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22.6.18 0632
The W - Pro Wrestling - Uh-ho Blackslash results
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The Goon

Since: 2.1.02
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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#1 Posted on
I'm still shaking my head over the end of the Big Show-Mysterio match. That really freaked me out.
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Lap cheong

Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#2 Posted on
WOW! Did anyone else hear that HYOOOOOOOOOGE pop for Kevin Nash's comeback in the 6-man?!? It sounds like no one will be able to wait until the big Judgment Day match between him and Triple H!

What? You mean you DIDN'T hear a pop for his comeback? All you heard was complete and total silence? How can that be? He's big, tall, muscular, and has long hair? Vince and Hunter told me was over, and they're NEVER wrong.

God, I hate Vince.


Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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#3 Posted on
Well, this was the first PPV I've ever ordered. So, what did I find?

Team Angle vs. Guerreros was the best match of the night.

Dudleys vs. RVD/Kane was kinda disappointing. WAY too much punching for the first half of the match. I had really high expectations.

I agree - Show swinging Rey into the ringpost just made my jaw drop and me grunt in pain.

Stacie/Torrie was different. Why was Ivory in a towel? What was up with the cat in the lockerroom? With Stacie getting hit in the head, will we get an amnesia angle?

Cena vs. Brocky was pretty good for two young guys. Brocky bleeds 4 minutes in, but the mask never really developed. Hebner cringing in the corner was great.

The six-man tag match was pretty fast, considering there were six guys in it - 17 minutes of match, with 7 additional minutes of intros.

Rock vs. Goldberg was okay. It was plain-old SLOW. And Goldberg's miraculous healing of his shoulder was a downside, too. But the crowd was really into it, so that helped.

Overall: An okay time.

Edit: Yeah, I was kinda wondering where all the crowd noise went when Diesel came into the ring.

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.95
They're making a big mistake with Goldberg. Especially if tonight's reaction was any indicator. It'll be heel/heel if he gets HHH at Summerslam, at this rate.

Rest of the card was good. Trish and Jazz had the best women's match I've ever seen. Show and Mysterio was not bad, although shouldn't he have swung the body board the OTHER way if he had really wanted to hurt Rey? Just saying.

RVD/Kane vs the Duds was the match of the night. Fun, fun stuff. Guererros and Team Angle got the show off to a good start.

Brock could have sold more for Cena. I mean, if you're gonna push Cena, at least try to get him over. Make it a real gut-check hard fought match. Aside from a botched irish whip, not as sloppy as I expected.

The 6-man was a little dissapointing, I guess they're building to HHH/Nash for next month. Back to the midcard, Booker and Jericho!

But when your main event's the worst match on the card, you've got problems. I loved how the crowd turned on Goldberg. But Rock looked bad in this match too, like he was just going through the motions. That match was all stalling and over-selling. And don't forget boring!

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.87
Well, this was the first PPV I've ever ordered. So, what did I find?

A new competitor with Vengeance and Armageddon for Worst PPV Of The Past 12 Months?

That show was ridiculous. I don't EVER want to see Goldberg trying to sell transition moves again. That's not his style.

Why do I even bother with Backlash? 4 out of 5 have stunk.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston Texas

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#6 Posted on
I think Rocky's promo had alot to do with the crowd turning on Goldberg. I mean, I don't get it. Rocky should not be doing promos before his "I'm off to Hollywood" match. He should be put over as the heel and not entertaining at all. He should have just had the mic and jsut said something like, "You people aren't even worth my time."

I scratch my head to WWE decisions every show. But it is the only thing going right now. Nash/HHH better not be at the end of the PPV, you might end up seeing a ton of empty seats by the end of the match.

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Tribal Prophet

Since: 9.1.02
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#7 Posted on
Damn, a thread called "Blackslash results" and I don't think there's been one result yet. Congratulations though. This thread's built up more "I gotta keep watching for the big payoff" feeling then anything the WWE's done in months!

Anyone mind adding the endings? I figure I can guess who won what since they haven't seemed to change any booking styles over the past 2 years, but just to make sure.

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Since: 10.6.02

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#8 Posted on
My bar report for Bashlash 2003:

Interesting PPV....

WWE actually moved the title matches to the midcard. A good thing! The crowd did NOT leave until the PPV was over. First time I've seen that in a while. The place was more crowded than it has been lately, even with the new $5 cover charge. Only a few stools were available and every table was filled.

The bar crowd seemed to not care for Cena. Lesnar got a big pop when he went for the F5 and nailed it.

How many titles were in that 6-man tag match? A few people I sat next to counted 35.

