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The W - Pro Wrestling - Wrestlemania Thoughts (Page 3)
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Austin should be headlining every PPV for the simple reason that bars empty out after he wrestles. You see, you have this thing called a "draw". He keeps fans tuned in to allow other guys to be seen so they can get over. Austin stays on the top of the card until (hopefully) someone can take that right from him - or his heat peters out. Any other reason is bogus because this is a business. All the early-booking of Austin did tonite was to not give Lesnar and Angle a full audience.

I've never complained about any wrestler holding anyone down. I don't see conspiracies around every corner - I see incompetance.

EDIT: and by the way, that doesn't mean Austin even needs a belt. Just stick his match at the end of the PPV. Unorthodox? Yes. Creative? Yes.

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    Originally posted by Kidbrooklyn
    Overall, I was mildly impressed by the show, especially only having seen only about half of it (the later half starting with the Michaels match). HHH wrestled one of the best matches that I have seen from him in a while. He really did make Booker look like solid gold. As far as the whole angle being racist, you people need to chill the fuck out. It's WRESTLING. The shit is scripted. It's not as if HHH went out there without the approval of McMahon and Booker. Call the NAACP? I hope to god you are kidding. If you're serious, then someone should have called them when American History X came out.

Thank you. It's funny that for someone a lot of people here don't care about anymore, HHH seemed to have worked a lot of you into a lather.

(Keep in mind I didn't see WM, but saw the results. Look... if they react to a growing apathy towards HHH by busting him down, good, right? If not, it's their funeral. If they're going to make objectively bad decisions, they don't deserve to exist as a company. Now, if this criticism is all on the level of "Booker good, HHH bad", well, really, that's not their fault if they can't please each and every single person.)

Wonder what Keith's gonna say about this... am I wrong for wanting to see him have twenty heart attacks over the finish?

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Here's what Keith has to say about it:

As expected, he's more down on it than the norm.

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    I think the Brock SSP was supposed to be the "memory moment" tonight, but... Jeez, I hope he's OK.

    Either Booker or Jericho winning would have been a huge moment for me, but... Fuck you, Triple H, and fuck you, Shawn Michaels, and fuck you, WWE bookers.

    I am now officially a Jerichoholic.

damn straight. and what the heck was up with the "titantron" monitor thing. you couldn't see a complete picture unless you were looking at it head on. which didn't happen all the time. especially if you were sitting on the SIDES of the stage. blah.

it says so right here in the wcw handbook!

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Sorry mate but the fact of the matter is that Booker isn't good enough just as Triple H said to be main event at Wrestlemania, let alone to win the belt! i agree with what you say 'WWE sucks' because of what they are doing with other charactors. Due to what happened with Austin he is going to walk possibly again, all that build up and he gets his ass kick! Like what the other guy said its like they are killing the WWE. But seriously man Booker T doesn't light a candle to Triple H!

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Killer, killer, KILLER show tonight. I was fortunate (or clever, take your pick) enough to go out for food when Limp And His Bizkits came on stage and managed to miss the Everybody Masturbate portion of the evening...

The CW match was waaaaay too short, but damn it was fun, same thing with the 3-way tag match.

The women's match rocked, which is always nice to be able to say.

Taker's match didn't completely suck the world into a black hole of doom, which probably would've set the smarks of the world into a pantie-wadded fit if it weren't for The Crimes of the Century (Smark Edition).

Michaels/Jericho was flat-out awesome, and the ending was great. Michaels snatched a fluke win, and Jericho got to be the dickweed at the end by being a poor sport. Both guys sold the "How in the hell am I going to beat this guy?" story tremendously. But, of course, Michaels is part of wrestling's version of the Freemasons, so apparently his by-the-skin-of-his-teeth win is actually another part of the nefarious Operation Crush Jericho.

Speaking of the Masons, HHH/Booker kicked much, much more ass than I expected, considering how bored I've been with HHH ring-wise lately. I'd have preferred Booker to win, but oh well. It was a damn fine match, Booker came off like he was a king by overcoming the hurt knee stuff, AND he busted out a Houston Hangover. The belt HHH holds is meaningless, or so say the smarks... so why, exactly, does Booker T need it?

