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The W - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania XX WreaXX (Page 5)
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#81 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
You know what really began at Wrestlemania....

The push of the newest McMahon, Shane-O's son!

Ok it was a great Mania besides for the two clusterfuck tag matches.

- Did Big Show move around slower then usual tonight or what?

- Isn't Trish MUCH hotter as a heel?

- How could someone say Lesnar/Golberg was not entertaining, it was like watching a train wreck. I didnt know what the hell was gonna happen.

- Ultimo Dragon's dream was to wrestle at Mania and at MSG. So he falls on the way out and stumbles trying to climb the turnbuckle, I honestly thought he was drunk.

- Did anyone catch Nunzio yell to Noble, "Hey, were family!"

- As good as it was for Benoit to win I was honestly hoping HhH would win so I could see the smarks go fucking crazy.

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#82 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.19
Okay, guess I should throw in my thoughts before I go to bed...

Overall, I would say this was on par with WM 10 and just a notch below WM 17.

I only have two complaints and they are minor. Like a lot of the people on this board, I was sort of disappointed with Taker. IF he was going to hybrid it, he didn't do a very good job it was like 80% biker and 20 % old school. Hey, I am a huge spooky Taker fan (not so much Biker Taker) this just didn't do it for me. However, I did LOVE the background during Kane's entrance.

I think this also needed one more "big" suprise and it would have become the best WM ever, I think. Something like a Bret Hart appearance or the like. We had the big turn (Trish), just needed a big surprise (like Piper last year).

What really worked: The Jericho/Christian match. It was a superb effort and solidified Christian as a singles competitor for me, although I know most on this board will still bitch about his moveset. I don't understand all the bitching about Trish's turn doesn't make sense -- damn man, give them a day to explain. If they don't explain on RAW tomorrow then bitch, but at least give them that. And everyone is complaining because "it was too predictable" but if it didn't happen, they would be complaining because everyone is in the same place as where they started. I think this is a great move as it elevates Christian and Jericho both and freshens up Trish's stale act.

Not that this needs commenting on but I am going to anyways. Everyone here goes out of their way to tell everyone what they were doing during the T&A match. They DEFINATELY weren't watching the match. Okay, let's get this straight. You paid $50 to see a PPV, four beautiful women were rolling around wearing nothing but bra and panties and YOU WENT OUT OF YOUR WAY not to watch it, even though you already paid $50 for it. And this proves what? That you don't like cleavage and panties? Hey, I have a friend who doesn't either -- of course he's gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Your loss, you missed Torrie and Stacy trying real hard to put on an okay match with some okay (if not semi-erotic chainwrestling).

I absolutely LOVED the crowd during the Brock/Goldberg match. I don't think I have ever been as impressed with a crowd as I was tonight with MSG. The only thing missing was a "YOU SCREWED BRET!" chant jus tso I could here JR have a heart attack trying to justify 97. Another cool thing that has already been mentioned was when Austin got creamed in the face with a beer can!! EXCELLENT! He took it like a man, too! Wonder if he'll have a shiner tomorrow.

Rock N Sock shuld have went over, plain and simple. I love Mick Foley to death and I love that he uses his legacy to help get younger talent over. But the fued was WAY too one sided for Randy to get the pinfall at WM. Mick, it's okay to win sometimes man. Rock N Sock should have went over and Mick could have put Orton over further down the line. Other than that, I thought that match was fun as hell! Great stuff by all involved and special MVP of the match honors to Ric Flair who carried the heel team.

Let's see in the interpromotional affairs, Smackdown went 2-1, but the RAW announcers got to announce 2 of 3 -- coincidence?

Okay, last note then I'm done I swear. They say where it all starts....again. New talent went over in the main events (and the right talent), there was not one chair shot, no run-ins, no gimmick matches involving inanimate objects, no ref bumps, no bashing with title belts. Nothing really for anyone to bitch about.

