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23.5.18 0035
The W - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania XX WreaXX (Page 4)
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Rants and thoughts from a demented mind in Central Florida....

Tonight's Wrestlemania was a perfect example of the rule of recency and how it relates to wrestling. Essentially, the rule of recency goes with the rule of primacy, which both hold that people remember the first and last things they hear/see, and don't remember much about the middle.
IMHO, in wrestling, the rule of recency - what you see/hear last sticks most in your memory - is the more important of the two. The rule of recency is why I don't share most people's feelings about WM X-7 - the stupid ending with the pointless Austin heel turn killed the show for me. That was the last thing I had to see/hear, and it really damaged what was, until then, a great show.

A lot of my problems with this show comes from the rule of recency. A lot of what I liked about this show also comes from the rule of recency. A lot of my problems with this show comes from what they did with the actual matches themselves. Allow me to explain:

Cena-Show - odd point in my discussion, because I'm talking about the rule of recency with the first match. It was the "correct" result, and an interesting way to end the match. Part of the problem was a relatively dead (or poorly miked?) MSG crowd. Perhaps a little too methodical for my tastes... really interesting to see this as the curtain jerker. I expected to see Y2J-Christian start the show.

WWE Raw World Tag Team Title Clusterfuck, er, I mean, Fatal Four Way - what's the point of having a fatal four way if it's sudden death? Hell, you've got MSG for five hours, give a little more time to this match to make it interesting and let it build up more. Glad to see Booker & RVD retain - though I wouldn't mind seeing Jindrak and Cade as champs. The titles do not need to go anywhere near the Dudleyz or La Res - again. Ever.

Y2J-Christian - the first match that I really got into tonight has a problem with the rule of recency. I was okay with Christian winning - until they got to the Trish turn. So let's see, Christian's been fucking with both her and Y2J, beaten the crap out of her on PPV and nationwide TV on multiple occasions... and now she wants him?? OMG WTF?!?!? Had they immediately cut to a backstage promo where Trish and Christian would've explained the whole thing (one Wiener's prior post about Trish liking that Christian doesn't go easy on her and respects her as an equal... the gag's on Y2J, because the real bet was between Christian and Trish to see how long it would take to crack Y2J... she doesn't want to be stuck with a mushy loser, even....), I might've been willing to go along with it. Then again, I'm not sure that WM is the proper place to have heel turns.

Rock 'N' Sock vs. Devolution - rule of recency problem here. It's fascinating and fucked-up at the same time to see that the two most over guys getting the most reaction from the fans up to this point are Rock and Foley - who haven't been fully-active competitors for some time now. Fascinating how the WWE painted itself into that corner... anyway, the argument can be made that Orton needs the rub, since the WWE seems to be hell-bent on pushing him down our throats. However, to me, WM is traditionally a time when the faces are supposed to get payback on the heels who've been doing them wrong (see, Hogan-Bundy, Savage-Steamboat, Piper-Adonis, Taker-Diesel, Austin-Michaels, Foley/Funk-New Age Outlaws, etc. etc.). A Rock & Sock win would've done soooo much here to make me happy - and it wouldn't have been that hard to have Orton get his, ahem, "heat" back after WM. God knows the WWE has been giving him enough clean wins as it is...

Evening Gown Match - OMG WTF??? Pinfall or submission only? Uh, if they're all going to strip out of their gowns before the match starts, then what's the freaking point?? God, make it a strip-off or a dance-off. I'll take Molly or Trish or Victoria or even Gail or Lita if I want women's wrestling. NEXT!!

Cruiserweight open - rule of recency problem here, but I'll concede that I'm nitpicking with this one. I'd have liked to see Rey Rey win the title back, but if the WWE's doing a long, slow burn for a long, intense feud between him and Chavo, I'm willing to let it slide. A fun match overall, with some fun high-flying stuff. Not quite WCW cruiserweights circa 1996, but still fun.

Loser Leaves WWE, Along With The Winner Match - OMG!! TRAIN WRECK!!! It was wild just watching MSG turn on both of these guys and then completely shit on the match. I was almost waiting for both of them to just walk out of the ring. Brock more or less gets buried as Goldberg wins clean. Austin stunners them both and drinks a lot of beer. Unintentionally funny moment - the camera catches Austin missing a beer catch as he's about to get on his ATV, and the can hits him smack in the face. Heh heh heh...

