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23.1.19 2020
The W - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania 21: Discuss
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Big Brother

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Kane Is Ugly

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.87
Angle/HBK was amazing. I hope that wasnt the last match for Angle.

The sumo match, Cena/JBL, and Women's title match sucked. The Cena match almost put me to sleep. Very anti-climatic to say the least. I was expecting a surprise out of nowhere, which didnt happen. Hogan coming out and beating up Hussan was long rumored, so no shock there.

I miss the GWF.
King Of Crap

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.26
Cena should thank his lucky stars the fans haven't turned on him yet.

I know... Starmummy!
Lap cheong

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No Heat match, as it's pre-taped (and running late by 3 minutes, because Spike fucked up). I guess the battle royal will only be on DVD, which is an odd decision.

Lillian Garcia did an awesome rendition of America the Beatiful.

Video package was sorta' lame. It was Steve Austin doing a scene from "Gladiator". Didn't really feel like a WrestleMania opener.

Entrance ramp is cool. It's like a giant theatre. The stage is in the shape of a star, and there's a big-ass red carpet, with about a billion spotlights on the floor.

Rey Mysterio d. Eddie Guerrero (12:41): Good match, but a little disapointing, as there were a few blown-spots. Rey Mysterio kept trying to keep his mask from slipping off, as well, distracting him. Still, good. Mysterio won with a cradle.

Triple H & JBL ran into each other backstage. They argued over who was a better champion. Entertaining stuff.

Edge won the Money in the Bank ladder match (15:20): GREAT match. These guys really went all out, and came up with some creative spots. Best one was they set up a ramp to the top of a ladder with another ladder. Shelton ran up it and clotheslined Chris Jericho off. Benoit did a headbutt off the top of a ladder and opened his stitches in a sick spot. Edge hit Benoit in his 'injured' arm with a chair and won the match.

Eugene came out saying that his favorite WrestleMania moment was the midget match at WrestleMania 3. Hassan and Daivari attacked him and Hulk Hogan came to the rescue. Entertaining for what it was.

Undertaker d. Randy Orton (14:21): Really good match, that got great towards the end. Bob Oron ran in and hit the Undertaker with his cast. 'Taker still kicked out. Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Orton reversed it into an RKO. 'Taker kicked out. Orton then went for a tombstone, but Undertaker reversed it for the win. I guess that's the right decision, since Orton will be out for 4-6 months with an injury.

Trish Stratus d. Christy Hemme (4:42): Bad match, but what can you expect? Christy REALLY seems to try, and seems like she wants to learn how to wrestle. For that, I feel that later on down the line she good be a great worker. However, this was only her 2nd or so match, and at this stage she should not be put in a WrestleMania match. Trish won with a chick-kick.

Kurt Angle d. Shawn Michaels (27:25): EXCELLENT match. Just very well done and emotional, as the ending had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Michaels hit a springboard splash on Angle on the SmackDown announce table, but it didn't break. Michaels did a dive off the top to the floor, and seemed to hit Angle in the mouth with his knee. Lots of near-falls and false finishes. Angle had on the ankle-lock, but Shawn got to the ropes. Crowd seemed 60-40 towards Angle. Angle picked up Michaels, screaming for him to tap, and Shawn hit the super-kick out of nowhere. They then both played dead, and while Shawn slowly got up, Angle sprang up from the dead and hooked the ankle-lock. Shawn fought it for a long time, but finally tapped out to end a true classic.

This show has been awesome so far, so let's hope the two title matches hold up their ends of the bargain.

The Basic Instinct spot won best commercial. I loved that one, mainly due to Christian's awesomeness.

Piper's pit is up next. Pretty entertaining. Piper was great in responding to the 'What' chants ("What are you, deaf?"). Carlito interupted and said that he was the new thing in WWE. Piper stole his apple and spit it at him. Carlito attacked, but Austin saved. Austin & Piper drank beer, but Piper got too drunk and Austin stunned him. This didn't get over nearly as much as I had expected.

I should mention, though, that I LOVE Carlito~!

Basic Instinct apparantly won some other awards, and Taxi Driver won best overall trailer. I know, you all actually give a shit.

Akebono d. Big Show (1:02): Obviously worked, or else Akebono would have won a lot quicker. Show even took time out of the match to do his "GRRR! CHOKESLAM!" sign. Bad, but it's a sumo-match. Were you expecting Flair/Steamboat? Akebono won by shoving Show out of the ring.

