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The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE SummerSlam 2005 (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.69
    Originally posted by OMEGA
    If they wanted to put Orton over then why not just let him go over clean?

Because unfortunately for Orton, his opponent was Undertaker.

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Benoit beating Jordan so quickly was awesome, which is exactly what they should have done last month at the GAB. Maybe now the U.S. Title will mean something. Aw, hell, the U.S. Title is already rehabilitated just based on who's carrying it. Benoit/Eddie for the U.S. Title at No Mercy, anyone?

I was looking forward to the Matt Hardy/Edge match, and it ended so quickly that I'm seriously wondering if that nasty bump to the ringpost legitimately injured Hardy. Certainly he couldn't have come back just to get squashed in less than five minutes, right?

Rey and Eddie, I swear, looked like they were going to kill each other. Much better than the overbooked match they had at the GAB, despite the somewhat-screwy ending. But hey, all's well that ends well, Dominick will grow up to be Rey Mysterio III, and Eddie will no doubt do something else crazy this coming month.

Kurt Angle beat the shit out of Eugene, and honest to God it used to be cool when Eugene would rip off everybody's finishing maneuvers, but now it's just stupid. Nick Dinsmore actually has some talent of his own, why not let him use that?

Randy Orton beats 'Taker, whoop dee doo, but much of the reason Orton wanted to beat Taker at WM21 was to end 'Taker's WrestleMania undefeated streak. You didn't do that, Randy! So don't think of 'Taker as just another notch on your belt, though you did beat him. You didn't take away from him what you wanted to take away from him.

Cena vs. Jericho was a very good match, but I felt it difficult to get truly excited about it, because the result was a foregone conclusion.

Batista vs. JBL reminded me a lot of Batista's WM21 match against Triple H-- a glorified squash. But just like the match at WM21, dascool with me. The Batista Bomb onto the stairs was a nice visual, making everyone in the Baker Street Cafe go "OHHHHH!"

HBK vs. Hogan was pretty good, and I was convinced that Michaels had Hogan beat after hitting Sweet Chin Music. Nope. Dammit. I think HBK ought to have won the match, and I hate that they seem to be turning Michaels face again, but if this was indeed Hogan's last match, at least the ol' bastard went out on top.

DASCOOL!: Benoit's quickquickQUICK win over Orlando Jordan, the fantastic ladder match, Jericho and Cena's great performances, Angle kicking ass, and the atmosphere of Michaels/Hogan.

YOU SUCK!: Edge/Hardy should have gotten a lot more time, and had the opposite winner. I also hated Michaels' apparent babyface turn, but keep in mind that (as of last week) the commercials here in Va. Beach for the RAW tomorrow night in Hampton said that Cena and The Big Show will face Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels. I don't necessarily see that actually happening, but...

WHAT?!: Carlito, Booker T, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Big Show, MNM, the bWo and the Mexicools were all missing from the show. (The first four are particularly outrageous omissions.) Casual WWE fans probably still don't know that Nunzio is the Cruiserweight Champion, unless they happen to watch Velocity. "LOD" was missing from action tonight, and The Hurricane, one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, got jobbed out to that punk Chris Masters on Heat. Hell, there weren't even any tag-team matches tonight, let along tag-team title defenses.

But overall I give the show a thumbs-up... the action presented was more than watchable, for the most part.

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.55
    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    Benoit beating Jordan so quickly was awesome, which is exactly what they should have done last month at the GAB. Maybe now the U.S. Title will mean something. Aw, hell, the U.S. Title is already rehabilitated just based on who's carrying it. Benoit/Eddie for the U.S. Title at No Mercy, anyone? Instead of Eddie/Benoit for the millionth time. How about a fresh match and feud in Christian/Benoit? The last time Benoit faced Eddie, Eddie totally bagged it.

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Is it possible that Matt Hardy just might end up playing Tommy Dreamer in this feud?

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Ok, just back from the show live at the MCI center.

Line to get in was absurd, but full of talkative fans.

No Dark Matches. BOOOO.

Small pops for all the announcers, except king who gets as good a pop as any wrestler on the card short of the ME's.

