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18.1.19 1624
The W - Pro Wrestling - Wrestlemania XXI Predictions
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Six days away from Wrestlemania XXI, it appears that the card is pretty much set. We know all of the important matches, and if anything else winds up on the card it'll probably be on Heat or will be an opener on the PPV. So without further ado,

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (C) vs Batista:
Batista goes over here, obviously. I think that everyone knows it and everyone wants to see it. The only question is how the match plays out. I really don't see Trips trying to go long with Batista because there's no way he can go 25 minutes. I know some people think that they'll do it anyway, but unlike Booker T and Chris Benoit and other guys, I think that Batista can actually be the next huge star and the WWE recognizes that and probably won't do anything to jeopardize it. Either way, it'll probably be a slightly above average match made better by a satisfying ending.
Prediction: Batista

WWE Title: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs John Cena: I think that the last few weeks have shown that Cena is going to go over here, and if he doesn't, they've done a good job of fooling me. I'd actually like to see them hold off on the switch until Judgment Day so that it won't play second fiddle to Batista winning (plus I like JBL as champion). Cena has impressed me and I actually think that over the past few weeks, the build for this match has been better than the build for the other title match. The debate Thursday and JBL's promos have been outstanding.
Prediction: John Cena

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels: This has the potential to be outstanding, and I think it will be. These two guys have shown time and again that on the biggest nights, they will put their bodies on the line to deliver, which may not be smart, but it leads to great matches. Really, it doesn't matter who wins because neither of these guys is hurt by a loss. But Michaels is probably the guy who will make more of an impact in the spring and summer of this year, so I'll think they'll give him the nod.
Prediction: Shawn Michaels

Undertaker vs Randy Orton: This should be a decent match, but it could have been much better if it was built up for more than a month, but what's done is done. They have one of their brightest young stars in this match, so conventional wisdom would say that he'd win. But Taker has never lost at Wrestlemania, and in fact hasn't been pinned since No Mercy 2003 (yes, you read that one right). With Orton moving to Smackdown (more than likely), I think Taker will go over at Mania with Orton getting his win back sometime in the future, possible at Mania XXII.
Prediction: Undertaker.

Sumo Match: Big Show vs Akebono: Is this a legit match or is it gonna be worked? I'm under the impression that it will be a work, but if anyone knows, fill me in. Anyway, I guess Akebono will win, either way. I don't know what the point of any of this is, but at least it will be kept short. Maybe it will wind up as a decent spectacle with the two big guys in the ring.
Prediction: Akebono

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio: This, like Angle-Michaels, will be a great, great match. And this one is another one where it doesn't matter who wins. I'd say Eddie because the story is that Rey has his number, pinning him three times in January before they became tag champs. Plus, I think that Eddie is more likely ot eventually be in the main event of a PPV, possibly against Cena sometime soon. Either way, I hope these guys get twenty minutes or more to work. They should.
Prediction: Eddie Guerrero

WWE Women's Title: Trish Stratus (C) vs Christy Hemme: I hope Trish wins, and I think she will, as this will likely just set up a Trish-Lita rematch when Lita is back in action. I actually think the story of this match with an inured Lita trying to take out her enemy and an undermatched Christy enlisting help to beat Trish is a very good one. But this probably won't be a good match, though there's a chance that they could pull something off if it's heavily scripted, as Christy hasn't seemed like a totla clutz during her brief in-ring activity.
Prediction: Trish Stratus

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Benoit vs Edge vs Christian vs Kane vs Chris Jericho: This could be the third great match on this card. It's sure to be full of crazy bumps and spots. I think that the winner of this will probably be Batista's first challenger after Triple H, so that would mean a heel goes over here, and that heel ain't gonna be Christian. I think Edge will win which keeps him in the Title picture, where he needs to be. I actually think that Benoit should win and turn heel, giving Batista an experienced worker to learn from, but I don't think that that's in the cards.
Prediciton: Edge

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World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (C) vs Batista:
HHH by DQ. There is no way he will lose to Wrestlemania Main Events in a row. Batista dominates, the sledgehammer makes an appearance, ref bumb, sledge to the head, pedigree, pinfall. Batista gets a post match beatdown on HHH to send the folks home happy.

