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22.5.18 0834
The W - Guest Columns - WCW Halloween Havoc 1995
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8 years ago this week – WCW held their annual Halloween Havoc event. We’ve been watching the build for it in my Nitro recaps over the past couple months, and we’re finally here. Monster Truck Madness indeed!

Can I count my lucky stars that Nitro started AFTER Bash At The Beach 1995? A pre-game commercial gives me shivers remembering that atrocity.

Two demons have emerged! The Giant’s bike crushing, neckbreaking rampage have brought him to Halloween Havoc against Hulk Hogan, who himself has crossed over to the dark side! It will happen before YOUR very eyes at Halloween Havoc 1995!

We are LIVE from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan! Hosting this year’s events is the usual – TONY SCHIAVONE and BOBBY HEENAN are in the house. And believe it or not, Hulk Hogan and The Giant do battle TWICE! Here’s a sneak preview…

Outside, next door at the Cobo Hall, the monster trucks are getting warmed up. Cat and mouse is being played between The Giant and Hulk Hogan, who are just moving back and forth around the roof, attached by a chain.

We’re back, and Tony announces that Ric Flair’s been jumped by Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman in the back, which puts our tag-team match in jeopardy. Heenan laughs at it, stating Flair’s playing with the wrong people. Dropping a somewhat subtle hint towards future storylines – Tony wonders why Heenan’s been eating sushi all day. Heenan says nothing.

Here’s a video package on the Johnny B Badd – DDP feud. At Fall Brawl, Johnny won a match against Brian Pillman to become the #1 contender to the US Title. When his title shot arrived – he was a no-show. Pillman got the match instead. At the end of the program, Johnny arrived, covered in mud and oil. He had a flat tire, and Page gets in his face. Page wonders how anyone could be stupid enough to miss a title match. Johnny says he wouldn’t have missed this match if he could have avoided it. Maxx Muscle laughs – stating it’s hard to arrive with 4 flat tires. Badd only mentioned 1 tire however, and nails Page with the Tutti Frutti.

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE (with Diamond Doll and Maxx Muscle) vs. JOHNNY B BADD (for the WCW television title)

“Johnny” shows up, walking backwards on the ramp – when suddenly the real guy emerges from the crowd and attacks Page from behind before the opening bell. That’s payback for Page getting himself DQed before a match with Badd started on Nitro a few weeks ago – for those keeping up to date on the storylines here. Badd gets a boot to the midsection, and follows with a high knee to the face of Page. Page rolls out, Johnny follows, and takes out Maxx and DDP. Double noggin knocker is hit – and they brawl into the crowd. Back to ringside, Johnny puts a rusty bucket on Page’s head and claps his hands on each side! That’s followed by having his head run into the ringpost. Hiptoss is followed by a drop toe hold. Johnny slaps on an armbar. Page stands, but Johnny works him back to the mat with armdrags. The armbar is maintained – and Page yells about hairpulling. Johnny: “He’s a liar! You think I pulled his hair? You mean like this???” And he yanks back on Page’s mane. Patrick orders him to release the hold, which he does for about 0.5 seconds and re-applys the armbar. Johnny gets in a hiptoss for 2. 4 minutes in, and it’s all been Johnny, who’s now hitting dropkicks. I spoke too soon… Johnny gets cocky with the 10-punch count-a-long and gets dropped on his face. Page asks for a 10 – but Kimberly won’t give him anything. Page kicks Johnny in the midsection and gives himself a 10 by holding his hands in the air. Shoulderblocks are hit in the corner, and Badd’s completely winded. Page drops a knee across the face and gets a 2 count. Page throws Johnny face first into the turnbuckle and hits a belly to back suplex – which Kimberly gives a 10, but makes nasty faces about it. Page hits a pancake for 2. A headlock is applied – but Kimberly shows concern rather than excitement. So Maxx Muscle decides to become DDP’s valet, attempting to start a “DDP” chant. Badd fights to his feet – but Page pulls him hairfirst back to the mat for 2. Page goes back to the headlock, until Johnny looks to be on the verge of passing out, so he covers and scores another 2. Johnny comes back with a backslide for 2. Page is not happy and clotheslines Johnny for 2. Page attempts a backdrop, but winds up getting hit with a sunset flip, however he won’t go down and sits on Johnny instead giving him a 2 before it’s reversed by Johnny for 2 of his own. Page with a scoop powerslam for 2. Page and Johnny fight over a wristlock – which Page wins and slams Johnny to the mat to get a 2. Page drops an elbow, and signals Maxx to distract the ref. He does as told, so Page takes the tape off his wrists and chokes out Johnny! Page moves over to a chinlock before the referee turns around, while Kimberly pouts. Johnny fights out with help from the fans. Johnny hits a belly to back suplex – and both guys play dead. Page gets up first, at a 6 count from the referee. Badd gets a shot in at Page’s midsection and clips him at the knees. Inverted atomic drop is hit – followed by a regular one from Badd. Series of left hand shots connect, and the rana doesn’t miss either. Johnny heads to the top and hits a double axehandle! Johnny looks over at Kimberly who gives him a 10! Badd covers, 1, 2, Page kicks out. Badd hits a powerbomb for 2. Page manages to avoid another move and hits a Diamond Dream! Page slowly crawls over to Badd for a cover and gets 2. Page attempts the Diamond Cutter now, but Badd hooks the top rope, covers Page, and gets 2. To the corner – Badd again tries the 10-punch count-a-long, Page fights, so Badd sends him over the top and to the floor. Page tries to regroup with Maxx – but that doesn’t last because Badd flies over with a slingshot somersault plancha on the both of them. Page is rolled back in and Johnny completes the Badd Day…for 2. Badd sets up the Tutti Frutti in the ring, but he’s stopped and held hostage on the ropes by Maxx. Page goes to deck him, but Johnny ducks – however Page is able to hold up and not hit Maxx. He can’t stop Johnny from dropkicking him through, knocking Maxx off the apron in the process, and Badd gets a rollup, 1, 2, kickout by Page!!! Page throws Johnny outside, right into the arms of Maxx, but Johnny shoves him off into the ringpost and gets back in. Page gets a full nelson on Johnny, holding him for Maxx to do his worse – but Johnny slips out again and Maxx clotheslines Page. Maxx takes a Tutti Frutti – and Johnny quickly covers Page, 1, 2, 3!!! We’ve got a new WCW World Television Champion! (17:00) ***1/2 Kimberly’s all smiles about the finish, which is gonna cause problems in the Page household no doubt.