If you can't give this show two thumbs up then in my opinion, you are not a wrestling fan, but just someone who wants to bitch about anything the McMahons put on TV. If that's the case let yourself be known so I can put you on ignore now.

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#83 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.08
Matches, from Best to Worst:

World Title: Damned good...and the right guy won.
WWE Title: Good psychology, great match.
Christian/Jericho: Did what it had to do, and did it well.
Rock&Sock/Evolution: Right team went over. Hot crowd.
Cena/Big Show: Good David vs. Goliath story. Hot opener.
Taker/Kane: Kicky punchy stuff, but lots of fun.
Cruiserweight Open: Nice spots, nice f*ckups and fun match.
RAW Tag 4-Way: Clusterf*ck, but entertaining.
SD Tag 4-Way: Short & energetic.
Women's Title: Well-done. Would've prefered Widow's Peak finish, though.
Hot Half-Naked Women: Match sucked, but was done entertainingly.
Brock/Goldberg: Match sucked, was done horribly.

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#84 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.20
I've one thing to say.


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#85 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75
First off, they should have called this show, "Where it all ends...again." Seriously, the faces won 9 out of 12 matches (I count Torrie/Sable as faces because Jackie became the defacto heel), and most of them won very convincingly. Not that I'm complaining, but it was interesting to see a feel good show like this. Too bad the Brock/Goldberg match had to happen and bring the MSG crowd down the tubes.

My friends and I just decided to dub Mark the "WesternTaker" and I thought aloud that the finish would involve a lasso.

Generally though, I have the same reaction as the rest. This is about the 3'rd or 4'th best WM in my opinion, and most of the crap matches were kept short.

I agree with Minextoo about the Evening Gown match. I'm not going to call you all names, but I was not complaining about seeing four average to really hot chicks wrestling in undergarments. Hell, I bet most of you didn't care that the end of the match featured one woman sitting on another woman's chest and spanking her bottom. WORKED FOR ME.

Good job Benoit, and that was easily the greatest Triple Threat match I've ever seen. After so many matches of this type, there were some spots I have never seen before. The suplex onto the announce table was awesome, and Benoit breaking up the HBK pin attempt by grabbing HHH was terrific. All three guys should be applauded for their effort, and let's see what kind of champion Benoit is. I'll give him a chance, but he better step up his game at giving great promos. Awesome show overall.

Tonight, you will see the return of the Undertaker, the Dead Man that most of us have been clamoring for for years.

Also tonight, you will see most of us complain about the return of the Dead Man, the Dead Man that most of us have been clamoring for for years.

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#86 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.23
I really enjoyed this show. The Cena match had a creative finish. I thought Trish came out too early for her to be aligning with Jericho -- her stiletto heels only cemented her turn for me. No face would wear those. I LOVED the Evolution -Rock n Sock match. I hated the ending (in a mark way), but the way that Orton hit the RKO as Foley was closing in with Mr. Socko was BRILLIANT! He had the move scouted! Now I want to see Foley-Orton and Flair-Rock. Goldberg-Lesnar was so surreal it was AWESOME! Not really a great match, but it was compelling to watch. It makes sense that if people are going to be interested in Wrestlemania to pay to be at the Garden they would be the type of hardcore fan to know that Lesnar was leaving even if unannounced. I'm impressed that they let (made?) JR acknowledge the chants. Eddie-Angle was a great match with a great finish. As soon as Eddie loosened up the boot, I knew what he was going to do. Brilliant! Poor Molly losing her hair. I can't believe they would make a woman go bald. That sorta disturbs me. I can buy the logic of Taker returning in the clothes he was buried in, but where did the hat and coat come from? He came out and I thought he was Taker, Texas Ranger. The fact that he didn't have the costume or the moveset (beyond the zombie sit up and tombstone -- ropewalk doesn't count since it was 'old school') really killed my excitement about his return. Kane's psychotic reactions made that match for me though. A shame he didn't win. I'm still amazed by the main event. I loved how the crowd was so pro-Benoit. And the ending with Eddie and Benoit in the ring was another surreal moment on the night. Great show.