WWE Title: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs John Cena:
It will be Cena, if nothing else to see if he can improve the ratings and the attendance at Smackdown and to give JBL a chance to start to move towards a face.

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels
I may be in the monority but I expect a letdown for this match. The hype is too great and neither of these guys are in their prime. HBK will win becasue he, unremakably, has the longer career ahead of him.

Undertaker vs Randy Orton
If Orton wins, I will stop watch wrestling. There is no way Orton should be the one to end the UT streak. As much as I would liek to see SOMEONE end his streak and get a rub, it should NOT be Orton. If anything, that person should be Kane next year.

Sumo Match
I do not care at all for this. Unless high comedy comes from it, this is a waste of time and placed incorreclty on the card, could kill any momentum the show gets going. It should be the second match of the night while the crowd is still just happy to be there.

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
Rey Rey, because he needs it more. A stellar match and win by Rey puts him smack down in the middle of the US Title hunt. Even with a loss, Eddie is still ME material.

WWE Women's Title: Trish Stratus (C) vs Christy Hemme
Even the WWE isn;t stupid enough to put the title on someone who can not wrestle a lick. Trish will win, but not after Hemme gets some Lita help and scores a couple of near pinfalls.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Benoit vs Edge vs Christian vs Kane vs Chris Jericho
As much as I want Jericho SO BADLY to win, he is not going to. Same goes for Christian, Shelton and Kane. It is going to come down to Benoit and Edge. I think it will be Benoit, who will then feud with Edge for a month of so so HHH can lose clean to Batista at the next RAW PPV and then move onto a Batista/Benoit program.

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Triple H v. Dave "The Triple H Killer" Batista "Davidson" - World Heavyweight Championship

Here's the match I'd like to see: Batista kicks the crap out of HHH for ten minutes, gets hit with a desperation Pedigree, kicks out at two, spinebuster, demon bomb, good night Gracie. Of course, since it's fucking HHH, that'll never happen, but that doesn't mean that HHH's not doing the job here. The Orton push failed because creative failed to understand that in order to get a new opponent over on HHH, said new opponent has to win the first battle. (See Benoit, Chris, and Benjamin, Shelton.) Woe be unto them if they fail to understand it again.

PICK: Batista

John Bradshaw Layfield v. John Cena - WWE Championship

Here's the match I'd like to see: Cena kicks the crap out of JBL for ten minutes, gets hit with a desperation Clothesline from Hell, kicks out at two, F-U, Five Knuckle Shuffle, good night Gracie. Of course, since it's fucking JBL, that'll never happen, but that doesn't mean that JBL's not doing the job here. As the Cena IWC backlash is proving, Vince's master plan finally worked - shove somebody down people's throats long enough and they'll buy into him. Woe be unto them if they fail to finally end it.

PICK: John Cena

(I hope those last two paragraphs adequately demonstrated my equivalent hatred for the two current World title holders.)

Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels

If this match isn't the main event, they better put it up high enough on the card so as to make it feel like a main event. My heart's completely with Kurt Angle on this one, as Shawn Michaels has the HHH connection working against him and Angle's fighting to stay alive in this business with every match. Shawn should do the job here, but if the Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho match proved anything two years ago, Mr. Wrestlemania always has to be Mr. Wrestlemania. So especially if Shawn jobs to Muhammad Hassan tonight (as he probably will), Shawn gets the duke.

PICK: Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton v. The Undertaker

I've said numerous times on Stablewars why I don't like the very prospect of this match (five-second version: It forced Randy Orton's heel turn) and why I completely and totally disagree with turning Orton heel (five-second version: He's a better worker as a face), so I won't expound on that any longer. The way this has been building up, the logical conclusion is Undertaker kills Orton dead and Orton switches to Smackdown to deal with the problem, but the babyfaces are winning all the top matches, and every show needs one swerve. The correct result: Orton steals a win and ends the streak.

