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22.6.18 1804
The W - Pro Wrestling - Wrestlemania XXI Predictions (Page 2)
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HHH vs. Batista: Batistaís got so much momentum going right now that itís virtually unthinkable that heíll lose this one. And while HHH is the only heel champion to ever retain at ĎMania (twice, no less!), I donít see him doing it here. If anything, the only thing that has me skeptical is how vulnerable theyíve been showing HHH to be going into this one. He hasnít one-upped Batista at any point in this feud, which may actually hurt the match itself. Benoitís win last year was sweet because they planted seeds of doubt that heíd be able to do it. The message this year is that Batista has had HHHís number in every conceivable way, so his taking the title is just another step for him. Winner: Batista

JBL vs. Cena: I donít see them doing two title swaps on the same show. And since the brand split, the challenger has always retained in an undercard Heavyweight Title match (yeah, there have only been two ĎManias since then, but itís still worth pointing out). Winner: JBL

Money In The Bank Match: Kaneís the ďunstoppableĒ monster of this match-up, which automatically means he wonít win. Jericho and Christian are both top-shelf workers in the ring and on the mic, but I donít see them winning. Benjaminís a longshot, but still needs to develop a personality for fans to click with. So that leaves Benoit and Edge. I see Benoit doing it, and screwing Edge over in the process. Or possibly even having the two of them remove it at the same time, leading to confusion (and a brief feud) over who really gets the title shot. Either way, winner: Benoit.

Trish vs. Christy: Having no talent and holding a title only works if youíre a heel. Christy doesnít need the belt, and would be for the womenís division what David Arquette was for WCW. Winner: Trish.

Angle vs. Michaels: I really donít see Angle winning this one. Heís the heel, heís been largely one-upping Shawn the entire feud, and heíd be largely free of any come-uppance if he won. Winner: HBK

Eddie vs. Rey: There will be some lying, cheating, and stealing that will plant some friction in their team. Winner: Eddie.

Big Show vs. Akebono: Akebono isnít going to lose his match on a ďfakeĒ show. Winner: Akebono.

Taker vs. Orton: I donít see them throwing away Takerís streak on a last-minute addition to the card, and Orton hasnít proven that he deserves to be the one to end it. Winner: Taker.

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Hmm, it seems I only post on certain prediction threads. I lurk too much. Anyways... I'll use my own logic, instead of "WWE Logic" so I figure I won't do very well.

Batista vs. HHH

John Cena vs.John Bradshaw Layfield

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton vs. Undertaker

Big Show vs. Akebono
Uhh... I say Big Show loses due to interference from Reigns. Somehow. I don't know. Akebono.

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

Trish vs. Christy Hemme

Money In The Bank Ladder Match


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In order of how well I think they've built the matches:

HHH via Flair interference (25 minutes), both bleed

Benoit (he's the most over and can carry Batista in a 3 way) - 40 minutes

Cena - a face has to win a major title, 22 minutes

Taker in 20 minutes w/ lots of blood

HBK in only 10 minutes, HBK bleeds

Trish - via Matt Hardy interference as he's pissed at Lita, other Divas run in to get them on the card

Akebono via Reigns throwing salt in Show's face - 5 minute

Rey - but they only get 12 minutes

Bonus multi way, 2 fall nontitle tag team - Regal/Tajiri retain over La Resistance, Dupree/Holly, Hurricane/Rosey, Booker/London, Bashams, Maven/Dean Snitsky/Heidencrap- gets everyone on the card - takes all of 6 minutes

Hall of Fame recap - 10 minutes

Piper's Pit - plug Running Man, Hassan, Daivari eat stunners - 10 minutes

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Hey... let's do this:

World Title Match
Triple H v. Batista

Well, the time to pull the switch on Batista is now, and a loss would definitley kill a lot of momentum he has gained. This should be last on the card, so they should send the crowd home happy. I have to wonder how good this match will be, as it was fair at best when I saw it three weeks ago. However, with tight booking, lots of smoke & mirrors (blood, weapons, etc.), and a motivated Hunter it should turn out fine.
WINNER: Batista

WWE Title Match
John Bradshaw Layfield v. John Cena

Another match that's quality is in question. I haven't been able to see most of the buildup, and really the only thing I've seen is the stuff they did at No Way Out and last week's debate. Cena is super over with the crowd. On the one hand, I'm not sure if they'll do two face wins. On the other hand, they did it last year, and Cena is another guy who I think they should pull the switch on now.
WINNER: John Cena

