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The W - Pro Wrestling - WCW Nitro: June 10, 1996
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With mere days to go before the Great American Bash, questions abound! Is Lex Luger psychologically ready to face the Giant one more time after being put through a table? Is Razor Ramon bringing other WWF superstars with him, and if so, is it Giant Gonzalez? Why is Glacier expected to change our world? Who is Rey Misterio Jr.? Why is Kevin Sullivan? Stay tuned!
TONY SCHIAVONE and LARRY ZBYSZKO are all hype for the two jammed packed hours of Nitro! Joe Gomez debuts tonight, teaming with … the Renegade. Way to kill him right out the gate guys. The Giant also faces Scott Norton. Tony recaps the Razor Ramon interruptions, and wonders what the “big surprise” is that’s been promised.
You’ll notice Stevie Ray and Rick Steiner never really wrestle in singles. Though to you and I, especially with the benefit of 17 years of hindsight, know who the more talented wrestlers are, promoters often miss the boat – and this is one case where the company definitely knew which guys were buttering the tag-team division’s bread. Steiner gets a massive reaction from the fans, so Booker pulls him by the hair and throws him across the ring. Steiner’s not happy about his mullet being used against him, and Scotty tries for a backdrop suplex, but Booker lands on his feet. A belly to belly is countered with an elbow to the face, while Steiner ducks the Harlem sidekick. Scott finally hits a tigerbomb, and the fans pop huge. Atomic drop and clothesline send Booker to the floor, but Scotty’s right behind him with an axehandle off the apron and quickly rolls Booker back in. Booker nails a heel kick right to a charge Steiner’s face, and follows with an axekick for 2. Scott fights to his feet, but Booker rakes the eyes quickly, slams Scott, and heads up for a top rope crossbody getting 2. Booker tries a suplex, but Scott floats over and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop, which the announcers completely miss. Scott backdrops Booker, and sucks the wind and life right out of him with a belly to belly. Frankensteiner is called for, but Booker hooks the ropes and Scott eats nothing but air. Booker flies across the ring with the Harlem Sidekick, but Steiner kicks out at 2! Booker goes for the rarely seen swandive headbutt – but Scott moves and Booker crashes! Scott is quick to his feet with an overhead belly to belly, and scores the pin at 5:54. And thus continues the ridiculously hot run of Scott Steiner, and Booker gets to show off a little of his skills – no complaints! ***1/2
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND catches up with Steiner after the break, while the fans “literally” hang from the rafters! Scott promises there will be a winner against Fire and Ice this weekend, as per the stipulations of their agreed upon match. DEBRA MCMICHAEL interrupts him, and asks to address Gene in regards to Mongo. This is of course Debra’s speaking debut, for those keeping track. Scott agrees that Debra needs the interview time more than he does, “she looks very upset”. Weenie Scott Steiner slays me considering what he ultimately became just two years later. Debra says she’s been unable to sleep, and then fails to properly remember her lines either, so Gene walks her through the interview. Highlight involves praising Anderson and Flair’s skills, calling them “professions”. She doesn’t want to see Mongo hurt permanently. Gene then keeps the comedy coming by stating Flair has “infuriorated” Mongo. Debra asks for a meeting with Flair and Anderson to talk this out before anyone gets hurt. Gene offers up Bobby Heenan for later on tonight. The fans boo the ever loving hell out of Debra.
Larry accuses Mongo of being behind Debra’s appearance tonight; and figures he’s chickening out, using his “skirt” as his out. Tony calls Mongo a man’s man. Just like the Shark! Powers gives Page a threatening look, so Dallas mans up and hides between the ropes for safety. As soon as he gets back in, Powers rolls him up for 2, and when Dallas argues that Powers had a handful of tights, Powers rolls him up again. Page complains about hairpulling to an unsympathetic referee, and stomps a mudhole in Powers. Gutwrench gutbuster is a whole lot of guts in one move, but Powers shows his guts by kicking out at 2. Gutsy. Page blind charges the corner, but gets a boot to the face that causes his gum to spew across the ring. 10 straight face shots to the buckle have Page dizzy, and Powers follows with a running high knee and dropkick for 2! Diamond Cutter out of nowhere gets the pin at 4:05. Page still kinda sucks, but he sells his ass off, and the Diamond Cutter is starting to get pops every time out. *1/2
I swear we take more Special Looks at Konan than we spend time watching him actually wrestle. And here’s another!
