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The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE Superstars #104 - 07-Apr-11 (Final WGN Episode)
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A week shy of two years ago, I recapped the very first episode of WWE Superstars, so I thought it was only fitting that recap the final episode on WGN, as well. That week, we kicked off with The Undertaker versus Matt Hardy, followed it up with Finley vs Christian and the first Superstars main event was Shane McMahon vs Cody Rhodes. Had you told me that two years later, Shane McMahon would no longer be in the company and Cody Rhodes would be one of the most interesting characters in professional wrestling today, I most likely would have called you an idiot. Two years later, half of the men who wrestled that night are no longer with the company. It's plausible that the same could hold true about the final episode, albeit in a couple of weeks, rather than years.

Drew McIntyre vs JTG

Traditional lockup to start things off. Surprisingly, JTG manages to muscle Drew into the corner. Not surprisingly, Drew doesn't break clean. JTG catches the boot aimed for his gut but that leaves him open for a wicked looking right hand. Drew drags him across the ring and slams him headfirst into the turnbuckle and then lays in with the kicks and punches.

Matt Striker informs us that JTG chartered a tour bus and brought every school kid in Brooklyn to Wrestlemania. According to the census, there are nearly 675,000 school ages kids in Brooklyn. He must have used Big Show's tour bus. Jack Korpela inquires as to whether it was every kid and Striker response "Well, as many as he could find." So now I'm envisioning JTG running around Brooklyn snatching kids out of their beds and taking them to Atlanta. (The vision includes Bobb'e J Thompson riding JTG's ass for not even having a match.)

Drew drags JTG to the center of the ring but his punch is blocked and JTG comes back with a punch of his own. McIntyre responds with a big right hand that spins JTG around but then JTG goes berserk, laying in punches, knees and forearms that back Drew against the ropes. The Chosen One no-sells the attack though and drops JTG with a punch on the break. He then gets Brooklyn's Finest in Scorpion Death Drop position and proceeds to suplex him backward, dropping him gut first across the top rope. (This move was a beauty to behold.)

McIntyre flips him back into the ring, then clubbers him with forearms and kicks, then stomps on his face. Drew locks in a modified arm bar/camel clutch combination that looks really painful. Drew picks JTG up off the mat but JTG manages to ram him into the corner, not once but twice, only to be dropped by yet another clubbering. McIntyre charges JTG and gets Heath Slater-like height on a massive backdrop.

When Air Scotland finally comes back to the ground, he charges JTG in the corner only to eat Timbalands. JTG semi-botches a rollup but Drew kicks out, only to be caught in a Crucifix rollup and another near fall. Drew whips JTG into the ropes and goes for a big backdrop of his own but JTG holds on and hits a huge swinging DDT. He goes for a cover but Drew has his foot on the bottom rope. Forearms and elbows by JTG back Drew into the corner. JTG goes for the Mugshot but is pushed off. He charges the corner but catches a big boot. McIntyre then floats over him, grabs the double underhook and pulls JTG up into position for the Future Shock. Not only does he do the big leg kick, McIntyre leaps up into the air and absolutely murders JTG with the DDT and an easy 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Drew McIntyre in a very good match.

We go to a Hall of Fame recap in which Shawn Michaels only has a tiny bit more time than everyone else.

A commercial airs for Wrestlemania 28 in Miami.

Yoshi Tatsu vs Tyson Kidd

Yoshi is still sporting his black arm band in support the Japanese people recovering from the earthquakes. Josh wonders who will set the pace in this match. I'm pretty sure they work at about the same pace.

Tyson Kidd goes behind and grabs a waist lock to start us off. Yoshi pulls his hands apart and locks in an arm ringer but Kidd trips his leg and turns it into a wristlock. Arm wringer by Kidd, into an arm bar. He pushes Yoshi down to the mat and then stomps on his shoulder.

Kidd locks in the arm wringer again but Yoshi back flips out of it with assist from the ropes, then sends Kidd flying across the ring with an arm drag. Kidd floats over Tatsu and goes for a slingshot rollup but Yoshi holds on. Tyson starts to roll out of it but reverses into a kip up. He throws a kick aimed for Yoshi's gut, which it appears Tatsu was supposed to catch but missed, then Yoshi quickly kicks Tyson in the gut instead.

Yoshi punches Kidd into the corner, then tries to whip him across the ring only to have it reversed. Kidd charges in but eats a back elbow. Yoshi then hops up to the second rope and jumps off with a weird rollup where he caught Kidd's knee and elbow and then bridged over the top of him. Kidd kicks out but eats a Japanese arm drag, followed by a Mexican arm drag. (Thank you, Scott Stamford, for calling the first one, since I always forget which is which.)

