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The W - Random - Worst movie ever (Page 2)
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Boudin rouge

Since: 3.1.02
From: People's Republic of Massachusetts

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    Originally posted by krakken2000
    Actually I think because Kevin Costner followed "Waterworld" with "The Postman", he managed to make "Waterworld" seem not quite the disaster it really was. Plus technically Waterworld made a profit (when you add in international ticket sales).

    Best movie so bad its good? "Showgirls", hands down.

I heard that Waterworld on DVD is not that bad because some of the deleted parts help the movie. Does anyone know of this to be true?

Since: 17.1.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#22 Posted on
Going Overboard, Im an Adam Sandler fan, my friend got me this movie as a gift knowing full well what he was giving me. We are no longer friends.

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Since: 18.11.02
From: Strong Island

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#23 Posted on
The worst movie I've ever actually paid to go see is Hollow Man. Don't ask me why I thought it was a good idea to drive to the movie theater and pay $8.50 to watch this crap on opening night. I mean, sure, I had nothing better to do that whole weekend, but the option of masturbating with a blender set to puree was right there for the taking, but no, I had to go torture myself by watching this awful movie.

I hate myself.

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Since: 5.1.02
From: D.C. Metro, Maryland

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#24 Posted on
"Rappin!" starring Mario Van Peebles

Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston, TX

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Worst Mel Brooks film is Dracula: Dead and Loving It. It's BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD.

Other than that, the worst movie I've seen is Meet the Deedles. :(

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Since: 6.1.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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I've heard some great answers so far, but obviously none of yall have seen THE COUNTRY BEARS or you would know that it is the correct answer.

Lance's Response:


Since: 31.10.02
From: seattle

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    Originally posted by MoeGates
    Escape from New York, 'nuff said.

hey now! Escape From New York is a guilty pleasure of mine. Now Escape from LA...another story...

Oh flaming box of stuff, is there no problem you can't solve?

Since: 2.1.02
From: MD, USA

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The worst movie I ever had to see, under the auspices of reviewing it, was easily Highlander 2. I gave it an I for Incomplete and actually begged people not to see it.

A close second would be What about Bob, since I hate with a passion both Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray.

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Since: 22.9.02
From: Parts Unknown

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    Originally posted by du365
    I usually don't like topic like this because everyone opinion are different but this movie takes the cake and no one (and I mean no one)will disagree with me.

    The worst movie ever made is Manos:Hand of Fate. Forget Battlefield Earth. Forget Ishtar. Even Plan 9 From Outer Space managed to be at least humorously inept. Manos is just pure pain. If you watch this without Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary, you will DIE. I mean, you know it's bad when even Joel and the Bots have trouble finding things to say. And what the hell did those teenagers making out have to do with the lost family? I mean...arrgh...The only thing of redeeming value was Torgo's ridiculous four-note theme song. What other movie can claim it drove three of its "stars" to suicide?. This movie is pure celluloid torture.

    WARNING: DO NOT SEE THIS WITHOUT JOEL AND THE BOTS! If you can sit through the un-MSTed version, I praise you.

    Hal Warren will burn forever for this abomination.

I'm normally open-minded and appreciate other peoples opinions . . . . . but when it comes to this topic, there is absolutely nothing to debate. Its "Manos: Hands of Fate". To say that Manos HOF is not the worst movie ever is like saying 2 + 2 = 5.

Some films are so unbelievably bad that theyre actually in a way kinda good . . . . . . . . . . . . .well, Manos HOF is 999999999999999 times worse than those films.

This is a movie that should never be watched by anyone. I have petitioned MST3K to destroy all copies of that episode. It is for the sake of humanity.

"What do you mean 'Parts Unknown'? Are you telling me he doesn't have a social security number so we can track him down? How does he get a paycheck?" - G. Monsoon

Brian P. Dermody

Since: 20.9.02
From: New York, NY

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#30 Posted on
Over 'Hands of Fate', 'Puma Man', 'Battlefield Earth'- blowing then all out of the water is a movie that was screened exactly once. And I was unfortunate enough to have endured.