PICK: Randy Orton

Shelton Benjamin v. Chris Benoit v. Christian v. Edge v. Chris Jericho v. Kane - Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Someone on Stablewars posited a scenario I absolutely love: The winner of this match invokes the contract immediately after the champion has gone through an exhaustive retention, and takes advantage to win the title out of nowhere (sort of like what Trish did last year after a three-way "contract-on-a-pole" match that Nidia won). To invoke that scenario, a heel will have to win this match (which only makes sense given the ridiculous disparity towards babyfaces on this show). I'd love it if it were Christian, but the smart money says Edge. And thus Jericho is denied again...

PICK: Edge

Eddie Guerrero v. Rey Mysterio

This is the match that has a chance to come out of nowhere to steal the show, if they're given the time and the chance. It's one of those situations where a heel turn by Eddie has been endlessly teased, and all I've got to say is: For the love of god, please don't do it. I can understand Eddie working heel for the match leading up to Rey going over again (which is the right booking given Eddie's previous struggles against Rey), but they're sorely needed in continuing to tag because as the lack of *any* tag matches on the show shows, the divisions are in a state of disarray.

PICK: Rey Mysterio

Trish Stratus v. Christy Hemme - Women's Championship

In a backhanded way, Matt Hocking's suggested the ultimate swerve ending for this match in his recent RAW Satires: Lita turns heel on Christy and helps Trish retain, which would work on so many different levels that it's not even funny. It makes Christy look strong because she got blatantly screwed, it keeps the belt on Trish, and it takes Lita's career in a new direction, one that it needs in the aftermath of the revealing of the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge love triangle (her babyface heat will never be the same, and Christy's shouldn't suffer as a result of an association with that).

PICK: Trish Stratus

Akebono v. The Big Show - Sumo Match

Here's another one of those interesting situations. Akebono's going over no matter what because of the rule of celebrity matches (appearances are one thing, but a celebrity always must win his first on-air match), but they need to do it in a way so that Big Show doesn't lose any face and immediately gets into a new feud where he can go over strong. They seem to be building to Big Show v. Luther Reigns at the next Smackdown PPV (which isn't exactly a bad idea in terms of fitting within the said scenario), but how would they have Reigns screw over Show here?

PICK: Akebono

Piper's Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Nitpick: Wouldn't it have made more sense to do a Highlight Reel here, considering Wrestlemania is "going Hollywood" and everything? It'd get Jericho face time to do what he does best and having Roddy Piper and Steve Austin as guests would have the same effect that this does. Hall of Fame inductees shouldn't be "hosting" anything anyway. This battle of the minds will definitely prove to be interesting, but as with everything involving Austin, you know there's only one possible ending when it comes down to it: Kick, wham, Stunner, beer me, beer me.

Other Thoughts

If they do indeed have the Hulk Hogan/Muhammad Hassan confrontation, they have to end it with Hogan in the camel clutch. There's no value in Hassan's first major loss of face coming at the hands of a 50-year-old has-been. I'm also hoping they do something with the cruiserweights just to get them on, even though Chavo can't wrestle and London's already been decided as the #1 contender, just because it would be fun to watch. And if they have Carlito punk someone insignificant on RAW out (it's only logical for him to move over in the lottery), I will mark out like a little kid.

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Let me see...

-No matches on Heat, only video packages and reshowings of all the awesome trailers for WrestleMania 21.
-Eddie Guerrero pins Rey Mysterio. [18:50]
-(~Rumored~) William Regal & Tajiri beat La Resistance to retain the World Tag Titles. [9:00]
-WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2005 [15:00]
-Chris Benoit wins The Ladder Match [22:55]
-The Big Show beats Akebono [5:00]
-Randy Orton pins The Undertaker. Stacy Keibler hits the ring during the match and goes after Orton with a chair, but "mistakenly" hits Undertaker with it. RKO onto the chair, and we have a winner. Turns out Stacy & Orton had the whole thing planned out. [12:00]
-(~Rumored~) Orlando Jordan pins Booker T with Basham Bros. help to retain the US Title. [8:30]
-Piper's Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin [7:30]
-Trish Stratus pins Christy Hemme to retain the Women's Title. Christy gets a fluke two-count, then Trish destroys her. [5:30]
-John Cena pins JBL to win the WWE Title. Cena overcomes tons of Cabinet interference to win. [20:50]
-Kurt Angle beats Shawn Michaels via submission. Afterwards, they shake hands. [25:12]
-Batista pins Triple H to win the World Title. Clean. [18:25]

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I never have much luck with the ppv predictions, but it's freakin' WrestleMania, so I can take a chance this year.