I think all the intros took the crowd out of the 6-man tag. I'd also attribute the dead reaction to Nash to the fact that the fans still weren't sure wether they were supposed to cheer or boo him. He arrived as a tweener and it felt like he might turn at any time. I think Nash needed to cut a promo or two to establish what he was.

Didn't Booker T learn once already that aligning with Nash and HBK was a bad thing? Last time he did that, HBK superkicked him out of the group.

The bar crowd was really into Rock/Goldberg. I got the impression that they were ready to cheer whoever was dishing out the punishment. Big pop for the jackhammer and pin. That ending shocked me. Most every ex-WCW wrestler has been jobbed hard upon entering WWE. Y2J got smacked around by HHH and even Chyna. Booker T was spanked by Rocky. DDP was humiliated by Taker. The nWo was crushed by Rocky and Austin. I'm not sure how Steiner started out. But Bill Goldberg is now 1-0 in WWE with a pin over the Rock. And the crowd seemed to rally behind him for it in the end.

Since: 1.5.02
From: California.

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#9 Posted on

Team Angle retains against Los Guerreros: ye olde "Benjamin trips and holds Chavo's legs down from the outside while Haas pins him". Post-match, the Guerreros plancha-kill Team, take the belts, and drive off.

O'Haire pins Rikishi: Piper does his usual dicking about, Rikishi smacks him in the head with a coconut, O'Haire grabs him, fireman's spinebuster.

RVD/Kane retain over the Dudley Boyz: Morley clotheslines Bubba by mistake, Bubba and D-Von beat up Morley and Storm, Kane clears the ring, chokeslam and Five-Star.

Jazz pins Trish, new champ: Teddy Long throws his footwear, Jazz pins with help from the ropes.

Big Show over Rey Mysterio: Rey pulls out a metric assload of high-flying, takes Show down a few times, takes a few power moves, 619s him in three different places, gets chokeslammed and pinned. EMTs strap him to a hardboard, Show grabs the Rey-laden board and in a moment of irony, slams it and him into the post, board-first. Rey is stretchered out.

Brock retains against Cena: Cena gets in some decent offense, irish whip is reversed into an F5.

HHH/Flair/Jericho over Nash/Michaels/T: Everyone fights, not everyone truly lives; regardless, Nash powerbombs Jericho, Triple H hammers Nash and pins him.

The Golden Idol over Our Lord and Savior: fight fight fight, rock bottom, kick out, Goldberg cannot possibly overcome the awesome power of the People's Elbow, but wait he does, spear, spear again, jackhammer, pin.

I wish I could order pay-per-views. It's much harder to be witty this way.

Since: 12.10.02
From: Canada

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#10 Posted on
I was very dissapointed in The Rock tonight. He totally damaged any momenteum Goldberg could be building with his promo and his 'cool heel' mannerisms throughout the match. The Rock went out there to be entertaining and turn himself face when he should've been going out there to make WWE fans accept Goldberg as the new top babyface.

The whole way the match was laid out had me shaking my head too but I guess it is true afterall that none of the WWE brass really watched WCW back during the wars. This watered down WWEized Goldberg isn't gonna set the world on fire at all. If the WWE "braintrust" doesn't understand the aura of Goldberg, there's no way they can book him properly and present his fans with the Goldberg that caught fire in 98. Heck, the current creative team couldn't even seem to capture the essence of Austin anymore.

This whole pay-per-view was just sad because it really confirmed to me that WWE has this one idea of what a wrestler is supposed to be and how he's supposed to wrestle. It's probably not as sad as it's going to be if they expect Kevin Nash to wrestle a singles PPV match against anyone, let alone HHH. The only thing that I'd pay money to see Nash do is have a foot race with Roddy Piper.
Boudin rouge

Since: 15.1.03

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#11 Posted on
Just remember this ominous warning...

Triple H now owes Nash exactly one job...fear, people....


A Fan

Since: 3.1.02

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.59
I accidently posted two threads on this. So, I guess of the Gurus axed one of them, but I don't understand why my intial post got deleted.

This was the first PPV since Armaggedon, I didn't get. There was nothing really worth seeing. I am sorry, but Rock did his best with Goldberg. The fans want Rock not Goldberg, I think its fairly obvious by now that bringing new guys is not going to help things. Goldberg got off to the best start next to Benoit who did jobb to HHH on Smackdown, but Rock jobbed to him. I guess three years later, nothing changes. I just think Vince needs to start going back to crowd reaction, because that is the only thing thats going to help him. Pushing Golberg, HHH and Nash is not a wise decision even the casual fans know that.

