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20.6.18 2007
The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE RAW 10/24
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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
I'll take the complete lack of responses twenty-five minutes after the show ended as proof of how utterly worthless this show was.

And as for the McMahon segments - especially Vince's segment on "JR's Surgery" - to quote Krusty, "That just kept going, didn't it?"


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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.14
Heh. I laughed at the JR surgery bit. I laughed a lot. Anyone who didn't find that funny must not watch much WWE because that type of skit is what they do a lot of. I wanna know what the conversation was like in living rooms everywhere when someone was watching that and their spouse/boyfriend/girlfrien/mother walked in on them. Cause that is the kind of thing thats hard to explain to the unknowning about.

Also, what was the deal with the owl in his ass? I didn't get that. Was that some in-joke that only Vince and the boys got?

I miss the GWF.

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.34
That Vince segment was the worst thing I've ever seen on a wrestling program. And folks, remember that bad things on wrestling programs has been the subject of at least one (somewhat thick) entire book. Having said that, I've changed the channel during a lot of Raw segments the last couple years, and I kept watching that one.

I thought irony line of the night went to Steph McMahon, who said something to the effect of "Can't you come up with anything new and original?" when the fans were calling her a slut.

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.92
The opening match wasn't too bad. But putting Michaels over clean could sway the vote in his favor (perhaps what WWE was hoping for?)....Cena + NASCAR? That doesn't seem to fit his image....The Coach/Steph/Carlito/Foley segment was nothing, other than to see Steph's outfit. Yowzah....

Boy, WWE is subtely (and not so subtely) letting the fans know how they want to vote, eh? Case in point, Flair's promo....Not a bif fan of Edge and Masters ripping the S'Down wrestlers, considering it's already seen as the #2 promotion. Of course, the Bob Holly dissing was fine....Victoria/Mickie was alright....

I know I'll be in the minority, but I laughed out loud at the Vince skit. Mae Young's other hand? JR's "JR-isms" thrown in? Seems like they may have done this to try and "one-up" TNA's funeral skit. It failed....Helms needs to get the Shane back. I loved Murdoch tagging himself in as Rosey's partner....The main event was very good, except for the overbooked ending. But I guess it was to be expected.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.85
I have to give the McMahon family credit: Somehow, someway, almost 3 years to the date after Katie Vick, they somehow lowered the bar. Kudos McMahon's, kudos. By the end of the skit, I was having fond memories of dying WCW Thunder.
I've watched Cactus Jack since he was in the USWA in the late 80's. He was one of the few entertaining things about WCW in the early 90's. I was one of those twisted people in college who would leave the bar a little before 11 to return to my condo to unhook the cable on Tuesday night to get the America One Channel that ECW was on in order to watch Cactus Jack. Somehow, someway, I have absolutely zero desire to see Mick Foley near a wrestling ring ever again.
At least crazy Flair saved the world from seeing the battle of King Trip vs. King Mabel. I guess the Lillian/Mabel thing is long forgotten?
Was there some sort of market research group that came up with the idea that the public desired seeing Vince's daughter every week?
Interesting opening match. Can't wait for the Kane/Paul Wight Wacky Tag Champ reign.
Since it was a non-title match, what reasoning would there be for Cena to try to fight the ankle lock? A quick tap out would save any risk of injury, plus provide a false sense of security for Angle going into the PPV.

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Since: 22.2.04
From: Cambridge, MA

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.72
I thought the surgery skit was a riot as well. It had its boring moments, but all in all I had a good time with it.

The 3-way opening match was entertaining. I always like to see Big Show pulling out a move off the turnbuckle.

Flair was awesome as the crazy old man again. I cannot get enough of him in this role. Everybody I watch RAW with loves it too.

Carlito did what appeared to be a finisher on Mick Foley outside the ring. The move that looked like Chris Daniels' Last Rites. Not sure if he's done that before, but I hadn't seen it yet. Good choice for him.

