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The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE Smackdown #707 3/8/13
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We blew a 2-0 lead, but won 3-2 in overtime. Big goal by Byfuglien. One game over .500! JETS 3, PANTHERS 2 (OT)

In Memoriam William Moody "Paul Bearer" 1954-2013

Our opening recap covers last week's main event, as the Big Show wound up being an unlikely helper for Sheamus and Randy Orton against the Shield. But tonight will be Sheamus vs. the Big Show. Will the Shield help push them together? Also, Jack Swagger took out legends on Raw! What will he and Zeb Colter be up to tonight? Also, Alberto Del Rio will face Dolph Ziggler tonight, due to voting that I did not get to see last week! This is Smackdown!

And once again, MICHAEL COLE welcomes us to Smackdown. Is he going to be on every show again? I mean, it's more tolerable without him being a heel, but.. anyway, A REAL AMERICAN JACK SWAGGER w/ZEB COLTER makes his entrance. Indeed, our commentators tonight are Michael Cole and JOSH MATHEWS, leaving us without JBL once more, though this week Cole explains. JBL is in South America among the Andes for his Seven Summits for Kids charity work. It still seems harsh, subjecting all of us to Michael Cole just to help some children, but I guess I can let it slide. This time. Everyone has mics! Lets start with Swagger. "Welcome to Jack Swagger's America. And I am your future World Heavyweight Champion. Now, show some respect for my friend, my mentor, a REAL AMERICAN, and a founding father. Zeb Colter." Colter twirls his mustache during the intro. "Alright, lets get right down to it. I want everybody in this building to admit something to themselves. I want you to admit that you all share the same values as Jack and me. The same sense of patriotism, and that we all think alike. The reality of it is I think we all can see what is wrong with our country, but You are too afraid, too scared to say anything about it or do anything about it. And don't tell me we don't think alike! Because we do. How many of you have known someone who has lost a job because someone else has sneaked across our porous borders to take a job because they will work for a few pesos or a pat on the head. Admit it! That's why Jack and I have become YOUR spokesmen. That's why we are going to represent you in rewriting a new Bill of Rights for LEGAL CITIZENS. That's why We, The People." "We, The People." "That's why We, The People have had enough!" "Enough is enough, and I don't care if you like it or not, I'm drawing a line in the sand, and I am taking America back!" "Absolutely! And, and listen, if you don't agree with us, that's because you're the problem, because Jack and me, we are the solution." The interruption comes from, as you'd expect, ALBERTO DEL RIO w/RICARDO RODRIGUEZ and the Mexican Bucket 'O Fun.

"Nonononono, you've got it all wrong. But I got the solution. Hey, I'm gonna show you what Jack Swagger's Real America is all about." And Del Rio throws it to a Youtube video by Colter and Swagger. Hey! That doesn't look like Colter and Swagger! It looks suspiciously like a couple of Mexicans in disguise. Either two more real Americans just lost their jobs, or Del Rio and Rodriguez are pulling a little chicanery. "I am Zeb Colter, and thi, and this is a REAL AMERICAN, Jack Swagger." "We, the peee-ple" "No, not yet, you have to, uh, save that for the end." Rodriguez is Colter and Del Rio is Swagger, for those playing along at home. "Sorry. Sometimes I get excited." "I know you do, Jack, but, ah, first I actually have an important message for all the real Americans out there." "Message." "(thank you) It's about a threat facing us every day in Jack Swagger's 'Merikuh. I'm talking about... Mexican food. I know you think it's delicious, but that's what THEY want you to think. We say it's a plot against 'Merikuh." "A delicious plot." "You see, when you 'walk' into a Mexican restaurant, be careful because our real American bellies can't take that kind of food. I mean, you have all the beef, all the cheese, you know, you can't even rule the world when you can't leave the bathroom. And of course, those names are..." "Tacos. Burritos. Nachos. Bell grande." "Now if, those aren't even American words, not like French Fries and Pizza." "I love pizza." "I know you do, Jack, but that's because you, that's because you're a Real American, not like that burrito-eating Alberto Del Rio." "Lets get pizza." "Well, uh, not yet because we have to do the line first, and then we can go get pizza." "Uh-huh?" "Yeah, that's good." "We, The Peeple. Love pizza. And tacos. And burritos. And quesadillas. And chimichangas." Rodriguez starts nibbling on his inflated gut as the foods are recited. "We, The People." The crowd applauds the impersonations, while Swagger and Colter don't look impressed. Later tonight, Del Rio vs. Ziggler!

