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The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE Smackdown #721 6/14/13
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Lets try for a full recap this time out. Tonight, Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho team to face Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston, in Ziggler's return to in-ring action! Also, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Kane team against the Shield in a six man tag! Payback is this Sunday, but Smackdown is now!

And we're kicking the show off with DANIEL BRYAN, stroking his beard as he comes down the ramp. It looks like he's here to speak, as we cut to ringside to see MICHAEL COLE and JBL on commentary. No sign of MR. APP JOSH MATHEWS today. Lets hear what Bryan has to say, after these Yes chants. "If you would have asked me, when I first debuted in the WWE, 'Daniel Bryan, will you be the World Champion', I would have responded with 'Yes'. If you would have asked me, 'Daniel Bryan, will you lose the World Championship in an 18 second match', I would have responded with 'No'. If you would have asked me if I could win the Tag Team Championships with anyone on the roster, I would have said 'Yes'. But did I think I'd spend nine months with the Devil's Favourite Demon? No. But that doesn't change the fact that Team Hell No is one of the best tag teams in WWE history! And with that said, Kane, I'd like you to come out here right now." Bryan promptly plugs his ears, as the pyro of KANE heralds his entrance. He makes his way into the ring, mic in hand. "I know why you called me out here, Daniel, but this is neither the time nor the place. The only thing that I'm interested in is our six-man tag match against the Shield tonight." "Listen, Kane, we just need to get everything out in the open. I mean, the last nine months have been an incredible ride. We've been in battles together, we've been an awesome team in the ring, and I'm proud of what we've done outside of the ring to become better partners. But at Payback, you won't be my partner. And when I win, I'm going to be the Tag Team Champions with someone else. And..." He reaches up to put a reassuring hand on Kane's shoulder. "And you and I, I won't be teaming with you anymore." "Wait, wait, let me get this straight. Are you, like, breaking up with me? Because Daniel, you should know the same thing will happen when I win the US Title from Dean Ambrose on Sunday." "Yeah, you know, I suppose you could be right. But we could still team if you win the US Title. The thing that I don't think you understand is, Randy and I are going to be the Tag Team Champions. And Vickie was wrong, it's not going to be Team RKNever. It's going to be Team RKNo!" "Hold, hold on a second! You're even making up cute little names? You're acting like it's a given that you're gonna win? And I don't see how you could, considering that you and I couldn't beat the Shield. And there's just one other little thing. You despise Randy Orton!" "So what you're saying is, you don't think that I can do it." "Personally, no, I don't." "I get it. Because I'm the weak link, right?" "I didn't say, that, I didn't say that." "Listen, Randy and I had the Shield beat last Friday, and at Payback, we will win, and I will prove to everybody beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am not the weak link. And you will have to sit back and know that Randy and I did something that you and I could never do. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, could only mean one thing." "Are you saying that I'm the weak link?" "You know, maybe you're right, Kane. This might not be the time-" "Answer the question, Daniel!" "YES! YES! YES! You are the weak link!" And Kane grabs Bryan by the throat, yelling at him off-mic, until RANDY ORTON shows up to join the fun.

"Hey! Kane! Kane! Kane, I cannot let you do that. I can't let you do that, Kane. Listen, I know, I understand why you want to chokeslam Daniel Bryan, and frankly I wouldn't mind watching. But I need him at 100% this Sunday at Payback. And whatever you do to him directly affects me. So.." He enters the ring, as Kane has let Bryan go by now. "If you chokeslam him, you just might start a chain reaction that causes me to hit you with an RKO." "Stay out of this, Randy. Stay out of this!" "You want to do this, big man, I'm ready to go." "Listen, I didn't ask you to come down here!" Orton looks confused as Bryan stares him down. "Are you kidding me right now? I came out here to help you, he was about to chokeslam your ass through the mat!" "I didn't ask you to save me, okay!" "What about the whole partner thing, partner?" As they glare at each other, Kane shakes his head. "I've, I've had enough. Okay, you two work this out. I'll see you in the ring later." "Oh sure, run away like you always do, like you always have just run off." "What are you talking about, Daniel?" "And you, I don't NEED you out here to save me from him!" And on cue, before things can escalate, THE SHIELD has appeared on the Titantron. I'll never get it, when the good guys are about to implode, why do the villains have to make an appearance to remind them they shouldn't?

