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17.1.19 0257
The W - Pro Wrestling - Who should fight Brock? (Page 2)
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Since: 16.12.02
From: Siberia, Russia

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#21 Posted on

    Originally posted by vacheroi
    Since everyone else is doing fantasy booking, I may as well.

    Use Benoit at Wrestlemania. After Jericho gets his WM rub from HBK, move him back to Smackdown. He doesn't fit in on Raw at all and is running out of things to do there.

    Brock wins at WM, but he and Benoit continue their feud. AFter it runs its course, move Benoit and Jericho into a continuation of their running feud.

I agree with u here, now that Kurt has gone, SD is missing their top heel and Jericho moving to SD after beating HBK would let him take the top heel post on the SD Roster.

Plus i would like to see Benoit face Brock at WM.

Since: 2.11.02
From: Edinburgh, Scotland

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#22 Posted on
I'm far from being the biggest Benoit fan in the world but I really think he's the best of a not particularlt stunning array of options.

Of the potential SD main eventers we have:

Hogan- a) he's a face, b) he's already been squashed by Brock, and c) he's already sure to be fighting Vince come WM

Taker- Again he's a face, and had a feud with Brock fairly recently. Unlikely to be a huge draw.

Rhyno- Just back from injury. To soon for him to be credible.

Eddie- been languishing in mid card tag team matches for too long to be a credible threat.

Big Show- Done before, and not done very impressively.

Benoit- No feud for WM, easily turned heel by having him sign with Heyman, and has been hanging around the title picture the last couple of months.

Not sure how much good Benoit losing would do his career in the long term, but like I say, the other options just don't seem too viable.

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#23 Posted on
Eddy Guerrero, for the simple fact that the match would freakin' rock.

Or John Cena (serious). They've built it slowly... I say go for it.

Since: 7.8.02
From: Boston, MA

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    Originally posted by GRL
    Eddy Guerrero, for the simple fact that the match would freakin' rock.

    Or John Cena (serious). They've built it slowly... I say go for it.

I like Cena, but not yet... I would say if they're gonna go with Benoit, you could have Cena interfere.

I think the possibility of Booker and Benoit in WrestleMania title matches will have the Internet in a frenzy.

I wish they made Advent calendars for WrestleMania, although I'd skip the Mark Henry day.

Since: 16.1.03
From: Newport, KY

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#25 Posted on
No doubt..........The Crippler-Chris Benoit. For no other reason that he will rise to the challenge.
Please, please, please-no Taker or Big Show punch and kickfests.

Since: 27.2.03
From: Parts Unknown

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#26 Posted on
Actually, I totally think Cena is ready. His match with Brock on SD really showed me something, and I think he's ready to step up and challenge. I don't think he should win, obviously, but I think that if you gave him and Brock 15-20 min. in the WM midcard, he would really be able to legitimize himself as a contender.

Since: 11.7.02
From: New Jersey

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Wrestlemania can get a good buyrate without him. But, if they are going to get over 2.0, they need Goldberg. I'm for putting all your eggs in one basket. If they can't sign him I'd also like Triple H or Hogan even though they are busy in other matches.

If it is Benoit, they should keep him as a face. Turning him heel would suck as he is just starting to get over. Even if it is Taker, he should stay as a face. What is wrong with having a face vs. face title match? Both men respect each other, yet both want the title.

Since: 21.11.02
From: Williston Park, NY

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#28 Posted on
I say go with Cena. I know everyone wants Benoit, but there is not enough time to build up a credible feud and Benoit and Brock are faces.

Have a tournament with Benoit and Cena at the end. Have Rhyno be pissed Benoit beat him in the semis and turn on Benoit, distracting him in his match with Cena and costing Benoit the win. Cena would then have beaten Benoit to be seen as a credible challenger.

Benoit goes onto to feud with a heel Rhyno at Wrestlemania which would be a great match. Cena and Brock face off which is better because there is NO WAY Brock should lose at Wrestlemania except to Angle. This gives Cena a chance to prove he belongs and elevates someone to take the spot the Edge and Angle have left.

Also, for booking purposes, you can move this match further down the card so you can put Rock/Austin last and not take away the heat. Throwing Brock/Cena third, with the outcome already known, gives the crowd a chance to get really pumped for a big match early and if it sucks (because Cena chokes) then it is down far enough that by the time you get to Rock/Austin, Hogan/Vince, HHH/Booker, Jericho/HBK, people will have forgotten about it and they get build up momentum again.

Then after wrestlemania, if you want to bring Benoit into the title picture, you can do so slowly with maybe Benoit turning to Heyman for help and the evolution of Team Angle to Team Benoit.

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Since: 23.3.02
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#29 Posted on
i say bewnoit for the fact he has been next peg down in the title picture for months. and i disagree with the fact that he shouldntbe in last match becuase if benoit was givin that slot i belive we would see his best (if not one of his best) preormences. he can carry anyone to a match just lke angle or flair in his prime.

start power is not everything all the time especailly with the four othewr matches.


Since: 22.1.02
From: Texas

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    Originally posted by fuelinjected
    I say move Rob Van Dam over to Smackdown soon. He can't sell, he can't cut great promos but nobody seems to give a shit, they love him. He's doing dick on RAW with no real push in sight so he's a good guy to help fill the void left by Edge & Angle on Smackdown.

Agreed. RVD could be carried to some really good matches. And he had an awesome PPV match with Brock after King of the Ring (I forgot exactly which one, but it was a DQ finish).

And if they don't go with Benoit against Brock, I vote for Eddie.