Hogan/McMahon was way too brutal for two old men, dammit. Vince bled like he'd stuck his face in a stumpgrinder, jumped off a ladder and put Hogan through a table, and gave us THE best photo op I've seen out of wrestling in years when he rose up with that evil leer on his face, pipe in hand. And Hogan was decent, too. Roddy Piper, finding his way to the ring after getting lost looking for one of those yummy soft pretzel vendors, was completely pointless. I'd have preferred Macho Man.

Brock and Angle... well, hell. Brock should be put on suicide watch for being willing to take that german suplex into the buckle, not to mention for trying that Shooting Star Press. He got off lucky (the replay showed he got his hands up in time to deflect a bit of it) and he knows it. That look on his face after the match may've been mostly concussion, but I bet some of it was "Ohshit, I'm still alive", too.

Next month: Goldberg vs. Rock (watch your head, Rocky!) and Michaels/HHH versus a bunch of puppies, kittens, and orphans.

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Looking at the results, and the general reaction, it's obvious in my opinion this show wouldn't have been worth the $5 cover charge I'd have to pay to see it at a bar.

Congratulations, Raw bookers! You've now successfully buried your entire future to appease two cripples who probably won't make it to the end of 2004! Have fun trying to rely on a man who's wrestled 4 matches in 2 years to get some sort of buyrate!

Seriously, both Kliq matches were horrendously booked. There was NO reason to have Michaels go over Jericho. The man wrestles 4 times a year, at most now, and has already gotten his nostalgia title reign. Instead of putting future main eventers over, instead, he gets the duke. Because, y'know... Shawn's a huge draw. Yeah. I mean, he outdrew Diesel and the Ultimate Warrior as the top guy in the company... in his PRIME.

Triple H has only built up two matches properly, and both were because Mick Foley carried him through it. His win doesn't mean a damn thing, because he's been burying Booker the last month or so anyways. The only hope now is Steve Austin, assuming "Stone Cold" doesn't take a walk again. His career ending ASAP could only help the company.

4 minutes for a title match at Wrestlemania is ridiculous. However, extending the Hardy-Mysterio feud is a much better idea than going the obvious route and putting Rey over in their first match.

Far too much of the talent roster was left off of Wrestlemania. Instead of doing ridiculous catfights with women I've never heard of, or a song from a band that went from hit to has-been in record time, they could've done a battle royal and given more opportunities for exposure to people that deserve it.

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In ring it was one of the best WrestleMania's ever. A lot of matches were better then I thought. There were some history making matches,the announcing were great, especially JR & King tonight they weren't on like this in ages... Unfortunate a couple of good matches that didn't get the time it deserved. And the finish of the HHH/Booker is obviously really lame. Plus all the extras sucked.

-Matt Hardy vs. Mysterio- Under 5 minutes? It was a fun match, but it did seem like a SD match, heck SD matches go over 5 minutes usually. Mysterio is always fun to watch

-Undertaker vs. Albert/BigShow- Jones doesn't wrestle again because he got bum rushed in the showers... This match was, um what's the polite word to use? Plodding, maybe. This whole match was just to say "Hey Taker is here and he gets his win". Really meant little of anything. Double the crusierweight match in timelimit Yikes.

-Trish v. Victoria v. Jazz- Great match, the match flowed as good as any 3way match in women history. They all looked really strong tonight and played to their strengths. Jazz as a real strong mat wrestler, Victoria more of a high impact wrestler and Trish as WWE's resident female bump-o-matic and getting her strikes in as well. Girls gave a great performance tonight.

-Team Angle v. Guerreros v. Rhyno/Benoit- This match ending really came out of no where especially being just 9 minutes long. I was actually wondered if it was elimination rules, but it wasn't. Nice match while it lasted but again too short and ended once I was really starting to get into it.

