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23.4.18 2210
The W - Pro Wrestling - Which was Worse
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#1 Posted on
Which was the most disheartening part of RAW: 2 Triple H my dick is bigger than everyone else segments, or the fact that Big Slug has been sent to Smackdown, to take Undertakers spot at keeping the workrate down.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.
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Texas Kelly
Lap cheong

Since: 3.1.02

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#2 Posted on
Considering that Big Show actually isn't a real threat to take the title from Brock (UT, because of his politicking, was), I'd say the Teo segments, easily, pending the decision on who they bring to Raw to replace Show.

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Bangs, even though he said a couple of funny lines.

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"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle
Lap cheong

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I think Heyman might make Show watchable on Smackdown. Some of the segments and interviews are very funny and Show does have a great sense of humor. Before we kill the trade let's give it a month first and see how he is used.

These commercials are superfine because they pay for the production costs of putting CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING BENOIT on my GODDAMN TV SCREEN! I will GO GREYHOUND! I am thinking OUTSIDE THE BUN! Dean Rasmussen 8/1/2002 Smackdown Workrate Report

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I'd imagine that Show'll end up being fed to Brocky at SUrvivor Series, so that Raw can finally headline a PPV again after 6 months.

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Who is Bangs? Jerry Lawler?


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Bangs is short for Bangs the Bosses' Daughter, the nickname of HHH. You can thank the good folks at The Other Arena for that.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle

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#8 Posted on
"Entirety of tOA stops insane overuse of uberlame terms "Bangs" and "Locky" least for one night only"

- one of our friend C R Z's (delicious) sleep deprived fantasies

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Everyone's jaw is going to drop when Big Show takes an F5 from Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar being fed Big Guys and killing them all maybe be an 80's style tactic...but I'll bet it works.

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Ok, I'm out of the loop; what does "TEO" stand for???


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You'd have to ask the innovator of the term about that one.

Today's Out-Of-Context Quote, Courtesy of Fuzzy Logic:

"I want to have JR's lovechild."

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#12 Posted on
How are Bangs and TEO shorter than HHH

El Nastio

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cfgb nailed it right on the head. When Brock gives the BIG SHOW an F5, that'll tell a story initself. And it'll make brock's first loss via pin all the more important to the one who beats him.

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Of course, all of this is irrelevant as the title feud is midcard now and the main event is in the tag titles, in case anyone hasn't noticed. Not that I'm complaining.
A Fan

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#15 Posted on
Well, I think both are disappointing in their own ways. The Necrophilla angle shows how stupid and desperate Vince has become. Its a shame to, because I thought they had a ton of momentun going into Unforgiven, now they are dead in the water. If it wasn't for the midcard talent, I'd never watch Raw. I'm actually glad the mid-carders aren't getting storylines, it seems safer that way.

As for Big Show being the man to face Brock at Survivor Series, color me pissed off. I am going to this thing and if that is part of the big matches on the card, I may decide against going. Jesus, how fucking stupid do you have to be to see Big Show is a lost cause when you have Edge, Eddie, Rey, Angle and Benoit right there. Jesus Christ, push one of those guys to the top, I'm begging you. There is no need to kep taking guys off of Raw to fight Brock. Just have him face the Smackdown talent for once. God, is everyone this blind.

A Fan- Jesus, this is a big five event, do something to make it matter.

Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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#16 Posted on

You have:

Benoit: Who is a heel, and feuding with Kurt Angle right now (who is another heel). Plus, Benoit is more satisfied at trying to get personal vengence for Angle/Eddie/Chavo's assitude than he is concerned with the title. You think you can turn all that around in a month? Be my guest.

Angle: It's better to dedicate a while for this one. With all that I've said above for Benoit going against this, Kurt has tagged on him "Do Not Feud with Until WrestleMania".

Eddie: Umm...Besides the fact that he's a heel and has been playing up his Ultra-Rudo personality, what makes you think that Eddie should be fighting Brock again?

Rey: First, because, he's over, but I don't think a match with he and Brock would draw right now. For the most part, because there would be NO doubt whatsoever that Brock would absolutely destroy Rey. None. If you want to see Rey in a squash match, be my guest.

Edge: Probably the best option of all of them if he wasn't mixed up in the Tag Title storyline. Edge could do some good, but I don't think it'd be a tremendous idea to job Edge out now while he's gaining momentum.

Big Show: He's got main event credibility (a few championships) and he's big. Very Very big. I don't care how many times they've jobbed him out, fan perception is that his size makes him a threat. That's why cruisers aren't really seen as a threat to heavyweights, even though they could be. Brock going over Show on a big stage, clean and brutle would be awesome for Brock, bad match or not.

