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19.6.18 1728
The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE No Mercy 2004
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Lap cheong

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
Mark Jindrak d. Scotty Too Hotty in the Heat match. Blasť match. Crowd seems hot, but it's also a pathetic crowd-size for PPV.

Heat ends with the music-video hyping the PPV that they did on SmackDown. They need to do those for all the PPVs from now on.

Eddie Guerrero v. Luther Reigns was the opener of the show. What an odd opener. Okay match, but NOT what you'd expect from an Eddie Guerrero PPV match. This was Luther's big test, and he didn't exactly pass with flying colors. Guerrero used a security guards baton as a weapon and hit the frogsplash for the finish.

Dawn Marie cut a promo on Jackie who wasn't wearing a top. She basically said that she like to give Charlie Haas blowjobs.

Spike Dudley v. Nunzio: Spike won when Bubba posted Nunzio in the crotch. Good match. The crowd wasn't into it at first, as they've been given no reason to care about Nunzio, but got into it towards the end. Plus, after years of being treated as jobbers, it was nice to see these two get on PPV.

Billy Kidman v. Paul London: The match is being treated as a feature attraction, which is cool considering I'd never have suspected a Paul London match being treated as such in WWE. Still, I know that after the feud is over, both guys are gonna be sent straight back to Velocity. *sigh* London ended up hitting a SSP that puts Kidman's to shame, but Billy got the knees up. Kidman then hit his shitty version for the win. They did an internal-injuries angle with London to get the SSP over as a deadly move. Kidman hit a second one while Paul was on a stretcher. REALLY good match.

They're showing all of Undertaker's previous world title wins, which scares me into thinking that he's winning tonight.

JBL cut a promo on Undertaker, Dan Rather, and the "entire lying, liberal media". He made that comment right after saying the words "fair and balance", a nod to the over-the-top, right-wing Fox News.

Suzuki & Dupree v. RVD & Rey Mysterio: Did you know that 3 years ago RVD main-evented this PPV? Can you even IMAGINE that happening today? Before the match, Suzuki sung "Born in the USA" and danced a whacky dance. VIVA KENZO SUZUKI~! Crowd was REALLY into Rey & RVD as a team. Match ended when Dupree blocked Rey from "Dropping the Dime", RVD did a flip onto Rene outside, and Suzuki pinned Mysterio while using the ropes for leverage. Good match.

Big Show v. Kurt Angle: Show debuted his bald look here. Show won by countout when Kurt ran away, but Teddy Long ordered Angle back to the ring. Kurt tried using the tranqualizer gun (never thought I'd say THAT), but Show broke it, and chokeslammed Kurt off the top rope for the win. Average match.

A CARLITO CARRIBEAN COOL vignette aired! I know these vignettes are just re-treads of the old Razor Ramon vignettes, but does that mean that I have to love them any less? VIVA TRIPLE C~!

John Cena v. Booker T: Cena won with the FU. Suprising considering that he's supposedly gonna' be gone next month, filming his movie. Okay match.

They showed a clip of Undertaker beating Austin at Over the Edge 1999. Whenever they show clips of that show, a chill runs up my spine.

Dudleyz & Dawn Marie v. Rico, Haas, & Jackie: Rico won via a moonsault. Good match for what it was. Fun spots, including Rico kissing Bubba Ray, and Rico preventing D-Von for hitting the 'Wazzup' spot by rubbing his thighs. More Dawn/Jackie cat-fighting.

Undertaker v. JBL: Well, thank god, Undertaker didn't win the title. Match was slow and boring. JBL juiced heavily. The crowd finally woke up when Undertaker chokeslammed JBL through the announce table in a brutal-looking spot. Undertaker went to put JBL in the hearse, but Heidenreich popped out and attacked 'Taker, used ether, and put UT in the hearse. However, Undertaker sat up, and attacked Jon and John, but JBL hit the Clothesline from Hell and stuffed Undertaker in the hearse to win the match.

Afterward, it was revealed Paul Heyman was driving the hearse, and Jon Heidenreich crashed a truck into it, thus killing Undertaker (again). Paul & Jon then ran away. Would have been much more effective if Heidenreich got out of the truck and proclaimed "That was a poem... by HEIDENREICH!"

Okay PPV. Nothing really good, but it was solid and there was no really bad match, although the main-event was dying before the table-spot.

The answer to WWE's financial problems...

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Lap cheong

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I've been a pro wrestling fans since the late 80's. Since, the Mega Powers Explode at Wrestlemania V, then I have been watching this stuff week in and week out.

Finally, I think what I watched tonight actually made me want my money back because of disastifaction for once. I've been disatified before but this is a new low level for me and the WWE.

