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25.6.18 0720
The W - Ladies Only - Unforgiven - Chick Style!!
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Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
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Okay ladies, It's time for the Ladies' Only board version of the Unforgiven recap. First, Sonday Night Heat was its usual self, until...

CHAVO/REY: It was slower than the usual for sure, but no less exciting, Rey was Rey, and Chavo should be on PPV, he's so charismatic. Rey won, by the way


Americans/Unamericans: USA won. More fun and energetic than I thought, so props all around.

Jericho/Flair: Jericho won, by feigning a leg injury, then rolling Flair up. I had to admit, I cracked up when Jericho was shuffling and doing ballet leaps when he won.

ROSEY & JAMAL/CHUCKABILLY: HLA won. Not bad first outing for the island boys.

HHH/RVD: HHH retains via Flair. It was okay considering the contrasting styles. Not sure about the Flair heel turn on RVD, though.. Have to hear his explanation, to be sure. I hope it won't be, "If someone's that sick, wouldn't you want him to be on your side?"

MOLLY/TRISH: No buildup, Trish won, zzzzzzz...... Molly deserved better than this. Where's Ivory when you need her?

ANGLE/BENOIT: Duh. Benoit won in a way I can't really transcribe in words. Good stuff, especially the Crossface/Anklelock combo. Tons of untranscribable stuff made it a winner.

TAKER/LESNAR: No contest, ref stopped it because they wouldn't stop brawling. Um, I really didn't pay too much attention to this, but it's good to see that referee Brian Hebner is continuing his family's grand tradition of fair and impartial calls. Non finishes piss me off, especially in main events. Thank God I didn't have to pay for this PPV (saw it at a friend's house).

Uh, what else was there... Oh yeah:

Steph's HLA: Steph was frigid the whole time with the hot chicks, Bischoff got rid of the hot women and brought out a fat ugly lesbo to kiss. Steph kissed her, then said lesbo kicked Bischoff in the face, turns out to be Rikishi, stinkfaced Bischoff for ages, then danced with Stephanie, who had a pretty blue skirt, but ugly fabric, making it look a tad wrinkled. Funny segment, because of Bischoff of course, and Steph's face when she saw "Hildegarde" the fat lesbian. I admit, I'm enjoying Steph vs Eric more and more, but let's move out of the gay community for a while, they've suffered enough after the wedding thing.

There you are my sisters, the official thread for the ladies board about Unforgiven. You got anything to add, go right ahead.


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Ringmistress - A bitch among heels.
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Miss Behaving

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UnAmericans V everyone else

lot of fun but it felt a bit disjointed, I would have like more one to one wrestling before everything went crazy.

Jericho v Flair

What was the point? horrible little match

Rosey and Jamal v Chuck and Billy

I really enjoyed this, still makes me go wow when I see the big guys jump from the ropes.

Another match I really enjoyed, and RVD didn't lose a thing the way the match ended, he looked like he could have and should have one. And the Flair thing didn't surprise me, for some reason I twigged that Flair was gonna turn on RVD during the earlier promo.

Molly v Trish
The crowd really didn't like this one, it was an ok sort of match but nothing I haven't seen from them before. Best thing about the match was the lack of Lawler puppy comments.

Angle v Benoit
Great match, just hope its the start of more.

Taker v Lesner

Stupid finish, ok so make it a DQ but at least have a reasonable reason for the dq instead of the ref getting in the wrong place.

Overall not the best but watchable, whether I'd feel the same if I had to pay though.............

Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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(Oh, cool! I never do these on the main board. Let's see what happens ...)

I had wanted to rewatch the Taker/Lesner match anyway, so just for giggles, last night I ended up watching all the matches from Unforgiven, in reverse order. There really was a lot of good stuff!

Taker / Lesner: This was really good -- much better than I remembered it from when I watched it live. It gave Brock a chance to branch out a bit from the "unstoppable monster". He actually got to do some different stuff, like getting behind in the match & doing some serious brawling. (Isn't one of the things we love about Kurt that he can do just about anything with just about anybody? Wait… you know what I mean. Brock needs to start getting some chances to grow that way too.) Taker was moving well, & ran the match beautifully. The Matt Hardy run-in was too, too funny - "What is this little gnat that's annoying me while I'm trying to work?" -- squash. Brock's head may have warped that folding chair more than any ever before. The DQ was stupid -- it came across more like bad referee -- Earl would never have lost control of the match like that. The toss through the sign was disappointing. I was expecting something more like that shattering Plexiglass that we got that one time with Shane McMahon, but this just looked like a toss through the cardboard. Terrible shame that they ended a good match (& the whole PPV!) with such an "eh" move.

