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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.22
I get why they like open arena's for Wrestlemania but it really kills alot of the entrances and magic when guys like Sting, Triple H, and Undertaker come out and it's bright as hell.

Dont say its not worth it, when you can sleep with no fear, that kind of time is worth any thing.- FFX
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If you cut through all of the commercials, the interminable Authority/Rock/Rousey segment and the pointless musical guest, it was actually a very solid show! Middle-of-the-pack Wrestlemania. Among recent shows, I'd rank it about on par with WM28 --- so, not as good as 30 or 26, yet streets ahead of 29 and 27. (And better overall than 25, though nothing on his show came close to Michaels vs. Taker)

I loved the main event's finish. Got them out of a booking jam and gives them an instantly credible top heel in Rollins. Since the MITB rules have been flexible enough that there's no reason it *couldn't* be cashed in DURING an ongoing match, I'm cool with the leap in logic.

With Rollins getting the belt, his loss to Orton makes more sense since it sets up Randy as his logical first challenger. I would've preferred to see Rollins win just so he could've had his own 4-0 "streak" at the end of the night, yet him losing was probably worth it just for that awesome RKO finish.

Speaking of unbeaten Wrestlemania streaks, your current longest streaks on the active roster? AJ Lee at 2-0 and Paige at 1-0. Undertaker and Michelle need to have a daughter so she can stop Paige from breaking her dad's record at Wrestlemania 52.

I'm glad the battle royale was on the preshow so I just pretend that idiotic booking decision didn't happen.

I'm also glad that after weirdly underselling the whole Rocky IV vibe of the Cena/Rusev feud, they finally just went all out with those overblown entrances. Rusev rode a tank into the freakin' arena! Even with the patriotic theme, Cena still got booed out of the building....can't help but think if that same angle had been given to Bryan or even Reigns it would've been a much bigger hit and gotten the reaction WWE wanted. I presume Lana corpsing when Rusev was chewing her out after the match was her subtle tribute to Randy Savage....SEND FOR THE MAN!

Undertaker has normal hair again! That's my only takeaway from that match. The obligatory spiderwalk vs. situp spot looked fun.

    And why would the nWo help out Sting, who was basically their biggest enemy the entire run? I was kind of expecting them to beat him down at the end, given the history.

Me too. An nWo beatdown would've been funny as it would've continued the entire 'Sting always gets turned on' meme, and then it would've allowed the REAL cavalry from WCW (Booker T, Flair, DDP and oh, let's say Goldberg for the hell of it) to run out and save Sting, then all of them joining hands for their old company's final curtain a la the ECW Originals at WM23. Flair and company could've then carried Sting back to the dressing room because man, was he ever winded. I kinda hope this was his last match since he didn't look good out there, yet maybe they'll throw him in a tag match or something next year so he can get a WM win under his belt.

"They showed Kazarian talking on his cell phone. Tenay said that was a sign of disrespect. West suggested that perhaps Kazarian was phoning in the moves to someone who is going to help him prepare to face one of these wrestlers. That's one of the worst guesses in history for why someone is on the phone."

-- Wade Keller, 5/12/2004

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I liked the main event, but Rollins' cash-in overshadows the match that didn't exactly get a finish, which is a problem for a WrestleMania main event. Something like when Cena-Miz turned out to be about The Rock. So what was up with Reigns smiling as he was getting squashed?

I suppose Taker is onto telling his last story/angle that he's just barely hanging on, but it really looks like he's just barely hanging on.

Haitch, I'm still holding a grudge from when you didn't put Booker over. Not putting Sting over there was wrong even if Sting didn't want to go over. If he wanted to do a job, they should have given him Wyatt, or someone like him who could use a notch in their belt.

And if you're going to do the Monday Night Wars, I dunno.. either bring Vince and Bischoff into it, or maybe they could have sent people out one at a time and turned it into a de-facto WarGames match.

Rock-Rousey/Trips-Steph was 100% hot garbage.

For my $9.99, this show was a lot of entertaining ringwork that suffered from some booking choices. Of course if you weren't a Nitro fan back in the day I could see where your opinion may vary on that.


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We ruined another Wrestlemania!
And in doing so once again made it better.

