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22.6.18 1212
The W - Guest Columns - WCW Monday Nitro: September 18, 1995
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I did have a plan to do Fall Brawl 1995 before this show, but I spent the day hungover and when I was ready to do something, it was kinda late to be starting a three hour show. Excuses aside, Fall Brawl 1995 is the next project, unless TNA comes up first of course.

Itís the fastest, most exciting hour of action you can find anywhere, and this week Monday Nitro is LIVE from Johnson City, Tennessee and only on TNT!

Our hosts as usual are ERIC BISCHOFF, STEVE MCMICHAEL (with Pepe), and BOBBY HEENAN. Fall Brawl was last night, and we may just have some highlights about this, so get Grandma out of the bathroom because excitement is in the air. An ambulance noise interrupts, so we cut toÖ

GENE OKERLUND is in the back where an ambulance has arrived at the building. KEVIN SULLIVAN and THE GIANT who finally officially debuted as a wrestler last night are inside. Giant calls himself an immortal. Gene says Giantís father would be mighty disappointed in him, but Giant disagrees, stating his father would want anything to destroy Hulkamania.


Before we can even start, Eaton is attacked on the apron by HARLEM HEAT. The new champs take over the ring. Booker T informs the crowd that The Blue Bloods shouldnít even be on Nitro, since they are the tag-team champions. Booker promises to turn up the heat tonight Ė and the Males agree to a match, but only if the belts are on the line.

THE AMERICAN MALES vs. HARLEM HEAT (with Sista Sherri) (for the WCW world tag-team titles)

Everyoneís throwing punches immediately, and the ref gets things in control quickly by ordering everyone back to their corners. Stevie Ray and Scotty Riggs start. Stevie chokes Riggs to the corner, but he escapes and dropkicks Stevie twice. Cover, but Stevieís tied up in the ropes. Bagwell takes a tag, and comes off the top with a double axehandle. Stevie Ray recovers and hits the 110th Street Slam. Booker T tags in, and puts on a headlock. He follows with a shoulderblock, and grabs Marcus attempting a leapfrog, and bodyslams him. Marcus wisely tags out. Riggs immediately takes an axekick, and Stevie Ray is tagged back in. Clothesline connects, and Stevie stomps a mudhole. Riggs wants a tag, so Stevie taunts Bagwell by allowing Riggs close, then pulling him away. Booker T comes in FLYING with the Harlem sidekick. I havenít seen him do it like that in yearsÖ Riggs comes back with a sunset flip, so Booker tags out on his way down, and the pin doesnít count. Stevie hits a scoop slam and goes back to Booker. Standing Harlem Hangover misses, Riggs kicks him a couple of times, and makes the hot tag to Bagwell! Marcus dropkicks everything in sight, so Stevie smartly catches on and sidesteps. Bagwell hits nothing and Heatís back in control. COLONEL ROBERT PARKER has appeared onstage for some reason. Sherri goes to help the Heat Ė but when she sees Big Rob, she melts into his awaiting arms. Stevieís none to pleased and barks at her. He turns back to Bagwell, tries a pumphandle slam, but Bagwell falls on top of him and scores the pinfall! We have new WCW tag-team champions! (4:42) **1/2 Bagwell and Riggs celebrate while Booker and Stevie Ray yell a lot.

UP NEXT: Paul Orndorff and Johnny B Badd.

Itís that WCW Hotline again. Play trivia, win prizes, learn something! Kids, get your parents permission and call often. 1-900-909-9900

Promotional consideration paid for by Frank Thomas: Big Hurt Baseball, Big A, and SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM.

It must be the Shank Of The Evening, because MEAN GENE is ringside and welcoming RIC FLAIR. Later tonight, Flair takes on Brian Pillman. Gene has to wonder if thereís an alliance between Pillman and Arn Anderson, after last night. Flairís incensed because Anderson broke the code. He brought an outsider in, not once, but twice. It was between the family, but not anymore Ė and it was a bad idea on the part of Anderson. Flair promises to chop the shit out of Pillman, and then heís going to kick Arnís ass. Gene: ďYou canít say that on the air!Ē SummerSlam ring a bell, Gene?