I should say that one great thing about this show is it is all action. There have been no backstage skits (aside from the Hunter/JBL segment) that clutter most PPVs. It's just one match to the next (well, if you include Piper's Pit as a match).

John Cena d. John Bradshaw Layfield (11:26): JBL got a police escort into the arena. Like Goldberg, just with limos and motorcycles. John Cena won the title in a very anti-clamactic ending to a very bland match. The crowd just didn't seem to be in to this at all. Cena even got a few boos, which is odd since he's one of the more over guys in the company. Ending really came out of nowhere, as JBL missed the lariat and Cena hit the FU for the win. He then celebrated in the crowd.

They introduced the Hall of Famers. Unlike MSG last year, this was not the crowd for this. Nikolai Volkoff got no reaction. Iron Sheik got a small reaction. Paul Orndorff got no reaction. Bob Orton got no reaction, even after his interference earlier. Jimmy Hart got a very small reaction. Roddy Piper got some light cheers, but not what you'd expect. Hulk Hogan got a pop, but not nearly what you'd think. They showed Hogan's family, and NASTY NICK looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.

Batista d. Triple H (21:33): Let's hope this is good, because the undercard was fantastic, but the first of the two title matches was a dissapointment. The crowd has also been dead since after the Michaels/Angle match, so they'll have to work extra hard to get them into it. Motorhead is playing Hunter down to the ring. Just like at 17, the lead singer seems to have no clue what the lyrics are ("I am the game, you can't play me, ga ga ga ga ga, and you can't take it"). Good enough match. Not great, but not bad either. It went a little too long for what it was, though. The crowd was really into Batista. Triple H bled a lot after a slingshot. Batista powered out of a pedigree, hit a spike move (don't know the name, but I'm sure you've seen it before), and then hit the demon-bomb for the pin. They did the fireworks after the match. As I predicted, Batista's win TOTALLY overshadowed Cena's.

Overall, I'd say this was the best WWE PPV in a LOOONG time, with Shawn/Angle being a total classic, and the six-way ladder match being one of the best spot-fests of all time. Aside from Cena/JBL, nothing was bad that wasn't expected to be bad (Show/Akebono, Trish/Christy). I'd say this ranks up there as one of the best WrestleManias.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.73
Quick review, as I have to go soon-


Skateboarding Undertaker wheeee! (vs RKO)
They stole that ending from the Undertaker vs Fake Taker match way back when... oh well, still cool.

Money in the Bank Match-
I hate to say "I told you so"... but I did!
Shelton Benjamin is the man! And if that didnt prove it, well- what will really?

Tsk Tsk WWE, using WRESTLEMANIA to forward a storyline?
The shame.

Women's Crapionship-
Meh... who cares.

Sumo Match-
I know its an ancient tradition, but still unappetizing.

I wanted Kurt to win as this may be his last match, but by the end I was kneeling on the floor screaming,
"AAAGH! Dont Tap! Dont Tap!"

Had to be Cena, the only way that him losing would have been acceptable is if all of the JBL crew beat on him with sledgehammers; he poured his soul into his last few promos so... there you go.

I wasnt sure for a while, cause it was just too much in Batista's favor to be true... but alas, not even the "Flair Factor" was enough to stop THE ANIMAL!

The two "badasses" ...and Carlito? Oh well... cool enough. Beer spewed all over the camera! Stunner! Stunner! Piper was great with mocking the "WHAT" chants and Stone Cold's mic work really took me back... to like, two years ago.

Im sorry, but I did say that Hogan would overshadow the others and he did... I didnt say its right, but thats just the way it is. I wanted to hear Voodoo Child at least once-but it was still awesome. Really emotional- and I dont think Hogan "milks it" as much as you people say- If he's driven to tears he's driven to tears, its not really "in character" for the Hulkster to stop so he wont cry. Oh well, never mind me- really sentimental stuff right here, Im glad I watched.

-HOGAN DIDNT DO THE LEGDROP probably leg problems

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#6 Posted on
Really an excellent show as far as match quality went, which was important, b/c the crowd didn't seem to be that into the show just because it was Wrestlemania. Angle and Michaels had a GREAT match, that progressed beautifully with some memorable moments (Angle and Michaels dragging themselves up while staring each other down, Angle screaming in Shawn's face to tap).

Taker and Orton had an excellent match, with a good ending that I didn't feel hurt Randy's credibility at all, while keeping the streak intact.

