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The W - Pro Wrestling - WCW Saturday Night: September 28, 1996
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On Monday night, with the bulk of WCW’s main roster in Japan, the nWo completely took over Nitro for the second hour of the show. We were treated to nonsense matches, and complete and utter chaos. We also got the debut of Vincent, the first addition who was really looking like overkill. TheCubsFan weighs in more:
If I'm remember the WONs correctly, there was starting to be some pressure from Turner for WCW to spin off another show on TBS, with a working idea of it being an nWo show. The people in charge in WCW felt it would over expose the product and fought to delay/stop it from happening for the time being. It's possible these additions were justified so there'd be enough bodies for a nWo focused show (and, given the thinking of the people involved, to bring aboard people who could do jobs of the people at the top wouldn't be asked), but it changed how the nWo felt from here on out.
We’ll see if the trend continues on a condensed 90 minute version of WCW Saturday Night.
TONY SCHIAVONE and DUSTY RHODES are refusing to air the nWo footage from Monday, so as not to stoop to their level. Instead, they want to focus on the new tag-team champions, Public Enemy. How about we don’t?
Nope, they’re gonna force it. We follow THE PUBLIC ENEMY back to New York, where they do a kick line (start spreading the news!), and dance in a fountain just like some other pop culture show.
HIGH VOLTAGE vs. THE PUBLIC ENEMY (for the WCW world tag-team titles)
How did THESE idiots earn a shot at the belts? They faced the Outsiders on Nitro (who have a title shot at Havoc) – and didn’t get in a single offensive move. And true to form, Voltage takes a double neckbreaker off the bell, while MARK CURTIS cringes. Rage hits Rock with a backdrop suplex, but Grunge saves. Voltage works the double team, and a clothesline gets 2. Grunge gets an early hot tag, and clotheslines both guys. Voltage comes back with a double clothesline, but miscommunication gives Grunge the chance to roll up Rage for the win at 3:02. Post-match, Kaos takes a swanton through a table. *
Tony laughingly calls Armstrong one of WCW’s “top stars”, but he IS coming off a win against Super Calo so maybe momentum is changing (no). NICK PATRICK is the referee, and Malenko IS wearing black trucks with white writing, hmmmm. Dusty starts running through fantasy scenarios, such as hoping that Dean Malenko catches Number Six out back and tears him limb from limb. Considering he’s having a bit of a difficult time with Armstrong so far, I’m not sure I love this idea. Armstrong gives Malenko a faceplant, and a running kneelift to the “belleh welleh” gets 2. Malenko dumps Brad to the floor to give himself a moment to breathe. Armstrong tries to sunset flip back in, but Malenko grabs the ropes. Patrick pushes Dean off, but the momentum carries him forward into a pin, and Malenko scores the win with an assist from Patrick at 3:10. The plot thickens. *
REY MYSTERIO JR. meets with TONY SCHIAVONE to discuss Malenko. Rey has nothing but respect for Dean, he’s the toughest opponent he’s ever faced, and he can’t wait to have another great match at Halloween Havoc. He promises to keep his belt for a very long time. Malenko walks in now, and gives Rey his due as champion. But, he’s going to get his belt back. He offers a handshake, which Rey happily accepts, and Dean gives him a short clothesline, beats him up, and rips off the mask. Schiavone throws his coat over Rey’s head, and tells the camera to beat it.
This is Eddie’s first match since the Clash of Champions in August. Eddie hits a dropkick and finishes with the Frog Splash at 0:28. Tony figures that was a message to DDP that their issues aren’t over.
Fully initiated in the Dungeon of Doom, Konnan is given all his n’s back. The Gambler is dressed to the 9’s tonight, wearing a very classy top hat, and puffy shirt. This looks like a man who’s ready to take matters seriously, and finally win a match. In fact, he nearly scores an upset in a choke hold, but the referee won’t count once he spies the choke. Konnan comes back with a standing headlock/figure four combo, and upon release hits a powerbomb. Tequila Sunrise makes its debut and gets the win at 1:56. Damn it all. 1/2*
The nWo members are all bowing down to and chanting for Hogan. DiBiase wants to take over the world next. Hogan continues to make fun of Macho’s bald head, while Hall tells him to “snap out of it”. Hogan starts doing a dead-on Macho impression, “Hollywood Hogan is going to kick my ass in Vegas, oooooh yeah.”