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Title Clusterfuck, er, I mean, Fatal Four Way - see my notes for the RAW Tag Team Title Clusterfuck. Give these guys a little more time. And with seven titles on the line, you only change two of them (though admittedly, those two were absolutely correct decisions.)?? Why not give the WGTT a little rub and have them go over here??

Women's Title Match - match was crap, but with the right person winning. And the ending post-match helped redeem this a bit. This is what I think of when I think of WM - the face going over and getting revenge on the heel... even if it means cutting the heel's hair. Dead giveaway about the ending with the barber's chair and tools on the stage at entrance time, though.

Guerrero-Angle - I give this one Match of the Night over the Triple Threat. Angle and Eddie go out and put on a clinic. Here's an additional thing: while working restholds, Eddie and Kurt are still working some action, the announcers are selling the holds, and the crowd's still into the match. A well-booked ending, as well - not quite a full-out lie/cheat/steal, but classic Eddie tactics to win "clean" over Kurt.

Undertaker-Kane - Kane gets the second-coolest entrance of the night, with the NYC set "on fire" as he enters. A small consolation prize for being sacrificed to the Taker. A little sluggish for my tastes, but let's face it... this was mainly here for WM nostalgia. But upon seeing the Undertaker's outfit, it took every ounce of willpower to keep from belting out, "I'm a cowboy, on a steel ramp I riiiiide..." Didn't realize we were having CowboyTaker wrestle tonight... maybe his luggage with his real costume got lost?

Triple Threat - Okay, okay, okay, HHH, Vince, et al do the right thing here and put Benoit over the way I hoped he would be put over - by making HHH tap out in the center of the ring, clean. Kudos to the MSG crowd for starting various Benoit chants despite a long show that dragged at several points. Some nice spots here.
The rule of recency comes into play big time here. Excellent ending, which helped raise a mediocre show. And I will admit to getting a little choked up and cheering and even shedding a tear when Benoit won it all, and Eddie came out to celebrate with him. The only other time that I felt that emotional about this show? The Hall of Fame highlights, with the Brain giving props to Gorilla Monsoon.

And in passing, I will give props to Vince McMahon, for keeping it simple and classy and not being Mr. McMahon tonight. He simply was Vince McMahon, and came out to thank the fans. Not about Vince McMahon, genius, or wrestling character. An unusually classy moment for a man usually lacking in class.

All in all, though, I can't call this the greatest WM ever, or even the second-greatest WM - those honors, IMHO, still belong to WMs III and X (YOU can choose which spot each show gets.). Three-or-four good-to-great matches, with a lot of so-so stuff mixed in with pointless rule changes, bad endings, and some crappy matches. Hell, Backlash 2000 and No Mercy 2001 may still rank higher than WM XX with me.

EDIT: quotation marks in a spot or two, and it's recency, damn it, not primacy... stupid me at 12:30 on a Sunday night/Monday morning...

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I can't believe that Pete Rose was in the building the entire night, and Kane did nothing. NOTHING.

You're a hall of famer now, Pete. Act like one and take a damn chokeslam.

mmmm..... beer and pie.

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It certainly was not the best Mania ever, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. 3 great matches, 2 good ones, others (aside from T & A and BrockstinBerg) were acceptable. My heart wept for Ultimo and HBK. I even felt bad for Berg and Brock(and I don't even care for Brock). NYC was a slight too disrepectful for my tastes, I mean no matter what the two did the fans would have shit on it, and that made it difficult. But it was very intriguing to watch, and I can't blame them for being angry at Brock.

I have to say Taker's look disappointed me as well. But I couldn't have expected him to go full-bore anyway. The entrance, Paul Bearer and Taker's Ministry facials were at least "markable".

I love wrestling legends. It was great to see them get their due, and Mania was a good place for it.

OMG EDGE!! Awesome video and crowd reaction.

The very last image, of Guerrero and Benoit embracing with the WWE titles, and the "Kliq" out of the way. Geez, they might as well have had "Don't say we never did anything for YOU" printed right above it. Classic moment. Now leave HBK alone dammit.

Worth the money.

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Poor Ultimo... banana peel!