Pick: Batista
And every night, before I go to sleep, I pray the Lord a long reign to keep. No back-and-forth switches, no drawn-out feuds. Batista over Triple H, that's it, bring on Edge or even Shelton Benjamin.

Pick: JBL
I think they're going to want to have something to sell the next Smackdown PPV with, and this makes the most sense to me in that regard. Interference galore, setting up the rematch in a cage or some other gimmick match.

Pick: Angle
I fully anticipate tonight's Raw to see Hassan over HBK with Angle interference, and then fully expect Kurt to take it. Perhaps it's the mark in me that prefers Angle over Shawn. Or perhaps it's the feel-good "Please don't die, Kurt!" part of me coming out. Regardless, Match of the Night.

Pick: Undertaker
I hear Orton is due for shoulder surgery, so this is the only option. This effectively sets up an Orton jump to Smackdown, where he's hellbent on beating the Legendary Undertaker. Nice extended feud, I actually wouldn't hate to see this one play out.

Pick: What the 'f' is this doing on the card?

Pick: Trish Stratus, but only when Candice interferes. I thought for sure they'd have capitalized more on her SuperBowl appearance than they have, perhaps this is the jumpstart to that.

Pick: Shelton Benjamin
Why not? Sure he's a face, but that could change. That'd be one hell of an interesting main event feud, too, Benjamin vs. Batista. I'd love that, personally.

Pick: Eddy
This is where we get a full-on heel turn from Eddy. And where we also get the second best match of the night.

Pick: Kick. Wham. Stunner.

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Batista to win. Cena to win because we've seen the heel walk out of PPVs as champion way too many times on Smackdown, and Raw too.

Saying HBK and Angle will dissappoint is rediculous. He carried Cena to wonders and No Way Out and at WrestleMania XIX he had a great match and was in much worse shape then he is today. And HBK can still go no doubt about that. Don't diss this match till you see it. HBK wins.

Taker over Orton then i'd like to see a post match beatdown by Orton, then he brags on Raw that Taker can't touch him and then he gets drafted to Smackdown.

Akebono wins.

Christy wins to set up a rematch at Backlash, cause if Trish wins, who's next?

Eddie over Rey so he can stay face cause he is SO over.

Edge wins ladder match.


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Here are my predictions...If there are any additions, I will update when needed.

1) Guerrero/Mysterio...Guerrero wins by rollup win, finally beating Mysterio after losing to him a couple of times late last year.

2) Trish/Christy...Christy wins the title with that reverse Twist Of Fate move, but the title reign will not last that long.

3) Big Show/Akebono...Akebono by pushout, after a few minutes of lame sumo pushing.

4) Angle/HBK...I actually think Angle is going to come out a winner by pin with use of ropes.

5) Orton/Undertaker...This was a tough choice for me. But with the way Orton has been going the last couple of weeks, I could see a major upset. Orton RKO to UT, and the pin. Undertaker would probably retire by end of year.

6) Money in the bank ladder match...Not only do I have the winner, but when he will use his opportunity for the title match. Edge is going to take the briefcase, get the contract, win the match, and use the match for Summerslam.

7) Batista/HHH...I have a feeling something screwy is going to happen in this match. HHH, somehow, will retain the title. Batista will win by DQ, leading to the next PPV, in which there will be stipulations added onto their match, where Batista will win.

8) JBL/Cena...Since Raw had the last match last year, this will be Smackdown's turn. Cena will end WM 21 on a high note and finally end JBL's long reign as champion by FU, the pin, and the win. Though, their will be obsticles to get through (the Cabinet). Cena wins, everyone goes home happy.