After nine months of gearing for battle, let us take a moment to celebrate and reflect.

Fuck the Big Dog. Fuck the Juggernaut. Fuck the year-long plan. Fuck the dawn of the Roman Empire.

That being said, now that his party is ruined, I can say he worked a hell of a match. Pretty much a perfect main event if it'd had the right reactions, and even with the reversed response, it was still a dramatic spectacle. They came so perilously close to the feared miracle win and then a GLORIOUS F5. Man, if Brock had won right there then that would've been something else.

Adversity in concert with a great performance is exactly and entirely what Reigns has been missing this whole time. Will it work, or has he already been poisoned forever? Short-term I'm thinking The Champitecht is going to be treated as an unabashed savior tomorrow night.

Love that Brock's in-ring aura has been maintained as an unmatched force of nature.

Sting and Hunter were doing fine and then it sort of turned into a farce. No Flair after Michaels, give me a dang break. HHH had to re-establish his LOL HHH wins status for Wrestlemania. Poor Sting with the vintage HBK "undone combover" sell. Getting heat on Sting for Ronda Rousey to blow off is a strange world. Strongly hope it's not Rock/HHH next year.

RKollins was just great. What can be said about the finish other than Rollins' greatest magic trick on the night he hostilely took over the Wrestlemania main event.

Undertaker/Bray was an acquittal for the Phenom from last year. In the modern Taker Mania anthology it's down below Orton and somewhere around Flair, but he beat last year and Mark Henry. Good on ya. So much for Taker/Sting.

Ladder match was at once great and a disappointment, I thought? Nothing especially innovative, not as good as the best Mania MITBs, and still less than 15 minutes on the seven match show. But Bryan won hooray, and the finish was pretty badass.

Don't break up Rusev and Lana. Movie, sure. But don't you dare.

Mizdow. You were ... you were so close. It was so easy. Why are you the way you are? Itami should've thrown the NXT tournament to Breeze.

Enormous credit to the crowd for staying lively for literally five hours.

Let it go down as the year that SportsCenter saved Wrestlemania.

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.83
For just a single moment, I wondered if the Authority was going to be interrupted by Punk and AJ, which would've drawn the pop of the decade.

"They showed Kazarian talking on his cell phone. Tenay said that was a sign of disrespect. West suggested that perhaps Kazarian was phoning in the moves to someone who is going to help him prepare to face one of these wrestlers. That's one of the worst guesses in history for why someone is on the phone."

-- Wade Keller, 5/12/2004

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.42
    Originally posted by Horsemen4ever
    But why didn't Ambrose stop him?

WWE's story is the powerbomb thru the ladder he took required medical treatment, and so he wasn't around to keep his promise to stop Rollins. - luchablog

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.94
It's time for an annual WrestleMania tradition where I write an overlong review that most people will skip over here on the W!

I think what this WrestleMania taught me was that good matches aren't enough to make a great WrestleMania for me, I need that emotional hook. Objectively, this was a great show, everything on the undercard was average to good, with one great match and one great angle. Yet, I'm seeing so many people calling it one of the greatest shows of all time, including the esteemed David Meltzer Esq. I think the problem is that there was no moment I was looking forward to on this show, no big angle conclusion or long teased win that I was dying to see. It was a very well executed show that was built on a bunch of bad booking and poorly done angles. I can appreciate this year's Mania, but I can't love it.

Preshow tag was real good. It was the big spotfest I would've expected, but it had that extra WrestleMania level of effort that I wasn't sure I was going to see. Injured Uso never got his WrestleMania moment, but he was able to ensure that he got his WrestleMania paycheck, which in the $9.99 era is probably not worth delaying surgery for.

The Andre Battle Royal was fine. It was funny to see Itami work with basically every super big guy in short order and I for the life of me don't get why he even had to be in this match. At one point it seemed like apart from Miz and Mizdow, they were eliminating guys in order of height, so they could save all the hosses til the end. The Mizdow stuff was super over to a real hot crowd, but the ending made no sense. Why, after all the abuse Mizdow has put up with, would he finally decide to attack Miz when they were in a two on one situation facing a giant dude? They had already worked together to eliminate someone earlier in the match. Why not eliminate Show and THEN eliminate Miz? The Mizdow booking at the end was funny, because it was booked like they were trying to book him as strong as they could while still filling some sort of contractual obligation to have Big Show win. Poor Show having to work the entire Battle Royal in the sun and then lug that trophy.

