. I think Chavo and Dupree will make some sort of storyline impact right away, Kenzo is a good character (from what I've heard), Danny Basham can work really well (again from what I've heard), with Jindrak being the only guy I don't see having much of a role.

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RAW Satire - 03.14.2005
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Not that it really matters, since half of those guys will be fired within a month.

But, obviously, I'm most distressed about Richards.

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(I don't think this counts as a spoiler - it'll either be treated like an event that's already taken place, or be ignored completely - but if you really want to be surprised about which B/C level guys switched shows, skip the rest of this thread.)

Breaking it down.

RAW gets:
Mark Jindrak
- reversing previous move, maybe Cade will show back up and they'll tag
- got multiple attempts at a push and didn't get over a single time
- character was now face or heel depending on which show he was on and who was writing segment,
- only things proven about him are inability to get over or work well
- still will likely get another push sooner or later based on look

Rene Dupree
- been reworking look and gimmick on Velocity the last few weeks in preparation for this move
- probably getting a new push out of it to start, but has slipped far enough not be a name draft pick
- better than Grenier
- hopefully very unlikely to reform La Resistance

Danny Basham
- lesser, balder Basham.
- at least the inevitable, worthless breakup was pushed back some months by the Cabinet bit
- will need to hit the ground with something immediately, or will quickly get lost in the shuffle
- lots of Heat matches to come
- likely wasn't going anywhere on SD! anyway
- likely future Masterlock victim

Kenzo Suzuki (w/Hiroko)
- had been completely off TV, Velocity included
- contract (salary) perhaps requires another push?
- Hiroko likely to be a more interesting character than anyone involved in the Diva Search
- will wrestle Tajiri, due to wrestling law: 'all wrestlers of a non-US White must inevitably feud with each other.'

Chavo Guerrero
- oooooh Chavo
- they really could've given Paul the win over him since he was leaving anyway...
- what would have they done if Chavo won the title?
- obviously moved because writers felt London/Chavo had nothing left to give, and the Mexicools are taken his spot
- taken away from his core strengths, will have to fight for relevancy
- not promising

RAW Bottom Line: 3 guys most people forgot about, and 2 who were about to be put on the treadmill to nowhere. Good luck at salvaging anything long term meaningful here.

SmackDown! gets:

William Regal
- top person in trade; always key
- reliable midcarder
- had run his course with split with Tajiri
- Eugene angle still pending, but he could be moved over later
- should beat OJ for the US Title Thursday, if not five minutes ago

- they've got to have a plan for her to be someone's valet, right?
- otherwise this would be completely pointless
- but then again, they never figured out what to do with Dawn
- would've gotten lost in the mix with the new Diva Search people
- but SD!'s been a blackhole for new women (outside of Melina) - anyone seen Joy lately?

Sylvain Grenier
- really tough for me to spell his last name!
- really tough to see him doing anything, since he's a lesser Rene, and Rene was forgotten
- move seems to exist mostly to put a bullet in Grenier/Conway stuff.
- yay for that bullet

Simon Dean
- poor Maven
- got pushed huge for a month
- ended up being a guy who had trouble beating Val Venis
- notable lack of fat guys on SmackDown! to make fun of
- will he note Undertaker's size?
- and live?
- until he re-debuts, there'll be speculation about a gimmick change

Steven Richards
- the GM is dead
- long live the GM
- Just when you thought Victoria might fall in love with him again!
- Josh appears to be reigning Mayor of Velocityville
- coup would appear to be easy
- doesn't stand a realistic chance at getting an actual push
- everyone would be better off if he'd get a trial gig at doing color for Velocity
- except maybe Steve Romero
- screw Steve Romero!

SD Afterburn: The most usable guy out of the bunch, three guys who are going nowhere. If they actually have a plan for Candice (superbowl was how many months ago?), this appears to be a win for GM Long. If not, it's still pretty safe - I'd take Stevie and Regal for the rest of this bunch and be happy.

the BIG question: does the fact that they bothered to move these guys mean they're safe for the foreseeable future - and everyone else who's a background player needs to worry a bit more?

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Kane Is Ugly

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Well, WWE is losing Velocity soon, so I dunno what Nova and Stevie will do. Lets hope they use the Meanie incident and do something with JBL and Stevie. That would be cool even if Stevie jobs out to JBL. At least he will get some TV time.