This week, on WCW Saturday Night Ė Sting takes on Lord Steven Regal, Cobra faces Craig Pittman again, a special interview with Dusty Rhodes, and an update on the condition of Hulk Hogan!


Johnnyís robe reads ďwhen youíre hot, youíre hotĒ. Orndorff is discussing the art direction from the film Deliverance when Johnny sneaks up from behind and points the Badd Blaster right at him. Orndorff bails before being shot. Johnny apparently has 9 stitches in his eye from last nightís half hour match. Wonderful stomps the hell out of Johnny to start. In the corner, knees are delivered while the ref desperately tries to pull Orndorff off. NICK PATRICK and Orndorff go nose to nose, and Patrick looks pissed. Johnny sees the opportunity and slams Paul. To the top Ė Johnny leaps, but Orndorff gets a foot up and Johnny eats it. And we have to step asideÖ

When we return, Orndorff is in control, and has apparently been working over the stitched eye. Mongo: ďGet out of the fridge, weíre back, and this is more action than a rooster sees in a hen house.Ē Orndorff goes to the top for a splash, but Johnny moves and Paul catches nothing. Johnny throws a bunch of lefts and knocks Orndorff out of the ring. Johnny makes the international sign of the Tutti Frutti, but fails to do anything. Orndorff stares at himself in the mirror Ė and Johnnyís had enough waiting and flies over the top with a crossbody. Back in Ė Johnny off the top with a double axehandle, cover, Orndorff kicks out at 2 and goes for the piledriver. Johnny reverses and backdrops Paul. Clotheslines follow, and now Johnny wants a piledriver of his own. Orndorff avoids it, tries a backdrop, but Johnny rolls through, hooks Orndorff Ė they blow the spot, Orndorff weakly rolls Johnny the other way, and we have a pinfall. (3:55) * Heenan whistles along with ďMr. WonderfulĒ.

Recently, Randy Savage was an extra on Baywatch, and we will not believe what happened between takesÖ

Hereís the video in question. RANDY SAVAGE is lifting weights, when out of nowhere KEVIN SULLIVAN attacks. He chokes Savage out with the barbells and wails on him in the sand. FUN IN THE SUN FLAIR makes the save, and tells Kevin to back off.

This segues directly into an appearance from Randy Savage, who will be interviewed by MEAN GENE. Savage isnít happy about Flairís help on the beach, as heís not interested in forming a friendship. As for Sullivan, when it comes to destroying a snake, you cut off its head. Moving ahead to War Games, he doesnít know where Hulk Hogan is, but the strong survive and heíll be fine. He is pissed off however that Lex Luger cheapshot him in the cage. Gene feels it was an error, but Savage says thatís what Sting and Jimmy Hart want them to believe since theyíre all Lugerís friends. Heís convinced the whole lot of them are joining the Dungeon Of Doom. LEX LUGER has had enough and jogs down the ramp. Luger wants to know why Savage is so wound up Ė and accuses him of having an agenda as well, since Savage wants to be the world champion. Savage says itís true he wants the belt back, but isnít letting the fact go he took a cheap shot last night. Savage wants a piece of Luger now, and loses it. Luger takes a bitchslap Ė and Gene demands they cut away to commercial.

STILL TO COME: Flair, Pillman, chop chop chopÖ

When we come back, the ringís been cleared. And Bischoff wants to show us some disturbing footage.