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I know this won't be too popular, but what about Rock?

- He is arguably the #1 heel right now, at least in terms of drawing heat.
- He has an issue with Lesnar
- He has the blessing of Vince, so Vince could give him the shot because "it's what the Rock wants"

- The obvious problem is what to do with Austin, since you no longer have Austin/Rock. The semi-obvious answer is Goldberg.

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Since: 27.2.02
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If you go with a tournament, Rock and Austin could both abandon the Bisch to enter it. The only problem is, as Rumble winner, Brock should get a bye to the finals, but if you have any semifinal matches at WM, Brock has an unfair advantage of being fresher than his challenger. Solution: Brock has a non-tournament match with Cena to even things up. Cena cares little about actually winning his match, only about bloodying and tiring Brock so he can't win the title in the main. Then Rock/Austin III could be the semi-final match in the tournament, and Rock/Brock II or Austin/Brock I could be the final and the main event. Sounds cool, but I doubt that they would put Rock/Austin in the middle of the card for anything less than Angle/Lesnar, and probably rightly so, after the way HHH/Y2J was shit upon last year.

Anyway, I'm still crossing my fingers for the doctor to tell Angle that his condition is not as bad as feared and that he can go ahead with WM as originally planned. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!


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Since: 24.7.02

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#33 Posted on
For some reason, Austin/Lesnar would not shock me. If Booker jobs on RAW this coming week, Trip would then face the person Austin was originally scheduled to face at Mania. Thus, that would leave Austin available, and they do have the Austin/Lesnar situation from June floating around to build off of.
The only thing I'm afraid of is McMahon going over Hogan earlier in the card, and then the finish of Mania IX reoccurring.

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Since: 4.3.03
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#34 Posted on
Ideally, I would choose Jericho just because I really like him, but he's got that HBK match, so I agree that Benoit would the best choice. Austin would be good too, since I hate him and want to see him get his butt handed to him. Not that he'd ever put anyone over...
Polska kielbasa

Since: 17.10.02
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#35 Posted on
Heyamn also has The Big Show and A-Train in his stable. Angle could give it to one of them and have them defend it.

I think that Heyman may be gone from TV totally after the cage match though. I haven't read the spoilers and I don't want to read them!

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#36 Posted on
Here's the scenario I would use:

On next week's SD, have Angle mysteriously `injured' in the parking lot. Have Heyman scream bloody murder that it was the work of Brock. Stephanie, confused about the whole situation, puts off the title match to WrestleMania and has a main event of Brock & Benoit vs Team Angle.
At the mid-way point in the show, start selling that Angle is seriously hurt and probably won't be able to defend his belt at Mania.
At the conclusion of the main event, have Benoit turn on Brock and cut a promo that reveals he was the one who injured Edge and now Angle. Something where he says he's the best actual wrestler in WWE -- not Brock and not Angle -- and that he deserves the title shot at WrestleMania.
Then you could have Brock vs Benoit for the vacant belt at Mania and it saves Brock-Angle for next year or whenever. Most importantly, it reinforces Benoit's `Crippler' nickname.

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Since: 27.2.02
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#37 Posted on
RE: Canadian Bulldog's proposal. I like Benoit as a face, but it would be really cool to have him claim to have broken both Angle and Edge's necks with the crossface.


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#38 Posted on
It won't be Big Show (knocking on wood right now). His back is in terrible shape, and probably won't be able to work in the ring for more than a couple of minutes. Does Vince really want a three-minute World Title match at WrestleMania? He's stupid, he's not THAT stupid (knocking on wood once again, while thinking back to Hogan/Yoko from '93)

I also don't think it should be John Cena. I mean, I like Cena just as much as the next guy, but he isn't even perceived as an upper-mid-card guy yet, so giving him the main-event slot would be kinda' fast. Build him up for a few more months, then give him the Lesnar match.

I'd love to see RVD in the spot, but who are we kidding? WWE? Building up Rob Van Dam? BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!!!! (shedding a tear right now)

Please not Undertaker. OH PLEASE GOD, NOT THE UNDERTAKER!!!

I believe the two main guys going around WWE are Chris Benoit and Bill Goldberg. I'd prefer it to be Benoit, but I think it'll end up being Goldberg. They still seem to be building Benoit & Rhyno as a team against Team Angle and Los Guerreros for WrestleMania.

So Brock v. Goldberg seems to be the WrestleMania main event. *sigh*

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#39 Posted on
After reading about Cena and the ideas here I think that is the best option. I like the tournament idea with him going over Beniot. But come WM I think he SHOULD go over Brock.

Why? With all the injuries, they need new main eventers. Everyone will expect Brock to go through Cena like he did on Smackdown a few weeks back. This would be a great opportunity to create a real sense of shock and a stir. I'm not saying that Cena should win clean, he shouldn't. But he should get the win after doing something really viscous to Brock after a ref bump. Establish him as a SERIOUS threat, not just a white rapper. They've already begun to head down that road. Now's the chance to go all out. But it has to be brutal, not just a cheap cheat-to-win tactic in order to cement him as a legit player.

Cena has the skills to pull this off, they just need to take a risk. Though that is something the fed hasn't been quick to do in the last couple years.

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As much as I'd love to see it, I don't think "WWE Champion John Cena" is something that is ready to go yet. Cena is going to be a star. A huge star. I just think that it may be too much too soon WITHOUT the hype machine that was behind Lesnar. Sure, Lesnar wasn't that over when he beat Rocky. But if Cena goes over Brock out of nowhere, evne with despicable heel tactics, it'll be Ronnie Garvin all over again.

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