Shawn Michaels v. Kurt Angle

The buildup to this has been excellent, so it should be a hot match. While both guys are past their primes, they also both pull out everything they've got when it comes to big matches, so I'd expect a **** match at least. I'm not 100% sure who'll win. However, I see Undertaker winning his match, and also say the faces will win the two title matches, so why not put a heel over here?
WINNER: Kurt Angle

Undertaker v. Randy Orton

This match could go either way quality-wise. Both of these guys can be good when really motivated and really not good when they're not motivated. Since it's WrestleMania, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that I see them pulling out a good match. Orton should go over in theory, but I don't see 'Taker jobbing at 'Mania... ever.
WINNER: Undertaker

Money in the Bank, Ladder Match
Chris Benoit v. Chris Jericho v. Kane v. Shelton Benjamin v. Edge v. Christian

This should be quite awesome, as you have 5 of the best workers in the company, and Kane will probably do what he did in that RAW TLC match: lay down and let the workers work. Kane won't win because he had the advantage on Monday. Shelton probably won't win because he never does. Same deal with Christian. I don't see Jericho winning this either. I'd say it's a toss-up between Benoit & Edge. I'll go with Edge, since he's the main heel and will probably be fed as Batista's first opponent.

Eddie Guerrero v. Rey Mysterio

I'm predicting this to be match of the night. No clue who'll pull this out. I could see Eddie winning via Chavo interference. I also could see Rey winning as an upset. I like that last one better, so...
WINNER: Rey Mysterio

Sumo Match
Big Show v. Akebono

Oh god, why? If it's a shoot then Akebono wins. If it's a work then Show wins. Personally: Don't care, don't have to.
WINNER: uh, Big Show?

WWE Women's Title Match
Trish Stratus v. Christy Hemme

You know that, as things stand now, this is the only title aside from the two world titles that is being defended at WrestleMania? Way to make the belts seem important, guys! My head says Christy Hemme will win, but my heart says that WWE realizes Christy's flaw (ie, can't wrestle) and let's Trish keep the belt. I'll go with my heart, although I fear my head is right.
WINNER: Trish Stratus

Rumored matches

WWE United States Title Match
Orlando Jordan v. Booker T

I believe on SmackDown last Thursday that Michael Cole said that OJ would be defending the belt at WrestleMania. Since Booker doesn't have a match yet, he gets honors. I'll say they let OJ keep the belt since he just won it, although I wouldn't mind seeing someone else holding the thing.
WINNER: Orlando Jordan

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero v. Paul London

This was originally planned for the card, but is now in question due to Chavo's injury. I'm hoping Guerrero is ready to go and they add this to the card, because I was all excited to see Paul London actually get on the card of WrestleMania. Not sure if they'll actually add this, though.
WINNER: Paul London

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Is this the first WrestleMania ever without any tag matches at all? Not just no tag title match, but there's NO tag matches period. Sort of like a reverse WM 2000 where there were no straight up singles one-on-one matches at all.

--Monte N

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Batista vs. HHH:

Since the Rumble winner normally has his title shot as the last match, this ~should~ go 30+ minutes. Either Batista and HHH have been scripting this match for a month now or Dave blows up 10 minutes in and gets carried the rest of the way by Trips. Either way, send the fans home happy, give Batista the title and let HHH take it back at Backlash.

Winner: Batista.

JBL vs. John Cena:

I do not like John Cena. I do not like the character, I do not like the mannerisms, I do not like the way he works, I do not like him as a face. In a perfect world, this would be a four minute squash. Beating, beating, beating, Clothesline from Hell, cover, pin, JBL retains. JBL brings out Farooq and the rest of the Cabinet and Cena eats a Dominator through the limo. Cena recovers to challenge for the title again in May with the stip that if he loses, he has to come out to the West Texas Rednecks music for the rest of his career. Cena loses, and after the match Steph comes out and slaps him for ever wearing that Vanilla Ice costume.

I do not like John Cena.

Winner: JBL.

