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The W - Pro Wrestling - Wrestling History Question
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Remember when Jericho "won" the WWF title for the first time on Raw over HHH, only to be screwed out of it about 15 minutes later? Does anybody remember when exactly that was? I was searchin' through the CRZ archives, hoping to re-live the moment, but alas, my memory has failed me, and I have been unable to find it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Texas Kelly
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It was the 4/17/00 RAW at Penn State:

CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO v. TREBLE H (with Skippy & Stephy) in a nontitle match - It's WRESTLING time! WRESTLING! Remember WRESTLING? WRESTLING! And THIS a grudge match. Backstage, H tells us that he remembers every word he said last Thursday and TONIGHT, he'll show her how a REAL husband defends the honour of his wife! "Welcome to RAW is JERICHO! And it seems that Y2J is in hot water yet agayne. Last week, I was punished for calling Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley a bargain basement slut - yeah - and I also called her the filthiest, dirtiest, most disgustingly skankiest, brutal, bottom-feeding trashbag ho I had ever - EEEEEEVER - seen in my life. So I came out here tonight to apologise. [boos] I came to apologise to all of the bargain basement sluts...and to all of the filthy, disgusting, dirty, skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding, trashbag ho's - I apologise for even comparing you to the miserable slimeball pig that IS Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. So I apologise for offending anybody (with the exception of Stephy Baby)." "My Time" fires up and H actually RUSHES the ring, but Jericho takes a hike. He's not done talking, I guess...but first, this "asshole" chant. "How valiant and touching it is, Triple H, that you come down for the honour of your wife - I mean, that's really touching, but I think if you think she's really special, and you wanna REALLY impress her, I think you should put that title on the line. *I* think you should make this match tonight for the World Wrestling Federation championship!" H says he's on - that ain't too brainy. "Well NOW that this match is officially a World Wrestling Federation championship match, I hear - you don't mind that I invested in a little insurance policy for this match only...ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, say hello to my little friends ...THE ACOLYTES." The "WWF Championship" graphic puts in an appearance as Faarooq and Bradshaw walk to the ring puting on their ass-kickin' gloves. Hey, where's Mideon been lately? Triple H trying to get in the first shot while everybody watches the APA - Jericho ducks, off the ropes, flying forearm! Jericho punching away - now kicking away. Chop, chop, chop, into the opposite corner is reversed, Jericho ducks a clothesline, drop toehold, clothesline - punching away on him - H shrugs him off. Right, chop, "Y2J" chant - right, right, reversal into the ropes, gutshot, H off the ropes, but Jericho backdrops him over the top rope to the floor. Shane wants to come over, but the Acolytes keep H alone - baseball slide dropkick is stepped aside - Jericho eats a right. Shane tries again to come over - but the Acolytes threaten him away. Jericho rolled back in while the crowd works an "asshole" groove. Springboard dropkick by Jericho as H gets on the apron! Jericho grabs H by the hair and brings him in with a suplex - no, H blocks, then drops down and throats Jericho with a hot shot. H in - ducking a charge and hitting a high knee. Gusthot, kick, kick, stomp, stomp, blatant choke, referee "Blind" Jim Chioda forcing him off. H with punches - again ignoring the ref's five count. H goes outside, puts Jericho across the apron, and drops an elbow. "Shane's a pussy" chant from the crowd. Off the steps with another elbow to the sternum - Jericho falls to the floor. H tries to put Jericho's head to the commentary table, but it's blocked - Jericho puts HIS head to the table - but misses on a charge when H puts up a big boot and Jericho EATS it. Triple H with a MASSIVE whip into the STEEL steps. H back in the ring and posing. Here's a Castrol Motor Oily Double Feature of the steps shot. Jericho brought back into the ring - nice half hour suplex by Triple H. Ready to drop the knee - and does so - cover - ONLY 2! H mounts Jericho and punches away - then shoves aside Chioda to dish out some more punishment to Jericho. Jericho's lip is bleeding (maybe). Jericho, still, comes back with punches. Into the ropes, but H DDT's Jericho. H clmibing to the top - but Jericho is over to beal him across the ring! Triple H is Ric Flair! Jericho ducks a clothesline, chop, elbow, elbow, into the ropes, back elbow, gutshot, right, opposite corner whip is reversed, Jericho puts up a boot - second rope dropkick! 1, 2, NO!!!!! Crowd thought Jericho was gonna win there. Into the ropes, H ducks, gutshot, Pedigree dcoming up - no, Jericho with a double leg - going for the Walls of Jericho - but he can't turn him. Shane desperately looking for a way to interfere and not incur the wrath of the APA - Jericho tries a catapult instead, since he can't get him over - unfortunately, he collides with Chioda (what is this, WCW?) - Jericho with a bulldog, and he's climbing to the top - but Shane is over...and he crotches him! The Acolytes are quickly over and Shane SPRINTS around, then through the ring and out of the picture. Stephanie takes this chance to slide in the belt. H ready to go for it - but Jericho is up with a gutshot and HE uses the belt! Jericho covers - the crowd counts to three but there's no ref - wait, here's senior referee "BLIND" EARL HEBNER - 1, 2, no! Off the ropes, H manages a facebuster. H and Hebner share a few words - shove - Hebner shoves back! H shoves him down to the mat - Jericho takes advantage, catching H as he turns around with a spinning heel kick! AND THERE'S THE LIONSAULT! Hebner quick counts H - 1 2 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a NEW World Wrestling Federation champion! (8:39) H goes after Hebner, but the Acolytes stave him off. H heads back to the ring, but Jericho slips out and runs around to join the APA. In the ring, Stephanie and Triple H are HOT. I have a feeling we just might see a rematch before this show is out...but for now, it just MIGHT be time to proclaim that Chris Jericho made the right choice. I'd add "Now THAT'S how you book a swerve" but I know how that might incite you to send me email, and we don't want that.
Moments Ago, Jericho took advantage of a distracted Triple H to take down the champion with a spinning heel kick and a quebrada - and-a onetwothree. Nice reaction from Triple H post-match as well.