Seth Rollins opens up on behalf of the Shield. "Hey, hey guys, by all means, do what you've gotta do, don't mind us, we wannt watch, it's actually, uh, it's kind of funny watching you guys out there, just.. go back to it." "Like a car wreck, isn't it? I can't look away. After six months of being beaten up and embarassed by the Shield I'd be mad too. Thing is, you're not mad at us, you're mad at each other. Why is that? Is that because after all this time, all these months, of trying to put together every superteam imaginable to try and beat us, you find out every time the Shield is unstoppable, the Shield is unbeatable, the Shield is untouchable? The real question is now, do you believe in the Shield? Looks to us like you do. Thing is, there's no reason for you guys to even be arguing now, because tonight is just going to be like every other night you face the Shield." "You're gonna lose. And you're gonna lose again this Sunday at Payback. And that's why the Hounds of Justice run this yard." Down goes the camera, leaving Orton, Bryan and Kane standing in the ring. And they immediately resume arguing off-mic. Good to see they learned their lesson!

Backstage, Sheamus is roaming around. He has a match next after the break!

SHEAMUS vs. ANTONIO CESARO: They recap the run-ins between Sheamus and Damien Sandow over the last few weeks, including the Brogue Kick to 'Deep Blue' and Sandow's revenge beatdown. They'll go one on one on the preshow this Sunday! But before this match can start, YOUR INTELLECTUAL SAVIOUR DAMIEN SANDOW makes an entrance, mic in hand. "Sheamus, the man standing across from you speaks five different languages. I would argue, just like the unwashed masses, you can barely speak one. I've humiliated you intellectually, I've humiliated you physically, this Sunday at Payback kickoff, I'll play host to your Irish wake." The bell rings, as Sandow waits on the ramp to watch the match. Lockup, and Sheamus backs Cesaro into the ropes. Cesaro delivers a European uppercut rather than breaking. Another lockup, this time Sheamus is backed into the corner. He delivers bodyshots as the ref tries to break them, then slaps Sheamus in the face. Sheamus charges Cesaro and smashes him right out of the ring. Cesaro ducks away from a kick, then gets back into the ring, only to be thrown into the turnbuckle. Short-arm clothesline by Sheamus, followed by clubbing forearms. A European uppercut gets Cesaro back on track, followed by another. Cesaro looks for some kind of uranage, but Sheamus fights out, whipping him off the ropes. Cesaro goes under a clothesline, but is caught with a powerslam. Cover gets one. Zeb Colter is on the App! Yay! Sheamus continues to pound away on Cesaro, then sets him up for a suplex. Cesaro blocks, then goes behind and hits a waistlock takedown, following by grinding his forearm into Sheamus' face. He deadlifts Sheamus off the mat and hits the gutwrench! A clothesline takes Sheamus out to the floor. Cesaro goes out to the apron, but his crossbody is caught, and Sheamus delivers a fallaway slam into the barricade! Lets take a commercial break!