HBK vs. Kurt Angle:

My heart says Kurt, and having him lose three straight WM main events is something I'd hate to see. But HBK is HBK and... oh, screw it, go Kurt!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker:

As much as I don't like Orton (face or heel) I hate the Undertaker even more, and I can see him retiring before WM22. Thus, get the streak over with this year and let Orton go to Smackdown as the dickish heel that ended 'the streak.'

Winner: Randy Orton.

Mysterio vs. Guerrero:

If Angle/HBK isn't MOTN, this will be. Expect it to go 20+ and have a lot of sneaky Eddie cheating. I also predict some kind of 'off the lowrider' shenanigans.

Winner: Eddie.

Trish vs. Christy:


Winner: Trish.

Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero:

Probably the Heat match (if it's happening? I dunno) but will be strong nonetheless. London wins and hopefullly starts a long run as CW champ.

Winner: London.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Lots of interference here since half the Raw roster doesn't have a spot on the card. More than half a dozen broken tables and Edge sneaks up and grabs the briefcase. I'd love to see him use the shot right after the Batista/HHH match, but it'll probably be saved for Summerslam or later.

Winner: Edge, with a possible double-grab with Christian or Benoit.

Big Show vs. Akebono:

Hogan comes out and bodyslams them both. Who cares.

Winner: My bladder.

Piper's Pit: Piper and Marty Jannetty throw SCSA through a smoking skull glass window. Again, who cares.

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First time I'm doing this. Here we go...

My picks for Wrestlemania are:

Triple H defeats Batista

JBL defeats Cena

Michaels defeats Angle

Undertaker defeats Orton

Edge wins Money in the Bank Match

Guerrero defeats Mysterio

Akebono defeats Big Show

Christy defeats Trish

I'll be looking forward to that Sumo Match most of all, since I'm a big fan of Sumo wrestling. If only ESPN showed Sumo at least once a week, I'd be a happy, happy man.

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World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (C) vs Batista:
I will never pick against HHH. Much as I'd think a Flair turn leading to his downfall would make sense, I've been burned too many times to ever pick against HHH
Prediction: HHH

WWE Title: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs John Cena: They've gotta have one new champ

......don't they?
Prediction: John Cena

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels: Angle after Marty returns for revenge.....against Shawn
Prediction: Kurt Angle

Undertaker vs Randy Orton: Psh. I shall sit back and be glad that Taker is an old non jobbing crotchety asshole, as Randy gets deservedly squashed dead
Prediction: Undertaker

Sumo Match: Big Show vs Akebono: Why would they possibly bring in Akebono to lose?
Prediction: Akebono

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio: Eddie after an unwanted assist from Chavo
Prediction: Eddie Guerrero

WWE Women's Title: Trish Stratus (C) vs Christy Hemme: I'm guessing Trish beats her down for several minutes, toys with her, gets caught in a small package and beaten
Prediction: Christy Hemme

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Benoit vs Edge vs Christian vs Kane vs Chris Jericho: Edge, I suppose. And yes, I can see him using his option for the match the next night on Raw.....except he'll manage to lose that too
Prediction: Edge
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-Batista will beat HHH to become World Heavyweight Champion.

If this doesn't happen, Batista's huge push has basically been meaningless. Strike while the iron's hot, as who knows how long Batista will remain as popular as he is now. Giving him the belt now will ensure that he keeps that popularity longer than if he loses to HHH.

-Cena will beat JBL to become WWE Champion.

Basically the same reasoning as with Batista, here. However, if Cena is screwed out of the title here by the Cabinet, it won't be as bad as Batista not winning the belt. Cena has that kind of steady popularity that will keep him afloat past Wrestlemania to a a title win in the hopefully-not-so-distant future.

-Undertaker will continue the streak and beat Orton

All Orton has done is talked some smack, and shown up at Smackdown once. That's not the stuff legendary feuds are made of, and breaking a 12 match winning streak is something that should be done in a legendary feud, not some seemingly random match with a poorly built story around it.

-Angle will beat HBK

No real reason, other than the fact that I like Angle much more than Michaels. Also, it seems that HBK wins all the time, and Angle doesn't. Throw him a frickin bone here. Something that could be so as to not have this be utterly decisive is to have angle use nefarious means to injure HBK's ankle in the middle of the match, and slowly work on it for the eventual submission. HBK could blame cheating, and Angle could still have a win with a relatively clean finish.

