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18.10.18 1321
The W - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania 23 results and discussion!
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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.00
WWE and OTC 360 present WrestleMania 23
Ford Field
Detroit, MI
Announced attendance: 80,103

Official Themes/Songs: "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva
"The Memory Will Never Die" by Default

Commentary: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole & John Layfield and Joey Styles & Tazz

Aretha Franklin sang "America the Beautiful"

A... Lumberjack match
Ric Flair vs. Chavo Guerrero
Carlito Gregory Helms

Carlito pinned Guerrero (I think) - lumberjacks were every active member
of the three rosters not appearing on the show

1... Money in the Bank ladder math
Jeff King CM Mr. Matt Randy
Hardy vs. Booker vs. Finlay vs. Punk vs. Kennedy vs. Hardy vs. Orton vs. Edge

Mr. Kennedy (19'10")

2... Interpromotional Match - Smackdown vs. RAW
Great Khali (5'32" tree slam -> pin) Kane

3... United States Champion Chris Benoit (9'20" top rope headbutt -> pin) MVP

Howard Finkel introduced the Hall of Fame class of 2007: Jim Ross, Mr. Perfect
(represented by father Larry and wife Leonice Hennig), Jerry Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel,
Mr. Fuji (wheeled out by Don Muraco), Afa & Sika the Wild Samoans, the Shiek
(represented by his wife Joyce Farhat), and Dusty Rhodes

AT&T Mobile poll: Who will win the World Heavyweight title match?
Batista - 18%
Undertaker - 82%

4... Undertaker (15'48" tombstone piledriver -> pin) Batista

Intros for this match: Theodore Long

Undertaker wins World Heavyweight Championship (15th Champion)
This is Undertakers fifth championship

5... ECW Originals New Breed
Rob van Dam Elijah Burke
Sandman vs. Marcus cor Von
Sabu Matt Striker
Tommy Dreamer Kevin Thorn

van Dam (6'20" Five Star frog splash -> pin) Striker

6... Battle of the Billionaires
Representing Mr. McMahon Representing Donald Trump
Intercontinental champion Umaga vs. ECW Champion Bobby Lashley

Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Lashley (13'05" spear -> pin) Umaga

After the match, Mr. McMahon lost his (apparently real) hair and was
shaved bald - then Austin gave Trump a Stone Cold Stunner

7... Lumberjill Match
WWE Women's Champion Melina (3'07" bridge -> pin) Ashley Massaro

Lumberjills: Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Candace Michelle, Victoria,
Maria, Kelly Kelly, Brooke Adams, Leyla, Jillian Hall, Kristall Marshall,
Michelle McCool and Trinity

AT&T Mobile poll: Who will win tonight's WWE Championship match?
Cena - 59%
Michaels - 41%

8... WWE Champion John Cena (28'21" STFU) Shawn Michaels

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WM 23 was good. I liked all but two matches and since I knew those would suck it didn't surprise me.
MITB was good. I think this is how they are going to explain Edge's time off to heal because that looked fucking painful. Also Kennedy is a good choice.
Khali sucked as much as I knew he would. Too bad Kane had to lose especially to that load but Jacob's will always do what he is asked.
Benoit vs. MVP was better than I thought it would be. MVP looked pretty good. Granted he was against Benoit which helps.
Taker vs. Batista was very good. Batista showed great intensity which was nice.
ECW New vs. Old was passable.
Hair match was good. I like to see Shane so that was cool. Match was exactly what I expected except I thought Eugene would stop VKM.
The Women's Champ match sucked. Was it supposed to end that way?
Cena vs. HBK was great. I was hoping Micheals would win but as soon as I saw him dominating at the start I knew he would lose. I still hate the STFU but a good match.
All in all I would say WM 23 was good. Not a lot I will remember 2 months from now but in the middle of the Wresltemanias in general.

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So, is Edge on a shit list or is he really that into the biz?...Damn!



Not the greatest Mania. At least I knew this going in so I still enjoyed it. I was happy with all the matches. Even MVP/Benoit. Man did JBL really try to get MVP over or what?