I didn't like The JBL/Rey/Masters/Edge thing too much. The idea of it is great, but the execution wasn't what I was hoping for. I was hoping that JBL would lure Masters out there and all of a sudden the other 4 Smackdown choices would pop out and they'd beat the crap out of Masters while JBL yelled at Edge on the mic. Rey attacked Edge seemed very anti-climactic after imagining that scenario, especially since all he really did was 619 Lita.

It's ridiculous how much they are stacking the deck in favor of certain voting outcomes for Taboo Tuesday. HBK was already the obvious choice for the 3 way, and they have him win against the other two options as well. Flair demands the cage match. The crowd obviously will want to street fight for Austin/Coach. The only two Smackdown options who had any face time on RAW, JBL and Rey, just so happen to be the two highest in the card and thus the most likely to be voted in anyway. Not that I have a problem with this or anything, just think its kinda funny how blatant everything it.

I hope Angle wins the title at Taboo Tuesday. Cena needs to have a real title chase and a real title win. Not that 10 minute JBL bullshit we got at WM21. Problem is, Angle/Cena is already pretty played out, and the only other option is HHH. As much as I dig HHH, I don't see him as being a good opponent for Cena. I'm sure we will see it, and I'm sure we will see Cena get a big win over HHH, but that doesn't really seem like the makings of an epic feud to me. WE NEED LESNAR BACK!!

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Since: 7.1.02
From: Birmingham, AL

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.71
The Vince McMahon skit was fascinating in a strange sort of way. Just thinking that it couldn't go much longer, only to see it continue on..and on...and on. Trying to imagine how writers could put some of those ideas on paper and decide "Hey, now this is funny!". Wondering how many of those ideas were Vince's, and if anyone else in the world has quite the same sense of humor as he apparently does. And how does a 3 second bit in a match by Murdoch produce more laughs than what at least seemed to be at least a 10 minute comedy skit?

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.66
Well, Vince responds with the very well received TNA funeral skit, with the typical humorous WWE skit, which is not funny. Well, to be honest, I thought the JR sound-bites were pretty funny, but overall the skit was embarassing.

Very good main-event. Cena's pop was gi-normous~! I really think that this guy could be drawing HYOOGE money for the company. Unfortunatley, the rest of the show is either bad or dull, and Cena can't carry the company on his back.

With JBL & Mysterio being the only SmackDown invaders, Shawn Michaels beating Kane & Big Show, Ric Flair pleading for a cage match... they're not even pretending that they're not trying to sway the votes.

I can not be the only one who was dissapointed that we would not get to see the epic Triple H v. Viscera battle?

Lance Cade has tremendous potential. I hope they don't take the belts off of he and Murdoch to put on a makeshift team like Big Show & Kane.

Gregory Helms as a heel could be really interesting. I hope they give him a chance to be successful with it. And as an aside, when he first came out I thought Alex Shelley had signed with WWE.

Overall, outside of the whacky Vince skit, there was nothing bad on the show. But the show, for the most part, was quite dull. A show revolving around the McMahons, announcers Coach & Jim Ross, and past stars like Foley & Austin isn't quite the direction I'd take the company in. Furthermore, Cena (the champion of the world and the best shot WWE has right now at creating an Austin-like star) has been treated like an afterthought ever since the move to USA.

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Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.97
I enjoyed the first hour, but I just turned it off once it hit the Vince McMahon Ego-Stroking Self-Egrandization Quarter-Hour.

What was the point of that? We got the opening Coach/Stephanie/Foley/Carlito segment to build the JR storyline and 2 PPV matches. WHY waste that much time on a segment that doesn't lead to wrestling?


At least Mickey James looked solid. Is it just me, or did Victoria seem like she was sleepwalking?

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Since: 11.5.03
From: Mount Pleasant, Pa.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.55
Quick thoughts:

Lillian looked even hotter (and more busty) than usual.

Oh my god Steph, just pose in Playboy and get it over with.

I no longer have any interest in seeing Mick Foley coming back once again only to get his ass kicked on RAW and then lose at the PPV.

What the hell was that covering Ric Flair's forehead wound ? It looked almost like artificial skin.