Backstage, Shane and Triple H drag Earl Hebner and (a still groggy) Mike Chioda out of the referee's locker room...

And now they're all back out to the ring. Shane has Hebner in a facelock - now H does - here's a mic for H as Shane holds him in a full nelson. "Earl, you know you just screwed me - you just jobbed me out, pal, you know it. Now you've been told before, all right? Now this is the official - the assigned official, Mike Chioda, you were the legal referee in that match, right? Not this piece o' crap right here. I want you to look at the footage from that match, and I want you to tell me if that wasn't a scerwjob. Kevin Dunn, put that footage up. Tell me that wasn't a fast count! Tell me that wasn't the fastest count you've ever seen. I - WAS - SCREWED! Earl Hebner jobbed me out, you saw it, the world saw it. Now - I want your *unbiased*, *professional* opinion of what you just saw - did I get screwed or not?" "Earl - that was a fast count - you screwed Triple H. You got it - you screwed Triple H - that was a fast count - that was a fast count." "All right - Mike, go. Thank you very much. Now - you heard that, it was a fast count! The official referee of that match said you screwed me - now Earl, I want you, in front of the whole world, and in front of these idiots here, to tell everybody that you - shut the hell up - that you are going to reverse that decision - that I AM THE World Wrestling Federation champion - that that match with Chris Jericho never took place - these people didn't see a damn thing - it will be stricken from the record books - it NEVER EVER happened - Earl, reverse that decision - NOW. Come on, Earl! You know it's right!"