HEATH SLATER and DREW MCINTYRE w/JINDER MAHAL vs. WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS KANE and WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN: Bryan is already "No"ing Kane during their entrance. Kane and Drew start. McIntyre pounds away, as the commentators mention Daniel Bryan starting a Twitter feud with Oakland A's player Josh Reddick, in a Beard-Off. Drew whipped into the corner, but he dodges Kane's charge and lays into him with blows. Kane catches McIntyre coming off the ropes with a back elbow, for two. Kane whips Drew, but puts his head down and gets punted. Slater is tagged in and immediately shoulderblocked down. Tag to Bryan. Kane whips Bryan into the corner dropkick. "No!" Slater gets up to his knees, and eats a barrage of No!kicks. Slater tries a back suplex, but Bryan lands on his feet and goes for a hurricanrana. Slater catches him, and tries to powerbomb him over the top rope, but Bryan finally manages the 'rana to take Slater to the floor instead. From the apron, Bryan tries his flying knee, but Slater ducks. Drew tries to pounce, but Bryan ducks his attack and gives him a shot, but Slater then runs him over with a clothesline. Back into the ring, tag to McIntyre. Drew lays in kicks and punches in the corner, then tags back to Heath. Slater lands punches in the corner before being pulled back by the ref. Another tag to McIntyre, who lands a corner clothesline, then tries a short-arm clothesline that Bryan ducks. Bryan tries a crucifix rollup, but Drew is too big, so Bryan slips around and hits a Dangerous Back Suplex! Well, almost dangerous. Tags on both sides, and Kane gets the better of it, as you'd expect. Knee to the gut, followed by the low dropkick. Whip to the corner, and Kane gets a clothesline. Other corner, but Slater gets the elbow up to block. Slater comes off the second rope, but gets uppercutted for two! Kane gets the side slam anyway, and now he wants the chokeslam, though he smartly goes to a neutral corner to set it up because you know Bryan wants to steal the tag. However, Jinder Mahal hops on on the apron, distracting Kane and letting Slater land a kick to the gut. Slater whips Kane off the ropes, but Kane reverses and catches Slater's crossbody, lifting him for a powerslam. Slater slides down the back and clubs away on his back, before shoving him into the ropes, which finally allows Bryan to steal the tag. Slater's rollup attempt on Kane fails, but Slater promptly shoves Kane towards Bryan, who ducks away, but ends up looking at Kane anyway instead of keeping his eye on the legal man. Slater thus gets the rollup, but Bryan kicks out at two and rolls smoothly into the No!lock! McIntyre tries to come in to break it up, but Kane catches him with a choke and dumps him over the top rope, as Slater taps out. Hell No is victorious! Bryan happily takes full credit for the win.

Stills from Natalya and Alicia Fox's trip to Rwanda for the UN's Nothing But Nets campaign airs, as they attempt to raise awareness about Malaria. An interview with them is up on But now we head backstage to MATT STRIKER for an interview of his own. "Joining me now is DOLPH ZIGGLER, AJ and BIG E LANGSTON. Dolph, the WWE Universe has chosen you to face Alberto Del Rio tonight. Your thoughts?" "Last week, on Social Media Smackdown, the WWE Universe made its voice heard and voted in me to face Alberto Del Rio tonight. Why? Is it because they wanted to see the biggest show-stealing match in the history of Friday Night Smackdown? Yes. Is it because Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger personally told me today that it doesn't look like I swam through a river of sewage to come to this country? Yes. And most importantly, it's about this." He shows off the damaged briefcase. "And this!" He slaps Big E on the chest. "And when all these stars align against Alberto Del Rio tonight, history will be made. Right babe?" "Lets make history, babe." And the two kiss. Up next, a Raw recap! And hey, there's THE RYBACK walking backstage. And sure enough, he meets MARK HENRY there. The two stare each other down, before Henry moves aside just enough for The Ryback to go past. The Ryback will be in action next!

When we return, BRAD MADDOX has joined the commentary team, immediately stumbling over Josh Mathews' name. He's here just in time to recap Triple H and Brock Lesnar! We saw this on Raw! Brock Lesnar will be on Raw on Monday to give his answer to Triple H's challenge.

YOUR INTELLECTUAL SAVIOUR, DAMIEN SANDOW has the mic when we return. "Tonight, I, the Intellectual Saviour of the Unwashed Masses, will face a barbaric brute. The man that Darwin's theory of evolution forgot. Silence! A man whom instead of choosing to feed his soul with literature and the arts is more than content with feeding his-" That's as far as he gets before the entrance music cuts him off.

