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22.6.18 1931
The W - Pro Wrestling - Watching random older WCW/WWF just for kicks
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Ten Millionth Hit

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One thing I used to do when there were two national feds was
randomly tape stuff that aired on their various shows. With the
WWE being so depressing lately, I thought I'd watch this and
just ramble about what I see.

1. WOOHOO! I stick in the tape, and the first thing that greets
my eyes is LA PARKA! Yeeha! These all from mid 1999, since the
first thing the announcers are discussing is the Junkyard
Invitational. He's against Spyder, in one of the few ever-aired
featuring the former LWO bodyguard. The announcers hype EDDY vs.
Blitzkrieg for later, so I hope that's on this tape. La Parka can
do no wrong. He dances about 15 seconds in, so I'm happy. Spyder
does very little, aside from a plancha to the floor. What was this
guy's character in the land of lucha? Butthead Schiavone wasn't
doing commentary, so we don't get to hear Parka's finisher called
a flying body attack. Tenay's "twisting corkscrew" isn't much
better though.

2. Yeeha! the Blitzkrieg vs Eddy match is on the tape. Eddy has
the coolest "Fuck you too" walk ever. He is wearing his hair
in an almost rat-tail, instead of his always cool mullet. More
chain wrestling than high spots in this before Eddy decides
he's going to be a total asshole and pound the hell out of
Blitz. Eddy's ruling it, and Tenay & Hudson talk about the
friggin' Insane Clown Posse and the equally idiotic Dennis Rodman.
Nobody is better at showing total
disdain for the fans that Eddy at this point. A few highspots
near the end, and I decide I need to find the tape that has
Blitz's debut against Rey Jr (Feb 99) to get my fill of a
spotfest. Ender is the brainbuster/frog splash combo. I really,
really miss WCW Saturday Night, when they'd do a show in a
town that would rarely if ever have the big 2 visit, and the
crowd would be jacked to see the undercard guys.

3. Alright. What the hell is Horace doing on this tape? OK.
He'll get squashed by Booker T. The question I have,
looking back, is "Did Booker T make a silk purse out of this
sow's ear?" The answer is 'Nope'. It's still better than
the feud with Big T, Stevie Ray and whatever moniker Clarence
Mason was using.

4. A D-Lo Brown squash from Shotgun. The guy he's facing is
Doug Basham, who I believe is yet another current WWE developmental
guy. It couldn't be based on this match, since Basham does a
Gaydaesque screw-up of a headscissors. Damn. Even in a jobber
match Brown is getting mega-pops. The comical selling of
a top-rope rana is also getting Basham no brownie points from
this corner. But D-Lo busting out a Texas Cloverleaf does.
Sky-high. Low Down. FWIW, the colour commentator on this one
was Terry Taylor.

5. Another jobber match. Chaz is a kid from Jersey whose
having fun in polka dot boxers and with Marianna as his
(not yet smacked around) valet. This seems a peculiar
choice, but I then realize the squashee is Tracy Smothers.
A cool spot sees Smothers on the apron, and Chaz springboard
clothesline him to the outside. Marianna wasn't too bad
at taunting Tracy. Boy, that domestic violence angle sure
was a career maker, no?

For some strange reason, I have the music video "Elvis is Everywhere" by Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper between these matches.

"Elvis is in your jeans!"
"Michael J. Fox has no Elvis in him"
"Elvis is in Joan Rivers! But he's trying to get out, man!"
"You know whats going on in that Bermuda Triangle? Down in the
Bermuda Triangle? Elvis needs boats!"
"Why do you think they call it evolution anyway? It's really

6. Val Venis vs Joey Abs. This is from the Heat before Fully
Loaded 1999. There's a "SABLE IS A SKANK" sign in the
crowd. I'm guessing she was on her way to direct-to-video
cinema by this point, since there is no effort made not
to show the sign. I love watching Val sell the DDT by
moving right to the top of his head. There's now
a "SABO SUCKS" sign. What did Buffalo have against the
former Cincinatti Red? Test arrives to take out Rodney
& Pete Gas, while Val gets 3 with a BLUE THUNDER BOMB!

7. More WCW Saturday Night EDDY! Adrian Byrd gets squashed,
but there's a graphic on my screen advertising a Severe
Thunderstorm warning, and the reception is fucked. Blurry
Eddy is better than perfect reception for a Bradshaw match.