Its a very sad day, becuase this is the end of Stevie Night Heat. I still wanna know what happened to that angle with Stevie in drag doing run ins to help save Victoria a few months back. I guess its in the same boat as the Tori/Raven "ninja" storyline.

I miss the GWF.

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.92
Mark Jindrak - Has had some decent Velocity matches, but he's been around long enough, and gotten enough pushes, that he'll probably never be much higher on the card then he is right now. Probably would work best in a tag team. Probably would have been better off tagging with Cade for the last year. I don't think he'll be totally buried though.

Rene Dupree - Still very young and probably too young to have gotten his big push las year. It seems that the relevant parties like this kid, so I assume they're giving him a fresh start at some point. Right now, he'd be better in some variation of La Res, just so he doesn't get buried as a singles guy until whenever his next push comes.

Danny Basham - Which one is he? If he's the better Basham, he'll get pushed somewhat. If he isn't I doubt he'll make it through calendar year 2005.

Kenzo Suzuki - Hasn't been on TV in months and months, but I think he's working in Louisville right now. I think they've learned their lesson as far as pushing him, but I'm still not sure that he won't get a singles push in his new setting because they want to salvage something with him.

Chavo Guerrero - Horrible move. Better utilized as a cruiser weight and better off on the show with the large Latino audience. Could have been good with the Mexicools as an ally or for a program. Probably won't get cut due to family connections, but I doubt he'll do anything we'll remember on Raw.

William Regal - I loved him as Eugene's mentor, but it isn't like he needs to be limited to comedic roles. He'll give much needed depth to the Smackdown heavyweight roster as one of the few heavyweights below the main event. He should get a US title run, and there's plenty of guys he can have good matches with. Really, he's the only relevant guy in this trade.

Candice - Will continue to have large breasts.

Sylvain Grenier - If he has any use, it's in some variation of La Res. Probably has no use at all. Isn't he Patterson's pet project? Isn't Patterson gone? Grenier may be cut very, very soon.

Simon Dean - Best used as a cruiser weight. I liked his tag team with Maven, but it had no future. Hopefully he'll drop the Dean gimmick and do something useful in the SD mid card, but I doubt it.

Steven Richards - How is he still around? I'm shocked that he's kept on the payroll given how little he's used, even on house shows or Heat. Not that I have any problem with him - I like him well enough. He's better off in the CW division, if that's what they do with him. Could definitely see him being cut very soon.

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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    anyone seen Joy lately?

Actually, she's been doing more press for the WWE than just about anybody I've seen lately, outside of Cena (who was doing it for his album). She handled herself fairly well, against all odds and on a completely god awful show called "Video Game Vixens" on G4. She was very complimentary of the WWE. I don't know that that means they'll do anything with her necessarily (they probably won't) but she's serving a PR purpose anyway, which is all Nowinski is doing now, and he's still on the payroll.

    Originally posted by BigSteve
    Isn't he Patterson's pet project? Isn't Patterson gone?

Yes, and I don't believe so, no. I think he came back after he quit, but I don't believe his position is as prominent as it once was.

Final Draft Lottery and Trade Thoughts:


John Cena: This is the right show for him, I think. Cable gives him a bit more freedom to liven up his gimmick, plus RAW has more "personalities" to feud with instead of constantly being stuck with JBL over on Smackdown. His feud with Triple H should be fun to watch at least.

Kurt Angle: One of the reasons Angle stagnated over on Smackdown is the fact that he'd worked with everybody there a thousand times over, and injuries kept him out of being in top, one-on-one matches. Now he's got a plethora of new opponents and, if he can stay injury free, a goodly ammount of main event space up there with Hunter.

Carlito: Probably the right move for him at this point. Again, he's a "personality" worker, which doesn't really work well on Smackdown. He's solid enough in-ring that he can have some good feuds, but I'm a little surprised they didn't let him run through Smackdown a bit longer.

Big Show: Eh. The move doesn't really help him or hurt him. He's stuck in the same rut as he was two years ago with basically nothing really new or interesting for him to do. Triple H again, maybe? I dunno. He'll be fine, but he's not really in any better shape.

RVD: Probably just to give him a fresh start coming off the injury, plus Bischoff and Angle led the charge against ECW, so he's got those feuds built in if they decide to use them. It's all up to Rob as to how this move works, however.

