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Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

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Not wanting to turn this into a list thread, let's just say which current series we read (and why).


Every Month (In Order of Favoritism:
-Ultimate Spider-Man; Most consistently good ongoing title in comics.
-Amazing Spider-Man; A close second. JMS has crafted a bunch of really good Spidey stories.
-Daredevil; Bendis & Maleev have had an awesome run.
-Supreme Power
-Y: The Last Man
-100 Bullets; In trades
-Ultimates 2; When it comes out.
-Avengers/New Avengers; Bendis has a good enough track record that he gets the benefit of the doubt from me.
-Fantastic Four; I got hooked on the Waid/Wieringo run. When they leave, I'll have to see how the new team is.
-Wolverine; At least during the Millar/Romita run. Romita rules, and Millar's cranking out some cool stuff.
-Ultimate Fantastic Four; I love Warren Ellis' stuff.
-Ultimate X-Men; Brian K. Vaughan is good.
-Marvel Knights Spider-Man; In trades.
-Powers; In trades.
-The Flash; Just started collecting the Johns run in trades.
-Ex Machina; Found the singles. WOW.
-Spectacular Spider-Man; I like Jenkins' stuff...but I'm glad the series is ending. It just seems like the lesser Spidey title.

Trying Out:
-Captain America; First ish rocked.
-New Thunderbolts; Cool concept. First issue was good. Second was less so.

As you can see, I am a sucker for Spider-Man and the Ultimate line. I avoid the X-Men side (apart from Wolverine) because of the INSANE lack of continuity. I also avoid DC (except for Vertigo), but I MAY pick up a Green Lantern series IF (and only if) the awesome Geoff Johns writes it.

(edited by Freeway420 on 24.11.04 1640)

DVDs; Blog
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Famous Mortimer

Since: 1.11.04
From: UK

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.00
Box Office Poison

Strangers in Paradise

The Magic Whistle

Visit Smarkschoice -
Shem the Penman

Since: 16.1.02
From: The Off-Center of the Universe (aka Philadelphia)

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Deep breath.

Monthly: Flash, Avengers, Daredevil, JSA, Knights of the Dinner Table, Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Fables, Fallen Angel, Mystique, Plastic Man, Human Target, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Captain America and the Falcon, The Pulse, Hard Time, The Witching, Firestorm, Ex Machina, Uncanny X-Men, Richard Dragon, Adventures of Superman, Nightcrawler, Warlock, Thunderbolts, Astonishing X-Men, Cosmic Guard. And I'll probably add X-Men when Milligan comes on board, and Legion when Waid and Kitson relaunch it.

Bimonthly: Thieves and Kings, Akiko, Stray Bullets, Tom Strong, PvP, Dork Tower, Nodwick, PS238, Strangers in Paradise, Supreme Power.

Whenever they come out: Planetary, Tom Strong's Terrific Tales, Girl Genius.

Limited series: Identity Crisis, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Ocean, BPRD, We3.

Yes, I -do- read too many comics.

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Since: 1.8.02
From: Louisville KY

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.57
What I read every month:

Amazing Spider-Man - I'm a sucker for JMS.
Astonishing X-Men - good advance buzz (I've never seen Buffy or Angel), and I have to say this is very well written, and I really like Cassaday's art too.
Astro City (when it's published) - I don't think there's a better written superhero book out there.
Cable & Deadpool - I like Deadpool. He is funny. Tee hee.
Daredevil - Bendis' story and Maleev's art just go so well together, y'know?
Ex Machina - "Hey, you got Spider-Man in my West Wing." "Hey, you got West Wing in my Spider-Man."
Fables - I really enjoyed Castle Waiting when that was still around, and I got the same kind of vibe from this book. It's really good.
G.I. Joe - I'm a child of the 80's.
G.I. Joe Reloaded - Ditto.
Green Arrow - I'm a sucker for Kevin Smith, too. Judd has really shined on this one. I also like the retro-style art of Hester and Parks.
Rising Stars - I was so happy when this series finally started up again after JMS' legal wrangling with Top Cow.
Supreme Power - I said I was a sucker for JMS, okay?
Transformers G1 - see G.I. Joe.
Y The Last Man - I thought it was an interesting concept for a book. I love how Vertigo makes it easy to catch up on a series with frequent TPBs. I started this one just after the 3rd TPB came out, and I just had to buy about three or four back issues and I was all caught up.

I think I'll get the Identity Crisis TPB when it comes out, judging on all the positive buzz it's gotten here and from my friends.


