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The W - Pro Wrestling - What would satisfy you?
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I read a lot of the posts on here, and many of them are negative. Some are complaining about a wrestlier's push, other's than wrestler x doesn't have good interview skills, or that so-and-so is just being pushed now so he can be "buried" later. This isn't a thread to fight, but just wondering exactly what would satisfy you after watching a Raw, a Smackdown, a primary or secondary PPV, or just after a few weeks of programs. No, I don't enjoy everything I see from the WWE or TNA, but by and large I'm kept entertained. Again, this isn't putting down or bashing those who aren't pleased by what they are seeing, but just asking what do you hope and expect to see when you watch these wrestling shows?
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(deleted by CRZ on 14.4.04 1636)

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Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn.
No two people will ever be completely happy about everything. My perfect fed is probably completely different from yours, DEAN's, redsoxnation's or CRZ's. People are naturally negative; for most of us the glass is half-empty. That's the way it always has been and the way it always will be. I don't understand why; I just know that's the way it is.

So, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try to take over the world!

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.84
What would you like to see? Not specific matches or storylines, just in general what would you hope to expect?

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HASBEEN, there wouldn't really be much of a forum if people weren't happy with WWE's product. It would be uninteresting, people will always be dissatisfied. If you want to find out what everybody wants, read the RAW and SMACKDOWN threads. People complain all the time in there. We don't need another thread like this and people won't really post in it.

You're new, just read other people's opinions and voice your own.

SHOTGUNSHEP-probably the only wiener over 400 posts to have a rating under 3. I didn't know I was THAT bad. I try to convince myself that everyone who has rated me is just jealous. You guys just can't get rid of me.

And who ignored me? :(
Santa Sangre

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What I expect out of Raw is the unexpected. I want to be surprised by the live show. Be it suprise show ups like Flair, Jericho, and the NWO. If not that then something like Shelton Benjamin beating HHH clean.

From Smackdown!, I want good technical wrestling matches. Stuff like the Smackdown Six from 2 years ago.

Now here's my counter offer to your counter offer. Go fuck yourself.

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What would satisfy me? Right now a Snickers Bar! That satisfying!

Now I just sit back and wait for my endorsement check from the Mars people. Heehee.

Seriously, hasbeen, I think if you stick around for a while you come back to this thread someday and realize that you're being a bit harsh here. Yeah, there's some complaining that may go beyond the point of simple discussion or even arguments, but in comparison to other forums I've been on for a variety of different topics, this is actually one of the looser group of people I've come across.

So a cheap pop and a deserved one for CRZ and everyone else here.

As to your question about what I personally would enjoy seeing in an episode of Smackdown and RAW:

1) Wrestlers having matches that meet up to, and thrive to go beyond, their potential. What I mean by that is I know not every wrestler is going to give me a Angle vs. Benoit match every ten minutes on the show. Heck, even Angle and Benoit can't always do that. But I do want to see wrestlers giving me as an audience member a match where they go in and tell a story in a convincing way in the ring. It could be as simple as Wrestler Heel doesn't like Wrestler Face and wants to win the match, but at least give us the convinction in those few minutes of actively giving the audience a show.

2) Variety. Similar to above in that a show does not have to be straight mat wrestling for two hours. A highflying match in there? Fine. A comedic match of some sort? Great. Bra & Panties match? Hey, it's something different. Just don't make the show all THAT and not feature some solid straight matches as well. Variety is the key to keep the general public watching.

3) Consistency in the storytelling. If Wrestler A hates Wrestler B one week, don't make them friends the next week. Don't throw away storylines just because you can't think of anything to do with it. Don't forget the history of the wrestler's and their backstories just because you have a cute idea for a two-minute skit. Keep the history there and the writing will naturally fall into place.

I think that is a major problem still in WWE - the dependency on writers who don't know the history and are just looking for a paycheck before they waltz out the door and go back to General Hospital. Get the wrestlers, the agents, and others like that to do more of the writing and keep just a couple of good writers there to coordinate the work (and perhaps even have the final say). Then you'll have a show that works for me.

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Lap cheong

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.10
In hasbeen's defence, I don't think he's being overly harsh. This is a good topic, and I think he's asking a fair question. It's easy to criticize, it's not as easy to suggest remedies.

I realize you have to take the good with the bad, and that's fair. That's the case in just about any walk of life. There are only two things that, generally speaking, tick me off about wrestling. Snookum already addressed the issue of consistency so I'll skip over that, but waste, both of talent and of time, is something that I will never understand.

This is a pretty fine line to split. I'm not going to argue the merits of pushing, say, A-Train instead of Lance Storm. I say Storm is a better talent, but based on the past year it's fair to say that those with more power than I don't feel the same. What makes a good worker is a matter of opinion.

