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The W - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania XX WreaXX (Page 7)
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#121 Posted on
Some Notes from a guy who was there... and loved it.
- In the tunnel outside waiting to get it there were lots of "Lesnar Sucks" and "We Want Bret" chants to go along with 2 million "WOOOOOOOO"s.
- For a guy who has been to just about every show in New York for the past 20 years, I can say that was the hottest crowd to start a show off in New York History.
- The crowd was so hot in the beginning that Tazz and Michael Cole got as good a reaction as Benoit did for their entrances.
- For those of you wondering why crowd was chanting Hogan during the Lesnar - Goldberg match, it was because the infamous "Hogan Impersonator Fan" was up in the stands ripping his shirt and doing the whole act.
- The crowd LOVES Funaki...
- Tag Matches killed the crowd
- The crowd really knew what was going on with Lesnar...
- When Vince came out after the Goldberg match people began to think that Bret was comming, but he didn't. Same anticipation for the segment with Jesse, people felt he was going to be interviewing Bret.
- Crowd took a rest during the Eddie - Angle match. That gave people the rest they needed to pop for Taker and Benoit matches.
- Biggest reaction I ever heard came for Benoit. What an awesome night!

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#122 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.52
Net Hack Slasher, I agree the Trish turn is pretty nonsensical. But maybe tonight they'll have something to make it work. I just wanna know does this mean you'll be changing your avatar? --

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#123 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I have got to admit,I was not expecting Trish to turn on Jerico.One thing I am wondering,Last week on RAW Trishes music played and then Christion came out and caused Jerico to lose the match.Makes me think,have Trish and Christian have had this planned ever since the bet?Just curious.


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I think they'll explain it that Trish got tired of waiting for the love sick puppy Chris Jericho to make a move. At least Christian was man enough to go after what he wanted and to put the moves on her.

And then they'll do the hokey WWE explanation on the beatdown that Christian "knocked" some sense into her. On one hand, I don't like how they'll be condoning the beatdown in some twisted way. But on the other hand, Trish IS a wrestler and she's taken more abuse then that from say Jazz, who's more of a muscular man then Christian will ever be...
Austin`s bear junkie

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From: Westville,usa Illinois

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#125 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
Yeah,I think that Trish was getting tired,It just seemed odd,like when Trish started costing Jerico matches,it began to make you wonder.

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#126 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.35
Well you know, Trish did tell Jericho numerous times that she just wanted to be friends, but Jericho kept coming up to her with his "This is how I feel" stuff. Obviously he wasn't getting the message.

I thought it was pretty obvious that she was going to turn the second I saw her shoes.

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#127 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.21
WrestleMania thoughts:

Nice intro, with three generations of McMahons there....

Good opening bout, what a sight seeing Big Show up for the FU....

The RAW tag title match was okay, glad Booker/RVD retained, and I loved the slingshot/superkick combo Booker and RVD did....

Good ol' Okerlund and Heenan. You KNEW they couldn't go a WM without putting Mae Young on there....

Loved the Christian/Jericho match. Was Trish the driver of Christian's get-away car on RAW?....

3 on 2 match was good too, Flair was funny as usual, and I don't have a problem with the finish- Foley and Rock are part-timers at best, and WWE is obviously trying to get Orton over as much as possible....

Nice to see the HOF class (except Rose didn't get beat up!). Nice to see Heenan's tribute to Gorilla during his speech. Those guys were the best IMO, and I always loved Monsoon, so it kinda got to me too....

The T&A match was allright. Call me a pervert, but I was hoping someone would get naked. I mean, if not, what's the point? :)....

The C'weight Open went too fast and poor Ultimo, who's dream it was to wrestle at the Garden, tripped on his way out. Isn't all these quick pins and crap like that the opposite of what WWE is trying to get across to the wrestlers? Besides, I think everyone pretty much knew either Chavo or Rey would win....

Lesnar v.s Goldberg: Wow. The match was so surreal for so many reasons. Really, really weird vibe to it. I can't even say whether it was good or bad. Just, weird....

The Smackdown Tag match was nothing special. The problem with this and the RAW tag match is that it's nothing we haven't seen on Smackdown (or RAW). Some combo of these guys are always tagging against each other every week....