YOUR INTELLECTUAL SAVIOUR DAMIEN SANDOW vs. THE RYBACK: Okay, I have to give a bit of Maddox here during the entrance. "Michael Cole, let me ask you a question. What is going on around here? Where is JBL? Who's in charge? I'm gonna tell you who's in charge. I'm in charge now, because I'm the Assistant Managing Supervisor of Raw, which means I'm the GM of Smackdown." "Why is he climbing a mountain? Is he okay? Have we checked on him?" Alright, to the match. Lockup, and The Ryback backs Sandow up into the corner, hitting a shoulderblock, a chop, and a big beal. Sandow gets lifted up and twisted into a powerslam, at which point he bails out of the ring. The Ryback pursues and clubs Sandow in the back, before throwing him back into the ring. Sandow tries to flee out the other side, as Maddox requests more ringside security to protect him from The Ryback. Sandow hangs The Ryback over the top rope, then slaps him on the back of the head, which elicits entirely the wrong reaction. The Ryback glares at Sandow like he'd just spilled a plate full of BBQ ribs on the floor. Sandow flees around the ringside, and The Ryback pursues, as Cole wishes that JBL were here. Back in the ring, Sandow cuts The Ryback off, lands a clothesline, then a blow to the back of the head. Sandow stomps away, then takes down his kneepad, landing a series of knees and a kick to the head. Josh makes an Office reference to Maddox, who doesn't understand it. Chinlock by Sandow. The Ryback fires up the crowd and gets back to his feet, armdragging Sandow off. Sandow lands some punches, but The Ryback gets back elbows to counter, then a big back body drop. The Rhodes Scholars will reunite to face the New Age Outlaws next week. Maybe they are getting one last run! And remind me, why did they break up the Rhodes Scholars again if they're just going to keep tagging them each few weeks? Spinebuster on Sandow, and now he sets up for the Meat Hook. The Meat Hook connects! "Finish it!" Shell-Shocked connects! 1, 2, 3. Cole tries to get Maddox to go in and interview The Ryback, but Maddox begs off, saying that he's not a journalist and he wouldn't want to intimidate him. "Josh, I hate to interrupt you here, but we've got to take a quick commercial break." "No we don't." Later tonight, more Raw recaps! Up next, what happened after Raw went off the air!

After Raw went off the air, The Shield made their way down to confront Big Show. Show eventually was speared down by Reigns, and they managed a triple powerbomb on Show, though it wasn't easy. Backstage, we now join MATT STRIKER and THE BIG SHOW. "Big Show, this past Monday after Old School Raw went off the air, you were pummeled, not by your opponent tonight, Sheamus, but by the Shield. Any comments?" "Uh.. pummeled? Yeah, I don't know what the Shield's beef is. One of their guys got in my way, I knocked him out. I'm not a person who picks and chooses sides, anybody gets in my way I'll knock out. Tonight I'm facing Sheamus, I'll knock Sheamus out too. You know, what happened on Old School Raw, I blame Sheamus. I blame Randy Orton. Those are the ones who were responsible for that." Show looks like he wants to say more, but no words are coming out. He winds up just holding up his fist. "That's my answer to all of it. Do I need anything else?"

ALBERTO DEL RIO w/RICARDO RODRIGUEZ, the Mexican Bucket 'O Fun and the White Scarf of Purity vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER w/AJ, BIG E LANGSTON and a really smashed up briefcase: Well, Maddox is still on commentary, vowing to make Friday Night Smackdown the Monday Night Raw of Friday nights. Also, Fandango debuts tonight! Maybe! Can Lilian breathe her a's? Lockup to start, though there was an edit in there. Del Rio lands a thigh kick, but Ziggler turns him around in the corner and lands body blows. Elbow to the back of Del Rio's head. Whip to the corner, and there's a Stinger Splash that actually hits! "Biggy? His name is Big E, it stands for Big Enormous Langston. Of course, the I is silent." Dolph chokes Del Rio on the bottom rope, and Langston adds a right hand behind the ref's back. Rodriguez throws a towel at him as payback, then regrets it as Langston starts stalking him. They're trying as best as they can via camera angles to hide that Ricardo is actually taller than Big E. AJ tries to get Langston to focus on Del Rio, but that just gives Ricardo time to get the bucket and try to toss water onto Big E, who ducks, resulting in AJ getting drenched! She's shocked, Big E is staring, and Ricardo looks amused. AJ, as she recovers from her shock, licks her lips in anticipation and is going to go get Ricardo herself now, but Big E cuts her off. AJ, unperturbed, climbs into the ring to get around Langston and go after Rodriguez, who hightails it! As they come around the ring, Langston intercepts AJ and catches her on his shoulder, while Ricardo taunts her. And referee LIL' NAITCH, for whatever reason, decides to banish Big E and AJ from ringside. What about the instigator? That hardly seems fair! Absolutely nothing has happened in the ring during all of this, and we go to break.

