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27.5.18 2224
The W - Pro Wrestling - Worst Champs...EVER
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Since: 4.1.02
From: Chicago

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If you had to pick the worst champion ever for each one of the WWF's titles, who would it be? It can be a champion who was completely awful in the ring, a really stupid character or just such an embarassment to the title that it made you cringe. Here's mine:

WWF Champion- Sgt. Slaughter

Intercontinental- Chyna (honarable mention to Godfather)

Tag Team- Men on A Mission

European- Not too many bad ones here. I guess Shane Mcmahon by default since he only defended it a handful of times (the only time I even remember was against X-Pac at WM 15)

Hardcore- Viscera (didn't he have it during the hardcore battle royal at WM 2000?) If I had to pick a champ that had an actual reign I'd go with Test. He just did not fit in the division

Light Heavyweight- Gillberg: funny, but should NOT have held the title, especially for that long

Women's- three way tie- Sable/Kat/Harvina Steph gets left off since I remember a decent match she had with Lita in a Raw main event
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Mr Tuesday

Since: 6.1.02
From: Chicago, IL

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Ohhhh, fellow Chicago-ian. See you Monday night (If I can find tickets)

WWF Title - Vince McMahon

Intercontenential - Rikishi

European - Mideon

Tag Team - Undertaker & Kane

Light Heavyweight - Essa Rios

Hardcore - Godfather's Ho

Woman's - TIE! Chyna & Harvey Whimpleman

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Since: 11.1.02
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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For World Title, I'd say I consider the worst to be the SHORT term transitional champs.
Kane, One night, beats Steve Austin in a First Blood match at a PPV(When Taker accidently clubbers Stone COld) and the next night losses it back.
What was the point to all this aside from saying Steve has one more title reign and Kane was a champ.

Bob Backlund. Beats Bret at the Survivor series, losses it to Diesel 3 days later in a House show (Was it at MSG?)

IC: Did Billy Gun ever hold this belt? If so, I vote for him, just cause I HATE BILLY GUNN.
If not, Yeah Chyna.
Women's - Hmm, I'd say the 9th WOnder of the world (I wonder why she no-sells) Chyna.

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Mr Tuesday

Since: 6.1.02
From: Chicago, IL

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#4 Posted on
"The One" Billy Gunn was champ... He beat Eddie Guerrero

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Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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#5 Posted on
Is it just me, or does that belt look fake? Like it's plastic or something...

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Mr Tuesday

Since: 6.1.02
From: Chicago, IL

Since last post: 2180 days
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#6 Posted on
It kinda looks like the Foam/Hard Plastic toy belts they sell at Toys R Us.

But then again, I wouldn't put it past the WWF, either.

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Since: 4.1.02
From: Chicago

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D'oh! I totally forgot that Mideon was Euro champ. My vote goes for him now.

Good luck getting tickets, Mr. Tuesday. I overpaid for two lower seat tix on ebay.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Bronx, NY

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Here's another European Champion you forgot about:

Can you dig it, sucka?

Since: 2.1.02

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IC: Did Billy Gun ever hold this belt? If so, I vote for him, just cause I HATE BILLY GUNN.

Absolutely rediculous. You aren't even sure if he had a reign, but you vote for him as worst anyway? He may have had a good reign (and his reign was no worse than, say, Eddie Guerrerro or Edge) but your ignorance makes you unable to look past his name and into something, you know, meaningful like matches or title defenses.

My votes:

WWF Title: Undertaker (3rd reign, in the summer of 1999)

IC Title: Lance Storm- way too many to choose from here (Godfather, Chyna, Chyna again) so I'll stay recent. Storm just wasn't ready to hold the belt at the time he won it.

European Title: Mideon

Women's Title: Moolah (in late 1999)

Hardcore Title: Patterson/Brisco

LHW Title: X-Pac

Tag Team: Shamrock and Bossman

EDIT: Forgot Tag Titles

(edited by TheBucsFan on 14.2.02 2310)
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Since: 5.1.02
From: Dover, NH

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#10 Posted on
    Originally posted by Mr Tuesday

    Intercontenential - Rikishi

I can't agree with you there, if just because he splashed Val Venis off the top of a cage in one of his title defenses. Amazing.

Anyway, here're my nominations:

WWF Title - Sid

Intercontenential - Road Dogg

European - Mideon

Tag Team - Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman (no offense to Shamrock)

Light Heavyweight - Dwyane Gill

Hardcore - Pat Patterson (didn't it lead to the evening gown match? ugh)

(edited by squiz on 14.2.02 2200)
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Since: 12.1.02
From: Indianapolis, IN; now residing in Suffolk, VA

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Bloody hell, I can't believe no one's mentioned Albert. He's definitely my pick for worst Intercontinental Champion ever.

