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The W - Guest Columns - WCW Fall Brawl 1995
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PLUGS: Go visit my website, Shooting Star Press. We have writers dammit! Exciting writers! Funny writers! Angry writers! Maybe YOU want to be a writer.

QUICK THOUGHT ON RAW LAST NIGHT: I always felt Flair needed newer, hipper music. That old stuff was so 2001.

When dealing with a cat in heat, is it better to throw her into the wall, or a ceiling fan?

So this goes along with the Nitro recaps I’ve been doing lately, falling on September 17th – so if you’re trying to follow this stuff chronologically, there ya go.

TONIGHT: A continuous bombardment of excitement! Two title matches, two main events! Arn Anderson and Ric Flair have carried eachother over the years, but tonight, they’re on separate sides of the ring. It’s the match you’ve always wanted to see! And then, escape is impossible when Hogan’s Hulkamaniacs take on the Dungeon Of Doom inside War Games.

LIVE from Asheville, North Carolina, our hosts are TONY SCHIAVONE and BOBBY HEENAN. Tony mentions that earlier today, The Giant destroyed Hulk Hogan’s Harley Davidson. Heenan adds that The Giant is sorry. Sorry Hogan wasn’t on the bike. I can’t top that, thanks Weasel.

BRIAN PILLMAN vs. JOHNNY B BADD (for the #1 contender to the WCW United States heavyweight title)

