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19.4.18 1238
The W - Pro Wrestling - Wrestlemania - On like neckbone
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OK, so we know the top 5 matches for Wrestlemania:


So, if you're in control, how would you book them. And I'm not talking about "Booker kills HHH, next week he's down in TNA." or "Hogan and McMahon get swallowed up by the earth when their in the ring". What would make the best sense, business wise, and what results and booking would give them the springboard needed for 2003. To be honest, this could be the best WM in a long, long time.

Oh, and which match should be last?

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By the way, Storm's gimmick includes 1.) telling the audience to shut up, and 2.) occasionally making everyone stand for the Canadian national anthem. You know they don't know what to do with a wrestler when he's making fans stand for a national anthem. It's like waving a white flag and saying, "This guy has no personality -- we give up."

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Simplicity reigns supreme here. Jericho/Michaels goes a good twenty minutes, allowing them to build a great story and work towards a big finish. I don't really care who goes over, as long as we get that classic match out of the deal. Hogan/McMahon will likely be booked to death, but as long as Hogan goes over decisively (something like three legdrops, and maybe even an Austin run-in for a Stunner) then it'll work fine as a swansong. Angle/Lesnar just needs to be given time, with Lesnar going over, but just barely, and maybe a show of respect at the end. Rock/Austin should and will end in a Stunner for the victory, proving that Austin can still beat the Rock without the aid of Vinnie Mac and a steel chair. And Booker/HHH should be kept to "Evolution interferes, Goldust saves, Booker axe kicks H for the title".

If things go roughly like this, I'll be happy.

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Pretty much with oldschool but I'd have Rock go over Stone Cold. Provided Booker wins he's gonna need a top heel to job for him to solidify his reign and Rock fits that bill perfectly.

Course they could go for Jericho but I'd keep him out of the main focus of the title picture till after Backlash.

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    Originally posted by DirtyMikeSeaver
    OK, so we know the top 5 matches for Wrestlemania:


    So, if you're in control, how would you book them. And I'm not talking about "Booker kills HHH, next week he's down in TNA." or "Hogan and McMahon get swallowed up by the earth when their in the ring". What would make the best sense, business wise, and what results and booking would give them the springboard needed for 2003. To be honest, this could be the best WM in a long, long time.

    Oh, and which match should be last?

    (edited by DirtyMikeSeaver on 27.2.03 1447)

Jericho/HBK. I'd have a fairly lengthy match, with HBK getting injured in the back early on, yet constantly one-upping Jericho in every respect. I'd have the announcers really talk up HBK's endurance, but have Jericho slowly break him down in the later stages of the match.

Then, at the end, have HBK mount a huge comeback. He'll hit a flying elbow off the top, then ready Jericho for the Superkick (ala WM14), then move in to kick Jericho, but Jericho kicks HBK's standing leg out from under him, then hook in the walls. HBK will hold on for a good ten minutes, but ultimately pass out (to save some face) and give the victory to Jericho.

Morally, this makes the most sense. HBK has gone out of his way to belittle Jericho despite his accomplishments and has shown up Jericho in pretty much every respect up until now. This way, it puts over Jericho big time and establishes that HBK is indeed on his last legs.

That said, The Clique reigns supreme here at WM.

Hogan/McMahon. I'd have Vince constantly jawing with Hogan, acting like he can kick his ass, but have Hogan always throw him around the ring. Vince will gain the advantage for a few minutes, knowing Hogan's weaknesses, but ultimately Hogan will prevail, bodyslam Vince, and legdrop him a few times for good measure.

This match should be a simple but effective crowd pleaser.

If they sign Goldberg, Goldberg costs Hogan the match and Hogan beats Goldberg at Backlash. Not my way of doing things, but that's probably what they'd do.


HHH has beaten RVD, Kane, Steiner, and whomever else on RAW. Aside from Austin (and now Rock), Booker T is the only one left.

If WWE wants to create a star, they need to do the formulatic HHH match, except that this time his cheating doesn't pay off and Booker spinkicks the shit out of him before giving him the Book End for the win.

Of course, they could do it in under 30 seconds. I'd buy that.


For the last year, Lesnar has been given everything. KOTR, Rumble, WWE Title. Aside from an awkward loss to the Big Show, he's been established as virtually unbeatable. Heading into Angle/Lesnar, Lesnar is clearly portrayed as being better than Angle. Why should he be given the WM WWE Title win as well?

