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The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE Smackdown #706 3/1/2013
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Uh-oh! At the start of my PVR there's a CIS basketball game running a bit late. It's only a couple of minutes, but am I going to miss the end of Smackdown as a result of it? Lets find out together!

The opening recap covers the Shield being sneak-attacked by Randy Orton. Randy Orton faces the Big Show tonight! And now, to the arena, where we have MICHAEL COLE on commentary? Huh? I guess it is Social Media Smackdown tonight...

LILIAN GARCIA opens things up by introducing RICARDO RODRIGUEZ w/Mexican Bucket o' Fun, who in turn introduces ALBERTO DEL RIO w/White Scarf of Purity. Cole is joined by JOSH MATHEWS and JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER. Where's JBL? I want a refund! This is Lawler's first appearance on Smackdown since who knows when. He tries to sound excited about it. Wait, there's LIL' NAITCH in the ring, is this a match rather than an opening promo? It is!

ALBERTO DEL RIO w/RICARDO RODRIGUEZ, the Mexican Bucket o' Fun, and the White Scarf of Purity vs. YOUR INTELLECTUAL SAVIOUR DAMIEN SANDOW: Sandow is bringing a mic! "Others will say what they will, but I believe you fit right in with the rest of America. Poor grammar. Lacklustre word choice, and sentence structure that is absolutely abhorrent. Silence! And above all, you, the world Heavyweight Champion, are accompanied to the ring by a man with an outdated rented tuxedo wielding a spit bucket. I, on the other hand, am accompanied only by my superiour intellect, my timeless good looks, and the jealous gazes of the unwashed masses. You're welcome." A retort from Del Rio! "Oh hey hey hey, hold on, hold on. You wanna talk about unwashed? Ricardo! He wants to talk about unwashed. I think you need to wash your mouth because it smells like CACA." Sandow is taken aback by that juvenile and peurile remark. Lets start things off! Lockup in the middle of the ring, and neither can get the advantage. They lock up again, and Sandow grabs a headlock. Del Rio shoots him off the ropes, but Sandow lands the shoulderblock knockdown, shouting "You're welcome!" afterwards. The two men circle again. Lockup, Del Rio grabs his own headlock, as the fans chant for Del Rio. Sandow shoots Del Rio off the ropes, but this time Alberto lands the shoulder knockdown. Sandow is back up, so Del Rio knocks him down again, and Sandow bails to the apron. He gets back in once Del Rio was backed off, then lands a kick as Del Rio comes in. Headlock follows, and a headlock takedown. Del Rio rolls him into a pin, but Sandow kicks out. Now Del Rio backs Sandow into the corner, we almost get a clean break, but Sandow lands a kick. He beats Del Rio down in the corner, but Del Rio turns the tables and returns the favour. Snapmare by Del Rio, followed by a kick. Scoop slam on Sandow, and Del Rio goes to the second rope. Moonsault connects! Sandow kicks out at two. A throat thrust slows Del Rio, and Sandow beats him down, rubbing his bootlaces across the eyes. Suplex by Sandow for two. And here's the chinlock! Del Rio gets up to his feet, and lands punches to the gut. Sandow throws him down by his hair, as Robinson confronts him about that. Sandow pulls down his kneepad to land a kneedrop, which gets two. Back to the chinlock! Del Rio gets back to his feet, and shoves Sandow into the ropes, but is knocked down by a shoulderblock. Sandow goes to run the ropes, but Del Rio lands a drop toe hold and follows with La Magistral for two. A clothesline by Sandow ends the comeback, and gets two. Whip to the corner is reversed, but Sandow gets the elbow up to stagger the charging Del Rio. Sandow goes up to the second rope, but whatever move he attempts is cut off by a kick to the gut by Del Rio. Del Rio tries the cross armbreaker, but Sandow escapes. Del Rio backdrops him over the top rope but he lands on the apron, giving Del Rio a chance to land the stepladder enziguiri! Sandow splats to the floor. The floor, you say? Commercial break!