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Kei Posiskunk

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#87 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.59
    Originally posted by Big Bad
    And who's the man with the best WM paycheque? AKIO!

    Anyone else with me in agreeing that the Cruiserweight Open should've gotten all of Lesnar/Goldberg's time, and that Austin should've started that match by saying "Oh by the way, this one's triple threat too" and then stunned both of those idiots to win the match?

    (edited by Big Bad on 15.3.04 0157)

Oddly enough, I thought that Austin was going to do that ever since he was announced to be the special referee. I felt somewhat stupid when it didn't happen.

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#88 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.11
Who´s bitchin´ now?

First of all:


So many times the booking made me wanna quit watching wrestling, but everytime I seriously thought about it something really GOOD happened.


A small guy like Shawn Michaels realizing his dream at WM XII!

Stone Cold Steve Austin getting pushed to the moon and kicking off a new "Attitude", which led to Hiac2, which led to Mick Foleys first world title win on Raw!

Chris Jericho winning the WCW title from The Rock in the moty01 at No Mercy, which led to him becoming the first ever undisputed champion later that year!

And now: The Canadian Crippler finally (after 19 years!) winning the big one by making the Game tap in MSG at the biggest PPV there ever was!


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#89 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.57
I am quite surprised that alot of you are calling this the best mania ever, or even a good mania.

The Triple threat match was the only good thing on the entire card.

Vince clearly kissing the "net fans" asses with this booking. Who would have EVER thought WMXX would have eddie and benoit standing together in the ring, both as heavy weight champions!! That was cool...


What was with the Walker-texas-ranger-taker? That was SOOOO god-damned bad. What is the point of bringing him back as the dead man? The whole nostalgia thing wore off the VERY SECOND he appeared as the same biker-taker we were all used to. What the hell are they going to do with Paul Bearer? That was pretty damn weak.

The Goldberg/Lesnar match SHOULD have had Austin stunning them both DURING the match and walking. Kind of lost its importance when the match was already over. Man was that a surreal match.

You could tell there apepared to be a lot of last minute booking (at least it appeared that way). I would even venture to say that the descision to put the belt on Benoit was a last minute attempt to save a show that was draggggging along at 4 and a half hours.

The evening gown match - what the hell WAS that? I saw "shades of steamboat-savage" during the Stacey/Torrie portion of that mess. hilarious.

Ultimo-shockmaster-Dragon was pretty funny...

Good to see the hof'ers...although the Ventura/Trump bit was a tad redundant.

Trish as a heel IS hotter...

Again - the Triple threat match was HANDS DOWN match of the night.

Still would have been nice to see Hogan.

***oh yeah - NOW RESIDING IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA - CHRIS BENOIT?? What the hell was that about???

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#90 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.00
I thought the whole thing was fantastic i had to stay up till 5am to finish it but i did not fall asleep once so that is a good sign

Best moment: The fans during the Brock/Goldberg fight loved the songs it reminded me of hooligans at an English football match very proud of you guys for that i found myself singing along and waking up the neighbours.

Worst moment: taker i was really disappointed though he might have the proper kit he just looked like my dad in his biker gear taking the piss out of the old school undertaker still i am sure it will get better.

Most moving moment: was the clips of the hall of fame night and bobby the brain heenan crying saying he only wished gorilla monsoon was there.

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i before e

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#91 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.89
I editied my I was there post. I recapped from a "live" perspective. I thought that might be cool for everyone to see.

It's wiener not weiner.
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#92 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.52
First, lemme say this...

FINALLY... Chris Benoit HAS WON the World Heavyweight Championship! (again, but for real this time)

My thoughts regarding WrestleMania XX, where it all begins... again...


Harlem Boys Choir kicked the shit out of the crappy bands they've had play in a few previous years. Kinda weird that they started out with the second verse of “America the Beautiful,” though. By the way, since when did “America the Beautiful” become interchangable with the national anthem? Not that I'm hatin' on “America the Beautiful” or anything.

