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23.6.18 1826
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#61 Posted on
Who would have thought out of all the workers tonight that Vince would get the holy shit chant.

The best part was Tazz had to stop himself from saying it himself, then the crowd chanted it, and Tazz says, "Yeah, I agree with Seattle!" Tazz did a great job on color last night.

What did it say on Piper`s shirt? "FRATS"? Huh?

And I see no reason why they shouldn`t do a Booker/HHH rematch next month. Easily Hunter`s best match since Summerslam, and I don`t have a problem with the face chasing the heel for more than a month for the belt.

Wiener of the Day - 9/9/02

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#62 Posted on
Thanks, Thomas. My bro-in-law designed the Hurricane banner for me. The Smackdown: SYM stuff was the ressult of hours of work with the Create-a-Wrestler.

Getting back on topic...umm...Nathan Jones sucked!


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#63 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.95
This was a very uneven show.

First, they seemed to drag out every random, shitty dog-and-pony act that they could find. What the hell do Ashanti and the Miller Lite Catfight girls have to do with Wrestlemania? I was waiting for J.R. to go, "By gawd, David Copperfield's gonna be out next, to do some Wrestlemania magic!!"

It's wrestling, I'm watching for the matches. Unless the catfight girls are gonna perform lesbian sex in the middle of the ring, I'm not interested. I can flip over to MTV and see girls in bikinis.

As for the actual card, it had it's ups and downs. They didn't give Mysterio and Hardy enough time, but it was still okay. Undertakers squash... well, it was over fairly quickly. And the Smackdown tag team match just didn't really work for me. It had a thrown together feel and they seemed like they were just trying to give everyone something to do.

Hogan/Vince was okay. We all marked out for the big legdrop on the table. Good, clean, bloody fun. Vince is so reptillian, I laugh everytime I see him.

Jericho/HBK: Match of the night. And despite what the shills and WWE apologists say, fuck HBK for going over.

Booker/HHH: Good match, looked like Booker got hurt. Yes, Booker looked strong, but again, despite what the shills and WWE apologists say, fuck HHH for going over.

Rock/Austin was a lot of fun. Best rivalry in the history of wrestling. I think this was Austin's punishment for walking out. Don't worry, Austin marks, one clean job isn't gonna kill your boy.

Lesnar/Angle: I like Lesnar. I hope he isn't dead. Good match, and I guess that they booked themselves into a corner where Lesnar had to go over. But, once again, they're giving us guys that we didn't necessarily ask for. The fans are NOT in control of who's getting pushed. Guys like Lesnar, and to a lesser extent, Randy Orton, Bautista and Team Angle are getting these huge, unexplicable pushes. While proven guys who get great reactions (I don't have to list them, we all know who they are), are getting, at best, flirtations with title runs, and at worst, relegated to clusterfuck tag matches. This just doesn't make good sense for the WWE. Yes, Wrestlemania sold out. But will it be the same in a few more years, when Randy Orton's main-eventing with HHH? Doubtful.

-- Asteroid Boy

Wiener of the day: 23.7.02

"My brother saw the Undertaker walking through an airport." - Rex
"Was he no-selling?" - Me

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#64 Posted on
My post Wrestlemania thoughts are as such:

Matt Hardy Vs. Rey Mysterio was a damn good match in my book. It was nice to see Hardy retain because Rey is going to turn out being one of those people who seem to transcend title belts. (i.e. Rock, Austin, Hogan). Match was just way short in my books.

Surprisingly, I found the Big Man match with the Taker Vs. Big Show and A-Train entertaining. Loved the return of the Tombstone. I’m not a fan of people getting beat up prior to their matches and then run in during it, but seeing vintage Take and effort from Big Show and A-Train made up for it.

The Women’s match seemed a little off for me. I don’t know if it was my hopes of seeing Jazz become the Champ or what. It’s just sad that the highlight of the Women’s match, for me, was Stevie Richards hitting himself with a chair.

Liked Team Angle retaining here. When Rhyno goes gore happy, I am also happy. Good teamwork throughout. Never bored here and Haas and Benjamin just get better each match. Again, way short of what I wanted to see here.