Haven't seen any social media yet.. Back in the ring, Sandow lands a bodyslam on Alberto, and follows with the Cubito Aequet. That gets two. Sandow starts stomping away on the ribs. Knee to the back, followed by a rear chinlock. Del Rio starts fighting out, landing a headbutt. Whip off the ropes, but Sandow kicks him to block the followup. Sandow tries a clothesline, but Del Rio ducks under with that 'fall to one knee' duck that only he does, then grabs Sandow for a big release german suplex! Not that I'm wishing neck injuries on anyone, but I've really missed the germans over the last few years. Both men are down. They get up by six, and trade punches in the middle of the ring. Rodriguez is actually leading the "Yay!" chants when Del Rio lands his. Sandow wins the slugfest, then whips Del Rio to the corner. Del Rio dodges his charge and lands a clothesline, then another! Duck underneath by Del Rio, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker follows! Si chants as Del Rio primes in the corner. And there's the superkick! 1, 2, no! Backstage, A REAL AMERICAN JACK SWAGGER and ZEB COLTER are watching on a monitor. Lawler for some reason asks if Colter is JR. Meanwhile, Del Rio wants the cross armbreaker again. Sandow escapes it and hits the Edge-O-Matic, for two! Alberto shoves Sandow into the ropes and catches his kick on the rebound, spinning him around to set up his new thing, the ten count kidney punches. Well, nine kidney punches into a Backstabber. That gets two! Do Sheamus and Primo approve of this? Del Rio seems to want another enziguiri with Sandow in the corner, but Sandow cuts him off with a kick to the gut, followed by the flipping neckbreaker, which gets two. Sandow is distressed. He grabs Del Rio and lands knees to the gut. He wants the Terminus! Del Rio rolls through the setup and grabs the cross armbreaker! Sandow taps out, and Del Rio wins! Later tonight, we'll head from Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, as they'll be interviewed by Jim Ross! Allow me to say this with no prior knowledge of what's coming up: Poor, poor JR. And up next, a Raw recap!

Hey, we're in Oklahoma City! That explains so much. Here's a recap now of Cena vs. Punk from Monday. Yes, it was an awesome match, but we still saw this on Raw! But for the people who care about such things, I should note that Punk's piledriver is conspicuous by its absence in the replay. The Cenabomb and Cenacanrana both made it in.

We go backstage to WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS KANE, joined by WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN. Kane is holding Bryan's blindfold from Monday, and looks to Bryan. "What's this?" "This is the only reason why you beat the Prime Time Players on Monday instead of me." "Really. I thought that the chokeslam that I hit on Darren Young had something to do with it." "Yeah, well it didn't and I'm gonna prove it. Because I talked to Booker T, and tonight we have a rematch with the Prime Time Players, except this time I'm gonna be the one who has an arm tied behind his back, and you are going to be blindfolded." "Fine." "What? What do you mean fine?" "Fine." "Do you have any idea how hard it is to compete when you can't see? Give me one good reason why you're fine with this?" "I'll give you two reasons. First of all, after I beat the Prime Time Players, it'll prove once and for all that I'm better than you. And second of all, since I'll be wearing a blindfold, I won't have to look at your ugly goat face!" Bryan fumes for a moment, then shouts "No! No! No! No! No!"

THE MIZ vs. ANTONIO CESARO for the United States Championship in a Two out of Three Falls Match: Hey, an unannounced title match! As on Monday, Miz no longer has the shoulder taped up. Cesaro has no robe or flag today, for whatever reason. A recap of their match from two weeks ago airs, with Miz winning by submission. Lockup, and Miz quickly gets a schoolboy for one. Miz makes the "I want the belt" sign. Cesaro gets a waistlock takedown, into a bridging pin for one. Headlock by Cesaro. Miz shoves him off into the ropes, and Cesaro gets the shoulder knockdown. Cover for one, as the crowd chants USA in support of.. Miz, presumably. Cesaro runs the ropes, Miz ducks under, then leapfrogs over, then tries a hiptoss, but Cesaro blocks it. Cesaro tries a clothesline but misses, and Miz hits a back elbow. Miz takes Cesaro into the corner turnbuckle, then whips him off the ropes. Cesaro tries a sunset flip, but Miz rolls through and kicks him in the face, covering for two. Cesaro rolls outside to gather himself. He kicks the ringsteps in frustration. Back into the ring, he kicks Miz in the gut, and lands a european uppercut. Miz ducks a clothesline and lands a kneebreaker, but Cesaro kicks him off before a submission can be applied. Cesaro tries a kick, but Miz catches it and hits a dragon screw legwhip to put him down. You know, credit to Miz for actually going to focus on the leg now that he has a leg finisher. However improved Jack Swagger has been since his return, he never cares about zeroing in on the ankle until the opponent does something stupid to hurt their own ankle. That's just not a good game plan! Anyway, back to the match. Cesaro isn't about to let his leg be worked over further, so he rolls outside, limping around there. He goes back into the ring when Miz pursues him, then tries to grab Miz once he gets onto the apron, but Miz slides underneath him and rolls him into a sunset flip without the flip for two. Miz grabs the leg, but Cesaro gets back to his feet on one leg and grabs a headlock to block another kneebreaker. Miz whips him off the ropes, but Cesaro reverses and lands a knee to the gut, which hurts Cesaro's knee further. Still, he's still standing and Miz is down. Stomp to the head, and a cover for one. Cesaro grabs a chinlock. Miz gets back to his feet and lands elbows to the gut. Cesaro tries another knee to the gut, but Miz rolls through into a schoolboy for a two count. Kicks from Miz, and he whips Cesaro to the corner, Cesaro reverses the whip, but Miz goes up and over as the crowd chants "Miz is awesome". Clothesline by Miz takes Cesaro down. Miz tries the running corner clothesline, but Cesaro catches him mid jump, getting him on his shoulders in a backwards torture rack, before throwing him forward to the mat. That's the Swissblade! One, two, Miz kicks out! He argues with the ref, then tries to pick Miz up, but gets small packaged for two. This time Cesaro kicks Miz in the gut on the way up, and sets him up, hitting the Neutralizer! 1, 2, 3, Cesaro gets the pin and wins the first fall. Miz will need to take two falls in a row to win the title. Can he do it? We'll see after this break!