The Trump Clothesline should become a signature move! Along with his ability to take a Stunner!

That's it no more drinking!

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There were moments, and the 2 world title matches were both excellent, and no one managed to suffer a career-ending injury flinging themselves off a ladder, so that's a positive, but, and maybe it's because I've fallen off the mark bandwagon, but it left a bit to be desired.

What I thought would be good was good, and what I thought would suck sucked. 'Taker and Dave stepped up, but I don't know if anyone actually stole the show or anything.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.17
Whoever laid out the ladder match should be fired. As many anticipated, it was too much humanity out there and it got messy. Jeff's leap onto Edge was inexcusable, and I still can't figure out how that bump was supposed to look. In any case. Bumps and broken bones are one thing, but that kind of crap could rupture a spleen and just falls way outside the "nature of the business" in my opinion. The MITB had its moments but I just couldn't get into after that spot. And not having Shelton in it was quite gay.

Khali/Kane was what you'd expect. I do think, regardless of whatever investment in getting Khali over the company may have, pinning Kane with a boot is a bit too disrespectful. He's a company man, and, as Kane, has been around for almost ten years. At least make it competitive. It's not like there's great options waiting for Khali around the corner, anyway.

MVP looked competent out there with someone like Benoit, but mere competence isn't goode enough on 'Mania. I paid $50 for this shit. SHELTON FUCKING BENJAMIN WASN'T BOOKED. Jesus. Yay Benoit, they never let him win.

I really, really have to hand it to Batista. He worked hard out there. I didn't think he had a performance like that in him. I mean, really, even those matches with Hunter he was kinda just there and not contributing. Nice to see him break out some stuff that he doesn't always do.
Taker was great out there, but the streak kind of makes his Mania matches boring and predictable. Good job on both their parts.

ECW match was filler. I never realized how small Sabu was until I saw him at the end there. I'm also amazed that they let RVD score the pin as he's outta here in a matter of months, but it was the only possible finish that the fans would have liked so kudos to them for going that way.

The Battle of the Billionaires was all right, considering. Lots of distractions. Vince needs to go away. Trump needs to not take Stunners. Austin needs to not take bumps! I cringed there.

Lumberjill match...ugh. Whatever.

The Main Event was great. A more entertaining match to what Hunter/Cena last year. It was a slow start but the quick falls and reversals through the last ten minutes were pretty much state-of-the-art big-time PPV main events. Cena's taken a while to develop but he is well passed the point now where it can fairly said he merely gets carried. He's been part of some really great bouts and he is the franchise and he more than held his own here. You'll also notice that the boos toward him were not nearly as loud at the end as they were early on. They can crap on him if they like, but if he keeps finding himself in matches like these, sooner or later people will have to give him his due.

Good show with a great main event.

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.85
Disappointing for me, personally. But I think it's more because the build up was done so well that they couldn't possibly live up to it.

I'm shocked they opened with MitB. It was the kind of trainwreck everyone expected and provided some good entertainment. I have a feeling Edge will be out longer than expected after taking that SICK SICK SICK bump! I'm surprised Kennedy got the win, considering how much he'd been getting jobbed out in recent weeks. The fact that MitB opened made me think that Kennedy would cash it in right after one of the title matches, but it wasn't meant to be.

Khali/Kane was atrocious. I didn't think Kane's mystique could ever be killed off, but a one-foot pin will do it. I have a really bad feeling that Khali has nowhere to go but the main event.

This was undoubtedly MVP's best match ever. He kept up with Benoit really well and Porter made himself look damn good. It was a pleasant surprise to see the diving headbutt actually finish a match.

I don't think anyone expected Batista/UT to be any good, but it might just be Match of the Night. Batista turned it up tonight and UT gave us all another good show. But UT as champion is still a crying shame.

I didn't expect the ECW Originals to get the win and I especially didn't expect RVD to get the pin. Still won't change the fact that he'll be out the door once his contract's up.

