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The W - Pro Wrestling - WCW Prime: May 27, 1996
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BigDaddyLoco: This was so amazing when it happened. I really thought the WWF had enough. It was even better that it was Razor who swaggered in first.
Whitebacon: I'd watched the B-(and C and D) shows sporadically before this, as well as the occasional Nitro, but I distinctly remember coming home from either a baseball game and turning this on, catching Razor interrupting the match in the first hour and having my 13 year old mind completely blown.
This was the beauty of what happened on Nitro, in the days before we all had Internet connections and access to what was going on backstage RIGHT NOW. I mean, Razor freakin’ Ramon just walked out on the competition’s program, and threatened to put them out of business because they’d run their mouths one too many times.
This was the big angle that really separated WCW from Vince McMahon. When given the same opportunity on several occasions, Vince has presented the competition as an inferior brand to his own, and allowed the WWF to triumph over them every step of the way. WCW on the other hand was allowing a WWF guy to walk out on their program, announce the WWF is the better show and they were going to PROVE IT. And why not? Ultimately, the fans are going to be watching the WCW program at the end of the day, and if Razor’s under WCW contract, what does it matter if he looks strong? You WANT him to look strong because he works for YOU and is going to draw a lot of money. And the fans bought in, hook, line, and sinker.
It’s False: In retrospect, how much different would history have been if Vince had simply issued a Cease & Desist the moment this happened?
Not very. Bischoff couldn’t have given a crap what the WWF lawyers thought, he was going to do things his way come hell or high water. We’ll see the first stages of a WWF threatened lawsuit at the Great American Bash, and how WCW just dances around that.
Dr. Unlikely: Hall bringing up the fact that Savage can't get into the building while Hall not only got in, but managed to stay in for most of the show is a nice bit of foreshadowing that I hadn't considered at the time. Based on events as presented, my money would have to be on DDP as the mole at this point, with his former protege Scott Hall recruiting DDP at his lowest to open the gate for whatever Hall had planned just as DDP might have had the #1 contender role. We'll see if any other evidence presents itself that might strengthen that case.
Page was kicked around as part of the plans for ages. He was tight with Razor, Diesel, and Bischoff – and they really wanted to make him into a main event player. The trouble was, the initial booking got so complicated by the sudden influx of WWF talent jumping ship left and right to get a piece of it that it became difficult to insert Page as the motor driving the nWo boat. Your theory is the one that from a storyline standpoint makes the most sense, and while it would have probably done fine business if they had eventually introduced him as the fourth man, the direction they wound up going with Page was probably ultimately better for *his* career.
After all the excitement that transpired on Nitro, Prime is going to have to dedicate some serious man hours to keeping us all up to date on the latest Razor Ramon.
Assuming this show has priorities, of course. Johnny B Badd is still very present in the opening credits, and I’m going to assume if Sting makes an appearance he’ll have a full head of blonde hair and be tagging with the Ultimate Warrior.
CHRIS CRUISE and DUSTY RHODES can’t wait to cover the big news … coming out of Slamboree over a week ago!
I have to love the fact WCW isn’t even trying to hide the fact this show was recorded months ago, or that it was part of a giant taping. Case in point, one David Penzer during this, the opening contest, announcing “our next match…” Armstrong is of course the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight title, but he just did the job to the champion at Slamboree, and “Hardwork” Bobby Walker on Nitro. Liger nails a rana, and moves to the armdrags cuz that’s how he rolls. Enzuigiri (or as Dusty calls it, Lou Gehrig) drops Bradstreet, and tries a surfboard, but no tap. Liger chops away, and follows with a spinning heel kick to serious heat for some reason. Must be due to his involvement in Pearl Harbour or something. Superplex sets up the swandive, but Armstrong moves and hits a dropkick. Side Russian legsweep out of nowhere gets the win for Armstrong at 4:04. I’d call that the worst booking decision WCW could have made, by having Liger job to a jobber on freaking Prime, but this was before we could wrap our minds around the idea of jobbing the IWGP title to a tequila bottle. **