8. Test squashes Lou Marconi. Marconi bumps better than
anybody ever should for Test, who was in "I look like
Kevin Nash" mode at this point.

9. Papi Chulo! Funaki! And the Hardy Boyz in a match where
Jeff doesn't look someone who just lurched out of the $2.00
rave being held in the basement of the local church. What else
could a guy ask for? Jeff tope con hilos Funaki about a
minute in, and I'm loving every second of this. Then they
turn to the announcer's table, and thus remind me that this
was during the Michael Hayes as the Hardyz manager phase. Since
the folks at here, or somewhere else, were doing the hanky
thing with Jeff recently, I'll point out that Papi is wearing
a paisley bandana in the middle rear of his tights. Jeff does
the swanton to no fanfare. Kevin Kelly tries to put over
Hayes as comparable to a demented tennis coach. Papi is
the tecnico in peril throughout. Sho, after the hot tag does
an inverted Splash Mountain. Planchas for both Hardyz from
Essaki. Jeff debuts the barricade run into a clothesline,
and wins with a top-rope Roll of the Dice. Nothing more
than a spotfest, but funner than a game of Don't Whiz on the
Electric Fence.

10. Jeff Jarrett vs. D-Lo Brown. Title for Title. It's from
RAW, so Lawler is in full puppy mode. Jeff goes for some
cheap heat by walking out. Cripes. I forgot how bad Jerry
Lawler used to be when it came to making comments about
breasts as opposed to the match. Every time I think.
"I'll turn off the mute", I'm greeted with Jerry making
puppy jokes. So, of course Debra has to remove her jacket
when the ref is down to show off her plastic surgeon's
work. Following a beltshot, in which D-Lo ignores Debra and
beltshots Jarrett for 3 and both belts. I also forgot how
creepy Debra looked even back then. When did she make the move from bitchy, whiny valet to half-melted wax museum statue anyhow?

11. Chris Benoit! DDP! It's from Nitro. The two trade Saliva
(n. the band that played WMx18) shots ealy. Great cheap
heat. I wouldn't call this a straight-forward match , but I
wouldn't call this an all-out brawl either. It's a happy
medium between the two. Benoit does the rolling suplexes,
but stops between the two to try for a pin. A little something
I'd like to see return to the repertoire. Urunage by DDP, again
something I'm surprised to see as I look back. Benoit wins
after reversing a roll-up, and Post-match
Triad beatdown follows.

12. Vampiro and Psychosis from Worldwide. Worldwide was another
fun show with Saturday Night randomness. Three minutes or
so of lucha spots, combined with Tenay talking about how
Vamp is the darling of and WCW Live, complete with
hyperbole about how people buy computers in order to hear whatever
Vamp has to say on WCW Live. Hopefully, those folks were
rounded up by roaming death squads for the sake of the gene pool.
Vampiro wins with the Spike.

13. Joey Abs vs. Johnny Paradise. Probably the only squash match
ever won by any member of the Posse. Joey wins with a pumphandle
slam to build the Posse/Shane vs. Test for the love of Stephy

14. From RAW, it's a tag title match with the Acolytes taking
on Kane & X-Pac. This from the 6-month period in 1999 when Kane
actually felt like working. I've always wondered how many people
with signs refering to past bad gimmicks of wrestlers were
actually watching WWF at the time. Anyhow, it's OK, but memorable
because the tag titles change hands, going to Kanepac from the
future APA. Later on the show, the millennium countdown would end,
but the rule I had about these tapes was "no Sports Entertainment
segments", so that's elsewhere.

15. Little Jeannie vs. Mona. Jeannie demands that the referee
open the ropes for her. I mark for the tear-away gown, and
so should you. A nice mat segment from the women. It's weird
to hear the announcers put Mona over as beautiful considering
the nonsense angle on RAW. Jeannie has more Lawler joke material at
this time anyhow.The crowd really seems into this, and Jeannie is
incredible in bitch mode. But this quickly becomes a Mona
squash, and she wins with a strange pinning combo that I
don't know the name of, mainly because I'm relying on Schiavone
to provide it.