This is the man who main evented Starrcade 1994 – in case you’re seeking out the world’s fastest fall from glory. (Zodiak – not Savage) Savage stops to kiss a woman on the way to the ring. Off the bell, Savage rakes various body parts of Zodiak. SOME DRUNKEN FAN attempts to interfere, as fans have a tendency to do during Randy Savage matches. While the referee kicks his ass, Savage and Zodiak head outside, pretending to not to notice. The fans are popping whatever the fan is doing once he’s off camera (likely taking a beating from security) – while Heenan sells it as a standing ovation for the Macho Man, who’s also taking an ass kicking, though from the far less intimidating Brutus Beefcake. Scoop slam from Zodiak back in – but he misses a splash. Savage is up quickly, hits the elbow, 1, 2, 3. (1:28) DUD So if Luger wins later tonight, we get a Savage/Luger match. If WCW had any sense, they’d job Lex.

MEAN GENE gets a word with the new TV champion JOHNNY B BADD. Johnny says if you dream and believe in those dreams, they’ll come true. Johnny promises to buy dinner for Gene, and Gene promises to sing “Tutti Frutti” in honor of Johnny. Sadly, he won’t do it on camera.

Here’s a look back at the Clash Of The Champions from the summertime, when Kurasawa broke the arm of Hawk.

KURASAWA (with Colonel Robert Parker) vs. HAWK

Heenan chokes on Kurasawa’s smoke from his entrance. Hawk lays in with forearms to start and hits a shoulderblock to take Kurasawa down. Neckbreaker is followed by an elbowdrop for 2. Hawk starts in with the chops – woooooo! Hawk blindly charges Kurasawa – but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Kurasawa makes a lunge at the arm – which fires up Hawk and he slams Kurasawa. Powerbomb from Hawk, but he can’t follow up because Parker trips him up in the ropes and Kurasawa slams him. To the top – Kurasawa misses an elbowdrop! Hawk goes back to the forearms and clotheslines Kurasawa over the top and out. Off the apron, Parker eats a clothesline from Hawk! That gives Kurasawa a chance to sneak in and send Hawk face first to the ring apron. He’s rolled back in and hit with a backdrop suplex. That’s followed with a Samoan drop, and with his feet on the ropes for leverage he gets 3! (3:16) 1/4* Kurasawa beats it out of town.

RANDY SAVAGE is pacing the floor in front of MEAN GENE like a child with ADD. 1 down, 1 to go. Savage says he’s wild. He also heard comments from Hogan the other day, and says while he’s Hogan’s friend he could beat him in the ring and he best not forget it.