Last night, HULK HOGAN arrived at the building on a chopper, and looks like a dork. Disturbing indeed. Thankfully, the whole segment is redeemed when THE GIANT in a monster truck rushes the scene and trashes the bike Ė laughing like a madman the whole time. Hogan pounds on the side of the truckÖ

Later that night, The Giant walks down the ramp and enters the War Games cage after the match. He leaps over the ropes (holy shit he was in good shape!), and goes right after Hogan. He chokes Hogan and snaps his neck.

Geneís lonely, call his hotline! 1-900-909-9900, kids get permission, ladies drink free.

Promotional consideration brought to you by Hot and Lean Pockets, Pierre Cardin Insatiable, and Slick 50 Lube.

After the show Ė American Kickboxer II. Watch that, or go take ballet lessons. Bischoff says so.


Pillman attacks first and chops at Flair, but Flairís PISSED and turns it right around and chops the hell out of Pillman. Pillman rakes the eyes, forget it Ė Flair is NOT happy. More chops, and Pillman is thrown to the outside. Flair heads to the top, and hits a double axehandle all the way to the floor! More chopping on the outside, and Pillman decides to run for it. Flair catches him and runs him back to the ring. Flair heads in, and Pillman gives him a jawbreaker. Whip to the corner Ė Flair flip, but Flair clotheslines Pillman when he charges! Flair to the top again and AGAIN does not get caught Ė however does get dropkicked on the way down. Cover, 1, 2, Flair kicks out. Outside, Pillman whips Flairís arm around the ringpost. They both head out, and Flair takes back over with the chops. Hotshot to the guardrail Ė and Pillman Flair flops. Pillman gets back on the apron and tries a slingshot sunset flip Ė but Flair punches him right between the eyes when he tries to pull him over. Flair is The Man and donít you forget it. He goes up again, and the third time fails, getting tossed. Pillman tries a top rope splash, but Flair rolls out of the way and NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL! Pillman cradles Flair attempting the figure four Ė and gets 2. Both keep fighting and take eachother down with clotheslines. Flairís up first, and delivers more chops before slapping on the figure four! Pillman taps quickly. (5:24) ***1/2 GREAT energetic bout!

Flairís not done yet though, and grabs a mic. ďDouble A, read the sign and learn to love it. Because, you my friend, if not tonight, next Monday night on Monday Nitro will get your ass kicked by the Nature Boy! WOOOOOOOOO!Ē

This portion of WCW Monday Nitro is brought to you by Milky Way. When Hoganís selling injuries, youíve gotta make sure to milk it.

The commentators go to wrap things up Ė and wonder if Nick Bockwinkle will be reversing the tag-team match since it wasnít sanctioned by WCW. Heenan: ďSomethingís going on in the back.Ē Bischoff: ďSomething is going on in the backÖĒ And we donít get to see it.

NEXT WEEK: Disco Inferno debuts against Alex Wright, Kevin Sullivan faces Randy Savage, and who knows what else may take place? Weíll see you then!

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You should let me know what the year should actually be so I can edit the title

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Since the Males won the title, it would have been 9/18/1995 in Johnson City, TN.

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Son of Andre!

Ahhh the Pillman/Horsemen stuff, the shining light in the sea of crap that was 1995 WCW.

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1995 it is...


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    Originally posted by Guru Zim
    You should let me know what the year should actually be so I can edit the title
I'm pretty sure he's doing them in order from the very beginning.

It's False

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#7 Posted on

    Originally posted by cfgb
    GENE OKERLUND is in the back where an ambulance has arrived at the building. KEVIN SULLIVAN and THE GIANT who finally officially debuted as a wrestler last night are inside. Giant calls himself an immortal. Gene says Giantís father would be mighty disappointed in him, but Giant disagrees, stating his father would want anything to destroy Hulkamania.

I think Paul Wight's father should have been more worried about telling his son not to do any casket-surfing at his funeral 4 years later.

What is it with Big Show and angles involving his alleged "father"? Did anybody seriously buy that he was the "Son of Andre"?

Good recap, cfgb!

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GD: I don't know. Can you get me back on TV?
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