I would have liked the see Jericho win over HBK. Jericho’s promos during this feud were golden and seeing him getting a win over HBK would have made him a major player in my books. But then, this is the WWE... Maybe next year Jericho. Glad Jericho got in that hard bitch slap though. Oh yeah!

Took a tinkle break as soon as those Miller Catfight girls came around....

Too many words to say about this Booker T./HHH match. Don’t know where to start:

I’m mostly frustrated because the match was pretty damn good, short of the outcome. HHH burst out an Indian Deathlock, which is nice... VERY NICE. But I so wanted Booker T. to win the belt. What ruined the match for me was Lawler’s commentary (big surprise). We all know that Booker T. has a criminal past, just one major instance, but why the hell does it have to overshadow the career this man has established for himself since then. I’m watching this match, hoping that he’ll win, and Lawler is making comments that just disrupt the flow of a damn good match. Hell, if I were HHH, I’d even be mad at Lawler for this. His horrible comments will forever be linked to this match. But what made it more audacious was the fact that he kept saying “This is Wrestlemania”. Well, hell yeah it is! If it’s “Professional wrestling’s Superbowl” and you are supposed to raise the level of your performance at the Wrestlemania, why doesn’t that apply to Lawler. Sitting back and listening to Tazz, Michael Cole, and J.R. actually put over wrestlers is great, until Lawler opens his big fat mouth. Okay, I giggled at the “I went shopping at the mall with Booker T. and he tried to pay for everything with cigarettes” joke was a little funny, but the rest of it was too much.

Not forgetting the outcome of the match.... It’s even more obvious that the WWE is not serious about having someone new represent their company, with the highest title. It wasn’t RVD, or Steiner, or Jericho, or Kane, or any other person who has challenged HHH since he got the title last September. (Neglecting to mention HBK for the obvious reason that he’s the only person who actually beat HHH and is also HHH’s good friend) HHH is it. We will forever be stuck with him as champ. It’s up to us to decide now. Continue to complain about him or turning off our tv’s.

The desire to see someone finally win the belt from him is greater, so I’m going to continue to watch, sadly.

After seeing Roddy Piper several times this past week, I feel silly for not thinking that he’d show up during the Hogan/McMahon match. It was an okay match, nothing special for me. Don’t care about the 20 years in the making stuff. Only liked Roddy showing up. Used to have a thing for men in kilts, I guess.

Austin Vs. Rock..... blah.... Maybe I’ve seen it too many times before. Okay, the Rock gets his win over Austin and goes to shoot the Scorpion King II. Who cares?

I’ve been waiting forever for this Lesnar/Angle Wrestlemania match since last year. It sucks that Angle is injured. Three F-5’s is pretty awesome. Shooting Star Press?????? OMG!!! It was worth the wait, in my book. But I wanted Brock to maim Kurt.

Cole and Tazz during the Angle Vs. Lesnar match were great. I loved how they were describing the pain of the “Box & Arrow” submission hold that Angle was applying. That’s what wrestling is about and I respect them because Tazz is a former wrestler who knows that he’s talking about. Lawler doesn’t know shit these days.

Highlight of the night for me was Fred Durst confirming what I’d been suspicious of for the past few years.... He’s a crack addict!!!

Ashanti wouldn’t have made it to the Final 10 on American Idol either. Princess of R&B my ass.... Unless the R&B stands for Rhythmless & Bad.

Overall... I give it a thumbs up, but needed more improvement in the booking area.

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#65 Posted on
Does anyone else find The Rock's tattoo very distracting???
It appears to be growing and taking over his body. I kept looking at it, couldn't look away, kind of like the mole in "Austin Powers: GoldMember".
Is he trying to sabotage his movie career? Sure you can cover up the Brahma Bull, but this is going to be hard to hide.
The Austin/Rock was okay, but there was really nothing new, noteworthy, or special about it. We've seen it all before.
The Rock stole his vest, but he normally wears a black vest himself, so it wasn't that big a deal.

I was very satisfied with the PPV. There were really no Dud matches and the catfight was short.

I found it funny trying to explain to someone who didn't follow wrestling why the girl was complimenting Stacey's testicles.

Since: 31.10.02
From: seattle

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#66 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.36
Ohhhh my head...I'm finally getting over my wrestlemania hangover...ohhhhh...