I saw a *rough cut* of "Pootie Tang".

The finished movie looked like a bad rough cut. This thing looked like a 7th graders home movies.

This was two years ago, and the scars are still fresh

Modern Humorist

Since: 1.8.02
From: Louisville KY

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#31 Posted on
Honestly, the worst movie that I saw in the theater was "The Thin Red Line." When the film melted at the end, I saw it as divine intervention. You could edit that puppy down to a pretty good 45-minute war movie, but all that philosophical "what is the nature of evil" crap that made up 80% of the movie I can do without.

Mmmm... Ashley Judd. The perfect woman. 1) Absolutely gorgeous. 2) Loves UK basketball. 3) Was on Star Trek. What more can you ask for?

Since: 8.1.02
From: Modesto, CA

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#32 Posted on
Did anyone mention The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai?

I agree that Robin Hood: Men In Tights is pretty horrible; I thought so when I saw it in the theater as a kid. Mel Brooks really lost his touch in the 90s, no doubt about that. True it may be *somewhat* harmless, but it was the first sign that Brooks was really loosing it and thus at least deserves to be considered for one of the worst all time.

Jaws 4. How you can go from one of the best movies of all time to one of the worst in a single series is beyond me.


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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

Since: 25.2.02

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#33 Posted on
The 1998 big budget "Godzilla".

Manos had better dialogue.

this post brought to you by the wholesome goodness of deep fried clam strips
Enojado Viento
Potato korv

Since: 12.3.02
From: Your Grocer's Freezer, NC

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#34 Posted on

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    The 1998 big budget "Godzilla".

    Manos had better dialogue.

. . .and now that you mention it, the Godzilla in that movie did look a lot like Torgo. They had the same thighs.

"Confucious, he say, "Name go in book."
Potato korv

Since: 29.4.02
From: Jax, FL

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#35 Posted on
Pootie Tang can never get ANY love. I figured myself to be the only human on Earth who enjoyed it. Not that its a "good" movie, but damn does it make me laugh.

Treasure Planet ruled all kinds of ass. And yes, I do work for Disney but its good anyhoo.
Boudin blanc

Since: 6.1.02
From: Brooklyn, NY

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#36 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.02
I dug Pootie Tang. Even the pirated Chinatown copy I got.

Biggie Shorty, and Wanda Sykes, who played her, are my heroes.

It seems that I am - in no particular order - Zack Morris, John Adams, a Siren, Aphrodite, Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel, Hydrogen, Spider-Man, and Boston.

Since: 28.6.02

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#37 Posted on
You'll all balk at this, but I walked out of Dumb and Dumber. Just didn't find it funny at all. Not even could Todd Rundgren's score save me from walking from it.

Some people think Hudson Hawk blows chunks... but I LUV that movie. All I wanted was a cappucino!

"You had Jupiter, but you put it on Uranus." -- Marc Summers, on "WinTuition."
Thirty Millionth Hit

Since: 2.1.02
From: The Silver Spring in the Land of Mary.

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#38 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.05

    Originally posted by MoeGates
    I dug Pootie Tang. Even the pirated Chinatown copy I got.

    Biggie Shorty, and Wanda Sykes, who played her, are my heroes.

i can watch her dance all day...

Trill-Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha died in The Dungeons of Doom on level 6. Killed by a dwarf.


Since: 10.4.02
From: New York City, NY

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#39 Posted on
For me, Thin Red Line edges out Natural Born Killers for the top slot. The community college level existentialism is more insulting to me than Oliver Stone's "brilliant commentary" on the state of modern media.

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Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

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#40 Posted on
I always thought Pretty Woman was one of the most absurd movies I've ever watched. Hooker meets rich man, rich man falls in love with hooker, showers her with gifts. What? a hell of a message... Autumn in New York was really pathetic as well. This year Unfaithful was piss poor as well. Man, Richard Gere sucks and blows doesn't he?

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