Heat match: Chickenwing destroyed Hurricane. I thought this guy was supposed to be a champion, tag team or not. Does that mean that Rosie carries the team? It's time to just throw away the tag team titles (and maybe the cruiserweight title) and be done with it, WWE obviously doesn't care about them anymore.

Lillian belts out the anthem and the crowd loves it.

Chris Benoit annihilates Orlando Jordan in 15 seconds. I swear we didn't even have time to sit down, it was awesome. There were some small "holy shit" chants going around. Is that a summerslam record?

Matt vs Edge. BOOOOOOOO. This was horrible. This was beyond bad. Matt hardy is DONE. Maybe it looked good on TV, but it looked incredibly fake live. Matt's punches especially looked absurd. Guys next to me thought that Matt was legitimately injured. I personally dunno if they'd book the match that way, but Matt's offense was sad overall and that supercedes the poor ending... which the crowd hated passionately I might add.

Rey vs Eddie. I almost missed the start of this match to go grab food, but caught it just as it began. I really didn't care too much about this match because I hate this feud, but as everybody else has said, it turned into a great match, possibly the best on the card. I haven't seen that many false endings in a long time. The were definitely portions of the crowd who were behind Eddie. I think he got screwed, he had that match won at least 3 different times, and got screwed out of it one way or another, and with no ref bumps that's pretty difficult! Lots of botched spots, but still a great match.

Angle vs Eugene. There was no question, DC was definitely a pro angle crowd. Angle ate it up too, although he tried not to show it most of the time. Highlight of the match was Christy showing us all her crotch.

Orton vs Taker. Let me first say that Taker's opening is a sight to be seen live, it's even better than hogan's. I liked the WM match more, but this one was still pretty good. I think randy might have a bit of ring rust on him, but it didn't detract TOO much. Maybe it didn't show up on TV, but the crowd was into this match. Perhaps not as much as others, but it was hardly asleep. I really dug the reversal of the first old school, you don't see taker letting too many people do that. The double reversal on the tombstone was great as well, like they were just trying to top their WM appearance. My whole row swore it was Paul bearer who was in the ring, and I have to give props to ms skarecrow, as she was the only one who correctly called bob orton, and she even did it beforehand. I don't like that orton needed interference to beat taker, but really what heel is taker gonna let beat him clean at this point except the outside possibility of HHH? Is that the first time taker's been pinned for the 3 count since October 2003?

Cena vs Y2J. DC has always been pro-Jericho, for no particular reason. I knew he wouldn't win, but I was cheering for him anyway and a lot of people were with me. I was wondering how the "Lets go Cena/Lets go Jericho" chants would come out on TV, as they were deafening inside the arena. It's funny, I'd chant for Jericho and ms skarecrow would chant for Cena and we're both having a hell of a time. Match was decent but it felt like something bigger than it was. Did you hear the crowd chanting at Cena to tap during the walls of Jericho? It's all I could hear in my section.

Batista vs JBL. I knew it was fake money, but people were going apeshit over it anyway. Match was blah, same old same old. I don't think people give JBL enough credit, he's turned into a pillar of the WWE, channeling the million dollar man in all the right ways. Batista.... hometown boy (39 year old boy?) or not, I still can't get into him. The pause after the first Batista bomb had a good portion of my section expecting a Lesnar run in, but it was not to be. Second bomb onto the steps was something tho, there's no way that didn't hurt. I think only possibly Rey Mysterio was feeling more pain after leaving the ring than JBL tonight.

Hogan vs HBK. *sigh* I knew how it would end, I told everybody how it would end, but nobody believed me. I didn't WANT it to end like that, but I knew it would. As soon as Shawn landed the superkick, I saw the rest of the match play out in front of my eyes and it happened exactly like I knew it would. Hogan is never lieing down for anybody ever again. Ever. Mark my words. Ever. Anyway, Shawn was really over the top trying to sell hogan's offense. HBK looked like a complete wuss early on, and I'm thinking "Is this 1985? Is hogan wrestling Lanny poffo or barry horowitz in there?" Shawn came back to look a bit more respectable, I got some nice WOOOOOOOooos in there with the chops. Then, of course, the end. Blah, whatcha gonna do. I hope the rock respects what hogan did for him at WMX8, HBK was just as deserving and he sure didn't get it.