I was there live last night and it was awesome. I've been to a few live events before but nothing compared to last night. The lights, the pyro, the energy of the whole building.

I was proud to be a Seattlelite, it was great having such a major event in our fair city come off looking so great. Safeco has never looked better (well except for when the mariners won game 116 back in 2001).

The matches themselves were a wide range of "eh" to "OH MY GOD!" I wasn't really into the Undertaker match, but those around me sure were. Michaels/Jericho was great. I was really disapointed in the BookerT/HHH finish, but it did look like Book was legit hurt from where I was sitting.

My favorite match of the night would have to be the Angle/Lesnar match. I just hought they did a great job of combining great matt based wrestling with some sick high spots.

Right after that second f-5 those in my area all knew what was coming, but I have to admit I was a little uneasy as I watched Brock up top, then when he landed there was real cause for concern. It reminded me a lot of the Owen/Austin match from Summerslam '97. Ecspecially with Lesnar gutting it out to finish with another f-5.

The Goldberg promo got one of the biggest pops of the night, so maybe bringing him isn't such a bad idea?

Oh, and really the catfight girls stuff was just bad.

Now I get to sit and wait patiently all day before going to Key Arena for Raw tonight.

Flaming Box of Stuff, blah, blah, blah...
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#67 Posted on
Comments from your favorite non-posting HHH fan.

Rey/Matt - It was pretty short, but with what there was, it ruled the house. Matt often wonders how they did Wrestlemania without him!

Undertaker kept his streak alive, should've had a better match though.

Victoria/Trish/Jazz - Feh. I hate Trish with a passion. Give the belt to an actual wrestler, not boobie fluff.

Team Angle/Guerreros/Benoit & Rhyno - Definitely way too short, and not enough Rhyno/Benoit action. I expected Team Angle to win, but more "skin of their neck" style. GORE, GORE, GORE!

Jericho/Michaels - This would've been my favorite match, had it not been for Lesnar/Angle. HBK's pyro was top-notch, and I love how he pulled the comedy bit when some of his cannons wouldn't fire. SWEET JERICHO MUSIC! And of course, the crowd marks out for the Cocky Pin. I too think Jericho should've won, but ended up cheating at it somehow. Or maybe that's just me wanting to see the program keep going, heh.

HHH/Booker - Match was top-notch, Booker sold like a champ, Trips sold like a champ, Flair was FLAIR~!, but the ending was surprising. I figured they would've given the belt to Booker, but then a commercial flashed for WHY Booker doesn't have the belt...

Goldberg. God freakin' Goldberg. And the crowd marked for him, thanks guys.

Vince/Hogan - WOOT. I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed, but the last three matches all represented the last decades of WWF. 80's, with Hogan/Piper/Vince, 90's with Rock/Austin, and our future, the 00's with Lesnar/Angle. That said, I became a little kid again for this match, especially with PIPER!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care if he works for crap, so does Hogan. It's PIPER! Hogan/Piper, Wrestlemania 20, mark my words and it'll rule.

Rock/Austin - match, but.......alright, I've hated the Rock until his heel turn recently. I always felt his face character was just his heel one, only being cheered, and I didn't like that. I'm not a fan of his juvenile comedy and his overselling, then superhero come-back got ANNOYING. I've always been an Austin fan and supporter, and truly believe him to be the greatest this business has seen next to Flair. I don't think Rock should ever have beaten Austin, that that was something that could always be counted on in wrestling. It was hard for me to watch that ending, I kept waiting for Austin to do SOMETHING to get out of the Rock Bottom traps'll be a while before I get over a clean Rock victory over Austin. A long while.

Angle/Lesnar - FAN-f'n-TASTIC MATCH. Kudos to both Angle and Lesnar for the steel grapefruits they exhibited last night. I knoew Brock was going for the Shooting Star when Angle kicked out of the first F5, and I *knew* Angle should've been a hell of a lot closer. Hopefully it's just a concussion, as the reports say, but I saw blood n'stuff coming out of Lesnar's nose. Ech. Either way, it was definitely a mark-out moment. I'd never told my dad about Lesnar's Shooting Star and he was confused as to what Brock was doing, and when the Shooting Star came his jaw HIT THE FLOOR. Absolutely hit the floor, and he was shocked for minutes, heh. Brock, next time, get your opponent closer!