There you go...if there are any additions/changes/subtractions before Sunday, I will make changes.

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World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (C) vs. Batista
I've heard talk that since it's likely both face challengers won't win, that HHH will retain here... even though the buildup has stalled in recent weeks, Batista has been superover just via monster booking, and having one man stop him would hurt. They're not that stupid.
PICK: Batista

WWE Championship: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs. John Cena
I think that a win by Bradshaw here wouldn't hurt Cena as much as a HHH over Batista decision would... but still, it's Wrestlemania, Cena's obviously the biggest, most marketable star that Smackdown has... and although JBL has had a solid reign, another BS title retain at the "granddaddy of em all" could piss a lot of people off.
PICK: Cena

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
The buildup to this has been impressive considering the short amount of time it's been since they've started it. Angle hasn't won a Wrestlemania match since 18, and he hasn't really had an extended title feud in a while... I could see Angle/Cena, or even Angle/Batista if they choose to mix the rosters up to that degree, being two very good feuds that would help the face champs improve in the ring.
PICK: Angle

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton
I normally would pick Orton here... but with Orton's injury, Taker's reputation on the line, and it being Wrestlemania and all, go with the face when in doubt. Plus, it appears that Orton's not a full-fledged heel yet, and a loss would likely provoke him to becomes a balls-out asshole like he was before his face turn.
PICK: Taker

Sumo Match: Akebono vs. Big Show
Is this a shoot or not? If it is, then I can't see Show winning here against a "sumo legend." If it isn't, then the only reason to bring Akebono in would be to find some way to get Big Show over. I have no clue, but I'll go with Akebono anyways.
PICK: Akebono

Women's Championship: Trish Stratus (C) vs. Christy Hemme
No way Christy beats a dominant women's champ in her first match out... right? The best booking would be for Christy to get in a good sized amount of offense (enough to justify a rematch), but still get a clean loss against Trish.
PICK: Trish

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Edge vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
Analyzing the competitors...
-Edge: He's been pushed hard since his heel turn... but he hasn't really been decisively pushed to the top of the midcard ladder, so to speak. This would get him over the hump.
-Christian: If he were to win this, he would have had more quality wins by now.
-Kane: Just a throw in.
-Benjamin: I think that he needs to have a defining feud a la Orton in order to establish his jump to the main event picture... although the shot can be used at any time, I'd like to see him work the midcard some more, a legit feud against Haas perhaps, and then go to the main event scene.
-Jericho/Benoit: They don't need this match, as they are guys who can be plugged into the World title picture at any time and be perceived as a legit threat.
PICK: Edge

Rey Misterio vs. Eddie Guerrero
Although Eddy may have been planned to go heel before, and although I see him winning this match... they can't be stupid enough to actually do that, it just wouldn't work. Eddy's arguably the most over face on the roster, and has been stuck in the midcard tag scene long enough to have a big feud again.
PICK: Eddie

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Trips/Batista: Batista. Not much to say here.

JBL/Cena: Cena. Here either.

Angle/Michaels: Never bet against HBK's ego. Michaels.

Taker/Orton: Taker actually sells for Orton for a while before tombstoning him.

Akebono/Show: DQ, Reigns interference. What's the point otherwise?

Trish/Christy: Christy, 'cause of Playboy and because they rarely waste fancy booking on the women's division.

Money in the Bank: Edge seems the obvious choice, but I'm doubtful. I'm gonna say Benoit, on the grounds that he'd be the most able to carry Batista to a good first title defense.

Rey/Eddie: I honestly don't know. It looks like they're making gestures at an Eddie heel turn and possibly a Los Guerreros reunion, but that'd be idiotic. Still, I'm going to say Rey.

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    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    It looks like they're making gestures at an Eddie heel turn and possibly a Los Guerreros reunion, but that'd be idiotic. Still, I'm going to say Rey.