When we return, Ziggler is dropping an elbow on Del Rio. Jumping elbow follows, for two! Cue the chinlock! Del Rio fights out, landing punches. Off the ropes, he gets a sunset flip for two. Ziggler lands a dropkick to put an end to any momentum, and get another two count. ZEB COLTER and A REAL AMERICAN JACK SWAGGER are watching backstage on a monitor. Ziggler lands a shot to Del Rio's gut, then applies a body scissors. Rodriguez leads "Si" chants to get Del Rio back into it. Knee to the gut by Del Rio, and a whip to the corner. His charge is blocked by an elbow, but then Ziggler's charge is caught with a huge press into the air! Del Rio kicks him in the head to follow up, and both men are down. Ziggler tries another Stinger Splash, but Del Rio dodges. Ziggler's sitting backwards on the top turnbuckle, and Del Rio goes up after him. He wants the top rope reverse superplex, and he gets it! Ziggler is dead, but Del Rio can't make the cover. Both men get up at 8, and they trade punches and kicks. Del Rio lands a kick to the gut, followed by clotheslines! Clothesline ducked, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker hits! And we all know what time this is. Del Rio's superkick connects on a kneeling Ziggler! 1, 2, no! Del Rio wants the cross armbreaker now, and he waits for Ziggler to get up, but Ziggler lands a kick to the gut. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Ziggler tries to get a boot up to block Del Rio, but he catches it and spins Ziggler around for the Kidney Punch Countalong. The Backstabber is blocked by an elbow, but Del Rio fights back and gets it anyway! "Michael, remind me to fire you when we get back to Monday." Ziggler kicks out at two. "And Josh, remind me to promote you to Assistant Commentator." "Uh, what is he now?" "I'm promoting him." "Where's Booker?" Del Rio climbs to the top rope, but his Flying Whatever is caught by a Ziggler dropkick, for two! Both men are down again, but up at 5. Dolph's Fameasser is dodged by Del Rio, who hits his awesome bridging German for two! Ziggler pulls himself up in the corner, which isn't a safe place to be. Del Rio calls for the stepladder enziguiri and charges, but Ziggler springs up to meet him and spins into a tornado DDT! 1, 2, no! Zig-Zag is blocked as Del Rio holds the ropes, and Del Rio wants the cross armbreaker, but Ziggler rolls him up for a two count. Del Rio tries another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Ziggler lands on his feet, so Del Rio just takes him down with the cross armbreaker! Ziggler has no choice but to tap out, and Del Rio wins.

Backstage, AJ is trying to dry off, only to be confronted by WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN. "What happened to you? You look like a Shetland pony." "Do you get a kick out of seeing me humiliated?" "I didn't even see what happened out there, I mean, now that you mention it you did leave me at the altar. So yeah, I kinda do, mm-hm." "Really, are you still on that, you still on that whole wedding thing, really.. you know what, I don't even care, because my boyfriend still has the Money in the Bank contract, meaning soon enough I'm going to be with the World Heavyweight Champion, a World Heavyweight Champion who actually knows how to handle a woman like me. Yeah. And the only reason I'm not with him right now is because I was attacked at ringside! Because unlike you, I actually know how to get along with my partner." "Oh yeah, yeah, well Kane and I handle our issues in our own way. And while we're on the subject of memories, I don't know if you remember when we were actually together, but I didn't just carry around a briefcase. I WAS the World Champion." "Yeah. And you lost it in 18 seconds." "Well, with Dolph Ziggler, you should be used to thinks lasting 18 seconds." Bryan gives a cheesy grin, then departs, leaving AJ upset. Later tonight, Sheamus vs. the Big Show!