This is definitely a good way to start! Badd Blasters are blasted and Frisbees are frisbeed. MICHAEL BUFFER gets to do the intro for this match – which seems odd. Pillman starts by offering the hand of friendship, and the shake goes off without a hitch. That’s disappointing. The real Pillman would have pulled out a 9 millimetre and blown Johnny away. Hiptoss from Pillman. Snapmare is held into a headlock. Johnny gets up – both men attempt dropkicks, and hit eachother simultaneously. Pillman goes to the wristlock, which Johnny reverses and throws Pillman. Pillman gets off a snapmare, and moves back to a headlock, giving us a chance to take a look at the crowd. It’s strange looking at a wrestling crowd without a bunch of shows, or masks, or wrestling t-shirts. Things have changed… Pillman off the ropes, gets caught in a drop toe hold, Johnny hooks the leg – La Majistral! It only gets 1, Pillman’s leg is on the rope. Pillman comes right back with a drop toe hold of his own – rolls Johnny up legs first, bridges back, 1, 2, kickout by Johnny. Heenan starts going on about Johnny being Sting’s lapdog. “Ever rub his belly? Get him to play fetch?” Pillman gets whipped into the corner – leapfrog, hooks Johnny and gets off a headscissors! A rollup gets 2. Pillman goes back to the rear chinlock, lets it go, and starts in on the chops. Johnny’s none too thrilled, and hiptosses Pillman into…another rear chinlock. Enough of those! Pillman gets out by standing and hitting the backbreaker, hooks a leg, and gets a 2. A Boston crab is applied by Pillman, lets go, and punches Johnny. Johnny comes back with a tilt-a-whirl, and applies a toe hold. Surfboard applied – but Pillman makes the ropes. Both men lose their tempers and a shoving match ensues – which Pillman wins by driving an elbow into Johnny’s temple. Johnny mounts a comeback, and Pillman bails. Back in, Pillman offers the hand again. The fans aren’t much interested now, since Pillman’s been something of a dick – and neither is Johnny. So Pillman beats the crap out of him and dumps him to the outside. Johnny gets on the apron, and Pillman bites him. Attempt to drive Johnny headfirst to the turnbuckle fails – and Pillman gets slammed instead. Slingshot legdrop, cover, 1, 2, Pillman kicks out in time. Awww fuck, they move back to the chinlock. Pillman fights to his feet – and both guys hit crossbody blocks. Johnny gets up first, and Pillman headbutts him. Hah! Heenan: “Who do you think is gonna turn on Hogan first? I think Sting is!” I find that incredibly funny for some reason. Pillman sends Johnny headfirst to the turnbuckle, and rolls him outside. Buffer reminds the crowd there’s only 5 minutes remaining. Johnny on the apron – Pillman tries a suplex, but it’s reversed and Pillman is launched to the floor. Johnny slingshots himself over to the top, and nails a plancha. Johnny goes to the top while Pillman rolls in – he leaps, and Pillman dropkicks him in the face! That’s only a 2. Johnny comes right back with a sitdown powerbomb, holding on, 1, 2, kickout. Pillman takes over with a tombstone, covers, and again it’s only 2. Pillman attempts a tornado DDT – but he’s thrown off, Johnny scoots into a cover, and it’s 2. Johnny applies an abdominal stretch on the mat, and Buffer jumps in with the fact there’s only 2 minutes left. Pillman gets up, hits a Russian legsweep, and moves to his own abdominal stretch. 1 more minute. NICK PATRICK checks the arm, it drops twice – but Johnny will not be denied tonight. He gets up – and hits a facebuster. The Tutti Frutti hits – and there’s a cover! 