Just gotta say that, like Asteroid boy, I was down on the floor yelling, "Tap, you motherfucker, tap!" And then the motherfucker tapped! One of my biggest mark-out moments ever! That's why I watch wrestling, and the fans were really rewarded with that match. Great fucking match. I love that Benoit went cleanly over both HBK and HHH. Just amazing!

Eddy slipping out of his boot is a classic WM moment. I wonder how long they've been saving that! Nice job by Angle, too. Great match.

I'm not sure I'm disappointed with this incarnation of the Undertaker. After being the American Badass for a while, I was expecting this new Deadman incarnation to be a bit of a hybrid. The next few months will determine how well it works, and I'm willing to give it time. He didn't no-sell through the 'entire' match, and I think that was good.

Lesnar/Goldberg: one of the shittiest matches I've ever seen. Barry Horowitz and Iron Mike Sharpe would have been better. Looks like Goldberg came back from Japan hurt. What an ass. The crowd was all over Brock like stink on a monkey, and that was heartening. Suck on it, Brock, you spoiled-rotten little turd.I do wonder how they're going to clean up the mess from this match. JR mentioned the "rumors" of Brock's departure, so maybe they won't even bother writing him out. They'll just let the truth speak for itself. Goldberg? Who cares. Just never mention him again. It doesn't matter.

I think Jericho and Christian did some good work tonight. Both of these guys should benefit from this feud lasting for a while. Evil Trish is even hotter than goody-goody Trish, so that'll spice things up. Nice angle. It's got legs. Edge could be a nice addition to this program. I can see him joining up with Jericho. That'll be sweet.

Uhm... were there other matches?

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    Originally posted by RageRockrr

    Guerrero-Angle - I give this one Match of the Night over the Triple Threat. Angle and Eddie go out and put on a clinic. Here's an additional thing: while working restholds, Eddie and Kurt are still working some action, the announcers are selling the holds, and the crowd's still into the match. A well-booked ending, as well - not quite a full-out lie/cheat/steal, but classic Eddie tactics to win "clean" over Kurt.

See, this is why this angle (no pun intended, but works out nicely) is so great. It's the face/heel dynamic turned on it's head. I haven't watched the match again yet, but I don't think Kurt cheated once (aside from the closed fists that Michael Cole was having a coronary about), proving himself to be the more dominant athlete, but Eddie's will to win and cleverness in taking shortcuts was able to overcome Angle. I am hoping to see more of Angle as clear-eyed psychopath.

Couple more thoughts:

Did anyone else get flashbacks to the AWESOME Bret Hart-Randy Savage SNME match when Eddie took off his boot? I thought we might get another chunk of match with Eddie working on one leg.

Spot of the night: The crowd booing Shawn Michaels rolling through for a second German suplex on Benoit, and then cheering the standing switch reversal by Benoit! Totally awesome and a microcosm of the fans' reaction to the ascension of Benoit.

Honorable mention goes to Flair's Stylin' and Profilin' Elbow, as Rocky and Slick Ric made that match a lot of fun.

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WOW. That's all I can say. I watched the Famous Players showing at the Paramount, and the crowd was ELECTRIC. Benoit's match got a HUGE pop at the end, for good reason. Vince McMahon got booed at every appearance.

And I loved the parallel to WrestleMania X: Benoit & Guerrero shaking hands & celebrating their victories. Heel Trish was awesome (and I love the potential it has) and every match (with the exception of Brock/Goldberg) was well done. Maybe not the best WrestleMania EVER...but the best PPV they've put on in a long while.

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I didn't see X-7, so in terms of what WrestleManias I have seen, this is by far the best.

For starters, there was only one match that wasn't highly entertaining, Lesnar/Goldberg. I give credit to Goldy though; he didn't have to go back into the ring to feed Austin a stunner.

Everything else just seemed to click. Main Event was hot, and rawked ass. Rock'n'Sock vs. Evolution was good, and proved that a mess of wins does not a superstar make.

Eddie/Angle rocked the house.

Thank you Vince.

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    Originally posted by jwrestle
      Originally posted by Kcowboy

      -EDGE...IS...COMING...he looked wicked

    I think he should go back to SmackDown!, but I bet he goes to RAW. The next PPV is in Canada and RAW only. Plus he might go heel and join up with Christian again.