Dusty feels that Rough & Ready are close to being world tag-team champions. Bo Beverly? I’m not okay with this. Speaking of Not Okay With This, the Jericho/Powers teaming is a visual I really could have done without. NICK PATRICK referees, and hopefully he’ll just send Jericho and Powers to the back, telling them “yeah, this combo? I don’t think so.” Dirty Dick pounds on Jericho, but Chris comes back with a monkey flip and scoop slam. Slater comes back with a running clothesline, and Enos takes Jericho to the floor. Enos beats on him a bit before rolling him back in. Enos misses a big splash and tags in Powers, and he’s promptly pinned with a backslide via the feet on the ropes at 3:10. Dusty thinks Patrick saw Enos using the ropes, and gets super irate. Long gets all up in Patrick’s grill, but he has no interest in having his authority questioned. Match of the night at *1/2.
Backstage, TONY SCHIAVONE gets a word with Nick Patrick. Patrick says no one’s feet were on the ropes, because if they had been, he would have seen it. Patrick says that if anyone’s responsible for the nWo advantage, perhaps he can look in the mirror because at War Games, what threw WCW off was the bogus Sting. And who spread the rumor about Sting joining the nWo? Tony Schiavone, more than anyone else. He’s also offended by Dusty Rhodes calling him nWo, he’s the most loyal WCW official there is. In fact, he proved it Monday by being the only person who had the guts to stay and referee during the nWo carnage. “As long as I’m here, WCW, you have nothing to worry about.”
Disco stops worrying about his hair long enough to show a little fire, attacking Chavo off the bell. A swinging neckbreaker delights Disco, who stops to dance. Damnit Disco, focus! His constant dancing between moves proves to be his downfall, however, as Chavo hits a monkey flip and holds on for the pin at 1:21. DUD
Now this is something I can sink my teeth into. Scott proudly declares the Armstrongs back in the house in WCW, which might be the last thing he EVER says if things go my way. They hit a double dropkick on Barbarian, and then deliver one to Meng as well. A double shoulderblock stuns Meng for a half second, but he comes back by no selling a sunset flip and stomping on Steve’s face. Barbarian lays in the chops, and fires off a big boot for 2. Meng comes off the top with a splash after a vertical suplex, and the Faces win at 1:33. I had so much more for more. *
TONY SCHIAVONE greets the winners backstage. Hart says the Dungeon loves Halloween, and can’t wait to get their hands on the Horsemen. Meng and Barbarian hilariously take over the microphone now, screaming gibberish, with the occasional “HALLOWEEN HAVOC” and “LAS VEGAS” thrown in. Barbarian turns to English at the end. “STEVE MICHAEL WE SHOW YOU WHAT WRESTLE IS!”
It didn’t take long for us to move into the era of using the Mexican Cruiserweights as jobbers. I’m disappointed in you, WCW. I hold hope that Juvi is going to score an upset, but he’s locked in a Rack at 1:06. Trash.
Once again, TONY SCHIAVONE works the backstage area. Lex says if the Horsemen want to point fingers at him for losing to the nWo, then so be it. He vows not just to defeat Arn Anderson, but to hurt him. Where Sting is concerned, everyone was fooled by the bogus nWo Sting. He’s apologized repeatedly, and now he’s going to give Sting a little space to work his problems out.
Main event time, but we’ve only got a couple of minutes left at most. Thankfully, Savage recognizes we’re short on time, and runs Bubba face first to the ringsteps. Back in, a double axehandle drops Bubba, and Savage starts dropping elbow after elbow. ELIZABETH looks on in concern. NICK PATRICK hits the ring, and takes a punch between the eyes. CHRIS JERICHO and CHAVO GUERRERO JR. rush down to stop the insanity, but Savage grabs Patrick by the hair and tears off through the crowd, as the copyright logo comes off and the show fades to black.

Will Patrick live to see Nitro? Will Lex Luger ever find love again? Will the Mexican imports win another match?
Hell if I know, Worldwide is next and they don’t care about any of that.

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I didn't realize the match on Nitro was for the tag titles, so I went back and read it figuring you were mistaken, but there it is . I thought The Outsiders won them from Harlem Heat after a long reign. Now I'm curious if they bounce around a whole bunch and end up with Harlem Heat, or what. I mostly remember Public Enemy fighting The Nasty Boys and French Canadians, so I'm in for another surprise somewhere.
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Did they really blur it? The block logo was never an issue before, and now they're even able to show the scratch logo again. Seems odd they've gone to the trouble of blurring it.
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