Angle is a much stronger character, a more talented performer, and the only guy in WWE that can reach the level of Austin or The Rock. They need to really give him the ball and the only way to do that is to put him over here. Ideally, Angle should be the face in this match, but since he's not, we're going to have to have the heel win this one.

Lesnar only lost the title at Survivor Series and won it at SummerSlam, so it's not like pople are dying to see him win it again. His reign as champ is still fairly fresh in our heads.

We already saw one of the top two titles change hands to a face in Booker/HHH, so I think it's well within reason for Angle to retain here. He's the guy WWE should be building its future on. Lesnar isn't ready yet.

Knowing WWE, we'll probably see a reverse in the title matches.

Rock/Austin. This match can go either way, but conventional sense says that since Rock got the big win over Hogan at the last PPV and Austin's pretty fresh, Austin gets the big PPV win here. This way, it re-establishes him back at the top and that's exactly what WWE needs right now.

The Rock could also pull off a win, even though he's a heel, since he has never had a high-profile win over Austin. That doesn't necessarily mean he has to win, but it could happen.

I expect WWE to screw this up by involving a McMahon. Maybe Goldberg, as well.

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The Zoo Crew [Benoit/Rhyno] vs. Los Guerreros vs. Team Angle [Tag Titles]
Benjamin & Haas win [15 min.]

Rey Misterio vs. Matt Hardy [CW Title]
Duh. Rey Rey. [15 min.]

Dudley Boyz vs. The Regal Storm [Tag Titles]
Dudleyz, I guess. [10 min]

The Useless Twins [Albert/Big Show] vs. Undertaker/Nathan Jones
Taker wins...again! [>10 min]

HOT HOT WOMEN'S TITLE HOT ELIMINATIONACTION!!: Trish vs. Molly vs. Jazz vs. Victoria
Uh...Trish vs. three heels? Molly wins it. Why? BECAUSE, that's why! [~10 min]

#1 Contendership Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
20+, with LADDERZ!! YEAH! Back & forth. Shawn doing his crazy ladder stuff, while Jericho guts it out and CHEATS. Make Shawn look good, but Jericho goes over...clean. No interference.


World Championship: Booker T vs. Triple H
20+ minutes. Triple H uses the knee, a lot. Dominant offense by Triple H. Lots of beatings on Booker T, on the inside and on the outside. Triple H hits the Pedigree, takes his time pinning...and gets 2. He goes for another pin...2. He goes for another Pedigree...reversal and the Book goes on the comeback trail. Quick offense. In and out. In and out. Triple H goes downstairs and then goes for a facebuster...the Book stops short, hits the Harlem Sidekick and...and then Evilution runs in. Batista in...knocked out. Orton in...Book End! Flair in... Book goes for an attack...but Flair pulls in the referee...and he's KOed. All of the group begins going after Book...and then Goldust runs out. He clears the ring of the bad guys, leaving Booker T & Trips and the referee. Trips has another Pedigree reversed into a sidewalk slam. Book goes upstairs...missile dropkick for two. Triple H hits a facebuster, then blindly charges at Book and eats a Book End. SPINAROONIE... Harlem Sidekick and three means it's DONE and Goldust comes out and celebrates with the Book.

The Rock vs. Steve Austin
25+ minutes. Back & forth, Rock wins via ~CHEATING TO WIN~.

StreetFight: Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon
Hogan wins as McMahon finally gets his comeuppance. Rocky runs in, but Austin chases him out. Stunner to Vince. Boot & legdrop by the Hulkster...and it's over. Sloppy match, but short. 10 minutes MAX.

WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle [c]
35+ minute match. Back & forth. Lots of amateur stuff to begin, then Heyman interfereing a bit. Referee throws Heyman out of ringside, leading to a good ol' fashioned drag-em out wrestling bonanza. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Lesnar KICKS OUT. Angle goes for another...reversal by Lesnar and F5!...and Angle kicks out. Double KO spot...both men gradually get up... Angle trips up Lesnar...Ankle lock... Lesnar can't reach he rolls through, picks up Angle...F5 again, and that's that.

So that'll mean a show with about...2 hrs and 50 minutes of IN RING action. Cool, eh?

EDIT: Oh 18 WrestleManias, only ONCE has a heel left WWF Champion. (And Stone Cold doesn't count, 'cause he turned heel AFTERWARDS)

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Rock/Austin - Rock could win but I don't really see the point. It's not even a given that he'll work Backlash. Austin goes over with a bunch of Stunners.