    Plus, I was thinking. Rock, Mick, and Goldberg are gone. RVD and Booker T are a Tag Team. HHH is going to go shoot some movies and HBK has a ACL problem that might need surgury. RAW needs main event talent. Who does Beniott face? Kane? SmackDown! atleast has Kurt Angle, Eddie G, Big Show, The Undertaker.

Sorry for the freakin' numerous replies CRZ in this thread. I really just wanted to post once but I left the page up and a friend of mine apparently was reading and getting in to the conversations and desided to post under me. Sorry. :-D

He's probably one of the one's making the CHICKEN count go up with my luck.

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Well, if the Hooters by my apartment here in Jacksonville is any indication, REAL people love both Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Dear lord I haven't screamed like that for a match in a long, long time and happily the right guy went over.

I was pretty underwhelmed with Lesner vs. Goldberg myself, but I suppose it was as good as it was going to be with those two in it. Stone Cold really was a giant non-factor until the stunners after the match.

I don't want to get too nitpicky with the Undertaker but I was pretty damned disappointed when he wasn't wearing that old suit. Of course other than that I have little to nothing to complain about the show. Very good Wrestlemania in my opinion, that ending gave me chills.

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There was a very odd vibe going into the Lesnar/Goldberg match, just something about it said that everyone in that building knew it was going to be one very painful experience and no one was happy about it.

Except Austin, I think. He knew he was golden there and so did everyone else.

WWE invested two months of storylines into this matchup just to see it fall apart four days before it was to take place thanks to the apparantly wide-spread mention of Brock leaving WWE for football. I think if it had not been for this, the match would have worked out better with the crowd.

Watching Austin get more cheers from opening beercans than anything that actually happened in the match pretty much says it all. I doubt this was the send-off Brock expected, and it probably will keep him away from wrestling for some time to come.

Anyone else think Vince's "give yourself a round of applause" appearance right after the match was a way to generate some positive heat back into the crowd? Felt that way.

Rest of the show was between Fine - Excellent. Had no complaints except about the Playboy match being even worse than we all predicted. Jackie almost jobbing to her own gown was funny, however (and typical Jackie as well). The early RAW matches seemed to end with more of a "huh, okay, what's next?" resolution than anything else, as well; but that improved as the night went along.

Good show, over all. The ending - just like with No Way Out - made anything mediocre before it worth the price.

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    Originally posted by Kcowboy
    -Glad Hurri- and Rosey made some sort of appearence even if it was a Rock comedy bit

'Tis a shame. With the match being a Cruiserweight OPEN, I could have imagined Hurricane making a surprise appearence and overthrowing Chavo. But it was still nice to see him at Wrestlemania. Huzzah for Hamburglar and Grimis (The W).

Other thoughts:

-It's funny how WWE works sometimes. I don't remember who, but someone here posted the idea of Trish turning on Jericho and joining Christian and all of us (including CRZ) thought it was such a stupid idea. And yet it actually happened. Not that it makes it any less stupid an idea, but I just think it's funny that it happened. Not "funny ha-ha", of course.

-Eddie and Kurt may have had a somewhat cheap ending, but not only did it NOT take away from what was an awesome match, it was also necessary. With Brock taking his ball and going home and Big Show taking time off, SOMEONE needs to be a strong top heel on Smackdown!

-This is the first PPV where I've come away eagerly anticipating the next one. Backlash could be loads of fun! Especially if it turns out that Goldberg actually DOES come back...looking for REVENGE!

-Foley came back and put over Randy Orton like we all thought he would since the beginning. Good for him, but...what a one-sided feud this turned out to be. WHERE'S THE HEEL'S COMEUPPANCE?

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#72 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.14
    Originally posted by Kcowboy
    The stage was amazing especially for Kane's video with all the buildings burning

I agree... I LOVED that shot -- can anyone get a screen capture or something of that?

Great show... watched it at the Rat, the campus bar -- we were all on our feet yelling for Austin to stunner Goldie and Brocky, and for Benoit to win at the end... awesome!