Ladder match was also very good, with pretty constant action where the focus alternated between different guys. Benoit did a hell of a job selling the arm, and the right guy won, as Edge needed the win more than anybody else in the match.

The Cena/JBL match was, in my opinion, decent, up until the horrible ending. It was too short, and told no story at all. HHH/Batista was much better, although it did stall a bit in the beginning. I think this match showed that Batista does have to expand his ablities as a worker a little bit to have really good Title matches, but is capable of working a 20 minute match and pulling it off.

I'd give WM21 an 8.5 or 9/10 overall
Packman V2

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.31
HBK/ match I've seen in well over a year...great flow to the match, and a lot of back and forth....not sure if the table was supposed to collapse, but didn't take away from it. The Angle Slam off the turnbuckle I figured ended it, then HBK hits the SCM, and then Angle plays possum a bit and hits the Ankle Lock far the best match of the night.

The Money in the Bank match was great...and just goes to show me that Benjamin is the most exciting guy on either roster. The TBone on Edge or Christian was great...and he only outdid himself by scaling the ladders to hit the big clothesline...Jeff Hardy woulda been proud. Edge winning was a little surprising, but a good end to a great match...

HHH/Batista was another good match...and HHH's entrance on the stage were Motorhead was performing was entrance ever...and I'm not even a big HHH fan. Batista got over huge with the Warrior ring grab...something he should definitely incorporate to his works for him.

Eddie and Rey was a little unsatisfying...but good enough for the opener. Taker/Orton was what it was, a good filler match, and thankfully they kept the Women's match short. Piper's Pit was really short IMO, but probably had to be to fit it in. I'm really disappointed with the Cena/JBL match, but am gonna assume it was only cut off because they were cutting it close on time.

Overall, The ladder match, Angle/HBK match, and HHH/Batista made this PPV matter, those and the Hogan/Eugene/Hassan spot.

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Shem the Penman

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.04
The fact that Cena showed nothing new in his match -- he just let JBL beat on him before launching into his usual -- is a really bad sign. If you can't stretch your repertoire at Wrestlemania, when are you going to do it?

Batista, on the other hand, showed definite signs of being able to grow and adapt. The last counter, of the Pedigree into Elix Skipper's finisher, was brilliant.

Angle/Michaels stole the show, though. After Michaels kicked out from the Angle Slam off the second rope, I was positive that the power of HBK's ego was at work -- but then he goes and proves me wrong by tapping out. Definite MOTYC, which is about what most folks expected out of these two anyway.

On the other hand, Eddie/Rey just felt flat, between the blown spots and the fact that this still seems to be leading up to a colossally wrong-headed Eddie heel turn. Could have been so much more.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.38
I really think that they made a mistake by giving Cena the belt tonight. I'm not really arguing the merits of having him as champion (though I will say I prefer JBL by a lot at this point), but having him win the title right before Big Dave, who is more over with the crowd at this point was bound to make it a lot less special. Why no hold off until Judgment Day to 1) give Cena the spotlight and b) give that card a match that will actually draw (rather than a match where JBL challenges Cena).

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Packman V2

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.31
And Mysterio's outfit....WTF?

I don't get SD!, but is he getting close to losing the mask?? or was this a special gear, kinda like HBK's pants??

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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.39
WM 21 really didn't do it for me. It wasn't bad, but it just didn't feel like a Wrestlemania to me.

The ladder match was a highlight fest with some seriously sick moments. Taker/Orton was exciting, particularly because of the crowd intensity. Michaels/Angle was good because it was Michaels and Angle. HHH/Batista was about what one could expect it to be.

JBL/Cena's ending was so anticlimactic it was as if the workers said "You know what? Nobody cares. Let's go home". It's kind of hard for Mysterio to sell when he's so preoccupied with his faulty mask. I expected the "Piper's Pit" segment to be a throwaway, but to call this segment a "throwaway" would be an insult to throwaways.

My favorite unintended comedy bit of the night...Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler. Schneider looks ecstatic to be there...Sandler looks like "Oh great, now everybody knows I'm here. Couldn't you find a REAL date to come with you to this thing?"

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.16

I thought that was a great effin' show. I was highly entertained from start to finish. In my opinion, I thought that everything that SHOULD happen, DID happen.

The Money in the Bank match was a spectacle. Shelton Benjamin kept on increasing his stock. I would not be surprised to see him in one of the headlining matches next year.

My buddies and I all popped for the Hulkster. You've gotta get the feeling that was his swan song.

