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21.6.18 1520
The W - Pro Wrestling - Vengeance Prediction Thread (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on
Stephie Warrior Princess vs. Stifler's Mom-- maybe sable. will probably be better than the other Mcmahonfest.

Mac vs. Zack-- I assume Zack's gonna win so Vince can be on next week "I can't believe a one-legged KID beat ME, Vince McMahon!" lather, rinse repeat.

Black Tiger II vs. Wild Pegasus--Please no cutting short. unless Tajiri gets involved, I would say it's Eddie's time for now.

Dead Man vs. Thug Man-- If Taker loses it won't be the F-U. Taker Alert system is on amber.

APA vs. the anti-hazing society--plenty of clubbing forearms for DEAN~! I dunno, probably the APA because it's their brawl. Or maybe spanky just for the heck of it.

Mr. Pain in the Ass, with Torrie Wilson's great rear, vs. Your Redneck Hero, perhaps without Nidia-- Well, Jamie, maybe you should've stayed on Velocity.

This Team doesn't Suck vs. HUMPERDIDO and Rey-- I'm thinking haircut=heel, so Kidman's gotta get mad at Rey when they lose. that or rehash the "they're tag champs and hate each other's guts!" ala Chris and Kurt.\

The real Mr. America vs. Brock-a-chu vs. not as bad as usual Show-- they actually have me a bit stumped for once. Whatever happens is going to lead into Summerslam anyway.

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The Last Match on the Card: I'll say Angle takes the strap here after an F5 by Lesnar on Show. Kinda like the finish from Aramgeddon 2000.

The Most Hyped Match: Gowen HAS to win this match. There's no way the press isn't going to jump on this one, and not even Vince McMahon is stupid enough not to capitalize on it.

Either Steph will beat Sable clean or Sable will win by pinfall using the dreaded Greco-Roman liplock. (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...)

WGTT retains the tag straps after face miscommunication. Kidman and Mysterio proceed to tear it up at SummerSlam.

On the off chance that the writing staff remembers the pop Benoit got after his match at Royal Rumble, the US Title final will get at least 25 minutes and will be one of the greatest matches ever. What's more likely is that Guerrero wins in 5 minutes using a low blow and a rollup.

Billy Gunn beats Noble, crowd stages riot.

I'll say Taker jobs, but is rewarded with a title reign between SummerSlam and Survivor Series. Look for a 4-month Hogan title reign following.

The brawl will end in a draw after Bradshaw anally rapes the in-running Basham brothers...and they like it.

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Sometimes I ask myself why I watch WWE after all the crap it's given me. Necro, HHH, and so on. And then it hits me. That one simple phrase that can be modified and used for anything that gets you down, yet makes you keep coming back.

Every episode has the potential to be the best one ever, and I'll be damned if I'm going to miss it after sitting through this shit.
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-Stephanie vs. Sable- PICK: SABLE - I'm kind of wondering how bad can this actually be. There putting their hopes up on maybe being as good as Trish/Steph match of two years ago. But Steph is not in the same shape as before and Sable is well Sable.

-Vince vs. Gowen- PICK: ZACH GOWEN - Vince wrestling is just not interesting or important anymore.

-APA bar room brawl: This sort of stuff isn't even worth my time on free TV let alone PPV time. How bad is this the first 3 matches on this prediciton thread all seem like filler joke matches

-Undertaker vs. Cena- PICK: JOHN CENA - I really think Cena one way or the other is coming out of this the winner.

Tag Team Title Match:
Mysterio/Kidman vs. Haas/Benjamin(C)- PICK: HAAS/BENJAMIN -I see the title sticking around the heel team. I'm thinking Mysterio gets pinned and Kidman gets pissed thinking Mysterio didn't try his best to get the titles because he's already got the title

US Title Match:
Eddie vs. Benoit- PICK: EDDIE GUERRERO - Eddie is in such an amazing role that I have to pick him. Plus he's got a feud with Tajiri all set up, just a lot more possibilities with Eddie as champ then Benoit.