Sheamus is slugging away when we return, but Cesaro gets an elbow up to block the corner charge. Cesaro's charge in turn is caught by Sheamus who hits a backbreaker for two. Cesaro bails to the outside, and the pursing Sheamus is driven into the ringsteps as Michael Cole makes the first acknowledgement on TV that Renee Young is from Canada. Zeb Colter has apparently deemed Renee one of the 'good kind' of foreigners, along with Cesaro. So much for their weeks of Twitter warfare back and forth, but who's paying attention to that? Not the writers! Cesaro rams Sheamus into the apron, then feeds him back into the ring. Cover gets one. Cesaro grabs a chinlock, though it doesn't look like he's going to ragdoll Sheamus like he did Sin Cara. Ooh, Sheamus is bleeding quite a bit from the shoulder. Sheamus elbows out, but a European uppercut stops him in his tracks, and I'm starting to wonder if this is one of cfgb's Dave Taylor matches in disguise. Cesaro grabs Sheamus in the chinlock again, and NOW he's ragdolling him! The cover gets two off of that. Sheamus is gasping for breath, and the referee has put on gloves somewhere along the line due to Sheamus' wound. Another chinlock by Cesaro. Sheamus fights out and backdrops Cesaro. Irish hammer by Sheamus, and again! Shouldertackle in the corner, but the running kneelift is stopped by a Cesaro clothesline! That gets two. Cesaro lands the double-stomp on Sheamus, which gets a close two count! Sheamus is on the ropes. Whip, reversed, and Cesaro lands a kick. Sheamus finally hits the kneelift in return, then throws Cesaro onto the apron. And that means it's time for the clubbering! Yeah, this is definitely a cfgb Nitro recap now. Sheamus hooks Cesaro on the apron from inside the ring, and hefts him over the top for the Irish Curse! Cesaro escapes at two. Sheamus picks him up, and wants White Noise, but Cesaro slides down the back and hits a European uppercut to the back of the neck. Sheamus doesn't go down, instead turning right around to attack, but now Cesaro hoists Sheamus onto his shoulders! Cesaro hits.. I forget what it's called, it actually wound up looking more like an Attitude Adjustment than it normally does. The Swiss Death? Whatever it's called, Sheamus kicks out at two. Cesaro shoves Sheamus into the corner, but his charge is met with a sudden Brogue Kick! Sheamus makes the cover and gets the win. Damien Sandow must have left at some point, because not only is he not attacking now, but we didn't cut to him at all during the match. And as if on cue, there's Sandow charging out from the back to blindside Sheamus as he poses on the ramp. He leaves the fallen Sheamus on the ramp, having made his point. Up next, a look at the return of CM Punk!

We get a Bray Wyatt promo on our return. The commentators look forward to the arrival of the Wyatt Family, then they throw us to the Punk retrospective, promising Punk's return on Sunday. Well, there's no Stanley Cup Final game on Sunday, so maybe he'll show up?

Backstage, to TEDDY LONG! He's on the phone. "Hey, you hear what else? The return of CM Punk this Sunday at Payback, that's gonna be popping. And also, the rest of Smackdown's gonna be jamming, playa. And hey, guess what? I am going to enjoy my having myself a Hardee's Super Bacon Cheese Thickburger! Yeah, Hardee's! They sponsor Smackdown tonight! Alright, okay, hey, I've gotta go man." And the camera pans out to the HARDEE'S SUPER BACON CHEESE THICKBURGER w/LARGE DRINK on a table. "Look at that. Ooh." Teddy, no! Remember your heart! Lawler held back on Monday, resist the urge! Before he can take a bite, he's interrupted by the arrival of DOLPH ZIGGLER w/AJ and BIG E LANGSTON. "I'm about to eat, what do you want?" Big E actually answers. "Sorry to bother you, Teddy, you look sooo so busy." "Yeah, I was about to eat, what's going on, what do you want?" "What is it?" "Yeah, what is it?" "Oh, no big deal, just my triumphant return to Smackdown, it's been a month since the World Champ has been on Smackdown and graced my show." "Welcome back, congratulations, glad to have you back, dawg." "Yeah, a lot more congratulations in order, but I am two days away from the biggest World Title defense of my career at Payback, and I must be hearing wrong because you're forcing me to compete in a tag match tonight, against Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho." "Listen, I ain't got time for that, I got a show to run, alright?" "Oh, you ain't got time for that? You've got a show? You mean Smackdown? Smackdown is nothing without the face of Smackdown, and I'm talking about me. So maybe, rearrange your thoughts, because tonight is just going to be a taste of what I do to Alberto Del Rio at Payback this Sunday." "Alright, later. Thanks." Ziggler and crew depart, and Teddy returns to his meal. But before he can bite into it, Big E returns and grabs the burder, pulling it out of Teddy's hands. He takes a big bite. "What're you doing?" Big E talks with his mouth full, before taking another bite. "'s good. Real good. Mmm. Mmmmmm. Good burger." He passes the half-eaten burger back to Teddy, who looks rather displeased. It's okay, Teddy! There's another one on the table!