And when we return from the break, Miz has already tied it up one fall to one. Screw you, WWE App! Cesaro is begging off, as Cole plugs the WWE App. Of course, they proceed to replay what just happened to cause the fall from the WWE App, which kills off the incentive for people to go get it but is helpful for people like me who don't have a tablet or a smartphone or whatever else it's available on. And no, I don't feel particularly compelled to go out and get one so that I can watch something interesting during a commercial break and then have it replayed for me when it gets back to live TV. I like being able to fast-forward through commercial breaks via PVR! That's the kind of technological advance I can get behind! Anyway, during the break Miz caught Cesaro leaping off the ropes and slammed him down, applying the Figure Forgot for the submission. Cesaro is still asking for more time, and when the referee restart Miz immediately goes for a single-leg, because for whatever faults he has from time to time in actually applying the figure-four he knows his ring psychology. Cesaro grabs him in a gutwrench to block it, hefting Miz off the ground and hitting the deadlift gutwrench! He follows with the double stomp, which hurts his knee, and only gets two. Chinlock by Cesaro, and Miz struggles to escape. Elbows to the gut follow to break out. Miz gets shoved off into the ropes, but floats over Cesaro's slam attempt and hits a boot to the face. Cesaro never actually fell down from the boot, and he stalks back in, only to eat an elbow. Double-leg by Miz, followed by a series of lefts. Cesaro lands a kick to the gut, calls Miz a stupid American and lands a big slap. Miz comes back with a clothesline, then another! Miz ducks Cesaro's clothesline and hits his backbreaker, but Cesaro shoves the neckbreaker off into the corner. Miz kicks the knee, then the chest, but his charge out of the corner is caught by Cesaro pressing him into the air, then hitting the Shoryuken on the way down! 1, 2, no! C'mon, that had to do it. Miz tries to pick himself up, and Cesaro is slapping him some more, laughing. His punch is ducked, and Miz dropkicks the knee, then hits the DDT for two! Both men are down. Cesaro hits a headbutt from his knees, but Miz fires back with a punch. Now both are back to their feet, trading punches. Miz kicks the gut to win the exchange, taking Cesaro to the corner and beating him down there. The ref has to pull him off. Miz wants the corner clothesline again, and hits it this time! Up to the top rope, and Miz hits the double axehandle! Elbowdrop to the knee, and he goes for the Figure Forgot again! It's locked in! Cesaro is struggling, he tries to pull himself to the ropes, knowing he can't tap out again. He reaches and grabs the bottom rope, saving his title! Miz pulls him back into the middle of the ring, going for the Figure Forgot again, but Cesaro shoves him off towards the corner, with Miz almost running into the referee. As he pleads his innocence, Cesaro rams him into the corner and sandwiches the referee, rolling him back out into a pinfall, but there's no count with the ref dazed. Miz reverses into his own pin, and by now the ref has recovered to make the count, getting two before Cesaro reverses the rollup again, getting a tights-assisted pin for three! Cesaro retains the US Title, and he quickly limps away with his title.

Now someone just needs to tell Miz that the figure-four hurts the straight leg, not the bent leg. Then he'll have a pretty good grasp on leg-based offense.

Backstage, we catch up with RANDY ORTON, who is joined by SHEAMUS. "Hi, Randyo. So I hear you have a match with Big Show tonight, right?" "Yeah, that's right." "Well, don't you think that makes you a sitting duck for the Shield?" "Listen Sheamus, I can't think about the Shield right now, I've gotta think about the Big Show." "Well guess what, fella, the Shield is thinking exactly the same thing." What, they're thinking about Big Show too? "What do you want me to do about it?" "Well, honestly, there's not much you can do. Or, you can have this big Irishman here watch your back. But, then again since you're such a loner, you probably wouldn't be interested, right?" "Now hold on just a minute, Sheamus. I never said I wasn't interested." "Then what are ya saying?" Orton stays silent for a few moments, before nodding. "Thanks." And he walks away, leaving Sheamus to think about that.