-Shelton Benjamin wins the 6-way Ladder Match

I don't think the person who wins this match will be using their contract anytime soon. Why say that it's good for a year, if someone is going to use it within the first couple of months. I'd like to see Shelton win here, and actually save his shot for WM22. That way, a Smackdown guy could be given the Rumble win next year, and RAW's title defense will be as a result of Shelton challenging the current champ. Shelton is the best guy to have the title shot work out this way, as he is not main event material yet, but its obvious that he will be in the near future. This argument could be used for Christian as well, though I don't see him as ever being main event material, he just doesn't click that way for me.

-Eddie will beat Rey

But the match will be amazing, and a very close victory. I don't think we'll see any cheating here either, Eddie will play it clean because he knows Rey will play it clean. Turning Eddie hell would be so incredibly stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. Maybe he'd be booed for a few weeks, but soon after the 'Eddie, Eddie' chants would start back up and he'd have to be a face again. A heel turn would fail, guaranteed. So, Eddie wins because he's closer to the top of the card, and he should be back in the top of the card this year. A loss for Mysterio will help Eddie much more than it will hurt him.

-Trish will retain the Women's Title

I dislike the fact the Christy is even challenging here, like most others here. If she wins, Trish will win it back in a very short amount of time, hopefully as soon as RAW the next night. But then, why bother. Maybe if she learns how to wrestle by next year, Christy can have her Wrestlemania win.

-Akebono beats Big Show

This is kinda stupid, but it will probably be entertaining at least. Hopefully Big Show will make it all about the comedy, since he's a funny dude. Akebono wins, then he and Big Show get into some sort hilarious antics after the match.

HBK: Youíre flat broke arenít you?
MJ: Please let me wrestle on RAW!
HBK: Fine, but I ainít weariní no fruity tassels.
MJ: Are these your mirror pants?
HBK: Give me those!

RAW Satire - 03.14.2005
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Thanks for a great season, Pick of the Week fans...see you next year at Planet Magic in Denmark, WI!

    Originally posted by samoflange
    Angle will beat HBK

    No real reason, other than the fact that I like Angle much more than Michaels. Also, it seems that HBK wins all the time, and Angle doesn't. Throw him a frickin bone here.

Apparently, Motorola is throwing said frickin' bone. In the spirit of this old thread (The W), I present...Angle and HBK ringtones for a Motorola T720 cellphone. (They're also offered for many other phones and wireless providers...shill mode off.)

Weird that the only two workers whose themes are available from Motorola are squaring off at 'Mania this Sunday. Hell, who knew WWE and Motorola had a deal?

Star wipe, and...we're out.
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    Originally posted by The Thrill
    Hell, who knew WWE and Motorola had a deal?
This news is from 2002. Welcome

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    Originally posted by samoflange
    Akebono beats Big Show

    This is kinda stupid, but it will probably be entertaining at least. Hopefully Big Show will make it all about the comedy, since he's a funny dude. Akebono wins, then he and Big Show get into some sort hilarious antics after the match.

This is why I don't like the idea of this match. Sumo doesn't mean anything to me personally, but I know that it is a big deal (and something of a sacred tradition) to the people of Japan.

And there is no way to make a match here that will be both entertaining and respectful. If it's respectful, Akebono will win in a squash... and that's not entertaining. If it's entertaining, Big Show will do lots of clowning around to fuck with Akebono, and probably mock sumo poses in the process... and that's sure as hell not respectful. I just don't see what good can come of this "match."

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I think it's funny that Angle or Michaels could have their themes as their ringtones on their phones.
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So I'm gonna go the Costanza route. I'll figure out which outcome I'd prefer, and then assume the opposite will happen.

World Heavyweight Title Match: I always like to see Triple H lose. Therefore, Triple H loses (and retains) by DQ (the worst of both worlds).

WWE Title Match: I'd like to see Cena get his chance at the top. Therefore, JBL pulls it out one more month.

Women's Title Match: Trish is awesome. Can we call her the best female worker in the WWE, ever? I don't know the history well enough. Therefore, Christy gets a clean win.

Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle: I hate Shawn Michaels. Therefore, he'll pull out the win after Angle has him in the Ankle Lock for like 5 minutes.

Big Show vs Akebono: Big Show will still be here in a month, so I'd like to see him win. Therefore, Akebono wins.