THE GREAT KHALI w/BETH PHO...ER, NATALYA and HORNSWOGGLE vs. HEATH SLATER w/DREW MCINTYRE and JINDER MAHAL: Booker T wanted Michael Cole to relay that he would be back soon. Lockup, and Khali shoves Slater off. Why are we having this match instead of another few minutes of the Shield match? Slater lands a slap to Khali, and takes a clothesline in return. Corner chop by Khali. Cole says Khali lives in Texas now. There's probably jokes to make there. Another corner chop hits. Slater lands a kick, and starts punching away on Khali in the corner. A shoulder tackle follows, and more punches, before the referee pulls him off. Khali stops another charge with an elbow. Daniel Bryan and Kane are on the App! Yay! Clothesline by Khali, and again. Khali wants the brain chop, as McIntyre and Mahal have gone to intimidate Hornswoggle and Natalya. The brain chop hits, before Khali notices what's going on. Mahal shoves Hornswoggle down, so Khali reaches down from the ring to deliver a brain chop to Mahal on the floor. Slater takes advantage to land a chop block. Kneeling DDT hits! 1, 2, 3! Slater wins! Slater wins! Slater wins!

Slater wins!

Up next, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio will face Dolph... screw it. Slater wins!

Okay, maybe I'm overdoing it. Slaters gonna slate.

CHRIS JERICHO and ALBERTO DEL RIO w/RICARDO RODRIGUEZ and the Mexican Bucket 'O Fun vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER and BIG E LANGSTON w/AJ: Ziggler starts with Del Rio. Or will he? He tags Langston before they can lock up, to Del Rio's annoyance. They lock up, and Big E powers him off, only for Del Rio to immediately lock up again. Langston lands knees and punches, taking Del Rio to the corner. Del Rio reverses positions, landing a kick and several punches. Stepladder enziguiri hits Big E in the shoulder, and Del Rio muscles him to the friendly corner to tag Jericho. Chops and forearms by Jericho. Whip to the ropes, reversed, but Jericho kicks Langston. More chops! Langston hits a gut punch, but Jericho counters with his own stepladder enziguiri! Seated dropkick follows, for two. Langston shoves Jericho to the corner, landing a gut punch and shoulders to the ribs. Tag to Ziggler, who somps away on Jericho. Snapmare on Jericho, followed by the jumping elbowdrop for two. Rodriguez leads a Y2J chant, as Langston tags back in. The corner charge is dodged, and Jericho gets a schoolboy for two. Dropkick by Jericho takes Langston to one knee, and he tags to Del Rio. Alberto lands a running kick to Langston, but the ship goes nowhere. Del Rio ducks a Langston clothesline, but can't avoid the shoulderblock. Big E picks him back up, and wants the Big Ending, but Del Rio slides down the back and hits the Backstabber! Zigger jumps into the ring without a tag, even though Langston was pretty close, and he begs off as Del Rio looks ready for him. Del Rio chases Ziggler out of the ring, as we cut to break.

As we return, Langston has Jericho in a headlock, and Jericho fights out. Langston lands a knee to the gut, but Jericho sidesteps his charge and sends him to the floor! "Come on, baby!" Dropkick through the ropes takes Langston down. Big E's head is rammed into the apron, and he's pushed back into the ring. Before he can get into the ring himself, AJ grabs him and delivers a slap! The referee didn't see it, with his eyes on Langston. Langston takes advantage, landing a knee to Jericho that sends him off the apron into the barricade. Once more into the barricade with Jericho! Back into the ring, Big E gets the cover for two. Running body attack by Big E takes Jericho down, but only for a two count. Ziggler tags in, beating Jericho down in the corner. Neckbreaker is punctuated by taunting to Del Rio, and it gets two. The Stinger Splash misses, and Jericho hits a bulldog out of the corner. But can he make the tag? Yes he can! Del Rio is in with clotheslines! Ziggler's clothesline ducked, Del Rio hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Superkick to the kneeling Ziggler, but Langston wipes out Del Rio. Jericho is in to take out Langston, but he takes a Ziggler dropkick to clear the ring. Ziggler goes over to the fallen Del Rio, who hooks him in a small package as he reaches down. 1, 2, 3! Del Rio has pinned the World Champion! And I think that's the first time I've heard Ricardo Rodriguez announce someone else's name in the victory annoucement, as he gives credit to Jericho too.

A recap of the Bryan/Kane confrontation from the start of the show follows. Can't we keep these 'Earlier Tonight' recaps to Raw? Or is this taking the place of a Raw Rebound? I don't know if that's better or worse! Later tonight, The Shield vs. Kane, Bryan and Orton! But up next, Kaitlyn is in action!