U.S. Heavyweight Title Match
The Big Slow (C) vs. John “Word Mutha-Frickin' Life” Cena

Nice rap at the beginning. Cena's a guy I can get behind, unlike a certain young third-generation RAW Superstar that Vince is trying to shove down our throats. Interesting to see a face cheat to win, particularly at WrestleMania. But the match ended the right way. The U.S. Title was being wasted around The Big Show's waist, undefended, unloved and almost completely forgotten about until recently. Now it'll be defended again, one would assume, which is great... there are any number of SmackDown Superstars who can benefit by going after the U.S. Title.

World Tag Team Title Match
BT/RVD (C) vs. La Resistance (Conway instead of Grenier? The hell?) vs. Those Damn Dudleyz vs. ummm... two guys no one's ever heard of

The match was entirely forgettable in my estimation, but it's nice to see Booker T and Rob Van Dam retain the tag-team title. If they can have BT and RVD have some backstage skits together, man, that's comic gold. Psyched-up Booker T paired with laid-back Rob Van Dam reminds me a little bit of normal Booker T and freaky-ass Goldust.

...sigh... those were the days.

The Canadian Chrises EXPLODE!
CHRISTIAN!!! CHRISTIAN!!! vs. Chris “Trish, I weally, weally luv you” Jericho

The first holy shit moment of the night for me was when Trish turned on Jericho. And man, she looked hot doing it.

Great match, too. And it's nice to see that this feud will continue. I wasn't too upset by the lack of immediate explanation for Trish's heel turn... that's why God invented RAW, right?

What, No Third Guy?
The Rock 'n Sock Connection (w/o Jimmy Snuka, Randy Savage or Hulk Hogan) vs. THE MAN, one big guy with potential and one smarmy heel who sucks

I guess no one has the heart to tell Ric Flair that there's a vast conspiracy against him-- anyone who sees Flair going up on the top rope is contracturally obligated to throw him off. Heh.

Gotta love the Struttin' People's Elbows, and I think The Rock and Mick Foley were obviously having the time of their lives out there...

But what the fuck? What's the point of having Evolution go over here? Orton made Foley out to be a coward only to get shit-kicked by Foley at the Rumble. But since then, Foley's gotten his ass kicked by Evolution 45,302 times, and he loses at WrestleMania? Is this some kinda campaign to make Orton look like gold (which he's not) at the expense of the remaining credibility of one of WWE's most-popular superstars of all time?

Is Orton gonna get his at Backlash, or are they just gonna have Foley lose to him again there, too? Hey, y'know, part of having a good feud is having the appearance of balance. By my count, Foley's due to get his comeuppance.

But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, so moving on...

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2004

Well, other than having Pete Rose in there (which is the closest he'll come to the Baseball Hall of Fame while he's still alive, hopefully), I'm very happy with who was inducted this year. OK, Harley Race was made to look like a complete ass-clown during his tenure in the WWF, but they apparently inducted him based on his six NWA World Heavyweight Title reigns, so I'm cool with that.

Be sure to check out the Ric Flair vs. Harley Race section on Flair's DVD, by the way. If it wasn't for that feud, the name Ric Flair might've passed into history a long time ago... and that would've been a terrible loss for all of us.

Someone's gonna have to clue me in, I'm afraid, regarding Bobby Heenan... is he OK? He looks very ill. I remember hearing something about him a year or two ago, but it's long since left my memory.

Evening Gown-- scratch that, Bra and Panties-- match

I'm a fan of T&A as much as the next guy. Rrrowwww, Stacey. But I came into the match hoping that there wouldn't be any actual nudity in the match, because WWE doesn't need any negative publicity right now. Imagine my relief when the teased panties strip of Jackie turned out to be just that-- a tease.

Cruiserweight Open

Yeah, I too had bad WrestleCrap Shockmaster flashbacks when Ultimo Dragon came tumbling down the entrance ramp. That damn robe, you know?