Here are my picks:

World Heavyweight-- Well duh, Vince McMahon.
Intercontinental-- Albert
European-- Mideon
Light Heavyweight-- X-Pac
Hardcore-- One of Godfather's hos
World Tag Team-- I'm gonna go back a ways and say Men on a Mission. Mo and Mabel. They held the title for two days in March of '94. God, what were they thinking?
Women's-- Harvey Whippleman. With special mention to Sable and Chyna. Why can't someone good have that belt, like Molly?

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Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

Since last post: 784 days
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#12 Posted on
WWF: Vince
IC: Chyna
Euro: Mideon
Tag Champs: The Godwins
LightHeavyweight: Gillberg
Women's: Harvina
Hardcore: The Ho

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Since: 22.1.02

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Vince McMahon as WWF champ was almost as bad as David Arquette, except at least Vince had the sense to vacate the belt almost immediately.

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Boudin rouge

Since: 2.1.02
From: Pittsburgh PA

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#14 Posted on
Yeah, you might think that Vince holding the belt was bad, but I was reading CRZ's recap of that Smackdown and he was right; the match told a pretty good story, and Vince vacated the belt immediately, which set up the six pack challege, which was another good match and good story.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: The Las Vegas of Canada

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#15 Posted on
First off, hope to see all the Wienerville Chicagoans this Monday night at Raw. Get your garbage ready, the NWO will be back on Monday Night
Gee, the WWF sure has given us a lot of choices to choose from in this category over the last couple of years.

World - Ultimate Warrior, no one bought into him as champ, the crowds plunged, and they had to give away merchandise to make him look important. Just edges out Sid due to the length of the reign.

IC - Godfather sucks. He shouldn't hold the XPW title, let alone the WWF IC belt. Though really anyone from that Russo span where the IC belt changed hands weekly could get mentioned (Venis, Road Dogg, Goldust). I have to say Chyna, for as much as she is hated, really did have decent heat at the time.

Tag Titles - Really you can pick dang near any of the super-combos, and there's nothing quite as bad as the Stiener/Judy Bagwell/Kaos combo out there. I guess Bull Buchanan and Goodfather are up there. The old favorites the Godwinns are good calls too. But I'm going to say the last LOD reign was just awful, since they were about 673 years old at that point seemingly.

Euro - I say Shane McMahon, since Shane should never hold a belt. It's just a bad idea.

Women's - Who cares? Until the WWF puts someone credible up there, it's irrelevant. I'll say Fabulous Moolah just for being the biggest travesty (non-hand birth category) in the Russo era.

Hardcore - I'll say Big Bossman just because he won it from Al Snow, which reminds me of Kennel in a Cell, which I'm still in therapy for having watched.

LHW - Scotty 2 Hotty. I think the lower half of the Big Show would make a more interesting cruiserweight than that goof. I know he can work sometimes, but really, he's been put into a position where he can't show it, so there you go.

There, I feel better now.

Since: 14.2.02
From: Burlington, Ontario

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#16 Posted on
World - Jericho! Screw all of you!

Okay, just kidding. The Big Show as champ was pretty sad.

IC - I marked when Godfather won the IC belt. Can't say WHY exactly but I did. Just like I marked when Dwayne Gill (not yet Gillberg) won the Light Heavyweight title. I have to go with Chyna, the TWO TIME IC champ. Ugh. Just looking at the recent list of champs makes me cry like a wee girl.

Tag - Headbangers

Euro - Has there BEEN a decent European champ? I think HHH and Shawn have both held it at one point. Damn, I completely forgot who's Euro champ now. For worst in history I have to go with... umm... I guess Mideon. I can't say Shane for the sole reason that had a pic after he won the belt that was captioned "New WWF European Champion Shane McMahon points to Europe on a map." That ruled.

Women's - TIE: Harvey and Moolah

Hardcore - Ho. No question. Mind you, hearing people talking about the Hardcore Ho doesn't usually apply to wrestling. Interesting tidbit: The Hardcore title has changed hands only one less time the the WWF championship.

LHW - Who cares?

Since: 12.1.02
From: Indianapolis, IN; now residing in Suffolk, VA

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.01

Lemme start off by saying I'm not easily confused with an Ultimate Warrior fan.

But it's not really fair to say that no one bought into him as champ. Going into WrestleMania VI, he was cheered just about as much as Hulk Hogan was. (Even though they're both two muscle-bound stiffs). It ended up being a decent match by all accounts. I've never seen it in its entirety, so it's hard for me to say. But from what I understand, it was very heavily choreographed beforehand.