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Since: 24.5.02
From: San Antonio, Tejas

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#13 Posted on

    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    The six-man tag match was pretty fast, considering there were six guys in it - 17 minutes of match, with 7 additional minutes of intros.

Yeah, like all the fast-paced action between Nash and HHH on the outside towards the end of the match. I swear, it looked like those two were just hanging out by the crowd at one point. Even when HBK was getting his ass kicked, Nash took his time getting in the ring to break up the pin. I hope Vince isn't banking on the Nash/Hunter feud to set the world on fire.
Still, props to Nash's innovative offense, including 3 scoop slams, 3 snake eyes, and changing up the tired 'Kick WHAM Finisher' prototype into 'Knee WHAM Powerbomb.'

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Since: 6.1.02
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#14 Posted on
-Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros- Might have been best match of the night. What's the deal with Eddie being so over, that was cool. Nice touch of bringing the Angle portrait with team Angle. Shocked it wasn't used during the match. It was a great 15 minute opener.. Guerrero's car horn RULES!

-O'Haire vs. Rikishi- Below average at best. Bloated Piper couldn't even remember his trip spot on Rikish in the first few minutes, the match was bland and unimaginative. Might be okay on a Smackdown.

-RVD/Kane vs. Dudley Boyz- I thought this was better then expected. Very quick action, but whenever you have a heel ref logic always goes out the window why he plays fair for so long? There's Lance Storm and he's dressed as a ninja, what's that all about. I think this match worked well enough to put it under a positive.

-Jazz vs. Trish-Trish is really good in detail, selling and psychology. Great submissions and selling of her ribs throughout the match. Great mat wrestling, Tirsh getting the boston crab and hitting her own STF, like how she rolled Jazz up and tapped the mat with her foot to get the distracted refs attention. One of the spots of the night was Tirsh going for her Stratusphere, Jazz blocks it and grabs her leg and jumps off into a half-boston crab, great spot. Teddy Long throwing a shoe and blaming a fan with the fans all pointing at him was funny. In ring they did a great job... But I do disagree with the outcome with all respect to Jazz (which I do) only a 3 week reign after such a long chase. I don't get it.

-Big Show vs. Mysterio- I'm not going to rant or rave too much because this type of match is impossible to make either guy look realistically good. The made Big Show to look monstrous against Mysterio in a 4 minute win... The aftermath was pretty sick, a serious injury waiting to happen.

-Lesner vs. Cena- Interesting match, but there was a time in there that I was worried for both their saftey, they at times looked like 2 rookies (which I guess they are) that were way over their heads. Cena looked a whole lot more badass then I'd ever imagine in there, the crowd turning on Brock and poor Brock the Goldberg chants started up again ala his first few months in the WWE. It was okay but a bunch of EWWWWish spots to it hurt it, this match was in dire need of a General... Thought that just popped in my head, maybe a 3 way with Benoit would have made it much better.

-Hunter/Flair/Jericho vs. Nash/Michaels/Booker- This match lost me, I remember Michaels getting pedigree early on but that's in. This match had a lot decent action but zero flow. It really seemed at times it had no rhyme or reason. Maybe because it was really hard for me because I had no real rooting interest in it... All I could think of is how horribly immobile Nash was, this guy looks slower then Hogan on Hogan's worst day

-Rock vs. Goldberg- Did Goldberg do 5 moves. The only memorable thing Goldberg did was ramming himself into the ringpost in super speed. Rock did everything in that match, Goldberg is Goldberg. The one dimensional predictable wrestler that's mystic wears off easily yet the WWE brought him in. Whatever. Rock did as much as he can. He sold the Spear like it was murder. The went 15 minutes and Rock did the best he can with this guy the crowd turns on Goldberg in match 1 maybe because he sucks but I'm sure there going to blame Canada for it opps they were in the U.S.A

-other stuff- Sable looked kinda gross again. I did find the Stacy bump with stuff falling on her kinda amusing, also what was the deal Ivory in a towel when she didnt even have a match?... Points for Gigglepanties Garica (rocks name for her on Heat.hmmm)for trying to pull away and leave before HHH finishes his interview LoL... Coach and Lawler are awful, I mean really bad. Lawler had one of the most confusing lines of the night he said "Goldberg was a big fish in a little pond, while the Rock he's a whale in a rain drop". Did Lawler just say the WWE is small time?

Well I went 7 and 1 in my predictions with the only one I got wrong was the confusing lose Trish took only 21 days after winning the title. But 7 out of 8 predictable outcomes, don't know if that's a good sign. Couple of bad matches and predictable outcomes makes it a average at best pay per view

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#15 Posted on


WORCESTER, Mass. – May 27, 2003 -- Rey Mysterio may have suffered multiple injuries during his match with the Big Show tonight at Backlash. Mysterio was apparently hurt when he was tossed into the steel post while lying on a backboard. The San Diego native was immediately taken via ambulance to a nearby hospital, where doctors were to examine his head, neck, arms and wrists. will have more details about Mysterio as they become available.