Ladder match was good, but not great. There have been ladder matches with bigger thrills, bigger spills, bigger uh...pills. The one thing this match did have was some of the better title teases I've ever seen. Almost every rush up the ladder was quick and almost immediately cut off, there was very little of the old "I am basically touching the belt but am forced to small for twenty seconds" chestnut. The headbutt mania ending was fun except for the back that it was between two guys with a history of concussion problems.

Orton vs. Rollins was very good, but like a lot of Orton matches, it felt like it was missing something. It was all action and they came up with some interesting counters. Everyone will rightfully talk about the RKO countering the Curbstomp but people shouldn't sleep on that Orton powerslam that he basically did from his knees.

Sting vs. HHH was two matches. The first half was a solid slow paced veterans match that was warmly received by a hot crowd that was very generous to almost everything that wasn't Roman Reigns. I mean, they chanted "You still got it" for Sting after he did a hiptoss and dropkick in the first minute of a match. I did find it interesting that HHH was audibly calling almost every spot in a match that was supposedly practiced for weeks beforehand, until someone reminded me that Sting is known for having a extremely poor memory. The second half became such a crazy spectacle that by the end I actually felt like I hadn't seen Sting's last match, but a short exhibition of moves followed by the fifth annual Klik reunion.

It was also funny that the HHH/Sting feud started with it being about WCW vs. WWE, then they told us it wasn't about WCW vs. WWE, and then it basically ended up being about WCW vs. WWE. The run-ins were entertaining, particularly X-Pac punking out Hollywood fucking Hogan. I also loved Sting's baseball bat being a razor sharp wood cutting implement. The finish though was all wrong if you liked Sting. It wasn't Sting putting over an up and comer who needed a win, it wasn't Sting going out on a triumph note, it wasn't even a valiant defeat against overwhelming odds. It was a guy challenging an evil heel, having the odds even, stable for stable, weapon for weapon, and then losing clean and shaking his hand. If this is Sting's last match, it's going out on a wimper when it seemed he was capable of something more, not a classic but at least something good. I will say though that even with the makeup, once Sting's hair got messed up he aged 20 years in appearance and for that horribly superficial reason alone, I am happy with Sting never wrestling again. I think his body could hold up until WrestleMania 32, but not his hair.

Oh and HHH's entrance crossed the line of awesome/horrible that he had been straddling for years. His other theatrical entrances were living reproductions of posters on 14 year old boy's walls. This year his entrance was a 14 year old trying to make a video of the poster on his wall, with a horrible illfitting costume.

Divas match was perfectly fine. Sloppy but all action.

Rusev vs. Cena was my second favorite match of the night, faster paced than their match last month that I really enjoyed. I may have liked that match a little better, or not, I don't know. Rusev and Cena have great chemistry and both guys were really going for it. If you watch this match, with all the great offence and agility and emotion Rusev showed, and still think he's just a solid gimmick, then you'll never be convinced. You know it's a big match when Cena breaks out the space age new offence like the springboard second rope stunner. Also, unlike some people I don't think Rusev losing severely damages his career, but if that finish was foreshadowing a breakup with Lana, he could be in serious trouble.

The HHH/Rock angle started horrible and turned great. It was really weird to see Stephanie pull a face move to put over the awesome crowd number, and then immediately go back to heeling. That move however was topped by the honorable HHH who handshook Sting in a sign of hard earned mutual respect turning around in the space of an hour and rubbing his victory in the crowd's face to get heel heat. To me that emasculated Sting even more. When Rock came out my worst fears were realized, as the only Rock dream match that is more boring to me than Brock/Rock revisited is HHH/Rock rererererevisited.

