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The W - Guest Columns - WCW Monday Nitro: September 4, 1995
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PLUGS: Before I start, if I may… If you haven’t visited my homepage, you’re missing out. We update about 3 times a week, and have got a nice crew of regulars. Bryon Frazier writes a very witty article about any issue in the WWE today, and then discusses something he misses from having WCW around – entitled, appropriately enough, “The Issue and A Reason I Miss WCW”. Ender will check in from time to time with his pieces “Missing Art” – discussing things he likes and dislikes about the wrestling business, including stories from his cup of coffee inside the business. Gary Holmes writes a great DDT Digest style MLW recap once a week. And other guests check in from time to time with their pieces. is the place to be – visit today!

I’m in wrestling heaven! My best friend came by yesterday, and I’m working out a deal with him that’s going to bring me every WCW Monday Nitro in 1995 and 1996. Oh yes, there will be recaps and lots of ‘em!

From the land of 10,000 lakes – the FIRST EVER Monday Nitro is on the air! ERIC BISCHOFF and MONGO MCMICHAEL are LIVE from the Mall Of America in Minnesota. But they’re not alone, BOBBY HEENAN wanders over to join the crew and immediately sucks up to Mongo, despite having bashed him repeatedly in the past.


Pillman and Liger fight over armdrags – while Liger wins, and hits a spinning heel kick in the corner. Liger comes off the top with a moonsault for an early 2, and hooks a headlock before Pillman can get up. To the corner – CHOP! Pillman comes back with a headscissors takeover and foot to the face. Rana from the top, cover, and a 2. From the mat, Pillman hooks an abdominal stretch. Holds the shoulder, rolls back, draws a 2. Liger with a drop toe hold – and works it into a surfboard to a huge pop! He rolls forward, and moves his arms into a chinlock before releasing. Pillman with a rana, but can’t follow up as he gets backdropped to the floor. Liger’s right behind him with a flying body attack, and quickly rolls back in. Pillman to the apron – Liger tries a suplex, but it’s reversed and Liger’s on the floor. Pillman goes to the top – and launches himself off with a plancha! Everyone gets in – Pillman goes up, but Liger cuts him off and superplexes him! Cover, 1, 2, Pillman kicks out. Liger tries something off the top – but Pillman is ready and dropkicks Liger on the way down. Cover, and a 2. Liger comes right back with a powerbomb, holds the legs, and draws a 2. Liger puts Pillman up top – top rope rana! Pilllman manages to get out at 2! Pillman is put back on the top – but he fights out and hits the tornado DDT for 2. Liger goes for a German suplex, but Pillman rolls through, hooks the legs, and gets a 3! (6:53) *** Excellent opener. Pillman offers the hand of respect, Liger takes it – and raise eachother’s arms.

STING tells Ric Flair nobody walks the aisle better than him, and he’d best beware the Scorpion Deathlock.

This segment of WCW is brought to you by Slim Jim. Snap into it!

GENE OKERLUND shills the hotline! Get your parents permission and call often!

Promotional consideration brought to you by Batman Forever from Acclaim, Big Aim, and Pierre Cardin Insatiable for men.

EARLIER TODAY: ERIC BISCHOFF caught up with PASTAMANIA! Hogan promises Pastamania and Hulkaroos will be running wild. And tonight, he’ll be putting the World Title on the line against Big Bubba, but with his Pastamaniacs he can’t lose. Whatcha gonna do? JIMMY HART waves around the World Title.

RIC FLAIR vs. STING (for the WCW United States title)

Starting a grand tradition – Bischoff announces this here match could be a main event anywhere in the country. At one time, he wasn’t a liar! And during the entrances, LEX LUGER wanders out, shocking the shit out of EVERYONE. For those not in the know, Luger had been working in the WWF for 2 years prior to this, blowing every big opportunity he was given. The week before this show aired, Luger had worked SummerSlam, running in at the end of the show, and basically skipped town giving Vince no warning. Luger figures he’s gonna stick around to watch this match, but DOUG DILLENGER asks him to leave. In the ring, we’re trading woo’s! Lockup, Flair puts on a headlock, Sting shoves him off, and Flair knocks him down with a shoulderblock. Flair darts back and forth, with Sting yelling “WOOOO” on every leapfrog. Gorilla press on Flair! Another one! WOOOOOOO – hiptoss, dropkick, and Flair rolls out to the floor to eat the clock. Back in, Flair takes a shortcut, and pokes Sting in the eyes. Chop, chop, chop, chop, punch, chop, Sting no-sells! Flair begs off, and gets gorilla pressed again. Flair jumps at Sting with a crossbody and both go tumbling to the floor. On the floor, Flair can’t get in anything and winds up gorilla pressed into the ring again. Stinger splash misses, but Sting was ready and hits a bulldog! He tries another Stinger splash, but Flair puts up his elbow and Sting crashes down. And we have to take a commercial break…

When we return, Flair is in control. To the top, NO RIC, IT NEVER WORKS…argh. Sting cuts him off, and launches him across the ring. Gorilla press, cover, only a 2. ARN ANDERSON strolls down to ringside – and Heenan speculates the Horsemen have patched things up. Sting heads up to the top and flies with a splash…but nobody’s home! Vertical suplex, but Sting won’t stay down and runs over Ric with clotheslines. Whip – Flair flip, and clothesline on the apron. To the corner, Sting mounts, count the punches with me! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, that was fun. Hiptoss, Flair placed on the top rope – Flair tries to hammer out of it, and does! Flair attempts a hiptoss, and eventually takes him over with a snapmare, holding on, and bridging over for a 2 before Sting powers out. Backslide, 1, 2, kickout. They fight back up to the top, and Sting superplexes Ric! Sting stops to chat with Arn Anderson temporarily about something, and Ric clips Sting at the knees. NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL! Figure four is applied! Sting beats his chest like an ape, Sting nearly turns over, so Flair hooks the ropes and cheats like crazy. The referee catches him, Ric won’t break, and the referee throws it out. (8:42) ***1/2 Arn steps into the ring at this point, Ric begs off…and punches Anderson in the mouth. Now it’s on! They brawl out to the floor, and Anderson beats the shit out of him until Ric runs scared back to the locker room. Sting looks on.