Since: 2.1.02
From: Central Florida, somewhere between Orlando and Tampa, U.S.A.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.52
Out of curiousity, I picked up the first issue of the Ghostbusters four-part limited series being done by 88 MPH Studios, and was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was. The events therein take place after the first movie... but they put it in modern day, as opposed to twenty years ago. They seem to completely ignore the events of "Ghostbusters II," but some (not me) would argue that such is a good thing.

Basic plot premise after the first two issues that I've read: NYC's starting to have big problems with ghosts again. Egon's just as strange as ever and still ignoring Janine's advances. Ray Stantz is disillusioned with his/their lack of recognition in the scientific community. Peter Venkman and Dana are still having romantic troubles. And Louis Tully's become a sex symbol of geek chic (Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.).

But what connection do all these people have to Michael Draverhaven, who's recently escaped from the mental health institution that was treating him?

If you see it on the racks, pick it up. The series manages to be funny, amusing, intriguing, thoughtful, and even suspenseful in its story. Very well-written, indeed.

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"Thank you for bringing back a DEEP 80s memory, Rage. THANK YOU." - DMC, June 6, 2002.
"Thanks RageRockrr! You're the coolest!" - Excalibur05, March 10, 2002.
Pizza Pasta

Since: 29.3.03
From: Douglaston, NY

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00
There's no way I can do justice to all the titles I get each month, so here's why I'm making next week's picks:

Earth's Mighties Heroes (Limited Series): Fun "behind the scenes" look at the Avengers' early days. The lighthearted style is in perfect contrast to Disassembled.

Captain America: I'm a sucker for anything Cap, and am completely optimistic that a fifth reboot will hopefully remove the bad taste in my mouth from the Marvel Knights run. Cap in Cuba? The US set Cap up in WW2 because he opposed the bomb? No thanks. Let's see some ridiculous villains like the Sepeant Society or Batroc and lots of plowing through bad guys with the shield. That's all I ask.

New Invaders: I may be the only one getting this title. I loved the idea behind a right-wing, pre-emptive strike-force taking it to the US's threats, mixed with underutilized cool characters like USAgent, Blazing Skull, and the Thin Man. Alas, it's been a confusing mess with horrific art so far but I'll stick with it until it gets canceled.

The Pulse: Loved Alias, like the Pulse. The only way to follow the exploits of Jessica Jones these days. Fun and full of cool charicterization without the MAX swearing and questionable sexual activity.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Another long-term favorite, consistantly the best title out there. This is where Bendis really shines each month.

Ultimate X-Men: I've been bored to tears since Millar left, but am keeping out hope that Bryan Singer's run - whenever that will be - will inject new life. Plus it inspired the X-Men Legends game so it's not all bad.

Wolverine: Cause Logan's not in enough titles already. Rucka's run was well-grounded and deep. Millar's take is more super-hero oriented but still worth the read.

Superman / Batman: Turner's art, good narration.

Ex Machina: I live in NYC and my first job was working in the political arena, so naturally I love this title. It's the perfect take on the absurdity of NYC City Hall, with some small super-hero elements thrown in. Plus Mitchell's powers are a bit unique and creepy.

Stuff not out this week: New Avengers, Cap & Falcon, Daredevil, GI Joe, Green Arrow, Iron Man, Powers, Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Supreme Power, Doctor Spectrum, Transformers, Transformers: War Within, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Voltron, Ultimates, New Thunderbolts, Authority: Revolution, Green Lantern: Rebirth, Identity Crisis, Superman, Flash, Black Widow, Strange, Bullseye Greatest Hits, Secret War, GI Joe vs. the Transformers, Transformers / GI Joe, Y: The Last Man.

(edited by Pizza Pasta on 12.11.04 2048)

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Since: 17.11.02

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.34
My grandfather was a die hard comics fan. He collected for years. I'm keeping his collection going for me to pass on to my kids. That and I'm a geek at heart.

Where's the DC love, people?

...I know I've missed some.