JBL segment was the definite highlight of the night. Would have been better though if Hardy, Christian, Holly and Mysterio all suddenly appeared and put a severe beat down on Edge, Lita and Masters.

So it's official.....WWE has re-wrote history and changed Edge and Christian from brothers to just "good buddies".

I feel that in the last couple of weeks I've seen more of Micki Jay's crotch than her boyfriend has.

Vince McMahon sketch......worst sketch ever......EVER.

Great to see that they finally pulled the trigger in changing Helms character. But I fear he will just quickly end up being a jobber, but without the Hurricane outfit on.

In conclusion: Not a good RAW at all tonite.

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Since: 27.3.03
From: Montauk, New York

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.51
I saw the name "LESNAR" listed and boy I couldn't agree more that the WWE would have a perfect spot for him on RAW. He shows up after Cena successfully defends at Taboo Tuesday, beating the hell out of Cena and then Bichoff comes down and shakes hands with the newest RAW client, who he has hired to finally get that belt off Cena. It works - it's hot, it could go six or seven months... and Lesnar got good matches out of a VERY green Cena back on Smackdown.

McMahon segment had me (a long time fan) laughing and my friend (a new to the program guy who started watching with me since the move to USA) wanting to change the channel. I think Vince should be aiming for my roomate more then me, but as long as this was just something for him and his boys to laugh about backstage and won't happen again - FINE.

Stephanie just doesn't annoy me anymore. She is really beautiful, she is alot better on the mic, and she plays her role to a tee. I like the new Steph, even if she isn't all that new.

Coach was better then last week, but I imagine WWE is scouring the announcing scene for their next option. Heel play by play guys aren't meant to last.

Helms has a great look, could be built and given a true run in the Intercontinental divsion. Have this stupid Rosey squash get out of the way and push the charismatic kid with good in ring skills.

Where is Shelton Benjamin?

I actually am DYING to see the Flair / HHH cage match.

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Since: 10.10.05
From: Johnstown, NY

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
When I saw that surgery skit, I was like, "This is pretty f***ed up s*** here", and I tuned out. At least, it's not as bad as Katie Vick from three years back, but it's still bad.

Does it look like that Steffo had her implants removed? And I think that her acting has come a long way, but of course, she still needs improving.

Since: 27.3.03
From: Montauk, New York

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.51
    Originally posted by Duo_Shinigami_1083
    When I saw that surgery skit, I was like, "This is pretty f***ed up s*** here", and I tuned out. At least, it's not as bad as Katie Vick from three years back, but it's still bad.

    Does it look like that Steffo had her implants removed? And I think that her acting has come a long way, but of course, she still needs improving.

I don't think they are removed... I just think they are salene. They have a way of eventually naturally drooping. Trust me - managing a resort that has a nightclub packed during the summer night I have seen my fair share of implant and had these talks. Salene implants eventually begin to droop like the real deal.

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Since: 18.5.04
From: Badstreet USA

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.39
That surgery skit was the best thing I've seen on a wrestling program in years. You ARE a genius, Vince McMahon!

Though, based on some of his facial expressions and sayings, that skit served as some proof that Vince is probably gay or bi; as the Road Warriors and Bret Hart once alluded to in some of their shoot interviews. that is a tasty burger!
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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.68
    Originally posted by Whattaburger
    That surgery skit was the best thing I've seen on a wrestling program in years. You ARE a genius, Vince McMahon!

    Though, based on some of his facial expressions and sayings, that skit served as some proof that Vince is probably gay or bi; as the Road Warriors and Bret Hart once alluded to in some of their shoot interviews.

But he made out with Nurse Slobberknocker! He's a real man's man, that Vince!............*tumbleweed*.......

I'm really glad I work on Monday nights so I can just tape Raw and fast-forward all of the lame parts. What a depressing show to attend if you were in the live audience; all of the heels won except for HBK, whose win wasn't even that great due to that blown superkick on Kane.

Rey Mysterio seems like a lock, but does WWE really think the fans will vote in JBL over, say, Matt Hardy? Edge hit it on the head; the fans don't really care about Bradshaw, whereas there still might be some hardcore Matt fans who want to see him get one last shot at Edge.