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Ok, I know I am gonna get serious heat for this one, but I had to register just to post it.... been a long time lurker but never felt there was much to say until tonight... going into WMXX I was all about Benoit walking away with the title... I even told my girl something to the effect of not watching wrestling for awhile if HHH won (yeah, right being her reply :p )
Well anyhoo ... the main event was definently outstanding, but a very strange thing happened... I still marked like hell for Benoit when he grabbed the title but...
I was actually disappointed HHH lost.
He put on a hell of a match tonight and actually won me over as a fan (once again). Been a long time since I have seen him put on a match of that caliber, and I really felt torn towards the end of this bout. It really showed why the man was a champion for so long, I think alot of us forgot how good he could be, when he dedicates himself. It wasn't any particular display mind you, It was the was the way he sold himself, the ring psychology - if you will. I am glad he is no longer champion, hell I was channel surfing during his promo's too- but tonight gave me a bit of pause and deep down I am sure alot of you were marking out like 5 year olds too lol. He really did a great job putting over Benoit tonight and made Wrestlemania an event to remember.
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Excellent, freakin fantastic.

As I see it I don't get why people are complaining about Taker's attire. As I see it, Taker was buried in that sort of geer and he just recently came back from the grave, why not fight in it?

Congrats Benoit

And thanks Vinny

As of tomorrow..

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First off, HUGE props to the WWE production crew for making MSG look far bigger than it is. This really looked like a grand show on camera. The pyro was awesome, the set with the video running on the floor, and New York City burning during Kane's entrance was just cool.

The intro piece winding into three generations of McMahons was also really cool.

We were pretty drained by the end of the show, and I fully wasn't expecting HHH to tap, so when he did, it took a few seconds to sink in before somebody said "Wait a minute...did he just TAP?!?"

Even though it's been denied, I still half hoped for a Bret Hart cameo where he snuck in from somewhere and ruined a Michaels pinfall.

There were so many "what the hell do we do now" expressions on the faces ofLesnar, Goldberg, and Austin during that match that I have to give props to them for bothering to finish.

Eddie and Angle were fantastic. Clever, clever ending.

I really didn't expect Evolution to go over the Rock and Sock Connection like that. If there was one match everybody wouldn't have minded the older, hardly working guys to go over on, that was probably it. That isn't to say it was the wrong decision, it just seemed to deflate everybody.

Christian and Trish were the stars of the night for me. I guessed the heel turn, but that moment at the top of the ramp was simply awesome heel work. Who would have thought when they broke up Edge and Christian that we'd see Christian winning great singles matches at Wrestlemania?

Did Trish just run in from Drill Team practice?


Taker's entrance did not disappoint...and then everybody realized this was just going to be another Taker/Kane match.

The most horrifying moment of the night for me was when Molly threw Victoria into the barber's chair and acted like Victoria was the one getting shaved. Well, okay, that and Kidman's shooting star to the outside...

Was Molly forced to shave her head because Taker now has the same hairdo?

So Chavo has complained for the past couple weeks about defending his title against eight men, when in fact all he had to do was go in against the one guy who lasted amongst those eight, and he got to go in fresh?!?

Great Mania.

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    Originally posted by shinstrife
    As I see it I don't get why people are complaining about Taker's attire. As I see it, Taker was buried in that sort of geer and he just recently came back from the grave, why not fight in it?

Holy crap! Logic! That makes perfect sense. I retract my bitching.

And no, that wasn't sarcasm. The man makes a good point.

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#77 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.01
    Originally posted by SchippeWreck
      Originally posted by shinstrife
      As I see it I don't get why people are complaining about Taker's attire. As I see it, Taker was buried in that sort of geer and he just recently came back from the grave, why not fight in it?

    Holy crap! Logic! That makes perfect sense. I retract my bitching.

    And no, that wasn't sarcasm. The man makes a good point.

Thanks. I drove an 1hour and half to see mania with some friends and everyone was like "Why the hell isn't he in robes" and I pointed that out. I imagine Taker might keep the look or toy with it, either way I didn't mind it.

As of tomorrow..

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#78 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.00
I personally like the look. I gotta say though that the crowd seemed to have a preconceived notion that he'd be the "old-school" 'Taker of 92-99. I will say that he did look fairly good in there tonight. Seemed to have something extra in the step.


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The Random Sheet 6.5: WrestleMania Edition

I'm keeping this short as possible...since I don't relly want to be up until 2 writing this.

