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The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE Smackdown #712 4/12/13
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Wrestlemania has come and gone, so it's time for the post-Wrestlemania season! Will we have debuting superstars? New directions and feuds? More crazy chants? One thing I know for sure is that we'll have Triple H! Assuming that hasn't scared you away, this is Smackdown!

The opening Smackdown recap covers Triple H and his win over Brock Lesnar, and also Dolph Ziggler's acquisition of the World Heavyweight Championship from Monday.

Straight to the arena, as we're coming from Boston, Massachusetts. LILIAN GARCIA promptly welcomes BIG E LANGSTON, who comes out alone to no intro music or video, mic in hand! Here we go! "And now. Your NEWWWW World Heavyweight Champion. Dooooooooooooooooooooooolph Ziiiiggler!" And on the heels of that Ricardo Rodriguez impersonation, DOLPH ZIGGLER w/AJ makes his entrance. On commentary today, we have the three man booth, with MICHAEL COLE, JBL and JOSH MATHEWS. Ziggler takes a mic from AJ. "Thanks, babe. Ever since I debuted I've been the most physically gifted athlete this business has ever seen, and that's an understatement. People would walk past me backstage and they could see it in my eye, they knew, they knew that I was the future of this company. And this World Heavyweight Championship proves that the future is now." He's getting a mixed reaction, assuming we can trust the Smackdown crowd noise today. "And I know each and every one of you feel like you're a part of this, I heard eighty thousand strong chanting my name at Wrestlemania in a match I wasn't even in! And that next night, Monday Night Raw at the Izod Centre, an amazingly insane crowd watching me walk down that aisle and make history." His voice is cracking a bit. Maybe he yelled too loud in celebration on Monday? "The WWE Universe would love to join in on this celebration. But the fact of the matter is, this title and the moment that made it mine belong to one person and one person only. Dolph Ziggler. See, I didn't win this title because of you, I won this in SPITE of you! All my life, people been riding my coattails and jealous of me because my girlfriend is hotter or my teeth are whiter or that I'm better than each and every one of you. But no matter what, you will never be me, you will look in the mirror-" And here comes the interruption by... A REAL AMERICAN JACK SWAGGER w/ZEB COLTER?

Zeb, unsurprisingly, is packing a microphone. As they walk down to the ring, though, Dolph speaks to them. "This, this is our scheduled time. What are you even doing out here?" "Mr. Ziggler, we've never formally been introduced, but my name is Zeb Colter, and I want to congratulate you on your success Monday night along with every other real American in the United States. I'd also like to thank you for being born in Cleveland Ohio and hailing from Hollywood Florida. But beyond that as far as the World Heavyweight Championship is concerned, everybody in the WWE Universe knows who to thank for what you did Monday night, and it's not you. His name is Jack Swagger." "Good story, Zeb, here's the deal. This is MY scheduled interview time, this is my celebration, so Jack, you had your chance at Wrestlemania at the World Title and, ah, you blew it. So as far as I'm concerned, back of the line, Jack. It's just my time." The crowd cheers that, as Swagger approaches the ring. Zeb looks about to add something on the microphone, but Swagger and Ziggler have a staredown with Swagger on the ringsteps. After a few moments, Swagger backs down, as if he finally realized that Big E was there too. Zeb finally chimes in. "Well I think it only appropriate Mr. Ziggler, to show your gratitude, is to give Jack Swagger what he wants and what he deserves. But I'm gonna tell you one thing, warning: Jack Swagger's not gonna wait for long." Hit their music again, as the two depart.

"Cut that, stop that music. As I was saying, you can go back home tonight, load that DVR, rewind it and play it back as many times as you want and try to live through me what it was like for one second to be the Show-Off, but neither one of you will-" And here comes ALBERTO DEL RIO limping out to the stage. Ziggler tries to cut him off before he can speak. "Nononono, nonono, that's enough, Del- Del Rio what are you, what are you doing out here, you're trying to steal my spotlight? Sorry, that's kinda my thing. Or, oh, you're all kinda bummed out you know, because I beat you on Monday Night Raw for the World Heavyweight Championship. Wait, you're out here to complain and, you want your rematch? You want a rematch, Del Rio? Hobble on down, get in the ring, gimpy, I'll give it to you right now, I'll give you your rematch, I dare you, I dare you to come down here." "*Something in Spanish*, relax, Ziggler. I didn't come out here to complain or anything like that. I came out here to say congratulations. Hey, I know how it feels to cash in the Money in the Bank contract, that's how I won the WWE Title, and it feels great. But Dolph, listen to this. When my ankle heals, and I get my rematch, it will be you complaining, complaining and crying about everything, PERRO! Until then, hasta la vista, baby." And there's the wink! Hit his music, much to Ziggler's displeasure! "Stop! Stop! Stop the music! Stop! Stop! You're losing track of the goal here, this is MY NIGHT, this is MY CELEBRATION, I am sick and tired of being interrupted! Now the next person that feels like they've gotta interrupt me or walk through that curtain and show their face, you're gonna see why I'm the real World Heavyweight Champion." No good can come of a statement like that, but it looks like no one else is coming down. "Yeah, that's what I thought. As-" And hey, here comes CHRIS JERICHO, a big smirk on his face.