WWE Title Match:
Lesnar(C) vs. Angle vs. BigShow - PICK: KURT ANGLE- Toughest one to pick, I really should wait until the last SD before the PPV, maybe it will become clearer. I got a feeling Angle will sneak in with the title victory, but I'll probably change my mind on this match between Angle and Brock a dozen times till Sunday... Which of course means Big Show will win LoL

Unconfirmed but probably matches... Gunn over Noble

The title matches look really strong. But the other stuff just look awful. This PPV is going to be a rollercoaster of great to crap by the match.

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Now, if the APA barroom brawl is used to get O'Haire over as a unstoppable monster (which it should be) who can kick the shit out of all of those guys, then hey I am all for it. From the looks of it, I could see the WWE doing something like that as they had O'Haire doing a lot of no-selling against the APA.

If done correctly, this could really legitimize O'Haire

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.44
Now that Vengeance if fully set, I'll give my picks:

Big Show (gotta keep the feuds going, he needs a win over Brock and/or Angle ON PPV to accomplish this)

TWGTT (Kidman turn or at least miscommunication)

Zach Gowan (First PPV must be a win)

Undertaker (Much as I dig Cena, it's not time yet)

Eddie Guererro (Cheating to keep title more interesting than cheating to beat Rhyno)

Stephanie (If Zach wins, then the other McMahon must win to balance out the ratio)

Noble (Leading to an "obviously hilarious" adulterous night between Torrie and Noble next week on SD)

Sean O' Haire (anytime a specific group names their match, they lose so APA don't get the nod here either, although there probably won't be a winner per se)

Molly, Stacy and Daffney all in WWE? I suddenly lost all my will to complain about anything regarding the WWE. Hope I don't lose my street cred for this.

TS, the greatest Wiener rated 6.1554 ever to live!! Oops, I mean 5.5...4.5?? Oh, dammit! I guess Notorious FAB was right.

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(deleted by drivebye14 on 25.7.03 0931)

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Noble vs. Gunn – Noble will probably cheat to take one.

Haas/Benjamin over Kidman/Mysterio, after which Kidman goes heel to set up a cruiserweight title feud.

Steph vs. Sable – with luck, they’ll both get powerbombed the new Krazy Kane. But more likely, Steph will win off of Sable, and Sable will end up in a state of undress again.

Gowen’s gotta win, or else this whole storyline will have been wasted.

Cena’s gonna steal a win off Taker.

Eddie cheats to win one from Benoit. The better question is – who’s going to be the face? Eddie makes cheating cool, and last night it was Benoit who seemed to be playing the heel in his promo.

APA Invitational – Either the APA team up to win this one, or O’Haire takes it all. They’re the only ones who don’t redefine the word “jobber.”

Heavyweight Title – Angle pins Show after Brock hits Show with an F5 to steal the title from his friend. This sets up a heel turn for one of the two.

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My picks:

Barroom Brawl - Sean O'Haire "hey man...sorry about the whole piper thing. Would going over half the roster make you feel better? Great."

Sable v Steph - Steph, I guess.

Z v Mc - Zach, though I have to wonder how much longer they can center feuds around his disability without people getting sick of it. I wonder how long his contract is.

Noble v Gunn - Noble, else it's a waste of airtime. I hope this means they've re-re-re-re-given up on Gunn

Taker v Cena - Cena...please please please Cena

Eddie v Benoit - The fans. Honestly. Now if *I* were booking things I would have had Benoit and Rhyno also be the number one contenders for the tag belts (and give Rey and actual cruiserweight title match) so Benoit is double booked. The US strap match comes first and Benoit wins a gruelling battle with all kinds of sick shit between he and Eddie. Come time for the tag match Rhyno has to do most of the work because Benoit is barely able to move from the earlier match. Rhyno needs a hot-tag and Benoit comes in, gets about a minute of good offense in before his exhaustion catches up with him and TWGTT gets the win on him. Rhyno goes ballistic and GORE GORE GORES the ever living crap out of Benoit. Rhyno calls Benoit selfish on SD! for spending himself in the US title match when they could have easily beaten TWGTT if he had been 100%. Instant SummerSlam feud.

Anyways...this match is tough to call because WWE still seems like they have their heart set on turning Eddie into a proper heel rather than making him the neo-antihero that the fans clearly want. We'll call this one going to Benoit while WWE tries to figure out what to do with Eddie.