1, Pillman’s foot is under the ropes. Johnny celebrates, but the ref informs him of the bad news. Meanwhile, Pillman’s snuck up behind him – slingshots himself over the ropes from the apron – and hits a clothesline. Cover, 1, 2, Johnny kicks out – and we have us a draw. Patrick tells Buffer there must be a winner – so we continue. It’s declared Sudden Death Overtime – which makes me wonder what the hell regulation was? Pillman rolls out – Johnny follows, and Pillman chops away. Johnny gets whipped into the guardrail, shoulder first. Back in, Pillman comes off the top with a missile dropkick, but it’s blocked by Johnny’s own dropkick and both are down again. Pillman gets up first and hooks a sleeper. Johnny falls, and he wraps a full body scissors around Johnny. The arm is checked again – and again Johnny’s not going down on the third try. Johnny is up, and puts on a sleeper of his own. Pillman counters into a belly to back. Johnny placed on the top turnbuckle, and Pillman bitchslaps him for kicks. The superplex is blocked, Pillman is shoved off – super sunset flip is hit, 1, 2, Pillman kicks out!!!! A powerbomb is turned into a rana, 1, 2, Johnny kicks out. So he covers again, and again it’s only 2. Pillman attempts a crucifix roll up, Johnny drops right back with a Samoan drop, cover, and that’s a 2. Pillman is placed up top – Johnny with a top rope rana, 1, 2, Pillman kicks out again!!! Pillman on the other corner, blocks Johnny, hits a tornado DDT, 1, 2, Johnny kicks out. Argh. Pillman goes back up – and Johnny backs into the ropes, crotching Pillman. Johnny launches Pillman face first into the guardrail. Ow! Johnny comes over the top – the Bad Mood hits, Pillman’s rolled in, Johnny tries a slingshot splash to end things, but Pillman gets the knees up! He’s covered, and that’s a 2. Hotshot from Pillman, and Johnny wisely rolls out to get his wind back. Pillman flies with the tope suicida – and both guys are out cold on the floor. Pillman does get up in time to break the count, and Johnny slowly crawls to the apron. Pillman goes for the Jericho style springboard dropkick – but Johnny ducks and Pillman lands crotch first across the top rope. Johnny covers, but his feet are under the ropes, and Pillman kicks out anyway. They hit the ropes – criss crossing – each go for a crossbody, Johnny falls on top, and gets the pin. (29:56) ***3/4 I’m a little disappointed 30 minutes ended with a friggin’ crossbody considering otherwise they’d kicked out of everything else to that point, but it was a good match aside and I can never complain about too much wrestling.

Backstage, MEAN GENE stands with RIC FLAIR. For 15 years, he’s lived with Arn Anderson. They’ve bled together, they’ve sweat together, and tonight, they cry together. He still feels the bond, however. “We don’t walk the aisle tonight side-by-side, masters of the War Games as the Horsemen were. No!” Gene wants to know if he hates Arn? “The problem is that I love him. I love him so much that tonight I’m gonna have to show him why he’s gonna have to tell his little boy why there’s only one king of the hill.”


Oh Christ almighty, PLEASE be quick. SOME YOUNG KID enters instead of Pittman. Cobra tells the kid to tell Pittman to come out. Behind his back – Pittman enters by repelling from the ceiling. Tony celebrates the Guerilla warfare tactics being employed. My god. Pittman chokes out Cobra with a choke wire – and it’s on. Pittman throws Cobra to the floor, jumps off the apron doing something resembling a…stomp? I don’t know. Cobra throws Pittman to the ringsteps, rolls him in, goes up and misses a crossbody. Pittman puts on the Code Red, Cobra taps, and mercifully it’s over. (1:22) DUD This even merits a replay apparently. Let’s move on, NOW.