Big ovation for Jericho, as you'd imagine. "Dolph, would you PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP! You know, you've been out here talking, you're the new World Heavyweight Champion, congratulations for that, but geez man, you've been babbling about how it's your time, babbling about how good looking you are, babbling about your crazy girlfriend AJ... is she crazy? AJ's Crazy!" The crowd chants it once, at least. Okay, now they're picking it up. AJ covers her ears and screams. "You know you're talking about how you're a show-off, let me tell you something right now, Jack. Y2J is the original show-off, baby! And I come, yeah! And I'm telling you it's time to stop talking and start rocking, 'cuz I just came from Booker T's office, the Smackdown General Manager's office, and he had some information that's very very interesting to me, to you, to every single one of MY Jerichoholics in this arena tonight! Interesting to every single one of your... Dolphins? Is that good? Every single one of your Dolphins here tonight, and that news is this. Your very first match as the World Heavyweight Champion is going to be against Y2J! And it's going to be right here tonight on Smackdown! Let me tell you something, Ziggy Stardust, when you're finished with this match, you will NEVER... NEVER... EEEEEEEEVER be the same again."

Backstage, WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS KANE and WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN are marching along. They're in action after the commercials!

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS KANE and WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN vs. THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS: Cole plugs the JBL and Cole Show during the entrances, and people should consider checking it out this week as it features the rapping debut of B. Dazzle and Kurly Kane. Kane and Titus start, and Titus hammers away off a distraction by D-Young. Whip to the corner, Kane reverses and hits a clothesline. To the other corner, another clothesline! Kane's already going up top, as the crowd chants Yes. Flying clothesline by Kane! Kane wants the chokeslam, but Young tags himself in, and eats an uppercut for his effort. He's taken to Hell No's corner, and Bryan is tagged in. Kane whips Bryan into the corner with a dropkick on Young! No!kicks follow. Whip on Young, but he kicks Bryan when he puts his head down and then knocks Kane off the apron. Tag to Titus, they whip Bryan off the ropes, but he ducks the double-clothesline and grabs the far ropes to stop himself as Kane gets into the ring illegally. As the Prime Time Players charge, Bryan grabs O'Neill by the arm and takes him to the mat, as Kane grabs D-Young by the throat! Chokeslam on Young! No!lock on Titus! Titus taps out, and Hell No wins! And their music barely has time to play before THE SHIELD appears on the Titantron. Ambrose, unsurprisingly, does the talking. "Congratulations boys. Congratulations on that win. And that feeling of, uh, standing next to your brother on Monday must have raised your spirits Kane. The Brothers of Destruction back together again, one big happy family. But I hope you didn't mistake our tactics for a sign of weakness, only a fool would do that. And I hope you don't think that we're afraid. Gotta have a brain to survive in this world, and that's knowing when and where to strike. We didn't back down." "The Shield doesn't back down, and we never run from a fight." "Believe that. Believe in the Shield." Kane and Bryan dare them to come to the ring, but there's no sign of them, so Kane sets off his pyro and Bryan encourages some Yes chants. Later tonight, Triple H!