Here's a promo for Fandango! He debuts tonight! But first here's JIM ROSS for what I presume will be the usual Jim Ross treatment. "Thank you very much, it's always great to be back at home here in Oklahoma, here in the home of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here tonight for a very specific reason, and it's to address one of the most heated, controversial issues that I've ever experienced here in WWE. And without further ado, please let me introduce to you my guests tonight, the self-proclaimed REAL AMERICAN, JACK SWAGGER, and his associate Mr. ZEB COLTER." They make their entrance, Zolter stroking his mustache and Swagger in his ring gear. Is this the best run on ridiculous facial hair that we've had in some time in WWE? Maybe we need the return of the JeriBeard to help out. "Y'know, Jack, you and I go back a long way. And even though we've not always been on the same page, I've greatly respected your athletic ability and a lot of folks may not know that I recruited Jack to come to WWE while he was still playing football and wrestling for the Oklahoma Sooners." Swagger quickly interrupts. "You mean that team with no heart thirty miles south of here, yeah, I guess you could say you recruited me. But contrary to that, I believe that you're a real American, and that's why we gave you this interview." To Zeb! "Y'know, after the way we were treated by the Miz on, uh, Monday night, we both wanted a forum where we knew we'd be treated fairly." "Well, you're certainly going to be treated fairly, and I've got some tough questions to ask you. Before we get to your somewhat controversial political views, your main event match at Wrestlemania against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, I would like to take you back, Jack, to September 3rd. It was on Monday Night Raw when you told the audience that you were taking a sabbatical, a leave of absence, after suffering yet another defeat in a string of embarassing losses. You come back five days later, but you're certainly not the same Jack Swagger I remember. What changed? What happened to you?" Zeb fields that question for him. "Well lemme tell you what happened. I told Jack Swagger what was the real problem in this country, and I told him the reality and the truth of what's happening here every day." "Well, I, I was directing my question, Mr. Colter, to Mr. Swagger, and I quite frankly don't understand where you're coming from." "You don't understand what I'm talking about?" "Not a bit." "You know, you don't look blind to me, Mr. Ross, I think you just refuse to see. You see, the WWE is just a microcosm of what's happening every day in this country. Every day. Because every day in this country, things are happening that I don't like. How is it possible that Jack Swagger could suddenly go on a losing streak which opened the door to an outsider to sneak in like Alberto Del Rio and take a position that rightfully belongs to an American. And in every day, every day in this country I want everyone to hear me! Every day in this country, thousands of undocumented workers are crossing our borders, and they're taking jobs from REAL Americans. I'ma tell you what, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, we will not stand idly by and watch this country self-destruct." "We, the people." "Alright, uh, moving along here, lets, lets talk about Wrestlemania, April 7th, you have the opportunity to become the World Heavyweight Champion if, if you can beat Alberto Del Rio. Now if-" "At Wrestlemania when the dust clears, the championship will lie firmly around the waist of a natural born citizen, a real American who speaks ENGLISH, who recites the Pledge of Allegiance and has worked for everything he's ever gotten in this country. Lets face it, Alberto Del Rio is not one of us, he doesn't share our values, and to be quite honest, he needs to leave this country. Let me ask you something. Let me ask you something, Mr. Ross, when you're sitting in your home in Norman Oklahoma, and on your kitchen table is a fruit basket, and it begins to rot and attract flies, what are you gonna do with it? You gonna sit there and smell it, or you gonna throw it out? Exactly, you're gonna dump it, because this is our country, and we smell something stinky, and that stink is Alberto Del Rio. Jack Swagger, at Wrestlemania, is fighting for much more than just a championship. He's fighting for the heart and soul of OUR country." "We, the people." "My God, man, what's happened to you? What's happened to you? You're not the Jack Swagger that I knew. This man's brainwashed you!" "Whoa, whoa, that's a pretty big word, Jim Ross, brainwashed. Lemme tell you something. By your own admission, you knew this man in his formative years, so any brainwashing that was going on was on your end, not mine. All I did was tell him the reality and the truth of what's going on." "Well, I respectfully disagree with you sir, and whereas you can express yourself freely, uh, may I suggest that you express your right to remain silent? Now.." "Hang on a second. Since we're suggesting things to each other, may I suggest you keep a civil tongue in your head, lest something happen to you that you'll regret later on." "I don't know what you mean by that, and I really don't care what you mean by that." And on cue, there's Swagger knocking the cowboy hat off. He has more to say himself now. "Who do you think you are!? Who do you think you are talking to a real American like that? That's Mr. Colter! You know what I think, JR?" He's advancing on Ross, poking him in the chest repeatedly. "I was wrong about you. You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem, and Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter and We the People are going to fix the problem. You're not a real American. You're nothing more than a sympathizer." JR's all the way in the corner now. "And you know what we do to sympathizers?" But it looks like we get a save, as here comes ALBERTO DEL RIO all by himself to make the save. Swagger waits for him, and Del Rio stands by JR, grabbing his hat and returning it to him as the crowd chants for him. They shake hands, and Alberto takes JR's mic. "You got it all wrong, you two are the problem, and I am the solution, perros. And you, listen to me. You are not a real American, Jack. You are a real jackass!" Hit his music! He drops the mic, and the two stare each other down, with Colter retreating from the ring. Swagger slowly follows, leaving Del Rio and JR in the ring. Later tonight, Randy Orton vs. Big Show!