Can we acutally complain somewhere? tommorrow I'll be glad I saw the darn thing. Anyways...I feel like John Kerry going I hate the WWE but by the next day I love them.

-I'm not to impressed they kept JBL as champion.

-Booker should still be champion. Cena is still HUGE fan favorite right now so I think they want to still capitalize on that.

-The tag match with the champions was fair.

-Overall like some people said on the net...this was more another glorifed Smackdown show.

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.44

Star of the Night: Paul London. He earned his paycheck tonight.


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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.73
This was really the first time in a while that I was even remotely interested in anything SmackDown wise. And that's just on paper. In practice, the PPV exceeded my expectations.

Eddie Guerrero Vs. Luther Reigns
Weird choice for an opener, considering you had the six-person match that had 'PPV opener' written all over it. Still, Reigns wasn't nearly as bad as I figured he'd be in his first big match. And no matter how many times Eddie pulls out the 'fake out the ref, then cheat' finish, it's always a classic.

Spike Dudley Vs. Nunzio
Not bad at all. Glad they gave this the time to develop. Surprising that Johnny The Bull wasn't more aggressive until the very end. But nice cruiserweight match.

Paul London Vs. Billy Kidman
Easily match of the night. I like that they're finally going to give Kidman a decent heel push, and it doesn't even necessarily that they have to keep him in the cruiserweight division to do it. Great action and you can't help but like the beatdown afterwards.

RVD and Rey Rey Vs. Suzuki and Dupree
Ehhh. Not bad, but nothing terrific, either. Predictable; I'll give it that much.

Big Show Vs. Kurt Angle
Terrific match; one of Show's best ever. The new look kind of makes him look like an extremely tall Bastion Booger, but whatever. Angle showed signs of his usual brilliance, and Show was in the zone.

John Cena Vs. Booker T
I actually was falling asleep during this one - not because it was overly boring - but I was just kind of tired. By the time I'd grabbed a Pepsi to recaffienate myself, the match was over. Hard to judge that one, on that basis.

Rico, Charlie and Jackie Vs. Dudley Boyz and Dawn Marie
I actually missed Rico's antics. Though I didn't know it until tonight. The kiss spot was utterly and nonetheless hilarious. Match itself wasn't bad at all, though again, I would have used this as the opener, not the second-to-last match.

Undertaker Vs. JBL
Ok, I admit it: Bradshaw is FINALLY growing on me. As soon as Heidenreich didn't appear backstage, I knew what the finish was going to be. Still, that didn't detract from this match at all. Both guys worked their asses off for a change, and it made for a nice little brawl. Sure, the aftermatch was cheesy as hell, but nothing wrong with it if it makes sense.

I can see the following feuds from here: Bradshaw Vs. Big Show, Undertaker Vs. Heidenreich, Cena Vs. Angle and Guerrero Vs. maybe Booker T. Which makes for much better prospects on SmackDown then, well, most of 2004.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.74
No Mercy Thoughts:

Eddy v.s Luther was okay for what I saw (missed the first part of the match). I like how they keep coming up with new ways for Eddy to "lie, cheat and steal". And he plays the character so well too....Spike v.s Nunzio was pretty good, but I liked their exchanges on Smackdown last week better. The fans have gotten no real reason to cheer Nunzio, other than the fact that he's NOT Spike. Good near-falls in this match....

Kidman/London had some good psychology, and was a good match to boot. I would've been nervous if I was London taking Kidman's first SSP since the Chavo incident. And it didn't look too good, either. At first I thought the blood was coming from his nose (again), but then they said it was "internal" so he musta bit the "blood" capsule....Tag match gets four stars just for Kenzo singing....Angle/Show was pretty decent, too....

Surprised at the Cena win on one hand, but on the other hand, he's still hugely over....The six man- er, person match was fun, which is about all you could ask for that....The main event was kind of agonizingly slow. It would be spot, slow crawl for 5 minutes, then another spot....Not a horrible PPV, especially considering where the Smackdown brand was a few months ago.

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.27
And somehow I managed to get every goddamn match correctly predicted. Okay, fine, I said Angle would win if the Undertaker did (and neither did), so technically I stretched it. I'm wondering where else they can go with the JBL reign other than a Survivor Series JBL/Eddie/Angle/Show 4-way and a Taker/Heidenreich match.

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.26
I was there, and the crowd was pretty hot all night, though not nearly a sellout, which was surprising, as Jersey is the heart of WWE country.

Not a great show, but I had a good time and didn't feel ripped off.