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker: I'm torn. I'd like to see The Undertaker lose, but it seems he only goes against stiffs at Wrestlemania. And Randy Orton? I shudder to think of it. So Orton wins by pinfall when Kane interferes. Because the world is on fire for Kane vs Undertaker VIII (or whatever number it is).

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio: I'd like to see Eddy win with unasked-for help from Chavo. Or the swerve where Rey and Chavo put the beat down on Eddie. Instead, Eddie will lose cleanly before turning after the match.

"Money In The Bank Earns 4% Interest" Match: I'd like to see Jericho win it. I'd like to see the winner cash it in immediately following the main event. I'd like to see Matt Hardy make an appearance. I'd like to see somebody turn. Instead, Shelton Benjamin will win, and lose to Triple H on Monday when he cashes in the title shot.

NOTE: The above post makes no sense. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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HHH V Batista- Batista ..Listen to the roar when the ref hits 3..Batista wins

JBL V Cena -- Hmm like most I am expecting a Cena win and would enjoy the ride as we go along with the chain gang, but I also wouldnt be surprised to see JBL retain and stretch this a bit longer...Cena wins

HBK V Angle -- Its a fantasy match so how could you spoil it by having either wrestler win? And who would benefit more? I think HBK is booked to win, because I feel Angle is in semi retirement mode and wont lose much from losing.
HBK wins

Eddie V Rey Rey-- Come over to the dark side Rey Rey.Heel turn by Rey who spits the dummy after losing in a bad way to Eddie..Eddie wins

Sumo match Big Show V Akebono -- Filler fun . I am more interested in seeing if the ring breaks. This match will be before the HOF and Pipers Pit segment , so they can fix the ring if needed. Oh and Akebono wins.

Trish V Christy - Trish wins

Orton V Undertaker-- Nahh Undertaker wouldnt job in a WM match. Would he? I think this is the only time there has been any doubt over an Undertaker WM victory. Undetaker wins

Ladder match-- When looking at this field , first you must sort the wheat from the chaff, and work out who WONT get a chance at a title match in the next 12 months.Kane ,Christian and SB, I feel wont have that chance till after 2006( Kane if ever)and Benoit has already had his run, and with Batista expected to win,unless Benoit turns heel or Batista is a Tweener, then I cant see Benoit V Batista. That leaves Jericho and Edge in my mind. And with Jerichos contract due for renewal in October/November, I am sure if there were any long term plans then he would have signed now. So Edge more by default than anything. Edge V Batista at SummerSlam? Edge wins

I will add any more matches later

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This is an unusual Wrestlemania for predictions, since you can really make a decent case for anyone to win their respective matches.

I'll go with a face/heel split on the title matches, with JBL retaining and Batista winning. Undertaker over Orton, HBK over Angle, Eddie over Rey via a heel turn, Edge to win the ladder match, Trish to beat Christy, Big Show/Akebono to end in a draw and Piper/Austin to beat Hassan/Daivari in an impromptu tag match.

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#37 Posted on
HHH vs Batista - Batista wins after a Flair Chairshot..Yes, Flair turns on HHH, allowing for he and Michaels, et. al to form a new face stable.

JBL VS Cena - Cena Via Disqualification - No title Change

Money in the Bank Match - Edge - He's due

Trish VS Hemme - Hemme wins with Trish reclaiming on Raw.

Angle VS Michaels - Angle

Sumo Match - Not Interested

Orton VS Undertaker - Double Disqualification

Eddie VS Ray - Double Disqualification as a result of interference from Juvi et. al.

You may not like it but you've gotta love it...cause its the best thing goin' today...WHOOOOO!

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Let's do this thang....

WrestleMania 21 Predictions

World Heavyweight Title
Triple H(c) vs. Batista

I don't really worry about match-quality here, since I imagine that this will be carefully booked, and that both guys will be well-protected.

Batista's at a crossroads right now that John Cena is not, since Cena may be a little more bulletproof right now booking-wise. Since I think only one of the big titles changes hands, it really stands to ask the question whose standing would be hurt more if they DON'T win the title on Sunday. The big clue is going to be which title match goes on before the other. There is room for booking shenanigans here in both directions and I would expect some one way or the other.

PREDICTION: Batista wins his first world championship.