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#16 Posted on
Lesnar sure did take a long time to pin Cena. Long enough that i though Cena would kick out. There was too much resting in that match i thought. Cena really should try to interact with the crowd more during his matches.

The six man tag was pretty awful.

Rey falling on his head looked not good. That whole spot was just stupid. Strap his arms to a board and then swing and drop it? Did they not think it was possible he would fall forward, unprotected onto his head? I really hope Rey is alright. Just so stupid.

Rock did the same mannerisms tonight that he has been doing since he went heel. He mocked Goldberg in his promo just like he did on Raw a few weeks back. I don't see any reason why he should have played himself any different tonight. The fans turned him heel. It was just a matter of time before they turned him back.

Rock also gave us the line of the night. "Oh, you're in trouble now." It's sad that he is leaving again. To me, he was far and away the most entertaining thing in WWE for the last three months.

Since: 17.3.02

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#17 Posted on
The show was alright, but definitely predictable:

Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros: Team Angle scored early points by coming out with a picture of Captain Kurt and actually hugging it after their win, but lost them again when the picture survived the entire match without being smashed over the head of someone.

O'Haire vs. Rikishi: Decent enough match, and few things really help establish the power of someone like a fireman's carry on Rikishi. Piper may be getting his swing back in his new role as a manager.

Jazz vs. Trish: A nice fiesty little women's match. That kneebreaker from the second rope just looked nasty. Once again, Trish is the cute little bump machine that COULD. And I think everyone and their brother was thinking the same thing about Teddy Long: "Who throws their shoe? Now really!" He earned bonus points for blaming it on a fan.

Rey vs. Show: A squash, unfortunately. Rey got his token offense in, but it was way short. That baseball bat spot was SICK and hilarious at the same time, though I was more worried about that one, since Show dropped Rey on his head after he swung him.

RVD/Kane vs. the Dudleys: RVD's prematch segment with Kane kinda sucked and once again I'm not at all surprised that he's not in the title scene -- his promos SUCK. The match itself was pretty good, with a great story going on with the Dudleys. They're the flagship team for the WWE right now, and it's nice to see that they're still able to remain interesting.

The Six Man: Funny story -- there's this guy named Junior who honestly believes that 1) this stuff isn't predetermined and 2) he has an empathic link with the Undertaker. Anyways, he was swearing up and down that this match was actually a trick, and that all five men would end up turning on Booker. As for the match itself, it was alright but I have no clue what they're going to do with Booker now. A feud with Flair? His presence there wasn't really needed other than as a space filler.

Brock vs. Cena: I think Cena is now firmly cemented into the upper card. A great match outside of that three minute sleeper in the middle of it.

Rock vs. Goldberg: This match was all Rock's show. Goldberg really didn't do much beyond sell for Rock and kick out of finishers. When you factor in that people were chanting "Goldberg Sucks" between commercial breaks at the Seattle show an hour before he made his debut (that must have scared Vince) and that he seemed to be pretty well established as the heel by the crowd tonight, and the Fed has to be worried that maybe they made a bad investment here. Again.
Big Brother

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#18 Posted on

    Originally posted by A Fan
    I accidently posted two threads on this. So, I guess of the Gurus axed one of them, but I don't understand why my intial post got deleted.
Because you put varying stupid taglines after your name in your signature. Also because you sent people to 411 when there was a perfectly good results posting here on the board.

Only *14* wins to go!

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.20
Not a bad show, but certainly not worth $35.

I think Brock may have pulled his groin at the end of his match. He was really favoring it on his way out. Too bad no one noticed, since they were probably staring at his stupid grin.

I really liked the Raw 6-man. HBK continues to impress me by outworking half the roster in bigtime matches. If he could only work a full schedule...

No one should be surprised that Rock got cheers and Goldberg was booed. Bill will always be a WCW guy and this is the heart of Titan Land. Old memories die hard. Just ask Vince.

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#20 Posted on
Does anyone else really wonder what the hell they're doing with Scott Steiner? I mean, a match with Rico on Heat? I don't particularly like Steiner, but I get the feel they don't have a CLUE how to use him and they aren't going to try either. Seems to me, you save that approach for someone who you're not paying big money to...

{EDIT: Damn, that picture's HUGE - CRZ }

(edited by CRZ on 28.4.03 0757)

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