Man... a lot of people are going with Rey. I'd say that all signs have been pointing towards Eddy turning heel and destroying Mysterio. I mean, the whole the whole thing originally started with Chavo, in full Iago mode, telling Eddy that Rey is holding him back.
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Only 8 matches and only 3 title defenses this year. Wow. The should've at least try to put a tag title match and a CW title match on there, but they probably wouldn't have gotten very much time anyway.

Ok lets see, here are my pics:

Batista over HHH
JBL over Cena
Shawn Michaels over Angle
Jericho in the ladder match
Trish over Christy
Big Show over Akebono
Mysterio over Eddie (despite many attempts of lyin', cheatin', stealin')
Undertaker over Orton (I though Orton would win originally, but if he is going to be leaving for a few months I doubt it. Or perhaps he will win causing Orton to get brutalized by him terribly and putting him out for a bit?)

Despite some interesting matches, I doubt the show this year will surpass last years. I mean last year you had at least three MOTYC's plus a couple other good/decent matches. While some matches this year have potential, I just don't think overall it will measure up to 20.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.73
Batista over HHH
Cena over JBL
Michaels over Angle
Taker over Orton
Akebono over Big Show
Trish over Christy
Benjamin wins the ladder match
Rey over Eddy

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.28
Batista defeats Triple H after Ric Flair turns. Flair will later turn again somewhere down the line (maybe with Shelton Benjamin playing the Sting role?)

JBL retains against Cena. I can just see them building to JBL vs HHH at next year's Wrestlemania. If anything can turn JBL face, it is a feud with "The Game." JBL's Cabinet needs something to do, and clearly that is interfere in this match and drag this feud out so that they can get in a gimmicked main event at a future PPV, like a bullrope street fight in a cage.

Angle defeats Michaels with the help of Hassan's interference. This sets up the reunited Rockers vs Hassan/Daivari for the tag titles somewhere down the line.

Orton defeats Undertaker. Or at least, that is how I would book it. This just calls for some sort of overbooked finish to bury the Undertaker. That, or young Randy finishes off the Dead Man by using his father's cast.

Sumo match, some sort of draw or other non-finish, followed by a gesture of mutual respect. It will, however, be better than John Tenta vs. Yokozuna. And unlike the beer girl catfight, the breasts will be 100% natural.

Eddie Guerrero defeats Rey Mysterio under questionable circumstances that see Chavo getting involved. This will also get dragged out with a question of whether Rey can trust Eddie.

Christy Hemme defeats Trish Stratus. When was the last time someone who posed in Playboy jobbed? It might be a DQ finish so that they can stretch out another PPV match with this feud. Get ready for some Hemme/Regal/Tajiri vs Stratus/Conway/Grenier matches.

Shelton Benjamin wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. If HHH wins, Benoit and Jericho are his natural fodder if he lacks a good feud. If Batista wins, Edge is his natural next opponent. Kane doesn't need to win and Christian just flat out won't. Shelton Benjamin is in line for a next promising young guy push. Once his IC title reign is over, the title shot allows him to instantly insert himself into the main event. If his IC title reign is deemed a flop and Benjamin is deemed unable to carry a PPV main event, then they throw away the title shot on a Raw.
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Batista Over Triple H
JBL Over Cena
Taker Over Orton
Michaels Over Angle
Trish Over Hemme
akebono over Big Show
Edge wins Money in the Bank
Eddie Over Rey


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Batista over HHH- More of a hope than an actual logical conclusion.

JBL over Cena- If Batista wins, top heel of SD wins...unfortunately.

Trish over Christy- Hemme doesn't need the title.

Kane wins the ladder match- Like I said in another thread, I think that Kane will win and use his title shot the next night on Raw.

Eddie over Rey- Eddie needs this win to stay in the upper echelon, whether he's a face or a heel.

HBK over Angle- Unbelievably, this pick is because HBK will be around longer than Kurt.

Undertaker over Orton- Another hope pick.

Akebono over Show in "Bathroom Break of WM 21" match.

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Steven's Predictions for Wrestle f'n Mania XXI:

HHH vs. Batista: Batista by DQ.
-I doubt that HHH will be willing to lose the title two WMs' in a row.