WWE Title
John Bradshaw Layfield (c) vs. John Cena

And speaking of shenanigans, there's JBL and his title reign. They MAY want to stretch this feud out a little further, since it really hasn't gone where it could yet, and Cena as a strong challenger could make up for the last couple of Smackdown PPVs with a strong one in April. So with the allure of the Bling Bling Belt notwithstanding, I wouldn't expect anything less than an all-hands-on-deck interference-fest from the Bashams and Orlando Jordan, especially if they have nothing else to do at WrestleMania.

PREDICTION: JBL wins by extreme cheating. Although I do not question the manner in which he defends his title. LONGSHOT: Cena wins the title, switches shows with Batista and forms the Honor Society on RAW.

Interpromotional Matchup
Shawn Michaels (RAW) vs. Kurt Angle (Smackdown)

Normally, a cross-show matchup has something yet lacks something. It has something because it's two guys who don't interact normally and thus there's the buildup to finally have them in the same ring at once. On the other, it lacks a little because all of the talking is done at the camera, not in another man's face. Although God bless Kurt Angle, who has absolutely been carrying the buildup to this match on his back.

From a quality standpoint, Michaels is probably going to have to adapt more to Angle's style than the other way around, which should at least be interesting, although I'd expect a bit more matwork than you'd normally see in a Shawn Michaels match, but I still expect this one to be very good.

PREDICTION: Shawn Michaels

No Checks Straight Cash Homey Ladder Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Kane

There are a few scenarios in play here, since you can make a case for a few guys who could be the first/next challenger of either HHH or Batista. Benjamin I don't think is one of them yet, and actually, the great tip-off of him not winning is that the IC belt is not on the line. This should be spot-tacular, although a bit dialed back on the suicide spots from a few years ago, since there are a few people in this match who shouldn't take them.

PREDICTION: Edge, although something happens in the midst of that match that keeps him from cashing in right away. In other words, give him a feud to build him for a PPV down the road.

Interpromotional Match
Randy Orton (RAW) vs The Undertaker (Smackdown)

In five of The Undertaker's 12 wins, he's slid by winning based on two immutable rules in wrestling: A relatively fresh monster face/heel turn and push seldom equals losing (8,15, 18) and a return with a vengeance equals losing never (14, 20). Right now, though, Rule 1 applies to Randy Orton, and as a bonus they've dusted off the legend killer gimmick just in time for this match, with the Undertaker's undefeated streak hammered home, whereas last year it was mentioned only in passing. As in 2 minutes before the match started.

PREDICTION: Randy Orton goes 2-0, Undertaker goes 12-1, as Undertaker sacrifices the streak to put Randy Orton and the Legend Killer gimmick over...and Orton won't shut up about it on RAW until WrestleMania 22.

The Hall Of Fame Standing (or sitting) Ovation Segment

Inductees: Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Cowboy Bob Orton.

PREDICTION: By the time the Iron Sheik gets to the ring, it'll be WrestleMania 38.

Piper's Pit
GUEST: Stone Cold Steve Austin

There are one of two things that can happen here: we get ramblage from the two of them, someone (Hassan?) does a walk-on, the two of them team up to kick some righteous Arab ass, then we get stunners and we get beer. Or Piper reverts to his dickish roots, provokes Austin, maybe Cowboy Bob comes to run interference for old time's sake, then we get stunners and we get beer.

PREDICTION: Stunners and beer.


Sumo Match
The Big Show vs. Akebono

By the way, notice how they keep referring to Akebono as "grand champion" as opposed to that other, more official term for it? I can't see them having Akebono lose in his own setting unless there's some sort of nonsensical interference by someone (Reigns?) or that it goes 50/50 and that someone pushes Akebono in the back, causing the Big Show to lose.

PREDICTION: One way or the other, Akebono. And the shenanigans last 3-5x longer than the match itself.


WWE Women's Title
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Christy Hemme

I'll presume this match has already been fought about 50 times in the Stanford dojo. Trish may have to wrestle for 5 divas here to make someone with no experience whatsoever outside of pillow fights and dodgeball look good, but this is an obvious upset in the making.

PREDICTION: Christy Hemme wins her first women's title, and becomes to the WWE Women's division what Mikey Whipwreck was to the ECW TV Title.