Overall it was a good show. No Bret (didn't REALLY expect him, but still would have been great). No Lesnar (Sorta thought it was an outside possibility). Hot crowd, all the matches went about as I expected em to, and got to sit down on the metro ride home.

This was ms skarecrow's first live WWE show and she enjoyed it tremendously. After I told her that WM22 is in chi-town, her hometown, now she's insistent that we're gonna find a way to go to it. heh.

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I am re-charging my camera, I got pics till mid-way through the Batista/JBL match, then the battery died. I had taken about 200 pic to that point. It was hard to take good pics from my seat. I was 10 rows behind the announce tables and the lights from the SummerSlam-tron whited-out a few pics.

Notes that I can remember:

The Hurricane/Masters match was ok. It started with like 7 mins to go, so we didn't expect much.

It's been said before. One can not truly understand how loud and hot the pyro is until one is at a live event. I felt warm from all the pyro on the other side of the ring.

We went APESHIT when Benoit won. He was in the ring celebrating longer than the match proper. This should have been the GAB match.

Jeers for Edge, big pop for Hardy. Much to my dismay, my "Edge has inferior morals!" chant did not catch on. The weird looks flashed my way did. Ending was booed, but it made sense storyline-wise.

Of course, the MotN was Eddie/Rey. We were a pretty weird crowd. After the awesome highspots, we'd have an "Eddie! Eddie!" chant, and then while they were setting up the next spot, we had an "Eddie Sucks! Eddie Sucks!" chant.

Our section booed Eugene and cheered for Angle. LOTS of "Eugene sucks!" and "Angle! Angle" chants. We were about 90/10 behind Angle. We popped big time for the finish.

We all assumed it was Old Mr. Orton with the run-in. We popped for the dueling Tombstones and Old School. It was an ok match, but it was hard to follow the awesome ladder match.

My voice is STILL gone from the "Lets go Jericho!" chant. We were LOUD and from what I skimmed from the thread, the dueling chants came through to TV. We were 60/40 behind Jericho. Lots of boos for Cena anytime he mounted an offense.

Omega said they reveled the WM22 logo. We didn't see it live.

JBL had the falling money entrance and everyone was trying to get a $100 with his face on it, than watch him come to the ring. We cheered our asses off for Batista. It seemed like a short match, but it had the right ending.

OMG. That Flag was HUGE. It extended all the way across the back of the arena. I wish I could have gotten a shot of it. Lots of cheers for Hogan of course. It seemed to be 70/30 for Hogan because the HBK backers were very vocal.

I can't wait to see how my pics came out.

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Skarecrow was right on the money. In my section everyone was yelling for Cena to tap. That last 5 mins or so was so hot because we were on our feet and yelling the whole time. LOTS of Cena hate.

We were all expecting The Hitman after the ref bump in HBK/Hogan.

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One of the better SummerSlams. Interesting for the fact that so many of the heels were being cheered, a sign that the WWE really botched the build-up and is mis-reading what the fans want.

Shawn Michaels is a born heel and put on one of the best performances of his life. Great match, great performance, Shawn reaffirms why he's one of the best wrestlers to ever grace this earth. And seriously, if someone told me 10 years ago that Hulk Hogan would end a WWF PPV posing in the ring, I would have never believed it. Some things never change. And when the match ended Jessie Ventura's comments from WM VI echoed in my head, 'y'know Gorilla, I think Hulk-A-Mania will live forever.'
I wouldn't go 4 1/2 stars, but I don't really believe in star ratings anyway. I enjoyed the match, I was rooting for Shawn to win, but Hogan winning was a satisfying ending. 'I had to know, and now I know' said Shawn at the end of the match. Great ending. Coachman was horrible on commentary during this match btw. His commentary his Raw-level, not main-event of major PPV level. I weep for the day I hear him call the last match at Mania.

Batista vs. JBL was a bit of a disappointment, but considering JBL wasn't even supposed to be in the slot, it was okay. Really solidifies Batista as dominant. Orton up next for him?