YOSHI TATSU vs. MARK HENRY: After The Ryback had to face Damien Sandow, this doesn't seem like a comparable matchup. Is Kofi Kingston busy? Lockup, Yoshi gets shoved off. Clubbing forearm by Yoshi, but Henry presses him up and drops him. World's Strongest Slam, thank you and good night. Um, then they show a replay of Henry landing a big splash on Yoshi, something that he didn't actually do in the match we saw. It seems like that would've been between the big press and yelling at him to "Get up!" for the WSS, but it still wasn't actually shown. Don't they have people to catch these things on a taped show? They then hype Donald Trump's Hall of Fame induction, and Maddox's preening and posturing is throwing Cole off as he tries to throw it to the highlight package.

Hey, now MATT STRIKER has found SHEAMUS! "Sheamus, Big Show said that he blames you for what happened to him this past Monday night at the hands of the Shield." "Really, Big Show said that? Y'know, I'm not all that surprised, because Big Show's massive ego took a huge dent because of his first beating at the hands of the Shield. But Matt, lets be honest, as far as Big Show is concerned, nothing is ever his fault. For example, when Big Show walks down Universal Studios and all the kids walk up to him and go "Shrek, Shrek, Shrek!", that's not his fault. Or when he clogs up every toilet he sits on, that's not his fault. Or the fact that you can smell him from ten miles away because he never washes his gear, that's not his fault. But when I Brogue Kick that huge mallet right off his shoulders in our match later tonight, guess what, that won't be his fault either. It'll be mine." Up next, more Raw recaps!

As Maddox talks over Cole and tells people off-camera that he won't give them autographs, Cole throws us to the Rock/Cena recap from Monday. We saw this on Raw!

KAITLYN vs. TAMINA SNUKA: At ringside is BLONDE LAYLA, to watch, due to something that happened on the WWE App which I don't have. Tamina lands a knee to the gut and a takedown. A charge is blocked by Kaitlyn's elbow, as Maddox volunteers to be in Tamina's corner. Back body drop by Kaitlyn, as CODY RHODES w/MUSTACHE is watching on from backstage. The Lovestache is apparently still interested! Kaitlyn tries a flying shoulderblock, but Tamina ducks away and Kaitlyn hands herself up on the second rope. She plops out to the floor, and Layla checks on her. Layla gets dumped by Tamina on the floor, but Kaitlyn fights back, throwing Tamina back into the ring. As Kaitlyn re-enters the ring, Layla gets in alongside her to try to get at Tamina, occupying the referee and distracting Kaitlyn, letting Tamina hit a gutshot. Tamina sets her up and hits the Samoan Drop! 1, 2, 3! Tamina pins the Divas Champion, and Layla looks surprised on the outside.

Backstage, YOUR INTELLECTUAL SAVIOUR DAMIEN SANDOW joins Cody by the monitor. "I can't wait to leave this godsforsaken city. Not a restaurant within a hundred miles of here worthy of our patronage. Plus, we can discuss strategy for the New Age Outlaws this Monday." "What do you think of Kaitlyn?" "Commendable in-ring performer." "I mean, what do you think of her as a woman?" "She's.. made the most of what she can, considering she comes from a clearly deficient genetic pool. Post-haste." Sandow claps Cody on the back and leaves, as Cody continues to stare at the monitor. Later tonight, more Raw recaps!

JUSTIN GABRIEL vs. FANDANGO w/DANCER: "Mikey C, how would you rate my performance so far?" "Negative 8." "That's, that's not an option." Fandango is clearly displeased by Lilian's attempt to say his name. "No... no... no... that is unacceptable. I'll make my debut when you learn how to pronounce my name correctly. Fahn-dahn-go." "Fahn-dahn-go." "No, no. You need to, you need to breathe in the a's, let it flow through your body. Fahn-dahn-go." "Fahn-dahn-go." The crowd applauds Lilian's attempt, though Maddox says she's butchering it. "Is everyone here incompetant? I will not compete tonight. And you can thank Jilian on missing out on the debut of Fahn-dahn-go."

Backstage watching that is BOOKER T and TEDDY LONG. "You kidding me, right?" "What's wrong?" "Look man, you go find this strutting flamingo and you tell him, the next time I put him in a match, he'd best well compete, you feelin' me?" "W-wait, Booker, I mean, I'll go tell him, alright, but how do you pronounce his name?" "I don't know, Fandango man, Fandan-" "No no no, you see, it's like this. Fahn-dang-" "Wait, Teddy, just go do your job please, okay? Can you do that for me?" "I was only trying to to help. Alright." "Thank you."

It's the Raw Rebound! The Undertaker returned on Monday! We saw this on Raw!

