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25.6.18 1447
The W - Pro Wrestling - Well It's Raw Thoughts SPOILERS (Page 3)
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I thought the show began and ended decently (well, outside of Nash's injury, the match was otherwise good until the rushed finish), but boy, the middle was sure a big sinkhole. Was Shawn Michaels always this bad on the mic? Have good memories of his in-ring abilities made me cloud over a total lack of verbal ability? He bored me to tears tonight, and I couldn't agree more with that live fan: GET TO THE POINT! Flair/Richards was vaguely interesting, but no more than vaguely. For the first time for a while in a Flair match, I had no doubt about who was doing the job this time. And anything involving Jackie from TE2 gets an automatic thumbs down henceforth. The woman is just plain useless.

There was a lot of good stuff, though. Hot opening segment, and to me it smacked of a three way tag team feud. Which would rule to some degree, but doesn't have the same vibe without actual tag-team titles to fight over.

The funniest thing tonight to me was the Trish Stratus interview. Nowinski asked who her tag partner was:

"Roy Rogers? The Lone Ranger? HI HO SILVER! Oh wait, is it Yosemite Sam?"

Trish: "You're -close-"

Yosemite Sam is almost the same as Bradshaw?!
Although I bet he'd get over if he started mutterin' about "Gold-darned varmints" and sputtering around like the little fireplug.

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No... no... the less Bradshaw talks, the happier we'll be.

You bring what you got. The measuring stick just changed around here, pal. You're looking at it.

--Kevin Nash, 6/10/96

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Random Raw Thoughts:

Booker T's promo reminded me of Ahmed Johnson's old promos. I was hoping he would've said some of his old WCW catchphrases. Goldust's Ben Franklin imitation was pretty funny.

Benoit-Bubba was actually a pretty good match.

Did Bradshaw get booed during his enterance? I was really hoping for Molly to interfere in that mixed tag-match.

Best part of the night was the segment with Paul, Brock, Tommy and RVD. That could've been Dreamer's best promo ever. VanTerminator was pretty cool. (JR called it the VanDaminator though.)

Main event match was alright till the crazy finish. I guess Triple H is probably not going to be with the NWO.

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Okay, reading this thread makes me want to state:

ECW is DEAD. So is WCW. WWE will use the past influence of these promotions (okay, ECW anyway) to boost their shows and get crowd pops ONLY. There will *never* be any sustained reference/angle with either of these promotions again. Just watch, next week Tommy Dreamer will be eating worms or whatever. Get over it already.

Regal crying - that was indeed surreal. I wish they could show that scene with his old theme music in the background (from his ORIGINAL WWF run): "He's a maaaaaaaaaan... Such a maaaaaaannnnn. He's a reeeeaaaaaal, a real man's maaaaaan!"


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    Originally posted by pinnacleofallthingsmanly
    glass ceiling

That's a phrase I haven't heard in a long timne. And I haven't missed it one bit.

Mean Gene: "You know, I don't think it's a question - Goldberg, I don't think it's a question of who's next, I think it's a question of who's left?"
Goldberg: "No, see, that's where you're wrong. It ain't who's left, it's - WHO'S NEXT?"

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Lap cheong

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Worked for me:

Dreamer's promo and the Van Terminator on Heyman.
The fan who yelled 'Get to the Point.'
Eddy vs. Booker

Didn't work:

Jackie, Chris H, Trish, and Bradshaw.
Hardy vs. Regal
Benoit vs. Bubba

Why does it seem that Eddy, Benoit, Bubba, and Booker are in one big holding pattern?

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I am an ecw mark so it pains me to admit this, but ECW stuff ain't that over at wwe events, even in philly. Last year I went all the way to Philly to a Raw. It was the show Rock returned - i think from filming the scorpion king.

Jericho SQUASHES Tazz in a minute (thanks vince), two ECW alumni. I try to start an ECW chant.. pretty much no takers.

Heyman shows up. Weak WEAK ECW chant.

Then RVD vs TAJIRI!!! I am marking out, two of my favorite guys! Two ECW guys through and through. Pathetic middling "EC Dub" chant. IN PHILLY.

Honestly, I think last night's ECW chant for Dreamer was much louder than any I heard at the show I went to. And Dreamer cut a great promo there, IMO. I guess most WWE fans aren't familiar with ECW. Maybe there weren't many actual ECW fans.

Oh.. The Van Terminator didn't get much of a pop, not like I expected. I was annoyed when Shane stole it at X-7. I wonder how many fans saw that and said 'Hey, that's the move Shane did!'. Plus.. Of all the people to bust out the van terminator on.. Why Paul? Isn't BROCK the guy RVD wants a piece of? The van terminator has been used twice in WWE. Once on Vince McMahon, and once on Paul Heyman. Doesn't seem right.

