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22.6.18 1955
The W - Pro Wrestling - Vote Of NO Confidence (Page 2)
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Dr Unlikely

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#21 Posted on
Raw has driven everyone to hate each other! Awesome!

I missed the first half hour, fooling myself into thinking that maybe Stephen Baldwin was going to drown in a shark cage on NBC. It didn't happen...this time. So it turns out I missed some tag team turmoil six man showdown action and Angle/Edge/Booker. I wonder why they kept Kane off instead of having him "wrestle through injury" in the tag match later.

I turned Raw on just in time to see the first Lucy the Dog segment. Really, this is one of my least favorite angles ever. What's going on here? They're talking about a dog? A dog? Why?? Why is it Steph-HHH-Lucy the dog-Steph's hand lotion-Jericho's belts-Jericho in terms of ranked importance in this angle? This dog thing got shoved in like Debra last year, but at least that had something to do with a person, even if it didn't really make sense and didn't play into the end result of the angle anyway. And that shot of the dog at the end, what was that, ten full seconds of a close-up on the dog? Couldn't the dog at least have a wacky-HHH inspired name? I don't like this. Thank you.

I guess Test/Rikishi/Perfect/Albert/Scotty/someone else will end up as a match at Wrestlemania or Heat. That's OK. The non-match, not so much.

Then there was more stuff with the dog. Jericho has officially gone from the Ayatollah of Rock'nrollah to the Scooper of Pooper, I guess. He should have to carry Steph's purse and wear a dress while they hem it or something on SmackDown. And now the dog poops. Vince should have been there to yell "She's gonna pooooooooop!". Or maybe Davey Boy could have shown up and fallen into the poop and Michael Cole could have been all "Rock Bottom into the poop!" again. So they keep showing the dog. And the poop. Poop is one of those words that looks funnier everytime you type it. Anyway, I still don't like this, or Jericho going to Wally World later on. Or this whole thing now being Steph-HHH-Lucy the Dog-Lucy's Poop-Steph's hand lotion-Jericho's belts-Jericho. At least Jericho cared enough to grab the belts off the couch when Steph made him take the dog (which had just pooped) outside. Poop. Heh.

The Christian/DDP thing kind of surprised me. I thought they were going to add them to the tag match or something once Billy and Chuck showed up. I'll say this - internally, with Christian's character being what it is and Page's what he is and all that, it's not a bad angle and it does make sense. Christian never made bones about hating the positivity and Page beating him for the belt is, in theory, what sent him over the edge. The problem is, have they mentioned that Christian was the Euro champ and that DDP is the Euro champ, and that he beat Christian for it not so long ago to help kick off the tantrum thing? That's Christian's motivation, but they just kind of left that out, I think.

I agree with others that Maven vs. Snow might happen now. I'm not sure how they get there, but some student-becomes-the-teacher/when last we met, I was the teacher and you were the master Only a master of evil, Maven thing would be fine. Get Tazz and Holly and Chavo in there, too. And Goldust, he should still want the belt. Wouldn't be the worst thing ever.

Speaking of Star Wars, the No Confidence thing that worked its way through Raw made me think someone in the WWF recently got the Phantom Menace DVD. I'm in agreement with pretty much everyone that this makes zero sense, since Vince is evil incarnate and routinely has matches and makes people BARK LIKE A DAAAAAWG and gave everyone in the room cancer. I think they should have played that up, and had Vince's parting words be something like "I just want to thank you all for making the right decision for the WWF. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go INJECT a LETHAL DOSE of POISSSSSSON into the WWF! I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna KILL my CREATION! Anyway, thanks again."

Ah, whatever. This is the other way to the split if HHH doesn't win and they can't invoke the 50% rule for the belts. On the subject of HHH, Jericho finally getting to do something and attacking HHH with the sledgehammer and re-tearing his quad was nice, but really, this is exactly what I was hoping they'd have Jericho do the night HHH came back a few months ago. Jericho-HHH could have been going on all this time and would be a lot bigger now, not needing Steph or hand lotion or dog poop. It would make Jericho losing a lot more meaningful, and Jericho finding away to retain yet again a WHOLE lot more meaningful. HHH retearing his quad again (but soldiering on to put on a match, the trooper) does seem to give them a way to have Jericho retain, though.

Now, the nWo thing and the main event, that I liked. I kind of hoped, when Hogan and Hall were saying "In six days, I kill The Rock/Stone Cold", Nash could have added "In six days, I eat some Skydome Pretzel Bites and read the Wrestlemania Program!".