JBL vs. Cena: JBL by pinfall
-After Thursday's debate, I really do not like John Cena. I adore JBL as champion, and I'd like to keep the title on him.

HBK vs. Angle: HBK by pinfall
-Jannetty comes in to pump Michaels up during the match, causing HBK to hulk up, strike up the band, and hit the sweet chin music for the victory.

RKO vs. Undertaker: Orton by pinfall
-I think Orton can do it. Heel Orton RULES!

Big Show vs. Akebono: No Contest
-I'm sure someone's going to interfere. Simon Dean, perhaps?

Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme: Christy by pinfall be followed up by a severe punking out by an ignored Diva. Victoria, perhaps?

MONEY IN THE BANK match: Christian wins
-I really want the CLB to win it.

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddy Guerrerro - Mysterio by DQ
-Interference, possibly. Chavo? Super Crazy? Juvi? I don't expect this to be a clean victory if it's the opening match of the night.

Note: is anyone going to keep track of the predictions here and list our accuracy? If not, I volunteer.

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HHH vs. Batista: HHH by pinfall.
-I gotta agree with those who doubt that HHH will be willing to lose the title two times in a row. Plus, if they are at all leery about having a repeat of "the Orton effect" (too much too fast), then they are going to stay with the "safe" choice. But boy, would I love to see a Batista win here.

JBL vs. Cena: Cena by pinfall
-He's been established and is ready for his time in the sun. Will have a great feud with Orton for the title for Summerslam.

HBK vs. Angle: HBK by pinfall. Because I want Angle to win.

RKO vs. Undertaker: UT by pinfall. Orton will come over to continue the feud on SD and get a win back later. They've had opportunity to end the streak before, but this is Undertaker's hallmark. UT *will* retire undefeated in WM, no matter how long he wrestles.

Big Show vs. Akebono: I win when I get more wings and beverage. I mean really, who cares?

Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme: If properly spaced, I win again with more grub, beverage, and a much needed bathroom break. Hopefully I will get back in time to see the Diva orgy at the end of the match. Er, wait a minute... (Trish wins. This is soooo below her.)

MONEY IN THE BANK match: Edge wins when he grabs the briefcase and destoys his leg falling off the ladder. When he's dignosed to be out for 6 months, WWE comes up with some story to pass the opportunity briefcase to Benjamin. Then Benjamin gets injured when Snitsky can't swing a folding chair straight and dislocates Shelton's shoulder. Events continue on in this fashion, with the briefcase becoming the ultimate bad luck charm and the owner begging others to take the opportunity from them. Come on, this stuff writes itself!

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddy Guerrerro - Guerrero by pinfall
-Cheat to win, and WM is a night for pinfalls.

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Trip vs. Batista: Batista has significantly dominated the build-up. Now, that comes back to haunt him. Batista via DQ, as both belts don't change hands on the same night(see XIX precedent), and there is an April PPV rapidly approaching for RAW.

Cena vs. Bradshaw: Don't care. Cena wins as one belt changes to please the crowd.

Angle vs. Michaels: Michaels wins as RAW needs to split the inter-show matches.

Taker vs. Orton: The rule always remains the same: It doesn't matter what they book, once they enter the ring, Taker calls his own match. And, if Taker doesn't job to Trip at Mania, that means Taker doesn't job here, and SD gets there inter-show match. Taker wins.

Akebono vs. Paul Wight: Is there some large sumo market outside of Japan that Vince is trying to tap into? Sumo guy wins, and Paul Wight goes into a Bam Bam Bigelow/Bart Gunn decline after losing to a non-pro wrestler at Mania.

Christy vs. Trish: Playboy cover gave the ending away. Christy wins after white trash, I mean Lita, interferes.

Guerrero vs. Mysterio: Eddie wins, as he is always a main event fall-back.

