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24.5.18 1254
The W - Pro Wrestling - What's more prestigious/important? IC or US Title?
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This thread stems out of the US Title lineage thread, as I ranted and raved on about the subject (600 words, no less, according to CRZ!).

Since I'm one of those wrestling fans who has always been intrigued with championships, I have always been interested in which of the two belts over time-- the Intercontinental Title or the United States Heavyweight Title (as recognized by WWE today and stemming back to 1975)-- has held more significance and prestige overall? Both titles have been stepping stones to countless World's Heavyweight Champions as well as being held by a who's who of some of the greatest wrestlers of our era, or arguably, any era.

So, I pose this very question to you all-- as fans, to you, what belt overall, is more important? Why? And, at what point(s) in the titles' histories did their credibilities take a nose-dive-- or achieve a great degree of fame and prestige? (I welcome any angle of argument!)

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When a 2nd tier championships matches are a highlight of the show and/or a preview of a future main event seems like a reasonable way of defining greatness in each case.

In Australia we never really got WCW so my experience with the US title is limited to its WWE existence, and sparodic tapes of WCW PPVs.

IC had...



Bret Hart/Bulldog/Shawn Michaels' sequence of title runs

Jericho/Benoit/Angle and any combo of the three

Randy/Foley was a definite recent highlight for the title that is the only reason Randy is being pushed now

SCSA/Owen Hart

And here's hoping that Edge/Christian get put in this category

And also it has it's own specialty match, in the ladder match. (it of course is used elsewhere but is synonymous
with great IC matches.)

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I'm only going to speak on what I (kinda, sorta) know.

The IC title, for me, was the centerpiece of my favorite matches as I became a fan; Hart/Perfect, Piper/Hart, Hart/Davey Boy, etc. As a kid trying to choose which tape to rent at the video store, the IC match was usually the deciding factor.

That belt represented, to many, the highest plateau that they could reach realistically. The best guy in the company that wasn't named Hogan or Warrior.

In my mind, the IC title "jumped the shark" at WM X. It slowly lost its luster soonafter, eventually being totally buried in the late 90's. Aside from shitty booking, I'm going to chalk the death of the title (and championships, in general) to the ratings war, PPV overkill, and the over-abundance of TV time to fill.

Go and look at the title histories and compare how many times that belt changed hands in 1999-2000 alone (22) to the total of times it shifted from 1980-1989 (14). I'm sure a similar trend can be found for the U.S. belt.

My point; at one time, the IC title meant something, in the past decade it has spiraled down to the role of a worthless prop. I know, it's nothing that hasn't been said before.

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Looking at the title histories, IMO, the IC title held up until around '99 when Chyna got involved with it.

The US title around that same time was cool, even though Mongo held it there for a little bit, but Goldberg did something for the title as did Raven, and then Bill won the World Title without losing the US title.

The US title has been around 4 more years as well.

what has happened since '99 can go either way. The US title was unified with IC Title with IC taking the spot. IC title had the Euro and Hardcore titles merged with it by RVD.

Cena has held US title 3 times already (scratches head)

WWE is the big kid on the block now. IC title reigns.

BUT, U.S. is right there with it.

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When I was growing up, the IC title was the definite 'stepping stone' championship. It seemed as if guys had to win the IC title in order to get that next leap into main event credibility, and it used to literally never happen in WWE that a guy went back to fighting over the IC belt after being a world champion.

The U.S. title, however, I saw as basically an alternate main event belt, sort of like how the X Title is viewed in TNA. The U.S. champions were often former world champs or other top-shelf main event guys, and thus it seemed like if a guy wasn't currently in a main event feud, the U.S. title chase was a storyline that didn't devalue the wrestler in the fans' minds. My favourite U.S title feud was Ricky Steamboat and the vastly underrated Ravishing Rick Rude back in 1991/1992....Rude is perhaps my favourite of all U.S. champs.

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I'd have to throw my 2 cents in for the IC title. If it were 10 years ago, I'd say they were pretty much neck & neck, but it seems as if the IC title has been more of a stepping stone to greatness, more so than the U.S. title.
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Belts are fake.

Wrestling is fake!

You talk waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about this.


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I like the way that the US title is all spinny and stuff!! When John Cena wears it, it looks like he's got some 7 inch rims or something.

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    Originally posted by TheGreekPhysique
    Goldberg did something for the title as did Raven

I'm sorry, but what on earth did Raven do for the U.S. title? He held it for a day and lost it to Goldberg. DDP re-elevated the belt although no one likes to give him credit for such things, but he was main event-level over at the time (as opposed to when they put the world title on him) and took on all comers in the fighting champion mold. Raven really didn't do anything for the belt, which is not to say Raven wasn't over or anything, but he was the fall guy for Goldberg so that Page didn't have to be squashed.

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I'd say the US title for the same reason that the Smackdown title is more prestigious than than RAW's.

The IC belt started off as a farce. There was no tournament in Rio. Triple H was handed the world title so both are similar circumstances.

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    Originally posted by LionJeetSingh
    I'd say the US title for the same reason that the Smackdown title is more prestigious than than RAW's. The IC belt started off as a farce. There was no tournament in Rio.
The belt started off TWENTY-SOMETHING YEARS AGO. You mean to tell me that in TWENTY-SOMETHING years of title defenses & champions, absoltuely NOTHING has happened to add any value to the belt at all? C'mon now.

That being said, all title belts are "farces". All wrestling title tournaments arent actually "tournaments", because wrestling is fake & whatnot. I'm not sure how you can even consider fixed matches to be more valid than an imaginary tournament anyway.

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Particularly when you consider that the "tournament in Rio" was basically used to change Pat Patterson's WWWF North American Title into the Intercontinental Title. If I recall correctly.

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So if Benoit never won a WWE world title... it wouldn't matter?

Not that it takes away his accomplishments but belts are pretty damn important regardless of the worked aspect of the sport. The fact that promoters the last 15 years have shit on the titles doesn't mean they aren't worth a damn. They'd be worth more and would be a draw onto themselves if they were treated with respect.

Go tell Lou Thesz' ghost what the NWA World title meant. Thesz knew more about the importance of making money in the biz then anyone of his time or any other but he also knew that the championship belt and who wore it could dictate the business itself... my words might not represent what I wanna say exactly but ya get my drift.

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