MR. JL vs. SABU (with The Sheik)

JL hits an enzuigiri before the bell even sounds. Sabu falls out to the floor – so JL hits a baseball slide dropkick. Sabu no sells, and throws JL into the guardrail. That’s followed with an Asai moonsault that knocks both Lynn and the Sheik on their asses. JL manages to reverse a whip and send Sabu into the guardrail – and then ducks a dive from Sabu, who flies into the guardrail again. JL comes off the top with an axehandle, and they get back in. Sabu misses a moonsault, but JL doesn’t miss his – and gets 2. JL with a sitdown powerbomb for 2. JL with the blind charge – and misses, crotching himself in the corner. Sabu follows with a slingshot legdrop for 2. JL cuts off a top rope attack by grabbing Sabu and hitting a German superplex for 2! Really fast paced match so far, as this has all gone down in the first 2 minutes. Sabu cuts JL off up top, and hits a rana for 2. Sabu goes up again, but JL dropkicks him and sends Sabu to the outside! Sabu gets back to the apron, and headbutts JL in the midsection, following with a split legged moonsault for 3! (3:25) **1/4 No sooner is the match over – then Sheik blows fire at the face of JL. The referee doesn’t see it, because he’s too busy raising the arm of Sabu.

We head over to see the DUNGEONMASTER and KEVIN SULLIVAN. Dungeonmaster chooses to yell a lot, as usual. The stars and the milky way have been aligned or something – and then the Dungeonmaster shows he’s a geography major by listing some countries. Kevin Sullivan will walk on the galaxies thanks to The Giant and The Yeti, the the impending destruction of Hulkamania. None of this makes any sense. The Dungeon Of Doom sucks, Kevin Sullivan sucks, The Yeti sucks, The Giant rules, and The Dungeonmaster sucks. The fans smartly boo this after it goes on WAY TOO LONG.

MENG (with Kevin Sullivan) vs. LEX LUGER

Meng beat Luger on Nitro a few weeks prior – and you can read all about my excitement here. We can only hope Meng goes 2 for 2. Luger slams Meng into the turnbuckle headfirst 10 times. Tony and Bobby speculate that Luger’s in cahoots with the Dungeon Of Doom, because everytime they attack they never touch Lex. Luger stomps at Meng’s groin and catapults him into the turnbuckle. Meng’s face gets run across the top rope – but he fires right back with a shot to Luger’s midsection. Meng slams Luger’s face in the turnbuckle and rolls Luger into a small package for 2. Meng blindly charges Luger in the corner and eats Luger’s boot. That’s followed with a clothesline to the floor. Heenan points out that if Luger’s in cahoots with the Dungeon, then WHY is he fighting Meng? Good point. Luger throws Meng face first to the ringpost and fires his shoulder into it to follow up. Back in, Luger pulls Meng’s arm over the top rope. Meng comes back with the only thing he can do…biting Luger right in the face! Luger tries to retaliate by charging Meng – but Meng sidesteps and Luger hits the turnbuckle sternum first. Luger attempts a belly to back suplex, but Meng turns in midair and falls right onto Luger for 2! Meng hits a tombstone shoulderbreaker and bars Luger’s arm over the top rope. That’s broken up by Nick Patrick, so Meng calmly hits a spike piledriver for 2. That’s moved to a chinlock. Luger fights out of it to his feet – and both men run off the ropes, meeting in the middle with a crossbody block. Luger’s on top of that exchange and gets 2. Meng comes back with a belly to back for 2. Luger rolls out – where Kevin Sullivan talks to him about something while Luger rolls around in pain. Back in, Meng continues to stomp away. He rakes the eyes, but misses a dropkick giving Luger a quick advantage. We move to the split-screen temporarily where we get a look at BOBBY HEENAN eating sushi with SONNY ONOO and other Japanese fellows earlier today. Tony wants an explanation – but Bobby’s got nothing, aside from he’s an old friend from Japan. Luger with a vertical suplex, while Heenan starts singing “we’re in the money….” Luger tries the clothesline – and it takes 3 attempts to take Meng down. He backdrops Meng and clotheslines him 2 more times! Heenan sells the steel in Luger’s forearm, reviving the Narcissist character. Luger hits a powerslam and hulks up. Meng in the meantime grabs his spike and pokes Luger. 1, 2, Kevin Sullivan runs in to break it up??? (13:13) * Now to even further add to our confusion, MENG IS DISQUALIFIED??? But Sullivan stomped Meng? Heenan says this doesn’t make any sense – and naturally Tony’s got some answers that make even LESS sense. That’s fucked up. Let’s go to the back.