Edge vs. Kane vs. Benoit vs. Jericho vs. Christian vs. Benjamin: If Kane wins, the upper mid-card on RAW will have been effectively neutered. Jericho came up with the match, thus, since it is his match, he can't win. Christian isn't someone they view as World Title material, so that brings it down to 3. I'll go with Benjamin, building to Benjamin vs. Trip at SummerSlam (Trip having lost and regained the belt against Batista by then, closing in rapidly on Flair's 16.)

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World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (C) vs Batista:

I really don't know here, and I guess this is what makes it so interesting. "Usually" the Rumble winner should also go over in the Mania main event, and everybody wants to see it, but the above mentioned politics shouldn't be ignored either. Anyway, what should happen will happen.

Prediction: Batista

WWE Title: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs John Cena:

Everything points to Cena winning, but they fooled me so often with a JBL loss that I don't buy it anymore. JBL wins to further the feud, and to set up a possible Cena victory for the future. And I thought Wrestlemania was to end a feud, not to start it? Well, I should have learned from 2000 I guess.....

Prediction: JBL

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

I will LOVE this match, regardless of what happens. Both wrestlers belong to my personal hall of fame, so every ending is fine with me. The build-up reminds me of HBK-Y2J 2003, so I guess Shawn will win.

Prediction: Shawn Michaels

Undertaker vs Randy Orton

I am a little pissed off already. Let's face it: Orton winning would be the right thing to do. It would give him more credibility as a freshly-turned heel again, plus the ultimate rub of beating a real legend which has been undefeated at WM. But this is why it won't happen! In every other match Orton would go over, but not here, just because they want to save this stupid synthetic streak of Takers. Fuck it!

Prediction: Undertaker.

Sumo Match: Big Show vs Akebono

Speaking of streaks.......well, why would they make a Sumo match with someone who is *not* a Sumo wrestler, and then make him lose the match? Only if they want to go the opposite Taker route and make Big Shows Wrestlemania streak 0-6. I really really hope they won't go for that, but what exactly is the point of the match?

Prediction: Akebono

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

If they are allowed to wrestle a real match instead of a WWE-style match, this will be the match of the night. Whoever wins, it's fine with me. If they wanna push Rey as singles wrestler, a victory might help here, so

Prediction: Rey Mysterio

WWE Women's Title: Trish Stratus (C) vs Christy Hemme

I hated Christy from the very first moment, and nothing is more stupid than putting the title on her! On the other hand, why pushing her this way if she is going to end up losing? I go with WWE logic here.

Prediction: Christy Hemme

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Benoit vs Edge vs Christian vs Kane vs Chris Jericho

There's really no one I don't dislike in here, so gimme a great match, and I am happy. Edge seems like he is going to lurk around in the title hunt for more, so I go with him.

Prediciton: Edge

Pretty good card in my opinion. Where are the last-minute-fatal-fourway-tag-matches? Oh I forgot, there are no four tag teams anymore.

Sweet dreams......

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    Originally posted by SOK
    Note: is anyone going to keep track of the predictions here and list our accuracy? If not, I volunteer.

I'm keeping track of the whole year again (starting with the last PPV), and I guess I can post the WM-specific results within.

MY predictions:

Triple H vs. Batista: I can't see Triple H losing the belt at WrestleMania two years in a row. I think Triple H will win here, but not clean.

Cena vs. JBL: One face wins, one heel wins. Cena wins here, but they won't be afraid to yank it off him and put it back on JBL if things don't work out.

Angle vs Michaels: Michaels wins, because, well, he's HBK.

'Taker vs. Orton: 'Taker wins, Orton takes a hiatus and reappears on Smackdown.

Big Show vs. Akebono: I don't see the point of this match. If Show wins, why would Akebono agree to this match? What would he have to gain? If Show loses, what does it do for him, being a major player on Smackdown? No contest.

Eddy v.s Rey: Don't really care, should be a fun match. But Eddy is bigger, so he'll win.

Christy v.s Trish: Trish SHOULD squash her in about a minute. But Christy will win, for some reason that eludes me.

Shelton vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Benoit vs. Jericho: I could see four of these guys winning, so this is tough. I think it'll be either Edge or Benjamin....I'll go with Edge.

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