-Michaels vs. Jericho- Match of the night, maybe Match of the Year. Oh my! How good was this. The lamest part of this entire matchup was Shawn's pyro blaster LoL. What can I say to give this match justice. I love how intense Jericho looked during HBK entrance, I like how Jericho copycat a bunch of HBK's move. The fans were totally buy the Walls finish!. Yes I wanted Jericho (and maybe he should have) win this match, but a matchup like this it really didn't matter too much... Just an amazing match that actually had World Title feel to it a lot more then the actual Raw World Title match. HBK should have kept the title since Survivor Series and this should have been the World Title match, oh well. Jericho looked so Main Man material how he worked that crowd and that match,

-HHH vs. Booker T- Now on to this, well JR sure had a verbal orgasm describing the Indian Deathlock. Good match, nothing to really stand out of the pack of the final couple of hours, but decent. Harlem Hangover was the markout spot of the night, but Booker couldn't get the win and looked like a choke artist... Don't worry Booker there's sunny days ahead look at RVD & Kane in the PPV, oh wait they didn't actually make the 4 hour cut. Back to the tag division with you. You just ain't main event material, just like Jericho. And no I don't see a Booker rematch and I don't want to see it, in the biggest stage of it all he choked and jobbed out, if you didn't do it here. Why the hell bother.

-Hogan vs. McMahon- They did a smart move in who the booked this match. Alot of slow hand to hand combat. Lots of furniture and appliances being used and blading. McMahon did a ladder spot which should be noted and respected. Roddy Piper run-in what a WTF!! moment, which was cool. Two guys in their 50 is as good as expected. Might have been a little long but the fans seemed into for the most part and so did I. I wasn't enthralled or anything but it was decent as good as I expected to be.

-Rock vs. Austin- Whenever these two are on the same screen it's magic, they have such a chemistry together. They both went full speed, not shocked that Rock won but totally shocked that he won clean! Watching two legends who can still go do their thing, it was really Great.

-Brock vs. Angle- This match was hard to watch, because of Angle's injury. I found myself squinting everytime it looks like something that can effect Kurt's neck. Taking everything into consideration what a spectacular display by Angle. The booked and worked a great match but of course I have to comment on what everyones talking about...

The shooting star press, look I usually give a bunch of leeway for missed spots, it happens. accidents or miscues do happen especially in a difficult maneuver. But what I can't look past is when it is obvious that their is no way you can hit it from that distance. Angle was atleast 3/4 away from him. You don't have to be a wrestler to notice and think "He's too far way Brock!". Risking himself AND an already injured Angle. I'm sorry, I'm a Brock fan but very Irresponsible of him to go for it, it really showed his Immaturity and Inexperience. (Hey Brocks 3 I's). Brock looked in bad shape afterwards, hope he's okay but MAN take calculated risks in your matches and doing that move in that situation was just Inexcusable (another I)

-Extra- I'd rather forget the extras. Bizket lame songs and bleeping of every other word was well lame... CatFight girls get backstage skits, Torrie gets her playboy promo replayed and they all come out and they go over like a fart in church. I guess CatFight girls aren't that great with only one take, really lame and not even sexy. Trish breaking out the shorty shorts and Victoria's moon over Seattle was more eye catching then these lameos, thanks for taking up a spot... On a positive note, no sign of either GM.

-On Heat- Storm/Morley vs. RVD/Kane- Good match, RVD looks great, I'm a mark for him 9 out of 10 times I like his work. Kane looked good, all guys worked quick and was a fun match. Looks like some interesting dynamics between the Dudleys way of thinking, this started some good possibilities... Cena's rap was well very TV 14 maybe even more, well what is MTV going to do in the last week broadcasting Heat, kick them off LoL.

Well I thought WrestleMania on a whole delivered big time. The whole night had a special feeling to it HBK/Y2J had match of the year written all over it. Rock/Austin had to megastars colliding and it worked well. Brock /Angle had that special feeling to it with all the circumstances around it and was very interesting to watch. The womens match was as good as any womens match in recent memory, very entertaining. Crusier and SD tags were a little short but when they were on they were very entertaining. Hogan/Vince delivered as much as I could expect they would so that's a plus. The only negatives were the Albert-Snow- Taker match and the results of the Raw World Title & and the match didn't really blow me away either, plus the extras were lame. But overall a real great WrestleMania

edit in- I went 8 and 1 in the PPV picks, well 8 and 2 if you count Heat, but my Heat pick lost so I'll stick to my 8 and 1 PPV pics Which is pretty good because I was uncertain of most matches.

