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The W - Football - Vanderjagt criticizes Colts
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Follow the link, Schlereth's response is great. And, Schlereth had like 27 operations in his career so he has a pretty good idea about the sacrifice made by the pro football PLAYERS.

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I agree with Schlereth 100%. Hey, Vanderjagt... You are kicker, you kick ball. Otherwise, shut up.

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Sadly this doesn't change the fact that everything Vandy said is 100% correct. It's like the Sports Guy said in his NFL playoff column "I've waited forever to be able to bet against Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy in the same playoff game."

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It's too bad that Vandy was the only one with the balls to say this. It's true that Dungy and Manning are not emotional leaders. They are both guys that lead by example.

Dungy did a great job bringing the Bucs from laughing stocks to playoff contenders. He turned the Bucs around. He built the defense that is in place right now. What he couldn't do was bring them over the hump. He can't fire up a team when it needs to be done. He doesn't get rid of offensive players that don't deserve to be on the team. Jacquez Green and Reidel Anthony are prime examles.

Dungy is the wrong person for the Indi head coaching job. He would have made a perfect defensive coordinator there and if he keeps losing first round playoff games that might be where he's headed.

Manning is one of the best drop back qb's in the NFL. With Harrison and James on his side this offense is and will continue to be at the top. What they need is a Gruden-like coach to light a fire under their collective asses.

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If my team had a coach like Dungy, I couldn't stand. He just stands there with the same look the whole game.I'm happy we've have Jeff Fisher at least he jumps up and down and celebrates with something goes right and gets mad when something goes wrong. I just don't like Dungy's stoic coaching style.

As for Peyton Manning, living in Tennessee, this man is damn-near a god. He has a street named after him in Knoxville. So, I hear enough about everytime the Colts play the Titans how he is so better than Steve McNair, numbers-wise he is but when games matter he is not even close.

Vanderjagt is right. But he is still a kicker.

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    Originally posted by ICEMAN
    Vanderjagt is right. But he is still a kicker.

Who can outkick you, myself, and everyone else posting on this board. And mostly every NFL player, past or present. And most of North America. The man may not have as physically demanding position as linebacker, but it is a skill position the same. He's pressure situations just like every other player, and he's the one that doesn't get a lot of chances to screw up.

He's in a position to comment because he's a memember of the team, an important memember of the team.

You are right about him being right, too.

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LOL Vanderjagt shooting from the hip while up in Canada, I wonder if he thought everything would fall under the radar because he said it on Canadian television... Or it could be looking at Martine from The Score who interviewed him that would make anyone lose the censor in their brain.

But you know what Vanderjagt is absolutely right, a team with that much talent should be doing better and at times they do looks heartless out there.

As for Schlereth take, I hate that attitude. You're a kicker you can't comment on this sort of stuff. I guess he also thinks that about the fans, well as a fan I certainly can tell a half assed effort when I see it and I never played in the NFL even as kicker.

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If you want to see the entire interview:

Click Here

The good stuff starts around the 2:50 mark, although it is briefly alluded to first, starting just past the 2:00 mark. And yes, you can also see the aforementioned Martine Gaillard.

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In some ways, it looks like Vanderjagt is criticizing Peyton and Tony for not making asses out of themselves when things go bad. (yeah, they would have gone to the Super Bowl if Peyton would have banged himself on the helmet, or Dungy would have thrown his headsets down just once....whatever)

The Colts DON'T have a Super Bowl caliber team. That's why they didn't go to the Super Bowl. They're just not that good. As near as I can tell, they have exactly three players: Manning, Harrison, and James (and James no longer plays that well) The defense was improved this year, but not what you would call 'good'. And the offensive line is inconsistent. The team doesn't have a second receiver you can count on.

That's not to say that Peyton hasn't had some bad games himself. He's had, and at times he has made his offensive line look worse than it is by not sticking in the pocket (dropping back too far). And I'm not sure all that audible crap he does really helps the offense. So I can see where the 'Peyton is overrated' arguement comes from.

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My memory might be failing me, but didn't Vanderjagt miss a game winning field goal against Miami in the playoffs a few years ago? True, Manning has never been a big game player, but the one time he had a chance to win a big game, Vanderjagt put his neck in the noose.

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    My memory might be failing me, but didn't Vanderjagt miss a game winning field goal against Miami in the playoffs a few years ago? True, Manning has never been a big game player, but the one time he had a chance to win a big game, Vanderjagt put his neck in the noose.

and he drilled one from 50+ in the snow on the road in Denver this year - he's blown a lot fewer games than Peyton has.....

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I think he drilled TWO 50+ field goals in that game against Denver... a 54 yarder to tie the game, and a 51 yard field goal to win it 9:22 in overtime.

Check: for the box score.

And teams just don't go to the SUPERBOWL after finishing 6-10 the previous year. The team improved by leaps and bounds on defense, and Payton is one of the best QBs in the league. I really think the tools are in place for them to get to the conference championships next year. But I'd ditch Eddergin James in favor of James Mungro.

I can understand where Vanderjagt's comments are coming from, and I would be frustarated too if I were him, contributing to the team, but being told by other team members he's "just the kicker." That Denver game, he put more points offensviely on the board than Manning did.

Manning laid back? I don't see that demeanor when he is calling the plays and making adjustments on the line. He seems very driven on the field.
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Vanderjagt: 'Basically, I spoke before I thought'

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Kicker or not, I dont think you go on TV and badmouth your teamates and coach like this. You just dont. Throw in the fact that he is a kicker and this was really a dumb move.

I agree that sometimes Manning does tank the big games. BUT, I dare say that no QB in the league prepares better than him. The guy is a driven film junkie from everything Ive ever read about him. And since he is still a young guy, He has plenty of time to win the big ones. John Elway had the same problem as Manning does now.

And I hate when people rag on Dungy for not being a scremaer. The fact is the guy wins games and he is a respected coach. Whats wrong with treating professionals like professionals?

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Since: 7.1.02
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I meant to post this originally, but I agree with rockdotcom. If you have a problem with somebody, you take it up with them. You don't go behind their back to a TV station. That's cowardly.

That last statement on the ESPN story seems to indicate that ol' Mike might not be a Colt for long.
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I agree with those above who defend kicking. I dare say that a good kicker can make or break a championship team; lord knows the Patriots wouldn't have won the Super Bowl without Mr. Clutch, Adam Vinatieri.

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And during the Pro Bowl, Manning just ripped him right back, using the term "idiot kicker" at least four times.

Looks like Vandy and his big contract will be kicking elsewhere next season.

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#18 Posted on
If the Colts were ever likely to go anywhere, I'd say losing a clutch kicker like Vandy would hurt them. But since Peyton Manning is about as likely to lead a team to the big game as I am, I wouldn't fret too much if I were a Colt fan. Personally after the last couple years, Peyton strikes me as Trent Green with a lot more audibling at the line of scrimmage.

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The Peyton soundbite is just great.

See, if he showed that kind of fire on the field, ... :>

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Vanderjagt accomplished what he wanted, sort of...

At least Manning is showing some fire. Let's just wait and see if it comes through on the field next year.

I also heard that Manning made some comment about Vanderjagt being drunk when he made the comments, but did not hear the clip. Did he really say that???

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