I was trying to find the happy medium between plunking down the 50 bucks for the PPV and having to go to a particular overcrowded tits and wings chain. But not even driving the 30 minutes to Thomasville was an option and so as a result I bit the bullet and went to Hooters with a couple of friends of mine. The irony of course being is that it finally dawned on me on the way home that we could have all chipped in for one of us to order it and I would have spent roughly what I did for food, beverages and gratuity. Well, just my share of it anyway...I like my peeps and all but they can fend for their damn selves

So we get there about 10 after 6 and the person at the door says that the waiting list for a table is as long as the number of tables. Fortunately, we take a look at the outside porch bar and there’s two stools there still and a waitress. So quickly we make the pact that one of us is going to have to stand for parts of the night, but we’ll keep trading off duty. But it worked out well, since it wasn’t as crowded outside as it was inside and it was a nice night out.

By the way, I don’t deal in snowflakes and I’m really not comfortable using them here.

-The opening montage is where Fred Blassie is truly missed.

-Bury Brock Night, Part One began at the curtain match...Cena giving Show not one but TWO F-Us seemed to make Brock’s F5-ing of Big Show just a little less impressive...but what the hell, Cena’s staying and Brock isn’t. I did like the “You gonna take THAT...fine, I’ll use THIS” spot to finish it, although it was kind of a dull match. But that’s what you get when you have Big Show having to fill most of it with an offense. This is also why Cena’s better suited to work babyface with his moveset.

-Tag match was there, although it seemed like a Booker T showcase.

-Poor Bobby. Even if I'm not sure he wants sympathy.

-The one problem with having happy endings in wrestling is that unlike the movies where the couple lives happily ever after, in wrestling the couple has to live The Next Night On RAW on forward. That said however, they should have STILL had the payoff and done the turn next month. As a match, it’s a damn shame Christian doesn’t have a moveset outside of his big moves. Jericho, however, except for that one blown spot in the corner was ON tonight.

-Ric Flair, you crazy old coot you. Here’s a guy who supposedly has a bad neck and he goes out and has the best segments of that match. Although really, grudge matches should not break down into comedy matches. But fuck that noise if it means seeing not one but TWO strutting people’s elbows. Orton going over may not have been the popular booking, but it was the right call.

-I’m a little old to be wearing wrestling shirts, but GOD DAMN is Eddy’s T-Shirt Awesome.

-As lingere comedy matches go, it wasn’t awful. And really, Cole and Tazz are at their best when they KNOW what they’re working with is crap and they just sit there goofing on it.

-Now it can be told: “619" represents the number of chemicals on Barry Allen’s shelf. I liked the format as it allowed everyone to show off their stuff then move on. Having more than one Cruiserweight match on a card that was already 4+ hours wasn’t going to happen.

-And now, to the match that almost killed WrestleMania XX dead:

First off, it was a weird weird WEIRD match to watch as it happened. Second off, call me just someone who never stepped in a ring in my life and doesn’t know what I’m talking about any more than someone who has, buuuuut if the crowd is shitting on a match before it even starts, the best way to deal with is NOT to give them further ammunition to shit on the match but to get it moving. And shaking and not stirring up a Larry Zbysko/Hogan-Warrior cocktail probably wasn’t the best course of action...although really, this was a Don’t Give A Shit trifecta. The two of them didn’t give a shit, I didn’t give a shit, and the fans didn’t give a shit. Having Goldberg pose victoriously in the corner to the sounds of crickets was funnier than anything. By the way, how many other people had COLD BEER COLD BEER running through their heads at the end? Just me? Ah well then. The only reaction from anyone around me was for the two stunners...although Brock and his standing there in front of Austin with his “just get this shit over with” body language said it all. Fuck you both for not being able to suck it up for one last match and give the people who paid God knows what for a ticket their money’s worth. Believe it or not, some people DID pay to see that match and I feel bad for them.

-And then they sent the poor Smackdown tag teams out to clean up the mess, and they just weren’t into this point you can see a difference in the crowd as well, as they were really hot for the first few matches and now they’ve all been kidney punched. Of note is the fact that since I’m in Tallahassee, the tomahawks were out in force when the aPa came out. And of course, you can’t say things like YOU SUUUCK YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY SUUUUUCK in this town unless you have a black belt to support your beliefs. Which I don’t. As for the match, I have to be honest in that I wasn’t paying full attention to it.