I've been down on Jerich for so long. But tonight, by God. He turned back into the star he was years ago. Just an amazing performance. Cena is a fraud, a paper champ and I can't wait for the day when the rest of the audience turns on him. The DC crowd was simply amazing during this match and total kudos to Jericho. Cena is horrible and I'm ready to proclaim him the least talented word champion the company has ever had

Orton v Taker wasn't as good as Mania, but I liked the Cowboy Bob run in. Orton may be back on track after the disaterous end of his Raw run.

The Eugene thing is so over. The crowd hates him. Time to end it or turn him heel. Angle is awesome and hopefully they'll put the belt back on him.

How is Eddy a heel in that match? Let's see, the storyline established it is his son. He established that while Rey was firing blanks, Eddy was banging whores all over the country. Rey is Ricky Steamboat. I don't want to cheer for him. Eddy beats his ass, but then has his 'son' and his wife cost him the match. Eddy is soo the babyface there, c'mon. Okay, awkward and stiff looking match. Couple weird spots, I dunno why they can't get it together a match. It was good, but just weird psychology. I ended the match feeling bad for Eddy.

Matt v. Edge was totally unique anything they've ever done. I figured Matt would get his ass beat. Kind've buries him beyond belief. He lost his woman, lost his job, got it back only to get his ass handed to him by the guy that ruined his life. I guess there was nobility in him not quitting, but clearly the company isn't ready to get behind him. It really was hilarious to see Edge win that match that way.
But a hot match and so stiff, really unique.

And the Benoit win was exactly the best way to start the show. Shades of HTM v. Warrior in '88.

Kudos to the crowd. Hot, hot, hot crowd, made the show that much better.

Thumbs up.


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Alright, just go back from SummerSlam here in D.C. I have a small buzz on from the bear so I will just add to what I remember right now

*In the Heat match, Masters was boo'd heavily upon coming out but since his opponent was Hurricane we all knew who won. And maybe it was just me but one he locked in the master's lock the arena seemed to pop for the move.

*Crowd seemed pissed at the way Edge/Hardy ended.

*Hogan was of course over. I hate him but no one could here my boos for him over the applause.

*"You screwed Bret" chant was there.

*Two things pissed me off, I was in the bathroom right after Benoit came out, I was thinking this would be a 5-10 minute match, I am waiting in line and all the sudden seconds later I here his music, everyone bailed from the bathroom going "What happened? Did he win already?" I was pissed that I misses it but oh well. And the other thing was I had to take a "emergency" phone call from my girl who just wanted to make sure I made it there alright because I forget to call her. Because of that I missed 'Taker's entrance.

BTW, on my picks to win in the other thread:
-Cena over Y2J (Got it right)
-HBK over HH (Got it wrong)
-Angle over Eugene (Got it right)
-Hardy over Edge (Got it wrong)
-Batista over JBL (Got it right)
-Benoit over Jordan (Got ti right)
-Rey Rey over Eddie (Got it right)
-Orton over Taker (Got it right)

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If the reports are true, then it really does seem like the only reason the E brought Matt back was to bury the hell out of him just so TNA wouldn't get him and push him. Too bad Matt never realized it. He's beyond done now, unfortunately.

In addition, I also am disappointed at HBK's face turn. I would have loved to see Bret come out, the crowd expecting him to go batshit on HBK, only to beat the snot out of Hogan and count the 3 for Michaels.

With Jericho (for the time being) and Hogan gone from RAW, who carries the show presuming HHH stays out until October? Just Angle? What'll they do with Carlito if RVD's not ready? What about Shelton?

The E really needs to find ways to get wrestlers over instead of burying them all.

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It was rather audible that Eddy was yelling at Charles Robinson because the finish was botched.

Eddy had Rey under the ladder as he climbed and his wife, Vicki, was supposed to show up. It's quite clear that Eddy had to kill time (as he was expecting her to run down) by toying with the clasp on the case and once Rey knocked him off, Eddy went nuts on Robinson by clearly yelling:

"Where the f*ck was Vicki?"

While Robinson clutched at his earpiece and panicked while Eddy was just going nuts.

Then when Judy Bagwell, eerr Vicki, finally showed up, Eddy had to once again give her her cues in an obvious manner.