Action Comics - It's Superman! How can I NOT read Superman. Chuck Austen is doing pretty good with the book and I hope he doesn't fuck it up too quickly.
Batman - I liked the idea of changing writers every storyline, but they seem to have dropped that idea and given the book to Judd Winick. I think he can do a good Batman but he needs a better artist. His Scarecrow story was pretty good but the art killed it.
Batman: Gotham Knights - Hush was 'OK' as a villain for Batman in the main series, but why are they making Hush the main character in a book called 'BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS'? Batman's hardly even in it... change the title to 'HUSH' and this would be OK. It's a decent read though.
Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight - I enjoyed this title when the do three to six issue stories. I also liked how it started out as being a series that would jump from different time periods, back when it first started and we'd get a story about Batman just starting out as Batman. This book needs another stand out story like VENOM or GOTHIC.
Detective Comics - The flagship, mainstay DC book. This is the series Azzarello should be writing, not Superman. His writing style isn't suited for the big blue cheese but Batman is certainly gritty enough for him. I'm willing to give David Lapham a chance though.
Doom Patrol - John Byrne... nuff said!
Fallen Angel - Peter David... He hasn't done me wrong yet.
Flash - Too many things are happening in this book. I'd like it to slow back down again, but I have a feeling that after IDENTITY CRISIS is done with, this book is just gonna get busier.
Green Arrow - I didn't like the idea of Kevin Smith doing the title, but I got it anyway and for what it's worth, he did OK. It's only gotten better since he left it, and I'm willing to give Judd some time to settle in before I decide he's a hack.
Green Lantern - Hal Jordan IS back... the world can rest easy again.
Hawkman - Not your average superhero title.
Hellblazer - With Spider Jerusalem gone, I need Some english guy to read who's pissed at the world and evil as all get out.
JLA - The current storyline was kinda dumb. I'm hoping it gets better again.
JSA - I forget the issue, but if I remember correctly, it had the Flash(Jay Garrick talking to someone explaining that most of the world's population looks up to the JLA, but the JLA looks up to the JSA. That was really cool. It's great to have these older heroes still going at saving the world when they should be wearing Depends and sitting in an old folks home.
Justice League Elite - Not as good as it should be, but I'll keep it going, it's only a maxi series, right?
Lucifer - THIS is the book that should be the top Vertigo book. This series is awesome!
Nightwing - I was sad to have Dixon leave the title, but now that he's probably coming back to it for good, I can't be any happier.
Outsiders - I like the idea behind the team being that you don't gotta like the group, just do your job. Arsenal needs to get with the program.
Planetary - Why must we wait SOOOOO long?
Richard Dragon - Since it's ending soon, I might as well go ahead and get them all.
Superman - I'm only getting this now so I have all the issues. Azzarello's writing on it kinda stinks. This story should have been a maxi-series, not in the regular monthly.
Superman/Batman - I'm gonna miss Jeph Loeb when he leaves the book. Loeb really has a feel for the type of 'big event' stories that this series needs.
Swamp Thing - I feel cheated that they gave up on the last series so quickly, but I'm still giving this one a shot. It's not BAD yet.
Teen Titans - I'm really only getting this cause I lover YOUNG JUSTICE and I have hope that it'll get as good as YJ was, however, I'm tempted to drop it cause they're bringing back Donna Troy and I REALLY don't want to read ANOTHER 'Who Is Donna Troy?' story line.
Wonder Woman - I've been getting this since the reboot John Byrne did. I've stuck with it and it's been consistent through out. Medusa being brought back from the dead and getting to see her reaction to modern times was priceless.


Amazing Spider-Man - JMS has had the best run on this book since David Micheline, way back in 1988. Most of the later 90's stuff sucked balls and it's great to get something different from the character. YEAH! I said 1988, what about it?
Astonishing X-Men - Joss Wheedon has done well so far, but I wish they'd left Colossus dead. Then again, the writing and art work has done acceptable justice to reviving him. From the whole team's reaction to seeing him to Nick Fury's no-emotion-what-so-ever "I thought THAT guy was dead?" line, it has been worth it; unlike the fifty billion Jean Grey resurrections.
Avengers - I'm kind of a sucker for team books. This one, however, was much better when Kurt Busiek was writing it.
Captain America - He's my favorite marvel character other then Thanos, and THANOS was canceled.
Captain America & The Falcon - *see above*
Daredevil - Bendis has done quite well with this character.
Emma Frost - I know it won't last much longer, but it's interesting to see the back story of someone who you know is gonna be a villain in the future.
Exiles - Best mutant book on the shelves.
Fantastic Four - Mark Waid writes a really good team book here.
Hulk - Peter David's back, long live the king! Can't wait for it.
Iron Man - They fucked it up. I liked that he was outed by saving a puppy. Now we're back to the 'secret' identity shit AND they've retconed it where he was injured in
Marvel Age Fantastic Four - This book's pretty good, I'm quite surprised.
Marvel Age Team-Up - Another surprise. The issue with Spidey and Captain America was quite excellent.
She-Hulk - Hello? Howard the Duck was in it... I can't say no to Howard.
Spectacular Spider-Man - Paul Jenkins he consistently kept this book near the top of my must read pile for quite a while now. I'm actually NOT upset over the Queen story.
Ultimates - The first series was good, I only hope the next continues the quality of the first one.
Ultimate Fantastic Four - I think they're too young in this series, but it can be a good thing to see what happens when they start introducing other characters from the regular series like Silver Surfer and Galactus, The Kree... all in good time.
Ultimate X-Men - I'm loving the hell out of the little cameos, like Sunspot. That was really cool. Fenris, how the hell did THEY get ultimatized? It does suck that they've already killed off Beast though, cause it would have been really cool to have let him quit and go join the Ultimates, but I'm just an old fanboy, so what do I know.
Uncanny X-Men - I liked this for a while, then they went and fucked it up and all. I'm hoping they know what they're doing with this Claremont thing cause he's already crapped on two other books, why give him more?
Wolverine - I'm torn on this book. I can't say he's my favorite character or anything, but I enjoy the stories centering around him. Especially when he's NOT Wolverine, I miss Patch.
X-Men Academy - Nice little book that's probably gonna get canceled before the end of next year.