THE GIANT and MEAN GENE are hangin’ and bangin’. Gene wants some thoughts before the monster truck match. Giant makes me laugh by holding Gene’s hand way up in front of his face, making Gene strain to stay. He says he’s going to chokeslam him right to the floor. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Giant says Hogan’s going to get the beating of his life, and we best not forget it.


Pillman tells the camera that we’re all worthless. Sting’s gonna go at it all alone because Flair’s still being worked on from the earlier attack. Anderson starts, and they trade hammerlocks. The fans start a “WE WANT FLAIR” chant! Arn applies a full nelson – but Sting manages to stand high enough to kick Pillman off the apron, reverse into a full nelson on Arn and slam him. Pillman bitchslaps a nearby camera. Sting encourages the Flair chants. Arn keeps trying to take Sting down, but can’t keep him down and takes a facebuster. Pillman attacks – and Sting takes them both out. Both Horsemen roll out to the floor. Arn and Pillman talk strategy – and Pillman goes back in. He slaps Sting and rolls out. Sting follows – and Pillman tries to bait him into chasing to the heel corner. Pillman ducks a Sting clothesline, and Arn’s waiting to take him down, but Sting ducks THAT and takes out both guys with clotheslines again. Pillman gets back in and offers the hand of friendship – which Sting takes and then gorilla presses him. Sting calls in Arn – and Pillman dives to tag him in. Arn doesn’t really want to get in though. Pillman’s encouraging Arn to “get him” – but Arn stops to talk some more with him. Arn finally attacks and a series of double axehandles to the back grounds Sting. Pillman goes up – but Sting reverses a piledriver attempt from Arn into a catapult and knocks Pillman down. He chops Arn, and throws Pillman into the guardrail. Pillman hits it HARD, so you can count him out for awhile. He’s draped over the top rope – and Arn throws Sting’s head into Pillman’s, knocking him back down again. Arn stomps at Sting – and suddenly the fans explode because RIC FLAIR has arrived! The referee is forcing him to go to the appropriate corner while the heels work over Sting on the floor. Flair’s strutting. Sting gets thrown into Pillman’s boot, who comes in himself and chops away. Sting fights back with punches and chops, but he winds up caught in a drop toe hold, and Anderson comes back in. Arn works a headlock while Flair tries to excite the fans. “WE WANT FLAIR!” Flair gets in to break up the hold – but the referee forces him out while Arn slams Sting. Pillman tries a top rope splash, but Sting gets his knees up and Pillman makes faces. Arn cuts off the ring RIGHT before Flair is tagged, and hits a belly to back suplex for 2. They fight in the “test of strength” – somehow leading to Arn getting crotched. Sting TRIES to make the tag, but Arn hangs on to Sting’s leg with all he’s got, and suddenly Pillman catches Flair’s eye, so he chases him around the ring. Sting finally makes it in a position to tag, but Ric’s nowhere to be found. By the time Flair comes back, Sting’s been pulled back to the other side of the ring. Arn applies an abdominal stretch and uses Pillman for leverage. The referee misses it – and they tag anywhere where Pillman gets a freebie kick right at Sting’s ribs. Pillman chops away and bites Sting’s nose. Pillman gets a half crab put on, and like before, cheats with Arn for leverage. Flair gets in and yells to “get him off him!” The referee informs Ric he can’t turn around until Flair leaves the ring. Arn comes in and puts on a rear chinlock. He trades off to Pillman who kicks him in the midsection and gets a 2 count 3 times in a row. They double team Sting – and Flair attempts to attack again, but the referee pulls him back to his corner to behave. Sting starts to fight out but takes an Anderson spinebuster which Flair goes to break up, but can’t get in a shot before Arn dives away. Pillman works over the leg and tags back in Anderson who does the same. Flair screams to Sting to stand tall. “Naaaaature Boy…” he cries in pain. “I’m here buddy, I’m here…” Sting crawls ever so close, but Arn manages to keep it cut off. He puts on a bearhug and checks the arm of Sting. It drops twice – but on the third attempt it stays up, and he escapes Arn! Arn manages to grab a leg, tag Pillman, and Pillman drops an elbow. Pillman continues to work in the chops, and goes to a grounded abdominal stretch. Sting fights away from both guys and gives them the double noggin knocker!!!! Sting collapses, but working in his favor is that the other two guys are down as well. Sting slowly crawls over and TAGS IN FLAIR!!!! The arena blows the roof off!!!! Flair gets in the ring and DECKS STING!!!!!!!!!!! All three guys stomp all over Sting – and the referee calls for the bell!!!!! (17:56) **** Flair pulls off his bandages to show he’s just fine and all three guys work him over like crazy, with the fans both cheering and booing at the same time! I could watch this match all day because it NEVER gets old. Brilliant fucking angle.