And I think they may use Big Show to transition the title to Angle.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.63
Not a bad show, the crowd was terrible unfortunatley, i think i saw sign guy in the crowd but i thought he was from the Texas area. london/Kidman, 6-person tag, and ME were good-very good, rest of the card was ok-good. Kenzo singing was absolutley awful, the sooner he's off my TV the better. Cole was relly saying dumb stuff tonight lie ''If you've never seen Taker's intro, your in for a treat''
El Pescado

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From: Toms River, NJ

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.91
    Originally posted by hhhgamewmx7
    Not a bad show, the crowd was terrible

I don't know, I was there and the crowd seemed really hot all night long. Everyone was kinda disappointed that The Undertaker didn't win, but hey, what can you do?

After the show ended we got Bradshaw back in the ring telling us how much we suck, how terrible New Jersey is, and that you never bet against Bradshaw. I was kinda hoping someone would come out and shut him up, but he just walked to the back after gloating for a while.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.63
This was my take on the crowd. Pretty hot for Eddie, 90% dead for cruiser, 90% dead for London/Kidman, pretty hot for RVD/Mysterio, average for Angle/Show, they were pretty hot for Cena but not great through the match, they were up for the 6-way tag but then dead for most of JBL/Taker and only hot at the end.
Cherries > Peaches

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.47
I don't know why I didn't have very high expectations for this show, but it turnde out to be very entertaining! (Tough problem, setting the expectations high enough that people buy the PPV, but not so high that they're disappointed.) It was a good PPV!

Luther was perfectly acceptable, (Which is better than I'd feared. :-) ) Eddie ran the whole thing, & made this a perfectly decent opener. The strategically placed security guard was funny, & the wealth of ways that Eddie finds to cheat is wonderful. Luther's coming along just fine -- the fact that they're not overpushing him means that he's probably a long-term prospect. Mark Jindrak though, just doesn't do a thing for me. Yes, he's gorgeous from the neck down, but that's the *only* thing I've ever gotten from him; but apparently he's impressed somebody, 'cause they do keep trying with him.

Dawn was pretty good invading Jackie's dressing room. They told Dawn that they're giving her some visibility, & she's working it! I kinda like where we are with this angle so far. Jackie ... just stood there holding her tits.

Spike vs. Nunzio was very good cruiserweight stuff. I would have liked to see Stamboli being more responsive to D'Von & Bubba. Pity (in plotline) that they lost Palumbo -- would have evened up the numbers. :-)

Kidman vs. London may have been the match that I was most interested in coming in. I just love Paul London's work! Kidman can be quite good, when he's got something useful to do & somebody good to work with. They had this built up well, it was good wrestling, interesting direction. Billy telling the crowd "You made me do it." is a bold direction, but very good. Overall excellent!

I'm not big on JBL in-ring, never have been. But he does give good promo. Even in the piece with Josh, where he couldn't quite bring himself to "guarantee" he'd win -- nice setup.

I really enjoyed Dupree/Suzuki vs. RVD/Rey! Dupree is getting increasingly excellent at working the crowd, & he's even keeping Kenzo interesting. Tazz line "I've never been so happy to see Rob Van Dam" as Rob's entrance finally interrupted Kenzo's "Born in the USA" was great. Rene & Rob did a hilarious, comic-book opening set with I'll-dodge-you-miss -- that actually set the tone that this would be fun & entertaining, & no attempt at anything like high drama. (That's a key point -- it can be fun & entertaining -- it doesn't have to be all grr-grr-bff-bff.) Rob & Rey's "stereo hilos" was a beautiful thing. Having Rey work with somebody else who can bounce around too, especially with opponents who are bigger-but-still-mobile is a really nice matching. I'm not generally a big RVD fan, but I was quite happy with him in this match. Really fun stuff!

Kurt vs. Big Show was excellent story. Show doing pressups with Kurt over his head is still an impressive thing. And Show just tossing Kurt around so dominantly was well done. Kurt's ambivalence to the restart was classic. The way that Kurt did finally figure out how to get his offence in was very effective & well done. Kurt hanging off Big Show's leg ovr the edge of the ring was a great visual. This could have been so "same ol'", & wasn't at all -- very well done match.

Booker vs. Cena was ... fine. I think it was Cole who, at some point, said somethng like, "That match was a mirror image of every match in the series." I'm not sure just what he meant to convey, but, yeah, that match was pretty much the same as every match in the series. Cena wasn't nearly as "connected" with the crowd as he usually is -- if you told me that he'd just gotten off a plane from Australia, I wouldn't be suprised. There wasn't anything that was particularly bad or wrong -- this is where the "same ol'" was.