TWGTT v Rey and Kid - TWGTT setting up a Rey v Kid match at SummerSlam

Show v Brock v Angle - Brock retains


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#29 Posted on
Stephanie VS Sable- I'm going with Steph on this one. They are hoping Steph will be as good as she was with Trish and Sable as good as she was with Luna at WM15. Either way, I know Fit Finlay has been working his butt off getting them ready for this one. I see Steph winning, then Sable seducing her into a kiss after the match.

Vince VS Zach Gowen- Zach, there is no way Vince can win this. They want to make Zach overcome every obstable. I see Zach using his fake leg to give Vince a low blow, then doing the moonsault to get the win.

Tag Team Championship- Rey and Billy have to have a match at Summerslam, so I am thinking that ex-Team Angle will win this one.

U.S. Title- I am thinking Eddy. Benoit would be a good choice, but Eddy has the fans in the palm of his hand right now so he would draw well has the champ.

Taker VS John Cena- Even though Dave M. is saying there is no way in hell Cena will win, I am going with Cena. Dave also said that Zach would end up aligning with VKM. I think this whole Kane thing is going to end up involving Taker with a match at Summerslam, so a loss right here wouldn't hurt him at all since he is moving on to that. Plus, Cena is on Byte This this week, so he has that going for him, lol.

WWE Championship- I am going with Angle, he would make the best champion right now. Brock just doesn't have the personality. Angle wins with the Angle Slam after Big Show chokeslams Lesnar. Pin on show, 1-2-3, good night now.

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#30 Posted on
Steph d. Sable: What would be the point in Sable going over? Plus it is quite apparent that her entire stint is pretty much Vince's way of screwing her over, so what's better than jobbing her to his daughter.

Vince d. Gowen: If Vince wants his match with Brock to be taken seriously he cannot lose to the skinny one legged kid. It's not like Gowen has another main event feud lined up, so Vince has more of a reason to go over.

Mysterio/Kidman d. Haas/Benjamin: I have a feeling Rhyno will be turning on this show. That being said that won't turn Kidman on the same night. If Haas and Benjamin win there is no face team for them to feud with up until SummerSlam, so I expect a rematch to take place next month with Kidman turning then.

Eddie d. Benoit: As I just said, expect a Rhyno turn. Eddie needs this title in order for his push to continue and as an added incentive for his feud with Tajiri going into SummerSlam.

Cena d. Taker: This might just be wishful thinking on my part. The point of this match is either so Taker could get a payday or so Cena could move up the card and possibly do battle with Angle next month for the WWE Title.

Angle d. Brock, Show: Brock is scheduled to have a program with Vince, so they may as well move the title off of him. Show has not really been built up as a possible winner, so I'm going with Angle, who will defend against Cena next month.

Vengeance should be a pretty damn good show with at least two ***+ matches and maybe one ****+ match. Should make for the best PPV since March and probably hold that record until at least October.

- Rob

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#31 Posted on
Should make for the best PPV since March and probably hold that record until at least October.

What SummerSlam is looking to be huge, it should shake out to be like this
HHH V Goldberg
Angle V Lesner
HBK V Orton
Kane V Shane
Booker T V Y2J
Rey V Kidman
Taker V Cena rematch
Dudley Boyz V La Resistance
I dare you to tell me that card sucks.

As for Vengence
~Eddie over Benoit
Sable over Steph with Vince help
Gowen over Vince with Steph help
WGTT over Rey & Kidman with Kidman turning on Rey
Taker over Cena by DQ
Brock over Angle and Show

Retro Rob

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#32 Posted on
HHH V Goldberg
Angle V Lesner
HBK V Orton
Kane V Shane
Booker T V Y2J
Rey V Kidman
Taker V Cena rematch
Dudley Boyz V La Resistance

First off, I have a feeling Angle with take on Cena with Brock taking on McMahon. As well as a rematch between Haas/Benjamin-Rey/Kidman, but I digress. Even the matches you listed, most of them will suck from a wrestling standpoint.

