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19.1.19 2226
The W - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania (Page 3)
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Lap cheong

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From: New York, NY

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My thoughts:


Rock-Hogan - Thank you both for putting on a fantastic match. Extra props to Hogan for wrestling with a broken rib. That was class.

Anyone remember the ref that did a run-in and slid 3/4 of the way across the ring? Wouldn't it have been great to see him go right across the ring and out the other side?

D-Von took a sick bump through the table. How bad was he injured. Stacey was on her knees when the AGD walked by after the match.

The Hardcore Title bits were great. Nice to see that instead of some skits. Molly's bump with the door was sick.

Very nice spinebuster by Arn.


After Hogan-Rock the rest of the show was a downer. But how could you top that match?

Tag match was gay.

Jericho-HHH was a downer in my book. Only 20 minutes for the World Title match?

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    Originally posted by spf2119
    I've been watching the replay of WM, and in watching the Flair-Taker match again, I find myself getting more pissed off by the minute, and I just have to expand on my thoughts.
    Hogan gets to have this wonderful send-off/career swan song with the biggest name in wrestling, after a match where he was in control most of the match. And I have no problem with what he got. He's earned it. Ric Flair on the other hand has to bleed and kill himself, and have his friend kill himself in the middle of the card, all of which were futile efforts since 90% of the match was controlled by the Undertaker. At the end of the match, other than his one little cut, he showed no real exertion or sense of having been in much of a fight, while Arn Anderson and Ric Flair's broken bodies were at ringside. Well I hope the fragile ego of the Undertaker feels sated for tonight. He got to go to 10-0 at Wrestlemania (and people wonder why some people get over and others don't...give me a 10 WM win streak to play with and I'll get Crash Holly up to World Title level), and kick the hell out of the greatest wrestler ever. Well you know what, fuck the Undertaker. He's a useless clog in the upper card artery, unwilling to remove the trappings of his character which help keep the face reaction moderate (motorcycle, Bizkit theme, ropewalk, invulnerability), and no longer able to draw an upper card face reaction. So instead he just keeps having everyone give him the Dusty Rhodes treatment, where everyone talks in every interview about how much they respect him and how great he is and what a legendary career he's had, all to keep him from feeling slighted I guess. Well fuck that. No one will buy him as a heel at the topcard, no one likes him enough for him to be a face in the top card, and he refuses to give any credibility to anyone not named Austin or Rock or HHH. So I say get rid of him. If people need to cheer for a bad rap-metal song and a motorcycle let someone else ride down to the ring on a motorcycle who then might actually be a useful contributor. The only thing I will console myself with is the knowledge that years from now, people who love and know wrestling history will speak of Flair in reverent tones, while UT will be regarded as a lucky stiff with a good gimmick who played politics and refused to help elevate anyone, and whom they are glad is not around for them to have to deal with. And Flair deserves better than to have to be the job boy for such a piece of garbage.

    (edited by spf2119 on 18.3.02 0045)

I think you're taking this waaaayyy too seriously, my friend. Ric Flair clearly has more gas in the tank than Hogan does. I think Flair will have his moment in the sun--hell, he had it for 4 months in every arena when the WWF toured the southeast and NWA country. Sure, he didn't win at Wrestlemania, but he put on one hell of a show that I'll remember for quite some time.


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I didn't get to see WM last night, but I'm thinking about buying the replay on Tuesday. Is it worth it?

Since: 4.1.02

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Only if you want to mark like crazy for Hogan/Rock. Period. But, it might be less of a great buy for you after reading all this, half the Rock/Hogan match itself was surprise it live up to the hype. But, it's worth it. Watch DDP/Christian closely, too. That was my 2nd fav match of the night.

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Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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    Originally posted by ProdigalSmark
    I didn't get to see WM last night, but I'm thinking about buying the replay on Tuesday. Is it worth it?

God yes! Buy it. Call your cable company NOW and buy it.

Rock/Hogan was off the fricken charts and everything else was a step above normal PPV. If you buy every other PPV this year, you'll still be kicking yourself for missing WM.