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    Michaels may be old, but there is a reason why he is still known as the showstopper. If he can still go like he did tonight and outshine the majority of the young stars in the process, then why the hell shouldn't he go over?

Because he:
1) doesn't wrestle house shows
2) doesn't wrestle on Raw
3) and doesn't even wrestle every PPV

Who knows how much longer HBK can hold out. No matter how well he has performed, 1 wrong bump is going to finish him. They should be using HBK to put over guys like Jericho. And by "put over", it doesn't mean "make him look like a million bucks", it means "do the job to." Jericho is past the stage where making him look good is enough. Jericho needs wins. This is the guy who beat Austin & Rock, the guy to be the 1st Undisputed Champ, and who now can't beat a part-time wrestler.

If HBK wrestled a full-time schedule, and was going to be around for a long time, then going over Jericho would be OK. But he's not, so he shouldn't.

Who are the big names on Raw? Rock (how long before he leaves to film another movie?), Austin (contract up in July, and wants to sign a non-wrestling one), HHH (beaten everybody else). Add in Goldberg (unproven WWE commodity) and Nash (plethora of negatives).

WM XIX was the perfect chance to elevate Book and Jericho into the ME scene, a chance to give Raw some fresh blood, a chance to shake things up. Instead, Book and Jericho risk neck injuries by slamming into the glass ceiling.

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If I could somehow hit myself in the head so precisely that I could block the middle section of wrestlemania out of my mind, I believe that I would have a slightly clouded memory of a good-leaning-great PPV. Great women's match, Rock enjoying his last Wrestlemania (probably) Roddy Piper for the six year old mark in me, Angle/Lesnar, not bad.

But instead I have to include the made-no-sense ending to Jericho/Michaels, the waste of my time that was the catfight girls thing (You want to showcase hot women, add that time to the Trish/Victoria match) and that, that...


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    Originally posted by Mild Mannered Madman
    Looking at the results, and the general reaction, it's obvious in my opinion this show wouldn't have been worth the $5 cover charge I'd have to pay to see it at a bar.
This sentence (and really, your entire post) is a good example of why people who haven't seen the show really shouldn't comment...or, if they can't help themselves, *especially* refrain from the use of words like "obvious."


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Wasn't a bad show at all. Some thoughts:
-Rey vs Matt was too short to be the hot opener I was hoping it would be.
-There wasn't a bad match on the show, in my opinion. Even Undertaker vs A-Train/Show was watchable. Now, if they could keep using excuses to keep Nathan Jones out of matches (phony injuries, not getting to the arena on time, etc.) they may be onto something.
-Jericho vs Michaels was THE match of the night. Awesome stuff from both of them. Everyone where I was watching (movie theater in Toronto) was marking out when Jericho cheapshotted HBK after the hug. Well done, guys.
-Obviously, I was disappointed by the Booker-HHH finish. At least if they had made it some cheap victory, there could have been a reason for a rematch. I knew Booker wasn't going over, but it would have been nice to have been proven wrong.
-The Piper cameo ALMOST made up for the Booker loss, to me anyways. My favorite guy from back in the day.. and it was nice nod to history that choosing between attacking Hogan and McMahon, he went after Hogan. Let's just hope this is the last time we EVER see him on TV.
-Hogan vs McMahon was fun. Glad it wasn't the last match. Intrigued to see where Shane O Mac fits into this.
-I found Austin vs Rock to be `ehhhh', if not just because they have put on way better matches in the past (the two WrestleMania's, D-Generation X PPV from 97, even their UK-only PPV match was better). It wasn't bad, but kind of a so-so ending.
-Did anyone else notice the tremendous tension between JR and The King, mainly in the Booker T match? That was one of the best exchanges I've even seen between them. Shades of Monsoon-Heenan and even Ross-Heyman. I know these guys are friends and all, but you wonder sometimes...
-Brock vs Angle was well done. Glad to hear Angle is okay, and that he may even be back shortly (though I question if getting medical advice from Scott Hall is the best move out there). He still bumped like mad. Obviously (sorry, CRZ -- should say `I think') the shooting star press botch hurt the overall match, but it was still a great job by both of them. The unexplained hug at the end was a nice touch too.... wasn't like the Rock-Hogan thing last year.
Overall I thought it was a tremendous event. I personally went 7 for 10 in my overall predictions, posted in that thread on Friday, so I mostly saw what I expected.

