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22.5.18 1301
The W - Pro Wrestling - Well, what do we have here? (spoilers) (Page 2)
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Come on, can you at least watch the show before commenting on it? Please?

Yeah, I expect the show to be boring too. When you read it. Blah Blah Blah...

Hey, since I don't get PPV's the ONLY way I CAN find out is through the 'net. Besides, I wouldn't PAY for a PPV that looked so crappy...Come on, everyone was complaining, and saying how they weren't going to see this PPV, but look at what happened...Way to show the WWE that you would give them your money for an(overpriced, weak card, terrible storylines, etc...)PPV, especially with all the crappy angles/feuds that so many are bitching about.
There are much better things to spend money on, and better ways to spend time, other than increasing the buy-rate, and showing Vince that people WILL put up with this, and pay money for it...


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Yeah, well, despite said "awful" storylines they delivered. I'd rather be out 34.95 and have seen the Smackdown Tag Match and the Hell in a Cell matches that I saw then have 34.95 and not have seen them.

Plus, no one is ripping you for not ordering the pay-per-view. All they're saying (and I agree) is it's kind of ignorant to offer a review of a show you didn't see.

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Well, I saw No Mercy just to see how good it could be. And it, I guess. Let's take a look.

-Hell in the Cell: Just call him Mutataker, because the man did a primo bladejob. Thank God the man FINALLY did the right thing and put over the hot newcomer. But now there's the question of what to do with Brock next, which I believe I will save for another thread.

-Smackdown's Tag Title Match: Much like everything on Smackdown (ignoring Dead Man Cheating for obvious reasons), this was pure gold. The ending with Edge and Angle dueling over Anklelocks and the Mysterio 619 counter of the Crossface was particularly well done. Good stuff and another MOTYC from what are quickly becoming the usual suspects.

-Noble/Tajiri: Solid Cruiserweight action that FINALLY gets the champ back on PPV. And Tajiri's LETHAL KICK TO THE HEAD in mid-kiss looks like it'll lead to a rematch. I'm down with that!

-Honorable Mention: The PPV opener made me laugh. "So how was your week?"

-Hell in the Cell: And once again, I have a case of one thing making both the GOOD and BAD lists. Hell in a Cell was nice and all, but MAN did that thing get boring at times or what? And a HitC match without a big bump is no way to celebrate the match's 5 year anniversary.

-PoocHHHie Goes Over Again: Man, Triple H bashing is starting to get boring.

-Women's matches: So why are guys like John Cena, Billy Kidman, Hurricane, Lance Storm, William Regal, Test, Matt and Jeff Hardy, the Guerreros, the Island Boyz, and Rico being kept off the card while we're forced to watch TWO women's matches? Does anybody on top these days have ANY sense of perspective?

-R.I.P IC Belt: But for how long? Keep in mind that with the short attention span of the writing team, the belt can come back at any time (probably after the PoocHHHie Reign of Terror ends).

And that's about all I can think of at this time. Not a horribly horrible PPV like many thought it would be, but not excellently excellent either.

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I haven't been on in a while, but I just wanted to go on record with a couple of possibly controversial opinions:

-The Raw tag match looked sloppy, even moreso than Torrie/Dawn Marie, but I'll give these guys the benefit of a doubt and blame the ring ropes. They had to have had problems before Jericho broke the second rope, cause ring ropes don't just snap out of the blue.

-Torrie/Dawn Marie was... not good per se, but much better than expected. Both women looked like they were aware of their limitations, and both looked like they had a minimum of training (as opposed to none whatsoever.) I wasn't necessarily expecting Torrie's dad to make a heel turn (Although him quoting Bill Clinton in Little Rock did make me laugh out lound) but I was expecting him to factor into the decision somehow. The match was about as stiff as a blade of grass, but both ladies put in a good effort.

-Noble/Tajiri was good but forgettable

-RVD/Flair was there. Nothing to write home about, but nothing truly bad.

-Kane/HHH I thought was very good, and would have been a MOTN candidate if not for two reasons which I'll get to later. I even thought Kane might pull it off when the Hurricane came out. Oh well. I've never bought into the HHH conspiracy theories, but I am starting to get aggravated by the unstoppable push. At least he's making his opponents look halfway decent, which is more than I could say for Austin towards the end. I think the problem is he's letting the other guy get in too much offense, so it winds up looking like the only thing he did the whole match is the Pedigree! Very Hogan-esque, and not in a good way.