Anyway, I really did like this part. Hogan, Hall, Nash, Austin and The Rock all in the ring, in one match. You have, in various combinations, past and present WM headline matches (Rock/Hogan, Rock/Austin), a possible future WM main event (Austin/Hogan) and matches that have the name value to theoretically headline non-WM PPVs (Rock/Hall, Rock/Nash, Austin/Hall, Austin/Nash, any nWo Explosion match). If just on the level of having the three guys who briefly made WCW huge and the two guys who launched the WWF into its last great run all in one match together, against each other, this was really cool. It deserved a better show to cap.

The match was fun, too. Hall did what he had to do for his side. Hogan pulled his weight. Nash didn't look so good, but he's the guy who interferes now, so he did his part and nailed Rock during the Rock/Hogan faceoff. This wasn't on the fun scale of the big Dallas Raw Ten Man Match from a few years ago, but I liked it. It had the right spots and the faces held their own enough but still got beaten by the greater numbers. And what Rock did at the end was important - he set a ground rule for Rock vs. Hogan: If Hogan hits the Legdrop in their match, it can be over. Rock kicking out just became that much more important because now it's been established that Hogan can beat Rock. Gotta love Rock on things like this, he seems to have understood what the match needed and wants it to succeed. And there's still SmackDown to go for him to get his revenge and thus put the Rock/Hogan result in question. Good stuff.

So anyway, I liked the big super main event for the idea, the execution was pretty good and what it set up for Hogan/Rock was cool. Everything poop.

Since: 8.3.02
From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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#22 Posted on
Well, I did as people have been telling me to do; after the third consecutive stupid Stephanie vignette, I completely stopped watching the show and went into another room to work on my computer. Well, except for a few seconds when my wife yelled to me "You should come in here, I think JR just called Lita multi-orgasmic.".

Stephanie is killing Jericho bit by bit. From the conspiracy victim and the man of 1004 holds to... what, dog crap jokes?

Remember last year, when Rock and Austin did a joint sit-down interview to go over how much each man treasured the world title and would just about kill the other to have it? There's nothing remotely like that this time. Just week after week of god-awful, poorly written, poorly-acted garbage about how much HHH and Stephanie "hate" each other.

I'm a huge Jericho mark. I think winning the championship has on balance been good for his character. But for his sake, I hope to God he drops the belts at Wrestlemania and gets involved in something, anything else. Because this is burying him.

Since: 4.1.02
From: Chicago

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#23 Posted on
I got banned for a little sarcasm and the guy after me didn't and he asked somebody to eat his ass? Weird. Well, I apologize if I offended anybody. I really meant no harm. I was just trying to discuss wrestling, not start threads about Stephanie's butt crack or whatever. I've never used any profanity or made fun of people or threatened them. I really enjoyed this board, but I have no desire to come back ever again if I get banned for something like that.

Sorry spf, if I seemed rude. That wasn't my intention. I was just trying to debate your point.

peace out.

"...the people ran, they ran all right, they ran right to the toilet, pulled their pants down, took one big Hulk-a-CRAP every time you opened your mouth!"

Since: 2.1.02
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#24 Posted on
No rudeness detected. I don't see what the problem with that post was to be honest. Perhaps it's somehow been altered since it was originally put up, I don't know.

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Big Brother

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#25 Posted on
You were never banned. It was a bug. We'll try to squash it so it doesn't happen again.

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Guru Zim
SQL Dejection

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#26 Posted on
Are you talking about the one that came up with no name? Post 3/3?

Hm...... That wasn't a ban by a human That was a glitch that somehow let you post without being logged in. It's now happened 3 times and I can't figure out what is causing it.

I love it when a plan comes together

Since: 4.1.02
From: Chicago

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#27 Posted on
Oh sorry for the confusion guys! And thanks for clearing things up :)

"...the people ran, they ran all right, they ran right to the toilet, pulled their pants down, took one big Hulk-a-CRAP every time you opened your mouth!"
The Vile One

Since: 3.1.02

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#28 Posted on
Am I nuts if I didn't like Summerslam? Really what was so good about it? The TLC match? I'm not much for spotfests. Jericho/Benoit? They only get 13 minutes on a 2 and a half hour ppv? That's lame. The main event? Not like we hadn't seen it before, and it wasn't good before the first time either. Road Dog/X-pac? Crap. Kane/Undertaker? Crap. Chyna winning the IC title? loads of fun *sarcasm*. Look if someone can tell me anything redeeming about the ppv, I'd be happy to hear it. I just think it was rather disappointing, with too much crap on it to bring it down.