For all the effort they put in to make Lashley and Umaga into Superstars, this match only succeeded in getting over...
-Donald Trump
-Vince McMahon
-Steve Austin
Lashley and Umaga are both no more over than they were before. That's a shame, because Lashley brought his A-game and put on a damn good match. After a couple of previously great PPV outings, Umaga disappointed me this time around.

Ashley/Melina was mercifully kept short. That is all.

Cena/HBK was a great match, marred only by the fact that Cena won another match using his Shitty STF. I really, really hate that hold. I'm excited about a possible Backlash rematch.

Decent PPV, but ultimately forgettable. Thumbs in the middle.

EDIT: Honorable mention for Highlight of the Night goes to Booker T's reaction to pulling out the stepladder. "Tell me I didn't just...!!"

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.50
Very good show spaced evenly around three great matches and the Vince bonanza with nothingness in between.

1. Money in the Bank was great with some sick stuff, although except for that insane Jeff Hardy spot it missed the Shelton Benjamin crazy highspots from the last few years. Everyone got to do cool stuff and be in terrible pain. Finish wasn't quite a ragin' climax of ladder craziness but I liked it better than last year's. ****

2. Kane and Khali was great! Just kidding it was not! 1/4*

That dance party was more moving than you'll ever know. IRWIN R. SCHYSTER DANCING? Slick? Howard Finkel and Pat Patterson shaking it? Hell yes?

3. Chris Benoit is so great he can not just carry MVP, but give him the whole match and make it look like he's outwrestling him. **3/4

Donald Trump as Darrel Hammond as Donald Trump was something.

4. Undertaker/Batista, holy shit. Batista hasn't looked that good since he was wrestling in tag matches with Chris Benoit and Ric Flair. Performance of Dave's life, Undertaker was just fantastic, and the crowd had a lot to do with it as they treated them like it was Hogan vs. Rock. One of the most unfathomably great matches ever. ****

5. ECW Originals over New Breed was short but all action, with the pleasant surprise ending of RVD winning after weeks of being told that the NB was 100% going over. *3/4

6. Lashley vs. Umaga ... uh, thank god for Steve Austin and Shane McMahon, because outside of one fantastic bump by Umaga over the top, this was dying. Shane and Austin and shenanigans saved it but Lashley was exposed as very green and not very over. But the postmatch was, as expected, glorious. Vince McMahon is the greatest performer of all time. Trump got physical and took a stunner (~~~~!!!!), again quite poorly but, again, he didn't have to do any of that, so cheers, mate. **

7. Obviously they had no faith whatsoever in Ashley vs. Melina, but they didn't let it go long enough to be outrageously terrible. DUD

8. Michaels vs. Cena was perhaps a slight disappointment, but still a great match, especially going almost 30 minutes. The first half was a bit slow and the second half was just excellent -- that one sequence where Michaels flipped out of the FU, Cena ducked the kick, and Michaels rolled him up out of the STFU was bonerfied. I was sad that they ended it when they did because another couple minutes of what they were doing at the end would've made this truly superb. ****
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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.12
Khali/Kane, ECW, and Women's match were lackluster. No surprise, as the 3 matches combined took 12 minutes.

Great pop for Kennedy winning MITB in The Bar where I saw it (great pop for Hornswoggle too though, as they're both local guys).

Taker/Batista was good, Cena/Michaels was getting a lot of heat (for both sides).

Trump's clothesline got a huge pop, but his taking of the stunner was really bad.

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A guy who I know sitting in the lower bowl portion of the Ford Field called me and told me that the sight level was really not that bad from where he was in the stadium. He also told me he was hearing "This Sucks", "Boring", "Raincheck", chants mostly from the upper bowl areas.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.00
I thought it was an insanely fun show. This company, and especially Wrestlemania is a spectacle show, nothing more nothing less. This being said, I liked how they presented it as something that anyone could get into.

I watched the show with my roommates (guy and a girl - the guy used to watch Nitro back in its' heyday, girl has never been a viewer) and considering the fact that the roster these days is soooooo different than even 2 years ago everyone in the group was able to follow along with each match, each character and get entertained.