-Edge/Rey/Angle/Benoit was awesome. I have to admit I don't like technical wrestlers. I like Angle and Benoit for other reasons, but pure mat wrestlers don't interest me. I don't care if the match looks realistic, as long as it's athletic. I prefer nonstop action to the more old-school "strong style" matches, which explains why I'm such a mark for the Hardyz and RVD. That said there's enough else about Angle and Benoit to make me like them, and to root for them in this match, and I hope the program with the Guerreros can turn them face. As for the match itself, well let's just say it's one of the two reasons why HHH/Kane is not match of the night.

-Trish/Victoria was the polar opposite of Torrie/Dawn Marie. Very stiff. I agree with the conventional wisdom that Trish will keep the belt at least until Jazz returns

-Taker/Lesnar is the other reason HHH/Kane didn't get Match of the Night. I can't call it the best HitC ever, but only because I never saw Taker/Michaels. I also never saw the fabled match that gave us the Muta scale, but if Taker is not up to a full Muta then I probably don't want to see it. I can't help but think that Michael Cole's comment about Taker gettig hit with the corner of the steps was a shoot... you just can't blade enough to bleed like that unless you are flat out insane! This match did as much if not more for Brock's credibility than the Rock match at Summerslam.

Other Thoughts:
-Michael Cole and Tazz are getting better by the day. Either that or Lawler is getting worse. Or maybe it's both.
-I'm surprised Matt Hardy didn't at least make an appearance. He's quickly becoming one of the best parts of Smackdown, and has completely overshadowed Jeff, no matter what the chanters say.
-I don't care if it was a Heat only feud, Raven and D'Lo should have been on this show.

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.65
I was there live, and might I say it was an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME A MILLION TIMES AWESOME SHOW.

Crowd had a tendency to die for short periods of time, although they popped when they needed to and were hot during the big matches.

I was screaming all night from back in row 11, but I don't know if I was loud enough. If you heard someone screaming "SHINING WIZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD," "VERTEBREAKUUUUHHHHH," and "BEN-WAAAAAAHHHH," it was me.
Mattitude sign got on TV once for sure after the Heat match. The Gangrel sign got on during the PPV, but I'm not sure if it was legible from the distance it was at.

And uh...more comments when I write up the live report for the mothership. :)

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#26 Posted on
The Flair/RVD match was memorable for one reason only: Flair worked that knee like a KING, and did it in such a way that even RVD could sell it.

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"but from the Meltz, it sounds like a boring show"

I thought Dave put it over.

"RVD had what was probably his best promo in the WWE, as he even strutted like Flair."

Actually it was embarrassingly bad. Badly scripted and badly delivered.

I think the tag match was ****3/4 and the MOTY. Justin Credible. And then Hell in a Cell was a preposterously great ****, an amazing bloody brawl with a great finish. Bravo, the Undertaker. Plus Brock Lesnar is Vader. HHH/Kane was better than expected especially at the end with all the run-ins and nearfalls, ***. Jericho and Christian are the Canadian Guerreros, that match was good plus bonus love for the improvised finish, Jericho's the greatest wrestler ever with the phat improv, ***1/4. Cruiserweight match lacked heat but had some awesome professional wrestling, ***. Women's matches I didn't pay much attention to, but I thought Trish vs. Victoria was a letdown considering some of the good brawls they've had. Flair vs. RVD I missed part of but it seemed decent, mostly I just get sad when I think of how they used Flair this year. THUMBS UP.

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#28 Posted on

    Originally posted by spf2119

    As for Raw....well, that HHH match sure did have a lot of stuff happening at the end of it, so I guess that's good and all. How will he (and his legion of apologists) explain away the fact the SD tag title match had tons more heat despite no one in the match being a "main event" talent?
    <(edited by spf2119 on 20.10.02 2221)

I am one of them apologists as you call it.
I do not come up with any excuses, why should I?.
I can give a reason though..bad build for the match, no reason to care about it and probably little expectations going into the match (you can have a bad build but when the ppl know its going to be a hot performance they will cheer anyways. since JR said it would be an old school style match nobody expects it to be anything as that usually means slow and boring.)

You seem to confuse people who try to remain positive and don't try to read into everything with people who say HHH is the answer to everthing. I don't think any of us think that way. I see things that I sure as hell don't like about him. I see many things that are flawed, including his push and his character direction. But that doesn't mean I have to blame every little thing on this guy.
But that's a different discussion all together.

on the PPV - I haven't seen it yet. Will get to see it tomorrow. I am glad that it didn't turn out to be the train wreck people thought it would be.