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS KANE and WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DANIEL BRYAN vs. THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS with Kane blindfolded and Bryan with one arm tied behind his back: The champs argue on the way to the ring, and Bryan covers his ears during the pyro. Uh-oh, Bryan's drawn a goat face on the blindfold mask, and he eagerly puts it on Kane himself. Bryan gets his hand tied behind his back, then pats Kane on the shoulder and encourages him to start. Darren Young starts for the Prime Time Players, if that matters. Young gets down on his hands and knees in front of Kane, as he looks around for his opponent. Kane moves up just in front of him, then turns and tries another direction, to Young's frustration. Young tries again as Kane goes to the corner, and Kane backs up into him, but not with enough momentum to trip. Young quickly backs away as Kane looks in his direction with presumed disgust. "It didn't work, Titus! It didn't work!" And that shouting gives Kane a target to land an uppercut on. Titus blows the whistle, which sends Kane reaching in his direction, only for Darren to hit him from behind. He lands some blows to Kane, then goes up to the top rope. Kane stumbles into the ropes inadvertantly, which sends Young dropping onto the turnbuckle and spilling into the ring. Bryan calls for the tag, and tags himself in, landing NO!kicks to Young. Chop in the corner drops Young. Headbutt, but then Young counters, landing forearm shots to the face. Young throws Bryan to the ropes, but Bryan comes off them and gets a crucifix pin with just one hand! Young kicks out at two, then lands a knee to the gut. Tag to Titus, who lands a big clothesline and does the bark. So now we take a break with the match still in the ring!

We return to Titus still beating on Bryan with forearm shots. He throws Bryan to the corner, then takes the three-point stance. Bryan gets his boots up to take O'Neill down. Bryan tags Kane back in, and Kane enters the ring cautiously. Ah, and Kane is smart, he gets the crowd into it by pointing! Pointing at the referee draws "No!" yells from the crowd. The crowd cheers when he finally points at Titus, and Kane starts punching away in the corner, then beals him out of it. Again, the crowd cheers as he starts going the right direction, but Titus quickly tags out to Young. Young comes in, but Kane hears him coming and grabs him by the throat, landing the chokeslam! But he can't find him to make the pin! Bryan calls for the tag, making it and going back into the ring, but Kane grabs the referee by the throat rather than leaving. As Bryan comes over to tell Kane not to do that, Kane grabs Bryan's throat with his other hand! They both plead their cases, and Kane shoves the referee away, but keeps his hold on his partner. As Bryan protests that it's him, Kane grabs his face with his free hand, rubbing it down along it and then over his beard. It looks like he's pulling the beard a little bit too hard, to Bryan's horror. Payback for the accidental forearm on Raw? Kane does let go and holds his hands up, nodding his approval. But Titus gets the rollup from behind! Maybe with the tights too! 1, 2, 3! Hang on, he wasn't the legal man, was he? Well, they're the winners anyway. There's the millions of dollars dance! Kane protests, but then looks at the mask and the goat face on it. Bryan looks around sheepishly, no pun intended. "What, what, what is this?" "Waitwaitwait.." "You think this is funny? You think this is funny?" "I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't do it! No! No!" Kane hesitates at Bryan's protests, and Bryan smiles, holding his arms open for the hug. Hm, Kane's bleeding from the nose from somewhere in that match. And he's got red makeup around his eyes, is that new? Bryan yells "Yes!" to call for the hug. Kane smiles, nods, walks up to Bryan and puts the blindfold over his head, then delivers an uppercut to drop him. Ladies and gentlemen, our tag team champions.