Anyway. Warrior was quite over at the time he won the Title from Hogan. And the fans were pissed when Sgt. Slaughter (Iraqi turncoat, the most ill-advised angle in WWF history) beat him for the belt.

After that... well, hell, Warrior hasn't been over since. I'm still in therapy for sitting through his WCW comeback.

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Since: 16.2.02
From: Shaolin

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#18 Posted on
Here's my list...

World title -- Vinnie Mac would've been a lock, except that he vacated the title right away and never defended it, so it probably wouldn't make sense to say "worst champ ever". My pick would have to be The Big Show. What does it say about your champ if his PPV matches are placed in the undercard and not as the main event?

Tag-team -- Bossman and Shamrock. Could they not think of a team that had even less chemistry?

IC -- It would be easy to tag Billy Gunn or Albert, as both make good cases for getting the ball and fumbling at the line of scrimmage. My pick for worst ever is Chyna. The woman couldn't wrestle to save her life, yet she gets not one, but two IC reigns.

Hardcore -- A wasteland of lousy champs: Pete Gas, Viscera, Patterson, Brisco, the ho, etc. The easy way out would be to tag Shane, but I'll save that one for later. I'll go with one who had a longer title reign and say Test, who doesn't inspire fear (a prerequisite for hardcore) in spite of his size.

LW -- Gillberg. Most would be so lucky to get a title reign that lasts a month. Gillberg got to hold the title for a year, though admittedly it was due to the WWF putting the division on the backburner. As funny as the gimmick was, Gillberg couldn't keep up with the faster and more talented LW's and didn't deserve the belt, much less the time he got to spend with it.

Euro -- Should I go with Shane O' Mac for the nepotism factor, Mideon for being Mideon, or Al Snow for having the title as an excuse to do those stupid jokes for all the Euro countries? I'll say Shane, just because nepotism sucks.

Women's -- Speaking of which, this honor goes to Steph, same reason above. Harvina was a dumb idea, but at least it was aborted right away. One OK match from Steph doesn't right a lot of wrongs.

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The Vile One

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Sorry Quiz, when Rikishi jumped off the top of a cage, he was a challenger for the IC title, not defending it.

WWF Title-The Big Show. Damn that was really lame and pointless. What is even worse is that he held the title for nearly 2 months. I feel really sorry for the fans who were cheated out of the Austin/Rock/HHH 3-way match. WWF had been promoting it even on the day of, and just changes it to Big Show at the end of the program. That just sucks.

WWF Intercontinental Title-Albert. Someone said Lance Storm was the worst and wasn't ready for it when he won it. You know, at least Lance Storm can cut a promo, and wrestle a damn fine match, especially one that can go over 5 minutes. Albert as IC champ was just lame, and more proof that the title is really lacking a good champion or some direction.

WWF Tag Team Titles-The RTC. Glad no one has named them. I still don't get what the point was with RTC, the WWF pushed them so damn hard, and then just dumps them into god know's where. Guess they realized it was a stupid damn joke to begin with, and it was never funny in the first place.

WWF European Title-Shane McMahon. Shane is still a bad wrestler, and the only reason people like him is because he does sick bumps.

WWF Lightheavyweight Title-X-pac. Or is it the WWF/WCW CW title now? I have no idea. Well it was nice to see WCW bring the CW wrestling back to life after Russo effectively killed it in '99. WWF has done it again.

WWF Hardcore Title-Crash Holly. Why Crash Holly? B/c he started all that lame 24/7 crap. Anyway, I wish they would just kill this title already. I mean, fricking Maven is the champ now.

WWF Women's Title-Chyna. I mean this is already a stupid title, and I'm glad Chyna is gone.

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Geez, as usual, I have to come to the defense of Chyna, as everyone & their grandmother is still on the "I hate Chyna" Bandwagon."

Why she isn't "the worst" IC champ ever.

1) She was over during the IC title reign. Maybe not with you guys, but with the fans she was certainly more over than, say, former IC champ Shane "Dean" Dougles.

2) She could be carried to a good PPV match in her prime. Her matches against Jericho and Jarrett were pretty decent. More so than, say, former IC champ Ahmed Johnson. At least Chyna never injured anyone in the ring.

3) She had an interesting and unique character. Even other than just the "woman" factor. Certainly she had a more interesting and unique character than, say, former IC champ Albert.

4) She drew money. Not as much as the Rock, but she definitely got people to watch the WWF that didn't watch before, and haven't watched since. When your IC champ is a draw, that's a pretty big bonus. I mean, she drew more than any IC champ since The Ultimate Warrior. And a lot bigger draw than, say, former IC Champ Bob "Sparky Plugg" Holly.

5. She could cut a coherent promo. Maybe she's no Daniel Webster, but she cut a better promo than, say, former IC champ Ken Shamrock.

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