SHEAMUS vs. THE BIG SHOW: And it's past 1 AM here and I want to go to bed, so we're going to speed through this one. But first, Maddox. "I don't trust people who don't go out into the sun." "Yeah, well I don't trust people who lie about their position in the company." "*raspberry*" Big Show dominates much of the match, as might be expected. They tease Sheamus going for an Electric Chair, but Big Show escapes and continues his parade of old finishers by bringing back the Alley Oop. Show actually does rapid-fire corner chops to follow up, before Sheamus makes the comeback. White Noise hits, but Show rolls to the outside to evade the Brogue Kick. As Show starts to get back in the ring, Sheamus lands the Brogue Kick while Show's on the apron, dropping him to the floor and allowing THE SHIELD to make their entrance. Maddox wants more security again. The Shield leaves Show on the floor for the moment, focusing on Sheamus, but RANDY ORTON runs down to even the odds. Well, it's still 3 on 2. And the brawl is on! As with last week, the three on two is too much. But Big Show is in to attack. The Shield tries to three on one him, but Sheamus and Orton recover in time, and the Shield is tossed out of the ring. Show promptly lands the Knockout Punch on Sheamus, so Orton hits Show with the RKO. They aren't quite on the same page yet... but they did run the Shield off! That's progress, right? Right? And we're out!

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Maddox is amazin'.

    Originally posted by Chumpstain
    Backstage, AJ is trying to dry off, only to be confronted by WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN.

Their facial expressions here were hilarious. Coincidentally, they started running Team Hell No vs. Team Zig E matches at the house shows. So maybe Jericho is just going to skip Wrestemania. Or Jericho vs. Wade Barrett, former NXT protege and heel with a, um, ton of momentum. Or maybe they just do Ziggler/Jericho -- whether he works Ziggler, Barrett, or Cesaro, they've all been losing.
Matt Tracker

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They've Rydered Ziggler. They've Marellaed him. He's Mick Foley: Fun to watch, guaranteed to lose.

I have been on the Ziggler bandwagon for years, since he moved to SmackDown and won me over by working his ass off. But this constant cold streak is murderous. Even when he wins the belt, they're gonna have to win me back by letting him do something more than outsell the entire locker room.

We've seen cold streaks before. Christian. Jericho. Swagger. But they've given Ziggler every gimmick hook he could have -- an evil female valet, a quiet enforcer, a golden-ticket title shot, an arrogant character -- and HE STILL CAN'T WIN. Don't overthink the stable; wind it up and let it work. He should be fending off constant challenges by cheating to win, not losing them despite his cheating.

He could take the Del Rio belt tomorrow, and add him to the Mania match. Swagger and Ziggler have history. They can use that to make the title angle more than rah-rah USA rhetoric. This helps everyone.

I can't even.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    They've Rydered Ziggler. They've Marellaed him. He's Mick Foley: Fun to watch, guaranteed to lose.

    I have been on the Ziggler bandwagon for years, since he moved to SmackDown and won me over by working his ass off. But this constant cold streak is murderous. Even when he wins the belt, they're gonna have to win me back by letting him do something more than outsell the entire locker room.

    We've seen cold streaks before. Christian. Jericho. Swagger. But they've given Ziggler every gimmick hook he could have -- an evil female valet, a quiet enforcer, a golden-ticket title shot, an arrogant character -- and HE STILL CAN'T WIN. Don't overthink the stable; wind it up and let it work. He should be fending off constant challenges by cheating to win, not losing them despite his cheating.

It's been a bad, bizarre month for the Ziggler family. Gotta be especially annoying for him since he was supposed to wrestle Del Rio in the WM title match before they were struck with the inspiration for Jack Swagger: Real American. Since Swag came back to TV, nothing but losses for Ziggler. An especially weird turnaround considering Swagger was booted from the group with Dolph and Vickie because he was such a loser that he was dragging them down.

Searching for logic where there seems to be none, I'd like to hope they're de-emphasizing him so much so that they can control the expectations and make it a renewed surprise when he cashes in at Wrestlemania. At the same time, it's hard to see Del Rio/Swagger ending anytime soon.

I'm happy to see Swagger get such a big shot after two years in career purgatory, but the "proper" title match to pay off the year on Smackdown was Ziggler vs. Sheamus.
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John Cena announced that he'll return on the Memorial Day edition of RAW, on May 30. Thus, he'll be halving the expected recovery time for his injury. (That, or they used the Scotty maneuver).
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