HHH-Goldberg: Do I even need to comment?
Angle-Lesnar would be the Eddie-Benoit of the show (if it happens)
HBK-Orton might me good, but I doubt it
Kane-Shane will probably be a quick squash with some highspots
Book-Jericho never worked that well together
Rey-Kidman or the match I listed will be kickass and on par with their match this weekend.
Taker-Cena will suck this weekend and will suck again next month, if it happens that is.
Dudz-Resistance will be utterly horrendus.


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- Rob

The Booking Report

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WWE Championship Brock Lesnar/Kurt Angle vs.Big Show- Winner: Angle.

Undertaker vs. John Cena- Winner: Cena.

Stephanie vs. Sable- Winner: Steph.

Us Title Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit- Winner: Eddie.

Vince McMahon vs. Zach Gowen- Winner: Zach.

WWE Tag-Team Championship Rey/Kidman vs. WGTT- Winner: WGTT (Kidman turns on Rey.)

Jamie Noble vs. Billy Gunn- Winner: Noble.

APA Barroom Brawl- Winner: APA.

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First off, I have a feeling Angle with take on Cena with Brock taking on McMahon. As well as a rematch between Haas/Benjamin-Rey/Kidman, but I digress. Even the matches you listed, most of them will suck from a wrestling standpoint.

HHH-Goldberg: Do I even need to comment?
Angle-Lesnar would be the Eddie-Benoit of the show (if it happens)
HBK-Orton might me good, but I doubt it
Kane-Shane will probably be a quick squash with some highspots
Book-Jericho never worked that well together
Rey-Kidman or the match I listed will be kickass and on par with their match this weekend.
Taker-Cena will suck this weekend and will suck again next month, if it happens that is.
Dudz-Resistance will be utterly horrendus.


(edited by Retro Rob on 25.7.03 1506)

Ok add in a Benoit V Eddie rematch or Tajari V Eddie and Benoit V Rhyno. Lesnar is turning heel he wont face Vince.

Lesner V Angle- ****+ no doubt
HHH V Goldberg-**1/2 but a fun intense match
HBK V Orton-***1/2+ This will be as good as Shawn lets it be
Kane V Shane* But could be a very good angle
Booker T V Y2J This is the tough one it could be very average or great lets just say **1/2
Rey V Kidman or Rey & Kidman V WGTT woudl be ***+
Benoit V Rhyno ***+ if given time
Eddie V Tajari ***+ if given time
Taker V Cena* But i think Cena will be put over
Dudley Boyz V La Resistance* no doubt will suck

So we have 5 matches out of 10 that have a great shot of breaking ***. Then HHH V Goldberg could be a classic mark out match. Kane V Shane will no doubt have a high spot by shane. Taker going down. Y2J V Booker wont be bad just wont be great. Also add in a Vince & Sable V Gowen & Steph which will be -* or Dud. So as I see it this card will be great only 2 stinkers and 8 matches i want to see.

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#35 Posted on
-Triple Threat World Title Match- Lesnar v.s Show v.s Angle: Your Olympic hero and mine, Kurt Angle, wins the belt. Although I don't know where it will leave Angle and Show...
-Undertaker v.s John Cena- Gotta be Cena....right?
-Steph v.s Sable- Stephanie. Why not?
-Eddie Guerrero v.s Chris Benoit- It's sad knowing that this is as far as these two will get up the ladder. Hopefully a ****+ star match, with Benoit getting the upperhand.
-Vince v.s Zach- Zach, although I can see Vince winning it.
-Mysterio/Kidman v.s Haas/Benjamin- Haas and Benjamin retain, perhaps setting up a Kidman/Mysterio feud.
-Jamie Noble v.s Billy Gunn- Noble....can't wait for the Noble/Torrie skits.
-APA Barrom Invitational- Definitley the match where the results matter least. Who am I going to pick, Doink or the Brooklyn Brawler. Well, since everyone is going with O'Haire, I will too. They gotta do something with him now that Piper's gone.
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#36 Posted on
OK here we go,

Benoit vs Eddie - Eddie cheats to win, turns the US Title into the Latino Title

Cena vs Taker - I pray to God Cena wins but to quote the Undertaker about jobing to the younger guy with way more talent "I'm just not feelin it"