That being said, as the wrestling fan I am, I thought that the MIB match was great in that it followed the formula they usually do (spot between 2 guys, next spot, next spot, etc) but tweaked it enough to make if fun, with the Edge spear sequence, and the Orton RKO sequence, and the Hornswaggle/Lil Bastard part. Also, not only did the right guy win, but the fact that they used Kennedy and Punk as the final two gave them a bit more of a profile. A lot of those guys in that match were established, and can get a title shot without people questioning it. Because it was down to two lower guys, it made both look good, and it will bring Kennedy up as a legit character.

Also, the Taker/Batista match was the best on the card; HBK/Cena was great as well, but I thought that the story behind Taker/Batista worked better, and I also found Batista to be convincing in his undeniable viciousness in trying to put Taker away. On the flip side of the main events, HBK and Cena felt like 1 million teases of the finish.

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.96
I enjoyed the ME, the reversals and false finishes in Cena/Michaels saved it. But, I didn't understand the point of working over Cena's leg for 10 minutes and him hobbling, only to have him come back with a flurry of *running* and offense. Then his knee was perfectly fine the rest of the match. That made no sense to me. And I agree with whoever said it, but the STF does not look convincing or climactic as a finisher.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.10
Another very solid Wrestlemania, as everyone worked their asses off tonight. It wasn't in the ballpark of WM3, WM10, WM17 or any of the classics, but it was certainly better than average.

I agree with the person who said the ladder match was poorly laid out. It was far too much of 'one guy climbs, another stops, then another guy climbs and another stops,' rinse and repeat for 20 minutes. There weren't any cool multi-man spots like in past years or in other ladder matches. That said, it was still a hard-worked and pretty awesome bout. Highlights were Booker begrudingly saving his wife from Matt, Punk looking like he died from Orton's ladder RKO, Finlay (!!!) doing a top rope dive, and perhaps most of all, Hornswoggle taking a MAN-SIZED bump with Kennedy off the ladder. Seriously, for a midget, that was almost the equivalent of Foley's fall. And Jeff Hardy and Edge are both insane -- you could see genuine concern on Matt's face after the bump, and the match sort of ground to a halt. I was surprised to see Kennedy win, and Edge's WM unbeaten streak ended so abruptly.

Kane carried Khali to a match that was merely not good, instead of actively horrible. He at least got the rub of slamming the big guy in the Hogan tribute spot.

Good to see Benoit pick up a solid WM win in a surprisingly good match with Porter. MVP gave a career-best effort tonight, and made himself look like a star in the making.

Speaking of career-best efforts, Batista stepped things up big-time. What a great match from both he and Taker. When he said they were going to steal the show, he wasn't kidding (though I think Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage will be sleeping easy tonight).

In the underrated emotional moment of the night, how great was it to see the ECW veterans get what in all likelihood is their final moment in the spotlight? Dreamer cries at the drop of a hat, sure, but it was hard not to get emotional with him after that match. Too bad we couldn't see a Pounce, unfortunately.

The hair/hair match was an entertaining spectacle. Lashley and Umaga both took those big bumps to the outside, but they were a sideshow to the seconds in the match. Trump was actually pretty funny (a great 'What's going on here?' soundbite) and surprisingly got physically involved. Unfortunately, WWE missed out on a great TV moment since there was no way to replay that stunner without making it look horribly staged. Vince bald looks like Bob Backlund.

The women's match was....well, it happened.

And finally, Michaels and Cena tore it down as expected. Kudos to Shawn for busting out a piledriver on the steps, which in Memphis would've legally murdered Cena. Cena going over was the right move, though it would've been good to see HBK get one more signature Wrestlemania win. Also, for god's sakes, would it fucking have killed Cena to have sold the leg a bit more in the match? Michaels brutalizes it for five minutes, and then Cena just shakes it off during his comeback.

I don't know what is more disquieting -- the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes.

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.29
For the third year in a row I saw the match at the Baker Street Cafe a mile or two away, and for the third straight year I loved it.