-The women’s match seemed kinda rushed, but then I was still not at my second wind of watching at this point. Victoria didn’t really give Molly a bald head so much as an 80s lez buzz in that sense they were commemorating the roots of the time frame that WM started from.

-And here’s where I got my second wind...someone said the finish was goofy, I thought it was genius and really the truth is probably somewhere in between. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention Angle’s Captain America tights...but if this were 1944 and they were looking to create another Super Soldier Serum, they’d draw it from the blood of Kurt Angle. The crowd where I was watching was about as split as the crowd at could tell the split right off the bat between those who chanted ANGLE or YOU SUCK. But very quickly the finish went from “what the hell was THAT?” to “holy shit that’s AWESOME”. Both guys rule, both guys had something to prove tonight and it showed. And damn you Cerrita for putting that damn hand puppet caption into my head when they replayed the red sweater vignette.

-Holy Shit it’s Bill Hicks back from the dead to get us all!!! Actually, Taker looked in better shape than he was 5 months ago. We are currently in 1991 already...I’m guessing that by SummerSlam we’ll already be in 1999 with the APA getting back to their roots and Dennis Knight being employed.

-I GET (imaginary) LETTERS: I pause to read from a brief bit of correspondence

Dear Smarks,

Shut The Fuck Up.


NOW HAILING FROM ATLANTA, GA...two things occurred to me at that, if Benoit was to end up a heel at the end, it wouldn’t have shocked me (considering the next PPV is in Edmonton) and second the noise I heard at that moment was either a car backfiring on Monroe Street right outside or Scott Keith’s head exploding and could be heard 7/8 of the way across the continent.

Past became prologue on this...whether it be Shawn Michaels main-eventing again, Chris Benoit being stymied to this point or the heel going over in world title matches more times than not over the last few years at WrestleMania. The Garden crowd was into this shit, the participants were into this shit, *I* was into this shit...this was the anti Brock-Goldberg match on that front.

I have to pause now to relate a story, some of it being secondhand:

Somewhere around the time HHH did the “I’m gonna stop you from tapping” spot, there was a commotion behind me...apparently one of the frat boys groped one of the waitresses and there was a scuffle by the bouncers trying to get them out. Now here’s the funny part: as the one is being forcibly removed from the grounds, someone from the crowd stands up in front of him and digitally records him with his cell phone as the guy is being hauled off and the guy being hauled off is screaming drunken obscenities the whole time at the guy. Of course this caused me to miss about 3 minutes in the middle of the match as I was sitting in a spot that if there was a bigger scuffle could have caused me to get shoved into.

Anyway, back to the match, and you have to love any finish that toys with people’s emotions. Because after Shawn got dumped and Benoit had his back to HHH, there was a groan forming in that everyone knew what was about to happen next...and it did, sorta...THEN it became the toying of a different kind, the one where people were saying things like “He’s not gonna tap..if he was going to he’d have done it by now”...and he DID. And I have to admit, it seemed surreal. I’m glad I was away from my computer at a moment that a whole community most likely marked out all over themselves. I’m also glad I was wrong last week. Speaking of glad, I also couldn’t have taken the smile off my face if I tried at that moment. I give a lot of credit to HHH for that match, he gave a good effort to try and keep up with the other two (faster) workers and put Benoit over like a king tonight. It’s like what one of my journalism professors once said about writing opinions in print: sometimes it’s OK to write an editorial praising something as opposed to pissing on everything all the time. I’m paraphrasing of course.

-And the show ends with the picture that launched a thousand smark wallpapers.

TOMORROW ON RAW: The name Bill Goldberg is never spoken of again...Mick Foley waits for Randy Orton to join him in the boiler room...we flash forward to 1992 in the UT timeline as Taker finds some random oversized slug to kill...Chris Benoit tries to say something and I finally get my Flair-Rock dueling promo.

Or not...but then, there’s always WrestleMania XXI...where they’ve pre-emptively already moved it out of the LA Coleseum.

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And who's the man with the best WM paycheque? AKIO!

Anyone else with me in agreeing that the Cruiserweight Open should've gotten all of Lesnar/Goldberg's time, and that Austin should've started that match by saying "Oh by the way, this one's triple threat too" and then stunned both of those idiots to win the match?

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That particular story sounds like it came straight from a NEWZ site.
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