After a recent lost to Randy Savage, PAUL ORNDORFF lost his mind inside his dressing room. Clips are shown of him beating himself up verbally. GARY SPIVEY from the psychic companions network (oh…my…god) drops in to visit. Orndorff bemoans the fact he used to have so many belts he couldn’t carry them all, and today he’s got nothing. Spivey forces Orndorff to tell himself he’s Mr. Wonderful. Orndorff gets a sudden boost of confidence – leading to the worst entrance them EVER, to be debuted the following night on Nitro.

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE (with The Diamond Doll and Max Muscle) vs. THE RENEGADE (with Jimmy Hart) (for the WCW world television title)

Let’s see if DDP can work a miracle, BEFORE he was a good worker. Page hits a Russian legsweep, but he cannot contain the power of the Renegade who POWERS out at 2. Page falls to the floor. Renegade leaps to the floor and headbutt’s Page. Back in, Page calls for a timeout – and pulls Renegade face first to the buckle. But it’ll take more than that to put Renegade in his place. RENEGADE GROWLS! Renegade is all beast! He puts on an animalistic side headlock that threatens to tear it from the rest of his body! A clothesline hits with the Ultimate force that only the Renegade wields, but surprisingly a count ends at 2. He must be going easy on the challenger! Renegade misses a crossbody and hits the ropes, and DDP chokes him out because he knows it’s his only chance against the mighty Warrior. The Diamond Doll gives him a 10, unenthusiastically. A spinning neckbreaker hits, and she gives him another 10, grumbling the whole time. Renegade is tossed to the floor – and Jimmy Hart gives him some words of inspiration! Those words lead to a SUNSET FLIP! You just never know what he’ll pull out next! DDP sits down, gets a 2, is reversed by Renegade, but that’s only a 2. Page drives his shoulder into Renegade’s midsection, and Heenan notes this is Renegade’s longest match by far. Page blind charges, but the beast sidesteps and Page hits post. And Renegade uses a match altering move…A KICK TO THE MIDSECTION! Here come the shoulder blocks. Oh god, he hits a handspring elbow that rivals that of Torrie Wilson – and comes off the top with a double axehandle. Page keeps fighting the good fight, and kicks out at 2. A jawbreaker gives Page a change to hit a leaping DDT. Renegade is far too powerful for that however, and kicks out, followed by shrugging off the Diamond Cutter. Max Muscle gets on the apron – and bumps Page by accident, and Renegade hits a POWER POWERSLAM! Only true Warriors know where that extra power comes from! He goes up for the Big Splash, and changes his mind to jump on Max Muscle. On his way back in, Max hooks his leg – and Page springs out of nowhere with a Diamond Cutter, and gets the win! (8:06) 1/2* CONSPIRACY!!!! Diamond Doll isn’t much interested in celebrating this win however, shaking her head. And the Renegade experiment comes to a crashing halt after about 4 LONG months…

HARLEM HEAT (with Sista Sherri) vs. DICK SLATER and BUNKHOUSE BUCK (with Colonel Robert Parker) (for the WCW world tag-team titles)

Booker T informs me it’s on like neckbone. I don’t even remember how or when Slater and Buck won the belts, and I’m far too lazy to look it up. If you’ve read my Nitro report, then you already know the outcome of this one. Booker and Slater start. Booker hits a clothesline and celebrates with Stevie. Slater tries some mat wrestling, but it goes nowhere and Stevie’s tagged in. Scoop slam on Slater is followed by an elbowdrop. Into the corner – Stevie chokes away. A headlock is applied, which cuts off the ring and Booker is tagged. He kicks Slater in the midsection, and puts back on a headlock. Slater fights back to his corner – and double teams Booker with Buck, who gets tagged in officially. He puts on a front facelock, but Booker powers to his corner and tags in Stevie. Buck takes a clothesline, and Stevie chokes away on the mat. I haven’t seen enough headlocks tonight, PLEASE Stevie, give me one more. That lasts about a minute, before Booker’s tagged in and he hits the Harlem sidekick! All that excitement means another headlock is due. Buck fights out and takes Booker down with a shoulder block but stupidly does not tag out. That’s all Booker needed to hiptoss Buck and drop a knee. A cover draws 2. Stevie gets the tag and punches away. Slater gets a tag, but he fares no better with Stevie, who hammers away. Slater tries an atomic drop, punches, and neckbreaker which gets 2, before Stevie quickly gets to his feet to no-sell. He chokes some more, and slaps our favorite headlock back into place. Booker comes in, and as the natural weak link gets tossed over the top. Buck wanders over to nail Booker with something illegal. Sherri pushes Booker back into the ring – and he fares no better, getting beaten on by both guys. Slater hits a Russian legsweep for 2. Spike piledriver gets 2. Buck throws Booker back out again where Slater throws Booker into the guardrail. Booker gets rolled back in, and Buck gets the big boot. More chinlockery. Booker powers out and drives Buck to the turnbuckle. A blind charge misses, and Slater is tagged in to cut off the ring immediately. The belly to back hits, cover, and only 2. Buck comes back in to rake the eyes. Slater is back with a swinging neckbreaker, but Booker still won’t stay down past 2. Slater applies a Boston crab, and Stevie interferes to break that up. Buck comes in with a half-crab – but doesn’t stay with it. The result is Booker coming back with the axekick, and tags Stevie. Scoop slam for Slater, scoop slam for Buck. Clothesline for Slater, powerslam for Buck. That gets 2, and Slater breaks things up. Stevie Ray is tossed, and the boys keep working over Booker. Inside the second ring, Sherri starts crawling towards Parker, and they make out. The referee is so distracted by the softcore porn, that he misses THE NASTY BOYS enter, nail Buck, giving Booker a chance to score the pin. We have us new tag-team champions! (16:47) *1/4 Buck chews out Parker for going after the poon. You’d understand if you saw Buck’s role in Deliverance. The former champs dump Parker.