Speaking of costumes, hey Vince... didn't ya have enough problems with Marvel regarding the Hulk Hogan name, and now ya wanna mix it up with DC Comics? Although the way Rey flies around the ring, he might actually be faster than The Flash.

I came in wanting Ultimo to win it, actually, even though I knew that wasn't gonna happen. I kinda liked the match, but they should've given it more time. The PPV was supposed to end at midnight but it ended at like 11:35 or something... they could've given this match more time.

Thanks for showing up tonight, by the way, Funaki. Interesting to see Jamie Noble get a little bit of a run going before Billy Kidman beat him and then the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions EXPLODE~!

Nice to see Chavo retain the title by heel shenanigans.

Loser Leaves Town Match
(winner leaves town, too)
Brock “Gone” Lesnar vs. Bill “Gone” Goldberg

OK, so the crowd shat all over the match. But can you blame 'em? They know that both Lesnar and Goldberg are likely wrestling their final match with WWE. At least Goldberg's got a legitimate excuse-- he only signed a one-year deal, right? Brock's head's getting too big for his own good, though-- and his head was pretty big (and oddly-shaped) to begin with.

Of course, another reason the crowd shat all over the match was probably because the first seven years of the match apparently took place inside Lesnar and Goldberg's minds or something. Maybe they were both hooked into The Matrix, and what we thought was a staring contest was actually the fight of the millenium-- complete with bullet-time dives and shattering concrete.

Oh, interesting, Goldberg won. I would've been much more surprised by the result if this Lesnar-to-the-NFL thing hadn't started up. As it stands, I was mildly surprised. Not that it makes a damn bit of difference.

By the way... don't any of the WWE Superstars watch instant replays? Goldberg speared Austin by accident, as he was aiming for McMahon. Lesnar F-5'd Austin on purpose. There's a big fuckin' difference.

Oh, well, next!

WWE Tag Team Title Match
(Not) Too Cool (C) vs. The World's Best Damn Tag Team, Period vs. APA (hey, are they still offering their protection services?) vs. Doug Basham and DAMAJA, dammit, not Danny Basham!

The match was entirely forgettable in my estimation, but it's nice to see Booker T and Rob Van Dam retain the tag-team title. If they can have BT and RVD have some backstage skits together, man, that's comic gold.

...Wait... you mean this isn't the World Tag Team Title match, it's the WWE Tag Team Title match? My bad.

Why they decided to have two fatal-four-way tag-team title matches (under the same rules, no less-- maybe one could've been an elimination match?) makes absolutely no freakin' sense to me. But I don't give a crap about any of these teams anyway, especially since I'm almost always workin' on Thursdays, so what's next?

WWE Women's Title Match
Something I'll Try Very Hard to Forget

OK. I have the same gripe here as I do with the Foley/Evolution thing, even though Victoria's a face. What the hell's the point of having Victoria own Molly time after time after time? Victoria's beaten Molly 493,278,401 times in the past three months, which I didn't think was possible-- and now the hottest and most undervalued Diva in WWE is bald?

What's worse was Molly's reaction when she was tied down and having her head shaved... man, I'll have nightmares about that... she was reacting like she was being raped or something. Horrifying.

WWE Championship Match
Eddie “VIVA LA RAZA~!” Guerrero vs. Kurt “You Suck, but we say that 'cuz we love you” Angle

What can you say about those two that hasn't already been said. Great match, absolutely phenomenal. The right guy went over, too-- Eddie deserves more than a token run at the top, he deserves to be the standard-bearer for the SmackDown brand for a little while.

And what the hell kinda ingenius freakin' ending was THAT?!? I loved it! Hahaha, another face cheats to win at WrestleMania, that's two!

The Dead Rise
Undertaker vs. Kane

Gotta love the people that said, “People on SmackDown are upset with the return of The Undertaker's dead man gimmick, because the gimmick will require 'Taker to stop selling moves.”

Ummm... it'll require 'Taker to stop selling? You can make your own joke from there, I've alley-ooped it for you.