Everything changed when Rousey joined the fray. That crowd loved them some Ronda and it was a legit OMG moment. Stephanie's stooging was great and the only thing that was more unbelievable than Ronda Rousey shooting a WrestleMania angle was the fact that HHH and the Rock were in a ring playing second fiddle to Stephanie and Ronda. Just like Obama's victory ended racism forever, I think that moment ended sexism forever guys. If someone had written out this segment in their WWE e-fed I would've found it distractingly unbelievable, yet it actually happened. I hope to God that Dana White owes Vince some crazy debt because he tampered with Brock's contract or something because the difference between HHH vs. Rock and HHH/Stephanie vs. Rock/Rousey is the difference between me being not interested or interested.

Also, between the rumored WWE interest in Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva and Phil Baroni, Rousey being one of the most over people at WrestleMania and Brock being rehabbed and heated up by MMA, I think it's safe to say that WWE's hottest development league isn't NXT, but UFC.

Undertaker vs. Wyatt was like visiting an elderly relative you haven't seen in awhile, and you're happy that they're doing okay. I think if last year raised the question "Is Taker over the hill or did the concussion make him temporally forget good wrestling" I think this match gave us the answer of "Undertaker can still do an average match doing some of his greatest hits at three quarters speed." Undertaker at this point only has an outside chance of ever having a truly classic Mania match ever again, and that chance completely revolves around wrestling a really fast agile wrestler that can constantly bounce off a stationary Taker, and on the promise that Taker can go to Mexico and get injected all over with stem cells. The tan, grown out dyed hair and switch to a two piece getup did wonders for his appearance, and considering the rumor was Wyatt was coming in hurt, it's a win that this match was even average. Still, this hot crowd was dead for large portions of it (Which may have been partially due to having to follow the Rousey angle). Bray Wyatt has a lot of really boring offence and that running move he did on the outside into the stairs has to be one of the dumbest moves in wrestling history, in that it looks like it barely hurts the guy receiving it and absolutely destroys the guy delivering it. I have no problem with Wyatt losing in isolation, as I feel the last six months have shown Wyatt to be an average wrestler who has 10 out of 10 style and 1 out of 10 substance. What is Bray Wyatt but a bunch of vague ramblings about bringing out the evil in people, being done in a Max Cady-esque cadence? He's not even a cult leader anymore.

The main event was what I thought was the one truly great match on this show. I felt like this was a much improved version of Brock/Cena from SummerSlam. I liked that match, but didn't love it the way some did, as it felt more like a spectacle than a wrestling match. Something that was special for how rare it was as much as how good it was. This was another squash to some degree, but with more varied Brock offence, more and better hope spots, and better Brock opponent nearfalls at the end. This may have also been one of the most intentionally stiff WWE matches I have ever seen , as it seemed like Reigns had a green light to potato Brock from the get go and by the end, Lesnar was giving as good as he got. I don't know if Vince should go the Paul Heyman/Tommy Dreamer route and have Reigns get the shit beat out of him month after month until the fans respect him, but it's better than what they've been doing. Reigns also got to survive three F5s, proving that he and not Wyatt is the new face of fear.

The Money in the Bank booking at the end was ingenuous, as it basically allowed the WWE to protect Reigns and Lesnar and also set up the next six months of World Title chasing. The WWE basically painted themselves into a corner and then drew a door on the wall in the corner and used it to escape. I was a little surprised that it was Reigns who took the pin and not Brock, but I guess that's the kind of protection that signing an extremely expensive contract encourages.

So overall, it was a very entertaining show, but it was a very entertaining show I didn't really want to see. It felt like WrestleMania XXVII in that it was a big show, but it felt like it's ultimate purpose was to set up a bigger show, in this case, WrestleMania XXXII: The Quest to break 100,000 attendance. Undertaker getting a rehab win, HHH getting a big notable win, the Rock angle, it all felt like seeds were already being planted for one year from now. In the short term, it also set up a whole bunch of stuff (Rollins vs. Orton in a gimmick rematch, Reigns vs. Rollins, Rollins vs. Brock, Brock vs. Reigns II, Bryan vs. Ziggler, Miz vs. Mizdow) that is actually more appealing on paper than what we got at Mania, which hopefully means we'll avoid the post-Mania hangover. But probably not.