SANTINO MARELLA vs. #31 WADE BARRETT: Barrett, of course, is the Intercontinental Champion after regaining it losing it at Wrestlemania and winning it back on Raw. Highlights from the Raw match are shown during his entrance! Lockup, and Barrett grabs the headlock. Off the ropes, Wade knocks Santino down. Santino tries to kip up, but can't stick it and falls back down. Santino's up and slapping Barrett in the chest. Barrett tries a clothesline that Santino ducks, but Barrett quickly lands the mule kick to keep control. Clubbing forearm takes Marella down, for a two count. Barrett yells at Santino to get up, so he tries to kip up again, failing even more spectacularly this time. Barrett follows with mounted punches. That gets a two count. Hit the chinlock! Santino tries to power up, standing and landing punches to the gut. Barrett whips him to the corner, but Santino goes up and over, then runs off the ropes. Barrett catches him on the rebound with the Winds of Change! That gets two. Wade's had enough here, pulling down his elbowpad to reveal the red underneath. But as he goes to the corner, Santino kips up successfully! Barrett turns around to see Santino standing, so he charges in with the Bull Hammer, but Santino ducks! There's the Santino punches! Barrett comes at him, so Santino does the splits, then a hiptoss! Off the ropes with the headbutt! Barrett kicks out at two. Here's the Cobra! But Barrett blocks the Cobra with a big boot to the Cobra itself, then follows up with a Bull Hammer. To Santino, not the Cobra. That gets him the win! Barrett poses with his title. Miz is nowhere to be seen. Later tonight, Jericho vs. Ziggler!

When we return, we get a recap of Wrestlemania taking over New York and New Jersey. Then, backstage to BOOKER T and TEDDY LONG, as Booker recaps his own Wrestlemania weekend. "I mean the families, the kids, everybody was just so emotional." And here's SHEAMUS to interrupt. "What's up, Sheamus?" "What's up Book, I don't know, you tell me. Why'd you go ahead and overrule my match with Big Show last Monday night on Raw, huh?" "Look man, I was just trying-" "You're trying, what are you trying to do? And then you put me in a match with Randy Orton to see who the contender was to face the Big Show? What was all that about? You should have known that he woulda capitalized on the fact that we were gonna beat lumps outta each other and take advantage of the situation-" "Booker, Booker." That's RANDY ORTON interjecting himself. "What's up, Randy?" "Whose idea was that, Booker? Vickie's or yours? To pit Sheamus and I together in the same ring, to what end, why?" "Look I tell you-" But Booker's cut off again, this time by Teddy. "Randy, listen, I'm gonna keep it one hundred with ya, playa. It was Book's idea, but you know we all make mistakes, so all I'm saying is don't get on me, dawg." "Fine fine fine, just listen, how are we going to make this okay? How are we going to fix this? We need to make a decision." "Look. Big Show was wrong, aight? And I'm gonna make it right. Randy, you want Big Show, right? "Right." "Sheamus, you want Big Show, right?" "Damn right I do." "Well you got it. And YOU got it. In a handicap match tonight! How about that, does that fix it?" "Finally, you're talking some sense." "Show's over." As Orton and Sheamus leave, Booker turns a glare on Teddy Long for ratting him out, and Teddy refuses to make eye contact.

THE BELLA TWINS and TAMINA SNUKA vs. THE FUNKADACTYLS and KAITLYN: Kaitlyn and Tamina begin. Tamina lands a kick to the gut, and a hairpull takedown. She knocks both Funkadactyls off the ring apron, but promptly gets speared by Kaitlyn! A Bella breaks up the cover, so Kaitlyn spears her too. Tag made to a Bella.. Brie, I think, but Kaitlyn catches her and carries her to her corner, where she lands shoulder-tackles to the gut. Arm-wringer and a tag to Naomi. She springboards in with a crossbody! X-Pac somersault clothesline follows, then an armscissors takedown! Whip on Brie off the ropes, and Naomi hits the Rear View! Brie reverses the whip to the corner, but Naomi lands a boot. She goes to the second rope and has to kick Tamina off the apron, but Nikki is up on the other side to pull her off by the leg, sending her crashing to the mat! Brie gives Kaitlyn a shot off the apron, hits a hairpull takedown on Naomi, and pins her for the three. The Funkadactyls are dejected. Up next is Triple H!