Mark Jindrak: Purely to keep him with Angle, I think. Somebody there obviously likes their backstage interview chemistry, but I don't think he'll do anything. Maybe a tag team with Cade.

Rene Dupree: Now's as good a time for this as any. He really does do a good job of getting the crowd into his character (the dance gets huge responses at house shows), but he's got nothing much on Smackdown. We shall see if he does on RAW.

Danny Basham: I don't know. Which one was Damajah? I think they're probably isolating that one for a push, so they can trickle the other one down to jobber status without making a storyline out of it.

Kenzo Suzuki: Hey, he's got nothing better to do. Just another one of those injury resets like with Van Dam, but obviously much lower profile. They seemed to be onto something with the "Kenzo Loves America" gimmick, but what that something was, and whether it's worth another go 'round...I dunno. Sure, why not?

Chavo Guerrero: Who knows? They were probably sick of seeing him in matches with Paul London. Plus, he doesn't really work the same "cruiser style" as the other WWE cruisers, so they probably figure the move allows them to lump the cruisers better, keeps him out of the Eddie/Rey story (short term thinking), and lets him try his hand at some non-cruiser wrestling on RAW.


Chris Benoit: Probably the best style switch from anyone other than Cena. Now he'll be able to wrestle a lot more and won't have to do tons of promo cutting that the major guys on RAW do. Plus, he's instantly back in the Main Event mix, which is good.

Randy Orton: Another "injury reset". He can continue his feud with Taker (more short term thinking) AND Batista, and he can put the breaks on a little bit on a new show, and try to come off a little more relaxed.

Muhammed Hassan and Khosrow Daivari: For Daivari it's a boon because he's got the cruiser division waiting for him whenever they want to make the move there. For Hassan, he's set appart by being one of the big talkers on a relatively quiet show. On RAW he was just another big yapper, but now it'll mean a bit more when somebody shuts him up.

Christian: Another case of a big voice in a large room benefits from making the move to a show where he'll probably see a lot more meaningful promo time. It kind of stops the momentum he'd gained on RAW, but with a fresh start, he'll have a good opportunity to put himself in big matches.

"Dave" Batista "Davidson": Sniff...I'll miss the big lug. Probably the best move for him at this point, as he's pretty much tapped out his "money" feud on RAW, and while Angle and Show feuds would have been lots of fun, Smackdown makes him look like a bigger star. Plus he doesn't have to talk as much which is his glaring weakness.

William Regal: Probably the best move at this point, as he'd kind of fallen off the face of the earth on RAW after Eugene got hurt (yes, that includes the run with Tajiri). Plenty of stuff he can do on Smackdown as a face or a heel.

Candice Michelle: Eh. Might as well load up the Smackdown side with the bikini contest/catfight girls. Firstly, because RAW's got the Diva Search (more short term thinking) and secondly because Smackdown's Catfight Division could use a few new faces.

Sylvain Grenier: Who knows? The WWE probably figures that Dupree and Conway have a better chance of becoming singles stars on RAW, and that Grenier is the third wheel in the equation, so they might as well move him. Wouldn't be a bad tag partner for somebody there.

Simon Dean: Allows for a complete overhaul. If they want to go the Nova route with him especially. Mostly, he'll be able to shed the Simon Dean gimmick (hopefully) and job to some new faces.

Stevie Richards: Probably a better show for him, as there's more potential for his style comedy segments to make TV, PLUS if if IF the WWE brings back the bWo (and the article on Meanie v. JBL leads me to believe they will), there are plenty of oportunities for feuds with bwo v. JBL/Doug/Jordan, bWo v. Mexicools, bWo v. Bubba/D-Von/Spike. Six Man feuds like that might be a neat addition to the show.

Left out?

Chris Jericho: Probably could have done with a move to freshen up and be a bigger part of the card. He would have been the number 2 heel on Smackdown, which is overloaded with faces right now.

Tyson Tomko: He was steadily improving as the silent man to Christian, but now he's sacrificed to Tian's big push. Maybe he can be Jericho's new Ralphus?

Matt Morgan: Ditto Morgan who is now without both Carlito AND Big Show. Listlessly set adrift just when he'd gotten his big stage.

