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22.6.18 1603
The W - Pro Wrestling - What is up with all these wrestlers gettin haircuts?
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Since: 11.8.03
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I mean they look goofy the ones that had long hair, and are cuttin it to low cuts. I think wrestlers with long hair, that hair is apart of their character someway, them cuttin their hair takes away part of it. Like Undertaker, when I first saw him with his new haircut, I was sayin to myself wut was he thinkin, he looks weird, I thought it was only goin to be a one time thing for him, and he was goin to let it grow back. But, then he kept cuttin it, and cuttin it. Also, Bradshaw, he looked better with shoulder length hair cuz it fitted him more than that blonde hair he's sportin now. Christian, and Test they just look like plain wrestlers, like they don't have a gimmick, and now Kevin Nash, his has too much grey hair to be cuttin it.

Though, I remember Vince wanted some wrestlers to cut their hair. Sometimes Vince can mess with the things on a wrestler that should belong there. I'm just waitin for Vince to say Edge, HHH, or a women wrestler besides Molly (the haircut fits her), needs to cut their hair. That will be the END of it!!!
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Well, the guys whose hair he wanted to cut were the Unamericans so they would all look similar. Christian and Test both refused to the stable was axed. Why that would axe a stable is anyone's guess. (Most likely because Vince likes to get his way.)

Nash apparently wants to do it because of a movie so you can't really fault him there. I loved it when Test cut his hair because it made him look less like Nash. Now... things just got a little ironic.

Undertaker did it so he'd stop getting knots in his hair when he rode his bike. Again, can't really fault him.

It helps out with some wrestlers though. Jeff Jarrett looked a lot better after he cut off those curls.

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Since: 11.5.03
From: Mount Pleasant, Pa.

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They supposedly asked Edge to cut his hair and he told them no way.

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I for one think it suits Taker. He just looked silly.

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Edge actually said in a previous column that he cut off the hair.


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Because, long hair is like way out of style, and Vince is trying to make his product more Hollywood than a popular subculture. Me being a proud longhair myself, it alienates me from the product.

I would also site political reasons, one infamous group of wrestlers have long hair, that they don't pull back. And I will give three guesses as to who they are.

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Wait a minute, I don't think Edge cut his hair off. I was under the impression it was just a joke he made in his column.
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Certainly the most professionally damaging haircut was the Big Show's. His career has yet to recover. Well, maybe it has recently.
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Why can't Vince just get a long hair wig? That would make everybody happy.

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*sigh* I'll take the blame for this. My hair was nearly down to my ass when I got it nearly shaved off last August. It was pretty much like Christian & Test's hair at the time. Now, the back is shoulder length and the front is long enough that I could chew it if it tasted better. I suppose I can't blame the wrestlers for wanting to kiss up to me in case I ever get a call for that writing job I applied for...

To bad Nash's hair isn't grey, or he could have donated it to Locks of Love. Might have been an opportunity for them to get him some legit face heat for the first time in years.

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    Originally posted by Tod deKindes
    Edge actually said in a previous column that he cut off the hair.

He hasn't cut it off yet, unless it was the last week or so. Saw a recent picture of him and he looks smaller (because of the surgery no doubt), but no less hair on his head.

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From: San Diego

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Yea I admit it help certain WWE stars to be in tha main events like Jeff Jarret, but that was because he left and went to WCW, and him and Russo were good friends, now if Jarret was still in the WWE, he will not have that title, or even be pushed that far, cuz no one in tha main event status would want to put him over. I think their hair gives them a certain kind of edge in the ring, it makes them look more charasmatic. As for the Big Show, when he 1st got it that was 2000, and it was cool, then he started to not take care of it, and now he looks a big thing of garbage, he looks dirty.

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Imagine if stone cold steve austin still had his hair... whoa--


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I actually think the shorter hair looks good on most of the guys who've had it done. 'Taker's seemed bizarre at first, but now when I watch older tapes from his long-haired biker days he looks SO much older with the flowing locks. Test's trim has made him look sharper, and Christian's never really added to any distinctive look anyways.

But then, for other guys, the long hair works wonders. Jericho's fits perfectly with his multicolor PVC attire and arrogant rockstar persona, and Hunter's, when dry, is total smooth heel. And, in the end, a haircut isn't gonna make or break a guy.

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Since: 13.5.03
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Since: 14.7.03
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I guess HHH finally got his way and he will be the only blonde WITH HAIR DAMIT!!! He's holding people hairstyles down now!!! That was an attempt at humor before anyone starts flooding me with venom or love. Well you can flood me with love but thats for another day. Long hair is pretty much out I mean I rarely see guys with longer hair. Most rock stars have short hair to. I guess Vince thinks he needs his wrestlers to look like modern rock stars. Honestly alot of these guys look better with shorter hair. The bad part is the crimson mask will never be the same without some flowing blond locks to turn red.

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I must be colorblind 'cause Triple H's blonde hair looks brunette to me.
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Flair's hair isn't all that long, but it still picks up and amplifies the gore from his blade jobs. That's always a great visual--the white hair turning red. I'll vote for bleached-blond wrestlers any day.

There are some people who need to keep it long, and others for whom it isn't a tremendous factor. I agree that Taker improved his look by orders of magnitude by cutting off all that hair. It dragged his face down, and besides, he'd had it long for ten freaking years. Sometimes it's just time for a change.

But if Jericho or Edge lost their locks, I'd scream in outrage. ;-) That outdated '80s rock star thing is exactly what Jericho does as a heel, and the hair is at least fifty percent of the gimmick. What a great sunstreak job! He's a peacock, and peacocks have to have tons of hair to flip around. When he turns face, if ever, a haircut might be in order.

As for Edge, he's just pretty that way. ;-)


Since: 18.7.03

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I'd say it's a safe guess that wrestlers are just starting to catch up to current fashion. Long hair went out with the 80s hair bands. Wrestling's regularly behind the rest of the world by about 10 years anyway.

I mean really though, who wants to look at guys with long, flowing hair? It's bad enough that we watch guys in tight clothes rolling around on the ground trying to pin each other, the least they can do is not have girly hair.

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Since: 12.2.03
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I don't know, wrestlers were wearing mullets into the mid 90s when they had long died out, I mean since when do they care about trends? 'Sides, I don't think long hair is nearly as outdated as mullets, it still looks good on alot of guys. Granted some do look better with short hair, like Test..well actually I liked Test better the way he looked when he first entered the WWF.
Count me as one of the few who preferred Undertaker with long hair(it was his signature dammit and now his forehead looks huge!), and like someone said if Edge lost his locks I'd probably lose my mind. Another guy, Bret Hart...mid 40s and I believe his might still have his locks. Could anyone picture him with short hair?
And HBK as a matter of fact, I can't picture it either.
On that note I'm willing to have Nash's locks, gray or not.

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