Nash's injury.. So is that it? Is that the death of the NWO? I mean, now it's Michaels, X Pac and Big Show. And maybe HHH. That's DX, not the NWO. Too bad, I was interested in seeing Nash wrestle.

And Jeff Hardy... I dunno, the Euro title isn't much of a prize. But maybe they'll make it into something...? This split is weird. RAW got The IC, Euro and hardcore titles.. And Smackdown got the tag and the cruiserweight?? So Albert on Smackdown has nothing to shoot for except the undisputed title (ain't gonna happen!), while RAW has 3 singles titles that aren't held in high esteem. Well the IC has been built up a bit. And the hardcore has been MIA (which is fine by me). So maybe now they are going to try to elevate the euro title? I hope so!

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    Originally posted by GodEatGod
    The funniest thing tonight to me was the Trish Stratus interview. Nowinski asked who her tag partner was:

    "Roy Rogers? The Lone Ranger? HI HO SILVER! Oh wait, is it Yosemite Sam?"

    Trish: "You're -close-"

    Yosemite Sam is almost the same as Bradshaw?!

Well, LOOK at him. In his current outfit, all he needs is a big bowl of pudding and he can team up with Billy and Chuck. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

As for the rest of RAW:

* What... exactly... did the Rock DO to earn a title shot, after being gone for so long? (Never mind, don't answer that.)

* The pretzel vendor works in Philly. He's used to being assaulted.

* I never thought I would write these words, but the Ben Franklin thing was much better the way Al Snow did it. Great faces from Bubba, though.

* So he's from Harvard. Who gives a shit?

* I've commented on the screeching horror that was Trish/Jackie in another thread. Quick summary -- Jackie got flustered, she blanked on the script, it happens to lots of performers, but she really shouldn't be on a live show at this point in her career.

* I'm waiting for Shawn Michaels to do or say something interesting in this WWE tour of duty. He hasn't done it yet.

* Flair/Stevie. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

* One more eulogy for ECW, Tommy gets the hometown pop, and somewhere in Delaware Jim Fullington was sitting in his bar, watching the cane shots and mumbling "Heyyyyyyy..."

* Regal weeping like a schoolgirl was WAY too surreal for me.

* Dear Kevin, this is your retirement wake-up call. We'll ship your ring gear and hair conditioning supplies to your house. --The Management

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#49 Posted on

    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    Chris Benoit is back and he's really mad. Chris Benoit is back and he's really an-gry!

E & C's theme songs totally rule!

Glad I'm not the only one who still sings those.

Kazoos so reek of awesome-ness.

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#50 Posted on
The backstage Flair/Hardy/Stevie segment - when I first saw Steven Richards sitting in the background, I could've SWORN it was Vinny Russo, waiting to bury Flair.

I drove the Hummer. Sorry 'bout that.
VK Wallstreet

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I love Richards and I love Flair, uh, 10 years ago, but what was the point of Monday's mini-feud? Flair looks bad by being reduced to Richards' level. Richards looks bad for being humiliated by a quintagenarian. The writers look bad because they can't come up with anything better for Flair to do.

"I don't wanna be called Booker T anymore. From this point on, you are to address me as GI Bro. ... Now can you copy that?"
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This really felt like a show where, somehow, everybody in the Raw Brand was moved down the card. Sideways at best. Well before the Nash injury, it looked like they were sending Booker and Goldust off to Benoit and Eddie to cut the nWo angle so the nWo could move over to HHH (Nash vs. HHH would have been the only big match there, right?)

That Nash's injury caused so much chaos in the ring (understandable) and the back-up was Booker losing to the chokeslam and they had already talked about HHH watching what Nash was going to do to Booker and HBK having a "See what we can do?" speech ready, the planned finish likely seems to have been Nash beating Booker. Was the blowoff really going to be Booker and Goldust moving on to Benoit and Guerrero without ever actually get up on the nWo?

It just seems Booker, Goldust, Eddie, Benoit and Bubba all got pushed off to the side. I guess they have the option of doing more Booker/Dust vs. Show/X-Pac now while finishing the Dudleys vs. Benoit/Eddie thing until the PPV. That leaves HHH with nothing to do in the meantime. They could also do Booker/Goldust/Bubba vs. Eddie/Benoit, but that would require a third heel guy. A Spike heel turn would be hilarious, I think. He could have someone set up for the Dudley Dog, then stop while the guy has him in the air, rip off his Dudley shirt to reveal an nWo shirt and throw himself through a table at ringside.

Flair's the other guy who looks like he's in limbo. He was removed from the Benoit/Eddie/Bubba business with no real explanation, lost to Brock without any build and now he's fighting Stevie without an angle. It all felt weird.

Beyond the directionless feel of the whole thing, the mixed tag match and the effect of HBK's show-ending speech with Nash still down in the ring were the big nightmare moments, of course.