"It is a strange fate that we suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing...such a little thing."
Lap cheong

Since: 7.1.02
From: Birmingham, AL

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#29 Posted on
First, I'm one who doesn't like to look at how the business is being run. I don't care if they are not properly building toward a PPV or not (of course, I don't buy PPV's so that's probably a good reason why), or if they are pushing the right guys or not. I don't even care what the ratio of wrestling-to-promos/skits are. All I care about is this: Am I being entertained by the program? I don't care how this is done; skits, story-telling, wrestling matches, whatever. I just care if it's fun to watch or not.

So my opinion lately has been firmly into the 'Eh' category. It's has been only OK at best. Last night, I thought the main event was good, I enjoyed the Edge/Booker T/Angle segment, and I thought the women's match was pretty good (in fact, I've really enjoyed the women matches lately, Trish is getting pretty darn good). But the other matches were very lackluster, and the dominating angles (Vince/Steph) are not very entertaining, while the other angles are simply not getting enough time and feel rushed.

Now to me, I don't mind that HHH/Steph/Y2J got about 5 segments. Hell, if they are entertaining, they can have 20 segments. But the problem is they are NOT entertaining. They reek of flopness. So they are using up time that could be used for other angles and things that suck. And the payoff was the sledgehammer beatdown, which was fine. But I think they could have got there in one segment. Now if they had come up with some killer material for five segments, then fine, use five segments. But they didn't. So they just wasted time. Same thing with the Vince segments. Could have got to the point in one segment, so the other 4 or so were just a waste of time (time that could have been used for things like Christian grabbing the mike real quick after he beat down DDP to at least make a comment about why, for instance).

So the things that have direction just aren't entertaining for the most part, and the rest of the show (due to lack of time) seem to lack direction period. They need a way to better evaluate the quality of their segments and cut the fat so they can make better use of their time.
Summer sausage

Since: 10.1.02
From: Tennessee

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#30 Posted on
Raw was o.k. for me. I could handle the Vince/Flair board meeting because at least it is leading to a big angle. The Jericho beat down was well done, and needs to be followed up on Smackdown. Have Jericho put HHH in the Walls for a few minutes and refuse to let go. That would spice up the title match some more. I was expecting Maven to attack Al from behind when Al was backing up the ramp. It is probably too soon to turn the rookie heel though. The Angle/Edge/Booker promo made me hope Booker goes face after the split. I think the WWF fans are ready to cheer him. I'm thinking the reason Hogan was in a match on RAW just a week before Wrestlemania, was to let the fans cheer him and get it out of their systems. Now that they have seen him and marked out for his finisher and the pin, hopefully the fans will be fully behind Rock at Wrestlemania.

Stephanie was terrible.

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Since: 8.3.02
From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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#31 Posted on
Oh, I should add that in addition to being a huge Jericho mark, I'm also a huge Bulldog mark, having owned a couple during my lifetime. And let me just say that Triple H needs to take better care of his dog. Lucy is significantly overweight for a bulldog. She also seemed really lethargic, so they may have doped her up before the show.
A Fan

Since: 3.1.02

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#32 Posted on
I am glad I wasn't the only one noticing the Star Wars tendancies. The Vote of No Confidence was right out of Episode I. I mean out of all the Star Wars movies to steal from, Episode I, come on at least use something from the Episode II trailer that looks very watchable. Raw on the other hand, has not been as good as it should be.

I am really positive when it comes to the WWF, but since Royal Rumble they have been in nuetral and I don't know why. Of all of the times to get out of the nuetral position and do creative stuff, the road to Wrestlemania is it. I do agree something needs to be done about the amount of time, Steph and the idoitic way Vince was able to be very hypocritical when talking about Flair and no one not even Linda saying something about it. Like I said before pop in the best of Raw 1, 2, 3 or 35, just to show up Vince.

I am also not a big fan of Rock doing the clean job for Hogan. I'm sensing a big anti-Rock sentiment of late in the WWF fanbase. It doesn't help matters that the NWO is getting face pops. I still believe once the bell sounds during the Rock/Hogan match, fans will see the real Hogan instead of their fanboy hero. However, I do understand why the WWF did it. Hogan looks to be no where near Rock is, so this job brings in the idea Hogan could go over. I hope the hell not.

The WWF has one show left to convience everyone that is on the fence about getting it to get it. No more stupid Steph segments, no more of letting the NWO be psuedo faces and no more pissing around with Jericho/HHH's match. This is their last shot at getting people hyped about it. I'm spending a good amount of money to see this show at WWF New York and so far, I'm not that impressed. Granted, the WWF has my money, unfortuantly they maybe missing a few TVs when the show is over too. I think that may even us out.