The feud that nobody asked for CONTINUES here on the Prime! Wallstreet throws Pittman shoulder first into the ring post – a smart move, because if they’d used his Extra Hard Head That Feels No Pain, he would have immediately hulked up and ended the match. Wallstreet tries an abdominal stretch, a move Cruise calls the “coup de gras” of professional wrestling. And if you can’t trust Chris Cruise, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Dusty starts going on about a time Dory Funk had the abdominal stretch locked on, but he managed come back and win. Dusty doesn’t have abs, so I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Wallstreet rolls up Pittman with a handful of camo at 3:04, and then gets into a shoving match with Teddy Long. Then, DESPITE having already won the match, Pittman rolls Wallstreet up, and the referee counts a SECOND pin at 3:24 and now Pittman is announced the winner. -*** for the finish alone.
We take a Very Special Look at the Public Enemy – and if you’re anything like me, you hit the fast forward button.
I’m not liking the Fear’s chances right after a video package for Public Enemy, but stranger things have happened. Grunge tries a bunch of clotheslines on Meng, but that only serves to make him wildly wave his arms and make savage noises. The Fear hit duelling headbutts on Grunge which drops him, and then they drop headbutts together on the mat. In comes Rock, who is promptly turned inside out with a Barbarian clothesline. Rocco comes back with a standing senton and heads up quickly. Barbarian cuts him off which crotches Rock, and makes the 8 fans in attendance boo with some gusto. Superplex gets 2, and a pier 6 erupts. Meng dumps Grunge, leaving Rock alone with both guys. He manages to get up, but the NASTY BOYS run in and shove Rock off the top. Meng hits the kick of Fear, and we have unexpected winners at 3:23. I dig, I dig. *1/2
THE AMERICAN MALES vs. STING and LEX LUGER (for the WCW World Tag-Team titles)
The Males have earned this title shot on account of jobbing to every team and non-team in WCW over the better part of the last 4 months. Riggs dropkicks Luger around and about, and since this was taped ages ago, Luger’s still in full fledge heel mode and throws a tantrum. Riggs slams Luger face first from buckle to buckle, but Luger comes roaring out of the corner with a forearm smash. Both guys tag out, and Bagwell quickly slams Sting. Luger goes for a T-Bone suplex, but Sting blocks it and slams Buff. Bagwell hits a Fisherman’s suplex, but Luger breaks up the pin, and Sting’s subsequent Oklahoma roll gets the win at 3:19. **
Collins has the build of a trampoline bouncing Dennis Stamp, but Collins has one major advantage over Stamp: He’s been booked. The fans can’t decide which one of these guys is the babyface, so they just start booing and giving the thumbs down to everything. Collins is tossed to the outside, and Parker drops a double sledge off the top rope. Back in, Parker can’t get the pin, and Lifeguard fights to show some life. Parker grinds his elbow into the Lifeguard’s face, but Collins whips out his small package (no – wait!) for the win at 4:48. These guys are hilariously terrible, and throw theatre quality punches at each other all the way back to the dressing room. DUD
“HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN vs. THE GIANT (with Jimmy Hart) (in the Moo Match of the Week for the WCW World Heavyweight title)
Giant is inexplicably using One Man Gang’s music here; but I’d call that the least of Prime’s problems. Duggan, ever the cheater, attacks Giant on his way into the ring with his “bowling ball hands”, but Giant turns the tide with one act of clubbering. More punches from Duggan that Giant just shakes off. Duggan tries a slam, but winds up in a bearhug. Duggan only has one way out – biting the nose. Giant rages, and misses a blind charge. Duggan tapes the fist, and hits Giant with 3 big shots. Dusty asks if the referee is completely blind since the tape is hanging right off Duggan’s hand, to which Cruise replies: “I think the referee realizes Duggan needs all the help he can get.” Wrestling in a nutshell; it’s ok to cheat if you need the help. Second later, Giant chokeslams Duggan for the win at 3:09. 1/2*
The announcers wrap things up, where Cruise wants to talk NFL vs. Horsemen, and Dusty wants to try and shave Cruise with his credit card. Dusty promises a beard for next week’s program. Will he have one by then? We’ll just have to tune in and see.

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If I recall correctly, during The Giant's face run in '97 (after he left the nWo for the first time, and teamed with Luger), The Giant didn't even have music-- though occasionally, they had him come out to Luger's music.

On those occasions when Giant was really pissed off and had THAT look in his eyes, him coming down to no music was quite effective. "Oh shit, someone gonna get they ass kicked."

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Too funny, but very true............ To add my 2 cents on Goldust, I enjoyed the angle even though as stated it can't have a payoff without Orton or Batista, not that anything in the WWE actually has a payoff anymore. I thought he was funny as hell.
- Meng, Where's Goldust?? (2003)
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