I liked Jeff vs. Regal. The Euro title does seem to be an odd place to go after the ending of last week and no follow-up on that. I wonder if there was a reason UT couldn't be there. Still, it was a good match for two guys who seem pretty opposite in ring style, and Regal crying can only lead to some good crazy Regal face-makin' down the line. Instead of putting Regal on an announce team (if that's indeed a plan they're considering), maybe Nash can do it while he finds out how serious the injury is. They need as many active people as they can get now.

Brock vs. RVD seems to be the only angle they had coming out of King of the Ring that's going to survive intact to Vengence. RVD has the momentum and crowd behind him way more than Brock, it'd be interesting to see if they might change gears and have RVD walk out with the Summerslam title shot, maybe paying off the UT-finds-respect angle and the UT/RVD background.

I was hoping the fifth man for the face team was going to be the only man who would fit the criteria of being a tag specialist, having a connection with one of the faces and being not only a former nWo member but an nWo ring general, the great Stevie Ray. Ah well.

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Yes most fans did not see ECW. That is the beauty of it. You can't do more Mac family soap opera. You can't get any more vulgar than the attitude era. You can't show any more ass then we already saw on the Divas Undressed. The reason the WWF crushed WCW was pure shock value. People that never watched tuned in for the crazy shit. That crazy shit is now PLAYED OUT. Gimme some good wrestling with this incredible roster and people will start to mark out. Gimme feuds that MAKE SENCE. This evil IWC thinks that the stupid marks will never appreciate it. I say they have never seen it. It really is the only option left. Gimme E-C-DUB!

Bubbles? Oh come on Sharon! Im Ozzy Osbourne the Prince of Fucking Darkness. Evil, evil, more fucking evil not a boatload of fucking bubbles man.
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What did The Great Thomas think of Monday's show? Put on your bifocals and get your kites ready, it's time for the RAW REPORT!

BookDust Tango: Another funny spot, but Booker T kicking the pretzel guy (Which yours truly has christened "X-Fat"), and then saying "You all right!" was the high point. I said it before and I'll say it again... FACE BOOKER RULES!

Trish/Bradshaw vs. Chris/Jackie: The only moves I've seen Nowinski do since his arrival were clocking Bradshaw with the cow bell and imitating the Heisman Trophy. (sp?)

Trish vs. Jackie: It's a flying bulldog!, it's a flying neckwhip!, it's a grabbing of a small handful of hair, according to J.R.! You f*cked up! You f*cked up!

Ben Franklin: "What's like got to do with it? Sometimes I wished I could have punched Thomas Jefferson right in the gonads, but I didn't!" Excuse me, but my gut is about to explode from all this laughter.

Jeff vs. Regal: I have witnessed the most perfect Swanton in HISTORY! After Jeff put on that amazing ladder match, he deserved to win that European Title.

The Innovator of Violence: Con-grab-ulations to Tommy Dreamer for an attempted revival of ECW. Why didn't these people chant "E-C-DUBYA!" after that F5 outside the ring? In other news, a big pop for the Van-Terminator. A big pop for the Van-Terminator on "Hey, Man".

Regal Loses the Title: Coach asks for Regal's reaction and Regal says.... holy shit. Holy shit, the greatest Euro champ of all time is breaking down in front of me on live television. Oh, Regal, it's so sad... THANKFULLY, Nowinski comes to console him. Awwwww....

HE'S COMING: We all know who HE is, WWE! Just bring him out, already!

Flair vs. Steven: SQUAAAASH MAAAATCH!!!

The Main Event: This is Nash's first match in I-forget-how-long, after 10-15 minutes on the apron, he's tagged in, big pop, big boot to Booker T, runs to the corner, BAM! He's on the floor, screaming. Hebner makes the "D-X" sign, that must mean he's legitimately injured. All 8 remaining members are in the ring brawling just to save this crap situation, but it can't be saved now. Nash blew out his damn knee 8-10 seconds after his OFFICIAL DEBUT! And he looked so happy earlier when he said he was medically cleared. Oh, Nash, it's so sad... Seriously, this is the most f*cked up thing I think I've ever seen. I can only hope the injury isn't serious, and that Nash can wrestle again. Get well, Kev.

Well, that's all I've got to say this week. Good night, take care, and don't fly your kite in a lightning storm. Especially not with a key or any other metal object tied to it.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

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#55 Posted on

    Originally posted by ThreepMe

      Originally posted by ekedolphin
      Chris Benoit is back and he's really mad. Chris Benoit is back and he's really an-gry!

    E & C's theme songs totally rule!

    Glad I'm not the only one who still sings those.

    Kazoos so reek of awesome-ness.

Long live the streamer and long live the 'Zoo!!

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They really need to start doing these ceremonies far, far away from the fans. Let me hear these guys speak from the heart, not a group of fanboys chanting for their old favorites.
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