KONAN gets interview time with “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND about his opponent this weekend, the super mysterious South American, El Gato. Konnan cuts his promo in Spanish, because he’s trying to further alienate the Southern US populace. Thankfully, I took a Spanish Course just 3 minutes ago on Google, and loosely translated, Konnan said “El Gato is really Pat Tanaka in a mask, and I beat him on WCW Prime earlier this year. Now WCW wants you, the stupid consumer, to pay money for this. Losers.”
Meng starts with some serious clubberin’, which Larry mis-calls a “battering”. He needs to spend a little time with our main man Dusty, so he can learn that, the “whirly bird”, the “stomp to the belly welly”, and meet “Big Bubber”. Sting comes back with a crossbody for 2. A jumping faceplant drops Meng, but Meng no sells and just small packages Sting. A shoulderbreaker retains control, and Meng calls to the crowd – “HOOOO HAH!” Meng heads up for the flying headbutt, but Sting crotches him and slaps on the Deathlock! Meng taps at 3:10. Blah – these guys could have done so much more. *
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND brings DEBRA MCMICHAEL and COACH HEENAN together. Heenan suggests that Debra spends all night talking to Flair during the week, so wonders what the heck else they could possibly discuss. Heenan leads her back to the locker room, and slams the door in Gene’s face. Screams come immediately, and Debra frantically rushes out with Woman clawing at her. THE RENEGADE and JOE GOMEZ try to intervene – Gomez gets knocked out cold, and Renegade locked in the Figure Four while Anderson stomps at him at the same time.
Last week, Taylor interfered in Duggan’s match with Regal, and while it’s shocking that Duggan managed to remember this, he’s allegedly demanded a match with Taylor. Undoubtedly this will be the first step in Dave Taylor’s impending mega-push to the World Title. Duggan calls for the hooooo-train, and engages in combat. Taylor takes a bunch of clotheslines, but you have to imagine he’s just playing possum. Fans chant USA while Taylor, on the floor, really gives it to them by screaming. Duggan stomps around like a special needs baboon, and takes a knee to the face. Taylor misses a springboard crossbody, and Duggan hits the 3 point stance for 2. Taylor cracks Duggan with a right, and goes to the European Uppercut! Oh, it’s ON now Duggan. Taylor dodges a blind charge and points to his head, but Duggan tapes the fist and cracks Taylor for the win at 2:26. What the hell is this garbage, what is the delay in Taylor getting the push he so richly deserves? 1/2*
In the locker room, BIG BUBBER and JIMMY HART are playing with the Shark’s hair in front of an envious “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND. We relive the announcement that Shark is not a fish, but a man! Bubba says that for years, people have been laughing at Shark behind his back – he just gave people a reason to do it to his face.
After the break, Gene has made his way to the staging area to talk with SCOTT NORTON. Gene takes us back to last week’s chokeslam on Norton, and Norton’s fired up. He’s taken the chokeslam twice now, and he’s still standing. He refuses to let the Giant win this war.
SCOTT NORTON vs. THE GIANT (with Jimmy Hart) (for the WCW World Heavyweight title)
The entrances take forever because we get the stupid countdown clock taking us into hour #2, and are welcomed to ERIC “KEN DOLL” BISCHOFF and BOBBY “THE BRAIN” HEENAN. Seems kind of unfair that Norton has to stand in the ring while fireworks are blowing up all around him to celebrate the second hour; completely throwing off his hearing and vision, and a better man would use that as an excuse for their impending loss. Sorry, I truly don’t want to give away the results here, but … ya know. Norton hits a pair of avalanches, but a third gets a boot to the face, and the guys head to the floor. Norton claws at Giant’s face, but charges and runs into the post. Chokeslam is delivered on the concrete, and Giant gets the easy pin at 1:42. Here’s what’s great about the Giant’s push; he is a full blown, evil heel, that is completely unstoppable. They set him up challengers every week that come in fired up, with so much anger you believe maybe just for a second, they have a chance. And just when you think anything’s possible, the life is squashed out of them. It’s opening the door to getting someone over HUGE when it ends, assuming they were building ahead that way, and a reminder why it’s always good to keep your top stars as strong as humanly possible because the big matches in turn will draw more dollars. DUD
LEX LUGER rushes the ring to attack, but Giant swats him away like a mosquito and sends him to the floor. A big foot drops Luger, and Giant clears Flair’s VIP section to chokeslam him through the table again. This time though, Luger grabs the champagne bucket and slams Giant over the head. Giant roars, while THE DUNGEON OF DOOM rush to ringside. Luger bails, and rushes to the safety of Uncle Eric. Generic stuff; Great American Bash, you and me, see you THERE.