Yoshi locks in an arm bar that forces Kidd to the ropes. Kidd punches out of the break. Kidd whips Yoshi across the ring but it's reversed yet again, only Kidd catches the ropes to avoid the rebound. Yoshi charges in but catches boots to the face as Kidd flips over the ropes onto the apron. We go to commercial as Yoshi sends Kidd crashing to the floor with a drop kick.

We come back from commercial to find Kidd in control with a modified chinlock. Picture-in-picture recap shows us that momentum changed when Yoshi missed a kick on the floor and Tyson picked him up and hot shotted him across the bottom rope from the floor. I don't think I've seen it done quite like that before but it looked good.

Kidd successfully whips Tatsu into the ropes but whiffs a punch and gets caught in a crucifix rollup for two. Yoshi is slow getting up and eats a series of elbows and then a seated drop kick. Running kick to the ribs and Tyson covers him for two.

Kidd locks in a chin lock, but Yoshi escapes via Judo throw, only to get cut off with a back kick to the gut. Kidd charges Tatsu but eats a spinning heel kick. Yoshi fires up with a series of knife edge chips, then whips Kidd into the ropes and drops him with a double handed chop to the chest. Kicks from Tatsu floor Kidd and then Yoshi lands a big SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIINING WIIIIIIIIZARD (which Stamford calls!) but it's only good for two.

Yoshi goes up top but takes too long, allowing Kidd to knock him off balance, 金玉 first across on the top turn buckle. Kidd climbs up top and spikes Yoshi through the canvas with a huracanrana (which Stamford calls a Super Frankensteiner) and that's all she wrote. But NO! Yoshi kicks out! Kidd immediately goes for the Sharpshooter but Yoshi fights him off, shoving him through the ropes. Kidd lands on the apron and goes for a springboard move, which Yoshi ducks. Roundhouse kick to the head and that gets the three. I don't think anyone has ever gotten up from Tatsu's finisher.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

Another very good match.

We get a recap of Cena and The Rock from Raw.

Santino Marella vs Ted Dibiase

Just like with the first show, the least interesting of the three matchups somehow goes on as the main event. Unlike the first show, I don't think either of these guys will be the most interesting character in the company two years from now. (I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dibiase were no longer employed, however.)

I didn't see how the match started out because I was too busy fast forwarding. Santino wins via Cobra. (I will say that Santino has improved considerably. I don't find his matches painful to watch, but I don't find them necessary to watch, either.)

Winner: Santino Marella

Well, for fans who missed WCW Saturday Night, it's been a nice two year run. The highlight of the run for me (ie. the only episode I have any memory of other than the first and last) was the 66th Episode that aired in July of last year. It featured a tag team squash match that ended with Vance Archer pinning Matt Cross. Ironically enough, Vance Archer was future endeavored awhile back but Matt Cross was on Raw this week. It also featured one of the best main events in Superstars history, Chris Jericho vs Yoshi Tatsu.

Dear dumbfucks writing for the WWE. The world is very sympathetic toward Japan at the moment. You have a popular young Japanese wrestler. PUT HIM IN A FUCKING STORYLINE ON RAW WHERE HE'S TRYING TO WIN A TITLE TO GIVE HOPE TO HIS PEOPLE. THIS SHIT WRITES ITSELF.

Hrm. It looks like the nearest country to me that is airing Superstars and isn't embroiled in a massive narcotics war is England. If I leave now, I might get there in time to catch next week's episode, assuming it's still going to be airing overseas. I bet there are other programs that air actual wrestling over there as well. Any British W'ers have a spare bedroom?
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    Originally posted by InVerse
    Hrm. It looks like the nearest country to me that is airing Superstars and isn't embroiled in a massive narcotics war is England. If I leave now, I might get there in time to catch next week's episode, assuming it's still going to be airing overseas. I bet there are other programs that air actual wrestling over there as well.

I know it's less dramatic, but you could also just watch the shows on the Superstars youtube channel or their hulu channel. - luchablog
Boudin blanc

Since: 26.8.02

Since last post: 715 days
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I'm on dialup and the nearest place offering free WiFi is about 40 miles from here. If I'm going to drive that far, I might as well add a couple thousand miles and get to hear some more interesting accents. I suppose that's a good option for more reasonable people, though.
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Wow, someone from this board was responsible for that joke. Thanks for the info.
- tomvejada, Storm 1:08 (2002)
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