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Tha Puerto Rican

Since: 23.1.02
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Here are my Wrestlemania star ratings with a few comments added in there:

RVD defeated William Regal for the I.C. Title-**1/2 (good opener, Regal's stiff style clashed with RVD. RVD FINALLY won.)
DDP defeated Christian to retain the European Title-** (average but I LOVED CHristian's temper tamptrum)
Kurt Angle defeated Kane-*** (Great match. Angle's fast suplex was unpredictable)
Maven vs. Goldust--DUD Funny but still garbage
Undertaker defeated Ric Flair-**1/2 (Brutal Brawl. Both men bladed.)
Edge defeated Booker T.-*** (THis and the Angle/Kane match go hand in hand. Edge doing the Edgearonni was funny and the hometown boy went over.)
Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Scott Hall-*** (Good ol' fashioned brawl Two Straight Stunners?!)
Team Flame On defeated The Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz, and APA-**1/2 (Lots of action, Stacy dancing with the lead singer was hot , Flame ON winning was shocking.)
Rock defeated Hollywood Hogan-****1/2(*1/2 for the match and ***1/2 for the INCREDIBLE CROWD HEAT! I haven't heard that loud of a Rocky Sucks Chant since Corporate Rock back in 1999! I don't get why they turned Hogan but atleast he went out on top.)
Jazz defeated Trish Stratus and Lita-* (Next. Although Trish looked hot in that Candaian emsmble with the maple leaf on the ass and such. Too many blown spots.)
Triple H defeated Chris Jericho to win the WWF Undisputed Title-**** (Triple H went over and Stephanie got pedigreed. TRIPLE H IS THE MAN! These guys gave it their all.)

Final pay-per-view ranking: A-: It didn't top Wrestlemania X-Seven in my opinion but it came close. The best show the WWF has put on since Summerslam. Now lets see if they can get back on the right track.

THa Puerto Rican

LWO 4-Life

Since: 4.1.02
From: Clearwater, FL

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Well, after all this talk, I may have to drop the bones on the replay. I didn't buy the PPV (general principles-they raised the price though most of them suck!), but it seems the Hogan/Rock match may be worth the cash by itself! Plus, the Undertaker kicking Flair's ass sounds like a beautiful thing too! Yeah! Take that Flair, for all the times you SCREWED RIck Steamboat outta the title! BLEED, boy, BLEED!!!!!

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Notorious F.A.B.

Since: 4.2.02
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just about the only thing wrong with wrestlemania was that it was an hour too long. they really could have shaved off replaying those video packages we've all seen three or four times already. ditto the "moments ago" photage.

other than that, the card was aces. i dug the shit out of the women's title match. ddp / christian had a great finish and they're letting page do the shit that got him over in wcw.

on the music: a lot of people are bitching about the band not playing triple h's theme music. IT'S A NEW SONG. catchy, too. i really dug the "it's time for the pain" refrain. parts of it are taken from motorhead's song, but it's still a new track. that's why there was a "forceable entry" ad during his entrance.

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Enojado Viento
Potato korv

Since: 12.3.02
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    Originally posted by Notorious F.A.B.

    on the music: a lot of people are bitching about the band not playing triple h's theme music. IT'S A NEW SONG. catchy, too. i really dug the "it's time for the pain" refrain. parts of it are taken from motorhead's song, but it's still a new track. that's why there was a "forceable entry" ad during his entrance.

Yeah, it was a new song, but it wasn't a good song. Big difference.

Drowning Pool seems to be a band for when the WWF wants Static-X sound at bargain basement pice. Kinda like how Connecticut Yankee was their poor man's Rage Against The Machine.

Only, Connecticut Yankee was pretty good. Drowning Pool sucks the meat missle. Not an attack on you F.A.B. just on the band.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: MD, USA

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They could have easily shaved an hour off the show...

1. kill the stupid bands
2. kill the video packages
3. kill the women's match
4. have edge vs. christian and lose one match

I was dragging near the end of the night (all the beer didn't help any) and just wanted to see the show end.

Yes, I'm an old man.

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Quick hits,

no national anthem sucked.

Animal Krackers beating Perfect Storm Test sucked. 2/3 Canadians and Perfect and they lose t Animal Krackers and a Fatishi

music acts sucked

RVD beating Regal - good match to start off with.

DDP beating Christian - stupid set up,

Hardcore title - I found it entertaining.

Angle def. Kane - they had a lot better matches at Smackdown many times, Angle didn't even break out the moonsault.

Taker def. Flair - good match, one of the highlights of the night. Anderson spinbuster made me mark out.