On the flip side, congrats to ABC for hiring Tim McGraw to tailor the lyrics to "I like it, I love it" for every halftime highlight show throughout the "Monday Night Football" season. Just last week, my buddy House and I were discussing Cosell's classic highlight narratives in the '70s, and how nobody had approached them since, and I told House, "Only one thing could ever come close, and I know it's a long shot, but what if ABC hired Tim McGraw to tailor the lyrics to 'I Like it, I Love It' for each week of NFL highlights throughout the season?" And wouldn't you know, it happened! See, dreams can come true. --- Bill Simmons,

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.25
You know, I can tolerate stupid "humor" like the McMahon skit, but they used the EXACT same "punchline" they used when Triple-H was getting things pulled out of HIS ass in a skit. Wasn't the last thing pulled from his heiney his own head? If it wasn't the last, it was definitely IN THERE. Man, oh man its getting dumb in the Tital Towers at times. It wasn't too funny the first time and it was a big "THUNK" for me the second time.

On the other hand, I like the direction for Gregory Helms. And it's good partly because they waited so damn long. Could be great if they let it be.

I'm not as into this SD vs. RAW idea that people seem to be all aquiver about. Don't know why, really.

HHH-Flair should be awesome. Submissions would be great, but that leads me to my next gripe:

I said it last week, and I'll say it this week, WWE couldn't "steer" the voters any more than they already are unless they came right out on TV and just asked people to vote for HBK, Cage match and Street Fight. I mean, they already took away the voter's biggest influence by making the title match a three-way with Angle in there. Even if Angle doesn't win, it just *looks* like we don't really have the power they are insisting we do, and that, in and of itself, is a problem. This is shaping up to be a very predictable PPV, and given that its Taboo Tuesday, that's just not they way it should be. Taboo Tuesday could be the most interesting and unpredictable PPV of the year if they would just let it be, but they don't. They'd rather just piss on us and tell us its raining.

However, if we band together, perhaps it really CAN be a verbal debate. I would turn cartwheels, actually.

To end on a positive note, the main event of Cena/Angle/HBK could be terrific! It invloves three guys the audience cares about and would hide Cena's weaknesses well.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.08
On the other hand, I like the direction for Gregory Helms. And it's good partly because they waited so damn long. Could be great if they let it be.

Seeing as they just cut the cord on the one thing keeping him employed at WWE, I'll be looking forward to Helms v. Sabin in about four months.

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.89
I was there. The OR video went over huge. King and Coach were beside themselves at the announce desk, wiping away tears and everything. Lillian looked absolutely amazing. A good portion of the crowd (at least in my area) was pulling hard for Angle in the main.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.15
Changing the Hurricane to Gregory Helms does nothing except cut off his cash flow from the Hurricane merch. Unless they plan to let him bring back the Vertebreaker (not holding my breath there) I'd be astonished if he's anything but squash bait after the inevitable Rosey feud.

At least at the first Taboo Tuesday, there was one match where it felt like the votes actually made a difference (picking Jericho's challenger for the IC title). This time around, there isn't even that. All the choices are either a) irrelevant or b) have a big PICK THIS ONE neon sign hanging over one option or c) both.

As for the Vince skit, Mae Young's other hand was amusing. The rest could have been cut by about half.

Murdoch and Cade still aren't doing anything for me, and a match between them and a Big Show/Kane team does not fill me with anticipation.

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.58
I was ready to come here and post about how I liked the show and that they seem to be improving, the pacing is better, even Steph is less annoying, etc. etc.

Then THE SKIT happened. There's a part of Vince McMahon's brain that stopped growing at age 13, and it's sad to watch him and his bizarre sense of humor in action. What a strange, twisted man.

I really liked seeing HBK finally working with Big Show. Hopefully they can go one-on-one at some point as Show has said in interviews that he wants to face Michaels.

What was Nomar Garciaparra doing up on the ramp during the Rosey match? Where was Mia Hamm?

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