Backstage, RENEE YOUNG is ready for an interview. "Ladies and gentlemen, CHRIS JERICHO. Chris, congratulations on your tag team victory tonight. Now Sunday, you go one on one with CM Punk. What are some of your final thoughts?" "This Sunday, at Payback, the match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho is one of those rare matches, a match that's taken on a life of its own almost because as much of the people watching the match as the two participants involved. Obviously, CM Punk is from Chicago, the Chicago brethern will be cheering for their hometown hero, but I'm not exactly a stranger to Chicago either, I've had a lot of great, memorable, classic Y2J moments in Chicago including my debut against the Rock back in 1999 in Chicago. So whether the crowd is 100% for CM Punk, 100% for Y2J, 50/50, 70/30, 47/53, it doesn't make a difference because this match will exceed the expectations of the first two matches that Punk and I had on PPV. Punk/Jericho 3, you are not going to want to miss Payback." Jericho's suddenly sour look gives away the arrival of PAUL HEYMAN. "Okay. Stop. Best of luck Sunday." Heyman offers the handshake, but Jericho just smirks. "Of course, my client CM Punk says that luck is for losers. Which, how very apropros that would be under these circumstances because Mr. Jericho, you do understand that the odds are against you here, you do need the luck that I am offering you, I mean after all, Chicago is CM Punk's hometown and besides that, CM Punk has me, Paul Heyman in his corner, and I'm going to have the best seat in the house this Sunday, when the referee counts 1, 2, 3 or accepts your tapout and the ring announcer says at the top of his lungs, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, and the best in the world-" And Jericho cuts him off there by smacking him in the mouth with the microphone Renee is holding. "Pipe bomb! See you Sunday."

KAITLYN vs. AKSANA: Kaitlyn is putting on a bit of a stronger front here than she was earlier walking backstage, after the Secret Admirer backstab by Big E Langston and AJ. And watching that recap on the Titantron has killed that strong front. But as Aksana laughs, Kaitlyn flies into a rage and attacks. Aksana rolls out of the ring to escape, but Kaitlyn pounces and continues the beatdown. The bell hasn't rung yet! Kaitlyn doesn't care! Aksana tries to fight back in the ring, but to no avail. The referee finally pulls Kaitlyn off of Aksana, so Kaitlyn starts beating on the ref instead! That's a fine! As the ref covers up, Kaitlyn goes back after Aksana. When the referee tries again to break it up, he gets a slap from Kaitlyn! You know, I honestly don't remember any times in the past where a Diva has manhandled a referee before. Aksana finally flees up the ramp, leaving Kaitlyn along in the ring, where she starts crying. This is what AJ has to look forward to on Sunday. She might have just given up her craziness advantage. A recap of John Cena vs. The Ryback follows.

CURTIS AXEL w/PAUL HEYMAN vs. #31 WADE BARRETT, SPONSORED BY THE HARDEE's SUPER BACON CHEESE THICKBURGER: JBL gets the meal today, with Jerry Lawler and his heart issues absent. Hardee's would rather let the guy who did a Nazi salute in a match in Germany plug their product instead of Michael Cole. It's a smart business move! Barrett wants to talk before the match starts. "Listen, before we start this matchup, I just want to chat, businessman to businessman, with Paul Heyman. Paul, why on earth would we have this match right now? I mean, lets face it, I could very easily injure Curtis Axel tonight. And then he wouldn't be capable of competing for the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday at Payback. There's even a very small chance that Curtis Axel could injure me. So should we fight now, or would it make business sense to just leave all this until Sunday?" Heyman and Axel seem to be thinking it over, but before they can respond, THE MIZ comes out with mic in hand. "Really? Really? Really? You two don't want to fight tonight, what would you rather do? Would you rather go to Starbucks, sit in the same booth and share a latte? Or maybe you'd like to go on Dancing with the Stars and compete as a couple? We could call you the Brit and the Twit. But lets face it, nobody wants to see you dance. What everybody here wants to see you two do is fight. Am I right? Do you want to see them fight? Do you want to see them fight? Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" And so it's on. Lockup, Barrett is backed into the corner. No clean break, as Axel lands a knee to the gut, followed by kicks and punches. Barrett comes back with a kick and a clubbing forearm. A series of knees to the chest, followed by a short-arm clothesline. Cover by Barrett, for one. Whip off the ropes, Axel ducks the clothesline, then vaults over Barrett and lands a dropkick! Cover gets one. Whip to the ropes, reversed, Barrett ducks the clothesline, then lands his mule kick which sends Axel to the floor. Wade goes out after him, landing a clubbing forearm in front of the Miz. Axel blocks the head to the steps, and slams Barrett's into the steps instead. Axel tries a running forearm on Barrett, who ducks aside, leading Axel to wipe Miz out instead! Axel is thrown back into the ring, as Barrett threatens Heyman before climbing onto the apron. Axel hits his reverse McGillicutter on Barrett while he's between the ropes, and that's enough for the win! But Miz is in after the bell with a Skull-Crushing Finale on Axel! Another Wyatt Family promo follows. The Eater of Worlds is coming!