TRIPLE H is indeed next up. I was hoping writing Smackdown recaps might let me avoid him, but I guess wacky Raw crowds can screw up a lot of things. But this isn't about me, so lets get to the promo! "I told you... I told you the ass-kicker's back!" Gee, I can't imagine why he wouldn't have wanted to give this promo on Raw. Huh, this isn't about me? Eh, screw it, it can be about whatever I want! "Brock Lesnar, I said, we weren't going to wrestle, I said we weren't going to fight, I said we were going to war. Well we went to war, and Paul Heyman can make any excu-" And, uh, here's the interruption by, um, 3MB, with Heath Slater packing a mic. "Hold on, wait just one minute, Triple H, SHUT UP AND LISTEN UP! That felt good, yeah I said it, SHUT UP! Apparently, apparently around here, you have to jump one of the big dogs to get noticed. And WWE Universe, what bigger dog is there than Triple H, huh? You think that battle with Brock Lesnar was bad, you haven't seen nothing yet, because 3MB is about to rock your face!" Triple H doesn't seem terribly frightened, but at least he's not making the Scott Hall scary fingers motion in their direction. He takes off his leather jacket, as 3MB surrounds the ring Shield style. They're all up on the apron now. And hey, no sooner do I mention that then THE SHIELD decides to appear. Now the crowd's on their feet, as they appear among them. 3MB is laughing, assuming it's going to be six on one. But no, the Shield pulls 3MB off the apron and starts beating them down! Mahal into the barricade! Slater into the ringsteps! McIntyre back body dropped on the floor! Now the Shield gets up onto the apron and are surrounding Triple H like 3MB was. But here's the ringside pyro, as WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS KANE and WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN run down! They step up beside Triple H, and the Shield quickly retreats. Er, I mean, the Shield advances to future victories on subsequent shows. Because they never retreat.

Now I feel a little bad for getting on Triple H's case when he only got to say two and a half sentences. Okay, I'm over it.

Backstage to BOOKER T and TEDDY LONG again. "What's the anger?" "What I'm talking about Teddy, this is business, all right?" "Booker!" That booming voice is, of course, THE BIG SHOW. "Excuse me, Big Show." "What's this all about?" "I'm out." Teddy, feeling discretion is the better part of valour, bails. "You got me in a handicap match versus Sheamus and Orton? Why?" "You wanna know why? Because you stuck your nose in business that didn't concern you on Monday Night Raw, Big Show." "This is so typical." "What's typical?" "Typical of the way you treat me, your bias towards me." "Bias?" "Bias, you understand what bias means, don't you? You know what, how about I mess up all your well-laid plans, how about I just walk out of the arena tonight. You know I've got an ironclad contract. I don't really have to do what you say." "You know, Big Show, I'm so sick and tired of you talking about walking out, I'm so sick and tired of you talking about your ironclad contract, you wanna walk out, go ahead and walk, Big Show, but lemme tell you something, I promise you I'll do everything in my power to make sure your ironclad contract is held up in court until it's rusted and worthless, so if you wanna do that, go right ahead. Can you dig that? I'll tell you what, if you want to stay, your match is next." Show glares at him and walks off.

RANDY ORTON and SHEAMUS vs. THE BIG SHOW: Orton's ribs are taped after the beating he took on Monday. Orton and Sheamus argue over who'll start the match. Orton gets to start, landing kicks and punches to Show. Orton ducks a clothesline and hits more punches. He gets tossed to the corner, but evades the chop and hammers away. Big Show wants the knockout punch, but Orton keeps fighting back. Big Show finally catches Orton and drops him with a side slam. Orton writhes on the mat, reaching for a tag, but Big Show steps on his ribs. He picks Orton up, landing a punch to the gut. Bodyslam on Orton, and Big Show goes up to the second rope. He tries the second-rope elbow, but misses as Orton rolls away! Orton crawls towards the tag and makes it! Sheamus hits a double-leg takedown and hammers away. Flying clotheslines take Big Show down! To the corner, Sheamus lands more punches, then a charging shoulder tackle. A kneelift follows, but Big Show cuts him off after that with a spear! He lands a punch to Orton's gut on the apron, because he can, then headbutts Sheamus down. Orton has crumpled into the ring, So Show turns his attention to him. But Orton pops up with an RKO! Show crawls to the ropes to pull himself up, as Sheamus calls for his move. Brogue Kick hits! Show falls out of the ring before a pinfall can be made. LIL' NAITCH begins the count, and Big Show doesn't look too interested in returning to the ring. He takes the countout loss. But hey, at least he tried! Later tonight, Jericho vs. Ziggler!

Sheamus and Orton regroup backstage afterwards. "I'm great, I'm just glad we got revenge on the big fella after Wrestlemania and what happened last Monday on Raw." And here's RENEE YOUNG to interview them. "Excuse me guys, Randy Orton, Sheamus, I'm wondering if I can get a word with you after your match with Big Show?" "Absolutely." "I'll see you in the trainer's room then." "Yeah, take care of those ribs." Orton thus departs, leaving Sheamus alone to take the interview. "Now Sheamus, although you and Randy Orton were successful in your match tonight, it did take two of you to take down the giant." "It did indeed, but ah, as far as I'm concerned revenge tonight was pretty sweet. Y'know I've been in double-e for a couple of years now, and I've noticed this, it doesn't matter how big or strong you are, all that matters is this." He pats his chest. Before he can continue, a scream of rage heralds the arrival of MARK HENRY, who plows over Sheamus from behind and smashes him into a table! "That's what I do!" Trainers and referees check on Sheamus, as we go to the ring for our next match.