Last week, The Nasty Boys appeared on some TV show with Dennis Rodman, and made him an honorary Nasty Boy. Heenan: “Rodman used to look pretty good until he put on that shirt, now he looks like garbage!”
Meanwhile, Kevin Greene was on Jay Leno to promote his upcoming match at Bash at the Beach; where Leno insisted he adopt a nickname, going with “Shallow Grave” Greene.
This is a rematch from Saturday Night, clearly demanded after the hard fought, gruelling 57 seconds in which Regal dominated Kidman like a prison bitch. Kidman smiles to the fans a lot, which is about all I’m expecting to see out of him here. But no, Kidman shocks me with a tornado bulldog – but promptly misses a 450 splash, and gets flattened with an overhead belly to belly, followed by the Lasso from El Paso at 0:57. Impressive, they managed to time this rematch down to the second. STING rushes the ring, and delivers a backhanded slap to Regal as payback from 8 days ago. Regal gets his bearings together and puts up his dukes while favouring his jaw. 1/2*
No opening bell, because everyone just throws down and brawls from the get-go. I could seriously do without ever seeing any combination of these wrestlers compete again at this stage. Is 5 months not enough to settle whatever the hell they need settling, even though it’s never clearly been established? It’s impossible to follow the action on the tiny split Nitro screens – and I don’t care enough to try and bother. Once order is restored, the Nastys clubber Grunge in the corner. That goes nowhere, so Saggs starts beating up both members of TPE by himself. Saggs drops a leg on Grunge’s pooter, and turns things over to Knobbs. More nonsensical brawling breaks out, and we go to the far camera to try and see everything. Saggs gives Grunge a spike piledriver that looks far too dangerous to be used in his clumbsy hands – and we take a commercial break.
OUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! PREPARE YOURSELF! They’ve now ripped off Mortal Kombat’s music as the backdrop to these promos. I’m glad we’re being given so much warning, because this is undoubtedly going to be the biggest debut in the history of wrestling.
Back to the show, more of the same. This just goes on, and on, and on. At some point in here, Saggs gets a hot tag or something, but this is moving at a snail’s pace so it’s more of a “flat tag”. Nastys clear the ring, and Rocco just stomps off. That leaves Grunge alone to be beat up, but Rocco returns with a garbage can… and immediately gets run over by Knobbs, and drops the weapon. Saggs pumphandle slams Rock, and Knobbs goes to go off the top – but Grunge swings at him with his arm that’s in a cast, misses by 8 feet that Knobbs sells anyway, and Rock gets 2. Back to the split camera, because who likes following this stuff? Actually I don’t, so whatever. Saggs slams Rock with the garbage can on the head, causing a DQ at 9:05. If it wasn’t for the stupid Uncensored Main Event, this might well be the worst match of the year. These guys couldn’t have been any more slug-like, and unmotivated. -****
Bischoff excitedly introduces yet another video package about Hulk Hogan. It’s Hogan video package overkill – PLEASE don’t forget about him!
LEX LUGER and STING vs. RIC FLAIR (with Woman and Elizabeth) and ARN ANDERSON (for the WCW World Tag-Team titles)
Sting and Luger seem like a pretty unfair replacement for Joe Gomez & The Renegade, for both teams. Flair and Anderson have to unfairly step up their game unprepared, just 6 days before a major PPV match, while Sting is doing double duty and has to defend his title. Bischoff apologizes profusely for Joe Gomez not being able to appear tonight, and I’m sure his immediate family appreciates the condolences. Bischoff also discusses Kevin Greene putting his new contract with the Panthers at risk by wrestling; which was a very real prospect. Football teams were less than thrilled at Greene’s newfound offseason hobby, and would eventually force a clause in his contracts stating “no wrestling”. Off the bell, Flair chops at Luger, who no sells and press slams the former champ. Anderson charges to get a shot in, but eats an elbow. Both Horsemen bail, and Flair heads to his VIP section to regroup only to find it was already destroyed earlier by The Giant. With no champagne on hand, Flair is forced to get back in the ring with Luger, who is seriously fired up tonight. He roars at Ric repeatedly, and whips him to the buckle – right into Sting’s awaiting fists, and he knocks him cold. Luger suplexes Ric back into the ring, but misses an elbowdrop and Anderson tags in. Arn rushes, but Luger tags Sting who backs Anderson right back to his corner. Arn misses a blind charge, but stops himself in the corner and points to his head – but of course Sting is standing right there and decks him. Sting faceplants Arn, and press slams Ric. Flair rushes his VIP section again, this time bringing over a chair – but Sting is standing there intimidatingly, and Ric drops it, having no idea what to do. Arn asks for a timeout, and so does Bischoff as we head to commercial.