Eddy Guererro vs Rey Mysterio

I thought the matchups that took place on Smackdown a few months ago (especially with the attached psychology) were aces. They were even, both guys did some really great stuff and Rey beating Eddy at his own game was good stuff, and needs to move to its logical extension. The fact that Rey keeps getting the upper hand is just begging Eddy to go to the bottom of his bag of dirty tricks. Also, there's an x-factor here that historically, the Los Angeles crowds have loved to hate Eddy...or they still love to hate Art Barr, and it's long term guilt-by-association, but either works. Plus, I think Rey needs a push up and Eddy needs a fresh character.

PREDICTION: Rey wins, but Eddy goes apeshit afterwards and does something really really really bad. I don't know what he'll do, but I have full faith in Eddy's ability to act like a dick in order to get himself over as a heel.

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This one is really hard to call, almost right down the line. This'll be a pretty damn good card just on that basis alone.

Eddy Guerrero (WWE Tag Team Champion) VS Rey Mysterio Jr. (WWE Tag Team Champion)
I think we'll be seeing the full-blown heel turn happen here, and I do think that the common logic that it'll be Eddy turning will be accurate (although a heel Mysterio could be interesting.) Still, Eddy wouldn't ultimately flip out after a win - and a heel turn via cheating and chicanery certainly won't work with him - so the only possibility is for it happen after Rey Mysterio pulls off the win.

The Big Show VS Akebono

I don't see any logical reason to do this match unless Big Show wins. (I really don't see any logic reason to do the match even if Big Show wins, but that's beside the point.)

John "Bradshaw" Layfield (WWE Champion) VS John Cena

It amazes me that only a year and a half ago John Cena was one of my absolute favorite guys on the roster and I was praying for them to finally release "Big Dumb Bradshaw". Now not only has JBL turned into a remarkably entertaining character, but I'd rank Cena among the most grating and annoying personalities ever in the business.

That said, the entire JBL character has the potential to "jump the shark" if he doesn't lose here. He's a Honky Tonk Man champion - a weak coward who's in over his head but manages to cheat his way out of every single PPV with the belt. It's a great role to play, but he's done it against Eddy Guerrero, The Undertaker, Booker T, Kurt Angle and The Big Show already. If John Cena doesn't go over here, there's no one left to do so. Plus Cena's lame-ass schtick is insanely over, so you may as well strike while the iron's hot before everyone gets sick of him.

Trish Stratus (Womens Champion) VS Christy Hemme

You know what - the womens division is dead right now. After Trish, who's easily the most over and overtly talented woman they've ever had on the roster - the only healthy wrestlers they've got are Victoria and Molly Holly, both of whom have fought Trish so many times that I can't bear to think about putting any combination of them onto PPV again. I honestly have no problem sticking the belt onto Christy Hemme for a few weeks to try to drag some storyline or interest out of the division, at least until Lita is ready to return to the ring.

(For what it's worth, my sister thinks Lita has come off as amazingly insincere in her recent promo work with Hemme and that a heel turn is so obvious that she can't believe that everyone isn't aware it's staring them right in the face. I think Lita's just a really shitty actress and sounds insincere no matter what she's saying.)

Chris Benoit VS Chris Jericho VS Edge VS Christian VS Shelton Benjamin (Intercontinental Champion) VS Kane

Just on the principle of a future title shot, this could go to any of Benoit, Jericho, Edge or Kane. I can't see the other two maineventing a PPV just yet (and it stands to reason that even if we don't see the match at Backlash - and I hope we don't), we will be seeing it on PPV at some point. (And, to be fair, I think Shelton Benjamin is on his way in that direction, though I think he's going to be hold the IC belt longer than Orton did, leading to a feud where Orton tries to get the belt off him before it happens - but that won't be until sometime this summer. That'll probably lead to him taking the next step sometime this fall).

But then you have to take stock of the stipulation, and the only guys who can make a huge game out of that "title match on demand" stipulation with their current gimmicks are Chris Jericho and Edge (and Christian, but we've already established he's losing). I see no reason why Benoit wouldn't demand his title shot on next week's RAW - ditto for Kane.

So we've got two - and I hate to spoil a future prediction, but I think we've going to have a face World Champion after this show and Edge's whole gimmick has resolved around getting screwed out of chances at the title lately, so I see no reason not to expect him to win this one.

HHH (champion) VS Batista

No sense in dragging this one out. It's Wrestlemania. It's the main event. Face goes over. Batista wins. Thems the rules. (I'd love to see a Flair face turn as well. Batista sure would make a great enforcer in a new Four Horsemen stable, wouldn't he? And Benoit sure doesn't seem to have anything on his plate at the moment...)