Tony reminds us to join them for Halloween Havoc.

A package airs for Arn and Ric. At the previous Clash, Arn and Flair faced Vader in a handicap match and lost. Arn was pissed that Flair wasn’t carrying up his end of the deal – and in tag-team matches Flair started letting Arn doing all the work. The package suggests that Hulk Hogan’s arrival has left Flair in shambles knowing he’s not the same anymore. Arn and Flair got into a shouting match inside a locker room – and it was decided they best have a match to get the tension out of their system.

MEAN GENE stands with ARN ANDERSON. Arn says he’s always called a spade a spade – and knows everyone’s had a family member at one time or another that you have to grab and shake up to get him back on track. It makes him sick that he’s got to trade fists with someone he loves, but if he doesn’t stand up, he’s got nothing. He gives Flair his word – he’s giving him all he’s got.


THE AMERICAN MALES, BRIAN PILLMAN, COLONEL PARKER, BIG BUBBA ROGERS, EDDIE GUERRERO, and ALEX WRIGHT have all taken ringside seats for this one. Flair struts, so Arn hits a drop toe hold and wooo’s for the hell of it. Flair is NOT fond of that. They go to the headlock again, Flair shoves him off and Arn hits a shoulder block. Flair stands, and Arn slaps him. Flair is taken aback by that, while the crowd pops HUGE. Flair takes a breather – comes back in, and gets taken down again. Arn stomps on the arm. Flair gets up and tries to poke Arn in the eyes, but Arn is more than ready for that – blocks it, and takes Flair down again. WWE WISHES they could book drama like this. Flair goes to the hammerlock, immediately reversed by Arn. Flair trips Arn – tries to ride him, but Arn turns around and hammerlocks him again. Arn stomps the arm again, and once again applies a hammerlock. They fight to their feet, Flair sweeap Arn’s out – tries a figure four, but Arn bars the arm before he can. Flair rolls out of it – they get to their feet, and Flair chops Arn, taking him down. Arn stands, and Flair kicks his leg out. Another nasty chop floors him. Blind charge in the corner, and Arn gets an elbow up. Arn heads up to the middle rope, and drives his knee into Flair’s back. Beautiful hammerlock slam from Arn, who moves back to the hammerlock on the mat. He hooks the other arm as well, holding Flair down for a series of 1 and 2 counts. Flair stands, chops at Arn to the best of his ability, but Arn hangs on and takes him down again. Arn wraps the arm around the ringpost. Back in, Arn continues the psychology fest with a double arm DDT, before going back to the armbar. Flair stands, manages to get Arn in the corner and CHOPS! Arn is pissed and starts to hammer away. Flair rolls to the apron – Arn goes to charge to knock him off, but Flair pulls down the ropes and Arn flies to the floor. Flair goes to the top rope – and comes crashing to the floor with a double axehandle. A couple more chops from Flair on the floor – and he rolls back in. Arn crawls to the apron, and Flair drops him down with a jawbreaker, and stomps away. The kneedrop is on target, and tries a pin – feet on ropes. It gets three straight 2 counts. Arn stands and fires back with his punches, and a backdrop gets 2. Flair begs off – RANDY ANDERSON (no relation) holds Arn back from attacking, and Flair lowblows Arn. Flair throws Arn to the outside, chops him to his ass, and struts away! Arn takes exception to the show off – and backdrops him on the floor. Flair blocks a vertical suplex and hits his own. Back in, Flair hits a standing vertical suplex, but can’t put Arn away, getting a 2. Back to the chops, and Arn’s having trouble staying on his feet. A pin attempt gets 2. Arn escapes a backdrop with a sunset flip attempt – Flair drops down and hits no one as Arn slips away. Whip to the corner – and Flair gets caught in the tree of woe! Arn stomps and chokes at Ric. He calls for a DDT – but Flair hooks the ropes and Arn hits the ground hard. Flair flops anyway. Ric is up first – and he goes to the top. Arn catches and launches Ric – giving him a 2 count. Arn goes to the second rope, tries the knee again, but Flair chops him on his way by and goes for the figure four! Arn blocks it temporarily, but Flair manages to get it on. Arn sits up and spits in Flair’s face – and tries to turn it over! He manages to do so – and Flair lets go, screaming. Arn stands, and Flair attacks with a chop block. He goes to the figure four again, which Arn cradles, 1, 2, NO! Flair kicks at Arn’s knee some more and continues the chopping. He goes to whip Arn – and Arn falls because the knee is shot. Brian Pillman comes in from the crowd and gets on the apron – rooting Flair on. Flair dismisses him and mouths “fuck off”. So Pillman decks him! Flair hits back, Pillman kicks him in the head, Arn gets up – NAILS THE DDT, 1, 2, 3!!!! (23:02) ****1/4 BRILLIANT match! The American Males chase Pillman, who beats it out of town as fast as he can. Flair is in complete shock…