I didn't think that the women's match sucked nearly as bad as it could have. While Christy is no Benoit, I felt that she somewhat held her own in there.

And while the main events weren't as great as the opening 2 matches, I enjoyed them as it seemed almost like a "changing of the guard".

HBK/Angle ... can't really say anything that hasn't been said before.


Summer 2005

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.56
Just came back from a packed TJ's Sports Bar And Grill. Great show overall. Random Wrestlemania thoughts:

-Eddie Guerrero v. Rey Mysterio
Nice match, but seemed like it could have been more. As mentioned above, Rey's mask did seem like a distraction. Couple blown spots, but a nice opener.

-Money In The Bank
Happened earlier in the night than I expected, but was great nonetheless. Shelton running up the ladder was the highlight of the night for me. All six men did a spectacular job. A little dissapointed Edge came out the winner though.

-Eugene, Hassan, Hogan segment
Good stuff. Either Hogan is too old for the ol' leg drop or he's afraid of the bandana coming off...Take your pick.

-Undertaker v. Randy Orton
This match was A LOT better than expected. Pretty basic in the beginning, but the entire bar came alive torwards the end. Orton's chokeslam turned RKO was another nice highlight.

-Trish Stratus v. Christy
Took a piss so I can't really comment. Long line for the urinal.

-Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels
Wow...just simply put amazing. The entire bar was just going nuts for this match. I want to give it five stars.....Ehhh, so I will.

-Piper's Pit
Great stuff. All three men played their part perfectly. I knew, I just knew Piper was gonna say "WWF."

-Akebono v. Big Show
I spent most of the match trying to avoid looking into the flabs of fat. Not really much else to say.

-John Cena v. JBL
The real dissapointment of the night. The match just all of a sudden ended out of no where. No one in the bar was really digging Cena. Just downgraded the WWE title.

-Give me a new logo for Wrestlemania 22...Ehh.

-Batista v. HHH
First off, what was the Batista boogiespot? This is the "serious Animal vs. Creator main event" and your going to come out boogying? Hmmm...Anywho, good stuff. Pretty basic. Batista treating HHH like a ragdoll and bouncing him off the stairs was a nice touch.

Overall, HBK/Angle was amazing. I'm not sure how the crowd in LA was, but my experience was great. Good show, good night.

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Nuclear Winter
Boudin rouge

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.09
As far as I'm concerned, this was a great show, and I'm happy with my purchase.

I liked Rey's outfit, especially the open-backed mask. Too bad it seemed ready to fall off at any moment. I actually thought it might lead to Eddie ripping the mask off at some point. Some cool spots, good match.

I must say, Kane's had the best entrances the past two WrestleManias. First he sets the New York City skyline on fire, then the ladders. Sweet. The match itself was just awesome. Gotta love Edge & Christian smashing Kane with the ladders (I guess you can't really call it a Conchairto). Benoit's headbutt off the ladder was unbelievable, as was Shelton's running-up-the-ladder clothesline. Edge winning after a pretty sweet chair shot to Benoit's arm was a little surprising, but a good finish.

When Hassan came out and started making fun of Hollywood, I expected him to make a challenge to any actor, thus prompting a beating from either Hogan or The Rock (I know, he doesn't work here anymore. I can still wish). Hogan's save worked well enough for me, though.

This match was way, way better than it had any business being. Orton's reversal of the Chokeslam into an RKO was very cool, as was his father interfering while wearing the Cast of Doom, and I actually thought he was going to Tombstone the Undertaker (which is an ending I'm startled to find I would have excepted), but 'Taker's reversal into a Tombstone of his own was very nice. This match left me very pleased, because I think Undertaker deserves to [eventually] retire with the distinction of being undefeated at WrestleMania.

Christy wasn't as bad as she could've been. The way they'd been building this up, I'm honestly surprised Christy didn't walk out Champion, but ultimately having Trish retain was the way to go.

Since I absolutely hate HBK with a passion, I was getting pretty worried when he was evading all of Angle's best efforts. From refusing to tap to the Ankle Lock to his reversals of the Olympic Slam, I thought for sure he was going over Angle. I wish the announce table would have actually broken, but I guess it looked more painful not-collapsing. This match earns the distinction of being only the second time I've actually been yelling "TAP!" at my television screen (the other occurrence being last year's WrestleMania main event).