Lesnar/Angle - On the biggest stage, Angle screws over Lesnar and retains his title. Some big time screwjob maybe involving the Rhyno turn. Lesnar lacks any babyface sympathy and Angle's run as champion is just starting to hit its stride.

Booker/HHH - Booker wins it clean. I hate the lack of a real chase for Booker but HHH as champ just isn't working.

Hogan/Vince - Legdrop, Hogan leaves forever.

Michaels/Jericho - A long great match with Jericho winning in the end. HBK's tank is running on fumes and he's flirting with paralysis so just let the guy enjoy his new found happiness and send him off into the sunset by putting over Jericho.

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I'd add Benoit-Rhyno to the card. In the next week or so, Rhyno will turn on Benoit, and align himself with Matt Hardy.

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Michaels/Jericho: Should get about 20 or so minutes. Michaels gets Sweet Chin Music about halfway in, covers, Jericho gets a foot on the ropes. Five minutes later Jericho gets a Liontamer, Michaels gets the ropes. Big Finish sees Jericho go back to THE STROKE to get the win...of course he does the stroke on a chair, just like he did to Rock, b/c it wouldn't be Jericho if he didn't cheat like a mofo.

Hogan/Vince: Short, sweet, to the point. Vince gets some token old man's offense, Hogan gets his slightly younger man's offense, hits him with a single big boot/legdrop combo, and wins. Hogan gets on the mic, announces his retirement, and soaks up the cheers for a good five minutes. Vince comes to and stops Hogan just as he is about to leave, gets on the mic and says, "Thank you for what you have meant to this company and this business," and shakes his hand, and they leave together.

Rock/Austin: Rocky wins for once against Austin, cheating like a bastard the whole way and playing his awesome Hollywood asshole role the whole match, all the while bumping like a freak as usual, setting up a big old rematch against Austin at Summerslam.

Lesnar/Angle: Special stip for this match is that neither man can use the same move twice, including punches. They wrestle for about 90 minutes, culminating with a Lesnar win using the Airplane Spin, and all is right with the world.

Booker T/HHH: HHH cheats and cheats and cheats, then for good measure decides to cheat. Booker kicks out of approximately 22,000 2-counts, and with Goldust's help, takes out Evolution. Booker hits HHH with a Harlem Sidekick, then does a Spinaroonie, and finishes the deal with a Book End. Then he celebrates with Goldust. The next night on RAW, in a rematch, Booker beats HHH in a glorified squash, further cementing him as a believable champ and starting a long run for him at the top.

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Jericho/Michaels-This one will be another summerslamesque match for Shawn as he will pull some stuff out that no one thought he could still do. He will give Jericho everything he has, and this will be an exciting match. After about 20 minutes of back and forth (jericho working on the back for some psychology) we get a HBK tapout to the walls.

Austin/Rock-This one can go either way. If Rock is close to heading back to Hollywood, I would not be surprised to see a loser leaves town (since those stips never mean anything anyways), but if Rock is staying around for a little longer I can se Rock getting the win by cheating after Austin beats him down most of the match (thus keeping his heat)

Vince/Hogan-This will be under 10 minutes with Vince trying to cheat his ass off, but we have some face interference and we have Hogan getting a pretty decisive win.

HHH/Booker-This will probably resort into a no DQ match, and the evolution will interfere, but get chased off by Goldust and Steiner. Booker will beat trips with a bookend and celbrate with a Wrestlemania size spinaroonie and the world will be happy

Lesnar/Angle-I can see the point that Angle is a fresher face with the belt. Lesnar should either win this by a hair at the end (and for all of us waiting to see a shooting brock press, dont hold your breath), or Angle will cheat to win (following some good advice), and set up mathces at backlash and possibly Judgment Day.

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The final match should be Angle vs Lesnar, as this is the title shot that was won at the Rumble..but there are arguments for other matches too I guess..and competition for biggest pop will be stiff as hell..going to be tough to keep the crowd constantly pumped I guess..

Austin should win, to get him back and establish him.
Rocky could win, if only because it makes him all the more cockier, and could extend the feud.

If this is HBK's final match he will probably win it.
Yet if they do things right, Jericho wins it, although it's a tough battle and a long one. HBK gives him his respect after the match.
I like the idea of thsi being a ladder match. Set up because Chris wants to beat Shawn at his own game..