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.97

-Benoit/Jordan was quick, and should've been. The US Title at least gives Benoit something to do, and should provide some week-to-week solid wrestling on Smackdown.
-Edge/Hardy was...confusing. What claim does Matt have to a rematch now? I'm assuming that this will be the new Kane/Edge forever and ever feud...but burying the match where Matt has to pay his dues in the midcard of the second-biggest show of the year sort of makes sense, but why not just do it on RAW when we don't have to pay for it? Still, the match felt like the first 5 minutes of a damn good match.
-Rey/Eddie was excellent. Lots of cool spots, and a good blend of angle & match. The presence of Dominick & Eddie's wife, odd as it seemed, somehow managed to allow Eddie to lose but maintain his heat.
-Angle/Eugene was fun, because it showcased "All-Business Angle", my favorite variation of Angle.
-Orton/Taker was good, but I was annoyed that the work on Orton's shoulder and Taker's knee didn't lead to...anything. Felt like they had a finish ready and just made up stuff to fill time. And if you're gonna do Bob Orton...where the damn cast?
-Cena/Jericho was much, much better than I thought it would be. The finish was pretty out-of-nowhere, though.
-Batista/JBL was quick, as it should've been. The fact that they had to lift the tackle-through-barricade spot from this year's Royal Rumble speaks volumes, though.
-Hogan/Michaels was a remarkable carry-job by HBK, who bumped like hell to make Hogan look like a wrestler. Sadly, though, the parts of the match where Michaels wasn't bumping like hell blew. And what the hell's with two ref bumps that didn't lead to anything?

Overall, I enjoyed the show.

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
    Originally posted by Super Shane Spear
    I'm going to keep it short and pointless right here with the one thought I had as soon as I got in my car leaving the bar.

    "If you're going to charge an extra five bucks for what is supposed to be the second biggest show of the year, please TRY to make the show last two hours. Thanks."

Exactly. It was a both brand PPV. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the WWE. They have access now to all the talent but can't book well enough to even fill a card.

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Fun fact: Edge has the best record in Summerslam history, with a surprising 9-1 mark.

WINS: Marc Mero/Miss Jacqueline, Hardy Boys, Mideon/Viscera, Droz/Prince Albert, Hardy Boys-Dudleys, Lance Storm, Eddie Guerrero, Dave Batista-Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy

LOSS: The Acolytes

Matt Hardy joined Marty Jannetty at the worst record in Summerslam history at 0-4. So basically, Edge is the biggest winner in SS history and Matt the biggest loser, and lord did the booking ever reflect that.

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What are you guys talking about? It was two hours and fifty-five minutes long. It started at eight and ended at ten fifty-five. I just used the timer on my VCR. This show was closer to three hours than it was to two.

I enjoyed this Summerslam thoroughly. Opening match with Benoit was fine. It buried Orlando, but he's had more than his fair time to shine, and he don't shine none.

Edge and Hardy was a nice, stiff match. They should all be like that, let's see some knots. Mind-boggling finish, but since only about a fifth of their audience orders these damn things, I doubt anyone will notice. Lita looked hella hot.

Hmm, Eddie and Rey. Rey wins for the four hundred thousandth fucking time. If the purpose of this feud was to make me hate Rey Mysterio, mission accomplished. Some nice innovative spots, and you've got to give them credit for doing the first two man ladder match in WWE I can even remember. I really think they buried Eddie ten times worse than Hardy. Now his own wife turns on him. Where does he go from here? He's hardly moving up to carry Batista after losing nine hundred million matches to a midget. I hate Rey. Eddie is so much more entertaining, from his screaming at the kid, his promo earlier. They're ruining him. Another thing that hurt this match was the ongoing storytelling element of the last several years where the commentators agree and, therefore, tell the audience what to think. Jesse Ventura was an egomaniac, but the man would defend ANYONE. Until I get a heel announcer like that again, I won't have a heel announcer I like.

Jericho's still got it. Loved that promo.

Angle is such a God. At least he's being handled properly, except for the whole working a mid-card feud thing. Eugene had to get booed, how could they think he wouldn't? Kurt is a God. That ceremonial presentation was Godly. Give this man the title now.