THE SHIELD vs. RANDY ORTON, KANE and DANIEL BRYAN: No entrance for the face team, oddly enough. And... the whole group of them gets Daniel Bryan's chryon. I haven't done a full recap for a while, so let me take the time to say how much I am really really in support of the effort they've been putting behind Bryan. Bryan and Rollins start, and Rollins overpowers Bryan, punching away in the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, and Bryan goes up and backflips over already. He can't do his babyface comeback, the match is only 15 seconds old! Rollins' clothesline is ducked, and Bryan hits his own. YES!kicks follow, but only two, and Bryan tags Kane. Snapmare by Bryan into the low dropkick by Kane. Rollins kicks out at one. Vertical suplex by Kane, for a one count. Whip off the ropes, but Rollins lands a kick and tags Ambrose. Ambrose lands punches and a headbutt, but runs into a big boot. Tag to Orton, who lands a kick on Ambrose. More kicks follow, then punches and headbutts in the corner. European uppercuts too! More headbutts, then a clothesline. Vertical suplex by Orton! Tag to Bryan, who goes into the YES!kicks, but only two. Bryan grabs a headlock, but Ambrose pushes him into the hostile corner, and Reigns tags in. Big scoop slam on Bryan, for two. Tag to Rollins, and Reigns holds Bryan for the kick. Rollins pounds away, then rams him into the buckle. Tag to Ambrose, and they continue the beatdown in the corner. A punch drops Bryan, and Ambrose hits the Muta elbowdrop for two. Stomp to the gut, and he ties Bryan up in an Indian Deathlock. Bryan gets up to his knees, so Ambrose switches to a Dragon Sleeper. Bryan knees his way out, landing punches, but Ambrose chases him to the ropes and lands the knee to the gut. Ambrose goes off the ropes, wanting his flying dropkick, but Bryan meets him halfway with his own knee to the gut! Tag to Orton! Clothesline for Ambrose, and another. He takes Reigns off the apron, then hits a powerslam on Ambrose. And one for Rollins too! Ambrose is brought to the apron for the DDT, and as Rollins tries to interfere he's grabbed as well. But Ambrose fights out and hangs Orton up on the top rope! Rollins follows with his kick to the head! Ambrose covers, but only gets two. Orton's in trouble, so lets take a commercial break!