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Come on, just look at the montage of great Wrestlemania moments they're always showing. Careers are made, HISTORY is made at Wrestlemania -- supposedly.

Except for Brock landing on his head, what moment from this show are they gonna slip into the montage? None that I want to see.

No titles changed hands. No stars were born, or elevated. And putting Shawn and Hunter over AGAIN, for no logical reason, is bloody insulting and pisses me off no end, since I PAID good money for the privilege of getting told, as a fan, to in effect "fuck off".

At my house, we've phased out the purchase of Vince's boring PPVs. We buy WM strictly as a social event these days. Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Final Four -- a reason for the guys to get together. After the show we talked seriously about skipping "Mania Sunday" next time. And if that happens, there's no going back: we'll probably never buy it again.

Either do something NEW to pique my interest, Vince, or we're gone. This show sucked.
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    Originally posted by shea
    Come on, just look at the montage of great Wrestlemania moments they're always showing. Careers are made, HISTORY is made at Wrestlemania -- supposedly.

    Except for Brock landing on his head, what moment from this show are they gonna slip into the montage? None that I want to see.

    No titles changed hands. No stars were born, or elevated. And putting Shawn and Hunter over AGAIN, for no logical reason, is bloody insulting and pisses me off no end, since I PAID good money for the privilege of getting told, as a fan, to in effect "fuck off".

    At my house, we've phased out the purchase of Vince's boring PPVs. We buy WM strictly as a social event these days. Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Final Four -- a reason for the guys to get together. After the show we talked seriously about skipping "Mania Sunday" next time. And if that happens, there's no going back: we'll probably never buy it again.

    Either do something NEW to pique my interest, Vince, or we're gone. This show sucked.

I would say Brock was elevated even more. The guy is simply golden in the ring. Brock is freaking built like Sid Vicious and he bumped just as good as Benoit for Angle. The man did the flip sell off the German.... and he is 300 pounds. His facial expressions were spot on, his selling and reactions were great, and Brock proved he can truly play with the big boys. The show I thought was great, Jericho and HBK was incredible! The last couple minutes were super hot, and even though Booker didn't win, in some ways that can almost help him as now he doesn't have to job the title to Rock/HHH/Goldberg/Austin really quickly and look weak.

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I hate doing this because I love Jericho, but...

Jericho is stale. The Seattle crowd was the first crowd to give him some love (good or bad) in a while. If some of you are looking at a perceived lack of interest in Van Dam outside of the RVD chants, then you must also admit that Jericho doesn't get much of a reaction. Jericho got many wins in 2001 and was the first Undisputed champion. Jericho should not be main eventing Raw right now.

Despite all this, Jericho was given most of the offense in the match, AND got the last laugh. I'm sure Jericho got much of the credit for the work in this match. But it's HBK's MO to do whatever it takes to win a match and he did just that. Jericho should be thanking HBK for making him look to be the better man (outside of a fluke rollup).

HHH/Booker- This feud has lasted exactly ONE MONTH! BTW, don't call HHH racist because of an angle please. That's just ignorant. Booker will have his shot again (perhaps at Backlash). It just wasn't his time...yet.

Oh and I'm glad HHH buried Kane and Steiner, and I don't think I'm alone in this. It sucks that RVD was given the Kane treatment though.

The point is, Jericho will be around for many PPV's to come. Booker will have his shots. I don't mind them losing if they are made to look good, and I think (this is just me talking) they did.