Brandi Alexander runs in post-match. Three decent wrestlers
to start off the women's division, and nothing came of it.
OF course, we waited a couple months later and got Madusa with
barbecue sauce all over her vile, veiny hooters.

16. Chris Benoit beats David Flair to win the US Title. I can't
imagine why we haven't seen David wrestle regularly on RAW.

17. Back to WCW SN. Harlem Heat vs. Disirderly Conduct. DC were
the 90's version of the Mulkeys, with the same number of
victories (1, DC's coming against the Armstrongs) and without
any of the lovable loserness. At least the right brother came
out of HH with the push.

18. Key, Droz, & Prince Albert vs. Cody Hawk, Brett Keene &
Anthony McMurtry. Hey! It's Key's only WWF match. He had
a strange look on his face constantly, and a running inverted
splash mountain as his finisher. Terry Taylor puts the
move over, but Key was never seen again after this. I'm
surprised that nobody has ripped of that move in WWE-land.

19. A Steve Blackman squash. That seems to be a suitable way
to end this trip to the not distant past.

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I really, really enjoyed watching Benoit's long-awaited WCW push in 1999.

Blitzkreig ruled freakin' all. Where the hell did he go, anyway? He'd turn WWE's Cruiserweight division or NWA-TNA's X-Division upside-down.

As much of a bad-ass heel as today's Eddie Guerrero is, he was much more so in WCW. His character was a real asshole, a guy whom everybody wanted to see lose. LOL...

Benoit winning the U.S. Title from David Flair is still one of my personal favorite mark-out moments. Say what you want to about how horrible Flair was in the ring at the time (and he was horrible), but his U.S. Title reign built up a lot of heat because he was the cocky kid who kept getting cheap victories over fan-favorites. When Benoit finally beat him, I was exultant.

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#3 Posted on
Just a rumor, but I heard Blitzkrieg is now a computer programmer. Given the choice between being an overworked, underpushed cruiserweight who'll never get his due respect and a computer nerd, I'd go the same route.

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Santa Sangre

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#4 Posted on
Yeah, that's some good stuff you got there. Makes me wish I had recorded stuff back in the day.

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I think I'll watch my old WWF PPV tapes next week, just because I can. I'll definately watch the last three Royal Rumbles...No Way Out (swank Cell Match) and WrestleMania, just because I can. Just because the current product blows, doesn't make the past any less cool.

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#6 Posted on
La Parka = Wrestleline Poll Champion.

My brother and I still do the La Parka dance whenever I'm at my parents house.

The Man of 1,007 holds, making him 3 holds better than Chris Jericho!

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DC were the 90's version of the Mulkeys, with the same number of victories (1, DC's coming against the Armstrongs) and without any of the lovable loserness.

They won TWO matches! They got a clean victory over the Armstrongs as well and celebrated like they'd won the Superbowl.

Disorderly Conduct was awesome. Those guys were bump machines for their opponents and served to make anyone look good. I miss teams like that.

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Mild Mannered Madman

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Blitzkrieg has chronic problems in his wrists, and makes more money as a programmer than as a wrestler. He considered making a comeback in the company he started with (Revolution Pro in California), but his wrist wouldn't hold up. He cut a promo instead. Later that evening I saw him unmasked, which was bizarre. If you wanna see his promo, it's on the Revolution Pro "Brutality" tape, which has a great Super Dragon-v-Excalibur match on it, I believe (I can't remember if that was the proper main, but all the main events for RevPro in April 2001 were phenomenal)

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Retro Rob

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What ever happened to Brandi Alexander? She was one of the best lady wrestles in North America.

- Rob

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I've got shit loads of tapes because a few years ago i decided to start taping shows. i now feel like randomly digging into the bin and watching one. hell, most of them aren't even labeled. I'll watch one today and let you know what i found.

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    Originally posted by HomerJFong
    8. Test squashes Lou Marconi. Marconi bumps better than
    anybody ever should for Test, who was in "I look like
    Kevin Nash" mode at this point

When has Test ever left the "I look like Kevin Nash mode?"

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TheMonsterBrock would've been a lot better, in my mind, if he could learn to do a better Evil Villain Laugh. He sounded VERY fake-y. Hopefully he'll tone it down a bit over the next few shows.
- Nate The Snake, Smackdown 9/4 thoughts (2003)
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