The Undertaker VS Randy Orton

Thank god they turned Orton again. He's an awful face, but he's such a detestable heel that he's about to become a legitimately valuable part of whatever roster he's going to be a part of. He's such a prick that he's got me pulling like hell for The Undertaker, even though I haven't given a damn about him since his heel run about two years ago.

That said, as much as I don't want it to happen, they're making way too big a deal about Taker's 12-0 record and they wouldn't be if Randy Orton wasn't going to be ending it. (Plus, even for Wrestlemania, this card is getting very face-heavy and it's got to be balanced out somewhere.)

Shawn Michaels VS Kurt Angle

Even though if current reports are to be believed, this isn't going to be Angle's last hurrah, I can't imagine these two giving less than 100% to ensure that we've got a truly memorable encounter that'll be the match we remember when we look back at Wrestlemania XXI (much like we really only remember Bret/Austin at WM13 or Rock/Hogan at WMX-8).

The winner is an afterthought here - logic says the face goes over in a situation like this when there'll be no further blowoff, but I have a feeling that if we have another draft lottery in the next few weeks that HBK is going to be headed to Smackdown to freshen the show/his career up a bit, so I'll go against the grain and predict Kurt Angle.

I think the chances of a Hassan/Hogan match are all but nonexistant at this point. McMahon is way too intelligent a business man not to hype a Hulk Hogan match. He'll probably show up on Piper's Pit and eat a Stunner.

(Piper's Pit also has the potential to be incredibly interesting, as we know Roddy is lacking in common sense and liable to say anything even when he's under contract, so I can't imagine what's going to come out of his mouth when he's on working on a one-night-only basis, with a live microphone and a huge audience.)

I wouldn't be shocked if they find some way to add a Regal/Tajiri or Orlando Jordan title defense. Even with a quite a few matches that deserve a lot of time (the ladder match, HBK/Angle, Eddy/Rey, HHH/Batista will get at least 25 minutes as well), this is still a tiny card for a four hor show, especially since I can't imagine the Womens Title or Sumo match going more than a few minutes a piece. Regal and Tajiri would likely retain against most anyone (most likely scenario - Maven/Dean and/or La Resistance on Heat), but the rumored OJ/Booker match will lead to a new US Champion if it happens.

3/31 Smackdown! spoiler:

Spoiler Below: Highlight text to read
I'm thinking that Paul London winning the CW title early may be a sign that the match with Chavo ain't happening. Pity.

The Hall of Fame stuff should be a bit more interesting this year - I've got to think we'll be getting individual entrances just because I can't imagine a Nikolai Volkoff or Paul Orndorff getting the love they deserve with the Hulkster on the stage with them. Bob Orton will, of course, be eating an RKO at some point, although I think it'll be at the ceremony proper. Hey, maybe he'll take a nasty landing from it and wind up wearing a cast to Wrestlemania!

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WWE Wrestlemania 21 Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs Triple H(c) w/Ric Flair
WINNER: Batista wins the gold

WWE Championship Match:
John Cena vs JBL(c) w/Cabinet
WINNER: JBL keeps the gold

JBL wins with help of course

Women's Championship:
Christy Hemme w/Lita vs Trish Stratus(c)
WINNER: Christy wins the title

Hopefully with the way the women's divison is in WWE right now, Christy will win the gold and then they will slowly fade out that title

Interpromotional Match:
Kurt Angle vs HBK
WINNER: Angle gets the win
Marty Jannetty tutns heel?

Interpromotional Match:
Undertaker vs Randy Orton
WINNER: Taker takes the win
Orton gets someone, (maybe from 'Taker's past) to try to help him, but atlast Taker still gets the 3

Money-In-The-Bank Ladder Match:
Y2J vs Christian vs Edge vs Chris Benoit vs Shelton Benjamin(c) vs Kane
WINNER: Edge gets the win

Edge cheats somehow to win

Sumo Match:
Big Show vs Akebono
WINNER: Akebono wins

I thought WWE might try to make this a draw but at WM that would suck to have a draw, then I thought Show would win but then I figured Akebono guy would only sign on if he wins

Tag Champion vs Tag Champion Match:
Rey Mysterio(c) vs Eddie Guerrero(c)
WINNER: Uncle Eddie gets the win

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