Molly v.s Victoria was good but, jeez, poor Molly! She looked like Kane and Susan Powder's love child....

Real good Eddie/Angle match 'cept for the finish, when it was obvious Kurt was pulling Eddie's boot off, not putting him in the anklelock....

Disappointed a bit with 'Taker's look- he's got the old school attitude but the new school tights. Kane's acting has been great throughout this angle.....

As much as I've crapped on Trips in the past, not only did he drop the title at the biggest event ever, but he tapped, not Michaels. I may not like him, but I'll give him credit. MOTY candidate.....

I'll disagree with those who said the crowd was so hot. I thought it seemed dead most of the night. Maybe it was the atmosphere I was in, but even things like the hot tag to Foley in that match didn't seem to get much of a reaction.

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#128 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.56
I really don't know how this show is getting any negative reviews. I was over at and reading the feedback. While a lot of people enjoyed the show, there are also a lot who are putting the show down (I believe one even said it was the worst 'Mania ever).

By my count, this show had THREE matches at or above **** (Rock/Foley v. Evolution, Guerrero v. Angle, and Hunter v. Benoit v. Michaels), and the main event was, IMO, the greatest main event in WrestleMania history, and one of it's best matches.

I'd put this show as second best WrestleMania of all time, right behind 17. Just an EXCELLENT show. And who didn't get choked up when seeing Benoit and Eddie embracing (and crying) at the end of the show, both as the company's World Champions? That was a WrestleMania moment if I've ever seen one.

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From: New Jersey

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#129 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.81
I think it was a great show,one of the best Manias ever. As far as ranking the matches go I'd put the cruiserweights and Jericho/Christian ahead of Evolution/RocknSock. The Rock had some great spots, but it didn't feel like a 4 star match.

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#130 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.71
    Originally posted by OMEGA
    I really don't know how this show is getting any negative reviews. I was over at and reading the feedback. While a lot of people enjoyed the show, there are also a lot who are putting the show down (I believe one even said it was the worst 'Mania ever).

Amen. It had a few bad moments but there is no way its is the worst Wrestlemania ever.

    Originally posted by OMEGA
    And who didn't get choked up when seeing Benoit and Eddie embracing (and crying) at the end of the show, both as the company's World Champions? That was a WrestleMania moment if I've ever seen one.

I just rewatched the Triple Threat again and still got choked up, knowing who was going to win. Finishes like that are why I am a wrestling fan. This coming from a formerly HUGE Triple H Fan, and a casual Benoit fan. You don't have to be a mark for Benoit to LOVE that finish.

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From: Naples, FL

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#131 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.21
Not sure if anyone else mentioned it, but did anyone else notice the return of ref Tim White last night?

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#132 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.18
Yeah I noticed that too...but I'm still surprised no one noticed Triple H pointing towards his throat while in the crossface...

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#133 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.33
I know i asked this before but was rey tributing someone/something with his costume. i also think they could have done somethign HUGE for his intro like come out on top of one of the Moniters or something. i also liked the Masks on the floor-o-Tron Of doom
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#134 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.72
    Originally posted by CRZ
    Fanboy rants go here - the quick and dirty results posting will be filed in Guest Columns.


    (edited by CRZ on 14.3.04 2032)

But more importantly CRZ, what did you think of the big event?

I'm wondering what they'll do with the Brock/Goldy match when they do the DVD. Will they edit it, cut it, overdub the crowd with something more 'appropriate', or leave it as is?


    Originally posted by Jeb Tennyson Lund
    • One of these days, when Triple H is in the middle of one of his long grunting promos, Jericho should just lean forward, stick his finger on the end of Triple H's schnozz and say, "poooooooke!" No one will know what to do.

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#135 Posted on
First time poster, long time reader...

Just my thoughts on Wrestlemania...

Amazing is the only word to describe this event. I loved Wrestlemania because it brought me back to when I was a child watching wrestling. The championship match had me screaming like a little girl, everytime Benoit came close to winning, I was screaming at the TV for him to win. Then at the end, when he had Trips in the Crossface, I was literally screaming on the top of my lunges for Trips to tap. This is what wrestling is all about, the emotion that match brought to me, was worth the price alone. Another moment which had me full of emotion, was when The Brain, mentioned Gorilla Monsoon. Definitely a great Wrestlemania, the best in my opinion.