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#68 Posted on
1. RVD/Kane vs Morley/Storm: Pretty disappointing match. Dudleys 'shocking' turn could be seen coming a mile of and the rest of it just seemed really slow. And since when did could an simple elbow drop get you the pin (unless of course you've run back and forth across the ring a couple of times first.)

2. Rey/Matt: Biggest disappointment of the night for me. Had real high hopes for these guys but for some reason they just didn't quite deliver. Match should have been given longer to build and Rey has so much more offence to offer than he was able to show.

PS: Black leather may have got the Gimp over in Pulp Fiction but its not a good look for you my son.

3. Taker vs A-Train/Big Show: Better than expected. Was pretty peeved after the opener but astoundingly this cheered me up a bit. Is Jones legit injured then or did they just decide he truly sucked?

4. Womens Title match: Bundle me in with VanillaSky as a huge fan of the womens division of late. All 3 put on a really good match tonight. Its just a shame that other than Molly theres really no more depth in this area.

5. Tag Team Triple threat: Sweet Jesus was Eddie ever pumped up tonight. The guy was the pick of the bunch in a match that I enjoyed almost as much as anything on the card. At the risk of being hella smarky I wish they had ditched the catfight cack in favour of draing this out.

6. HBK/Y2J: I'm like a 12 year old kid and I love Shawn Michaels so very, very much. I really dont care what y'all say. Ladies and gentlemen of the RVD appreciation society, THAT is charisma. Everything from the shrugging off of the screwed up confetti guns, through the strutting round the ring, to the kip ups just oozed awesomeness.

And god damnit that Jericho lad's pretty damned good too. Many seem pissed off by the ending but I ain't seen heat like what Jericho got for the cheap shot since HHH whacked HBK with a sledgehammer at Summerslam. If they play this right they just got themselves a major major heel.

7. Booker T/HHH: Another really good match. Jesus HHH bumped and sold like a king for Booker T, and the Book more than returned the favour. I said at the start of the feud that I wanted Booker to get a longer chase so the payoff would be more worthwhile and now hopefully he will.

8. Vince/Hogan: Again this match lived up to the hype and provided both major shocks of the night. Roddy Piper showing up and Vince getting a Holy Shit chant.

9. Rock/Austin: For the first time in my life I want to thank SCSA. Putting Rocky over clean was the right thing to do although it was sad to see that Austin just didnt look anything like his old self.

10. Angle/Lesnar: God I hope Brock's alright. That was one sick sick fall. Mucho kudos to him for finishing the match with an F5 after that. And kudos to both guys for a great match that left me a very happy bunny.

Overall a really good bordering on great ppv. Only bothered by the Cruiserweight match and the inane catfight nonsense. Oh and Limp Bizkit but that was to be expected.

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#69 Posted on

    Originally posted by dwaters
    Does anyone else find The Rock's tattoo very distracting???
    It appears to be growing and taking over his body.

Rock has the Legacy Virus.

(Looks around for other comic book geeks... No? OK.)


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#70 Posted on
Rock has the Legacy Virus.

(Looks around for other comic book geeks... No? OK.)

Ha. I got it.

Rocky Dayspring Askani`Son Mavia?

Wiener of the Day - 9/9/02

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#71 Posted on
The coyote goes...
    No titles changed hands. No stars were born, or elevated. And putting Shawn and Hunter over AGAIN, for no logical reason, is bloody insulting and pisses me off no end, since I PAID good money for the privilege of getting told, as a fan, to in effect "fuck off".

Funny, Wrestlemania told me to sell my house, take all my money, go to Vegas, and put all of it on 23.

I own a Gamecube, and I own Eternal Darkness.

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#72 Posted on

    Rock has the Legacy Virus.

Or he's becoming one with the worm, ala Children of Dune. Although Leto's looked a bit more flakey. In more ways than one.

ObOnTopic: Largely a forgettable night, except for the great Michaels vs. Jericho match. If they want to teach Da Boyz in Da Back how to tell a story without killing themselves to do it, show them that match. Granted that's not gonna fly for a five minute TV match but it's a good start.

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#73 Posted on

    Originally posted by krakken2000
    The Goldberg promo got one of the biggest pops of the night, so maybe bringing him isn't such a bad idea?