Returning live, the Horsemen are still being dominated, as Sting hits an inverted atomic drop, sending Anderson sprawling towards Luger who decks him. Flair tags in, and heads up but Sting catches him, as usual. Sting then goes up, hitting a top rope clothesline, but Arn saves at 2. Sting takes Ric to the top, and nails a superplex. Flair, with his bad back, is just writhing at this point, and only has one move left … the poke to the eye! Arn is tagged in, and chokes Stinger in the ropes. Spinebuster is on point, but somehow Sting kicks out. Sting knees Arn in the beans, so he tags out and in comes Flair with the knife edge chops. Flair tries a suplex, but his back goes out from the earlier abuse. Sting rolls him up, but Arn saves – while Heenan screams that he should have DDTed him. Sting packages Flair while the referee is busy telling Luger to stay in his corner – and after about an 8 count, the referee turns around and counts 2. Bischoff calls for a second commercial, while Heenan begs to be allowed at ringside.
Back from the break, Flair’s whipping Sting to the guardrail, and he’s dazed. He gets back in with a sunset flip on Flair, getting 2. Sting and Flair trade pin types, but Arn tags in and slams him. Vaderbomb is blocked with Sting’s knees, and Luger is begging for a tag. Sting gets there, and the fans explode! Luger press slams Flair HARD, and throws some pretty vicious forearm shots at both guys. He sends both guys sprawling with a clothesline, and that draws in THE GIANT now, and the referee throws this out at 13:24. You almost sensed a potential tag-team title change here; so this is an odd run in. **1/2
Giant hits Luger with a big right, and that knocks him cold. SCOTT STEINER rushes the ring with a chair and I’m talking wooden folding chairs that don’t have a lot of give to them. He swings wildly and cracks Giant square in the face – jeeezus! Sting, Luger, and Steiner attack 3 ways, but Giant actually fights them off. JIMMY HART begs him to walk away, while Luger wields the chair. The fans chant “LUGER, LUGER!”, and “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND rushes in. Giant just screams “LUGER, YOU’RE A DEAD MAN!” He encourages him to bring a chair or whatever he wants, but promises he’s leaving on a stretcher.
Heenan throws a tantrum about Savage’s involvement coming up at the Great American Bash. Heenan says he never took a dollar of Flair’s money that was filtered through Liz, and that he doesn’t want to be touched or bothered at ringside. He’s about to continue, but sees something, panics, and runs for the hills.
What he saw was the incoming RAZOR RAMON, and Bischoff’s alone now. “I don’t want any trouble with you, I don’t want any trouble with you here now. But I am going to point out, you came out here last week … where is it? The big surprise? I mean, I’m hearing a lot of talk, but where’s the walk?” Bischoff puffs out his chest now at Razor – missing that freakin’ DIESEL is standing right behind him. Razor encourages him to turn around, and when he doesn’t, a big meaty hand forces him to spin. “You’ve been sitting out here for six months running your mouth. This is where the big boys play huh? Look at the adjective – play. We ain’t here to play. Now he said last week that he was gonna bring somebody out here. I’m here. You still don’t have your 3 people, and you know why? Because nobody wants to face us. This show’s about as interesting as Marge Schott reading exerts from Mein Kampf. Yeah, no trouble cuz you know I’ll kick your teeth down your throat. Where’s your 3 guys? What, you couldn’t get a palaeontologist to get a couple of these fossils cleared? You ain’t got enough guys off a dialysis machine to get a team? Yeah where’s Hogan? Where’s Hogan? Out doing another episode of Blunder in Paradise? Where’s the Macho Man huh? Doing some Slim Jim commercial? Hey, we’re here. You wanna say something?” “Look I don’t have the authority right here right now. The fight isn’t with me. You want 3 guys? Tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock, I’m gonna be in Atlanta. I’m gonna be in the offices of WCW, I’ll try and get you your fight. And you know what? Live this Sunday in Baltimore, at the Great American Bash, you guys want to show up? You want a fight? You show up, I’ll see if I can get you your fight.” Diesel: “Hey I don’t know about you, but they love us in Baltimore.” Razor: “Hey big mang, I say me and you we be at the Bash, maybe these punks wanna fight.” “Bring what you got, the measuring stick just changed around here buddy, and you’re looking at it.” And with that, Nash shoves Bischoff down, who desperately calls to the producers to cut the show off immediately. And again we fade.
You want to sell a pay-per-view? Yeah – that’ll work.