Money in the Bank was fantastic. Some wicked bumps there. I'm very relieved that Randy Orton didn't win the match, but then he didn't really do much of anything, except for the RKO off the ladder-- so why was he there instead of Carlito, Flair or Shelton? A guy I was talkin' to the whole night, he and I were just shaking our heads all night about Carlito and Flair not being at WrestleMania. (And then we got more annoyed when they showed the "bonus match" highlights that lasted two minutes. But I guess Kane/Khali is sooooo much more important.

I found a few interesting storylines that could come out of the match. First of all, Edge, as has been documented, took a magnificent bump when Jeff Hardy did a leg drop from the ladder inside the ring to the ladder propped up between the ring apron and the barricade. I don't think I've ever seen a ladder split in two like that. (I hope Edge is okay, but I think he is, 'cuz they wouldn't try to legitimately injure one of their top guys. The ladder was gimmicked.)

Edge has plenty of reason to be pissed off. He wasn't there for the last half of the match because of Jeff Hardy, but also Matt was the one encouraging Jeff to make that move. Now if you'll remember, back at Survivor Series '01 in the cage match against the Dudleyz, Jeff was at the top of the cage and had a chance to simply climb down and win. (Matt was already out.) But he went for the big move instead, he got nothin', wiped himself out, the Dudleyz won and Matt was pissed. (And yet they somehow pushed Matt as being the bad guy for being the voice of reason.)

Flash-forward to WrestleMania 23, though, and it's Matt encouraging Jeff to do something like that. Did Matt have ulterior motive for doing so? Because he had to have known that Jeff was essentially gonna eliminate Edge and himself from the contest. Suddenly it's down to six men and Matt has a heck of an advantage. Maybe Matt didn't expect Jeff to get hurt like he did, but maybe his concern for his brother only really kicked in once he realized what he'd encouraged Jeff to do. (Or maybe he was overblowing his reaction).

Anyway, Kennedy gets the Money in the Bank, and I think it's more fun when a bad guy gets it, so that's good (and I did NOT want to see Orton win it). Cena and 'Taker will have to be looking out for Kennedy at absolutely any moment. Hell, going by strict rules, there doesn't even need to be a wrestling show going on for Kennedy to cash in his money-in-the-bank. Who's to say he doesn't cash it in by crashing Cena's hotel room sometime?

Great Khali defeats Kane, ho-hum. Khali's on WrestleMania, Carlito and Benjamin aren't. Bullshit!

U.S. Title match was very good; MVP really showed his true skill out there. I've always thought that MVP is deliberately, as part of his gimmick, not wrestling as well as he can so that the gimmick is, "This guy is the highest-paid superstar on SmackDown? Really?", but in truth he's pretty good.

Even though the 'Taker/Batista result was a foregone conclusion (as witnessed by the 82-18% drubbing Batista took in the poll), Batista did quite well for himself and really took it to him. While waiting in line at the restroom during the Women's Title match, many people said they would have gotten up and left if Batista had won, and rightly so.

This, by the way, is the fourth straight WrestleMania in which the World Title has changed hands; Trips retained at WM19 but then Benoit won at 20, Batista at 21 and Rey at 22.

The ECW eight-man tag-team match was bathroom break #1 for me. Surprised to see the Originals pick up the win, though-- just because the ECW Originals have been made to look like pussies throughout the brand's short (and hopefully quite limited) life-span.

Lashley/Umaga wasn't a workrate classic by any means, but it was a fun match. You knew Lashley would win, but you also knew shaving Vince's head would be great, and it was. I wanted to see a Billionaire Bitch-Slap, though! Stunners all around for everyone except Lashley was fun, though.

Lumberjill match was bathroom break #2. I caught the catfight at the end. Meh, if I wanna see soft porn, that's why I have the internet.

Cena/Michaels was a fantastic match, and though I'm disappointed that Cena won (especially by submission, and especially without interference) I might still look back at the match in January and say "This was the 2007 Match of the Year".