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#29 Posted on
Let me go off on who should get the worst on- screen performer tonight by a longshot. JERRY LAWLER was pathetic, I guess he could keep up being decent for a month but today a whole month of him actually doing an okay job went out the window and all the crap came rushing back. Let me get the women out of the way, funny how Tazz/ Cole put over a comedy women match whenever they do something decent he says "Wow that surprising". "Hey these girls are showing us something". But for the legit women title match we have the first word out of Lawlers mouth "Hey Trish's chest can only be seen on Raw"... Like it was a shot on Cole/Tazz for bragging on how SD tags will only be seen on SD. Well excuse them Lawler for trying to put the FUCKIN TALENT over. Hell Lawler wasted more time talking about Tracy then the SD crew.

Speaking of that notice during each company World Title match the SD crew stayed away from the idiotic storyline going into and allow the inring action to tell the story while Lawler kept reminding us why we shouldn't care about this match over and over and over again... Oh and what a more pleasant way to start a PPV then have your commentator say "How funny it would be if a huge steel cage comes crashing down to the arena" Is this guy so fuckin delusional that he thinks that's funny. Lawler needs to be dropped off the human race.

Well I guess I should comment on the matches.

-Jericho/Christian v. BookDust- Odd of Lawler "joking" about a cable snapping and the cage falling and minutes later Jericho almost breaks his neck when the ring rope snapped (oh yeah Lawler your right that is funny). Amazing improvisation by Jericho. Hitting the moonsault instead. Real nice

-Torrie v. Dawn - I just see so much charisma in Dawn. Sure the match looked catty but I think it was decent in being better then expected. I'd rather have Torrie lose but oh well, no in arena Old Man Wilson sighting. It's PPV someone of his caliber needs to do a arena spot. That old man kicks ass.

-RVD v. Flair- I think it was good, I'm one of those. Can't really remember too much that stood out for me. Well Flair atleast hit the backflip in the turnbuckle successfully, That's a positive.

-Noble v. Tajiri- I really liked this match. Fans didn't know what to think of Tajiri when he came out cause he never changed face he just got attacked. Tajiri stiff kicks is always goodness. Nidia interaction was good and well timed especially the end with a simple grab ankle to stop Noble's momentum going forward.

-HHH v. Kane- I'm sorry this was awful. From Lawlers horrible commentating in reminding us how insanely dumb this angle is. To a pretty uneventful "world" title match. I never believed or even worse cared if Kane won. Wow Kane can kick out of a sledgehammer shot but not the pedigree. No one kicks out of that!... Funny Lawler seemed to be concentrating on everything (including Tracy/Taker and if pregnant women are sexy) but the match. Pretty disappointed that Katie's ghost didn't make an appearance.

-Benoit/Angle v. Edge/Mysterio-OMG what an amazing match. Read it got 22 minutes, wow it sure didn't seem like it if flew by it was so much fun. Close finishes, momentum changers. The only thing was that I was surprised Edge tapped out and not Mysterio taking the lose.

-Trish v. Victoria- Poor girls having to follow MOTY, *sigh* Why don't they put HHH there and say hey "follow these mid-carders big boy" . Oh well. I'm glad Trish won for the time being it seems the best for the division. I was expecting something extra like outside objects, interference. Especially after the build... It was a decent match but my expectations were a bit higher, I thought it would be booked different with the same result. It would have been better off on any other spot on the card. But like usual the effort from these 2 were there. Oh yeah Lawler's a piece of crap

-Brock v. Undertaker- Better then I thought it would be. Heyman was too funny ouside, yelling and being annoying, him sitting bleeding with a sick smile when Brock was doing damage to the Taker was ultra-evil. I could be picky and ask why did Taker's arm get better when the cast was off? and the real odd spot of taker going to the top and dropping and hitting a knee (i think) on Lesner, I agree with Paul "what is he doing?"... Taker did some awesome colour, tying him up with a belt and bashing his cast was a neat spot. And a CLEAN finish buh-gawd.

other stuff - Okay I'm insane but I loved Old Man Wilson backstage interview with Funaki, it was the best backstage interview of the night (lol). And the Clinton quote, epic. Give the man a contract... Big Show wanting main event push, Just say No Eric Just say NO... Wow we find out Undertaker doesn't sleep around how nice of him could the kill (no pun intended) his brothers accusations as well... Benoit/Angle/Guerreros I guess it was just want to re-enforce the special buds relationship that two internet darlings have for each other =)... RVD interview was umm whatever dude.

line of the night: Kane: "So how was your week?". Atleast they could make fun of their angles are a joke.