Shane's ready to bust him up, but Hebner apparently thinks better of it and asks him to hold it. About a hundred times. "Holditholditholdit - hold it! I'll reverse the decision...on one term. That is - nobody touches me as long as I'm a WWF referee, as long as my life, and that goes for YOU - YOU - and YOU - that you'll NEVER put your damn hands on me again!" "Let me get this straight - you'll reverse the decision as long as, while you're a World Wrestling Federation official, we never ever harm you or touch you again. That right? Then you've got a deal. Now, you tell me - are you gonna reverse that decision?" "Yes I am." "Then you go back there right now and you get my World Wrestling Federation championship belt, from around the waist of that sawed-off midget Chris Jericho - you bring it back out here and give it to me in the middle of this ring, and you do it - NOW." While Hebner walks off - doesn't anybody else have a feeling that H is set to fire him right after he gets his belt back? Triple H tells the crowd that they didn't see a damn thing. Chris Jericho isn't even in his league. At the top of the ramp, Hebner meets CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO, who comes out wearing the title around his waist. "Shut the hell up. So you're telling me, Triple H, that I have to give up the World Wrestling Federation title because that match never took place? You're telling me I have to give up the World Wrestling Federation title because these Jerichoholics never saw me beat you in the middle of this ring for that championship? Well, I guess we can all believe that. And so I guess it's also not true that your wife Stephanie has not SLEPT with half the boys in that locker room either! I guess we can't believe that either, huh?" Hebner brings the title belt to Triple H - and hands it over. "No, Earl, that's not good enough - I want you to put it around my waist where it belongs." H rasises his arms - and Hebner complies. "Now Earl, before you go...I wanna talk about our little deal we made. You're right, hey, I'm a man of my word, Earl, and as long as you are a World Wrestling Federation official, nobody, not Shane, not Vince, not Steph, not even myself will ever lay a hand on you again. I promise you, that, okay? Oh yeah, but there's one other thing I forgot to tell ya, Earl...your ass is FIRED." Shane laces his arms and H PASTES him with a right. Shane and Triple H stomp away, and now he's assuming the position - Pedigree coming up! THE OTHER 7 REFS hit the ring and try to keep Hebner away from any more damage - Garea and Slaughter are with them as well. Hit H's music, one more pose...and it's time for a short word from our sponsors.

"Oh - oh! Well well well well! It's twenty-four hours after the Royal Rumble and GUESS who is still the Undisputed Champion of the World - ME! Yeah, and I tried to warn all of you - I tried to tell you I was not a joke. I tried to tell you to take me seriously, but what did you do, huh? What did you do? On Sunday, you invited all your little friends over to watch the Royal Rumble, you called up Frank and said, 'hey Frank, you wanna come watch the Rock kick Chris Jericho's ass?' And Frank said, Frank said 'oh sure, I wanna see the Rock win the Undisputed Championship and go all the way to WrestleMania.' I mean, it's a foregone conclusion, right? The Rock is gonna win! The Rock is gonna win! The Rock is going to win, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU believed in your hearts that the Rock was going to win but GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. The Rock - The Rock - The Rock...LOST. CHRIS JERICHO - WON. And even if you don't like it, you have to appreciate and acknowledge all that I've accomplished, because everything that I've done is far too gigantic to be ignored!"

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Not sure about the *exact* date, but it was a Raw in April 2000. I believe it wasn't the night after Wrestlemania, but the following week. Hope that helps some.

edit: Looks like I was beaten to the punch, and then some!

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Keith Myath

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April 17, 2000, Patriot's Day

"I'll @#%! 'til you love me, you @#!!$%!" --Mike Tyson to a reporter who said he should be put in a straightjacket, Jan. 22, 2002

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Thank y'all very much!


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Wrestlemania X8 is on March 17, that's kinda weird isn't it? Almost 2 years to day they meet again... though I'm sure they've before since then, but still...

How does it feel? SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!!
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I actually remember a women's match being pretty entertaining. And also notable for my girlfriend at the time hilariously booing Trish Stratus because I commented on her hotness. Girls are silly.
- sentonBOMB, Wrestlemania XIX (2004)
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