Everything including the kitchen sink will be involved in this one. They will probably go for some stipulation (no-dq, streetfight, etc) yet Hogan wins.
He doesn't retire right there, because another 5-10 minute Hogan chant would kill the heat for the matches following.
However on Raw or Smackdown he will take his final farewell and Vince will thank him

Brock has been dominating Team Angle and Kurt it seems and the beginning of the match will be just like that. Powermoves will quickly wear Kurt down, until Kurt goes Olympic/amateur on him, eventually Brock will counter, overcome and win..

Damn, and that is just the potential 5 main events..
Dudleyz-Regal/Storm seems plausible.
RVD, Kane, Mattitude, Rey, Taker, Benoit, Los Guerreros, Team Angle (though I bet the last 3 names will end up with one another, possibly with Rhyno) all need to find themselves a spot..


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Rock/Austin - It seems strange that Rock will be 0-3 against Austin at Wrestlemania, but I can't see Rock winning. Rock shouldn't be beating anyone, including Hogan. If you're not sticking around, you're useless in the long term.

Lesnar/Angle - Lesnar takes it in a pretty good 30-ish minute match.

Booker/HHH - HHH wins just to piss everyone off. Hey, if I was booking it, he'd just use his power to out me.

Hogan/McMahon - Hogan wins clean, dammit. Then he'd better retire, dammit.

Michaels/Jericho - Don't care.

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HBK v. Y2J - If you read my posts (what? you don't? why I ought to...) you know my feelings on this match. Jericho should win clean and further himself as the #1 RAW heel (HHH does not count since he gets a ton of face pops). However, HBK is the biggest egomaniac this side of Hogan so what I see happening I HBK taking it to Jericho early, then Jericho taking it to HBK for the better part of the match but as he is about to pin him, HBK super kicks Jericho for the clean win. They then continue this feud to the next PV where Jericho goes over HBK. Why? BECAUSE HBK WILL NOT TAKE THE CLEAN LOSS ON A STAGE LIKE WRESLTEMANIA!!!! Once a Kliq member, always a Kliq member. The match in itself will be awesome due mostly to Jericho and his ability to carry and sell a good match. (4 stars)

Rock v. Austin - ugh. The crowd will be into this and it will be entertaining leasding up to the match, but you are dealing with two guys who will still have some ring rust. The match will be Ok at best (2 1/2 stars TOPS) and I would like to see The Rock win and have this feud continue to the next PPV where Austin destroys Rock and puts him on the sidelines.

HHH v. Booker T - Yes, we all want Booker T to win but that will never happen. Much like HBK, HHH will never let someone else have the spotlight at Wrestlemania. It will be a decent match with a ton of near falls for Booker, but in the end, interference by Orton and Batista (and Golddust for Booker T) will give HHH the win. (3 - 3 1/2 stars)

McMahon v. Hogan - This is the match that will be the most fun. A guilty pleasure if you will. The leadup will be great too. Ten minutes TOPS in length with Hogan whipping, booting and legg dropping Vince all over the place. With the win, the crowd will go beserk. (2 stars for the actual wrestling, 4 stars for the overall enjoyment)

Angle v. Lesnar - A match of the year candidate. 4 stars without trying, 5 stars if Lesnar gives it his all. However, they need to let Angle win. Lesnar has not had a loss since the fluke to Big Show. Angle by submission after a long fought match (give em 30 minutes please) with Lesnar passing out, not tapping.

Other matches:

Rey v. Matt V1 - Could be one of the beest of the show. Give Matt the belt to further the feud.

Team Angle v. Los Guerreros v. The Animals (Rhyno/Benoit) - A great six man match with Team Angle getting the win.

Kane v. RVD - If there is going to be a stinker, it could be this one. Not a good matchup with the size and style difference. However, if they make it a street fight with no DQ, then it could be off the charts good. RVD goes over a goes heel.

Dudleys v. Storm/Regal - Eh. So so match with Regal going through the table and the Dudleys getting the win.

Undertaker v. Nathan Jones v. A-Train v. Big Show - A clusterfuck of big men, but it would serve the purpose of keeping Undertakers undefeated streak alive at Wrestlemania.

That would be ten matches, 5 for RAW and 5 for Smackdown. If this is the card, and I hope it is, I just may have to plunk down the money for this one.

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I hope everybody realizes that there's no way in the real world that McMahon will give HIS match any less than 30 minutes come Wrestlemania.