Orton got his win back. Was it clean? No, but wah wah wah. If Taker doesn't job clean to anyone else, why the hell should Orton get the honour? I don't think the Zombie version of Taker ever put anyone over clean, except maybe Austin. Orton's the heel, and is much less sickening this way than as the heel who beats everyone clean that he was playing a year ago, and that everyone so adored Triple H doing way back when. I mean Jesus, what do you guys want, the outcome of every Orton match to be RKOOUTOFNOWHERE! He did that for a year and half straight, and I'd be happy never to see it again. It wasn't even that cheap a win, Taker still put his move over, and still sells it better than anyone else in the business. No foreign objects or any of that silly stuff, just distractions, and BOOM, he takes it with his finisher. Nothing to complain about, really. The match was average decent but disjointed, well below their WM encounter and well below the SD match he just had with Benoit. Benoit should have won that by the way, since Orton was going over at the PPV and Benoit was taking the U.S. title, thus creating the perfect setup for an Orton/Benoit feud over the U.S. Title. Plus it was in Toronto, and if they try to turn that into an Orton town I'll go on a shooting spree. With a super-soaker filled with ice cream, of course, cuz I'm cool like that.

As far as I'm concerned, along with the Royal Rumble, No Way Out, Judgment Day's bloody brawl, and the fun-as-hell threeway from Vengeance, and now this high energy crowd-charging match, Cena's string of great PPV matches continues. He's not getting it done on RAW, but when you plop down your cash he really busts his ass out there. The crowd made this match, the deuling chants were surreal since I don't think anyone thought Jericho was anywhere near as over as Cena. That interesting twist into the F-U was fun too. Really good match, which needed another five minutes to approach great.

Batista/JBL was only passable. I was a little disappointed, JBL can put some great brawls together and I was expecting him to have another above-average plunderfest with Batista similar to the one he had with Cena. With only ten minutes to fill, that was all the more reason for them to beat the crap out of each other with crazy chairshots ala Awesome/Tanaka at ONS. Just throw the ring psychlogy out the window. Nice finish, but very meh.

Hogan/HBK was fantastic. The early psychology was a little off, since after weeks of "you're not on my level" you'd figure the last thing Shawn would do would be lock up with a guy who is ten times his bulk. Nice to see early 90's HBK spots like the lie on the buckle kick and land on the ropes on my nuts and shaky shaky. Loved it. The slaps added a little edge to it as well. They also managed to turn the tide from Michaels' bumping bumping bumping to Hogan appearing the underdog without forcing the ugly issue of Hulk taking any significant bumps, and yet it didn't seem like a shortcut because of how subtly and precisely executed it was. Less subtle was Lawler going on and on about how Shawn needs a new game plan and practically saying it was a mismatch and then without segueing going into the boxer who took one match too many analogy. But Lawler hasn't been good at his job since '93, so whatever. Nice ending sequence, and good to see a You Screwed Bret chant and a We Want Bret chant which will hopefully go some distance to erase the completely false notion that Bret is not popular or respected in the United States. I love Hogan, but I really, really, really hope he ends on that high note.

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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.43
    Originally posted by Skarecrow
    Hogan vs HBK. *sigh* I knew how it would end, I told everybody how it would end, but nobody believed me. I didn't WANT it to end like that, but I knew it would. As soon as Shawn landed the superkick, I saw the rest of the match play out in front of my eyes and it happened exactly like I knew it would. Hogan is never lieing down for anybody ever again. Ever. Mark my words. Ever.

The Hogan/HBK idea was stupid to begin with, I thought. The way they made it sound was that Hogan had to beat Michaels to cement his legacy when it should have been the other way around; that is an absurd idea. But I guess the face/heel schematics would have been hard to configure).

Why should HBK get the win? So all the smarks can flip-out? Forget that. The WWE lets you have your way enough (and when you think about...they kinda do).

    Originally posted by Skarecrow
    Anyway, Shawn was really over the top trying to sell hogan's offense. HBK looked like a complete wuss early on, and I'm thinking "Is this 1985? Is hogan wrestling Lanny poffo or barry horowitz in there?"