The Hurricane main eventing a Raw show? See, the WWE is listening to the 'Net. Well, they're listening to me anyways. Look for the next push to go to Molly.

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#56 Posted on
Matt-Rey was great, other than Rey's stupid-ass Daredevil costume. Should have been twice as long, though.

Undertaker vs. House of Hosses was much better than I figured it would be. When Taker has to carry the match, you really wonder how stinky everyone else was. Regardless of what smarkety-smark-smarks say, it's damn impressive that UT can still do what he does with his body in the shape it's in. Double kudos to Taker for taking the second match of the night and not being in a prominent Wrestlemania role for the first time since about Wrestlemania 12.

Women's match was standard strong effort. If this can keep up for another year or so maybe the women's division will really "catch on" again like in the mid 80's. Giggle.

Jericho-Michaels didn't really do it for me for the first 15 minutes, but the rest of it was awesome. I was so sick of Jericho going into this match, but I am a fan again. Great heel.

Booker-HHH result was not unexpected, but it's still pathetic that HHH is doing his same old shit....and the match was underwhelming, to say the least. I'd say it was the worst of the night.

Hogan-Vince was a good time. Wasn't too long, and the crowd going bonkers for Hogan's routine at Wrestlemania is always cool. Piper was a good "whoa, what the hell" surprise.

Rock-Austin....why was Austin made to look like a lump of shit? The last several minutes of the match were all Rock. Decent match, but not as good as X-Seven's.

Brock-Angle wasn't as good as prophets preached, but that's understandable due to Angle's condition. Brock did something stupid, obviously...but I think it would have been fine if he tried it from the opposite corner. I don't think ANYONE could do an SSP across the ring like that.

*edit - the boss left the room again so I can continue*

Putting Kane and especially RVD on Heat is just Vince laughing at the fans, and you know it.

Tazz needs to stop thinking that everything kicks ass. Especially Limp Bizkit.

Strong show overall. Didn't have one or two matches that stood out like the last couple of years, but from top to bottom there wasn't one match that was horrible.

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Very Good Show. I liked it better than last year. It had an old school feel to it.

WM20 at MSG! When do tickets go on sale? I am so there.

Wont Debut until Backlash on PPV.

Great Booking!
Very little interference in any of the matches.
All Clean finishes.
Even clean wins for the heels Triple H and the Rock.

Why bleep the bleep out of Biscuit on a PPV? I was praying the Undertaker would chokeslam Fred Durst. He was so close to doing it, but he went with the handshake insteadsigh.

When the Miller Light Girls came out, I wanted Bischoff to tell them the segment went three minutes too long. My yelling out THREE MINUTES got a bigger crowd reaction at the party than the rest of the PPV. No fat Samoans tonightsigh.

Im all for giving time to all the guys who werent used: Steiner, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Rikishi, Tajiri. A Battle Royal like in WM4 wouldve been great.

Im also for giving the hottest chick the win. By the outfit she wore, Trish deserved it.

HBKs entrance was too much Johnny B Badd. I know he cant fly in from the ceiling anymore, but damn.

I loved HBKs win. Note all the chants of HBK. He made Jericho look like a real star. Jericho got to have a great match with his childhood hero, whats wrong with that? Dont you guys want a PPV to be less predictable?

Is Booker Ts Harlem Hangover supposed to look like that? I thought he landed wrong with his elbow into Trips chest.

Once the King started on how Booker was born on a pool table, it confirmed he wasnt winning anything.

Triple H: WCW was a joke.
Booker T: You are right about that.
Jim Ross: WCW was a joke.
Its been over a year since you guys killed WCW. You can stop burying it now.

Hot Plate Roddy Piper.

JR manages to plug the Oklahoma football team in Austins match. He cant go one day without mentioning the Sooners.

This Rock/Austin was like their first meeting. That time it took 3 Stunners to beat 2 Rock Bottoms. The last time they kept hyping how the Rock kicked out of 2 Stunners. Match had a videogame quality to it.

The first time anyone kicked out of the Angle-Slam. Yeah, right. Only if you dont count Austin, the Rock, Triple H, and a dozen other guys.