HLA: Steph, Bisch, Keesh: I am so bored with the Stinkface. But that was an excellent use of it!

Angle / Benoit: They just love playing wrestling together, don't they? I have trouble getting interested in Benoit's character, but this is one of those things where the match overrides all that. They did that cool "double bridge up" thing that RVD/HHH also did -- who do you suppose "stole" it from whom? :-) That release move where Benoit flipped Kurt around in the air & flat onto his face -- that was awesome -- Kurt did that flawlessly, I soooo marked out. That whole section of "Oh, yeah? Anything you can do, I can counter & do back" -- too good. They had fun, & so did I.

Trish / Molly: I know exactly why there seems to be a giant upsurge of "eh" to this match : If Taz & Cole had called it, it would have been well received. Lawler & JR were not paying the least bit of attention. Lawler was backsliding a bit into his bad behaviour, & JR was encouraging him! I'm not sure they said one word about the actual match other than expressing concern over bruised puppies. They were chatting about the Sultan of Brunei & the Miss America pagent, for goodness sake! If you mute them, Molly & Trish did a fine job.

RVD / HHH: RVD screwing around at the beginning, pissing HHH off, was pretty fun. Did you notice Lawler during this : he doesn't need to be an asshole to get heel heat, he just has to be pro-HHH. :-) Is HHH looking particularly yummy-cute tonight, for some reason? More relaxed, less "Grr, grr"? Something. What was the deal with RVD being seriously slow getting back in the ring after that big missed plancha? Hebner had to noticably slow down his count at the end, waiting for Rob. Big flying back bump from the top rope for HHH -- he doesn't usually do too much of that. Toward the end, there was some RVD stuff that was starting to irritate my willing suspension of disbelief -- I think he just has trouble staying sharp through a long match. (I should probably open a "Why don't I love RVD?" thread.) HHH was pretty good with Flair -- he didn't take his eyes off Flair while he was pedigree-ing RVD.

Rosie & Jamal / Billy & Chuck: What was the deal with that Jamal kick to Chuck's face?!?!? Either they sold the hell out of that, or somebody needs to seriously calibrate Jamal. (Is it just me, or does Jamal look dangerous a lot of the time? I don't think I'd want to play with him!) This was fine -- Chuck had a great match, & Billy was fine.

Eddie / Edge: Fun. They were really well balanced -- a very nice heel/face interaction.

Jericho / Flair: I know why they did it in the context of the plotline, but I didn't buy the knee injury for a second. (I bought it better when Victoria did it to Molly a while back.) Asking us to believe that Flair would buy it was asking way too much.

GoldBookBubbaKane / UnAmercs: This was a really fun start for the show. Bubba & Goldie doing the synchronised such-this-punch-you moves on Lance & Christian, & then moving on to Test & Regal was excellent. Bubba dropping Lance on his head was worrisome, but looking at it in slow-motion, I think it was a missed call; but kudos to Bubba for a great job of protecting Lance on the way down. Who wound up Test during this match?? Whatever the deal was, do it again! I'm usually pretty ambivalent about Test, but he was on in this match! Goldie was solid, & Lance does do a beautiful job of getting thrown around. It was a good fun opening match.

Lesbians / Bisch / Rico: You know, for lesbians, those women seemed awfully happy draped all over Rico & Bisch. (Not that I'd object to draping over Rico. But I'm not a lesbian.) I keep forgetting -- this is the dic(k)tionary definition #2 of lesbian -- attractive-looking bisexual!

OK, that's way too long a posting, isn't it? But overall, I had a good time with the show -- & no live friends to talk about it with!

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When McMahon describes Hogan's "leporasy"...and you just keep eating your dinner. I bowed my head for Angle, as well as Dr. Jho, I hope the two of them will benefit. Spanky was sooooo cute. Torrie...uh, forget it.
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