Having Triple H come in and either help Michaels win or deliberately screw him, either one would've been fun. I think they missed the boat when Cena's leg was hurt by not having HBK put the Sharpshooter on him, though. A fantasy scenario I threw out to my buddy was, "Oooooh, if Michaels put the Sharpshooter on him, not only would it piss everyone off as it always does, but if they were ever gonna bring Bret Hart in for an appearance that would've been the perfect opportunity. Hell, Hart wouldn't even need to touch Michaels-- his mere presence would've distracted the hell out of HBK." Oh, well. Guess he's never, ever coming back. (At least, not until maybe next year, hee.)

Overall, a fantastic event. Maybe the most memorable since WrestleMania XX, which will probably be my favorite forever because of Benoit's win.

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.73
    Originally posted by Big Bad
    The women's match was....well, it happened.

Can we please stop thinking or believing the rumors that Melina has heat with people? Whether it's true or not, that news is like a year old.

I still hear it and she STILL has been made to look very strong against everybody.

Overall, it wa sa pretty decent PPV. This was actually the first WM I've ever ordered. I had fun. I'm not the type to analyze every match to determine whether ot not I thought it was good, I base it on how many "OOOH!"s I yelled. And I thought I got my money's worth.

Kind of upsetting that the crowd was dead for Cena/HBK's aftermath. Somewhat killed the mood. My friends and I were expecting something, anything to close the show out with some HOLY WOW value.

Oh well.

It's just a message board, people. Chill out.

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.82
Everyone else has said pretty much everything already, but I have to say that I was a little annoyed with the crowd tonight. Michaels clearly wrestled heel tonight (piledriver on steps with the ref unconscious, using the ropes to work Cena's leg until the 4-count, etc.) but they cheered Cena. I guess it boils down to the fact that it's the truly hardcore fans who are able to secure Mania tickets, and so we get "hardcore fan" reactions.

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.63
Pretty good show tonight but the Cena win tarnishes the PPV a lil and not because of what you may think *more on that below*.

I was actually surprised by some of the results like Benoit actually retaining, and the ECW Originals winning. I was really pleased in the MVP/Benoit match, which showcased that MVP can go. Considering his pretty good mic skills and his more than adequate in-ring skills, I think MVP can be a SERIOUS top star. I get that vibe from him, lets just hope that if he does hit it big, he loses that ridiculous outfit.

I figured either Edge, or Kennedy would win, and Kennedy came out on top, although deep in my heart I wanted Edge to win only so that he could keep his Wrestlemania streak alive.

Now the main point of my post: Batista vs Undertaker. I was already pretty dissappointed to learn that WWE chose to nix this as the last match and put HBK/Cena in their place. Well, imagine my shock and UTTER anger that they didn't just have Batista/Taker play second fiddle, but friggin third. This, in my opinion, was such a slap to the face of Undertaker and Smackdown. They put this BEFORE the Billionaire's match? What in the hell? ITS ONLY THE WORLD TITLE geez.

This match had all the makings of a main-event epic. Undertaker won the Rumble, which should've put him in the last match. The Streak and Batista's championship was on the line. Neither guy faced each other on LIVE TV (remember HBK and Cena fought in a triple threat with Angle involved) This feud was built VERY WELL since January, and there was a lot more to lose for both characters here than HBK/Cena.

Well what happens? Dave puts out his BEST performance. And I mean best. He proved a lot to me tonight. For the first time, Dave proved to me that he DOES have the tools to make a great match. He needs to continue the fire he carried tonight to really make his mark and hell he may win over the hardest of smarks. Taker, was great and both he and Tista stole the show indeed. Oh yea, and another important thing: the crowd was hot THROUGHOUT the entire match, not to mention, Undertaker was crowned as champion.

What did HBK/Cena do? Oh yea, Cena retains. I don't know, but if you ask me, Undertaker preserving his Undefeated streak and winning the title is a lot more MOMENTOUS than Cena retaining . . . . again.

If Batista and Undertaker weren't gonna close this show, they should've sure as hell been third-to-last with the Diva match inbetween.

Now don't misinterpret me, I actually don't mind Cena retaining. I really don't. I have nothing against the Cena character nor his match. I thought the HBK/Cena match was pretty damn good. Not as good as some people are making it out to be, but it was still very good. But I would've felt INFINITELY better about HBK/Cena stealing the last match IF it provided a momentous occassion like HBK winning the title.