Buff Bagwell.

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#74 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00

I'm actually surprised Keith gave it "a moderate thumbs up" due to there being 2 ****+, a ***1/2, and 2 **1/2 (one of which could've been worse, and another which SHOULD'VE been worse) matches (in his view, of coure). Sounds like a very good PPV to me...

And yeah, at the bar I was at, quite a few people left after Austin-Rock. They either have to main event those two more often again, or REALLY find a way to add some stock value to the Lesnars of the world. But, hey, I'm not gonna complain about the show. I loved it!

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Wiener Of The Day: Tuesday, March 4, 2003


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#75 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.36
At Safeco there was a small surge of people leaving right after Rock/Austin. At first I was a bit worried, that too many people were going to leave and the match would have zero heat. But that surge tapered off pretty quick and there was still a good sized crowd for the main event.

Flaming Box of Stuff, blah, blah, blah...

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#76 Posted on
Another weird thing I just noticed...

The top 3 matches all ended after the delivery of 3 finishers...

3 legdrops
3 Rock Bottoms
3 F5s

I realize the third F5 wasn't planned but it made for an interesting bit of trivia.

Boudin rouge

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#77 Posted on
And the bump of the night goes to.... Hugo the Spanish announcer for taking that wicked chair shot. He sold it like a CHAMP!

But seriously Mad props to Vince for going all out in his match. Wrestlemania montage moment should be Vinces head popping up from behind the ring with that evil look. It just seemed so cartoony, great camera work there. Hated seeing piper though. Useless, not needed and FAT! Piper was fat. Like J.R. fat keep him off my TV.

I hope lesner is okay after the face first landing. One scary moment. From the look in his eyes I dont think He had a F'n clue where the hell he was after that. Kurt Angle is crazy to be bumping as much as he did during that match. Was the over the top to the outside bump really necessary kurt?

HBK Jericho was awesome on all levels. The smark in me wanted Jericho to wind but damn i couldnt help cheering for HBK during the match.

Booker T looked stronger in this match than he has since he's come to the WWE. His offense seemed quicker and didnt involve to much setup. Even the scissor Kick came out of nowhere. LOL trips learns the wrong way from flair. Heels never connect off the top rope. The ending seemed a little rushed though.

it takes the peoples elbow plus 3 rock bottoms and a stunner to keep Austin down? Bullshit! Im sick of the wwe's superface mentality. sure its wrestlemania and everyones better at the big event but really austin kicking out of 2 rock bottoms and a stunner in rapid succession was just stupid it makes rock look weak and was completely unnecessary. Other than that i liked the Match.

For the most part i enjoyed the PPV the only real sour spots for me were Limp bizkit, catfight girls, and austins superman bullshit.

Oh and one more time big ups to hugo for taking that chairshot!

(edited by bubblesthechimp on 31.3.03 1630)


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#78 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.74

    Originally posted by SchippeWreck
    And I guess the Women's and WWE championships aren't TITLES.

Technically you're right -- they are. You caught me, Perry Mason.

But everybody knew the WWE title HAD to change hands 'cause of Angle's injury. So does that really count?

And the women's title -- guess I didn't even freaking NOTICE it changed hands. As in, WHO CARES?


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#79 Posted on

    Originally posted by shea
    But everybody knew the WWE title HAD to change hands 'cause of Angle's injury. So does that really count?

    And the women's title -- guess I didn't even freaking NOTICE it changed hands. As in, WHO CARES?

I firmly believe you're entitled to your opinion, but I am pretty sure there were thousands of people at Safeco and at home that had no idea Angle was hurt. Thus, the title switch was a big moment. (I think even a few of us that knew about weren't entirely sure of the outcome. If his neck is OK enough for Mania, maybe he'd hold on to it for another month.)

As for the women's match, I , and many others, have been very impressed with Trish's improvement as a worker. The three women put on a good match and the face overcame two heels to win a belt. Sounds important to me.

And I prefer Joe Friday.


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#80 Posted on
Rock has the Legacy Virus

::spits water on monitor::

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You know, it's quite brilliant if you think about it.....before this angle began, who would have thought you'd EVER hear any "Chavo" chants from the crowd?
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