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26.5.18 1655
The W - Banished - WWE Shows Favoritism Towards America?
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I don't understand as to why the WWE would show such much favoritism towards America and not Iraq. Like kick Iraq's azz and whatnot as JR said on Raw, which is also the sentiments of most WWE employees I would presume.

I'll have you know that the Iraq people are people too, just like us. Why would you wish harm on other people because they happen to be a different skin color than the majority of us? They haven't done anything to us, just America looking to bully others around because they can. I think it's rather racist actually and that's not right.

Like Iraq's all evil or something when in fact, America's the evil one because there invading there personal territory. Iraq hasn't done anything to me, so I have no problems with them. Fatazz Americans need to stop and go back to what they specialize in, eating like the pigs that they are, and gaining weight like only American's know how to, or at least 50% of them

Anyways, it's hightime that the WWE praise both sides, like any other reasonable thinking human would. Remember, they're people too.
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#2 Posted on that you?

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the WWE is trying to appeal to its viewership, which is overwhelmingly american and overwhelmingly patriotic (traditionally). and judging by the pop for the soldier photo montage, it seems like they did the right thing for business.
Spaceman Spiff

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Are you *trying* to get banned? Because I think this might be the post that does it.

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Cripes! Do they all crawl out of the woodwork at once, or is this just one person who created several different screen names?

Oh..and Go America!

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    Originally posted by gargs that you?


Austin's still a champ to me

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American company, american employees,american attitude.

In case you havent been paying attention quite a bit of WWE's active roster actually has family overseas and involved in this thing. This has actually been acknowleged on TV particularly at Wrestlemania when it was mentioned that Undertaker has a nephew in the army's 3rd infantry division. Personally I dont think the war was absolutly necessary at this time but i do thing that those troops, some of which are my friends deserve all of our support at this time.


Since: 28.2.03

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I'll have you know that Americans are killing people from Iraq. I don't see how that's right. Same thing with Iraq people killing Americans. But, living here it's makes it seem ok for America to kill people, but when they have the tables turned on them, and Iraq people kill Americans, it's all horrible or tragedy. They're people you know. What would God think?

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Sir Post-A-Lot States:

    Originally posted by lordazzington
    . What would God think?

I don't think anyone has been able to get a comment out of Steve Blackman yet.

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Completely off topic, but I love your avatar Lord.

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I thought you were an idiot the other night when you made that post about Wrestlemania should be free... You're just some slob that likes to rile people up...

Since: 8.8.02
From: San Antonio, TX

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I do agree that we have a responsibility to support our troops, whatever our position on the war is, but I thought JR's "kick their ass" comment was out of line, especially considering this line is used repeatedly in wrestling promos. The War in Iraq is not such a simplistic "faces vs. heels" scenario, and using the rhetoric of the professional wrestling world may inadvertently link the two. We should all be asking for a quick resolution to this conflict, not for more casualties on either side.

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Man, the next time someone offers you some that shit you smoked. JUST SAY NO!!!!!

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#14 Posted on
If you truly believe that this war is about the color of people's skin, then you're dumber than I thought you were when I've read other posts by you.

Do you also think Hitler was just another human being and we should have left him alone as well?

Or, are you just a loser that gets off on making stupid comments on message boards? If you are, you should be multi orgasmic right about now.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.
Chico Santana
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Should this be in the wrestling section? I'm thinking politics. I now believe that Lordazzington is a troll, I gave him a chance but every thread he starts makes it seem that he is just here to be foolish. From now on I will "ignore this user" that goes by the name Lordazzington. Goodbye!


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#16 Posted on
we should all be proud of the United States for doing what they are. The US isn't in it to fight the people of Iraq, they are there to stomp out the government of Iraq. It's war, ofcourse innocent people will die.

Maybe you havn't heard about Saddam killing thousands and thousands of his people, maybe you havn't seen the footage of men, women and children dead on the streets from being used as lab rats, women raped while their families forced to watch. anyone who sits back and lets this happen needs to give their head a shake. I'm glad the WWE stands behind this the way they do, as they should.

My lame ass government wouln't even send a god damn band-aid to help out the US, making me ashamed to be canadian.


Since: 8.8.02
From: San Antonio, TX

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Hey Stinger, are you familar with Latin American dictatorial governments in the 70's and 80's? They did all those things with either tacit consent or outright financial/military support of the US. I'm not arguing against the war here, but merely making the point the US hasn't always been this great beacon of democracy and hope, and more than likely this war has little to do with human rights.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again...

How exactly do you liberate a nation by dropping bombs on them? The majority of Iraq DOES NOT wish for Americans to help liberate them...

This war is an illegal act of agression that was done without UN approval, therefore Canada had every right not to participate...

Had UN approval been given, perhaps my opinion would have been somewhat different, but regardless, America does not have the right to police the world...

This will only lead to more terrorist attacks...

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Hey, you got Politics in my Wrestling forum!

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Moo hoo ha ha.

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