Dawn & the Dudleys (I like the cadence of that) vs. Jackie, Rico & Charlie (in matching lavender) had some really good, fun stuff. A world-class, classic wrestling match -- no. Fun stuff -- definitely. The girls catfighting was the primary objective, but it was actually a decent catfight -- better than if they'd tried to wrestle. Dawn's gotten all those blond highlights -- presumably to confuse Charlie all the more -- nice plot point. :-) Charlie isn't doing anything to deny Dawn's allegations -- he's guilty!! :-)
And then there's Rico. I love Rico! Rico is great! He kissed Bubba, & he invited D'Von on down for the Whussup! I think the downtime was good for him -- his work is looking very good these days, & there's something about the moonsault as a finisher that always makes me grin. I love Rico!

Undertaker vs. JBL worked out well. We knew there'd be shenanigans. The fact that they teased opening the hearse door early on, but specifically didn't told us that JBL had somebody planted in there -- it was just a matter of who. Very dominant Undertaker throughout most of the match was the right thing, & Taker was definitely on. Nice chokeslam from Tazz' table through the spanish announce table. Particularly effective blood after the tombstone. (Not such an obvious slice -- for whatever reason, it looked good.) I was really with this match the whole way. And, finally, the suprise in the hearse is Heidenreich! (Chloroform. By Heidenreich.) I didn't see that coming at all. The Taker situp in the hearse was fabulously classic. (Worth whatever it cost to put the camera in there!) This was good -- I was with it.

And then we get backstage, & the driver is Paulie! I'd missed Paulie! He kinda vanished for a couple of weeks there. :-) You look around the locker room & ask "Who's really an adequate foil for the Undertaker?" And the answer is Paul Heyman! Excellent, excellent! We'd kinda left the last Undertaker/Paulie interaction with Paulie begging for mercy ... & here we are at No Mercy. Very nice!

This was a good, fun, entertaining PPV. I'm happy with my $$$ outlay, & glad I saw it!

One additional thing: It had occurred to me that in some of the PPVs recently, there was way too much "go slow", be deliberate -- to the point where the matches overall left me mostly bored. There was none of that in this show. Maybe scheduling 8 matches was useful, or maybe that was a more deliberate decision. That aspect of the show was very, very good!

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.42
    Originally posted by Mayhem

    Star of the Night: Paul London. He earned his paycheck tonight.

Spot on he worked hard and he seems destined for bigger things..IMO

    Originally posted by canadian bulldog

    Big Show Vs. Kurt Angle
    Terrific match; one of Show's best ever. The new look kind of makes him look like an extremely tall Bastion Booger, but whatever. Angle showed signs of his usual brilliance, and Show was in the zone

    I can see the following feuds from here: Bradshaw Vs. Big Show, Undertaker Vs. Heidenreich, Cena Vs. Angle and Guerrero Vs. maybe Booker T. Which makes for much better prospects on SmackDown then, well, most of 2004.
    I thought more like King Kong Bundy...good match but Show is awesome and where to now? Bradshaw/Show?

I thought he was more like King Kong Bundy IMO

Did Undertaker die or badly banged up? Does this signal the return of the American Badass? Or will UT have a break then come back and destroy Heidenreich AFTER Heidenreich goes through everyone and ends up at Survivor looking like getting a spot for a world title shot? then UT comes out and beats up on him ..and Heidenreich misses out

    Originally posted by emma

    And then we get backstage, & the driver is Paulie! I'd missed Paulie! He kinda vanished for a couple of weeks there. :-) You look around the locker room & ask "Who's really an adequate foil for the Undertaker?" And the answer is Paul Heyman! Excellent, excellent! We'd kinda left the last Undertaker/Paulie interaction with Paulie begging for mercy ... & here we are at No Mercy. Very nice!

My mate was extremely P***** off with PH he thought it was a joke ending..I didnt, it had consistency from The Paul Bearer ending...He got Heidenreich to protect him from UT and Heidenreich got the first strike in

Overall a good show and like most thought the Vignettes of UT predicted another win ..just means more JBL (yawn) Eddie finally won a match(yay) and Dawn Marie and Jackie can bit** fight as long as they want.

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.01
I somewhat called Kidman reaction, I did think London might have had a cheap roll up win after Kidman hits his first Shooting star press but they had the pin then Kidman states that the fans made him do it and then do it again. That's pretty smart I think... I think it would have been a little better if they didn't show their hand on Thursday with Kidman's chair shot, but I guess they wanted to make it obvious who the heel is going in to get the desired crowd reaction for the match.

Did Cole actually say that the Booker & Cena match was a mirror image of their previous four matches lol... Yeah Cole that could be the problem why the best out of 5 series flopped.

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