WWE made a mistake by catering to Cena, letting him close out the show when Undertaker should've. Cena winning isn't as special because he's done it a lot over the past three years. Undertaker hadn't won a title in five years, and it was 10 years since his last title win at Wrestlemania 13. Not only were the fans more into the Smackdown match, it had a LOT more energy in it. If I was WWE, I would've put Cena third-to-last and put Billionaires into the second hour. Hell, the crowd wasn't even THAT into HBK/Cena's match until the very end.

I know I shouldn't let it get in the way of a good show, but I can't help but feel a little dissappointed in the whole order of the card.

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    Originally posted by j9479
    Also, not only did the right guy win, but the fact that they used Kennedy and Punk as the final two gave them a bit more of a profile. A lot of those guys in that match were established, and can get a title shot without people questioning it. Because it was down to two lower guys, it made both look good, and it will bring Kennedy up as a legit character.

I must've missed an episode of Smackdown where Kennedy was buried or something because he's definitely not the "lower guy who is finally getting his shot" nor is he a guy who can't get a title shot without the MITB. He just HAD one on ROYAL RUMBLE, a pretty huge event. He also beat the ECW Champion last ppv. Before that he was feuding with UT and Benoit. He's been pushed more than anybody in this match other than Edge.

Kennedy is an ok winner, I just don't know what they're going to do now. They already did a really long feud between Kennedy and UT, and he's feuded with Batista and Benoit. There isn't anything left to do on Smackdown. They could move him to Raw but there is a rumor they are doing that with Benoit. They can't move them both. Then it's just UT vs. Batista for the rest of eternity.

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I would not have booked Batista/Taker to go last because I would've thought there was no way it could follow Cena/Michaels. Turns out it was great too, but maybe if they didn't feel snubbed by not getting to go last, they wouldn't have been quite as motivated to really have a great one.
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    Originally posted by Quezzy

    I must've missed an episode of Smackdown where Kennedy was buried or something because he's definitely not the "lower guy who is finally getting his shot" nor is he a guy who can't get a title shot without the MITB. He just HAD one on ROYAL RUMBLE, a pretty huge event. He also beat the ECW Champion last ppv. Before that he was feuding with UT and Benoit. He's been pushed more than anybody in this match other than Edge.

    Kennedy is an ok winner, I just don't know what they're going to do now. They already did a really long feud between Kennedy and UT, and he's feuded with Batista and Benoit. There isn't anything left to do on Smackdown. They could move him to Raw but there is a rumor they are doing that with Benoit. They can't move them both. Then it's just UT vs. Batista for the rest of eternity.

They could always have him do what Edge did when he won MITB: wait.


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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    I would not have booked Batista/Taker to go last because I would've thought there was no way it could follow Cena/Michaels. Turns out it was great too, but maybe if they didn't feel snubbed by not getting to go last, they wouldn't have been quite as motivated to really have a great one.

You know what, you raised a point I forgot to put in my previous post.

You're right. I'm sure we wouldn't have gotten the quality match we had if Batista/Undertaker was last. It seemed Batista was VERY heartbroken about their placement on their card (according to an interview he did with a couple days ago)and put out a LOT more effort than I thought he would. Well, let me rephrase that, he showed how his TRUE effort looks like. A lot of people will be crediting Taker for this match, but face it, without Batista's effort tonight, it would've been just a average to good match. Instead it turned into a true main event fight. Now I think he'll have a harder excuse for having a bad match after what he showed to us tonight.

You know what, I do see why Cena/HBK was chosen to go last, but to me when it comes to the main event, you don't go with the BEST match per se. You stick to your guns and close out with your Rumble Winner. Sure when thinking of it in foresight, you'll think "HBK and Cena will have the best match". Still, let it steal the show, why not. But in promotion, I think a lot of people would agree that there was a lot more intrigue on the Taker/Tista showdown. At least thats what I thought.
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