Backstage, we go to MATT STRIKER. "Ladies and gentlemen, the World's Largest Athlete, THE BIG SHOW. Big Show, tonight you face Randy Orton in the main event on Smackdown. Any comments?" "Comments? This is Wrestlemania season, Striker. This is the time to make an impact! And what better way for the World's Largest Athlete to make an impact than to chokeslam Randy Orton." Striker leaves, as Show smirks.

Okay, I'm going to pause here for a moment. There's been lots of pseudo-commercials in my broadcast, extra "Don't Try This At Home" things and little superstar vignettes, and now a "From The Vault" segment with the Powers of Pain vs. the Rockers. Is this airing in Canada instead of Social Media Smackdown stuff? Because I haven't had a bit of that. Or is this just complications from the basketball overrun? Hopefully an American watcher can enlighten me, because it's getting kind of weird!

And no, I'm not going to recap the Powers of Pain vs. the Rockers. Not unless people ask nicely in replies. That was a twelve minute match!

Anyway, back to the show, or the part of the show I get to see. Here's MATT STRIKER again. "Ladies and gentlemen, WWE's newest superstar, the man who will be making his debut tonight on Smackdown, known simply as FANDANGO." And there he is, spinning a woman through the camera shot as his music plays in the background. "It's FAHN-DAHN-GO..." "Fahndahngo." "Nonono. Breathe the a's in, FAHN-DAHN-GO..." "Fahndahngo." "Nonono. Don't get hung up on the n. FAHN-DAHN-GO..." "Okay, I've got it, um, the WWE Universe is very excited for your debut. WHat can you tell us about your fighting style?" "I've mastered the art of dance, I've accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the ballroom. Now it's time for me to take my rhythm, my precision, my grace, to the ring, so everyone in the WWE can follow my lead." "Alright, he'll be making his debut next againt Za-" "No next, no next, not now. Not tonight. I'll make my debut when you get my name right. FAHN-DAHN-GO..." And off he goes, leaving Striker confused.

Jerry Lawler protests not being able to see Fandango, saying that was the entire reason he came to Smackdown. And now, we see what happened with Brock Lesnar and Triple H on Monday. Lesnar bled like a stuck pig! Triple H wet his pants! We saw this on Raw! Up next, our main event!

RANDY ORTON vs. THE BIG SHOW: There is a distinct lack of Sheamus out here as the match is set up. The bell rings, still without Sheamus. They lock up, and Show shoves Orton down. Orton circles, and ducks the next lockup attempt, landing punches to Show. Show tries the Shh Chop, but Orton punches him to stop it, then lands a running corner clothesline. He goes for the 10 Punch Countalong, and actually gets all ten, before Big Show shoves him down and runs him over with a shoulderblock. Show picks him up, and headbutts him back down. Back to the corner, and Show lands a gut punch. Now he can get the Shh Chop safely. Another gut punch sends Orton staggering across the ring. Orton lands some kicks, but a third gut punch and a headbutt stops him. Another big chop drops Orton. "Big Show sucks" chant from the crowd. Show picks Orton up and whips him to the corner, landing a buttsplash, but Orton stops the followup shoulderblock with a dropkick. Show rolls out of the ring and hits the announce table in frustration, and we go to our last break!