As a matter of fact, he is (considering HBK is about the same weight class as those guys). Why would Hogan fight, sell, and bump for Michaels like he was Andre, Studd or Bundy? I don't get why people think it makes sense for a Hogan, Vader, or Undertaker to have to super-bump for Michaels. Psychology... that is a tasty burger!

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I think they did the right thing with Hogan/HBK. I was surprised that Hogan kicked out of the Superkick, and I've never been a big fan of the "Sweet Chin Music."

HBK got his pot-shots in the weeks leading into the match, building heat and getting over. The point of getting over like that, with that much heat, is to put the face over at the PPV and pay off the storyline. That's exactly what they did at the PPV.

There was really no point for Hogan to work the match except for getting put over, so it's understandable that Hogan wouldn't make his SummerSlam return to lay down for HBK.

Ultiamtely, this helps everybody. It gives HBK a main event angle and a good story that played to his strengths, gives Hogan a nice notch under his belt to close out his career (HA!), it gave SummerSlam a good headline match, and it was just a general crowd pleaser.

There was no "HBK should have won to give him momentum for the next PPV" This match wasn't done to hype the next PPV, it wasn't done to boost RAW's ratings for tomorrow night. It was done for the sake of that one night PPV. That's what it should be, because you paid $35 to see THIS event, not an advertisement for the next event.

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I'm a little thrown by this whole "less than two hours" thing as well. If you count the HEAT match as well, you're talking just a little over three hours, which is more than normal for a PPV with the exception of WM. The only logical reason to say "less than two hours" is if it was meant to mean that they lost interest in less than two hours when watching the PPV.

Hogan/HBK was entertaining, which was all I was asking for going into the show. I have to admit that after HBK shook hands with Hogan and went to the ropes, he said something to Hogan and seemed somewhat ticked off. Probably just not reading his face properly there, however.

I ended up having to do some stuff during the first half of the show, so I can't comment on the rest until I watch the recording I made.


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I guess the Hogan/Michaels question is... do you rate a match solely on the basis of its in-ring action?

Or do you rate it on its overall entertainment value?
Or historic significance?
Or karmic payoff?
Or closure of storylines?
Or memorable moments?
Or emotional reward?

Personally, I don't think you need 30-minutes of an uber-athletic phenom versus another uber-athletic phenom -- complete with near-falls, high-spots, etc. -- to have a good match.

In Hollywood terms, sometimes a movie is more than the sum-total of the quality of the acting.

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    Originally posted by Snookum
    I'm a little thrown by this whole "less than two hours" thing as well. If you count the HEAT match as well, you're talking just a little over three hours, which is more than normal for a PPV with the exception of WM. The only logical reason to say "less than two hours" is if it was meant to mean that they lost interest in less than two hours when watching the PPV.

I think people are just adding up the match times, and leaving out all of the inbetween stuff. Like how RAW is always "3 matches and only 35 minutes of wrestling on a 2 hour show!" That'll happen to just about every WWE show you see, so I'm not sure what people expected.

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Don't get me wrong, I understand all the business reasons why hogan won, I understand the storyline reasons why hogan won, and I understand the booking reasons why hogan won. I even understand the politics of why hogan won.

Doesn't change that I didn't want him to win. Anybody who knows anything about wrestling saw that shawn was the better performer in that ring last night, by a long shot. Shawn is shawn, and his hall of fame credentials aren't going to be blemished by a loss to hogan. I just think that after 20 years of hogan being put over by everybody in the business, that he could give a little more back to the current geneartion than two guys (rock and lesnar) who left the business. Maybe that's just my way of thinking.

Basically, I hate that everybody lies down to hogan JUST BECAUSE HE'S HOGAN. I admit, I loved it as a kid, but now I find it annoying. Hogan will come out with a cane in two years and shelton and carlito will still be lieing down to him, am I the only one who thinks that's just... wrong? The big boot can't even hit above mid-chest level anymore. He's limping around the ring (for real) 5 minutes into the match. If he gets knocked up he really DOES need the 10 count to get up again. This man needed to retire to have some sort of honorable legacy 2 or 3 years ago (or more). I really really hope that this will finally be the high note he goes out on.

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