Biggest take away from this year's WrestleMania? Seth Rollins will be on the Today Show tomorrow.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.94
Holy cow that was longer than it seemed when I typed it. Sorry folks, bring a sandwich or something. I even edited out a part about WWE's last five years of Mania booking philosophy!

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Here are some more thoughts from a demented mind in Central Florida:
All things considered, not bad. But I walked into this WrestleMania with absolutely zero expectations - I mean, I had even less hope for this show than I did for last year's show, and that's saying quite a bit.

I'm surprised to see Big Show with the ARMBAR, but with all the announcers talking about how he's never really won a battle royal, I guess that should've been a hint. I didn't predict the winner, though I did predict the Miz/Mizdow breakup, and they did make the final three, so hey, I've got that going for me, which is pretty cool.

Mildly surprised that they started the show with the IC Ladder Match, but as far as wrestling action, that was probably the best possible match they could've called to start things off. The video package and bringing out Pat Patterson to hang the belt (as well as the backstage sketch, and winner) seems to suggest that maybe... just maybe... they're serious about restoring prestige to the Intercontinental Title, even if the champion should've been wrestling for a world title in the main event. (And don't buy the rumors that the E is concerned for Daniel Bryan's health. Federations that are legitimately concerned for a wrestler's health don't put said wrestler in a multi-man ladder match, and have him do headbutt spots from the top of the ladder during the finish.)

Orton over Rollins served two purposes: it threw us off what actually happened in the main event, and it got Randy his first WM win in four years. And you've just built yourself another challenger for your new world champion. At this point, I don't know who was/is better at hitting his finisher from out of nowhere: DDP with the Diamond Cutter, or Randy Orton with the RKO.

I was actually pleasantly amused by the ridiculous overbooking of HHH-Sting, and hey, if a WM match this year called for overbooking, this was it. But yeah, so much for Sting-Taker next year.

On the feed that I used to watch, wow, A.J. Lee just did not look at all like she wanted to be at Wrestlemania. So I was surprised when she tapped out Nikki to win the match. Not my favorite women's match by any stretch of the imagination, but they've come a long way from the clusterfuck that was the Divas' Battle Royal at WM 25, so at least there's that.

Despite the biggest MURRICA! FUCK YEAH! promo package leading to his entrance (and not-so-subtly implying that if you don't like Cena, you don't like America)... it was still hysterical to hear the fans break into "JOHN CENA SUUUUUCKS!" in next-to-no time. Stop trying to make fetch happen, WWE, it's not going to happen.

Nice heel twist by Steph to announce the attendance, but wow, did that go on way, way, waaaaaayyyy too long. Maybe they were trying to drag things out because they realized, "Hey, we need darkness for Taker's match!" or "Hey, we've only got two matches left, and we're going to run short!" But damn, please, we don't need Rock-HHH at next year's WM. And there's NFW Dana White lets Ronda Rousey in an actual WWE ring for an actual WWE match, particularly not after losing Brock.

Taker looked far better than he did last year. Then again, on anti-biotics for strep throat and bronchitis, I look better than Taker did last year. That said, where do they go with this? And can Bray be rebuilt after this loss, or did you just put him into Big Show territory?

They totally got me with the Seth Rollins mid-match cash-in... and then giving him the win and the belt. Fun Fact #1: for the second year in a row, a former ROH alumnus/World Champ has won the main event of Wrestlemania and the WWE World Title. Fun Fact #2: for only the fourth time in 31 years (and thanks to SKLOKAZOID for the correction!), a heel walked out of the main event at Wrestlemania with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Two questions - if you've re-signed Brock, why do you have Roman Reigns kill his finisher by kicking out of four F5's? Also, when was the Seth Rollins cash-in decided as the finish: this month? This week? This weekend? Sunday? The E had me convinced that there were all-in on Roman Reigns and riding him as far as they could possibly go, fan backlash be damned. And if previous RAW-after-Wrestlemania crowds are any indication, Seth Rollins will be hailed as a conquering hero on Monday night.

And if they're already planning for next year in Dallas, here's a little advice: stop going to HHH/Rock/Lesnar, and keep building up Bryan/Ziggler/Wyatt/​​Rollins/Rusev... and yes, even Reigns.