SCOTT NORTON stops by the commentary table and is yelling something about having signed a contract, getting in Mongo’s face. RANDY SAVAGE rushes over for the save and goes nose to nose with Norton – challenging him to a match RIGHT NOW. Bischoff however will have none of it, and SECURITY rushes over to pull Norton out of the building.

Sabu is coming to WCW – here’s some highlights.

GENE OKERLUND is midring, congratulating the winner of the Harley Davidson sweepstakes. His name is Mike Hill, and he lives in Cullman, Alabama. Yep, that’s all.

This week on WCW Saturday Night, Johnny B. Badd meets Dick Slater, Sting and Randy Savage team up against The Bluebloods, and we’ll have a special update on Fall Brawl.

Here’s a new athlete on his way, and he sure looks an awful lot like that IRWIN R. SCHYSTER fellow. “You know, in the past people have talked and talked and talked about the new generation. But in Mr. Wallstreet’s estimation, the new generation is nothing more than the few generation, and that’s why I’m here in WCW. It is about power, it is about money. And right here where the greatest wrestlers in the world are, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting, Vader, and now you’ve added to the list Mr. Wallstreet, hah hah hah hah hah. Oh, and I’m sure the IRS will be watching me real close, but that’s fine, because as you go down the road in the WCW, people will be sure to know that Michael Wallstreet is a real player.”

Promotional consideration paid for by Slim Jim, Hot Pockets (Whaddaya gonna pick?), and Tootsie Roll.

BIG BUBBA ROGERS vs. HULK HOGAN (with Jimmy Hart) (for the WCW world heavyweight title)

We lock up, and Hogan shoves Rogers back to the corner, giving him time to pose. They go to lockup again and Rogers puts on a headlock. Hogan escapes, and shoulderblocks Bubba down. This gives a chance for Hulk Hogan’s #1 fan, Hulk Hogan, to lead the crowd in a chant for Hulk Hogan. Test of strength offered by Hogan – and Bubba answers by kicking Hogan in the stomach. An attempt to drive Hogan’s head to the buckle is blocked – and Bubba gets slammed head first 7 times instead. Rogers finds an Achilles heel – and pokes Hogan in the eyes. Backbreaker! Could this be the end of Hulkamania??? Bubba even gets in 4 more body shots before Hogan hits a couple big boots out of the corner and shoves him over. That was a close call kids! He mounts Bubba and punches him 6 times, and threatens a ref in a show of good sportsmanship. Bubba stands and nails Hogan, leaving him draped in the ropes. Bubba straddle hits – and it gives him a chance to attack Jimmy. MY HERO! Hogan goes to save his manager, and rolls Bubba back into the ring. He chokes out Bubba with Jimmy’s coat, mounts the corner, and punches 10 times. YES, Hogan brought out the CHEST RAKE! Scoop and a slam is followed by 2 elbowdrops from the champ. Bubba gets up and hits a slam of his own – and amazingly is able to slam Hogan headfirst to the turnbuckle, just one time… Blind charge misses – Hogan tries an attack, and gets hit with the Bossman Slam! 1, 2, forget it, it’s time for the Pastamania to run wild. Punch, punch, punch, big boot, legdrop, 1, 2, 3. Champ retains. (7:07) *1/2

The fun isn’t over though, because here comes the DUNGEON OF DOOM! Shark, Zodiak Man, Kevin Sullivan, and Kamala are the suspects tonight. LEX LUGER hits the ring to help Hogan out – and the two nearly belt eachother. They get in eachother’s face, and Hogan the racist screams “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM”. STING and RANDY SAVAGE join them to help sort out their issues, and we’ll be right back…

The battle against muscular dystrophy continues at Fall Brawl! Sunday, September 17th live on PPV.

This segment of WCW is brought to you by the Army. Be all that you can be.

The same crew is still in the ring when we return, and GENE OKERLUND has joined the party. Hogan wants to know why Lex is in his yard? Luger informs Hogan he may be the #1 wrestler in the world today, but he’d like a crack at the belt. He’s been down the same road as Hulk, and beaten the same people he has. “I’m sick and tired of playing with Kids”. Hogan promises he’s gonna be World Champion forever (not that much of a stretch) – and there’s nothing Luger can do about it. Hogan promises that if Luger shakes his hand, he’ll put the belt on the line next week on Nitro in Miami.

NEXT WEEK: Luger against Hogan for the belt, Sabu and Michael Wallstreet will be in the house, and more action than you can find anywhere. And that wraps things up!

Okay, so it may not sound like the world’s most EXCITING show now – but at the time, it worked wonders. Great wrestling and colourful characters were a very different look from the regular Monday Night RAW. If you’re gonna come in, do it with a bang!

Just for comparison’s sake – the last RAW before Nitro got a 3.2. The first RAW after Nitro got a 2.22.

Oh yes…it was on.

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That is so funny. But, um, you DO realize that his boots cover his heels, right?
- ScreamingHeadGuy, Inside The Ropes - Special T & A Edition (2003)
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