The buildup was better than the match itself. Glorified squash. Their match at WrestleMania, uhh, was it XIV? was better, but they were tellin' a different story then, too. At WrestleMania XIV, here's this monster who can possibly destroy The Undertaker, and what must he do to stop Kane? At WrestleMania XX, Undertaker's returning, and it's time for Kane to get the ass-kicking he so richly deserves.

I wish they could've done it without making Kane look so much like a bitch and hence making everyone he's beaten up in the past few months look like ass-clowns, but hey, was kanst du tun?

World Heavyweight Title Match
Hunter “Keep this shit up, and I could even see myself rooting for you like I did in '99” Hearst-Helmsley vs. Shawn “Vampire” Michaels vs. Chris “The Man” Benoit

I came into the match expecting Benoit to lose. Even though Benoit will always be my favorite wrestler, even though I've watched him since 1997, I came into the match resigned to the fact that Triple H was gonna retain (especially given Eddie Guerrero's earlier victory).

I, too, was kneeling in front of the television, screaming, “TAP YOU SON OF A BITCH!” at Hunter... and imagine my shock, delight and sheer joy when he did tap. All's right with the world. Chris Benoit is the new World Heavyweight Champion... and since Mick Foley's not the commissioner anymore, he can't overturn the victory no matter how much he may want to, ha.

Thank you, Vince.

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#93 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.99
Okay, a few more composed thoughts now that I've grabbed a decent amount of sleep:

-The opening montage was bizarre and fabulous all rolled into one. A real sense of history, some short, sharp hyping of the nigh to come, and that surprisingly sweet McMahon Generations closing shot. It felt like it was saying "it started with family, and it's still about family".
-Cena going over Show was the best possible choice for a hot opener. The Cruiser Open didn't have the same connection with the fans, and most of the other options were too far into filler-material to make the cut. Match wasn't great, but it was one of those defining moments in making Cena.
-I loved loved loved the backstage stupidity with Coach, Mean Gene and Brain. The two old-timers showed more flair for comedy than anyone currently working on the roster barring Rocky, and it was especially heartwarming to see Heenan still sharp-as-a-tack after his tough coupla years.
-Jericho/Christian....hmm. A really, really good match and a strong showing for Christian, although he's still got to improve his offense outside of "miscellaneous choking". I was dead-set against the turn going in, and still have reservations about it now, just for its sheer lack of logic. Why would Trish turn? To get revenge for the bet? Then why side with Christian, who's just as much of an asshole? The only explanation they have is the dumbass "she likes it rough", and I really think that's a bad road to go down. Still, Trish seemed damn good-and hot-in the role, and the wave of sympathy and eventual cheers Jericho'll get for whomping righteous vengeance-fueled ass should cement him as a top face.
-The handicap match was such a great blend of booking approaches that you ended up forgetting that three of the guys working it probably weren't going to wrestle again for a long old while. Flair looked the best he's been since forever, Rocky never missed a step and Foley, whilst not quite the crazy SOB of old, carried himself with dignity. But the real story is, I guess, Orton. His earlier promo was easily the best mic work he'd ever done, pretaped or not, and his selling and facials for the actual bout were so goofy-awesome that I found myself marking out for him for the first time. The out-of-nowhere RKO was killer, too. The only guy who didn't get some kind of shot in the arm from it is Batista-and I'm pretty sure he's going to be relegated to "hulking bodyguard" status for another year or so anyways, so its no biggie.
-I think its unfair to label the NYC crowd as disrespectful after their classy response to the HoF announcements. JYD's reception was particularly nice.
-The cruiserweight match was a near-unforgivable rushjob, but the right guy went over. And hey, Rey's costume OWNED.
-I feel sorry for the guys in the front office who decided to invest time and effort in the Goldberg/Brock match. Without the crazy-go-nuts Revelations of last week it probably would've been a super-hot affair, be it pro-Lesnar or pro-Goldberg, but ultimately it was ruined by something beyond their control. I've made no secret of my distaste at Brock's decision to leave, and I guess I'm not the only one feeling that way. Match itself would've been watchable with the right crowd response, and was just below "watchable but uninteresting" if you turned the sound down and imagine the waves of positive heat they were probably expecting before Tuesday.
-Oh man, that hatchet job Victoria did on Molly's hair was brutal. I am uber-apprehensive as to how they're going to play this for the next few months. Please don't keep her bald for whatever dumb reason.
-Eddie Vs. Angle was a touch below what I think we were all expecting, but when "below expectations" still registers at ****-****1/4 it's very very little to complain about. I was a little wary at first thanks to Meltz's "one of them is in shockingly bad shape" preview, but both guys worked exceptionally well in their roles. Finish was brilliantly creative, too; I'd look for Angle to go over at Judgement Day to set up a summer o'chasing for both Cena and Eddie.
-I see I'm in the minority when I say that one of the highlights of the night for me was 'Taker's new hybridization of the old and new. They booked themselves into a corner with his return and still came up smelling of roses: If the new gimmick were to be more than a one-night novelty, they had to keep it grounded in reality. This was a spot-on way of doing it, and the old West duds he sported to the ring were such a great li'l character indicator-a normal man tormented and transformed into a killer, just like the Western heroes of the past. I forgot just how good ol' Mark is at playing the role, too. That opening staredown was awesome. "You may not have sent me to the Hell...but I went to my Hell. And now I have to make everyone pay." Match was blah, but the potential for future goodness is there in spades.
-What else can be said about the triple threat? Go get a thesaurus and read out every positive superlative you can. Then invent a coupla new ones. That'll cover it.