Piper's Pit with Austin didn't seem nearly as fun as I thought it would be. It seemed to me like Piper standing there going, "I'm Roddy Piper, look at me!" with Austin responding, "Well I'm Steve Austin, look at ME!" You know, the Stone Cold Stunner really lacks luster when it's being taken by anyone who's not The Rock or Vince McMahon.

I nearly strangled myself with a Nerds Rope after seeing Big Show in a sumo diaper. It was something I hoped I'd never witness.

This is where the show really went downhill. Cena VS. JBL was completely and utterly worthless. It was lower quality than an average SmackDown! main event. Batista VS. Triple H wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Batista powering out of the Pedigree just looked goofy and hard to believe. The highlight of the match was Flair's interference.

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75
The show was great, but featured many blown spots that lessened its legacy. Some of the booking during the matches were weird though.

Take Michaels/Angle. This might be an interpromotional match, but it was still a heel/face matchup. So why was HBK playing the heel in the match? Low blow? Shawn. Most of the other cheap shots? HBK. Whoever booked the match got the crowd to shift from 50/50 to 70/30 Angle support by the end of the contest. That being said, the match was still incredible, and HBK and Angle should be commended for working so well together.

What about Batista/HHH? It again seemed designed to give Trips sympathy face heat. But since the crowd was pretty much cheering the heels many times, it didn't lessen Batista's crowd support.

Oh, and Shelton had the spot of the night. That clothesline was incredible.

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.92
-Nothing but video packages, but they were all great for telling folks what the hell was going on. I was with a couple of casual fans, so they liked the catch-up.

-Lillian's singing was good, as usual.
-Intro video package was...okayish.
-Eddie/Rey was good. One glaringly blown spot (Rey trying to flip out of a Eddie hold and falling over instead) and Rey's mask seemed to make match worse, but not by much. Finish was pretty slick.
-JBL/HHH interaction was cool.
-~LADDER MATCH~ rocked. Benoit selling the arm was great, especially since he would've won if not for the arm weardown (and chairshot). Tons of cool spots.
-Eugene/Hassan/Daivari/Hogan was great, but I wish they'd have Hogan posing with Eugene.
-Orton/Taker was average, but better than anyone thought it'd be. Maybe the doubt in who'd win made it better. Too many punches, though. Cowboy Bob with the cast had me marking out. RKO countering the chokeslam was great.
-Trish/Christy was...BAD. Trish was bumping like hell for Christy, but Christy's bumping was TERRIBLE and took me out of the match. At least it was short.
-HBK/Angle was excellent. The headlocks at the beginning were a bit much, but they led to something great so I can forgive it. The last five or six minutes were FANTASTIC. I liked how HBK sold the leg, but he stopped selling the back when he started selling the leg. Benoit sold the arm like a pro, earning my unconditional love.
-Piper's Pit was FUN. Carlito rocks. Piper rocks. Austin rocks. All were feeling it.
-The Sumo Challenge was time they could've given to the Ladder Match. What's the damn point??
-Cena/JBL was anticlimatic. No psychology.
-Batista/HHH was average. Some cool spots, but no psychology.

The problem with the show was that the undercard seemed to have some semblence of REASON and psychology. Everything was there for a reason. The uppercard matches seemed like they had time to fill before the planned finish and just filled it with pointless brawling.

Still, the undercard was great enough to justify itself. The Ladder Match, Eddie/Rey & Angle/HBK were very good/great. Orton/Taker was very watchable. The respective Championship matches were unoffensive. The Women's Match was short. The Sumo Match was, too. Good show.

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#17 Posted on
I liked the show - but god WWE has to learn to stop doing shows out in LA. They are possibly the worst crowd for a Wresltemania in the USA, hell they didn't even sell the place out until show time. Pathetic man, pathetic.

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.74

The drunken scene at my house after the main event.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.73
On the whole I'd say that they might have top-loaded the show just a little too much, since most of the really good stuff was early, and then from after HBK-Angle to about 7 minutes into HHH-Batasta, the show lagged a bit. I can understand why they wanted Cena to go over, but it didn't work, and it was the wrong match to have him go over in. It was too clean if anything else. No Cabinet, no JBL resorting to desparate measures, no false finish. So it was all very underwhelming.

But that said it was a great show. The early stuff was excellent and if you didn't mark out for Hogan coming out, you don't like Xmas, The Rose Bowl Parade or Midgets.

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.00
I don't care what anyone says about Hogan, I was marking out like I was ten years old again when Real American fired up.

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I think his quote just about sums it up. Better Bischoff than one of Vince's kids.
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