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23.6.18 2236
The W - Pro Wrestling - Well I guess I called this one (Page 2)
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I never saw the PPV since since I don't have cable due to lack of finical resources. I can say through reading a few reports of the match, that well, it isn't all that bad.

It's a much wiser move to give Goldberg the chase. The novelty of the Elimination Chamber, sold itself. Since there really wasn't much of a chase in this match, and understandable so, since HHH and Goldberg really didn't have much of a reason to hate each other yet. Guess what, now they do. So Goldberg gets the big chase, Hunter gets time off to put the final nail in Titan's coffin in late September, and the fans go home happy.

Don't worry however, Hunter won't leave 2003 without the strap. Mark my words.

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Personally I thought it was the only sensible result. A heel title reign as long as that really needs to be ended by an uber-face overcoming the odds in a singles match. At the end of the ppv last night thats exactly what Goldberg became.


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As with every PPV defense he has had this year outside of Mania, Trip winning was the lesser of two evils. But remember, there is always hope, as after he retains at Judgement Day they'll have 2 months to pound into everyone's head that Trip has never won at Survivor Series. Of course, that streak is due to be broken.
A little over 6 months remains until Trip vs. Bugsy McGraw in the main event at Mania XX.

Ok, so Ted Williams is decapitated now? What will his son do next, sell him to the Japanese dog food company that bought former Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand?

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I called it, too, and I have no problem with him winning and not even really a problem with the way he won. He needs to lose that title, clean, one-on-one in the middle of the ring to the man who will end his reign of terror, and not in some big cluster with 5 other guys. It would have done nothing to help the new champion if one was crowned last night.

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It was anticlimactic, but overall it was booked well.

1) Jericho, Orton, and Michaels largely had a three-way match, and beat the hell out of each other.
2) Nash got taken out in under 3 minutes.
3) HHH ate a Superkick, knocking him out of the fight for a time while the main three continued to weaken each other.
4) Nash then hits everyone with his finisher, softening them up even more.
5) Goldberg comes in and finishes the three already wounded men, then beats the hell out of HHH.

The only real problem with the booking was that Goldberg got pinned too easily. One shot to the back from a sledgehammer, and he was down. He took a bit of a pounding from Orton, Jericho, and Michaels, but they should have at least had him try to get up after the initial shot, then had HHH clock him one more time with the hammer. As it was, Goldberg looked a bit like a chump getting taken down as quickly as he did.
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I disagree with the last part off your post Phantom, IMHO I think it would have been cartoonish if he took more on sledge shots. Maybe they could have used one more like you said, but more than that I would expect for the camera to pan in on the sledge hammer real close so we could see ACME on it!

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I agree with everything Phantom said. The only weak point for me was Flair obviously blading Goldberg once they got him next to the chains. (JR and Lawler ever commented something like "What is Flair doing?!" Well, he's cutting Bill's forehead.)

I got the feeling something strange was going to happen when Hunter was still in his pod and Jericho, Orton and Michaels all stood up at the same time with the "punch drunk, barely standing" schtick. It was a tough match and most of them got shots from Nash on the way out, but it just seemed over the top.

The actual ending reminded me of old school Horsemen SHENANNAGINS~! I forget what match it was, but Flair was defending against someone in that giant cage with the electrified top (I don't think they billed the electricity for that match though.) At the end, Flair was down and all of a sudden Arn comes running out. The cage raised enough for him to get inside and cause a DQ or something.

The EC ending worked for me. It was cool to see Flair in the "mastermind" role. He's usually just this benign second that hits someone with a belt or something. This time he holds the chamber door shut, sneaks in a sledgehammer and runs the post-match beat down. I dug that.

I hope HHH gets you fired.

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HHH to retain the title? Took some big balls to call that one alright.

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My prediction: HHH actually LOSES at Unforgiven to Goldberg so he can take time off to get married, honeymoon and get back to 100% physically (not from the honeymoon....then again, with how big Steph has gotten....). Goldberg then has a two-month run with the belt setting up Goldberg vs. Kane at Survivor Series, where I'm predicting that Kane goes over. Knowing WWE's idiocy, they'll then piss away everything they've built up with Evolution over the past few months just to turn HHH face and have him be the one that finally beats 'the monster' for the title.

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    Originally posted by darkmatcher
    Yeppers, I called it too, along with Nash being least likely to win(he was first ya Its False. ;))

Even I was surprised at how quickly Big Kev was shown the door, but I didn't feel any better after seeing him get his "heat" back seconds later.

I seriously wonder what the hell WWE is thinking these days. Wasn't the whole point of the Elimination Chamber to get the belt off Triple H without having him lose face? Was it REALLY necessary to let Hunter win AGAIN? Hunter's barely any good at 100%. How good a champion is he going to be if he keeps wrestling on an injury?

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    Originally posted by fuelinjected

      Originally posted by XPacArmy
      From the main page at, it says it all:

      Damn I wish Y2J would have won. But what seems to be the common phrase that I agree with, at least Goldberg or Nash didn't win.

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No. It means he wouldn't put the sun over either.

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In all honesty, this was the way to go. After HHH's 14 month reign of terror, having him stripped of the belt by one of five guys in a match he hardly wrestled in would have been stupid. It wasn't fulfilling the last time it happened, and with more months in his reign it would have been even less satisfying this time. I think they initially planned to have HHH drop the belt to Goldberg one-on-one before the injury, but this actually works out better. Now there's some real build to the feud, and if HHH can deliver a quality match at Unforgiven (that's the next PPV, right?) then this was the right call. And if I'm wrong, well at least Goldberg never wrestles again. Either way, I get something good.

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(deleted by Davros on 27.8.03 0748)

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First off, HHH will have the belt for a year Sept 2nd, I was there when he had it given to him.He has not has a 14 month reign. Second, i guess in a way it was good for HHH to win the match at SS so then we can all see Goldberg kick his snobby A$$ at Unforgiven.

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    Originally posted by JrBernal83
    First off, HHH will have the belt for a year Sept 2nd, I was there when he had it given to him.He has not has a 14 month reign. Second, i guess in a way it was good for HHH to win the match at SS so then we can all see Goldberg kick his snobby A$$ at Unforgiven.

He lost the belt for a month in November to HBK, making this about a 9 month reign. Kinda seems like 9 years though. Not a single other champion in and post Attitude era WWF/E has had a reign so long. Why?

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    He lost the belt for a month in November to HBK, making this about a 9 month reign. Kinda seems like 9 years though. Not a single other champion in and post Attitude era WWF/E has had a reign so long. Why?

When he loses the belt in September it will technically be a ten month reign. Most people just use the total time he's held the World title though, making it eleven months. Shawn Michaels' run with the belt was just a hiccup. He wasn't a "real" champion like Hunter.

As for why his time on top has been so long, I think it's a combination of two things: 1.) WWE wanting to solidify the new, made up title by having a dominant champion and 2.) the overall Goldberg situation.

If they hadn't signed Bill I bet Booker would have taken the title at 'Mania, leaving Hunter's reign at four or five months (or six if you just subtract Shawn Time.) If Goldberg had been as monstrously over as they wanted him to be right off the bat (and didn't cause Rock to allegedly bad mouth him after his first match) then Hunter's reign would have ended at seven or eight months. He needed some work though. Overall it looks like once they signed him they decided he was going to be the guy to unseat Trips and they just stuck to it tooth and nail.

I hope HHH gets you fired.
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