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25.6.18 1256
The W - Pro Wrestling - Weird Tough Enough 3 Story
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from via Pro Wrestling Torch:

Tough Enough 3 student has psychotic breakdown

One of the contestants on Tough Enough 3 has had a psychotic breakdown. She was left alone in the TE3 house whilst the others went out for a night on the town. While she was left alone she began running around and crashing into the walls before she climbed onto the roof and started claiming she was going to jump.

MTV producers called John "Big" Gaburik who came immediately and managed to talk her down. She was then hospitalised for three days against her will and put in a straight jacket to stop her harming herself and once released her parents had to collect her and take her home to New Mexico.

Whilst being taken home she attacked her parents and run away, she was subsequently sent to hospital again but checked her self out after it was deemed she was no longer a threat to herself or anyone else.

She later called MTV and Tough Enough officials attempting to get back on the show but was obviously refused.

Since this whole episode she has become a regular stalker at WWE events often claiming to be Al Snow’s assistant and she is so convincing she has even talked her way into working out for a few hours at the OVW school before they learned who she really was.

Last week her actions caused great concerns as she talked her way backstage at a house show and even had a conversation will Vince McMahon who believed her story as a Tough Enough 3 contestant. Following this security breach the woman [who I’ve only managed to identify as Lisa] has had her picture circulated to all WWE security so she can’t get into any WWE events.

No footage featuring Lisa is expected to air when Tough Enough 3 is broadcast.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

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Maybe the WWE should employ better screening for the next TE?

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One of the things they never tell you about those MTV reality series is how you can't listen to the radio or TV ever. I don't think they even allow them in the house. A house without outlet is probably enough to make anyone batty.

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Its nice to see the 'Suicidal Hawk' storyline lives on through the lower reaches of the WWE. And they say Vince Russo can't make a difference in people's lives.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.
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1. This is scary, real scary.

2. I almost want them to leave the footage in. It would make for awesome television. I wonder what sent her off and what she was like during training. The editors are going to have a tough time trimming her out of all the footage.

3. You realize that she has an awesome gimmick here as a stalker. Either stalking the WWE as a whole or Jamie Noble. Imagine her stalking Noble as a jilted ex-girlfriend trying to get back with her redneck messiah.

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That is too wild. Just crazy. I hope she recovers.

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Supposedly Vince prides himself on pushing the TV envelope, right? And TE has always been a bit of a freak show anyway. So as far as having a bunch of crazy fucks on Tough Enough, I say the more the merrier.

It's just another step in the logical evolution of Reality Television. Hell, eventually some contestant on some show will kill someone, or themselves.

The only way I'm pissed is if they don't show me the footage. Now THAT's just plain dishonest.

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They have some entertaining TV right at their fingertips and they DON'T use it? The only reason I can see is that Vince doesn't want anyone to think the wrestling business is messed up at all.

As far as the "they can't have any TV" thing, don't they still get Internet? And it's not like they can't go to the movies if they want to.

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I really don't know how you could edit something such as this out. It can be done but you're really telling the remaining contestants to act like it never happened. If this is going to be true to life than make it so, otherwise admit that you're faking it. You can't have reality T.V. and then cut the reality out of it.

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On the Real WOrld (at least the new orleans edition) they had internet, becuase one of them had her emails stolen or read and deleted or something along those lines. Come to think of it, You never see a TV in the Real World house, not that I can remember. Maybe way back in the RW2 days, but not since then really.

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Real World shows don't have TV (it was a big deal [to them] that they let Real World Chicago folks watch TV to see what happened on 9/11) and I've never seen a radio, but they've certiantly had Internet of late (if only to sell the advertising space on the computer desktop.) Though that has really nothing to do with Tough Enough or this particular situation.

I'm thinking there was some lesson learned from Real World: Seattle's Irene (left do to mental health issues among other things, or so I read) and that's why nothing will be shown. Being shy about those kind of issues (or any issues they can't show a resolution) would at least explain why they were tip toeing around Hawk's condition last season; I was actually thinking this was something about him when I first saw the headline.

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Regardless if they should or shouldn't (because they ARE trying to and nothing else really matters) it's gonna be next to impossible to totally remove this person's presence, as sometimes simply removing someone draws attention to the fact they're not there. Example:


Tazz: These our are 13 finalists!
[Tweleve names are read.]
Person counting at home (to self): Wait, that's 12 - can he not count again?