MEAN GENE appears on the ramp and calls it the most disgusting thing he’s ever seen. “NOWWWWWW WE GO…TO SCHOOL!!!!!! FIRST THING YOU LEARN IS YOU DON’T JUMP ON DOUBLE A! SECOND THING YOU LEARN IS YOU DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH FLYIN’ BRIAN! THIRD THING YOU LEARN IS YOU NEVER MESS AROUND WITH THE NATURE BOY! AND THE FOURTH THING YOU LEARN IS YOU DON’T WALK, TALK, OR BREATH UNLESS THE HORSEMEN WANT YOU TO!” Pillman drops a “woooooo!” Arn says all the bloodthirsty fans out there asked for this – so now they have to live with it! All three head off to the back – while Sting gets a standing ovation.

MIKE TENAY stands with LEX LUGER and calls tonight a little perplexing. Luger says a lot of people want to see his match with Savage tonight, and when the bell rings he’s gonna be all over him. Luger suggests this is the biggest match of Savage’s career.

Here’s a look back at The Giant’s history with Hulk Hogan, starting at Bash At The Beach when he threw his “father’s” shirt at Hogan, all the way through Fall Brawl when he injured Hogan’s neck, and to the Nitro’s before tonight with the monster truck challenge.

ERIC BISCHOFF has joined us on commentary with BOB CHANDLER who designed Hulk Hogan’s monster truck. Chandler goes over the specifics for Hogan’s truck – and we head to the roof.

HULK HOGAN and THE GIANT are on the roof of the Cobo Hall. The rules are the trucks are in a ring – and you win by pushing the other truck out of the circle. They head into their trucks, and I’m not even going to waste my time recapping this, because NOTHING happens. They shove eachother back and forth on the roof for awhile, since they’re welded together – and Hogan manages to shove Giant out of the circle. Needless to say it’s one of the dumbest moments in the history of wrestling. (4:10)

The Giant hops out of his car after the “match” and chases Hogan around. Giant charges to throw Hogan off the roof and grabs him by the throat. They fight to the edge – and Hogan manages to fight off and The Giant falls off the building!!! Hogan: “Oh no! Help! Help! Help!”

Bischoff doesn’t know what to say, and calls it a serious problem. Heenan’s the ONLY person who sells it as seriously as a man falling off the building, completely chewing out EVERYONE for showing no emotion. Bischoff apologizes to everyone at home – and leaves the next match in the hands of Tony and Bobby again.


Tony: “I have to be honest with you, we may not have a World Title match.” YA THINK FAT TONY??? A man just fell off the building, and we MAY not have a World Title match? Luger offers a hand to Savage, but Savage kicks him in the midsection and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Luger gets whipped into the corner, but bounces out with a clothesline. JIMMY HART comes down to ringside while Luger kicks at Savage. Luger continues to hammer in the shots and hits a double axehandle. Luger kicks Savage – and Savage swings at the ref for some reason. Luger rakes Savage’s eyes – while Heenan starts screaming at people to find out what the hell happened on the roof. Savage rolls outside and Luger drops a double axehandle on Savage. Outside, Savage runs Luger into the guardrail, slams Luger into the ringsteps – and then throws him into the guardrail again. Back in, Savage clotheslines Luger, goes up top, but gets caught on the way down, taking a shot to the midsection. Luger tries to pin Savage with his feet on the ropes – but the referee is being distracted by Jimmy Hart. Savage whips Luger into Hart, knocking both men off the apron, Savage goes up – hits the elbow, and scores the pin. (5:22) 3/4* Stuff involving Luger STILL isn’t making a whole helluva lot of sense.

BOBBY HEENAN storms off because nobody’s telling him anything. He comes back less than a minute later, looking REALLY pissed off – because he can’t get outside. He explains he’s so angry because he and The Giant’s father go way back, and to him this is serious business. Showing compassion is WCW – replaying The Giant falling off the roof again. They come back – and Bobby accuses Tony of not caring.