Edit: as stated in the body of this message, thanks to SKLOKAZOID for correcting me when I overlooked Austin's heel turn at Wrestlemania X-7.

Edit 2: it would help if I spelled SKLOKAZOID's user name correctly, now, wouldn't it?

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#30 Posted on
The Cena vs Rusev match was actually good except for how easy Rusev went down at the end, and the fact that after the match Cena was fresh and bouncing around. If he could ever act like he's been through a war against someone other than Brock, it would really be appreciated.

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The main event would have been more tolerable if it was Rollins vs Reigns and we didn't have to suffer through the boring crap of Lesnar. Wish Reigns would have won, but let's hope this leads to a Shield battle and the huge embarrassing failure of Lesnar can be forgotten.

The rest of the show was great. I hated the uber patriotic feel of Cena/Rusov, which felt like something you'd see at the GOP convention but glad Rusov got his comeuppance.

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.26
A couple other thoughts after getting some sleep:

1. Just about the only prediction that I got right (man, I SUCK at predictions) was that all three SHIELD guys would have their streaks broken. I don't know what it's going to take for anybody to actually get some traction on a new streak - dumb luck would be my guess.

2. The secret theme of the evening appears to be "fuck finishers." Literally every match had somebody kicking out of or escaping a finisher. Several matches had multiple broken finishers.

    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    We ruined another Wrestlemania!
    And in doing so once again made it better.

3. That's not quite right. Last year, WWE had big plans for the Wrong Guy. We all took a shit on those plans, ruined their original idea, and got them to come up with something better. This year, WWE had fine plans for a fine guy. We were all, to varying degrees, behind it. Roman Reigns ascendant over the Beast, the Conqueror, Brock Lesnar, was a good story that, as several people here pointed out, THEY NEVER ACTUALLY BOTHERED TO TELL. Last year, we ruined Wrestlemania with our outrage. This year, THEY ruined Wrestlemania by making us indifferent to it, and were forced at what was literally the last minute to come up with some way to make it interesting. Credit where it's due - they did.

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#33 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.24
Forgot to add - Totally marked out for Stardust's Mister Sinister getup. That and the bedazzled ladder were great touches.

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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.36
David Metzler is a twat. Where to begin with this dumpster fire inside a cluster fuck. I know Sting/HHH. Why? Honest to God, why have this match? It did nothing, but stroke egos and having HHH and his friends another Mania payday they don't deserve. How this roster even shows up to work is beyond me. This match didn't need to be this long. It also didn't need DX vs. NWO which looked like a nurse home had a car wreck. I have tickets to meet Sting at Philly which I ordered prior to this. Now, I feel bad for him and will maybe ask him to sign my TNA book, because they of all people knew how to book him.

It wouldn't be so bad. If we didn't have HHH mock Sting not an hour later looking fresh like a daisy. He negate what little could there was about that match when he opened his mouth. I love Rock, but no. No, we don't need six months of Rock/Rhonda vs HHH/Steph at SummerSlam. What we need is Rhonda breaking Steph's arm and sending them away for five months to get a month build.

Cena's montage was everything wrong about America. There were people waving the Russian flag in the audience. Rusev becomes another monster on the pile of John Cena defies the odds junkyard.

Bryan winning the IC was good, but like some of had said before no big wow moment. I am pretty sick of the everyone stands around while said wrestler jumps on everyone. It was done in three matches. Battle Royal was good. Miz was right, they were better off double teaming big show. Honestly, I thought the tag was the match of the night and it was on the pre-show.

Rollins was their only option out of the giant hole they dug. I like it, but I do agree it makes the build for Lesnar/Reigns worthless. If they turn Brock face and destroy the Authority fine, but something tells me, he will be suspended due to the bleeding or something to get him off of TV. Rollins was the star of the night from the mile high RKO to cashing it to winning the title, he made the most of the opportunities given to him. That is one of the few if only bright spot about this Mania.

Its a fustruating Mania, because they did some good things. Yet, the bad things seem to out weigh the good. No more daylight Manias where you have three obvious entrances that need darkness. Taker has to go after next year, he looked exhausted after taking one bump.

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Everybody here always seems so much more shouty than I am in terms of the direction of the product.