Ill give it MotN by a hair over HBK. Suplexes galore. Brock hits the Gorilla Press Slam.

Everyone should give some props to Marc Mero. That shooting star press is a dangerous move.

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    Originally posted by shea
    Except for Brock landing on his head, what moment from this show are they gonna slip into the montage? None that I want to see.

    No titles changed hands.

Moments for the montage:

-Michaels' entrance (except for the guns that failed)
-Y2J's superkick
-Jericho abusing Michaels after the match
-The Houston Hangover
-Vince's maniacal, bloody grin
-The legdrop through the table
-3 Rock Bottoms
-The flipping German suplex on Brock
-Yes, the Shooting Star Press
-Angle and Lesnar's embrace
-A few more I'm sure I'm missing.

And I guess the Women's and WWE championships aren't TITLES.


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Here's my report from the bar... As you recall I had trouble convincing anybody to go with me, but the last minute, a friend watched Heat and took me up on my offer, then got a couple of us together...

We arrived a bit late, during the womens match... Bar wasn't really packed at all and we had no problem getting a seat near the big screen (keep in mind we came late). A few years ago for Wrestlemania's, the place would literally be rammed to the point where you had trouble walking and they would charge a cover, oh well, looks like things will get worse before they get better...

Back to the show, womens match was alright, crowd popped for Victoria's ass, thats about it...

Nobody cared for Limp Bizkit, crowd was somewhat interested in the catfight, I was ordering food...

The WWE title match wasn't as great as I hoped, I didn't pay much attention to it either since my food was arriving and we were discussing hockey... My friends asked me who Team Angle was... The crowd popped for Rhyno's Gore's but thats about it...

Everyone popped huge for the Goldberg video. I kept telling them how Goldberg isn't the answer to the ratings slump and will fail just like Steiner did. They were shocked to learn that Steiner was in the WWE and main evented the last two PPVs... They didn't believe me at the end of the night since he never showed up...

Next up, Jericho and HBK... My friends asked me when did HBK come back all of a sudden... I told them its been almost a year and they didn't believe me. The match was pretty good especially at the end, but I noticed that everyone couldn't understand why HBK would go over... In the words of my friend Mike, "He's 40 years old, he should have been fired along with the Undertaker years ago!"

HHH/Booker T - Everyone loves Booker here over, no Spinnerooni kinda sucked. I was pissed off at the result and really don't understand the booking one bit... HHH is the cause for the fall of WWE... He must die, so Booker can live...

Vince/Hogan - Match of the night!!! I'm a huge Hogan mark so I'm heavily biased. I grew up worshipping the guy so naturally I had to pop huge for him. And I wasn't the only one, the entire place went nuts for him. The highlight was was Vince grabbed the pipe and gave the most evil satanic look ever. Everyone in the bar literally laughed their asses off after seeing that look... Piper was a nice surprise, Hogan's hulk-up was classic and the match had a perfect ending... Hulkmania Forever brother!

Rock/Austin - People didn't care as much now since its obvious Hogan was all they came for. My friends started to get bored at this point but were somewhat interested in the match... Crowd was divided on who to cheer for, we're all pro-Rocky and rubbed it in the faces of all the Austin supporters...

Angle/Brock - Everyone started leaving after the last match ended. My friends kept asking when its over and I told them just one more match... About 14 people were left in the place by the end of the match... I thought Brock took a sick bump and we knew right away that Angle was way too far for him to hit anything. My friend yelled "You're not RVD you homo!" Everyone laughed, it was funny, yea I know we're pathetic Match was pretty ehh, Hogan/Vince should have headlined...

Overall, decent PPV, probably won't watch another that has build up like this for a while... Friends seemed prett hyped up for RAW with the possibility of seeing Goldberg... The aftermath is usually pretty cool...

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This is off topic, but SchippeWreck, your avatar and sig both kick ASS!

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back to the music, the finest example of someone mocking a wrestler's entrance: howard finkel as the uuuuuuuuultimate warrior! god damn jericho ruled.
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