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20.5.18 2003
The W - Guest Columns - WCW Monday Nitro: September 11, 1995
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We are LIVE from Miami, Florida on TNT!

TONIGHT: The match of the century, Hulk Hogan vs. Lex Luger, Scott Norton, the debut of Sabu, and Mongo!!!

Our hosts are ERIC BISCHOFF, STEVE MCMICHAEL (hey, theres that Mongo sighting we were promised!), and BOBBY HEENAN who gets a Weasel chant.

LAST WEEK: Lex Luger jumps ship and calls out Hulk Hogan. Hogan agrees to put the belt on the line.

Bischoff announces Vader has gone AWOL, and will not be a part of the upcoming War Games, which means that the advantage has shifted to the Dungeon Of Doom, 4 guys to 3.


Sabu gets La Parkas music. Alex Wright gets Alex Wrights music. Apparently, Wright earned the right to have this match by defeated Diamond Dallas Page over the weekend. Sabu takes him down, and hits a springboard back elbow. Over the top Sabu hits a rana sending both men crashing to the floor. Sabu rolls in Alex gets to the apron, and Sabu dropkicks him off, following with a slingshot senton! (Bischoff: MOONSAULT!) Sabu sets up a chair and tries for Air Sabu, but Alex moves, and Sabu crashes into the guardrail. Wright stomps away and dropkicks Sabu. Scoop slam on the outside! Both men head back in, Wright heads to the top. Missile dropkick! Sabu rolls out, and Wright flies with the look ma, no hands! plancha! Alex heads in, and Sabu heads up to the top, and gets cut off. SUPERPLEX! Sabu recovers, and hits the springboard back elbow again. Wright recovers, hooks Sabu and hits the German suplex with a bridge, for 2. Both men fight to the top, where Sabu takes over, hits a headscissors, holds on to Wright, and scores the pinfall. (3:57) *3/4 Sabu isnt finished however! He throws Alex face first into the side of the ring and sets up a table. He sets Wright up on it, heads to the top, and dives onto Wright sending both through the table! NICK PATRICK changes his decision based on this, and disqualifies Sabu, meaning out winner is Das Wunderkind. Aye carumba.

UP NEXT: Sting and Michael Wallstreet!

This portion of WCW is brought to you by the US Army, be all that you can be.

Call the WCW hotline! Insider info and FUN TRIVIA! Kids, get your parents permission and call now.

Promotional consideration paid for by Foreman For Real by Acclaim, Big A Auto Parts, and beefy spicy Slim Jim.

GENE OKERLUND is midring and has a very special guest for us this evening. Welcome RIC FLAIR, whos only an 11-time World Champion at this point. The only thing missing in South Beach was the fact Arn Anderson was not by the side of Flair. Flairs disappointed Arn spent the day calling his wife and kids as opposed to styling and profiling. He flashes the Horsemen sign calling it the symbol of excellence! LEX LUGER decides to interrupt. Flair immediately sucks up, and tells Hogan that tonight the Package takes control. Some things never change Ric, youre too much. And Im gonna say too much pal! Luger laughs it off and heads to the back, while Flair tells Hogan it ends tonight.

LIVE, Sunday, September 17th Ric Flair takes on Arn Anderson at Fall Brawl.

V.K. WALLSTREET vs. STING (in a non-title match)

The Michael has apparently already been dropped, replaced with VK, which is kinda funny, though nearly no one (especially in 1995) is going to get. Wallstreet takes Sting over with a firemans carry. A hiptoss from Sting is followed by two dropkicks. Meanwhile, Mongo carries on about how nobody watches football and wrestling is what sports fans tune into every Monday night. *cough*SELLOUT*cough* Sting whips Wallstreet to the corner, who promptly rolls out to the floor to take a breather. Bischoff: Luger, 9 days ago was wrestling for the WWF, he just showed up and said I want to come to a place with some competition. Mongo: He literally came out of the bushleagues and came to where the Big Boys play. Wallstreet back in, and sends Sting over the top to the floor. Sting re-enters with a springboard clothesline, but cant maintain control, falling to a back elbow. Two elbow drops follow. Wallstreet tries a firemans carry, but Sting slips off the shoulders into a sunset flip for 2. He slams Wallstreet into the top turnbuckle headfirst 8 times and finishes with a clothesline. Knee to the back of Wallstreet VK stumbles to the corner, and heres a Stinger splash! Sting heads up hits the crossbody and thats enough for the win! (4:13) **1/4

COMING UP: Scott Norton and Randy Savage!

This week on WCW Saturday Night, the debut of Disco Inferno, Renegade and Max Muscle do battle, Big Bubba faces Dave Sullivan (ugh), and Brian Pillman takes on Alex Wright.


Norton attacks before the bell and pounds on Savage. A clothesline takes him down which gives Norton a chance to yell at Mongo, stating YOURE NEXT. Goldbergs a fraud! Double handed chokeslam! Savage ducks a clothesline, nails the hiptoss, and clotheslines Norton to the floor. Savage to the top double axehandle to the floor. Back in, clothesline. Savage goes up again, flies, but Norton catches him and takes it right into a bearhug! Savage falls, and Norton drives a fist into the back of Savage. Theres the powerbomb! 1, 2, Savage kicks out? Crud. Norton hits two backbreakers, hangs on, and Gorilla press slams Savage! Powerslam hits, cover, and Savage kicks out at 2. A running shoulderblock sends Savage to the floor. Savage slowly crawls back to the apron, and to speed things up, Norton picks him up by the throat, before DDTing him over the top. Norton heads up to finish him off, but Savage sidesteps and slams Norton to the mat. Running kneelift sends Norton crashing to the corner, and here comes the troops. AVALANCHE and KAMALA race down to ringside so Savage whips Norton into Avalanche, sending him down. Savage goes up, hits the elbow on Norton, and scores the pin! (5:40) ***1/4 WCW completely missed the boat on Norton looking back. KEVIN SULLIVAN, MENG, and THE ZODIAK MAN join the rest of the guys in the ring, and everyones upset with Norton for not getting the job done.