KOFI KINGSTON vs. ANTONIO CESARO: No entrances for either men, and they immediately lock up. Kofi goes behind, but Cesaro grabs the arm. Kofi rolls out and flips to his feet, but is headbutted down quickly. Cesaro mounts him and lands a series of forearms, then does his pose. Another forearm to Kofi, then a whip off the ropes, but Kofi hits the sunset flip for two. Cesaro is immediately back up with a double stomp to the chest, for a two of his own. He picks Kofi up off the mat and hits the deadlift gutwrench! He calls for Kofi to stand, then yodels. Running European Uppercut in the corner! Kofi kicks out at two. Cesaro grabs a facelock, but Kofi fights up. Cesaro takes him back down, but Kofi rolls away from a double stomp. Kofi hits an elbow, then double chops! Another double chop, then a dropkick. Off the ropes, Kofi goes for his high clothesline, but Cesaro drills him with a Shoryuken! 1, 2, no! Why can't that move ever finish anyone? Cesaro waits for Kofi to get up again, but runs into the pendulum kick in the corner. Kofi climbs to the top rope, as some enterprising fans attempt to start a JBL chant. Kofi tries a crossbody, but Cesaro catches him! Cesaro takes him to the corner to attempt Snake-Eyes but Kofi slides down the back, and hits Trouble in Paradise as Cesaro turns around! 1, 2, 3! Kofi Kingston has pinned the United States Champion! Does that put him in line for a title shot? Up next, Raw recaps! Listen to the piped in boos for the still shot of The Ryback!

It's the Raw Rebound! John Cena did a heel turn! We saw this on Raw! They also recap the Rock's injury. And, uh-oh, here comes FANDANGO w/DANCER: We get some shots of people in the crowd trying to dance along to his music. Josh Mathews talks about Fandangoing being the new craze, and you can hear the crowd singing along once the theme loops back to the famililar part. Fandango is apparently out here to watch the main event, which is next!

CHRIS JERICHO vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER w/AJ and BIG E LANGSTON: Ziggler is wearing his title backwards, to display it when he turns his back and gyrates during his entrance. He then spins it around to the front to walk down the aisle, as JBL says wearing the title backwards is disgraceful. The commentators talk about Ziggler getting Jericho fired last year, to remind people of their history. Fandango, at ringside, waves hello to Jericho as he poses. Some Fandangoing is apparently still going on as the match starts. Armdrag by Jericho to begin. They circle and lock up, and Jericho grabs a headlock. Off the ropes, Jericho takes Ziggler down with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, Ziggler goes under then leapfrogs over, but Jericho stops and lands a chop to drop Dolph. Jericho takes a moment to listen to the Fandangoing, then suplexes Ziggler. Ziggler comes back with punches, backing Jericho into the corner. The Stinger Splash connects! Kick to the gut, and a punch follows. Whip to the opposite corner, but Jericho gets a boot up this time. Jericho comes off the second rope with a missile dropkick, for two! Jericho slaps Ziggler in the back of the head, then drags him to the ropes, choking him over the second rope. He stands on his shoulders to choke him! Fandango slowly gets up on the apron very slowly and deliberately, drawing the ref's attention as Jericho runs the ropes for the Bossman straddle. The distraction lets AJ grab his leg, and Ziggler in turn takes advantage of that distraction to hit the Fameasser! Jericho kicks out at two, so lets take our last break!