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jerichio-hbk- could be classic as ive been waiting for this since y2j was a thrilllseeker in smokey mountain. 20 min match with hbk proving he can still go,and jerichio carrying alot of load. jerichiio wins with walls.

hogan-vince- this should not be last match , i repeat THIS SHOULD NOT BE LAST MATCH. the way no way out ended i saw WM ending with vince on the groud and hogan celebrating to "real americian"....could be fun but stikc in in the middle ala vince and shane at x7 and it will entertain. hagan wins with legdrop or two.

rock-austin- i think onvce again there WM trackrecord will be all good. they had good match in 99 and a great one in 2001, and i think ring rust should not be a problem here. depending on if austin wrestles any between now and mania.
stone cold should win but next time they go he loses to rock. assuming rock stays with fed for years still (movies or none) he's 30, and has tons of shelf life left especially with this part time sceduale. asutin has two years(maybe more, maybe less) as crediable preformer and we dont know yet if he's credable now. if motivated i say he will be.

booker-hhh..- if your gonna put booker over don't do it via interference cuase it wont ake him look crediable ifg our gonna have evaloution or goldust interfere then dont have them get phisaccally involved in match (maybe against book not goldy against hhh cause book will look weak. book wins with harlem hangover.


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HH - When previous posters said "interference" from Goldust, I think they mostly mean him interfering with Evolution's attempted interference. After all, it's Batista and Orton that he has his beef with primarily, and this would not make it look like theBook needed any help to beat HHH, just help to keep his goons off.

And thank you for finally mentioning the Hangover. Spin Kick, Side Kick, Axe Kick, Rock-Bottom-Knockoff, Hell no! If theBook goes over with anything BUT the I-never-watched-WCW-so-I've-only-seen-it-once-in-the-Book's-great-Streetfight-with-the-Big-Show Houston Hangover, I will scream in frustration at my TV, thank you very much!


Edit: Well, no, I'd still mark out like crazy for the end of an era, but my mark-out would be tempered with disappointment if anything less than the Hangover finished it.

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Rock/Austin--Assuming that Austin is going to be around regularly over the next year and Rock isn't, Austin needs to go over. If Rock were going to be around more, then I'd say he should go over. Either one ought to be used to put people over at least some of the time that they're here, and so storing up some heat now would be a good thing.

Lesnar/Angle--The storyline is they both throw out a ton of offense, but the other always manages to kick out. Lesnar finally wins by busting out the Shooting Star Press.

Booker/HHH--Maybe we're all just marks, but I too think Booker should go over. HHH has had a long run, and it's time to do something new. Booker can hold off Evolution for a month or two, feud with a heel Steiner (since Booker is the one guy who has been able to get reasonably entertaining matches from him), and then maybe lose the belt to Jericho a PPV a few months from now.

Hogan/McMahon--Assuming that this is Hogan's last match, he goes over after fighting off every dirty trick in the book. If Hogan is sticking around, though, let whoever he's feuding with next cost him the match.

Michaels/Jericho--Jericho must, must, must. MUST go over.
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This is how I'd book Wrestlemania, bottom to top.
(Assuming I have 5 hours (4 for WM, 1 for Heat))

HeAT match #1 (Interpromotional)
Steven Richards/Sean O'Haire -v- Bryan Kendrick/Al Snow
4 minute match. Kendrick avoids the Stevenkick and the StevieT, and hits Sliced Bread #2 for the finish.

HeAt match #2 (Interpromotional)
Johnny Stamboli/Chuck Palumbo -v- Hurricane/Maven

The FBI go over in 5 minutes due to Nunzio's interference. Rikishi runs in, and they clear the FBI from the ring.

Match #1: (Raw)
Rob Van Dam -v- Christian
RVD goes over in 8 minutes with a Frog Splash. Ross and Lawler allude to the possibility of a singles run for RVD.

Match #2: (Smackdown)
For the #1 Contendership for the Cruiserweight Title
Billy Kidman -v- Shannon Moore -v- Tajiri -v- Nunzio

A four way spot fest to amp up the crowd. Go 10 minutes and finish with Tajiri's kick of death on Moore for the pin.

Match #3 (Raw)
3 Minute Warning -v- The Dudley Boyz
6 minutes of brawling. Finishes when Rico's interference causes a disqualification. The Island Boys take off, and Rico eats some table.