Brock, Angle, Show - Brock turns heel and whoops the shit out of Angle to win (I love face Kurt)

Billy "we'll give this motherfucker any gimmick possible to get him over" Gunn vs Jamie Noble - I remember hearing how Noble had the most potential out of all the guys in OVW, so much for that. Noble should win to make a fun Noble treats Torrie like his cousin angle

Kidman Mysterio vs Hass Benjaman - Mysterio should mis-communicate and cost the win setting up the Kidman heel turn for their match at SS

Sable vs Steph - Steph eats Sable DUD

APA Invitational - they had to dig up the Brooklyn fucking Brawler who cares about this shit

(edited by Asian Business Man on 25.7.03 1811)

(edited by Asian Business Man on 25.7.03 1841)

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#37 Posted on
WWE Title Match;
Big Show vs Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesner(c)
My Pick: Angle wins with Lesner going heel real soon.

WWE U.S. Title Match;
Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit
My Pick: Eddie, I love Benoit but Eddie is so super over it would be a mistake not to give him the title.

WWE Tag Team Titles Match;
Mysterio/Kidman vs The World's Greatest Tag Team(c)
My Pick: TWGTT, I think most people see a Kidman heel turning coming, I just wonder if WWE follows threw?

aPa Barroom Brawl;
My Pick: Who the hell knows, whoever wins, if not the aPa, will just get beat down by them after wards.

The Undertaker vs John Cena;
My Pick: John Cena. Iam a huge Taker fan but I think Cena will win and start moving back up the ladder.

Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Billy gunn w/Torrie;
My Pick: Noble. Come on this is WWE. Noble will win, then on SD they will be this huge set up and Noble will get beat down and not sleep with Torrie.

Sable vs Stephanie McMahon;
My Pick: No Contest. Both will just fight it out leading to Vince coming out and pulling Sable out of the ring and takeing her to the back for safety from the "Man Beast" Stephanie.

Zach Gowen vs Vince McMahon;
My Pick: Zach. NO special reason, Vince knows he ahs to win to try to get him over even though he hasn't really made an impact in any storyline.

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Benoit vs Eddie - Eddie cheats his ass off, gets DQed, match somehow continues upon further review, wins, gets cheered to no end, heel run continues

Cena vs Taker - Taker clean

Brock, Angle, Show - Show's been killing both of them for a month, no way he wins here. I'll go with the popular theory, F5, Angle knocks Brock out of the ring, Angle pins Show

Billy Gunn vs Jamie Noble - Gunn's push from hell continues until the trumpets sound and the horsemen ride the earth

Kidman Mysterio vs Hass Benjaman - Not Team Angle. Kidman then beats the snot out of Mysterio

Sable vs Steph - Sable, go over Vince's daughter? Hell no

APA Invitational - Bradshaw via Clothesline from Hell to O'Haire

Vince vs Zach - Logic says Zach pulls off the heartwarming win. But logic has no place in WWE creative hell. Vince after Zach knocks himself out in a sickening bump

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#39 Posted on
WWE Championship Triple Threat
Brock Vs. Kurt Vs. Show
-Big Show

Vince Vs. Zack

Taker Vs. Cena

Stephanie Vs. Sable

United States Champioship Finals

Gunn Vs. Noble

WWE Tag Team Championship
-World's Greatest Tag Team

APA invintational
-Sean O' Haire

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#40 Posted on
I just finished watching Smackdown yesterday, and between the rumors I heard last week about 'Taker retiring after WM 20, Cena's promos in graveyard and pentagrams and the like, and all of this talk about "old school" versus "new school",I'm making the following prediction:

We're getting old school, dead man Undertaker at Vengeance. Besides, I don't think the WWE has gotten this "nostalgia kick" out of it's system, and I think people would go nuts for Old Taker.

Problem is, if that happens, there's NO way Cena wins, even though I want him to.

Oh, and did anybody see Confidential last night? If Cena doesn't win, they should team Cena and Matt up PRONTO.

Mattenomics and Thugittude, indeed.

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Did u see that match that match at Veng. He took pracically every knock in the book and kept coming back for even more i agree with alot of people he has been the star of the Brand Extension since he has been traded to smackdown back in Nov.
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