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Wrestlemania XX was for the fans. Mostly face wins. No DQs. No chair shots. All clean finishes with the most deserving WRESTLERS and not entertainers win such as Benoit, Guerrero, ect over ppl who are more over such as Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Only disapointment was The Dead Man, "You can tell he's back to his old self JR, he's dyed his hair black AND he's got a new hat". Good to see Paul Bearer and HOF. Plus Triple H will turn into Greg Valentine in the next five years. Just look at the resemblence. So much for Jericho's big push this year if he can't even beat Christian but the ending of the match was good. Plus both tag champs retained. Wassup wit dat?

...and that's the bottom line cos jk sed so
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sounded great!


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In case no one's said it yet, let's give Billy Kidman props for that slingshot shooting star press off the middle of the top rope into the ramp! I know he's not the most exciting worker on the roster, but damn. That was something else.

For whoever was wondering about Heenan's health; he's recently been battling throat cancer. But, hell, for a guy who's been that ill, I thought he looked great.

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I'm still not totally relieved as far as the World title situation goes. Last I checked, ladder match between the same three guys was the plan for next month in Benoit's hometown, and it would be too easy to assume HHH did the clean job here in exchange for screwing Benoit over completely and winning the belt back in Canada. But we'll see.

I'll be at Raw tonight, I hope to hear a thunderous standing ovation for our new champion, I'll at least give HHH the time of day in exchange for the goodwill he created, and I know only one other thing:

That bitch Trish and that little jerk Christian? They've GOTTA die. GOTTA die. (So the turn worked from that POV.)


If the WWF decided to use a Super Mario Brothers gimmick...

"Mah gawd, King! Garrison Cade just bounced a fireball toward Rene Dupree!"
"And look, Mark Jindrak just jumped on top of Conway's head! I think he's out cold, JR!"
"What're they up to now..where did that huge pipe come from?!"
"They're going down in the pipe! They're..they're gone!"
--Mike Sweetser

"Oh my god, JR. Cade just shrunk after he was hit by that chair!"
"Here comes RVD, King. What's that he has in that bag?"
"Are those Mushrooms, JR?"
"Cade's eating the Mushrooms. BAH GAWD, KING! Cade just grew twice his size!"
--Mr. Tuesday