We return to Ziggler landing an elbow to Jericho's chest, then another to his shoulder. He stomps on Jericho's back. During the break, Fandango landed a boot to Jericho's head on the outside. Jericho tries to fight back with punches, but Ziggler cuts him off with a kick to the gut and a neckbreaker for two. Ziggler grabs the chinlock to keep the pace slow. And there's the showoff headstand! He goes all the way over into a bridge, as JBL complains about hotdogging against someone of Jericho's caliber. Jericho up to his feet, but Ziggler won't let him get anything going. Whip off the ropes, and there's a forearm by Jericho! Charging shoulder-tackles, and Ziggler tries to toss him over the top rope, but Jericho lands on the apron, goes up top and hits an axehandle! Kick to the gut, but the bulldog misses, and Ziggler hits his jumping DDT! 1, 2, no! Ziggler whips him to the ropes, but Jericho blocks with a kick. On the followup, Jericho dropkicks Langston through the ropes even though he wasn't doing anything yet. A forearm shot drops Ziggler, and Jericho hits a crossbody off the top for two! Fandango did not bring his scorecards today, but the camera shot of him starts the crowd Fandangoing again. Dolph comes back with a dropkick for two. Jericho gets back up, and Ziggler wants the Zig Zag, but Jericho shoves him off and gets a double-leg. He wants the Walls, but Ziggler throws him off. Jericho lands a back elbow, then the Lionsault! 1, 2, Ziggler kicks out! Fandango is back on the apron, so Jericho hits the springboard dropkick to put him down. Ziggler tries another Fameasser, but Jericho catches it and tries to turn it into the Walls of Jericho. As Fandango tries to get into the ring and is restrained by the referee, Jericho succeeds, only to be nailed with a punch by Big E. Ziggler rolls him up into a pin for the three count! Jericho takes him down with a clothesline during his celebration, then lands an enziguiri on Langston when he enters the ring. Fandango is chased down off the apron by Jericho, but that distraction lets Dolph hit the Zig Zag! It's a four on one scenario, so Jericho has no chance. Big E picks him up now, hefting him over his shoulder to hit the Big Ending! AJ presents Ziggler with his title, and he poses over the fallen Jericho. As Ziggler departs, Fandango gets into the ring, as the crowd resumes singing. Fandango dances over top of Jericho, then stomps away. A series of punches by Fandango, who bows to the crowd. Well, he either bows or nearly trips, you be the judge. He sashays his way to the corner, then leaps up top in one fluid motion. Top rope legdrop hits! He signals for his dancer to enter, and she hands him the mic. "Faaan daaan goooo!" Hit his music! And we're out!
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Did anybody really call it Fandangoing? This is really getting WWE'd up pretty quickly. I guess that's why one has to really rush their Grantland columns immediately after the show airs...before context can set in.

No, but I love Smackdown - it's like the "director's cut" of RAW - except usually people want to see director's cuts and they're better than the original cut. (I'm gonna tweet that.)

Josh Mathews used his best "I was forced to use this reference" voice when he delivered his almost completely out of context "AJ is more unstable than Amanda Bynes" line, which was awesome and will surely get him a talking to.

MVP of tonight's show was the guy making faces behind the commentators when they were busy reading Rock's tweets (and saying "hashtag" every time they encountered a pound sign - is there NOBODY savvy enough in "social media" to tell them what goobers they sound like when they do that?)

I probably had more to say but I forgot it on the way to the laptop. THEY CALL IT FANDANGOING.

(edited by CRZ on 13.4.13 1643)

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    Originally posted by CRZ

    MVP of tonight's show was the guy making faces behind the commentators when they were busy reading Rock's tweets (and saying "hashtag" every time they encountered a pound sign - is there NOBODY savvy enough in "social media" to tell them what goobers they sound like when they do that?)

Can you help a goober out and tell me what I should say if I ever find myself reading tweets out loud? Thanks.

Hello, I must be fandangoing....

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    I guess that's why one has to really rush their Grantland columns immediately after the show airs

ugh, that was terrible.

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And now, some bonus off-air Smackdown coverage!

After Daniel Bryan and Kane saved Triple H from the Shield, the following incident broke out during the commercial break. - Part 1 - Part 2

And finally, after the dark match at the end of the show, John Cena called Fandango down to the ring and the lucky fans in attendance got to see the debut of the Goatslam.

The best part of that might be Kane's reaction during Bryan's celebration.
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Team Thundarr is built to retain titles, and its kinda a waste of the MITB for Ziggler to use it to get the belt in the first place. I'm glad to see Ziggler in the midst of a gang of contenders. He can work well with any of those guys.

The Fandago thing ... I'm skeptical the use of the song and dance outside the WWE is organic. There are companies you can hire to make things go viral, and Bryan's much more accessible YES chant didn't escape the WWE orbit last year. The packaging of the guy may have looped into corny-cool but that doesn't mean we want to see the guy wrestle, and SmackDown did little to show us anything of the performer. We're getting much more Fandango than we are of Curtis.

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They might be able to stretch the Batista-to-Smackdown idea into a storyline for the next couple of weeks, especially since they're running "supershows" where Smackdown will be taped after RAW.
- Big Bad, Batista and the Title (2005)
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