Who else is there? Taker: Done. Rock: Gone and Done. Hogan: Ditto.

I know you're going to the show and you want to be selfish and have it be an awesome match, but that's not what's best, and saying that it is right now is missing the fact that the WWE is utilizing these guys on Smackdown in completely different ways, and in some cases, PROTECTING THEM from having to get slaughtered by Brock.

You ask them to push these guys to the top. They're AT the top. All of them. Their's is the major storyline on Smackdown right now. Brock is still the champion, but he needs to keep getting fed opponents that he can go over until they can feed him to one of these guys.

Can anyone honestly say that they'd rather see Edge/Rey/Angle/Benoit/Eddie's push stopped just so that Brock can continue his reign of terror? Hogan, Rock, and Taker could all do it because they have firmly established fan bases who aren't real likely to waver. Edge and Rey are just now starting to build such fan bases (especially Edge as a single) and Kurt is and should be waiting in the wings.

Or am I just "blind". Enlighten me, please...

I should have listened to spf2119 about HHH because he is the smartest Wiener around.

Since everyone else is doing it (ok, not EVERYONE, but...)

Vikings (1-5) - Well on our way back to 1-15.
Badgers (5-3) - Apparently the Motto is now "Wisconsin: Seeing How Many Close Games We Can Lose"
Twins (OUT) - Oh well, if we're still around next year...
Buffy 7.5 earns a 9 out of 10 because Anya is really damn cool this season. The flashbacks were funny (another musical, Joss?). The continuity from past seasons was tremendous, and just about everything else clicked for me. Plus! Barely any Dawn!

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.87
A Fan, while I'd LOVE to see any of the guys you mentioned facing Brock, for the moment The Big Show is the best guy to go with.

My plan WOULD have been to go with Rey Mysterio Jr. scoring a couple of big wins over Show and Kurt, leading to a PPV match with Brock, where the fans think he's got a shot. He gets close...and then gets killed.

However, (and PLEASE don't take into account I may be the ONLY Big Show fan left on the planet) it has been a REALLY long time between Big Show main event slots, and Brock killing him accomplishes a couple of things:

1 - Brock will have slaughtered The Big Show
2 - It kills time successfully between the next REAL challenger

Edge at this point is NOT a good move. He's getting REAL close to the main event, but nothing will hurt him more than facing the champ and getting slaughtered.

Eddie Guerrero never has been and never will be a main eventer, no matter how awesome he is.

They're saving Kurt Angle for Wrestlemania, and he's a tag-team champion anyway...

Chris Benoit is also a tag-team champion.

And I've seen a few people (not neccessarily in this thread) whine about The Big Show being pushed ahead of their favorite stars. Erm, last time I checked Show was SUPPOSED to be kinda like Kane, in that he's always a threat to take the title.

- Chris Jericho last main evented Wrestlemania X8
- Kurt Angle last main evented No Mercy 2001
- Chris Benoit last main evented King Of The Ring 2001
- The Big Show last main evented Wrestlemania 2000

The timing is right. It makes NO sense to take the belt off Brock now, and it makes NO sense to kill an upcoming star. Why not get a little production out of The Big Show by having him look like a chump for the champ?

The match may not be a ***** classic, but as long as the idiocy is kept to a minimum, I'll be bound to enjoy it. I LOVED the Big Show/Undertaker match in January...

Edit: And Excalibur beats me to the punch...

(edited by cfgb on 23.10.02 2352)

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#18 Posted on
What do you mean Eddy G is not main eventing? He main evented quite a few Smackdowns since joing fellow radical Chris Benoit there.

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Since: 21.9.02
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#19 Posted on
Main-eventing a TV show doesn't always mean you're a main-eventer, though. Jeff hardy has main-evented RAW a couple of times in the last few months (Taker Ladder Match, jobbing to HHH's Sleeper). Does that make him a main eventer? Ric Flair was in this week's main event but it's been awhile since he was a true main-eventer. Tajiri was in a main event on SD! a few weeks ago but he's not really a main-eventer. I'm not dissing anyone, though--I'd LOVE to see Eddie main-eventing. 8-D

Lap cheong

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#20 Posted on
Screw "workrate." As long as the guy can be SOMEWHAT convincing (hello??? Hogan?) and has a good character, then LET him contend for the title. The one thing that pissed me off about the Show is that they have NEVER used him right. Never. Last Monday I saw a glimmer of that after the handicap match. I am kind of curious to see what they do with him on Smackdown- especially with Brock there...

Craig Reade
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I am so confused....
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Summer Slam looks like it's going to pretty damn good. There's not a match that I can look at, on paper, and see a weakness, as of right now. I'm even looking forward to it.
- Ticamo, Summer Slam Preview (2002)
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