Show is dropping elbows on Orton's arm as we return. There's a stomp to the arm as well. Orton tries to fight with his good arm, but Show cuts it off with a punch and headbutts the left arm to drop it. Now Show applies a top wristlock. Really. Orton gets back to his feet, punching Show in the face with his good arm, but Show lands another gutshot, then breaks out the Final Cut for the first time in a long time! 1, 2, no! Wow, Cole actually called it the Final Cut too. Now Show goes up to the second rope. He's got his working boots on tonight! Second-rope elbowdrop misses! Show jumped halfway across the ring for that one. Orton starts landing punches to Show's head. Off the ropes, Show grabs him by the throat, but the chokeslam is turned into a DDT! Show kicks out with authority, throwing Orton to his feet. Show bails out of the ring, but Orton pursues. Another gut punch stops that, and Show grabs Orton on his shoulder, but Orton slides down his back and shoves him into the ringpost and the ringsteps all at once! Show crawls back up to the apron and you know Orton wants the DDT through the ropes, but Show grabs Orton by the throat as he climbs up. Orton drops to the mat, hanging Show's arm over the top rope, then landing a kick to his chest. Now Orton can get the hanging DDT on Show from the top rope! It hits! Orton thinks things over, but wait, here's the music of THE SHIELD, and there they come down the aisle in their usual fashion, Reigns on the left and Ambrose and Rollins on the right. They hop the barricade and surround the ring. Show is still down inside there. Does he have any backup? Why yes he does, here comes SHEAMUS running to the ring! They're still outnumbered. Ambrose moves to cut off the entryway now. The crowd is chanting "Feed me more", but the Shield rushes the ring and starts beating them down. Rollins gets Orton, Ambrose and Reigns get Sheamus. Orton gets the better of his exchange, for a moment, but Sheamus is suffering. Now Reigns is over to help Rollins and Orton is down as well. Sheamus tries to fight back against Ambrose, but again Reigns makes the difference. Big Show has staggered up in the corner, and Sheamus backs Reigns up into him. Big Show, perhaps not thinking this through, lands the Knockout Punch on Reigns! Reigns spills to the floor, and Rollins and Ambrose pull back, looking on in shock. Show glares at them, and they bail out, grabbing Reigns and making a retreat. Sheamus and Orton were both down and unable to capitalize, as the Shield flees. Reigns has recovered enough to walk away on his own power already, for those keeping score at home. Sheamus and Orton watch them go, but Big Show is standing menacingly behind Orton. He spins Orton around and grabs him by the throat, hitting the chokeslam! But there's Sheamus to hit a Brogue Kick on Show as payback! Well, so much for an alliance there. Show, taking lessons from Reigns, lands on his feet on the floor and walks away on his own power. Sheamus and Orton shake hands, and we're out, with just 45 seconds left on my PVR.

So guys, what was the Social Media Smackdown part like? Help me out here!
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The Torch said that there was a vote for ADR's opponent next week. Ziggler won.

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    Originally posted by Chumpstain
    I'm here tonight for a very specific reason, and it's to address one of the most heated, controversial issues that I've ever experienced here in WWE.

Really? They actually had JR say that?

You sure it wasn't Tony Schiavone in disguise?

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JR's a company man! He'll say what they tell him to say.

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So can we call Fandango an immediate success just based off of his interview? I was a fan of his when he was Johnny Curtis, the weirdness version and even the original NXT underdog version, and this character looks like it'll have legs, at the very least as a comedy character.

I think we can thank Damien Sandow for revitalising the idea that a gimmick can be as good as the wrestler is willing to make it. Pseudo intellectual gimmicks have crashed and burned in the past (Dean Douglas stands out, and Matt Striker didn't succeed despite me personally thinking he was vastly underrated), so it stands to reason that the differences that Sandow brings to the character are the reason that it has thrived where others didn't. Hopefully the same can be said for Fandango after we see him in the ring using this new "Graceful" style he was on about in the interview. It also just occured to me that he's also doing the "I won't wrestle tonight for (insert reason)" that Damien did. If it worked once...

At the very least, this was a very funny episode of Smackdown for me. Team Hell No were on top of their game again, same schtick, tweaked for extra laughs. Fandango made a good impression. Sheamus and Randy were atypical of themselves backstage, which was also a plus. PTP were also funny, Darren Young trying to trip Kane and failing, then yelling out like it'd been Titus' master plan made me laugh.

Smackdown also brought some good intensity in the Alberto Del Rio match with the aforementioned Sandow, Swagger interview was very good, with Jack bringing that good animosity to match ADR's which immediately elevates their feud a couple of notches above the usual. The Shield getting the better of the faces until the Big Show unwittingly shifted the balance was an interesting dynamic for the main event. And i especially appreciated Big Show not forgetting to attack Randy right after The Shield departed. Made more sense than him suddenly getting all buddy-buddy like so many other times the WWE has given us that story.

All up, one of the better Smackdowns in a while for me.

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When does Smackdown air in Canada? I feel like it might not have been the same time as all the "live" #SMS stuff was happening on Syfy.

I believe Mathews, Cole and Lawler were doing their (US) commentary live from Connecticut and the graphics folks were adding trending topics and the occasional crawl of worthless tweets across the screen. I should say "live" on the east coast, because I doubt they would have spent the money to do a second version for the west coast. (Feel free to prove me wrong!) If I didn't have anything in the world better to do, I'd watch it again on Universal HD tonight and see which version they are there.

We also had a Skype segment with Chris Jericho, talking about Australia, Fozzy, and hyping the "encore" presentation of Robot Combat League on Syfy.

There was another Sonic product placement (and Sonic sponsored every trend and tweet graphic we got as well).

And finally...the usual slew of WWE Films spots for their three current projects.


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    Originally posted by CRZ
    When does Smackdown air in Canada? I feel like it might not have been the same time as all the "live" #SMS stuff was happening on Syfy.