Eugene: Might end up on Smackdown anyway, but the groundwork was laid for his return with Regal and Heidenreich that I have a hard time believing the WWE would have failed to pull the trigger.

Torrie Wilson: Yeah, I know Kidman isn't leaving Velocity, but Torrie has gone on record numerous times about wanting to be part of a women's division. Yeah, I know the WWE doesn't give a shit. But she'd easily draw Stacy-Like pops as a valet for somebody over there, and could have been another random face to plug in the listless Womens' Title picture.

That's all I can think of really. Some guys are really getting shafted, but I'm going to try to be optimistic about this.

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This trade easily favors Smackdown. Regal is a quality promo guy no matter what show he's on. Simon Dean can hopefully drop the fitness gimmick, go back to being Nova, and get involved in the cruiserweight division.

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    Originally posted by Kane is a Demon from Hell and Ugly
    I still wanna know what happened to that angle with Stevie in drag doing run ins to help save Victoria a few months back.

Tomko blew his cover, Victoria was apparently unmoved, and they went on to have the Worst Match of the Year. It was sad on three levels.

Still, Steven and Simon Dean, diet and worked weights notwithstanding, are cruiserweights like I hate Kool-Aid (and I love it).

    Originally posted by Omega
    Of course, I've been hoping for a Richards push since 1999, so...

Surely you were delighted by the Right To Censor, which was easily the biggest push of his career in 2000. Unless you have a caveat that his push oughtn't 'be horrible,' in which case nevermind.

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Now that the Bashams are seperated, hopefully they will be allowed to grow out their hair so that it might help them develop their own personality.

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They couldn't have thrown Tomko in for Raw and Haas in for Smackdown?

This whole trade really boils down to Chavo for Regal. Regal comes out a winner in this while Chavo could be a big loser if he doesn't hook up with a tag partner really quickly. Eddie's storylines lose something as well as Chavo was a nice way to fuse some things together.

I imagine Eugene shows up on Smackdown do to Uncle Eric not letting him back on Raw, and does Raw really need two talk shows?

I think Smackdown really got burned in this draft and is clearly a second rate show now in the WWE's eyes. Sure they got the hot star in Batista, but if and when he cools off they really don't have that *star*. HBK to Smackdown would have really helped their uppercard credibility.


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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.22
While they lose that potential Tajiri/Regal feud in this trade, they can use the tangent feud of Regal/Benoit where they beat the hell out of each other for 20 minutes for the viewers pleasure.
Since it is RAW, maybe Uncle Eric saved Chavo's old horse and will return it to him.
Only other thing coming out of this trade is it allows Lawler to make comments about Hiroko.
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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.05
    Originally posted by Excalibur05
    Danny Basham: I don't know. Which one was Damajah? I think they're probably isolating that one for a push, so they can trickle the other one down to jobber status without making a storyline out of it.

Danny = Damajah. Doug is the better one of the 2, though. I would've preferred to see Conway go to SD rather than Grenier, then have Doug Basham & Conway kick-start a competitive US Title scene. As it is, I hope those 2 get something worthwhile to do on their respective shows, as they've both got the skills to be big parts of the IC/US Title scenes.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00
I hope at some point they end up having Heidenreich meet up with Christian in the back. Just having him talking about his poems and Christian's facial reactions to what he is doing would be classic.

I hope they link Regal up with JBL as the new Minister of Defense and somehow kick out Doug Basham. It would give Doug a great storyline and turn him into a sympathetic face pretty quick. From everything I have heard, both of these guys have great charisma and Doug has a great look to him. Regal and JBL would work off of each other well and would offer a great mid-card feud between the Mexicools.

I don't understand moving Chavo over to RAW but I will wait and see.

I can't wait to see Danny "Damaja" Basham alone. All I ever hear is how great this guy would be if they split them up. I hope they end up giving him a chance to show what he has and let him run with it. Furthermore, moving Danny doesn't cause the whole Edge/Christian breakup issues where one guy is shuttled down (and then has to jump thru flaming hoops to come back) while the other gets a massive push.

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.16
Given that they didn't trade Tomko for Morgan, maybe the two of them can just switch bosses, meaning that Morgan becomes Christian's dumb muscle, and Tomko goes to work for Carlito.

Could work.

-MHM, winner of the 2000 Throwdown in Christmastown.
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