I guess a current example of what I'm talking about is the Tajiri/Coach feud. What purpose this is supposed to serve I have no idea. They brought Tajiri out of his natural environment - Smackdown's CW division - to feud with an announcer? Why? This match is not going to sell a single extra PPV. Beating up on Coach does nothing to elevate Tajiri, and there's nothing to be gained by getting heat for a B-show announcer. In short, I don't see a single redeeming quality of this feud. And if there's no point to the storyline, no expected gain, why bother? Why move Tajiri from Smackdown? Why take up TV time with this every week while any number of other wrestlers are stuck with no Raw time week after week?

What would make me happy, strangely, is something that Vince Russo was especially good at. When Russo was writing, both in the WWF and his first WCW stint, every guy on the show had a purpose. Some of his ideas were good and some were bad, but you could see that he was at least trying to do something with everybody. If you ask me, this is precisely why there was talk of panic in WWE when Goldberg and Brock were leaving, Austin got written out, Angle couldn't wrestle, Show was hurt, etc. They only use a handful of guys and the rest are treated like garbage, so when the time comes for someone to fill a spot they don't have an answer. It's not for a lack of TV time to use, that's for sure.

What would make me happy would be to be able to watch an episode of Raw or an episode of Smackdown and see a purpose to everything that I'm shown. Not everything is going to lead to a main event or a super push, but it doesn't have to. Give everybody who is on TV a good reason to be there and I'll be happy.

Don't you hate pants?

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.04

After I first watched TNA, the WWE could no longer satisfy me. After I first watched ROH, TNA could no longer satisfy me. The latter has changed recently.

What would satisfy me is to see the WWE take what they do seriously.

I got into a car wreck tonight on my way to Nashville to watch TNA. Nobody hurt, but my car was totaled. I'm gonna go now, cause I feel all woozy.


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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.77
I am entertained by the WWE's current efforts, no doubt, so by every definition of the word, I am satisfied.

However, if there was anything that could make the deal sweeter, I'd have to say an enhancement of things that I do enjoy.

I would amp up the dosage of intensity, which I feel there is a direct lack of these days, in liew of comedy. I really get into Mick Foley and Ric Flair's interviews these days for their intensity, and they stand out as such. Shelton Benjamin is getting over through intense matches with HHH. Jericho is entertaining on the microphone, and is a great worker who could be in the main event, but still, I'd like to see more intensity in his promo work.

Furthermore, it almost seems as if the WWE tries comedy as a first route in getting a worker over rather than intensity. This is probably the writers at work, but Rene Dupree will not get over as a dog loving Frenchie with his quirks. Nick Dinsmore will not get over as a retarded person, no matter how many classic faces Regal can whip out. In fact, it's Regal's regular dignity that makes his faces in matches so great, not being saddled with Eugene. Ass cream and Creepy Little Bastard are two things that I feel are keeping Christian from breaking out as a star, in that he has almost no intensity to his actions. That is not to say that a comedy gimmick is a bad idea, funny moments in a show to counterbalance the intensity is very important, but more than one will spoil the soup. That includes running jokes, which almost NEVER work in wrestling (Unless you're Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust, who seemed to make everything that was handed to him work. Good thing they got rid of him.)

Also, I don't mean to take intensity too far, where it becomes hokey. Keep workers who seem intense by their very presence silent. Benoit doesn't need to speak to come across as intense. Nor does Kane, and I'll go so far to say that Brock Lesnar's attempt at overintensity came off as campy and dumb. Have these guys enter feuds, which are all about intense action, rather than angles and storylines, which will always ultimately reduce any amount of intensity involved, if that makes any sense.

Kane's vie for a YJ Stinger commercial goes awry

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#11 Posted on
I'm quite satisfied with WWE at the moment, though there are some things that could be better and lots of those things are already said in this topic. Actually I want to give my opinion on one thing that almost belongs to this topic. If people are complaining it isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, but not always.

The stuff people are talking about cannot be totally idle for them. That must interest them in some ways, because they bother to talk about it and think hard to find decent solutions to those problems they find in that matter. (I can't imagine that someone is watching WWE just to find grievances..) Of course in our lives there are some things we don't like and we must complain about, but I don't think that anyone of us is forced to watch WWE. No. That means that beyond that criticizing we like what we are talking about, even a little.

I am also one of those who sometimes think "What was the point in that or that what they did and so on" and I think that it is justifiable. At least it shows that watching WWE isn't a matter of indifference to us "complainers". But just to make sure, pointless bitching I don't get.

So go on and keep on "complaining", I just keep on enjoying different opinions..

There are no polarbears in Finland. There aren't that much reindeers than you may think. The temperature isn't always 30 degrees below zero. But we have the Santa Claus, though.
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