MICHAEL BUFFER decides to do ring intros – starting with The Giant. American Made fires up instead, and HULK HOGAN and JIMMY HART enter to some fairly strong boos. “You know something brothers, what just happened out there wasn’t supposed to go down.” He goes on to apologize to the people – but suddenly THE GIANT and KEVIN SULLIVAN arrive!

HULK HOGAN (with Jimmy Hart) vs. THE GIANT (with Kevin Sullivan) (for the WCW world title)

I should note at this point not only was Hogan booed – but when Giant entered he got a fairly strong pop. It doesn’t last long, but it’s a start. Hogan throws Giant into the corner and starts with the punches. Giant no-sells EVERYTHING from Hogan, and Hogan looks concerned. Hogan attempts a slam – but can’t, and Giant clubs away at his back. Giant rakes the back and hits some slow forearms. He boots Hogan in the midsection and keeps clubbing away. In the corner, he chops away and chokes Hogan to a number of 4 counts. Next he uses the Kevin Nash boot to the throat, releases, whips Hogan and boots him in the midsection. They do the test of strength – which Giant wins for the better part of the first few minutes. (Yes…minutes.) Hogan powers out, but Giant hits an elbow and slams Hogan with one arm. The Giant tries a legdrop – but misses. Hogan hulks up, and gets in his three punches. He sends Giant face first to the turnbuckle – climbs, and starts the 10-punch count-a-long. After #10 – he bites Giant’s face. What IS it with that tonight? Hogan rakes Giant’s back and clotheslines him in the corner. Hogan hits a number of running clotheslines, and the third one knocks him out of the ring to the floor. The Giant starts to head to the back – but Hogan stops them and hits the double noggin knocker. Back in we go and Hogan pokes the eyes of The Giant. A true sportsman – Hulk Hogan ladies and gentleman. He follows that by RAKING the eyes and punches away. Giant comes back with a backbreaker for 2. He moves to the bearhug which Hogan has a helluva time getting out of. He nearly escapes, so Giant slams him and drives home some forearms. We move back to the bearhug again, likely to kill another 2 minutes. The referee checks the arm, and Hogan’s still with us after 2 drops. Hogan drives in some punches, but gets chokeslammed!!!! He covers, 1, 2, Hogan kicks out, not helping a man’s finish right off the bat. He hulks up while Giant kicks him. Point to The Giant – and he hits the 3 punches again. He hits the big boot, but Giant doesn’t fall! So he’d rather slam him. Hogan rakes the eyes and slams The Giant! Hogan hits the legdrop – we zoom in, and we turn around but the ref is down. We didn’t see it, but it seems Jimmy Hart hit the referee. Jimmy plays innocent and helps Hogan revive him. Hogan tells him to take care of the ref, and he’ll go after The Giant. Hogan turns – Jimmy shoves down the referee, grabs the title and hits Hogan!!!!! Hogan grabs Jimmy to hurt him, but Giant stops that and re-applies the bearhug. Sullivan lays in some shots as well – but LEX LUGER and RANDY SAVAGE run in. Jimmy clocks Savage with the belt, and down comes THE YETI. Luger stomps away at Savage, and the Yeti bearhugs Hogan from the other side. Luger racks Hogan and Savage takes the double bearhug. Savage then gets racked as well! The referee comes to and declares The Giant the winner by disqualification. (16:55) *3/4 Would someone PLEASE tell me how Hogan was DQed??? I’ve given up, this whole show is fucked.

BOBBY HEENAN celebrates the attack on Hogan, while Tony calls the whole show exciting – and we end it.

God I’m glad that’s done with… The show is a mixed bag with the good being good but the Hogan and Luger stuff being really hard to take. Thankfully, it’s only upwards from here as the focus will turn to the Sting/Flair saga, and some old friends are likely to get involved as well… We’ll continue with the Nitro from the next night – later this week.

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If I remember correctly, Hogan was DQ'd when Jimmy Hart hit the ref. They made an angle out of it, as Hart turned on Hogan, and revealed that he tried to get the title on the Giant by adding a clause in the contract that Hogan could drop the belt via DQ.

WCW ruled that since Hart caused the DQ, Giant ciuldn't have the belt, and it was vacated before it was won by Randy Savage during the first World War 3. (And Hogan wasn't really eliminated in that, as he was pulled out of the ring under the ropes.)

EDIT: Skimming trhough your other recaps, looks like you've already found that out.

(edited by King Of Crap on 20.10.03 1747)

You think WWE now is bad? Some of us had to live through 1993-1996!
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