Conan - By Crom! Kurt Busiek writes it so it's good. Not quite as good as Savage Sword of Conan was back in the day, but this is good so far.
GI Joe - I'm so glad they're keeping up with the old Marvel series. If they'd just bring in Cobra-La, and I know I'm the ONLY person who wants this, then I'd die happy.
the Simpson's Comics - Which is, at times, funnier then the show. Issue #11 is about to come out!
Transformers - I love it when they throw in characters like Jetfire where I imagine over half the readers asking 'Who the hell's THIS guy?' when I'm thinking "HEY, it's the Macross toy!"
Transformers Vs. GI Joe - The WWII series was pretty cool having Grimlock as a tank but yet again, Snake Eyes has to be the center of attention and it's getting old.
Uncle Scrooge - Don't laugh, Uncle Scrooge fucking RULES!
Usagi Yojimbo - It's Usagi Yojimbo. Stan Saki is awesome!

-MANGA- ...and I AM ashamed to admit it.

Great Teacher Onizuka - If you don't know, don't bother.
Kindachi Case Files - It's about a kid who solves murder mysteries. His grandfather was this great police detective and his grandfather's talents skipped a generation and went to him. Everyone he goes to school with, teachers included, think he's a complete idiot.
Planetes - Outer space drama about, err... space exploration and one kids destiny to be in space. I've only gotten the first two books and I know vol #3 and #4 are out, I just haven't found them yet. Nice art.
Priest - This book is awesome! It spans through generations, jumping from western cowboy days to the present about a priest who gives his soul to a demon god to get revenge for the death of his sister/lover. Yeah, THAT sounds strange, but it's got zombies and kung fu fighting indians. The art is nothing like normal manga crap, it's like chalk drawings and it gives the book a much better feel then usual manga crap.
Rebirth - It's about a good vampire against the evil catholic church. What's NOT to like.

Cerebus: RIP 1977-2004.

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El Nastio

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.33
Pretty simple for me.

GL: Rebirth, Misc. Batman titles (LofTDK, Dectective, normal series, Gothem Knights), JLA (ESPECIALLY Identity Crisis), Astonishing X-Men (recently started this one).

R.I.P. Montreal Expos, My Team of 20 years.

Sacred Heart.....have mercy on us.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.33
Even simpler:

Identity Crisis

And I'm considering... albeit this is an OUTSIDE chance... picking up Legion of Super-Heroes in December when they are "rebooted."

I doubt it, since I'm still pretty disappointed by the whole thing (what happened to the Wizard buzz generated by Abnett and Lanning? Was Coipel's departure THAT much of a blow to cancel the book? And will this all devolve into me turning into just as sore of a Legion fan as those still lamenting the loss of the 1st Legion?? Probably...).

"Maybe I'm getting off topic, but this thread already sucks, so I don't feel bad about it. " -LotusMegami

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.79
I only buy TPBs, but here's what I've picked up recently:

Transmetropolitan- The Cure and One More Time- What a great end to a great series. In my top ten series of all time.

New X-Men (All of 'em), Doom Patrol- Painting That Ate Paris- (waited forever for that one), Sebastian O- Grant Morrison's my favorite. he can do no wrong.

Hellblazer- Setting Sun- A bunch of solid short stories. Ellis does a good Constantine. I can't wait for the new trade to see Morrison's take, but anything's better than Azzarello's version. I read his run more out of duty to the character than for enjoyment, although Freezes Over was quite good.

All of Alan Moore's ABC line- When the hell does Promethea 4 come out?

And I get to read a Planetary trade every couple of years.

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I don't even know where to I won't. All I can say is, bring on #7! EDIT: Ok, I needed time to catch my breath. Best DC issue of the year so far, narrowly beating out IC #4. The highlights? -The Spectre (version Crispus Allen)
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