Here’s a video package recapping a lame feud! The Dungeon Of Doom was dead set on ending Hulkamania because they were EVIL! And when I say evil, I mean they’d state they’re evil every 10 seconds. Somehow, this has led to a War Games match, where 4 main eventers take on 4 jobbers.

Backstage, THE HULKAMANIACS stand with GENE O. They’re all covered in war paint, and Sting waves the American flag. Luger promises to stand behind his team – and Hogan accepts him as American made. Which is usually the sign of a heel turn.

- There are 7 periods in Wargames
- First period lasts 5 minutes.
- All other periods last 2 minutes
- One man from each team enters during the first period
- Team that wins toss send in its second team
- After second period ends, the other team sends in its second man – making Wargames 2 on 2
- After the third period, the team which won coin toss sends in its third man
- Teams alternate during remaining periods until all 8 men are in
- Surrender or submission is the only way to win
- No pinfalls, countouts, or disqualifications
- Official time is kept at ringside
- Head referee has final say in Wargames

THE SHARK, MENG, THE ZODIAK BARBER, and KAMALA (with Kevin Sullivan) vs. STING, LEX LUGER, RANDY SAVAGE, and HULK HOGAN (with Jimmy Hart) (in a war games match)

MICHAEL BUFFER does ring intros – and adds that a special stipulation has been added. If the Hulkamaniacs win the match, then Hogan gets a piece of Sullivan, alone in the cage. Sting gets to start against Shark. Shark pounds in with the forearm shots, and hiptosses Sting. Blind charge misses, and Shark hits the corner. Sting leaps over the ropes from one ring to another and clotheslines him. He hits a scoop slam, and looks like he tore up his back. He can’t do it again, and Shark falls right on top. And we move to the dreaded bearhug of eternal damnation. Sting moves to the other ring, so Shark, like a COMPLETE tool tries to dive over them onto Sting. He gets caught on the ropes – hammock style, and Sting kicks away. Sting goes to dive on him, but Shark catches him and slams him. Shark climbs over the ropes, and Sting kicks him, crotching him – then bounces the ropes for groinal fun. Sting kicks at the leg and takes him down, going for the Scorpion Deathlock. The cointoss is held, and as usual the heels win. Zodiak Man is next. Sting swings from the top of the cage, but 2 heels are better than 1, and take over. Shark drops a leg and they double clothesline him. Sting manages to clothesline Kodiak, but couldn’t take out Shark. Savage hits the ring now and hits anything that moves. Zodiak gets caught in a Boston crab, and even Shark hammering at him can’t break it. Eventually, they regroup and take him down – so Sting is forced to get up and help. Shark powerslams Sting – and when Savage goes to help, Meng pulls him by the leg from outside and the heels all yank at it. Sting takes over and drops an elbow on Zodiak, just in time for Kamala. Shark atomic drops Savage while Kamala works over Sting. Sting tries to fight back while Savage gets double teamed – but Shark turns his attention over to Sting, so he and Kamala and take him out. Luger’s in now – and goes right after Shark and Kamala. His double clothesline takes them both down. Luger and Savage throw Zodiak face first to the cage, and Savage double clotheslines Shark. Sting comes off the top and clotheslines Kamala. Kamala hits a drop toe hold on Luger – and Luger accidently nails Savage on his way down. Savage goes right after Luger – and Sting desperately holds them back. During this time, Meng hits the ring and headbutts all 3. Meng chokes out Luger, and Sting continues taking a double team from Kamala and Zodiak. Shark takes a nap on top of Savage. Here comes Hogan – and he cheats immediately, throwing powder at every heel. He catches Zodiak in between the rings and shoves him back and forth against the ropes. Kamala takes powder from Savage. Sting and Savage drive Meng head first into the cage. Hogan sells nothing, and dishes out back rakes for everyone. Sting, as usual, takes the ONLY beating on the face side, and Hogan saves the day. Hogan, all alone with Zodiak, puts him in a rear chinlock AND HE SUBMITS. (18:47) *1/2 What a stupid finish. Kevin Sullivan goes to bail – but DOUG DILLENGER orders him back to the ring. So we get…


I’m not really sure if this is a match, or just Hogan getting a piece of Sullivan. Hogan throws Sullivan back and forth into the cage – and Sullivan tries to escape. Hogan won’t allow it though and pulls him back in. Hogan rakes the eyes and clotheslines Sullivan. He untapes the fists, and uses it to choke Sullivan. Big boot – and here comes THE GIANT! He busts right into the cage and leaps over the ropes with GREAT agility. He grabs Hogan by the head – but Hogan’s TOO POWERFUL and fights back. The punches are no sold – and Giant twists Hogan’s neck which kills him or something. The Hulkamaniacs rejoin the ring, and Giant takes off. “HOGAN, IT’S ON! HULKAMANIA IS DEAD!” Buffer calls for paramedics. Heenan laughs like a maniac and Tony signs off.

The entrance of The Giant was fantastic, and PERFECT timing for Hogan who needed a fresh foil with Vader out of the picture and Ric Flair essentially jobbed out.

The main event is garbage, but a chance to see Arn Anderson treated like a star is worth the show alone. Pick it up if you can find it.

More Nitro, coming soon!

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    Originally posted by cfgb
    QUICK THOUGHT ON RAW LAST NIGHT: I always felt Flair needed newer, hipper music. That old stuff was so 2001.

Man, your whole recap was awesome, but that joke is one of those rare gems that sneaks up on you and smacks you around until you can't help but laugh about it for days and days.

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Nice Retro Review. I always kinda liked this era of WCW. I know it was pretty much known as the calm before the NWO Storm in WCW but it had some good stuff.

I remember every PPV started off really strong and this one was no exception. I was such a Brian Pillman fan, and Johnny B. Badd was always a guilty pleasure for me. I remember this match, I was glued

On the different end of the scale, Cobra vs. Pittman and Page vs. Renegade didn't. Thanks for reminding me of Max Muscle, one of the cheesiest wrestling names ever LoL

In my books (which you can find in the 99 cent bin LoL) I think Colonel Robert Parker is the most underrated manager of our generation, I thought he was funny as hell. There was a time in WCW he was managing almost EVERY heel LoL. I almost forgot about him and Sista Sherri relationship, I wish you didn't remind me LoL... Bunkhouse Buck had a soft spot in my heart because he looked like the father of one of my friend who lived across of me in that era. Me and my brother used to always laugh when we see Bunkhouse Buck and say "Hey it's Steve & Mike's Dad". He had decent brawls with Dustin Rhodes back in the day.

Flair and Anderson was pretty special. As for the main event of the PPV, it wasn't LoL

Thanks for the trip down PPV memory lane

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Yes great stuff indeed, and I think this was the first time Hot Newz nailed one of his PPV predictions. Lesnar DID chew Taker's cast off! Kizzudos to you Mr Newz!
- AbortionCandyMachine, OMFG HOT NEWZ (2002)
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