Smackdown airs at 8/7 Central on Friday night, the same time as it airs in the US. That said, I figured out today why our show was so badly editted.

The Canadian broadcaster for WWE programming, The Score, has a license from our CRTC as a "sports highlight network", which limits the amount of live programming they can air. When the channel initially launched it was a pure highlight package channel with no live programming, just constant thirty-minute blocks of scores and highlights and such. Since then it's developed into something more, picking up WWE programming, NCAA games, NBA games, CIS (Canadian university) games, and so on. But the original license and its restrictions still apply.

The limit on live programming is why we have Raw airing on tape delay. It starts at 8:15 Eastern time, though it usually slowly catches up as the show goes along due to shorter commercial breaks. Normally that limit doesn't apply to Smackdown because Smackdown is taped. But with Social Media Smackdown having apparent live commentary and Twitter feeds and whatever else, that would violate the live programming limit unless The Score cleared room elsewhere for it, which they clearly didn't. So instead we got extra vignettes, the From The Vault match, and assorted other filler to make up for the complete lack of social media stuff and Chris Jericho interview and Sonic ads (there are no Sonics in Canada to my knowledge, so no loss there).

It basically just serves to show how outdated the CRTC is. This is the same organization that forced Raw on TSN to be censored in the Attitude Era whenever there was male on female violence outside the context of a match, because Raw was classified as a "sports" program and not "drama/comedy/whatever". Male on female violence during a match was perfectly fine and could go uncensored because then it fell into the "sports" category. If Bubba Ray powerbombed Mae Young through a table in a Tables Match it was fine, but if he did it after a match, then they'd have to cut to crowdshots or face fines. It's really stupid, but it's how the CRTC works.

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    Originally posted by Chumpstain

    It basically just serves to show how outdated the CRTC is. This is the same organization that forced Raw on TSN to be censored in the Attitude Era whenever there was male on female violence outside the context of a match, because Raw was classified as a "sports" program and not "drama/comedy/whatever". Male on female violence during a match was perfectly fine and could go uncensored because then it fell into the "sports" category. If Bubba Ray powerbombed Mae Young through a table in a Tables Match it was fine, but if he did it after a match, then they'd have to cut to crowdshots or face fines. It's really stupid, but it's how the CRTC works.
Don't get me started on the CRTC. I can't stand them...but they are getting a bit better by putting the kibosh on the Bell/Astral buyout, at least temporarily.

The Score is set to be bought by Rogers (I'm really not looking forward to that) so I hope that WWE programming will stay. Yeah...does Rogers really need ANOTHER sports channel?

I liked seeing the From The Vault segment, but we already have VIntage Collection, with the always gorgeous Renee AND NXT!

Thinking of Smackdown...having Big Show knock out one member of the Shield, is that a step toward a face turn?

Interestingly enough, the Shield interrupted a match between two heels on NXT this week and were cheered by the crowd. Full Sail University is Bizarroland - they also cheered Sandow when he appeared a couple months ago.

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    Originally posted by Oliver
    Thinking of Smackdown...having Big Show knock out one member of the Shield, is that a step toward a face turn?

That was interesting. Looks to me like it would now be Sheamus, Orton, and reluctant partner Big Show against the Shield for Wrestlemania, leaving Ryback for Mark Henry or Jericho. I'm guessing Henry. It'll be weird if Ryback is like "welp, guess I can't beat the Shield. gotta move on in life. feed me something else."

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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
      Originally posted by Oliver
      Thinking of Smackdown...having Big Show knock out one member of the Shield, is that a step toward a face turn?

    That was interesting. Looks to me like it would now be Sheamus, Orton, and reluctant partner Big Show against the Shield for Wrestlemania, leaving Ryback for Mark Henry or Jericho. I'm guessing Henry. It'll be weird if Ryback is like "welp, guess I can't beat the Shield. gotta move on in life. feed me something else."
Somethings that I eat cause me violent and unpleasant spicy Texican food, thats loaded with spice. Same could be said with Ryback: maybe he shouldn't try to feed on Shield anymore :)

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The Del Rio/Swagger feud is dead in the water. The best talker is Zeb. Del Rio is reduced to punchline retorts. Swagger can only say "we the people," and Ricardo just stands there. The title is secondary at best here. I wanted Swagger to have a manager, and he does now, but the angle is ... oh my God, we have another month of this?

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Why in the heck did they break up Rhodes Scholars? ... it seems as though both Sandow & Rhodes are floundering as singles ...
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I feel like an incredible asshole, as when I was watching Raw, I rewound and watched the Knox-Out repeatedly, laughing about how goofy this particular one looked, since Noble's face never came close to the mat.
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