A Fan- Best WWF Star Wars scene: Shane Skywalker crying out to Darth Linda to save him from Emperor Vince's beating at last year's Wrestlemania. So obvious, my friend shouted out: Mother, please save me!" Thats how you steal a scene from Star Wars.

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#33 Posted on
I do not like boardroom drama on my wrestling show. I do not like dog crap on my wrestling show. I would prefer sports entertainment (if it is, as the name says, entertainment).
But the second I see a pile of dogcrap on my screen, I turn on the VCR and watch the morning episode of Sailor Moon. That's how much RAW sucked last night.
Isn't Wrestlemania supposed to be the biggest PPV? But, with this crappy build-up, it doesn't even seem like "just another PPV". Blah, there's now way in heck I'd EVER buy a PPV where over half the matches are booked in the last week.

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#34 Posted on
It sounds like just another WCW PPV to me!

I think we were wrong about the NWO "poison" not working...looks like it's doing a lot of damage to me!

"No one has a beer party at Scott Hall's expense!"

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#35 Posted on
Playing Devil's Advocate for a minute, follow my logic. (Someone kind of brought this up earlier, I'm just playing off of that and some of my own ideas.) Stephanie's character is that of a schemer and a manipulator, claiming that HHH got where he was because of her wheeling and dealing - this was one of the causes for the divorce, no? From there, Stephy wants to get back at HHH for screwing her over on national TV - who better than the current World Champion, Chris Jericho? Now Jericho plays a devilishly good cheap heel looking for the upper hand however he can get it, and what's better than HHH's soon-to-be ex for an edge over his Wrestlemania opponent, HHH? It makes sense, admit it. From here, Stephanie plays her manipulative cards, convincing Jericho that the only way he can win is with her advice and help. The lotion, the dog - both of those were playing upon that. It's a very indirect build-up that employs tortured logic, but it works in its own way. The tortured logic, you ask? Jericho feels like he has to do these things to keep Stephanie in his corner, otherwise he'll lose her. As for the dog crap, you ask? When has the WWF ever - EVER - missed a throwaway crap (pardon the pun) joke in the past 3 years?

Since: 1.2.02
From: Brooklyn NY

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#36 Posted on

That "devilish" heel champ Jericho is supposedly playing is made devilish by the size of his ego, yes?

That ego would never admit that he needs Steph in order to win.

That ego would never, EVER run errands for anyone, let alone a woman.

Not only is the premise illogical, they are destroying Jericho's credibility as a heel champ by writing it this way.


Since: 3.1.02
From: Knoxville, TN

Since last post: 3788 days
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#37 Posted on
That was the way they were going with it, yes....

I'll be the first to admit that the logic doesn't quite follow. It was just an attempt to explain. That being said, I'll still try and defend it.

Remember a while back when Jericho was slamming Stephanie left and right about her breasts, etc.? (Once again, the WWF does not miss a chance for a breast joke, either.) It may be, mainly due to coincedence more than anything else, that this set the foundation for their future partnership, and potential relationship. Remember way back when, when you used to insult the girl you liked to hide it? That might've been what was going on - although, granted, I'm not sure the WWF can work on two levels like that.

From that, it might be inferred that he can take the hit to his ego if he can keep Stephy - the one he likes - close to him. At this point, the logic is screaming and writhing in pain, so I'll leave it alone for now.

Since: 1.2.02
From: Brooklyn NY

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#38 Posted on

I hear what you're saying, Cow. But them liking each other isn't the part that's illogical.

That fact that their partnership isn't equal, that it's Steph running Jericho (instead of the other way around, which would have been ten times more interesting), that's what makes no sense. These two characters BOTH have huge ego; they should be fighting all the time!

Steph: Take the dog for a walk, Chris.
Y2J: Screw you, I'm the champ, I don't do stuff like that.
Steph: Walk the dog or I won't tell you how to beat HHH!
Y2J: Oh yeah? Well, I don't need you to beat HHH!

And like that.

But the credibility of the relationship aside, the worst thing about this angle isn't the writing, it's the castration job it does on the character of Y2J as heel champ.
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Not sure how I missed that, as I usually hang on Sasha's every word. Are you telling me that you can't imagine this literally happening? Like, not with a muppet, but with Dana karate chopping an actual frog on camera?
- Tenken347, NXT #319 2/3/16 (2016)
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