Did I mention Lawler used up his last "Give him a chance card" tonight. I hate him, I hate everything about him!!. Cole and Tazz did an awesome job tonight. Lawler can go to hell. Hope something drops on him like he hoped the cage fell.

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#30 Posted on

    Originally posted by Yun
    -I don't care if it was a Heat only feud, Raven and D'Lo should have been on this show.

Except that the feud ended several weeks ago.

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    Originally posted by dskillz
    Well...I am watching the PPV on a tape tomorrow. But I did see Heat with the Vertebreaker!!!! Damn, I marked out like girls for Jeff Hardy when I saw that.

Yep. My Dad called me during the match. Dad thinks wrestling's stupid, so I am being cool and talking to him while Heat's on - and watching Stevie and the 'Cane get it one. At the Vertebreaker, I went something like 'Oooof!' and Dad says (and he can't hear all that well), You OK? Yeah, just something on TV, whatta hit.

He sais, Oh, you watching {some football game}. Yeah Dad. Gotta go....

We'll be back as soon as order is restored.....

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My (chronological) take, courtesy of my local sports-theme PPV-providing restaurant:

* "So, how was YOUR week?" Priceless.

* Chris^2/BookDust was adequate, though memorable only for the equipment failure.

* The sad thing is that Funaki DOES have better command of English than Al Wilson.

* RVD's match was better than his pre-match promo. Flair-by-numbers, which isn't a bad thing.

* Woo! A Big Slow push! On the plus side, his rant gave us new lyrics to his theme song: "Well, it's a big thumb / Wedged up a big fat hairy ass..."

* Tajiri/Noble wasn't bad at all. The final boot-to-the-head had me bouncing, as I was expecting a green-misting instead.

* Thanks for coming out tonight, Guerreros! (Cute skit, though.)

* SledgeKickWhamPedigree, try again next month.

* Angle-Benoit/Rey-Edge was just plain great. Watching Edge use Mysterio as a 160-lb foreign object (throw him, launch him, alley-oop him, bend him like Silly Putty) had the restaurant roaring, everybody's offense was spot-on, and the Angle-lock got the biggest roar from the crowd all night.

* Trish/Victoria was sloppy as hell, and the worst match of the night. Rather than assign blame, I'll simply shrug and await the inevitable rematch.

* The main event was much better than I expected. Blood aplenty (with Taker's five-alarmer producing some cringes), no overly contrived spots, just two big galoots pounding the living fudge out of each other and we got to watch. And THAT's how you pass a goddamned torch. Taker had two finishers busted, bled like he'd stuck his head in a wood chipper and got pinned clean in the middle of the ring -- but can anyone argue that he was DIMINISHED by the loss? Hell, no. Plus we got some YAPAPI STRAPATION ACTION and that's an automatic thumbs up right there.

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#33 Posted on
Well, looks like I missed quite a bit of stuff here. I had my expectations lowered to the point I didn't care if I missed it or not. Now, it seems I'm starting to reassess my decision. One thing about the HHH/Kane thing. You'd think for a unification match getting rid of a title whose history goes back over 20 years, you would get a equal or superior buildup to HIAC. Instead it's a halfassed murder story. Okay. Personally, I'm starting to wonder what's taking the WWEites so long to put Booker to task for the World Title. Anyway, I'm nitpicking, and I guess it took a murder angle to see how confusing this company is. But, I might get the replay, just to see how much Taker bleeds.


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#34 Posted on
I liked the Taker-Brock match well enough, the streaming blood was a little much though. I had one "scratch my head" moment though.

If Hell in a Cell is a "falls count anywhere match" as evidenced by Taker's pin attempt on the outside, why would grabbing the ropes stop a pin attempt? It didn't seem "logical" to me, not that I'm complaining, I was happy to see the relatively clean pin by Brock.


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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.65
Rope breaks are just in the rules, I suppose.

Although such things did lead to the funniest line of the night from the three drunkards in the seats next to my sister and I: "HE'S GOT HIS FOOT ON THE CAGE!"

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I think now is the time to get SmackDown back to it's past glory...there is a lot of good coming out of the PPV *Benoit vs Brock should rock on many levels.
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