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One helluva mania! I actually kind of dug the Taker's entrance attire, and I like the hybrid, but I guess thats just me. I give props to Kane though prematch, his reaction to seeing the Undertaker was excellent. Cena's match was pretty good, I had some non wrestling fans over, and they were pretty impressed he got him up for the FU. Jericho Christian was great, and at first I thought they weren't going to do the heel turn with the miscommunication finish and all, but I must say heel Trish is hotter. The tag title match was fun, and I was surprised RVD/Booker won this one. Evolution vs Rock.sock was good, though I was a little surprised it was this early, the ending came out of nowhere and a star was born. The evening gown match was what it was, and I am not complaining about the ladies look, and Tazz/Cole were hilarious as usual with these kinds of matches. The HOF stuff was very cool, and maybe someone can answer this, I thought Snuka got inducted this year too, was I mistaken? The cruisers was awesome, and I am just happy Kidman didnt break his neck on the springoard SSP. Brock vs Lesnar was OK, but the beginning was kind of strange. The Smackdown tag match was pretty good, though I expected a WGTT win. THe woman's match was OK, but I am really surprised they went through with the head shaving. Eddie vs angle=classic and an awesome ending. Again I dug Taker's appearance, and thought the match went pretty well. Boy was I not expecting Benoit to win what a surprise, and what a moment at the end! A tremendous show overall.

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Lou: A Chinese Wal-Mart?
Wiggum: I guess that'll have to do. But whoever owns these tapes is in more hot water than..
Lou: A Japanese tea bag?
Wiggum: Why don't you lay off the Asians Lou
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My thoughts
*Was it me or did Tito Santana look pretty much the same than he did 20 years ago? It was great to see a lot of those guys again...

*Christian/Y2J ruled, whoever mentioned Christian's face was on the ball, that was such a great "heel" face when he Unprettied Y2J...Trish does look somewhat sexier as a bitch too

*I liked the Kung Lao look for UT (I was waiting at the end of the match for the MK voice to say "Kung Lao wins")

*The CW match was good for what it was, whatever that move Ultimo pulled out of his ass was hella sweet (that flipping DDT), Noble's suicide bomb was cool and the Kidman SSP rocked


* Also, if you are reading this WWE, please thank HHH for giving Benoit "his shot" and making the hardcore fans happy

* If the end with Guerrero/Benoit holding each other's hands up didn't make you feel good to be a wrestling fan, I dunno what coulds

* Conway's selling of the axe kick was perfect, that is how it should be done each time...Conway will make a good midcard heel once they split up La Res (he has a lot of the small things down)

The only thing I didn't like was when Akio got eliminated they should have had Hurricane/Nova/Paul London (preferably Hurricane) run down and take his place and then steal the victory for the belt

WAY above average show

"I'm not that big, but I'm fast, I'm pretty sure I can outrun the whole Dallas Cowboys team."
--high school senior RB (and possible future Boomer Sooner) Adrian Peterson on his thoughts on his chances in the NFL

Am I the only person who hope this kid signs into the NFL and Roy Williams and Parcells get to let that comment stew for the next 7 months?

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With all due respect to both world title matches, which were excellent, Y2J/Christian was my favorite match of the night. A good, stiff match with a lot of heavy bumps. As for Trish's heel turn, I'll hold off for now, but I really think there's only one way it'll work. If it's because Christian knows what he wants and makes no bones about it, but Jericho's been such a ball-less sissy lately that Trish couldn't stand it. That's a situation that would make Jericho ramp up his game, and both men would come out better than they started.

And that triple threat match, yeah, that was something. HBK looked like an absolute ghoul out there last night, I think the last time I saw somebody blead like that was Zach Gowan. I foresaw four different ways Benoit could walk out of MSG as the champ, but none of them involved HHH tapping clean in the middle of the ring. And Eddie and Chris holding up their titles together in the ring, that was just a "moment", you know?
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So, anyway, yeah, that was a repackaged Skip Sheffield in the "dark match", pre-NXT portion of last night's Smackdown live show.
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