We return with Ambrose working a chinlock on Orton. As Orton gets back up, Ambrose clotheslines him down. Cover for two. Ambrose starts bending Orton's fingers the wrong way. Now he rakes at the nose, just because. Tag to Reigns, who lands a series of headbutts, and a stomp. Cover gets only two. Orton is choked on the ropes. Orton tries to fight from his knees. Reigns cuts him off with a knee, but Orton evades the Samoan Drop and hits the 3.0! Can he make the tag? Nope, but he can dodge Reigns' corner charge, sending Reigns into the ringpost. Both men are down again. Reigns gets the tag to Ambrose, and Orton tags Kane! Punches drop Ambrose, and Rollins is taken off the apron. Powerslam on Ambrose, for two. Corner clothesline hits, and another! That, of course, is followed by the side slam. One, two, no! Kane goes up for the flying clothesline, but Ambrose dodges away. Ambrose hits his running dropkick, sending Kane down to the corner and allowing Bryan to tag himself in. Bryan goes up top and hits a missile dropkick on Ambrose. Bryan kips up as Ambrose falls to his own corner, allowing Rollins to tag himself in! Rollins tries to steal Bryan's moves again by coming in off the top himself, but Bryan meets him with a dropkick! Dropkick for Reigns too to take him off the apron! Suicide dive on Rollins and Reigns, and the crowd is going nuts! Yes chants start up, and there's the running corner dropkick! And again! 1, 2, no! YES!kicks start! One, two, three, four, five, six.. he wants the kick to the head, but Reigns enters the ring and gets the kick in the head instead! And there's one for Rollins! 1, 2, no! Rollins kicks out! Bryan moves him back to the middle of the ring, and goes up top. Reigns starts crawling into the ring, prompting the referee to ward him off and allowing Ambrose to grab Bryan by the leg. Bryan elbows him in the head and throws him off the apron, but it gives Rollins the chance to recover and dodge the diving headbutt! Rollins covers Bryan, but Bryan kicks out at two. Rollins can't believe that. They've beaten Bryan like that before, but not now! Ambrose comes in to try to interfere, but Kane meets him and throws him over the top rope. Reigns clotheslines Kane out after him, but Orton is in behind him! RKO is blocked, and Reigns hits the spear on Orton! Kane has Ambrose with a choke on the outside, but Reigns wants to spear him into the timekeeper's area. Kane's seen that before and sidesteps, dumping Reigns into it instead! Kane then chokeslams Ambrose into the timekeeper's area onto Reigns! That leaves Bryan and Rollins in the ring. Rollins has Bryan up for a powerbomb, and powerbombs him into the corner! Rollins goes up top, for his flying knee finisher, but Kane shoves him off. Orton's back in the ring to catch him in midair with an RKO! And now Bryan locks in the YES!lock! Will Rollins tap? Yes, he does! The Shield has been defeated in a six man tag! Lilian Garcia even announces it as just that much! The crowd is going ape, and Bryan and Kane hug. After the requisite replays, Kane raises both Bryan and Orton's arms. Will the momentum continue for them at Payback? I don't know, but the matches will be great, I'm sure. And we're out!
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I'm stunned that the Shield's first loss as a unit came on a taped edition of Smackdown but MAN was that ever a good match. The shock ending helped to elevate the whole thing and I love that it was Bryan who got the final decision.

"It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone." --- Bart Giamatti, on baseball

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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    I wonder if the best Payoff would be to do Kane/Bryan/Orton vs. the Shield again in some kind of gimmick and actually give Bryan the win for the Shield's first (non-DQ in a tag match and whatever other parameters they're still holding onto) loss. Imagine the reaction.

OK then! That's pretty fast service.
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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
      Originally posted by JustinShapiro
      I wonder if the best Payoff would be to do Kane/Bryan/Orton vs. the Shield again in some kind of gimmick and actually give Bryan the win for the Shield's first (non-DQ in a tag match and whatever other parameters they're still holding onto) loss. Imagine the reaction.

    OK then! That's pretty fast service.
I'm baffled as to why they would do this on a "free" show, even to the point of having Lilian make a "club you over the head with it" announcement...but I guess that's why they're in television and I'm in message boardion.

It's False

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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    I'm stunned that the Shield's first loss as a unit came on a taped edition of Smackdown but MAN was that ever a good match. The shock ending helped to elevate the whole thing and I love that it was Bryan who got the final decision.

Aside from Bryan finally getting the win he worked so hard for, the best part of this match was Kane learning from all of their previous outings against the Shield and finally learning to sidestep the Reigns spear through the timekeeper's area. It took him a few hundred times, but he eventually learned.


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Good solid show.
Sheamus vs Cesaro was a nice little match, the tag match was fine and promos and everything had a decent flow.

The Daniel Bryan part of the show was fenomenal once again.
The in-ring promo with Kane & Orton was solid, the match was awesome. It's amazing (yet it isn't) how much WWE is rolling with him being an asskicker in the ring all of a sudden.

The win over the Shield was unexpected, but at this point they can take it. It might also mean a new stage in their evolution as a group. I guess we'll learn more in the next week (ppv+tv shows)

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eh, I dont really mind not seeing TNA. Although, there is plenty of time to have it own. I mean, its all paid programming on Comcast Sportsnet til 4 PM everyday. You'd think they could show it at 3 PM or at least at midnight or something late.
- Kane Is Ugly, No free TNA show for Philly (2004)
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