Thank you Vince and Co. No matter what anyone says, I truly thank you for giving us a great Wrestlemania.

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#136 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.05
    Originally posted by Greymarch
    I thought it was pretty obvious that she was going to turn the second I saw her shoes.

I'm rapidly running out of sentences that I never would have expected to see on a wrestling message board.

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#137 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.00
    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    I wasn't too upset by the lack of immediate explanation for Trish's heel turn... that's why God invented RAW, right?

Exactly. Like I lot of you, I figured that match was going to be capped by a rousing JeriTrish tonsil hockey fest, which would've made me wretch. (NOT the way I want to drop a pound this week.)

Personally, I think it's great. Now, let's just hope we don't have to put up with a JeriLita teaming to beat the shit out of Trishtian.

    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    Loser Leaves Town Match
    (winner leaves town, too)
    Brock “Gone” Lesnar vs. Bill “Gone” Goldberg

    OK, so the crowd shat all over the match. But can you blame 'em? They know that both Lesnar and Goldberg are likely wrestling their final match with WWE.

We just sat there on the couch and laughed our asses off at the crowd reaction. Thanks for playing, Bill and Brock...have some Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat as a lovely parting gift! And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    WWE Women's Title Match
    Something I'll Try Very Hard to Forget..What's worse was Molly's reaction when she was tied down and having her head shaved... man, I'll have nightmares about that... she was reacting like she was being raped or something. Horrifying

I still can NOT believe they booked it that way. About the only thing worse if Victoria had picked up a new manager to do the honors of shaving Molly's in one Father James Mitchell.

We'd all still be tossing our cookies if THAT had happened!

I hate, hate, HATE hair matches and do not care if I EEEEEVER see another one again!!

I'm all for equality for women but goodGAWDwithakendostick what the HELL was going on when they came up with this idea?

Aside from that? Benoit has the World Title and that's gone a long damn way towards restoring my deeply shattered faith in wrestling.

{EDIT: Wow, you forgot the [/quote] tag THREE times. Bravo - CRZ }

(edited by CRZ on 16.3.04 1524)

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#138 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.87
    Originally posted by Rage Rockrr
    The only other time that I felt that emotional about this show? The Hall of Fame highlights, with the Brain giving props to Gorilla Monsoon.

You should have been there live at the HoF ceremony when he said brought tears to my eyes. His speech alone made that HoF ceremony--I could listen to that man talk forever. Funny, funny guy.

I loved reading everyone's comments about the show, I think the biggest surprise for me was hearing how much everyone liked the crowd's reaction. From someone that was there live, I thought the crowd was more dead than normal (though, I gotta agree with everyone, the Goldberg/Lesnar reaction was classic--it was hard not to get caught up in the chanting!) Glad to know we the crowd at MSG for the most part didn't let everyone down

All I can say is that it was an awesome experience. Getting to meet Chris Benoit and then seeing him win the belt (from the 6th row) was worth every penny I spent on this weekend. What an emotional high--I jumped up on my chair with my "Canadian Crippler World Champion" sign, I was so excited! (apologies to the people behind me) I couldn't believe Triple H actually tapped--my hats off to him for doing the right thing and putting Benoit over cleanly, even if it was a Triple Threat.

An amazing experience, one I won't soon forget.

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Did anyone else see Austin get hit in the face by a can of beer while getting on the ATV and then pretend it never happened?

Good ol' Stone Cold!

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#140 Posted on
Hey, Mania could have been worse. Trips could have walked out with the title. There would have been a riot! (Hopefully with Bradshaw being injured, never being able to wrestle again. No offence like) No, Mania was pretty good. I thought some matches were a bit la-dee-da up in the air like the Smackdown! tag title match, but still, Eddie and Benoit both walked out with the belts which is good. (And now Vince is hinting that they might drop the belts. I suppose Benoit's reign will be considered void now heh?
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*sigh* Youth = stupidity...not always the case but seems like it here. I don't care what your thoughts are on Hulk Hogan but his family needs your thoughts and prayers. May Nick and his friend recover from this serious and unfortunate event.
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