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29.3.17 0234
The W - Pro Wrestling - What's the most embarrasing "Job" you've ever seen?
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Since: 11.6.02

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When talking about embarrasing jobs you have to mention DDP losing to the Undertaker's wife in like 6 seconds or whatever it was.
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Since: 22.6.02
From: Brooklyn, NY

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When Chris Jericho got pinned by Chyna whe she was the I.C Champ. I was so disgusted at that match. Jericho was fairly new to the WWF at the time and should have been builded up. He shouldn't of had to job to that wo/man.

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Since: 25.6.02
From: Ottawa

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"The Finger Poke of Doom"

Stupid, stupid stupid!

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Edison, New Jersey, America

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Any matches where the opponent just lies down and the other guy just pins him for the win. Those are lame.

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Since: 2.1.02
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Another CRZ oldie but goodie

"Jobbed to, Jobbed to David Arquette"

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Since: 2.1.02
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The midget over Lance Storm and Stephanie over The Rock.

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Since: 7.1.02
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Arn Anderson jobbing the World TV title to The Renegade.

Since: 8.5.02
From: San Diego, CA

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The DDP/Mrs. Taker thing was really, really bad, but I tried to put David Arquette out of my mind!!! Can't Mr. Courtney Cox just go away?!?!?

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Since: 20.6.02
From: I am the Tag Team Champions!

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The one still fresh in my mind was Jeff Hardy to Triple H last year in a match that was SUPPOSED to give Jeff some sort of rub, but instead turned out to be a total (and I mean TOTAL) squash! It cemented nothing more than the fact that Jeff was a fluke champion and he didn't belong in the same ring as Triple H. And it's a job that Jeff may never recover from.
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Since: 6.6.02
From: san jose

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I really think the most embarrasing job was the HHH/Brawler job on Smackdown! about a year ago. I was emarassed because the most over man jobbed to a 20 year jobber I mean that sucks.

Since: 27.6.02

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It isn't too embarrassing when someone only jobs because of interference, ie Brawler/HHH and Sara/DDP.

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Since: 2.1.02

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#12 Posted on
DDP last year, and can't forget about Disco Inferno losing to Jacqueline.

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Since: 27.6.02

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Yeah, the fact Crash has lost to her clean two or three times has got to be pretty embarassing. Lucky it's now two years since he had any heat to lose.


Since: 12.1.02
From: BC, Canada

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#14 Posted on

    Originally posted by PinkSkunk
    Any matches where the opponent just lies down and the other guy just pins him for the win. Those are lame.

I think the only time this ever worked was when Shawn Michaels laid down for Trips when he was forced to defend the European Title. Acutally, I think this spot was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a wrestling ring. Trips knocks Michaels down, then does several bounces off the ropes with great big fake steps, then winds up and drops the elbow on Michaels. I laughed my ass off.

I loved the Brawler match since it came out of left field. The reason why this match worked(and to a lesser extend, the TAKA/Trips title match) and not, say Renegade/Anderson or Duggan/Austin, is that you knew the latter two were some sort of booking problem or political situation. The Brawler match was more of a "Holy Kaka" moment than the others.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Wilmington, NC

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#15 Posted on
When Benoit jobbed to Windham(?? I think that's who it was) on Thunder thanks to a vicious stomp on the back of the head.


Since: 11.1.02
From: st louis

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Blah... finger poke of doom. Stupid. Will always hate that. Lying down for hogan to reform the wolfpac. Bah.

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Since: 2.1.02
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DDP losing to The Booty Man at Uncensored 1996 was pretty terrible. They absolutely BURIED the guy - but in the end I guess proved that a good gimmick will survive any kind of burial. (And a monster push to boot)

Though it's the best they could have done in that given situation, poor Owen Hart looked like a fool at SummerSlam 1997. Even JR and Lawler weren't able to cover that one up.

Evan Karagias getting horny and pinned by Madusa in the World Title Tournament was lame.

I know I've forgotten some bad ones.

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Since: 12.1.02
From: Indianapolis, IN; now residing in Suffolk, VA

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Maybe a few repeats, but here are mine:

--Wolfpac finger point, as has been mentioned.

--Booker T losing the WCW World Title to Vince Russo in a fluke.

--Kevin Nash retaining the title in the WarGames 2000 match, even though at that point I hated Nash for being able to beat Booker T for that title. Fortunately, Booker regained the title in short order. They teased that Goldberg was gonna win it, though-- which I marked out for.

--David Flair defeating Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Buff Bagwell in successful defenses of the U.S. Heavyweight Title.

--Eric Bischoff defeating Ric Flair at Starrcade '98. Fortunately, the following Nitro was Ric Flair Night.

--David Arquette winning the World Title. Although when you consider the fact that he pinned Eric Bischoff for that title, it wasn't too bad of a job-- but still, a horrible, horrible decision.

--Curt Hennig and Barry Windham defeating Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko for the WCW World Tag Team Title at SuperBrawl '99. In order to win the title, Benoit and Malenko had to win two straight falls against Hennig and Windham. They won the first fall in dramatic fashion, but during the break period Curt Hennig distracted the referee while Windham choked Dean Malenko out with his belt. When the second fall began, Malenko was easy pickings. Pissed me off to no end, although it made it that much sweeter when Benoit and Malenko won the belts at Uncensored. The reign lasted for all of two weeks. Damn it to hell.

--The “non-job” Chris Benoit did after winning the WCW World Heavyweight Title at Souled Out 2000. It was his last WCW match ever. Pissed me off because I watched Nitro looking forward to seeing Chris Benoit wearing the title around his waist. Didn't happen. That was the last straw for me.

--DDP losing to Sara. DDP losing to Johnny B. Badd. DDP being destroyed by Undertaker and Kane in the cage match.

--The Hurricane being massacred by Bradshaw on his way to losing the European Title.

--Another “non-job”-- Chris Jericho defeating Triple H for the WWF Title, only to have the victory rescinded. No rematch, no nothing-- it's not even in the history books. I wonder how much of that angle was a legit Triple H burial of Jericho.

--Two more non-jobs-- Chris Benoit winning the WWF World Title twice, only to have both victories rescinded.

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--Kevin Nash, 6/10/96

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Since: 11.5.02

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#19 Posted on
How could you forget the most unforgiveable squash match in hsitory?

Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeats Steve Austin in less than a minute!
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Since: 2.7.02
From: Jaaaaamacia Mon, No Problem.

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#20 Posted on
Anyone who has lost to X-Pac, Trish(When She Was A Rookie), Mae Young, Harvy Whipleman, Andy Kaufmen, Steph(Even Though I Love Her) and Jimmy Hart.

Mark My Words David Arquette Will Be Champion AGAIN!!!!!!

I Say This Because Over The Last Two Years It Has Changed Hands Almost Every Month Or Two.
Chico Santana Wants A Champion To Have A Long Reign,Like A Year.Say Angle, Y2J,Or Chris Beniot. Someone Who Adapts To Differnt Styles And That Would Get CLEAN PINS So People Can Understand How Good They ARE.

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Basically any Misawa-Kawada/Misawa-Kobashi/Misawa-Tsuruta(seeing a pattern here?). You want All Japan 90-2001 for heavyweights and New Japan for light heavys. Do you use abpw? Stuff pops up there from time to time. And check the torrents too.
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