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.83
    Originally posted by cfgb
    Meng taps at 3:10.

Two things here:

1) WHAT?

2) When did WCW (or WWE for that matter) bring in the tap out to replace the exaggerated head nod?

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker
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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.83
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
      Originally posted by cfgb
      Meng taps at 3:10.

    Two things here:

    1) WHAT?

    2) When did WCW (or WWE for that matter) bring in the tap out to replace the exaggerated head nod?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Ken Shamrock.

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    Originally posted by Hokienautic
      Originally posted by Matt Tracker
        Originally posted by cfgb
        Meng taps at 3:10.

      Two things here:

      1) WHAT?

      2) When did WCW (or WWE for that matter) bring in the tap out to replace the exaggerated head nod?

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Ken Shamrock.
This is eight months before Ken debuted on Raw.

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Wasn't Taz doing it in ECW around this time?


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#6 Posted on
Had to google it, but yes, Taz debuted the Tazmission and tap out in late 1995.

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    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    Wasn't Taz doing it in ECW around this time?

Yeah I remember some wwe show Joey Styles and Tazz were comintating on Joey brought that up. Said in the Tazzmission they can't breathe to say yes or nod their head because Tazz has it clutched. I thought it was some kayfabe story.
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    Originally posted by cfgb
    Here’s what’s great about the Giant’s push; he is a full blown, evil heel, that is completely unstoppable. They set him up challengers every week that come in fired up, with so much anger you believe maybe just for a second, they have a chance. And just when you think anything’s possible, the life is squashed out of them. It’s opening the door to getting someone over HUGE when it ends...

...and that someone wound up being the one person who needed it the least, because WCW!

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Yes, I see he did say that. I skipped over that bit first time through. My bad. *goes and stands in the corner*
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