(This pulls Rico from 3MW, and will eventually align him with Christian)

Match #4: (Smackdown)
Cruiserweight Title Match:
Matt Hardy V.1 (c) -v- Rey Misterio
12 minutes of high flying mayhem. Moore, who's obviously concussed by Tajiri, accompanies Matt. Moore attempts to interfere, but fails. 619, West Coast Pop, and new Cruiserweight Champion.

(This sets up the final turn on Moore, as Rhyno replaces him on Smackdown the next week)

Match #5 (Raw)
Shawn Michaels -v- Chris Jericho
18 minutes of back and forth action. Michaels hits all his glory spots, but can't finish it. Jericho eventually hits the Breakdown and follows up with the Walls. When Michaels refuses to tap, Jericho actually puts on more pressure with the old Lion Tamer. Michaels passes out, and Jericho refuses to break the hold. Refs come out, Jericho doesn't break. Finally, Ric Flair walks out, and Jericho breaks the hold and walks off.

Match #6 (Raw)
Women's Championship
Victoria -v- Trish Stratus -v- Jazz
Jazz wins with a STF on Victoria in 6 minutes, giving her some time off to rest her knee.

Match #7 (Smackdown)
The Undertaker & Nathan Jones -v- Big Show & A-Train
Taker retains his streak with a Jones assisted last ride on the A-Train in 12 minutes. Afterwards, there's a bit of a standoff between Jones & Taker.

Match #8 (Smackdown)
Vince McMahon -v- Hulk Hogan
Starts off as a squash by Hogan on McMahon. Interference attempts to come from Chief Morley & Eric Bischoff to give Hulk an upper hand. Hogan does the Superman comeback, and lines up Bisch and Vince in center ring. Legdrop to both. And Hulk wins in 15 minutes.

Match #9 (Raw)
Scott Steiner/Goldust/Jeff Hardy -v- Randy Orton/Batista/Ric Flair
Back and forth action. Steiner team starts to dominate when Goldust starts getting wonky. After Steiner gets the hot tag from Goldie, Jericho runs down to ringside and lays Big Poppa Pump out with the belt. 8 minutes

(Cements Jericho joining Evolution)

Match #10 (Raw)
World Tag Team Titles
Lance Storm/William Regal -v- The APA
9 minutes of action. APA wins with a Double Powerbomb on Regal.

Match #11 (Smackdown)
Chris Benoit -v- Rhyno
(This comes after the reveal that it was Rhyno who put Edge out)
8 minutes back and forth, Benoit wins with a rollup after dodging the Gore.

Match #12 (Smackdown)
WWE World Tag Team Titles
Team Angle -v- Los Guerrreros
TA retains in 14 minutes with a German Suplex/Superkick combo

Match #13 (Raw)
World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H -v- Booker T
Despite attempts from Evolution, Booker wins the title for the 6th time in 19 minutes.

Match #14 (Raw)
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin -v- The Rock
Rock wins in 20 minutes

Match #15 (Smackdown)
WWE Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle -v- Brock Lesnar
After 28 minutes back and forth, And the F5 being kicked out of, Brock finally unveils the Shooting Star Press for the pin and the title.

That's how I'd do it... anyways

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Triple M: Kane gets the night off?

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    Originally posted by KaneRobot
    Triple M: Kane gets the night off?

That was a problem, I couldn't find a spot for some guys.

I guess the easiest way to solve that would prolly be a battle royal. Either that, or throw in a Test/Kane tag match.

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I have a special friend. He's the baby Jesus and I love him and...and...he don't give me no s**t and he don't f**k around and he's just the f**king coolest guy and I wanna say I love the baby Jesus.I can't say enough.I love the baby Jesus and I think...he's the best thing and he's really great when he shares his love for everbody.You know what I mean?I can't even see a manger without thinkin' about him,eh?I just love the Jesus.I've only been into him for a couple of hours though,but I'm really into him.
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Eh. Just have him come out and Chokeslam Pete Rose for Old Time's sake.

Satire 2/24 (I promise to learn the new coding by next week)
Buffy 7.16 gets a 7.65372 Andrew is funny, but I'm not sure that we needed "The Andrew Episode".
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On the final night of a four city tour of China by WWWNLive ( featuring cross-promotional cards from DragonGate USA/Evolve, FIP & SHINE )........... Mia Yim defeated Ivelisse to become the new SHINE Champion.
- OndaGrande, SHINE Championship news (2014)
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