Edge def. Booker - another disapointing singles match with Edge. I really haven't liked a damn thing he's done since his tag days

Austin def. Hall - Not what you expect from AUSTIN at WrestleMania, it was good I guess.

Tag Team title match - Awful, awful, awful. didn't care for any of it. Well except Stacy on the apron.

Rock def. Hogan - saved the show, I loved all of it. The crowd was insane. another mark out moment during Hulk's no sell.

Jazz def trish & Lita - I was so sad that Trish didn't win, I wanted her to win so badly, she's the true hometown hero not Edge. Really pissed that Jazz won actually... I thougth the women worked hard, Trish is a bumping machine. another great spot, Trish hanging from the corner with her leg caught...ouch painful.

Triple H def Jericho - a pathetic wrestlemania title match, the match is mostly set up to see trips get steph. The crowd didn't care. umm that makes 2 things in a row steph was involved that the crowd didnt' bit.

closing thoughts
I guess it shows that some focus on the middle of the card would be nice to make the fans care.... and there was no breath taking matches like last year SHane-o-mac spots on Vince and ladder match.....tag division is now easily worse then the ladies division


Since: 2.1.02
From: Just outside Dudleyville

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I've been gone for a while, consciously avoiding the net so as to maximize my markishness for the show. This was my first live PPV and I'm glad of that.

I don't care what all of you say I like Drowning Pool. Saliva I could do without, though.

Your winner and new Intercontinental Champion ROB VAN DAM!!! (Damn... just typing that makes me smile) I haven't marked out like that since... well... ever!

DDP/Christian was good until the temper tantrum... easily the worst gimmick since Moppy.

The Hardcore hijinks were great! Especially Al Snow, and Molly (both times.) 24/7 is back with a bang!

Angle/Kane was OK but unmemorable.

Taker/Flair was exactly what an old man match should be. A good brawl with lots of psychology and run ins. I was actually disappointed that there was no Vince run in... If we have to cut down to only one McMahon per show I'd prefer it be Shane... but Vince would have been infinitely better than Stephanie.

Edge/Booker: see Angle/Kane

Austin/Hall was good but not great. However the finish was great. The second stunner after Hall's standing sell was priceless. I do wish Nash had been more of a factor, but the match was still good.

Tag Match: Ah... Saliva is good for something. The singer dancing with Stacy was a good bit of pure fun, and both of them seemed to be legitimately enjoying themselves.

I, too, was disappointed that the APA was eliminated so quickly. But that meant that a disproportionate part of the match was devoted to yet another Hardy/Dudley fight. And I don't care what popular opinion says, I can't get enough of these two teams being paired up. I do wish the Hardyz had beaten the AGD, but that's the Hardy mark in me talking.

Rock/Hogan was incredible. The crowd was hotter than hot, and Hogan looked like he was in the best shape of his career. I disagree with those who say that Hogan wrestled like an old man... I think he did a very good job of keeping up with The Rock, and he busted out moves I didn't even know he knew. And of course my jaw dropped whe Hogan busted out the Rock Bottom! And I, too, think that the Hogan face turn and nWo run in was the result of someone "calling an audible" after Hogan's mind boggling pop.

One thing I want to point out that I think is really good is that Rocky not only kicked out of the Legdrop, he kicked out of the Hulk Up! This immedeately downgrades the Hulk Up to the level of the People's Elbow... It'll pop the crowd and win the occasional match, but it's not good enough to rely on. That one spot eliminated a good 90% of what I used to hate about Hogan. I hated the Hulk Up cause it was too cartoonish, without it Hogan is perfectly acceptable to me. But then I never claimed to be a big workrate fanatic, I'm a sportz entertainment fan and proud of it.

Women's match was OK, although the mark in me is very very sad that Lita didn't win.

HHH/Jericho was good but a bit of a let down, although Stephanie actually looked good for once. Rarely have I seen such a forgettable title match, and I'm disappointed that HHH won, although I admit it's probably for the best, storyline wise. I predict the words "glass" and "ceiling" will turn up way too often for my tastes.

Overall, not as good as X-7 but still better than 2000.

edit: My typing sucks

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You avoided the net to ensure your markishness,but have basically the same opinion as everyone else.

I guess being an internet smark isn't as bad for you as people say.
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