You could always edit out references and zoom/pan on clips including them and pull out every editing trick you know, but the void always has a way of sticking out. It isn't as simple as removing two tall buildings from your movie, and that was no easy thing.

Personally, and I'm not sure if anyone but me cares about this part, I don't know if I'll play Where's Waldo with the clips and try to spot the parts she didn't make it or draw any more attention to blurred out people in recaps I may do of this show. It's nice to establish what happened so when people wonder years from now we've got an explaination for them (they'll be too lazy to look themselves unless the world changes but you know they could) but her being left in where ever she is won't be a matter of them screwing up (and me trying to show how smart I can be by pointing it out) but them trying to do the best they can of a bad situation.

I think it'd be for the best if they bit the bullet: take the last couple of minutes of the casting show to have Big and Al explain the situation, and why they're doing what they did whatever they did with the footage (clipping, blurring, whatever) so the person at home who isn't reading second hand copies of the Torch understands. But the WWE is kinda unpredictable in these kinds of things (sometimes mentioning it, sometimes never saying the person's name again, sometimes doing a feature on Confidental about it and repeating it) so who knows.

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Footage of her flipping out at the house could be pretty disturbing to some, but I still dont see why they'd want to erase all evidence of her being apart of the show all together.

Then again, the Torch's article said "
No footage featuring Lisa is expected to air when Tough Enough 3 is broadcast.". And we all know whenever a wrestling news site tells us what they "expect" to happen, chances are they're GUESSING.

Also, any idea why reality show folks cant have TVs or radios? I expect it's because watching people watching TV would be pretty boring (I bet their internet time is limited to emails only, no surfing). With no TV around, you're pretty much FORCED to find something a little more interresting to do, thus creating something a little more interesting to watch.

(I dont know which one of those spellings is correct, so I used both.)

This is just GREAT
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I'm with thecubsfan. They should be repectful about the situation: Admit something happened, explain that a contestant will be edited out and move on. Let the girl have her dignity. I don't really feel the need to see her break down. I am, however, interested to see if cubsfan picks up any of the edits.

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Just an FYI, the Tough Enough people (at least so far) have had Television. They watch the WWE shows guys, they've even talked about how they watched the shows together (I believe it was cast numero uno).

Granted, that might be all they're allowed to watch...and I'll leave THAT obvious joke alone.

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I wonder if they have actually had TV (with channels) to watch or if Big and Co. have simply given them tapes of WWE programming.

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MTV's reality shows **love** chaos. There's no way this footage won't air.

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If they don't air her, it WON'T be hard at all to edit her out. Think about it: 18 minutes of the show is for commercials/credits, 20 minutes is just them sitting in front of the camera talking about how they're all doing, and the 22 minutes is random shots of wrestling moves / living in a house. If you think that out of 7 days of recording, they can't find 22 minutes of film without this girl in it, then you've forgotton how good the WWE's production crew is.

As for someone killing someone on a reality show before, on the first (maybe second?) Big Brother show, one guy was forced to leave after pulling a knife on a woman in the house. Too bad nobody was watching (it WAS, after all 'Big Brother')

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RE: TV and Real World. I seem to remember on the second one (set in Los Angeles), that the other roommates constantly bitched that John (the redneck from Kentucky), did nothing but sit around and watch TV all day. Coincidentally, he was the one who always ran around with a "Hulk Rules" t-shirt on

I can't imagine Vince not airing that footage, because it would be a ratings booster. Confrontational (or sexual) stuff is what people tune into to see. What's the most famous scene of any TE so far? Jackie and Pete in the hottub.

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#19 Posted on

    Originally posted by DrOp
    I wonder if they have actually had TV (with channels) to watch or if Big and Co. have simply given them tapes of WWE programming.
It's definitely tapes. Sometimes they refer to when they're going to get together and watch the tape. And Big comes over with tapes. That probably proves they DON'T have TV, because why bother with the tapes otherwise?

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About the TV thing on Real world, I heard the whole Boston cast watched too much TV and they eliminated TV for all the casts following them. It doesnt really make sense to me because they have so much footage to work with, why deny the cast the ability to watch "Friends" or something?

Im sure they wouldnt try to totally eliminate her from all footage. Im sure after she has her meltdown, theyll just say shes unable to continue and leave it at that. Im sure they wont show her flipping out for legal reasons among others.

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J.R. promised that they would return to TV on a regular basis after the Royal Rumble. Well it is long after the Rumble and the only place you can find the Hardy's is jobbing at WWF B-shows. What did they do to get this sort of punishment?
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