UP NEXT: Hogan and Luger make faces.

Promotional consideration paid for by Hot Pockets, Pierre Cardin Insatiable, and 66% less fat Tootsie Roll.

Coming up after Nitro, Bloodfight! Fight, or get the heck out of the way.

The battle against muscular dystrophy rages on only at Fall Brawls War Games!

LEX LUGER vs. HULK HOGAN (with Jimmy Hart) (for the WCW world heavyweight title)

Mongo: Theres a real man! Heenan: What do you think Luger is, a midget? They lock up, and Luger wins the battle sending Hogan back to the corner. He gets a pop, oddly enough. Lockup, and Hogan hits a drop toe hold into a half nelson. And with god as my witness, that last line was NOT a joke. Someone put his working boots on. Vertical suplex from Hogan but Luger no sells, stands, and flexes. Luger hits a vertical suplex, but now its Hogans turn to no sell and Hulk up. The HOGAN chant starts now, so Luger kicks Hogan in the stomach. Into the headlock, but Hogan shoves him off, so Luger bails. Hogan follows and throws Lex back in the ring. Backdrop from Hogan, while Bischoff rants about how Lex wasnt allowed past mid-level in the WWF but now hes in the ring with Hogan. Blind charge by Hogan misses, and Luger slams him. He gets Hogan in the Torture Rack!!!! The referee checks the arm of Hogan, which drops twice, and before the third drop, Luger celebrates his win but Hogans on the ground with an arm in the air. Luger suddenly realizes what hes done, covers quickly, but its too late and only 2. Here comes the Hulking up. Punch, punch, punch, big boot, legdrop, 1, 2, and, starting a bullshit tradition, here comes THE DUNGEON OF DOOM again. (5:29) *1/4 They dont even bother with Luger, going straight to pummelling on Hogan. STING and RANDY SAVAGE hit the ring to chase them off. Hogan gets in Lugers face for whatever reason, and we have to take a break.

This portion of WCW Monday Nitro is brought to you by Payday candy bar almost totally nuts!

GENE OKERLUND has joined the group in the ring. Hogan wants to know why the Dungeon Of Doom didnt touch Luger? Savage jumps in on Hogans side, but Sting wants to give Luger a chance. Sting even suggests Luger join the Wargames team, and Savage loses it saying hed rather go 4-on-3 than get stabbed in the back. Sting asks Savage if he respects him, which Savage says he does, so Sting votes Luger onto the team. Savage is still concerned that the Dungeon didnt touch Luger OR Jimmy Hart. Hart swears hes red and yellow. Savage votes against Luger, which means it all comes down to Hogans vote. Hogan agrees to test Luger with War Games, and Luger accepts ONLY if theres a title shot down the line. Savage goes crazy, knowing damn well there was an ulterior motive. Before Savage can properly snap though, we cut to the announcers.

NEXT WEEK: Paul Orndorff goes head to head with Johnny B. Badd, The Nasty Boys are here, so are The American Males, and The Bluebloods will face one of those teams. And we are DESPERATELY out of time see you at Fall Brawl!

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Big Bad

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It was always weird when WCW used to refer to Jimmy Hart as Hogan's "longtime manager," when they had been together for two years and everyone remembered Hart sending Earthquake, Dino Bravo, etc. against Hogan in the WWF.

All right, I'm enjoying Rhyno's "man-beast" gimmick: He keeps his hair long, wears full-body wrestling tights with a big "R" on the back and uses the "Rhino Gore" as his finishing move. Can't you imagine him watching the Discovery Channel one day while tossing around possible gimmicks and having one of those "Hey, wait a second!" epiphanies during a rhino segment?

To spruce things up, the WWF should give Undertaker and Kane last names -- like Undertaker and Kane O'Brien, the O'Brien Brothers -- just for comedy's sake. Hopefully the door's still open.

RVD is approaching the always-exciting "The crowd loves him, but he's not getting a major push yet" phase which helps makes wrestling so much fun. It only happens once every few years -- Stone Cold in '96, The Rock in '98, Shawn Michaels in '93 and so on. -- ESPN's Bill Simmons back in 2001

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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    It was always weird when WCW used to refer to Jimmy Hart as Hogan's "longtime manager," when they had been together for two years and everyone remembered Hart sending Earthquake, Dino Bravo, etc. against Hogan in the WWF.

I had always thought it was more of a business manager-type role that they had pushed him as, along the JJ Dillon route, rather than a corner man like Heenan. Of course, that doesn't make any more sense...

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When was the Brutus briefcase angle with Money Inc? Isn't that when Hart turned face?

Braving the horror show that is Comicon. We're not set up, but we'll be around all weekend.

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I remember it being on RAW, and I believe sometime in early 1993. Ah, I recall it was in the days when the show was confined to the puny Manhattan center, giving it the feel of a rather unpopular game show. I bet that's where they film four-hour blocks of Street Smarts these days.

"Whatever I just posted above is what your mother said in bed last night."
Big Brother

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    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    I remember it being on RAW, and I believe sometime in early 1993. Ah, I recall it was in the days when the show was confined to the puny Manhattan center, giving it the feel of a rather unpopular game show. I bet that's where they film four-hour blocks of Street Smarts these days.

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Thank you sir. I worked hard on it. Just in case anyone e-mailed me at the yahoo address, I don't use it anymore (too much spam) I am now at About the article, I just thought someone should call Austin on his many power plays.
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