Really enjoyed Mania, probably the most since 20. Outside of the preshow which I thought had two poor matches, the show from top to bottom was great and very entertaining. Thought Rollins Orton stole the show and every segment was fun, and some of the entrances were amazing.

I enjoyed it and am looking forward to a good Raw, hopefully seeing Balor and Itami on the main show. Wrecking ball Angry Brock will be exciting and potentially moving the IC title back to the workrate title could garner some great matches in the future, as could moving the more hokey and kid oriented stuff to the US title.

Glad to see physicality in the main event too.

Very positive going forward.

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During the Undertaker match, did anyone else notice JBL mention that every one of Taker's former opponents is either a Hall of Famer, a World Champion or has headlined a Wrestlemania? My immediate thought was to wonder which of those categories Giant Gonzales fit into, but after checking Wikipedia I see that he also faced Big Boss Man and A Train, two matches that I was more than happy to forget.

I was also distracted by the giant bruise on HHH's leg. I'm pretty sure that seeing what caused that would have been more exciting that his match with Sting.

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Since I was watching the season finale of The Walking Dead and the first five minutes of Talking Dead, I only saw the main event. Brock busted up in the first two minutes was surprising. Roman smiling like he was enjoying a beating was strange, yet effective. Very strong big man battle, with SUPLEX CITY BITCH trending worldwide.

The ending was better than having either Brock of Roman win. It gives the entire show a fresh prospective.
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Where were Hornswoggle and Snoop!

Boudin blanc

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    Originally posted by Tenken347
    2. The secret theme of the evening appears to be "fuck finishers." Literally every match had somebody kicking out of or escaping a finisher. Several matches had multiple broken finishers.

I thought they were actually surprisingly reserved with the number of finisher kick outs this year. It seemed to be far less than the past few years.

But reading over everyone else's thoughts, I'm beginning to wonder if the stream I watching on YouTube was some insanely elaborate prank put together with a super high-definition version of 2K15 with top notch impersonators doing the announcing, because I seem to have seen the exact opposite of quite a few things everyone else seems to have seen.

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    Originally posted by wannaberockstar
    The main event would have been more tolerable if it was Rollins vs Reigns and we didn't have to suffer through the boring crap of Lesnar. Wish Reigns would have won, but let's hope this leads to a Shield battle and the huge embarrassing failure of Lesnar can be forgotten.


Is completely insane.

I mean, there's having an opinion, even an unpopular one, and that's fine, but this constitutes a complete divorce from reality. Lesnar not your cup of tea? Fine. Huge embarrassing failure? Objectively, demonstrably false.

Anyway, pretty great show. The Rollins cash-in was great; they were booked into a corner. Putting Reigns over here would have been a disaster, for no one more than Reigns himself, so even WWE couldn't possibly be stupid enough to do that. Lesnar got protected, maintained his ass-kicker aura that no one in this business can come a hundred miles of, and they found a way to do something with MITB that has never been done before, which is hard to accomplish after all these years.

The Sting/HHH thing did descend into farce, but honestly, people I know who haven't watched wrestling in years were watching it and loving it. When Nash went down and grabbed his knee I thought he tore his quad again. I still can't believe they let Scott Hall take a bump on the arena floor with all his health problems. nWo helping Sting was nonsensical but the nWo was in WWE, which makes them a thing that existed and can be acknowledged. Sting's hair made me die inside a little, but he got up there for his dropkicks.

Lots of bitching about the Ronda stuff, but she was more over than all but a few top acts. It helps if you're a mark for her, like I am. Stephanie looked brutal, as well. I'm not sure if she was ill or something, but she looked a lot older than the last time I saw her. Segment def went a little long, but they were killing time for Taker who obviously was not going to be working a long match.

Divas did okay, glad they got time. The jingoism video package leading into Cena's entrance was so full of shit it has some kind of Pavlovian effect of making me actually need to take a dump. Not sure what that did for the people who spent ten times as much money for expensive travel packages to come from overseas, but meh. And then Cena still got booed which made it all somehow worth it. RKO spot was great. Ladder match too short but loved the finish and didn't want Bryan doing anything stupid.

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